Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend Edition-Theme Song For Your Life

Super Romance author Rogenna Brewer was telling me about the concept of Theme Song for your life.

Theme song? Very interesting.

So if you were a television show, or a movie and they were running the credits, what would the theme song to your life be?

Only one.

Let's take it a step further and take it outside and away from your spiritual life. The commercial music theme song for your life.

Rogenna's is Venus by Bananarama.

Mine is definitely, The Tide is High by Atomic Kitten.

Obviously it doesn't have to make sense to anyone but yourself. It is your your life.
So what is your theme song?

Next Week In Seekerville:

Monday: August 31, Steeple Hill Love Inspired author, Cheryl Wyatt joins us with Ramping Tension and she'll be holding a book give away too!

Tuesday: September 1, Christy finalist, and Barbour author, our very own Mary Connealy is here and she's giving away books! Mary's post is, Characters Welcome.

Wednesday: September 2, KENSINGTON!!! author, Marilyn Brant will be with us to talk about writing Women's Fiction and you'll have an opportunity to win an arc of her debut release.

Thursday: September 3rd, Seekerville's favorite cowgirl, Audra Harders joins us.

Friday: September 4th, September Contest Update and the prize vault is open. This month we'll give away one prize to a commenting visitor and one prize to a Seekerville follower. Yahooo!!

We Have A Winner!

The winner of a free entry into the CWOW contest, The Phoenix Rattler:Does Your Story Have Bite?, as posted Tuesday in Sandra Leesmith's post, Autograph Party is Debra Marvin. Congratulations.

Save The Date:

September 14, New York Times best selling author, Shirley Jump returns to Seekerville.

September 18, LIVE FROM ACFW it's Seekerville!

September 21, Belle Books editor, and New York Times best selling author Deborah Smith is in Seekerville.

September 22, Private Eye Duo, Colleen Collins and Shaun Kaufman are sleuthing in Seekerville. They're bringing goodies too!

September 25, Our guest is Love Inspired Historical author, Winnie Griggs.

September 28, two-time Golden Heart finalist Anne Barton is back in Seekerville.

September 29, Barbour Publishing author, Marcia Gruver returns to Seekerville.

September 30, Cool Beans! NavPress author Erynn Mangum will be here.

Seeker Sightings and News:

Ruth Logan Herne is delighted to announce that Steeple Hill has just contracted a second book from her award-winning North Country series. Scheduled for a July, 2010 release, Waiting Out the Storm will follow the March 2010 release of Winter's End, Ruthy's debut novel. Needless to say, Ruthy is dancing in the streets of upstate New York as she busily composes new stories to help establish a growing readership and tempt her savvy editors into thinking she's the cat's pajamas. (Then she wonders out loud if cats really wear pajamas???? )

Myra Johnson has a great post/review on The Moral Premise: Harnessing Virtue & Vice for Box Office Success by Stanley D. Williams, up on Mary DeMuth's blog, WannaBe Published. This is the book that literary agent Natasha Kern recommended when she visited Seekerville.

More Myra sightings:

September 1st
at Carla Stewart's blog, Carla's Writing Cafe.

September 2nd at Novel Journey.

September 2nd at Lena Dooley Nelson's blog, A Christian Writer's World, for an interview and book giveaway!

Cheryl Wyatt can be found at Craftie Ladies of Romance Blogspot, on September 3 posting on, Loyalty...lessons learned from a lonely, cyber-rivalric dog.

(Okay, Wyatt, what does that mean????)

Camy Tang has a new contest that will last from now until August 31st, 2009! (That's Monday!)

She is giving away 14 boxes of books!

14 winners will each receive a copy of her latest novel, Deadly Intent and one of 14 boxes of books by other Christian authors.

10 Honorable Mentions will each receive a copy of her latest novel, Deadly Intent.

You read that right! 24 winners in all! Check it out here.

Mary Connealy is making it very easy to win a copy of her new release, Cowboy Christmas.

1. Go to her website and sign up for her newsletter before the next issue is released on Sept. 1st. All current subscribers are already in, no need to re-subscribe.

