Saturday, October 10, 2009

Persistence: Tapping Your Inner Moabite Princess!

I wasn’t always Ruth.

I’m sure I’ve told you this story, about how my mother named me Mavourneen, Celtic for “my darling” and my father refused to bring me home from the hospital with that name. I was the seventh of nine children, his fifth daughter, and he’d have nothing to do with that Irish nonsense.


So he named me Ruth, and I have to believe there was a soft-spoken angel whisperin’ in his ear, or maybe it was a six-pack of beer, but in any case I came home as Ruth Marie Herne.

End of story.

Or not.

Today’s post is on persistence. I know, I know, you are SICK TO DEATH of hearing me lecture on persistence, on going for the gold, staying the course, on focus, focus, focus, always going faster, higher, stronger. Citius, Altius, Fortius, yaddi, yaddi, blah, blah, blah.

Well turn the page, darling, because I’m not saying anything all that new today. We're celebrating a momentus birthday here in Seekerville, a place where persistence, determination and focus pays off!

It is a custom to read the book of Ruth in many Jewish temples or homes on the Shavuot, the day of harvest celebration. And ya’ gotta love Ruth. Oh Mylanta, are you kidding me? She is the breath of sunshine, a Moabite princess diminished to poverty by circumstances beyond her control. She loses her husband, her brother-in-law, her sister-in-law, her father-in-law and is left with no one but...


You guessed it.

Her mother-in-law, Naomi, who would rather her name be Mara, meaning bitter…
Sounds like a great time to me. (Wry sigh injected here).

Does our princess throw in the towel? Pack up her camel skin valise with the snake-leather handle believed to be the original Versace in early acid green, very Roman with a touch of Galatia in the hand-stitched panels?

Oh, no. Not her. She embraces her grumpy MIL, gives a great little speech that lives on today, and marches off to slay the dragons of separatism. Somewhere along the way she loses her tiara because no one ever paints their self-supposed images of her with one, and since Kodak , Polaroid and Fuji were yet to come, we look at Ruth from our internal image-makers.

Beautiful? Plain? Depends on the viewer, I’d bet, but what shines through is her kindness, her warmth, her insistence on putting Naomi first. Ruth was willing to forego her personal comfort, her return to Moab (now maybe life wasn’t all that great in Moab, it’s hard to know, and the Moabites were noted for having little sympathy for the Israelites and Ruth had converted, but she was a princess, so… you be the judge. Princess of Moab vs. barefoot straggler living in poverty… Hey, I saw The Princess Diaries. Wouldn’t we all choose the princess route? Come on, let’s be serious here.)

Whither thou goest, I will go. Whither thou lodgest, I will lodge. And thy people shall be my people, and thou God, my God…

Let’s go back to that sweet baby girl. ME. Adorable. I mean really, I’m not lying, I was a cute kid, but all babies are cute. Such a precious gift of God.

(Cue the dark music… Brooding… Deep bass undertones from the horn section…)

But then things didn’t go according to plan, at least not the plan I would have mapped out. Life tumbled downhill. My grandmother died around my second birthday. My mom helped nurse her through cancer, taking me across town on a series of buses to help her mother. At age 40, Mom was pregnant for my younger brother, toting me across town, and tending her dying mother before coming home to an alcoholic husband.

She crashed. Became an alcoholic herself, a brilliant woman, a natural writer with an aptitude for words I find enchanting and engrossing, she let depression and Black Velvet tug her into the abyss. I have no memories of my mother sober until I was in my thirties, with kids of my own.

Sad story, right? Oh, it gets sadder, but I’m not going to dwell on that now. Actually, not ever.

It was what it was, and the bits and pieces that complete our lives weave the fabric that makes us. I was blessed to be a student at Sacred Heart, a great Catholic school in the pre-tuition days, in a neighborhood where several neighbors allowed me not only to play with their kids (this was not universal, believe me) but encouraged my humor, my flights of fancy, my imaginative bend, making me feel special. For those times, those moments, those seconds, I was special.

And then I went home… Oh my stars, Oprah Book Club entry, here we come!

Survivors aren’t born. They’re made. I’ve studied nature vs. nurture, and I know that inherent tendencies toward hopefulness and optimism come genetically, but I also know that God hands each and every one of us choices. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly…

We ponder. We weigh. We choose.

