Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend Holiday Spirit Edition

What exactly is the holiday spirit?

I believe it's about giving.

The kind of giving that doesn't look for reciprocity. The kind of giving that comes from knowing what a privilege it is to give from the heart.

Like buying a hot chocolate for that Salvation Army bell ringer who's standing out in the cold.

Or donating to Soldier's Angels, which supports our troops.

An anonymous gift to someone who needs assistance this season?

Maybe leaving your comfort zone to give what's precious to you..perhaps something as simple as your time.

I'm sure many of you have even more creative giving suggestions to share with us this weekend in Seekerville.

We Have Winners!

Wednesday, our guest blogger, Candace Calvert, shared with Writer 9-1-1: Help, My Character's Fallen and Can't Get Up. The winner of Critical Care is Sandra Heska King.

Thursday, Ruth Logan Herne's giveaway winner from her post, Permission to Breathe Granted is Susan Mason.

Friday, Tamera Alexander was our guest with Editor: Friend? Or Foe? The winner of Beyond This Moment, is Kerri C at CK Farms.

Next Week In Seekerville:

Monday: Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean is our hostess today and she's giving away a copy of her February release, The Substitute Bride.

Tuesday: Love Inspired author Cheryl Wyatt shares: Seek and Destroy that Sneaky Telling.

Wednesday: Our guest is multi-published Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense author, Margaret Daley.

Thursday: Love Inspired Suspense Suspense and Zondervan author, Camy Tang leads the fun.

Love Inspired debut author, Ruth Logan Herne is your blogging and baking hostess.

Save The Date:

December 16, Our guest is multi-published Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense author, Margaret Daley.

December 22, We are thrilled that Thomas Nelson author, Margaret Brownley will interviewed in Seekerville, and there will be copies of A Lady Like Sarah to give away!

December 31, Madame Zelda's New Year's Eve Rockin' Party and join us for her 2010 Seekerville Predictions.

Seeker Sightings:

Congratulations to Cheryl Wyatt who is a 2009 Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Nominee in the Series Inspirational Category with Ready-Made-Family.

Cheryl has a continuing Friday series at Seriously Write blog on Staying Grounded as Your Career Soars. Check out this Friday's post called- Growing. You can also catch up on the last few Friday's posts which are: Friendship, Humility, and Mentoring.

Don't miss her post at the CRAFTIE Ladies of Romance, December 17:The 12 Frays of Christmas--Cheryl Wyatt Style.

Ruthy Travels to The Big City: an In-Depth Report from the Steeple Hill Debut Author-

Back from a whirlwind visit to Steeple Hill in New York City, Ruthy reports that YES!!!! The Woolworth Building that houses Harlequin is amazing from both an historic and aesthetic point of view. Absolutely gorgeous!

She got to schmooze, she means MEET Melissa Endlich and Joan Marlow Golan, hug them, have lunch with Melissa, talk about writing, see the offices, talk about Seekers and Seekerville, laugh, eat, oh, and did she mention, TALK ABOUT WRITING???? One of Ruthy's favorite subjects, LOL!

She loved the feel of the editorial offices, the hustle and bustle, the huge turnout of people to see the windows and lights of midtown Manhattan on a fifty-degree Friday night in December and...
The crazy ambience that IS New York City.

Regretfully she reports no Jeter sightings, but she was witness to some random scraps of ticker tape paper leftover in the gutter from the ticker-tape parade hosted by the Big Apple in honor of the New York Yankees Championship win over the Philadelphia Phillies, so she SAW paper thrown in Jeter's honor.

A moment of respectful silence, please. :)
Yes, it's true.
Ruthy LOVES New York.

Mary Connealy will be at Faith and Fiction on Fire, December 14.
The topic is, Who's Got Character.

Missy Tippens is the featured author on Faith and Fiction on Fire, discussing Who's Got Character on December 16.

Myra Johnson will be at Faith and Fiction on Fire, find out Who's Got Character on December 18.

Random News:

  • Take A Vow Contest! Deadline December 31st. (Remember, I'm just the messenger.)Drama, passion, humor, emotional poignancy and a happy ending are the hallmarks of the best romances ever told. Now it’s your turn to tell us a true love story that will tug at the heartstrings of lucky romance readers everywhere! Your name will be featured in conjunction with a novelized version of your story, and sold in major bookstores nationally. Grand-Prize winner will receive $500.00 for the publishing rights to their story, their names to appear in conjunction with a book that is penned by a bestselling romance novelist, 15 copies to share with friends and family, and a one-year subscription to Romantic Times magazine.

  • EXTRAORDINARY: Following Seekerville's philosophy to never give up....

  • Announcing the 2010 Breakthrough Novel Award:, in partnership with Penguin Group (USA) and CreateSpace, is pleased to announce the third annual Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, the international competition seeking the next popular novel. For the first time, the competition will award two grand prizes: one for General Fiction and one for Young Adult Fiction. The 2010 competition will also now be open to novels that have previously been self-published. Each winner will receive a publishing contract with Penguin, which includes a $15,000 advance.


  1. Oh my gosh!!!


    Super, Mega Congrats, my friend!!!!


    And not for nothin', did you guys notice that TWO of the nominees for First Series Romance were Steeple Hill Books????



