Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not Enough Hours In Your Day? Think Again!

by Caroline Fyffe

Hi Seekers! I’m very happy and excited to be here. Thank you for having me.

Have you heard of the new fad taking the country by storm? It’s a household name that everyone is talking about. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but I can’t help my enthusiasm flowing over. I saw this great idea on a nightly news report and Googled it to satisfy my curiosity. I’m speaking about a treadmill desk, a combination treadmill with a desktop that will house your laptop, or desktop computer, as it does in my case.

At first I was skeptical. Can a person really work while walking on a treadmill? We all know as women we are hardwired for multitasking. Our ability to walk and talk on our cells as we rummage down a stack of shoe boxes looking for the correct size, check an avocado for ripeness, or even pass three cars on a two lane highway (not in California anymore) without killing ourselves and everyone else on the road, while carrying on a conversation—this is not advisable—proves my point. But, could one actually do something else, like type and create, and write a story?

I decided to find out. First I had to bring my treadmill in from the garage and station it in my office. My husband and son moved my desk to the side; a rather sad site being it had been there for over thirteen years. Then taking a piece of wood from the barn, Michael measured and cut, painted and attached. It took all of one day. He reconnected my computer and I was off. It was fun.

Getting used to it I learned a routine that I’ve kept up and love. In the morning when I first get on I go fast, 3.6 mph on a 3.5 slant for 30 minutes. That gets my heart rate up and fulfills the requirement for my daily cardiovascular work out. While I do this, I don’t write but I do read e-mail and blogs. We all know how much time we can spend reading e-mails and blogs! After the 30 minutes, I slow down to about 1.8 to 2.4 mph and respond to blogs and answer e-mail, which is not hard at all at this speed—really quite easy. At this point I’ve almost walked two miles and burned two hundred calories! Easy as pie and it’s still early. From here it’s all down hill, so to speak. When I’m done with those, and each day is different, I slow down even more to .09 and open up my WIP. After I write two pages (they can be stinky—something is better than nothing –we all know that line) I allow myself 15 minutes on line. And so goes my day….

To see a picture of my treadmill desk go to my website (it's under Potpourri). I’ve also started a club of sorts where we can all walk together, chart our progress on a Google map and just plain have fun. Do you get enough exercise every single day? Does combining working while walking sound intriguing? Only one way to find out….

***Please note! Don’t ever get off and on without pausing your machine. It’s easy to get disorientated and stumble and I don’t want anyone getting hurt. I have my phone with me so I don’t have to get off but other situations do arise and it’s tempting, because of the slow speed, to just jump off and on. Even though it seems harmless, it’s not—I assure you. I haven’t fallen but come close.

I’m also thrilled to announce that my debut, a historical western that I’ve dubbed a Lonesome Dove/Little House on the Prairie story, Where the Wind Blows, is finally here as of two days ago!!!! I’m thrilled. In celebration I’m giving away two-signed copies to two people who leave a comment for me.

Also, if you want to enter my Under The Western Sky Contest that’s going on from August 1st. to December 20th, all you need to do is watch my book trailer on my website. You might be the winner of a nights stay in an old bunkhouse!! Check the details at

So, tell me, what do you like to do to get your daily workout in? If it’s not walking, or even if it is, I’d like to know. And, I’d love to hear what you think of the treadmill desk.

More about Caroline:

As an equine photographer, Caroline Fyffe has worked throughout the United States and in Germany. Long days in the middle of a horse show arena have given her plenty of opportunity to dream up stories filled with love, heartbreak, joy, sorrow, triumph, and twisting-turning plots. Her feisty heroines and bold, hot-blooded heroes will charm you as they fall for each other in the darnedest ways. Her love for horses and the old West inspired her debut book, Where The Wind Blows, which won Romance Writer's of America's prestigious Golden Heart Award under the title Chasing Jessie, and was released just this week. Her second manuscript was a Golden Heart Finalist in 2007. She is the mother of two wonderful boys and has been married for 27 years. She lives in California.


  1. Well it's one am EST, 11pm MST and 10 PST. I better set the pot to autostart before I go to bed.

    I told Caroline not to get up too early but if she does someone warm the muffins please.