2. Post a comment on Mary's September 1st Seekerville post.

3. Anyone who is a Seekerville follower by September 1st will be eligible for a second, FOLLOWERS ONLY drawing.

4. She's also on Bustles and Spurs on Tuesday, Sept. 1st, talking about Cowboy Christmas. So do stop by for yet another chance to win a copy.

And you can find Mary at, Prairie Chicks Write Romance, TODAY!!!

Mary gets around....

Missy Tippens' post is up at Nora St. Laurent's, blog, Finding Hope Through Fiction. She's giving away a copy of winner's choice, His Forever Love or Her Unlikely Family. Contest runs till August 31 (Monday)!

Random Industry and Market News:

CWOW - Christian Writers of the West, the Arizona branch of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) are announcing their first writing contest for unpublished writers. Information for the contest THE PHOENIX RATTLER- DOES YOUR STORY HAVE BITE? can be found here.

It's almost time for the 2010 GH and RITA contest registration. This year RWA has published statistics on the 2009 GH and RITA entries.

From The New York Observer:
The New Thing: Books Without Jackets

"September will see the publication of three unusual-looking books: Farrar, Straus and Giroux's No Impact Man by Colin Beavan, Viking's Bicycle Diaries by former Talking Head David Byrne, and Graywolf's The Adderall Diaries by Stephen Elliott. What makes these books so unusual-looking is that, even though they're hardcovers, their cover art is not printed on dust jackets but instead stamped directly onto the boards that hug their pages."

Have you checked out Author Magazine Online? Here's the link.

From Publisher's Lunch:

Next Oprah Book Club Pick Revealed on September 18

"According to the Newtonville Books Community Blog, #63 will be a Little, Brown trade paperback title priced at $14.99, with an announced first printing of 500,000 and ISBN # 978-0-316-08637-0. Amazon reports differing metadata, listing the Oprah #63 pick as a $23.99 hardcover with an ISBN of 978-0-316-08636-3. Neither listing includes an approximate page count. On Twitter, Oprah implored viewers to tune in on Friday, September 18, saying she'd "never made a selection like 'this.'"


  1. Love the update. So many great things to look forward to.

    Congratulations on your second sale to LI, Ruthy. Oh. My. Stars!!! You're on a roll.

    My theme song would have to be Vivaldi's Four Seasons. I listen to that classical composition as I create my inspirational historical romances and love it so much it's the ring tone on my cell phone.

  2. A theme song for my life? Hmmm, I have NO clue. LOL

    I'm def. checking out Myra's post. Someone else mentioned it to me too. Sounds great. Thanks for the link and for all the other Seeker news!

    Congrats Ruthy!

  3. Good morning ladies. Okay I am off to check out Vivaldi.

    Have a great day. I am headed to the library in a bit to write all day.

  4. First, CONGRATS to Ruthy! Way to go.

    Theme song for my life would be: Is There Life Out There by Reba.


  5. My theme song would have to be Johnny Nash's "I can see clearly now". Don't know why, but it just seems to feel right

  6. Thanks for sharing, Rose and Debbie.

    Now I am humming your songs. he he he

  7. Will "our Ruthy" be the latest overnight sensation who has actually been paying her dues for years?

    Cool beans!

    My theme song. Can't decide between "Fun, fun, fun 'till Daddy takes the T-Bird away ..." because of the line in there about making "the Indy 500 look like a Roman chariot race ..."

    Or, "Sweet Home, Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

  8. Well if you have to be conflicted, great songs to be conflicted by, Ann.

    Yes, Ruthy is at this minute trying on sunglasses and Marlena Fortune hats at Neiman Marcus. Have to have the perfect look for conference.

  9. Ruthy--Congratulations all over again! What a thrill. I'm going to have to make it to New York some time to see those cat's pajamas (since I don't think they exist anywhere else!) :)

  10. Hmmm my theme song would probably have to be People are Crazy by Billy Currington! I must say my lyrics would be a bit different though! "God is Great, Mt. Dew is good, and people are crazy!" :-P

  11. First of all, THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

    Yes, I'm still grinning up here in WNY where the breezes are hinting fall every time a cloud blocks the sun, even just a smidge.