I’m a dreamer, no two ways about it, but I CHOOSE to be a doer. Studying my parents, I saw the brilliance of my mother washed away by her unwillingness or inability to stand her ground. Go the distance. Her brilliance was her gift and her demise, because she didn’t muster the ambition to be all she could be.

But her inaction became my action. Her dream was put to rest, but before she died she asked me to use my maiden name in my writing name, “so that everyone will know you were mine.”

So what kept my childish dream of becoming a writer alive through decades of life, a young woman with no college education, no higher degrees, educated in the classroom of life, mother of six?

Faith. Hope. Love
. In Hansel and Gretel style God dropped bits and pieces of hope, tiny words of encouragement and belief from teachers, friends, family. The dream went on hold for twenty-five years of child-raising and nametag/hairnet jobs, but those jobs and positions were rife with characters who show up in books today.
I was Ruth, gleaning in the fields of retail and waitressing, grabbing shafts of untrampled wheat from the goofy customers, the grumpy bosses, the know-it-all colleagues, developing protagonists who might not show up for a decade or two, but one gathers where ye may, right?

Ruth was a princess who became what she needed to be, did what she needed to do. How can we, in this wondrous day of instant communication, living in a land of plenty, do less?

We shouldn’t.

Ruth challenged herself to stay the course, not knowing what lay ahead, much like us. Her persistence is a great lesson learned, a wonderful example of a true princess, the kind that knows there’s a pea beneath the stack of mattresses…
And ignores it because it’s just a stupid ol’ pea, anyhow.



  1. Wow Ruthy what an awesome story! And so encouraging to see how your persistence has paid off. It has definitely made my world richer today.

    Now I'm inspired to go off and tap into my inner Moabite Princess- at least I have the right first name!


    Ruth Ann

  2. Ruth, my fellow princess!


    Good morning, dear and thank you so much. And even if your name was Mindy or Isabelle, I know you'd do fine---the princess lives on!

    Now you boys, don't you worry if princess tapping seems wrong on any level. :) You tap your little selves into King David... Jonah...
    St. Peter or St. Paul... Brett Favre... (grinning here)

    Coffee's on, I did a double carafe of sweet chocolate favor (!) and regular. Creamers are to your left and donuts are courtesy of Tim Hortons.


  3. Ruth,

    This is beautiful. When I got to the part about your mother asking you to use her name with your writing, I cried.

    We chose Ruth's words as part of our wedding ceremony.

    Thank you for keeping on so we could be blessed by your gifts. I really needed this message today.


  4. First of all, your post says Friday on both my internet access devices.
    It's a sick feeling when you wake up for a Sat and think you may have to go to work.

    Oh dear Ruthy. What a story. I too lost it when you told us about your mom's wish.

    LIke a lot of us, probably, I share some of your story and I wouldn't trade it now in case I lost any of what God has brought me. And I know what I'm supposed to do with it.

    So, this biblically named girl likes to tap into both her Hebrew names and press on toward the prize. (Elizabeth)

    I know that persistence carries ability across the finish line. You Rock. You're the Cat's pajamas, girlfriend. You're loved. Let it wash over you today for sharing your heart.

  5. Oh, crap.

    Do Not Make Me Cry.

    Stop it. Stop it now.


    I seriously didn't mean to get you guys ver klempt, but I'm so grateful for your warmth, the friendship, the bond we all share. And it's good to know that childhood stuff, or crosses to bear (as Mary's cute heroine in Cowboy Christmas talks about) are quite doable.

    We just have to muster up and do 'em.

    Every time things would get really bad, I'd remember that cross. Even as a kid, I'd remember that Jesus was God... He could have said 'no'. Dropped the cross.

    And he didn't.

    Tears make me hungry. Ladies. The least you could have done was brought food! :)

    Deb, I blocked the post in last night, so it must have recorded that, although I published it at 3:00 A.M. I will never figure out all the ins and outs of computer timing, but what a nice surprise to realize YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO GO TO WORK!!! IT'S SATURDAY!!!!

    TRIPLE YAY!!! :)

    A little present from me to you. (smiling here, despite the cold rain!)

  6. Princess Ruth,

    Persistance is certainly the name of the game in the writing/publishing field. It's not a vocation for the faint of heart.

    I love the story of Ruth. It shows us that we must perserve no matter what our lives well illustrated with your own life story...probably any of our lives stories because really who's life actually goes according to their plans!

    Thanks for the reminder.