    Caroline shared this concept with the Seekers a month ago and or so and some of us already have our treadmill desks.

    I don't watch TV anymore I watch my shows on the internet, and treadmill while I do it. This gives me an hour a day on the treadmill at about 2.5. Then I do cardio by running at 4 for a few minutes to end my workout.

    Since I sit at work all day this is a great way to get my exercise in and my net surfing and catch up on Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime.

    I am so appreciative of Caroline for introducing me to this. And my hub for building the desk. You can see mine, at

    BTW Congratulations to Caroline for her second sale!!! Wooo hoo. Be sure to tell us about that story!

  2. I have enough trouble just walking on the treadmill but should be able to get used to doing things with more practice. Oh, I do watch TV though while treadmilling.

    I really like the idea of the treadmill desk; wow, could I get through many blogs that way.

    Where the Wind Blows sounds like an awesome read and I love the cover.


  3. While the treadmill desk sounds like a neat idea, there's no room in our small house for one. Instead, I walk to town and back. Since I spend so much time inside with my face glued to my computer screen, my walks help me reconnect with the outside world. I enjoy my jaunts so much I don't even think of them as exercise.

    Caroline, I look forward to reading your story. How thrilling it must be to see it on the shelves. I hope you snap plenty of pictures of your book sightings to preserve this milestone.

  4. I could not have anything like this at my house. My wife would be afraid that I'd find a way to hurt myself.

  5. Now, that is soooooo cool. I showed my hubby the picture from your site Caroline, and he said he'd use it too. So maybe he will build one. Hurray.

    We writers don't need to be so sedentary after all.

  6. Walt, where have you been.

    Hi to Keli and Robyn!

    Coffee is ready.

    My treadmill is in the basement but none the less it's nice that I now don't sit 8 hours and come home and sit 8 hours. Makes the trek to the basement much easier since I get to check email too.

  7. Caroline, welcome to Seekerville and what a GREAT idea!! I might just have to give it a try although I am a notorious klutz without a lot of balance (the balance beam was a nightmare in high school!), so I have to hold on tight on my treadmill. I suppose I could read on the treadmill, but write? Mmm ... guess I'll have to give it a try.

    Thanks for the great blog and congrats on your 2nd book and the GH final. Where the Wind Blows sounds wonderful and like something I would love to read.


  8. Good morning, Tina,
    I'm so excited to be here! Wow, it's pretty early here in Cali. I'll have a cup of coffee please.

    I'm so happy you are enjoying your TMD!! I don't think I could live without mine now that I have it.
    We are in the process of selling our home and when my husband gave the big contraption the eye......Don't even think about it," I replied. Funny thing is it's what everyone is interested in who comes through our home....LOL!!

  9. Caroline,
    Wow, what a concept. I really like it - and could desparately use it.

    But Caroline, I think Ruthy has you beat on multitasking. you should see the list of things she can do while she drives ;-)

    Congratulations on your book, Caroline. One question, if you walk while you write, increasing blood flow to the brain, does that make you more creative? ;-)

  10. Hi Robynl~~

    Wow, you have a TMD tool!! Super. You'll get used to it fast enough. After I do my e-mails and blogging I LOVE catching up on certain shows I like. Or, catch the latest You Tube.

    Thanks for the flowers on my cover and story. I'm so thrilled just holding my very own book in my hands. Years of writing couldn't prepare me for this week.

    Thanks for coming by. Do you have a picture of your TMD up also?


  11. I've never heard of this idea and think it's excellent! Unfortunately I don't have a treadmill in my home, but I do have an elliptical. The vision I see in my head is my laptop flapping between the arm handles and flying off to its destruction. :-)

  12. Hi Keli!

    Keli lives in Placerville--the town I grew up in. It's beautiful and hilly so I know when she says, "her walks into town," means a good heart pumping hike over hill and dale! LOL

    It's so great to see you! I love the’ First Sale Book’ I won on your blog last month!! When I have it filled we'll get together for lunch again.

