Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weekend Edition

We hope your holiday was tasty! This weekend edition is going to be...


We trust you saw our big announcement: Seekerville: The Movie.

Oh, and don't forget to stop in and check out The Writer's Guide to Holiday Shopping with Marlena Fortune.

We Have Winners:

Starbucks VIA winners from the Java Weekend Edition are Cathy Shouse and Robyn.

Carla Gade won Sandra Leesmith's prize package, from her post, What's In A Name. She chose Julie Lessman's A Passion Most Pure and she'll also receive Starbucks coffee to sip on while reading.

Wednesday's post by Glynna Kaye, Living Intentionally, is Dianna Shuford. The winner will receive a copy of Glynna's debut release from Love Inspired, Dreaming of Home.

If we haven't contacted you, then contact us!

Next Week in Seekerville:

Monday: Seekerville welcomes Bethany House debut author, Jody Hedlund. Don't miss her post, My Contest Success Story.

Tuesday: Tina Russo will be sharing on ...OMG, she has no clue!

Wednesday: Barbour author and editor, Aaron McCarver is our guest.

Thursday: Seeker Audra Harders is our hostess with the you-know-what.

Friday: The last Contest Update of 2010! Let's celebrate with a surprise from the prize vault!

Save The Date:

December 9, Medical Romance author, Candace Calvert comes to Seekerville.

December 11, We are honored in Seekerville to have RITA Award Winner and Christy Award Winner, Tamera Alexander as our guest.

December 15, Our guest is multi-published Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense author, Margaret Daley.

December 31, Madame Zelda's New Year's Eve Rockin' Party and join us for her 2010 Seekerville Predictions.

Seeker Sightings:

Mary Connealy:

Mary is the
Featured Author of the Month for ACFW in December. You can read her interview here starting December 1.

Cowboy Christmas will the the bookclub discussion title for the ACFW Bookclub for the month of January. To participate join here.

Julie Lessman:

November 1 through 30, Julie is featured at Exemplify Online & Magazine.

Missy Tippens:

November 28, Prairie Chicks Write Romance.

November 30,Under Grace and Over Coffee.

December 2,The Writing Playground.

December 3,
So Many Books...So Little Time!

December 5, Donna Alward's 12 Days of Christmas Blog.

Myra Johnson:

Signing at Katy Budget Books, Saturday, November 28, 11-1 (that's in Houston, Texas).

Pop Quiz!

Name the symbols: Scroll down for the answers.


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Ampersand=a corruption of the phrase "and per se and", meaning "and".

Caret= indicates where a punctuation mark, word, or phrase should be inserted in a document.

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  1. I hope everyone on the island has had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, though I did wonder what exactly you'd have for dinner on the island--roasted pineapple or coconut maybe?

    And I'm thinking Julia Roberts might make time to play the small role of me in the Seekerville movie. After all, we lived right down the street from each other when we were kids(okay, she was a kid. I was a teenager.)

  2. We'll give Julia a ring for you Patty.

    We had roast pheasant on the island. We also have a small garden with veggies so we had potatoes and yams.

    Lovely day for the FOUR of us. FOUR FOUR FOUR.

  3. Tina, you guys should be getting a nice package in the mail soon. I sent some leftover turkey and potatoes, already mashed and just a little gummy.

    I'm sure if you reheat them over the fire and add a little zest of coconut milk, they'll revitalize nicely.


    Four on the Island.


    I'm waiting with baited breath to make the announcement of THREE...

    Then TWO!!!!

    Then ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Although being the last ONE has it's downside dagnabbit, but we've been in this biz long enough to know it's a huge matter of effort and timing.

    Put in the effort. Don't cave, don't wobble, don't tarry because there are PLENTY more authors who want your place.

    So, effort first (Dan Walsh, do not read this. Seriously)

    Then timing. God's. Yours. The editors.

    Trust. Work. Trust. Work. Then work some more.

    Hey, I made cream pies for today. Had too much stuff for Thursday, and cream pies are YUCK when they get soggy, but boy do they perk up leftovers!!! YAY! And LawBoy and FinanceBoy are in town, eating, visiting friends, eating, laughing, making fun of me...


    Love having them come home, grandkids visit, kids visit... Very movie-of-the-week around here.

    And we're selling puppies, so people probably expect my house to be somewhat clean and organized.