  7. Rose, so true. Gotta' grab those lemons and make some good old lemonade.

    Thank God for sugar, right????


    Nice to see you so early on a Saturday!

    And I'm having a ball writing this week, although I might not clean Walt's clock quite as much as I'd supposed. Still, there is today and tomorrow!

    Laughing in upstate,


  8. Thanks for sharing your story, Ruth. Although I consider my life as being extremely blessed, and I haven't been through the hardships you mentioned, I know the tough things I've been through have shaped the person I am today. It's not until we face difficult times that we truly realize God's with us every step of the way, and how blessed we truly are.


  9. Good morning. Thanks for the coffee. I brought Dulce de Leche creamer (my Dad's in town, needed it).

    Ruth, beautiful story! When I relaized what your real name was, I wondered how you got to the name you use for writing.

  10. Thank you for sharing your story, Ruthy. Everything that happens to us in life isn't good. We'd be dishonest if we pretend it is. But God can use it for our good--and the good of others--if we CHOOSE to let him. Thank you for making the courageous choice to let him, Ruthy. Your family, friends, and now readers are reaping the rewards.

  11. Ruthy, you're one tough little princess! You go, girl!!!

    Even though I have a Greek name and was named after Gone with the Wind, I've always thought I was a princess in disguise, lost away from my King and Queen parents. (Ha-ha. And I put my little fantasy in a book, of course--The Woodcutter's Daughter.)

    Thanks for sharing your story with us, Ruthy. You are the real thing.

    Oh, and I got a few more words in yesterday. I'm up to 629 for the week. Maybe I can get some more today. I did have a plot/character breakthrough yesterday when I decided to write down the major events in the book-- on a scrap of paper, since I can't be thought of as an outliner. I'm really excited now!

  12. Ruth, you always make me think. Then you touch my heart and make me smile. As a writer, you have the amazing ability to wrap your words around readers like a hug and pull them into the story.

    As a person, you're a gift to anyone lucky enough to get to know you. I'm blessed to have you as my friend.


  13. To quote a Ruthyism ... "Oh my stars!!!" Along with Debra, I thought I missed the Friday post (which I would NEVER do!) and honestly believed I was losing it. Of course, I am, but we won't go there ...

    Beautiful post, Ruthy -- a critical message bundled in your usual quirky humor, wonderful to-the-point style and pitbull tenacity. I love the analogy to Ruth the Moabite, I love hearing the story of your name (Like Walt, I always wondered about it and like Cathy, I teared up). And I love that you "CHOOSE to be a doer." You are a true inspiration, my friend, and we are all blessed to call you our friend ... or princess ... or cupcake ... or lovable tyrant ... or precious pit bull ... :)


  14. Ruthy,

    You're an inspiration.

    Wow. Some of the the greatest dreamers come from the most despairing circumstances. Beautiful,

    I'm not going to even go into names. Who am I to say anything? But...if you guys do think of me, think of me as the spice Pepper instead of the vegetable. There's just something inspiring about being a 'spice of life' than a green, ground vegetable. I don't know...maybe it's just me.

    Thanks for always sharing your humor, insight, love, Ruthy. It's been such an inspiration!!

  15. Do you think I can possibly write 'inspiring' any more times within one paragraph. Sheesh! That's what I get for trying to type while taking care of a 11 y.o.'s boo boo, start cartoons for my 2 & 4 year old, and help my 9 year old turn on the computer.

    Sorry bout that :-)

  16. Arianna, so true. Tough things shape us, making the good things stand out, right?

    And it's all part of life, of romance, of the fun, games and conflict we strive to bring realistically (although not TOO realistically, LOL!) to the page.

    And Walt, thanks for the creamer!!! Oh my goodness, I LOVE this one. Are you being especially nice because you're going to whoop me, kid? Because I cry easy, you know. :)

    And yes, my mom was Mary Elizabeth Logan Herne. Beautiful woman in so many respects. And my kids have blessed us with two grandsons named for my mom, my grandpa Jack Logan and my husband Dave... We have David Logan and Logan Allen, two precocious babies that have future MLB prospect written all over every Yankee jersey we buy them.