    Seeing Where the Wind Blows in Barnes & Nobel is so exciting!! Thanks!!
    Big hugs,

  13. Walt, that's true. One does have to be careful and ALWAYS pause it when getting off and on. There’s always the temptation to just hop off for one second and run and do this or that while it's going....But, really that is not advisable. Now that I’ve got the process dialed in, I feel very safe.

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  14. Hi Eileen!!
    Yea for your hubby. That’s the biggest hurdle. Getting the DH interested and committed to helping. Tell him it will only take him a few hours, to a da and then you’ll cook him his very favorite dinner in reward--or bake him a pie. LOL Where would you put yours?

    More coffee, please….

  15. You are so right, Tina~~
    It's the lure of e-mail that gets us to jump on!! I'm not on mine now because my hubby is still sleeping and the office is next to the bedroom. For times like these I us my laptop in the corner.

    Has you made a walking map yet??

  16. Welcome to Seekerville, Caroline! Your debut is my kind of read! I love the cover. Wishing you all the best with your writing career.

    I work at a desk top so can't do treadmill multitasking, but I walk several times a week and go to Curves, though not as often as I should.

    I've brought mixed fruit this morning, a healthy addition to the muffins.


  17. Good morning, Julie. Thank you for the welcome...

    First let me say I LOVED, A Passion Most Pure! I found it through this blog and read it (it's big) in three days. For me that's fast...looking forward to the other two as well.

    Getting back to the TMD now. LOL I'm a klutz also and you'd be surprised how slow you go when writing. It's barley walking at all. I CAN even write! Not just answer e-mail and stuff but create. But, it did take me a few days to be able to do that.

    Thank you for the congrats on my second story. It's very exciting. Right now I'm enjoying hearing from readers. It's amazing...

  18. Wow, Pepper, GREAT question!!

    I don't know about that. I've found my creativity to be about the same so I can't truthfully answer that.

    Tina? Do you see a difference?

    Thank you, Pepper, for stopping by and for the comment. I hope you give the TMD a try. What do you write?

    And, what does Ruthy do as she drives? You've got me interested. LOL

  19. Sarah, LOL, that's hysterical!! You’re right, that would not work...but it sounds like you've got the exercise thing dialed in already. How long does one stay on an elliptical when working out??

    Thanks for commenting!!

  20. Oh mylanta, this is so cool, Caroline! Thanks so much for coming to Seekerville, sharing your ideas! As busy moms, grandmas, daughters, wives, pastor's kept women, we need to be able to accomplish a riot of things at once.

    And work an outside job to boot!

    I love this. Wonderful concept. It's so stinkin' easy to avoid exercise when you work in sedentary careers/jobs, etc. And our bodies need this good aerobic, cardio-vascular workout. You rock, woman.

    Hey, muffins are here and warm, more coffee has been delivered, and I b rought a full frappuccino bar (and yes, I'll mix them for you, just order up, ladies...) so that we can enjoy a day of summer ala Starbucks or Gloria Jeans and still zip our pants.


    I'm going for a caramel/mocha frappuccino with whip and both drizzles. Venti, no less.

    So happy.


  21. I really would like to try this, Caroline! I always hate to stop what I'm doing, mid-morning, and go to the gym, but that's what I do three days a week. Which is probably not enough exercise. I need to go about 5 times a week, but I can't force myself, so this idea really appeals to me! I also use up a lot of time in the mornings reading emails and blogs, so this sounds perfect.

    Please enter me in the drawing! Mary Connealy made me love western romances. :-)

  22. Oops, forgot my email. It's melaniedickerson at knology dot net

  23. Caroline,

    I'll let Ruthy answer that...she may already have ;-)

    I write all sorts of fun stuff. Juvenile fantasy, contemporary, historical, coming of age - I know I'm suppose to probably pick a favorite, but I'm having trouble. It's kind of like the musical Oklahoma..."my favorite is whoever I'm with." :-)


  24. Oh, thank you, Janet, I’m having a great time…..
    I haven't partaken just yet (had to have my coffee first) but now I'll have some fruit AND a muffin...and worry about working it off later.