    Oh my stars, what are they smokin'?????????


    I'm sorry. Can't say that!!! "What are they thinking?????"


    Of course!!!!

    Tina, you call Julia for Patty while I put some of Reba's red highlights in my hair so that we can transition her into the part more easily.

    Red is her signature color. :)

    I love all things Reba. Amazing talent, tenacity, warmth and integrity.


  4. Short & Sweet suits me to a T today ... lazy, lazy weekend.

    And no kidding, Patty, you lived down the street from Julia Roberts? Pretty cool. The closest I ever got to a celebrity was seeing John Denver in a Japanese Steakhouse. Uh, at least I think it was John Denver ... :)

    Happy Thanksgiving Weekend, everyone!


  5. We're doing celebrity sitings today?

    I met the Nebraska governor once. Nice lady. Of course governors make public appearances for a living (almost) so maybe meeting them isn't THAT hard.

    And I went to a John Denver concert once, very good show, highlight was when security guards came and blocked of a nun who walked down the center aisle to take a picture.

    Hated that. She handled the cuffs well, though and we were able to continue to enjoy the concert.

  6. Celebrity sightings? Hmmm, I'm sure I've seen somebody famous, but I'm too lazy today to try to dredge up the memories.

    We saw someone in the hotel at one of the conferences that was supposed to be famous, but I can't remember who it was.

    Must not have been TOO famous.

    I have a picture of me and the former MS governor's wife. Does that count?

    And I've seen Nora Roberts up close, not on stage. She's pretty famous.

    We went to a party last night and 8 or 10 were playing Apples to Apples, and my 16 you son (who is an AVID reader, btw) had the Danielle Steele card. He had no clue who she was, but I doubt none of the other players did either.

  7. I saw Howie Long (okay he used to do Radio Shack commercials with Teri Hatcher and now does Chevy commercials) in the grocery store in Polson, Montana with his son.

    AND I saw Greg from the Brady Bunch at BeniHanna's at Disney World 3 years ago.

    And I saw Mary Connealy at ACFW in Denver a mere weeks ago.

  8. Ruth, we got the mashed potatoes.
    Next time send them on dry ice hon.

  9. Lol! You guys are WAY too funny....

    Patty-How cool is that!!?? Would love to meet Julia Roberts : ) A teacher who works with my mom was just telling me that she lived next door to Meredith Viera(dunno if that's how you spell her name), thought that was pretty cool too!

    Ruthy-I LOVE Reba! She's awesome!! And my sis and I have to raise our hands as like the ONLY people to see probably pretty near every episode of every season of her show : D It's great!!

    Okay....celebrity sitings? Well, my mom, aunt, sis, and I have been to 2 AI concerts, so that's 20 "celebs", if that counts. I have met Jodi Picoult numerous times because she lives like 15 minutes from my house lol...ummmmmm....not sure of anyone else, BUT I REALLY wanna meet all of you Seekers and the other LI authors!!!! You would be at the very top of my "celeb's that I've met" list! : D

    By the way, Tina...those symbols were hard! I was like oh yeah! That's one of those arrow-y symbols : )

    Talk to you all later!

    Oh P.S. I got 3/4 college applications sent today!!! Woohoo!

  10. Any woman who doesn't know who Howie Long is needs to check out Sunday NFL football on Fox Sports.


    And those old commercials with Terri Hatcher where everyone thought they were married???? And then GOT MAD because they weren't, LOL??????

    Loved 'em. Great Radio Shack commercials.

    Okay, off the subject of cute guys.

    Warren Buffett

    See's Candies

    Berkshire Hathaway (check the price of one share of BH stock... More than all my cars put together.)

    A marriage made in heaven, financially speaking.

    What's not to love? See's candy... Warren's philanthropic legacy...

    Sweet. :)

  11. I'm back home now! We had the best time in south GA.

    Teenster! I'm so excited that someone actually created a combo question mark and exclamation point! I want one on my keyboard.

    Celeb sightings...well, Tina took mine. I've seen Mary Connealy before--several times, actually! :)

    We once saw Andre Benjamin (of Outkast) driving in Atlanta. Does that count?? :)

  12. Okay, I hate to one-up y'all, but I have not only seen Mary Connealy and had dinner with her numerous times, but I have also driven down two one-way streets the wrong way with her (and no, I was NOT driving ...) PLUS ... slept in the same room with her on a writer's retreat. So there!