    Already working on those pitching arms!!! :)

  17. Glynna, you wonderful thing. The whole courage thing???

    I love the Serenity Prayer and have a huge and healthy respect for AA, Al-Anon, Ala-Teen, etc. When I was a kid I would pray my heart out that something would lead my parents there. It didn't happen, but dealing with that gave me such a healthy respect for recovering alcoholics and addicts that I loved waiting on fellowship groups when I was waitressing. I was a VERY GOOD waitress, btw! :)

    Fellowship follows an AA meeting, and it's hard to be with an AA group in a public setting if you're new into recovery. For all the supposed privacy, there is no private place for alcoholics in small towns. Miranda Lambert's song, "Everybody Dies Famous in a Small Town" sums up our setting. Not too much in the way of privacy!

    Courage to change the things you can... Amen, Sistah!

  18. Good morning, Ruthy.

    Anyone would be so lucky to have you follow along with them.

    Wonderful post.

  19. Melanie, you are indeed a princess!

    And I love your premise for Woodcutter's Daughter. So fun.

    Kudos and congrats on the words and word count. Forward progress, girlfriend... That's where it's at.

  20. Andrea.

    You are not supposed to get me misty. Knock it off.

    Andrea buddied me from the beginning of this writing gig, from the moment I walked into my first RWA meeting she has been a gentle voice of wisdom, encouragement, praise and direction.

    And her warm, funny, whimsical writing makes me do the Oliver routine...

    Please, Andrea?? Can I have some more? :)

    Thanks, sweetie.

  21. Jules!

    Thank you for your loving words as always, even though I've unleashed the pit-bull-in-pretty-clothing on you a time or two.


    God loves a forgiving spirit and thank God Julie has one, LOL!

    Aunt Eller in the musical Oklahoma:

    "You put the good in one hand, pile the bad in the other and say 'well, then' to both of them"

    Wonderful words of wisdom.

    Thank you, Jules! God blessed us in finding each other, this funny group of God-loving, romance-writing women.

    And I love that our circle of Seekers keeps growing, expanding. Exactly what it should be doing!


  22. Pepper, do you honestly think anyone knowing you could think of you as a bell pepper?

    Umm... No.

    MAYBE a red hot chili pepper. That has possibilities, girlfriend! :)

    But Pepper Spice works for you, and thank you for your inspiring words of inspirational inspiration, dear.

    Oh, you over-used a word? Funny. I never noticed.



    Hey, give the kids a box of donuts and get to work, will you?


  23. Mary's being nice.

    She must want something.

    See, it's mathematical:

    Mary's nice + Ruthy relaxes = Mary gets something for nothing

    I wonder what it could be????

    Stay tuned. Seriously. Connealy is never short of words so we should know before day's end.

  24. Ruthy,
    Someday, when my chaotic world allows me time to attend an ACFW conference or RWA (which is in Nashville next year - YIPEEE- Big possbilities), I want to just sit back over coffee/tea and donuts and chat with you...and glean from ;-)

    Gee, I'd love to meet all of you guys and have every intention to completely invade on some of my friends in Nashville next summer so I can meet you :-) Isn't is July? July in Nashville? Woohoo, talk about REd Hot Pepper ;-)

    Computer games work much better to sooth the savage beasts at my house...even better than donuts. I know, perisht the thought. My brain hiccups just to think the computer could compete with chocolate donuts. Oh well...

  25. Good Morning BIAWERS. Let the Moabite Princess in you rule. Except for like um, Vince and can be Boaz today.

    Just get them words down!!!

  26. Oh Ruthy, that was beautiful. The book of Ruth is my favorite in the whole Bible but I've never heard it expressed with such love and humor. Thank you.

  27. Hi Ruthy, Ooooohhhh a Saturday post. How fun. And how special to be you. Thanks for sharing your story. It is so full of hope and courage and YOU. Love ya, girlfriend.

    And yes, God is good to bring the goodness out of the pit. You are a gift to all of us. Thank you again.

    And you put on chocolate coffee. My heart warms even more. smile

    And yes, I hear what you're saying. Persistence is needed especially through the tough times. I'm hangind in there.

  28. Pepper, RWA in Nashville. It's a date. That is my goal for 2010. My first RWA.

    The Harlequin Party.

    Meeting cool people like you. I don't even care about workshops, etc., though I'm looking forward to the Spotlights on editors/houses, but mingling, meeting, just seeing what it's like.

    And the Opryland Hotel??? A vacation in itself. Ah....


  29. Tina's right, time to crack the whip!

    Go, words!

    Go, writers of words!

    Go, God!!!

    (The cheerleader in the princess is peeking out.)