    Oh, well this is just a great beginning to a weekend. I love weekends. And I have puppy customers coming today, so I'd love for them to take a "Doodle" home for the holidays!

    And the winner for my (once I get my hands on it) future book "Winter's End" is....

    Susan Anne Mason!!!!

    Congrats, Sue. This is your cerificate of prize to be awarded at future date, LOL!

    Send me your e-mail at and we'll do snail mail addy and that good stuff.

    And thank you so much for playing with us in Seekerville! I hope you guys know how fun it is for us to have a bunch of writing/reading buds to play with every day. YOU are the blessing.


  2. Congrats, Cheryl, on the RT 2009 Reviewer's Choice Nominee!! Way to go!!

    Tina -- so true that this is a season all about giving. And not just to those who can give in return.

    Ideas: Keep a wad of dollar bills in your jacket pocket so you'll always have a donation ready for the bell ringers. Pick a tag off the Angel Tree at church or a store and make a little kid's Christmas special. Fill a box with brand new gloves and mittens and deliver them to the local shelter. Or a box filled with soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes. Fill a box with warm new baby clothes and winter wear for the local crisis pregnancy center. Donate Christmas dinner(s) fixin's to the food bank. Check with Salvation Army on who might be struggling this season--have friends/co-workers join you in adopting a family. Give a extra to your church's benevolence fund to help in-need community and church members with utility, grocery, medical, & insurance bills. Even better -- do some of these things throughout the year on a regular basis!

  3. WHOO-HOO, CHERYL!!!!!! Super congrats on the RT 2009 Reviewer's Choice Nominee!! You go, girl!!

    Tina, WONDERFUL edition!! I sobbed like a baby watching the EXTRAORDINARY YouTube link at the bottom of today's blog. Either it was amazing or I am just hormonal ... :)

    Happy Saturday, all!!


  4. Super weekend edition.

    More ideas: Volunteer to help wrap "toys for tots" gifts or donate paper, tape or bow to the organization who's sponsoring it. Help pack and deliver food baskets. Take a Tree of Love tag to brighten a nursing home patients Christmas.


  5. What great ideas. THANK YOU.

    And again, congratulations, Cheryl!!!

  6. Congrats, Cheryl!!! How exciting.

    Thanks, Tina, for the reminder that selfless giving is what it's all about. Believe it or not, I needed that reminder. Oh, you believe it? The grouchiness still showing, huh?

    Have a great weekend, all!

  7. YAY CHERYL!!!!!! Lol : ) Way to go, girl! Just recently, I finished A Soldier's Family : O So good! Can't wait to read the rest...I finally found A Soldier's Reunion at Encore! Woohoo! Now I have them all and can't wait for the next!

    YAY RUTHY!!! I cannot wait to read your book! Can't decide if it's going on my b-day wishlist or if I'm really gonna wanna wait that long....*thinking* prolly not! LOL!

    YAY EVERYONE ELSE!!! I know I'm forgetting someone, but way to go! Keep up the great work!

    This week's lineup looks fantastic!

  8. Congrats, Cheryl

    And Tina - this is how tired I am
    When I read your post, I 'read'
    "Like buying a hot salvation army bell ringer"...LOL - what sort of Christmas spirit is THAT!! LOL

  9. Dancing with joy at Cheryl's Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice nomination!!!! Way to go!!!

    Tina, you and I are on the same page. I'll be talking about giving in Seekerville tomorrow. :-)

    I can't go past a bell ringer without giving so I keep dollar bills handy just for that privilege. At church we select a child from the Angel Tree and have fun picking out clothes for her or him. Need to do more!


  10. LOL, Pepper I am pretty sure that is illegal in the US, but if not please email me privately.

  11. Hey, if you guys SEE a hot Salvation Army bell ringer (besides me, of course)...

    E-mail me at


    Around Rockefeller Center the SA bell ringers SING like angels... Beautiful hymns that they sing a cappella.

    I don't think it's by accident that those particular bell ringers get THAT assignment, LOL!

    Pepper, Pepper, Pepper... This is only ONE of the reasons I like calling you 'friend'...

  12. Sorry I'm so late...THANKS EVERYONE! I didn't even know until Tina pointed it out that Ready-Made Family was nominated. I've been offline all week.

    My kiddos love to give their allowance to the Salvation Army bell ringers. They race each other toward the bucket. It makes me feel good as their mom that they do that unprompted and more times than not, it arrests the people around us entering or exiting the store when they see them racing toward the bucket with wads of dollars and handfuls of change.

    People start digging in pockets and stuff. It's really cool and I'm glad they're so generous.

    We like to visit nursing homes and the kids make them Christmas cards..a bunch so there's one for everyone and hand them out and give Christmas hugs. The nursing home we just visited had therapy animals. So great to see the dog and cats loving on a generation of people who are quickly fading.

    I love Christmastime. Love it.

    Love Soldier's Angles too. It's a great program. Thanks, Tina for mentioning it.

    Hugs all and Merry Christmas!


  13. Hey Ruthy,
    Can you hear me whistling all the way down here in TN?
    You ring that bell, girl! ;-)

    Just wondering, how much would a hot salvation army bell ringer cost? I suppose more than a cold one? Actually most of them look cold this time of year... ;-)