    Curves is cool. It looks like a ton of fun. We had one for awhile but the economy hit and it closed. (this is a TINY town) What is your favorite station??

    Thanks for bringing the fruit!

  25. Oh my gosh, Ruthy, now I see about the multitasking!! You are one busy person!! Good morning. Thank you for bringing all the specialty coffee fixings. In that case I'll have a tall non-fat chi tea latte. Thank you!! LOL

    I'm so thrilled you like this idea. The nice thing is if one already has a treadmill it only costs a mere thirty dollars for the wood and paint. I LOVE mine and couldn’t live without it now.

    One thing about the walking map I need to point out. I stared posting everyday because it was fun, but in the second month or so it ran out of commenting room and started a second map. You don't want to do that. I've revised it and now will post my miles at the end of each month. I've gone from Lodi and I'm through Nevada and into Utah! Fun!!

  26. Hi Melanie~~This sounds so perfect for you!! Just getting though your e-mails will get you your 30 minutes of cardiovascular that you need.

    One thing I do is as soon as I'm up for the morning is I dress in this bathing suit I have that is more like a top with a bra, and then the bottom is like a little skirt. It's my stay at home uniform. I'm dressed for the TMD, doing housework, answering the door, or whatever. When I get hot I'm ready to hop in the pool and cool off. It's so easy.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and joining the conversation. You are in the Where the Wind Blows contest.

    Are you a writer also?

  27. Pepper, LOL, good answer! That is the key--to have fun and it sounds like that is exactly what you are doing.

    I've written four stories. Three are historical westerns (one an inspirational). My odd ball is a Christian fiction, woman’s story. I don't really have a category for it--but I loved writing it and we will see what happens.

    And, yes, I see what you mean about Ruthy.LOL!!!

  28. Tina~ I just went to see your desk. It's actually beautiful. You did a gorgeous job with the stain. And it's not as big as mine, which is nice. Each one has its own personality, I guess.

    Hey, congratulations on all the sales and also winning the Linda Howard contest!!!!!!! Woo Hoo. That's great! :)

  29. Love your treadmill desk idea. That is super, super clever. And congratulations on your book! It looks really intriquing.

  30. Hi Caroline! Congratulations on your books. They sound fantastic!

    A treadmill desk sounds very interesting. I must admit, I'm going over right now to check out the picture. However, I HAVE to leave my computer. I work in an office 6 hours a day and then go home to work on my writing. If I don't get unplugged from time to time, I go nuts! (Just ask my husband :)


    (Funny: my word verification is "pulse". Very fitting.)

  31. Hi Jenny, thanks for coming by...

    The treadmill desk caught my attention when I saw it on a TV show--so I can't really take the credit for thinking it up. But I'm pretty impulsive and got started on mine right away. In this case, I'm glad I was.

    Thanks for liking my story concept. I love Chase and Jessie and hope others will also.

  32. By the way, anyone that has a really great cherry pie recipe please visit me at
    Nobody Writes It Better Blog,

    I need your help!

    We can talk about health AND dessert on the same day, right?

  33. Hi Caroline,

    My husband and I are avid walkers, usually logging two miles a day. We bought an elipical to use in the winter months (I live in South Dakota) and then I do 30 minutes a day right after work. Sometimes I watch tv but usally that's the time I catch up on my reading.

    Love your book cover.


    RRossZediker at yahoo. com

  34. Caroline, thank you SO much for reading A Passion Most Pure! And, yes, I know it's "big," which is something my husband is trying to curb in me. "Can't you write books that are shorter and then write more of them?" he always asks. Sigh.

    Well, if you are a "klutz" as well, then that gives me hope (sorry! :)). I have already talked to my husband about it, so maybe I'll give it a try.

    Happy walking/reading/writing!


  35. Jen~
    I totally understand!! I don't work in an office so I'm in another spot than you. I can see the need to get outside into the fresh air and sunshine. Being a horseshow photographer for so many years I was able to enjoy many sunrises from all over. I always felt very blest!!

    Keeping the husband happy is a good thing too!!! A nutty wife is NOT good thing.