  30. Anita Mae, thank you!

    Wonderful story, wonderful lessons, filled with life and love. Pure romance.

    I think it might qualify as the original Regency, don't you, dear?

  31. Sandra, thank you!!!!

    And yes, he's there, hand out, sometimes making us reach but where would the toddler be if he never took those first scary steps????

    On his hands and knees forever.

    I was thinking of you when I put the chocolate coffee on. Raising a mug your way!

  32. Hi Ruth:


    There is a poetry in your writing that transcends your message. Perhaps it’s more music than poetry.

    I think if you captured this same essence in a short epistolary novel, say between a mother and daughter, it might prove extremely rewarding.

    I’d love to read a series letters in the spirit of your post today that are not what the parties wrote at the time but are rather what they wished they would have written back when they had the chance. With this approach every ounce of your wisdom and poetry could enjoy maximum development.

    Enjoyed the post but it’s back to BIAW.


  33. It must be the name cuz I have a friend name Mavourneen and she has serious stick-to-itive-ness, too. Definitely not a word! I think I have a lot of that quality but sometimes it's health and time that gets in the way. But the one thing I have really picked up from this site is that I now write every single day. No excuses. I figure the only excuse that will ever count is if I am in some kind of an industrial accident and cut off both my hands. Then I will have to give myself a 2 week learning curve to type with my toes. Other than that possibility I make myself do this every day - no matter what.

  34. The temperature is dropping out here in the mountains of Tennessee - so I just finished off some homemade cornbread smothered in perfectly seasoned Northern beans.


    I'm getting ready to pull some choc-oat-chip cookies from the oven. Ah...chocolate. The oatmeal makes them healthy ;-)

    Naptime for the little kids is on the I hope to get back to writing. Yipee

  35. Ruthie!!!!!
    What a GREAT post! Seriously! Lol...that was so perfect considering the weekend I'm having/will continue to have! It breaks down like this:
    Babysitting all last night(while they're watching TV and a move, studying my HUGE SAT book some more)
    This morning SATs, just got home(perfect timing for a great post). As soon as my sis gets home at 2:30 from babysitting, we're getting ready to leave at 3 for...babysitting! We'll get home hopefully closer to 9 but probably 10.
    Tomorrow morning church. Afternoon, sunday school is coming to grandparent's farm for hot dogs, s'mores, games, and a hay ride. When done, sis is going babysitting(again!) and I have to finish my thesis project because it's starting TUESDAY!! Ahhhhh! Then finish homework for Monday. Then literally FALL into bed : / you see that this was such a nice break for me. I'm surprised I'm even here! Lol...although I do have my AP Physics online homework(due today by the way...who does that in high school!? Has stuff due on the weekend...?) open on another tab : ) teacher'll never know that I'm multitasking, right? Lol!

    Anyway, sorry to rant, but I had to vent. I feel SO much better now : )
    Thanks for listening/reading!! *wink*
    Bye Princess!

  36. I am writing, but I am cold. I just want to point out that it is 22 in Denver.

  37. As in, 22 degrees Farenheit? Wow. It was in the 80's here yesterday, but we also had scattered tornadoes! LOL

  38. Loved the powerful story with its message, Ruth.
    I'm motivated to continue to stay the course after reading it.

  39. Wow, Tina, it's 22 there? We haven't even started our fires yet here in Romania! OK, so it's usually spitting snow by this time, but Fall's really hanging on this year. Yay! ;)

  40. Vince, what an absolutely lovely thing to say. God has blessed you, sir. In turn, you have blessed us.

    I will ponder this idea. I did do a book of mother-songs/poems a while back that lurk in obscurity for now. Who knows what the next year brings? Two years? Five years? They were all based on motherhood and mother-daughter relationships, some fun, some heartfelt.

    I agree, that would be a great project and one I think I could handle. I'll let my brain work it around a bit.

    Thank you, dear man!

  41. Jenny, that's the spirit! And while I'm truly sorry that health things mess with you, I'm so proud of your strength and fortitude.

    You rock, woman. Keep it up. We're a team in Seekerville.

  42. Ah, Hannah my pet, you have your own Biblical story to tell! Hannah's story and her Magnificat are absolutely lovely...

    As are you, kid!

    So nice to 'see' how focused and self-driven you are, Hannah. Stay the course. Be strong. Be nice to the little kids you babysit and I hope the SAT's rocked.