    And Waiting Out the Storm is an enchanting story of a Native American shepherd and the sheep-hating veterinarian she knows she shouldn't love.

    Ah, romance!!!

    So yes! I fooled that cute little Melissa Endlich YET AGAIN!!!!


    And I'm so delighted to be working with her and Wendy Lawton. Oh my stars (good job on that, Keli!!!!) the two of them are amazing. And funny.



    This one's easy.

    The Dance by Garth Brooks.

    Haunting notes. Lyrical. Poignant. Great message.

    How many of us would chance the dance if we saw beyond the bend in the road?

    Love it.

    Take those chances. Seize them. Run with them. Life's too short to shy away.


  12. My theme song is from Mary Tyler Moore, Your Gonna Make it After All!! :]

  13. Gotta Work- Amerie, not really a fan of R'n'B but this song always manages to pick me up :D

  14. Milissa! I was going to do a youtube connect to that but wondered if I was the only one who remembered it.

    Here it is: First Season which differs from the other seasons.

    Mary and Myra could make this into a nice little link but I never can, sigh.

  15. Oh my gosh I love this. Those lyrics are awesome.

    Sometimes it's gonna be days like this
    sometimes it's gonna be rain like this
    sometimes you're gonna feel pain like this
    sometimes you gotta work hard for it

    because when u feeling low
    and u cant get no lower
    thats when u know your close
    sometimes u gotta work hard for it

    woke up in the morning
    it's another cloudy day
    but that never mattered too much to me
    cause its still a new beginning
    and I know I got it in me
    had my share of ups and downs
    but now I know I can do anything

    some people think im aggressive
    cause I know what I want
    but that never mattered too much to me

    show me some body with no goal
    show me some body with no control
    cause life is for living
    so go and get it
    when times get rough remember

    Sometimes it's gonna be days like this
    sometimes it's gonna be rain like this
    sometimes you're gonna feel pain like this
    sometimes you gotta work hard for it
    because when u feeling low
    and u can't get no lower
    thats when u know your close
    sometimes u gotta work hard for it

    ohh gotta get it
    hey hey hey
    sometimes the road may seem too far
    you never really know for sure
    if you're ever gonna make it
    sometimes the end may seem so far
    you never really know for sure
    if u got the strength to make it

    but u gotta remember

    Sometimes it's gonna be days like this
    sometimes it's gonna be rain like this
    sometimes you're gonna feel pain like this
    sometimes you gotta work hard for it

    because when u feeling low
    and u can't get no lower
    thats when u know your close
    sometimes u gotta work hard for it

    days like this
    rain like this

    do it cause I love it
    feel like this
    gotta work hard for it

  16. Yeah, Ruth! So happy for you! I'll be thrilled to come up there for a signing and meet you. My sis attends a mega-church near Buffalo, so maybe I can manage to take some signed copies to her church's bookstore for ya's. Boo-yah!
    ; )

  17. One theme song--so hard to pick. At the moment I'm going for the "Impossible Dream" from the Man of La Mancha.

  18. Kathleen, I'd love to meet you too. And selling books is one of the best reasons to write 'em.

    Tina. I love that song. Perfect lyrics. Tough girl lyrics.

    Oh, love it!!!!

    And I forgot they did two editions of the MTM theme song. Love that first one. You can feel the emotion through the words/video and see the whole story through a dozen lines.


    I use music that way. If a songwriter can tell a story in 4 or 5 stanzas, I should be able to trim enough excess baggage to tell a great story in 60,000 words, right?



  19. How come when I clicked on the link for Ruthy's website, which I wanted to go to just to get a slightly LARGER picture of her pretty haircut, it took me to YouTube and the opening music for Laverne and Shirley?


  20. Honey, it took you to the theme song for Laverne and Shirley because I played Laverne...

    So I've got them linked.

    In my earlier days, I was Penny Marshall.

    I've done it all, girlfriend.