    Thanks for coming by and also for checking out the TMD on my site.!

  36. Hi Rose,
    It sounds like you and your husband have a great thing going already. Walking together is fantastic in many ways. The time together for conversation alone is worth gold!!
    How do you like the winters in SD? I think they'd be uber great. I love snow and never get any...

  37. Welcome, Caroline! When Tina first told the Seekers about your treadmill desk and then said her hubby had built her one, I got right on my sweetie's case and before long I had one of my own! I've posted pix and a description over at my personal blog ( I really need to work on a more consistent routine, but the summer crazies have kind of blown that.

    One of my favorite new ways of exercising, though, is my Wii Fit! Amazing how motivational the system is! On a really good day I'll get in my 30-40 minutes on a Wii workout and then hop on the treadmill for 30-45 minutes to check e-mail and blogs.

  38. This sounds so neat. My fear is, that I'm such an uncoordinated klutz, I'd seriously maim myself while attempting this.

    The new book sounds intriguing. Lonesome Dove/Little House? :D

    Congratulations on your debut novel!

  39. Opps, talk about goof, I double posted. Sorry about that!

  40. Ooh Myra, Wii Fit?!? I've been contemplating getting that. I've been playing so much Wii Tennis I have one shoulder that's sore, but no soreness where I need it most.

    I guess it's worth the money?

  41. Julie--LOL--that's funny about your husband! I loved Passion being long and hated to see it end. Keep it up!!

    Give the TMD a try. I think you'll fall in love with it as much as I have.

    Will there be more than three books?

  42. Caroline, you haven't told us about your sale book. Is it a sequel to the first?

  43. Hi Myra~~
    I just got back from your site!! Woo Hoo. Your TMD looks fantastic!!
    You bring up an excellent point I forgot to mention--the pad for the heal of your hands. It's so important for balance and steadiness. I totally do that too!!!
    Thank YOU!
    Now that you've been walking on it for awhile try working on your book. Take it down to .05 or .07. You'll see it's hardly even moving. I've gotten to the point that that is too slow and bugs me. But, it adds up and you will walk an extra 3 to 4 miles a day. Thanks for sharing your TMD story!!

  44. Erica~~Hi!!
    I felt the same as you did before I tried it. If you can chew gum and talk on the phone (which I'm totally sure you can) you can do this. The only questionable time is getting off and on—and that’s not a problem as long as you always pause your machine.
    Chase is the Lonesome Dove half and Jessie/ Sarah/ Gabe are the Little House on the Prairie half. LOL. I think so anyway...

    Thanks so much for joining the conversation....

  45. Oh, good idea, Tina, thanks!

    No. The McCutcheons isn't a sequel to Where the Wind Blows. It’s the story of the third brother of the big McCutcheon ranching family set in 1800 Montana. Luke, the hero, is bringing a new herd of cattle to the ranch when he finds the heroine alone in a wagon giving birth. Well, he thinks she’s alone until the moment he’s knocked out by her step-son, Colton. Faith is fearful of when he wakes up because she doesn’t know he’s the upstanding man that he is, and thinks he may be an outlaw. Faith is on the run and Luke has no choice but to let her join the cattle drive until they reach some civilization…and so it goes…

    After writing the first story set in a cabin I was ready to have a big, sweeping ranching family story. The two books are very unique in their own ways and both a joy to write…

  46. I almost never workout, and we do not have a treadmill. I don't watch very much tv. The only excercise that I normally get, is going swimming. Which is only in the summer.
    PLease enter me for the contest!
    booklovercb at yahoo dot com

  47. Hmmm. I'm skeptical. And not all that coordinated. But I know I do some great brainstorming and praying when I walk.

    Caroline, your book sounds wonderful. Please put me in the drawing.
    I've been thinking a lot about this concept of comparing a book to well known books or plot lines. It takes a lot of thought to get just the right combination.

    Thanks for sharing.

  48. Caroline, I like the stations that work my arms. Something I get little of from walking. My Curves uses little computer chips to individualize the workouts and make us work harder. Can you hear the whine in my words? LOL


  49. Hi Booklovercb—you’re entered.

    I used to love swimming a lot. The most I do now is dip in to cool off and then crawl over to my lounge chair. LOL

    Thanks for the comment!