    Anybody sick of turkey leftovers yet??


  13. Man, Jules, I can't beat you on that one. :(


    And no, I'm not sick of turkey. We were at my SIL's inlaws' house with 40 people! So almost all the turkey got eaten. :)

  14. Wow Missy! 40 people....

    Okay scratch that....anyone who care. Yesterday I said that I had 3/4 applications sent. I now have 4/4 submitted!! YAY! I'm SO glad to have it behind me : / The best part was writing the essay *Wink*

    Off to sand and paint a shelf that I made for my sis for Xmas. Then, taking a lunch break, going to gram's, and eating turkey soup with all the leftovers in it : D Gram always makes turkey soup after Thanksgiving and Xmas with the's SOOOOOO good!!!

  15. Missy, I SO commiserate with you!! Usually we fix about 45 lbs. of turkey (smoke/grill a 25-pounder and deep-fry a 20-pounder), but only did a 26-pounder this year, so our leftovers were minimal, which is better than not having anything left, I suppose.

    Good for you, Hannah, on getting those apps out!! And Grandma's turkey soup with all the leftovers thrown in? Oh, man, that makes me jealous!!


  16. Sorry I'm late. Thanks for another great post, Tina.
    I just wanted to share something cool for those of you who are writers and Christians. While writing a post on Characterization in the Christmas Story,I found this quote that sums up why we write characters, but also related beautifully to The Christmas Story.

    "The best way to send information is to wrap it up in a person." -Robert Oppenheimer

    Isn't that cool?
    Sorry for the topic switch, i just thought it was neat.

  17. Btw, Julie Andrews spoke at my professional conference last year, as well as, John Glenn. That was cool.
    congrats on your college apps, Hannah

  18. Hi Tina, and congrats all you winners this week. And yay for all the Seeker sightings going on next week.

    I went to high school near Beverly Hills so I saw lots of movie stars and their kids when in high school. But one sighting you will be interested in is the first Romantic Times conference I went to, I got on the elevator with Martin Milner. Anyone remember him???
    Adam 12.

    oops showing my age again LOL

    Ruthy, thanks for the thanksgiving leftovers. I really did enjoy the pheasant and wild rice though.

  19. Mmm, pheasant and wild rice IS good.

    Pep, I love that quote. It's so true. Dagnabbit, that's a good thing to shoot for.

    Hannah-baby... SWEET!!!! 4/4. Yes. Good job, kiddo. I swear lawyer boy got into school based on his My Little Pony essay...

    About how he went to kindergarten all ready for show and tell with "Lucky", his beautiful blue pony with a little horseshoe stamped on his flank...

    Oh so sweet. Such a sensitive boy...

    And then all the other boys pulled out GI Joe and Tonka trucks and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc...

    Lucky stayed tucked in lawyerboy's pocket. A hard lesson learned.

    Big boys don't bring My Little Pony's to kindergarten.

    The whole point of writing that was to stand out from the crowd. With a bunch of smart kids vying for a handful of openings, ya' gotta play the game.

    And, um...

    The story wasn't EXACTLY true. He did love Lucky, but he never took him to school.

    But I think he lives in NY with him now. :)

    My word veri is "extershy"

    I've never been extershy in my life.

  20. Thanks Julie!! Lol...the soup was delish!! : ) I had an extra ladle-full for you!

    Pepper, thanks! It feel SO good to have them gone. Tonight, I am addressing ummmmmm let's see *counting envelopes* 12 envelopes with my wonderful letters of recommendations sealed safely inside! Lol...they are SO great!! I could not have asked for better letters in my wildest dreams, almost makes me cry because of all the super sweet things they said in their letters (although, who knows if even half of it is true!).

    Ruthy - LOL! Thanks...I feel like a semi-small (maybe 25 pounder) weight has been lifted! Now, I have to wait about 2 weeks to hear back. I was telling my gram about how I got them submitted and the waiting part and she gasped and said "You mean they haven't gotten back to you YET!?!?!" It was hilarious!! If you knew might understand better : P

    Thanks for the support, ladies. It helps having that extra boost : )

  21. I'm thrilled to win Starbucks VIA!

    Remind me again what that is. LOL

    I just love winning!!

  22. LOL, it is Starbucks instant coffee you goofy girl you.