    Next time you come by, tell us which colleges you're considering. Inquiring minds want to know!


  43. Tina, typing with mittens is no easy task. Talk to Jenny, see if she has the inside scoop on toe-typing, but then they'll get cold too.

    This is a difficult situation.

    I know.



    Yup, a Ford Light Bulb moment. You saw it here first, folks.

    Grinning in upstate where the rain stopped, it's actually nice out for mid October and I can't go outside because...

    I'm working.

    And that's okay.

  44. Pat Jeanne, thank you so much! Honey-girl, if you ever get totally unmotivated, come see us or e-mail me.

    I'll encourage you sweetly and then nudge you ever so gently from behind to get on with it already!!!


    Thanks for stopping, reading, sharing. Love it.

  45. Arianna, enjoy the fall! Winter always comes, but if you've got a little reprieve going, enjoy to the fullest!

    But keep the mittens handy.


  46. Roo- you are very persistent at your preaching of persistence. I guess it's because it is a tried and true tactic. Keep pushing and you get what you want. Sometimes you have to wait, but it comes nonetheless as long as you believe and push forward. Thanks for being such a strong role model for me. I wouldn't be where I am today without you. And there is a HUGE smile on my face! See- persistence paid off.

    Love Ya!
    Manda Panda

  47. I swear to you, I thought and thought and THOUGHT but I couldn't think of a single joke.

    Great blog.

    I do sorta wish your name was Malvourneen though. We could have such fun with that. A what might have been.......

  48. Ruthy. Wow. True inspiration. Thank you.

    And BTW, in some name books, Myra also means "bitter." Or sometimes, "she who weeps." Makes me wonder if I might have developed a different personality if my parents had named me Happy or Gabby or Jocelyn. Hmmmm.

    Waving to Vince, whom I JUST SAW A COUPLE OF HOURS AGO!!!! I got to meet him and his lovely wife in person when they came to my first-ever bookstore signing!!! I had no idea we lived in the same city!

  49. So I have a funny story about Ruthy and her 'persistence' in finding new characters for her books.

    This specific instance came from a festival we were enjoying last weekend, but you can pretty much apply it to anytime Ruthy leaves the house and is exposed to complete strangers. :-)

    So there we are, me, Mom, and Mandy, wandering around the Apple Fest in our small town and running into everyone (and their mother) that we know. As if there weren't enough people that we knew to talk to, Ruthy randomly walks up to a guy wearing a t-shirt with 'Swisher' on the back and says something about what a great player Swisher is. (FYI: Nick Swisher is the left fielder for the NY Yankees). The guy just smiles and agrees with her and then we continue on with our festival-ing.

    Now, many of you might be wondering what's so funny about this story. Here's the thing you have to understand about ANYTIME Ruthy ventures out into public where she will inevitably encounter perfect strangers, at least one of those strangers that she makes a comment to (ie 'Swisher' guy) will no doubt tell someone later on, "So this strange lady came up to me today and..."

    Fill in the ... with anything you like and Ruthy has probably said or done it - and that's NOT an exaggeration! That's what happens when a Moabite Princess ventures out to a festival in Upstate NY.

    Just in case you were wondering. :-)

    ~ Beth

  50. My, my, my Ruth! I do believe I've been taking you for granted all these years! A princess in my heart, you shall always be : )

    If persistance is synonomous with anything alone, it's with Ruth Logan Herne.

    How many times have I been the recipient of the famous words *pull up your big girl panties...* followed by email after email to see if I was following directions??


    Ruthy-cakes! Everyone who has the good fortune to meet you and consider you friend, has been blessed with beyond belief.

    I agree with every word (and you did use a great many of them) in your post. You have to keep at it. You have to forego the past and strive for the future.

    Molding, shaping, firing -- the good Lord knows what He's doing and His calling is not for the faint of heart.

    Thanks for always being there to share your heart, and oh yeah, your wisdom : )

    Keep working...