  50. Hi Debra~ you’re entered also!

    Good point. I used to pray the whole time when I used to run outside. Now, since I work while I walk inside, I have to make a special point to do the praying and meditating before I start my day, or even turn on my computer.

  51. Janet--no whine at all!! I think the computer chip sounds great!! What will they think of next?

    In the old days it was the lifting the water bucket from the well, mucking the stally and kneeding the bread that worked those arms. Whew! LOL

    You go!!


  52. I think the treadmill desk sounds great. But I'm not very coordinating and have been known to fall down when standing still. I'm not sure writing and walking would work for me. I have a cross country ski machine that I use first thing in the morning, and then sometimes I do it again at night if I feel the need to unwind. Writing? I'm still squeezing that in whenever I get the chance.

  53. Caroline,

    Thank you so much for sharing the treadmill desk with us! I have a treadmill in my bedroom and watch NCIS or Scrubs while I walk, but I've gotten lazy lately. I told Hubby I would love to have some sort of shelf for my laptop. Since my treadmill is an older model, it doesn't have the shelf for a book or anything on it. I'll show him your pictures and see if he can construct one for me. I'll be excited to walk on it now. :-)

  54. Thanks for the great idea. All summer, I've been getting on the treadmill first thing in the morning - read my Bible and pray and plan the rest of my day while walking. It helps keep my brain occupied and not aware that I'm actually exercising.

    At some point, my brain starts flowing with new ideas about twists, ways to take conflict deeper, solutions to that plot problem, future blog topics, etc.

    So, I've been pulling out a spiral notebook and a pen to jot all those ideas down. Now, I'm seriously considering adding a desk and turning that basement bedroom into an office. Because, when school starts in a couple weeks, my multi-tasking skills kick into overdrive. And I'm afraid that exercise might get kicked to the bottom of the pile again.

    Oh, and please enter me in the drawing. Candee[at]CandeeFick[dot]com

  55. Hi Jill,
    I just read your profile about living in Uganda, with your husband and children! That is so impressive. How long were your there and how did you like it?

    Your workout sounds great. I haven’t yet tried a ski machine, but would like to. They look like fun!!

    Thanks for coming by!1


  56. Lisa--cool, you will love it!!!

    That's the thing. We all get tired of our routines--but we NEVER get tired of blogs and e-mail. I know I would have stopped walking long ago if I didn’t MAKE myself combine the two.

    Let me know when you get your TMD built. I'd love for you to make a walking map like mine and join the walking club. Motivation for us all.

    Be sure to let me know. :)


  57. Hi Caroline, Thanks for sharing your exercise ideas and Congrats on your debut. Looks really interesting.

    For years, I have been doing my exercise on a stationary bike and while on it, I read my morning devotions, whatever wip I'm working on to refresh my mind, and/or a book I'm reading. Its a great way to accomplish two things at once. I'll have to figure a way to do Internet too. Maybe I can rig a desk like you did.

    I do find that wip material comes best when I'm walking so the treadmill ought to work great for you folks.

    Thanks again for stopping by, Caroline

  58. I have to agree with Caroline. I was skeptical. But you know, it does work. I talked to my mom while on it yesterday and checked emails. In 25 minutes I had a workout in. And this from someone without the talking and chewing gum at the same time gene.

    Fresh batch of muffins coming through!!! Orange cranberry this time. Lowfat.

  59. Caroline, thanks so much for being with us today! What a cool post! I've heard a few of the Seekers talking about having done this.

    I don't even own a treadmill. But it sounds like something I should consider. And then maybe not allow myself to get online unless I'm walking. :)

  60. Hi Sandra,
    You've beat us to it. You've been combining exercise with additional activities for a while.

    I'm trying to envision peddling while typing...hmmm. Now I'm the skeptical one. LOL
    But, I'm not saying it can't be done.

    Thanks for coming by. I saw on your profile that you've published a picture book. I think that's so cool. Was that hard to get done?

  61. MMMM, Tina---It's lunch time for me here in California so I will happily take an orange cranberry muffin! Thank YOU! Warm and with--yes, I'm gunna do it--a tiny slathering of butter. Nothing better.

    I talk on the phone on my TMD all the time. That’s one of the easiest things to do. I do have to turn down my speed though to be able to hear the caller. My machine is loud.

  62. Thank YOU, Missy, and all the Skeekers for having me today. I love this blog and check in quite often. It's always so inspiring.

    I think you getting a treadmill and joining the fun would be super. How many Seekers now actally have TMD? Does anyone have a count??

  63. Caroline,

    I'm there with you.

    I do walk the treadmill and have been writing and walking for some time. Although I could do it more.

    I set it around 1.5 to 2.0 and walk. Try to do when I'm watching TV at night as well. When I'm just reading or editting I can use the faster speed.

    one of the nice things is the walking takes the stress off my back from sitting at a desk at work.

    I had a stationary bike and bought a music stand for my keyboard then sat near my computer and did my thing as well.

    With laptops the process is much easier.

  64. Hi Tina~

    Very good point. And another I forgot to mention. My back, after sitting for hours used to kill me. Walking solves that problem easily.

    You sound like an inventor! LOL The music stand is ingenious. :) Good job and thanks for sharing.....


  65. Myra and I have it at the moment. You can check out Myra's on her blog and mine on my webpage.

    Cheryl is working on getting one.

    The rest are just envious.

  66. I've seen your and Myra's. You both did a beautiful job.

    We will march on!! LOL


  67. This treadmill desk idea is amazing. I've checked out all three - Caroline's, Myra's and Tina's - and now I think I'll have to join this marching band. :) Thank you all!

    Tina, I love your website intro. :)

    Caroline, congratulations on your book release! I can't wait to nab my own copy.

    All the best,
    Gail Fuller :)

  68. Thanks Gail. Mine is really like a high chair table. It rests on the bars and my hub made slots for whatever kind of latches you want to use to tie/connect it to the bars.

  69. Hi Gail, thanks for coming over from Nobody Writes it Better! Twice in one day---cool!!

    I'd be so thrilled if you also were to make a TMD. I tell you you'll be so happy you did. Let me know if you run into any problems. I don't think you will. It's easy.

    Thanks for the good wishes on Where the Wind Blows. These are exciting times for me.


  70. Tina,

    Sorry it took so long to respond. Thanks for noticing I was gone. I was on vacation for 10 days in southern California.

  71. Congrats on the debut! Too funny but I've actually walked and read my whole life, so I think it's completely possible. :-)

    On a side note, can someone ask Sandra Smith if she received my e-mail? I think last time her address didn't like mine....

  72. Whoops! Sandre Leesmith. Huh. Sorry about that. :-)

  73. Will do Jessica.

    Welcome back, Walt. We missed you.

  74. Drumroll!!!! Winners of Caroline's books....

    Keli and Candee.

    Please email me at tina at tinarusso dot com with your snail mail address which I will get to Caroline.


    Caroline, thanks so much for spending the day with us and for the Treadmill Desk post. We wish you continued success and many miles.

    Before you go don't forget to give us the directions to your treadmill group.

  75. Tina, thank you and all the wonderful women of The Seekers for having me here. It was really a fun day. So many people stopped to chat.

    To join my walking group all you need to do is go to my website and go to the last page where the treadmill is. At the very bottom is a Yahoo group called The Treadmilldeskwtiters (I know, not too original) and join!! We can cheer each other on.

    Congratulations to Keli and Candee....~~<3

    God Bless,

  76. Caroline ... ooops, didn't see your question to me till this morning. And, yes, there will be more than three books. I have a 2nd 3-book series coming out June 2010 that continues the O'Connor saga with Katie's story first (A Hope Undaunted), then Sean and Emma's, then finally Steven's.

    Thanks for asking, and it was sure fun having you here today.


  77. Hi Caroline. I LOVE your video and your book sounds very interesting. Would love to read it. Thanks for sharing...

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