  51. What a night! I'm back very early from babysitting...the power went out! It went out right before 6pm, which in Vermont means nighttime practically : ) So, there was some daylight. We ate dinner inside(the pizza came out of the oven as the power went out). Then, we bundled up all 7 kids and took them outside. We played a game called Zingo and ate the homemade applesauce we'd made with them. But it got too cold and too dark. So we had to go inside. Now it's after 7pm, pitch black both inside and out. We have 2 flashlights with 9 people! The 7 kids range in age from 1-7 one for each age. We had 3 cell numbers. None worked, no one picked up! It made the kids feel better if I constantly I called on a rotational system. Dave, then Maura, then Kathy, then back to Dave, Maura, Kathy, rinse, lather, repeat : ) We finally called our aunt who was about 2 minutes away from us. She didn't have power, had called the power company and they said it would be 4 hours! We knew that we had at least 2 more before the parents came home. We had already tried the restraunt number, but it's the "Quechee Club", so they were out of hours. Soo...aunt called had to dial a bunch of connections and finally got someone! They went and got Maura(mom of 4 kids) and she panicked so bad. They came immediately home. It took them about 5 minutes to get home. Right before they turned into the driveway...the power came back on!!!

    As relieved and thrilled as we were, we felt so bad. We had made them leave early! Anyway, they were all in a panic because they were terrified of what would have happened if it was a real emergency and no one could have gotten them.

    Anyway, all's well that end's well I guess. It's just so annoying! : )

    Sorry that was so long, but I wanted to tell you. I am looking at 4 colleges(that I will be applying to). They are:
    Castleton State
    Plymouth State
    Coly Sawyer
    Smith University

    Are the "inquiring minds" happy now? : P Okay, I will try to go!

    By the way, Glynna if you get this. I left a question for you on Craftie Ladies of Romance blog under your book(new post today). If you don't want to go there to answer, let me know and I'll ask here.

    Okay, once again great post Princess! You are so fun to talk to, all the Seekers are. It makes my days a lot of times...

  52. Amanda, I love seeing that smile!

    Grinning back from here.

    Thanks for stopping in, kid. I love it when you guys swing down Seekerville way, and the whole good example thing?


    It works MOST days unless I'm being a total snark or dork. Love you.

  53. Mary not being funny.

    That's it, I'm NEVER posting serious again, ever, ever, ever. It's like a light went out in Seekerville, a cloud has blackened the sun.

    Oh, wait, that's just SNOW in the midwest!!!

    Did you know they cancelled the Rockies/Phillies Division championship game tonight because of...


    The 22 degrees Tina told us about probably didn't help much, either.

    Oh my stars.

    But as Tina and Audra say, wait ten minutes and the weather changes.

  54. Beth gets a huge kick out of this. Me, not so much.

    I think people LIKE random strangers with crazy hair coming up to them and commenting on things like their cool Yankee shirts, their children, their great earrings, the totally awesome scarf they're wearing.

    So they go home and talk about me.


    I refer to it as salesmanship. Someday they'll see my picture on a book cover and say, "Hey, isn't that the strange lady that came up to me at the (insert one): Apple Fest, ball game, soccer match, carnival, church picnic, concert, zoo, museum, bus stop, train station, airport, ad nauseum...

    And then they'll buy a book.

    I wonder if it really works that way?

  55. Hannah, oh my stars, I know what you mean, girlfriend.

    We had a power outage about 18 months ago that lasted nearly three days, but my sector was the last area to come back on.

    That meant I had daycare kids (because parents all had electricity at work) for three days with no electricity. It was spring, and cold, but we heat with wood so I could keep the house warm, and it was all right, but so dim with the cloud cover. And no Sesame Street. No computer. Just radio with emergency batteries.

    I nearly killed someone.

    But I didn't.

    But almost!


    Girl, that's a great story, one worth telling. And it's a good lesson to the parents, too. We forget that sitters need some way to contact us if those things happen.

    Colleges look good. I'm not familiar with Coly Sawyer...

    What are you planning to study? Science field? Government? Econ?

    Tell us, kid.


  56. Oh my gosh! I felt so bad for the mom of 4(Maura). She was about to cry she was so upset. They felt really bad...not necessarily saying that they shouldn't have : ) but I still felt bad about the incident.

    Colby Sawyer is a private college in New Hampshire. It is about 40 minutes away from my hometown.

    I want to go to school and major in elementary education. I want to be either a librarian(in elementary school) or kindergarten teacher(like my mom!). My mom went to Castleton, so I have connections there. My great grandma went to Smith about 100 years ago *grin* so I definitely have connections there!

    Fun fact: I have connections at Dartmouth that apparently could really help me get in there(or so I've been told) because my family helped build Dartmouth(brick by brick! lol!) and then a bunch went there. So...yeah that's my fun fact!'s so fun talking to you Ruthy....