Sunday, January 10, 2010

Seekerville Weekend Edition

Oh, what a night!

I hope you didn't miss the fireworks and the food.

You can check out the Seekerville First Sale Party post, to catch up!

Today I woke to a lovely sunrise on the island, but it is a poignant last breakfast on the beach. I am taking off in the launch for my new writing cave on the mainland.

Next Week In Seekerville:

Monday: Kaki Warner will be in Seekerville. Join her for, How to be a Twenty-Five Year Overnight Success, plus she'll be giving away a copy of her debut release from Berkley, Pieces of Sky.

Tuesday: Barbour and Abingdon Press author, Myra Johnson is here with a post called, Eliciting Emotion: Sherlock Holmes vs. Up in the Air.

Wednesday: Revelle author and ACFW Debut Book of the Year author, Julie Lessman is shares.

Thursday: Love Inspired author Ruth Logan Herne is your hostess today.

Friday: Author and editor David E. Fessenden will be in Seekerville.

We Have Winners!

Congratulations to the winners from Mary's cryptic Monday post, POV-CPR-ASAP-WUCIWUG,: Edna and MJ. They each won a copy of The Husband Tree.

Wednesday, Donnell Ann Bell, was our hostess with,The 2010 Daphne du Maurier Award, a high-profile contest with many, many cogs. The winner of an entry into the Daphne is Debra Marvin.

Next week we'll be back to our usual weekend edition. Until then, time to clean up. Parties are fun but they sure are a mess!


  1. I'm on clean-up detail. It's the least I can do!!!

    Tina, great party. Awesome. Should I ask whose clothes these are strewn over the deck chair or just check the size tags???



    I won't be revealing THAT size online. Whew.

    It might be Bruce's stuff. He was here late last night, wasn't he? The grass shorts were a dead giveaway.

    And hey, I don't mind doing dishes, but we don't have to wash the coconut shell bowls, do we? Can't I just put them in the sun, let it bake 'em clean?

    I think so.

    Great crowd, great fun, oh mylanta, I danced my feet off. And that reggae group that backed up Kenny Chesney?


    I feel quite invigorated, ready to face a beautiful, revision-filled Sunday with the renewed vigor of someone who laughed the night away.

    Good job, Teenster!

    Coffee's on, and I borrowed Tina's thermal carafe's because I think we'll have some sleepyheads today and fresh coffee is ALWAYS best.

    Love you guys.


  2. Coffee...lead me to the jet fuel please.

    Why is there a copy of The Husband Tree on the beach? And with a pillow?

    Just curious.

  3. Great party last night but I am (yawn) up and getting ready to go to church.

    Again, Tina many congratulations on your contract.

    Looking forward to another great line up next week.


  4. I don't think it's fair we made the mess in Tina's hut. Now Audra has to clean it up.

    But Audra...I think you should just GET OFF THE ISLAND TOO. ALL THE SEEKERS...SOON! SOON! SOON!

    That's not my copy of The Husband Tree. I cracked Calico Canyon open to re-read it last night. You know what? It's pretty good.

  5. whatz all this caterwauling about?



  6. LOL Ruthy! Looking at your picture, you have nothing to be complaining about size, girl! Seriously : /

    Anyway, sounds like quite a night. I was partying with you all in my dreams, really I was. Well, actually I was reading THEN partying in my dreams *grin*

    Very interesting sermon in church today. I was officially rebaptized and I didn't even know it was gonna happen! Lol! The whole congregation was : ) It was fun!

    Anyway, talk to you later. Gotta go celebrate Xmas!

  7. Hi Tina:

    Great fireworks! I even got a few good photos. The best one is up on my site. I hope your book will put Tulsa on the Romance map!


  8. Just look at this mess. All right, all right, in celebration of Tina's first book, add me to the detail!!!!

  9. Vince, you are a doll.

    Thank you.

    The story actually takes place in a fictional location called Granby, which is right where the real city of Bixby is, LOL.

    Thanks again for being a friend of Seekerville.

    You must make your blog so we can leave comments dear!!

  10. Donnell, that is quite a commitment, have you seen Audra's patio? Thank you for being so brave.

  11. What a blast, Tina! Great food, great dancing, great company! We barely had room on the island for all the fun.

    Pepper has been nagging me to get my stuff out of my hut! Ahhh, the nerve of some people : ) First I had to tackle Tina's. Good thing she has -- oh excuse me, HAD -- a second floor. No mess up there! So out with the old and in with the new.

    Uh, Tina? You, um, left some *things* behind. Want me to pack them up and ship them mainland on the next tide? How in the world did you get New York Cheese cake shipped to the island? Great collection of music, too. The latest Toby Keith and George Strait? Wow!

    Everything's set up now and my desk faces the ocean. Hmm, how am I supposed to write cowboy when all I can think about is moonlight on the beach?

    Hmm, Cowboys in the Carribean...has potential, no?

    Great party Tina! Knock 'em dead on the Mainland!! Congratulations again and again and again : )

  12. Donnell! Glad you stuck around for a day on the island! And hey, thanks for cleaning up the patio. Wow, the place looks livable!

    Dust off your hands and climb up the ladder. We'll have coffee on my deck : )

  13. You know what? I came back to help clean up and ARE YOU SERIOUS? I see my name on the gifty list.

    I shrieked with delight. The dog and cat raised their heads and went back to sleep.

    I really was going to skip the carbs this weekend but... it was a celebration weekend, what can ya do?

    Conga line in sand is a real workout.

    Thanks DONNELL, TINA and what ever method you used to pull my name for the Daphne Contest ENTRY. I'm so excited! What a blessing. You can't imagine.

    PS Western NY sends their best. It even stopped snowing for two days and the sun came out.

  14. Does anyone else have this song stuck in their head?

    Ole ole--- ole, ole, feeling
    hot hot hot.

  15. Thank you, Debra.

    I now have that song stuck in my head.


  16. Apparently there has been a bit of a ruckus going on behind the scenes with regards to my hut.

    The rules are simple. No one but a Seeker gets to inhabit the island until all Seekers are evicted. Per Madame Zelda, we should all be off by October 31 2010. At that point the island will become a perpetual writers retreat, gnats, wild monkey's and all. However, the island is always open for First Sale Parties and other events.

  17. Hi Tina:

    I fixed the Tulsa reference.

    I thought members could post comments. Did you try? I left one and it worked but maybe it only works for me.

    A s far as I can remember, I can only think of two romance authors who have used Tulsa by name, as a home location, (not just a place characters visit) and they are: P. C. Cast, who had a heroine who ran a bakery on Cherry Street, and Karen Toller Whittenburg (whose three ‘magic wedding dress’ novels are the funniest romances I’ve ever read). Karen actually had her heroine shopping at Miss Jackson’s which I thought was a hoot.

    I’ve been to UV, I’ve given classes at the City of Faith, and I’ve guest lectured at ORU, so I can’t wait to read your book. How can you possibly stand to wait a year for your book to come out? Given all the ORU tie-ins I can almost ‘see’ a few titles in the future: “Expect a Miracle”, “Expecting a Miracle” and “An Unexpected Miracle”.

    BTW, I ‘see’ you doing a book signing here in Tulsa. The store is full of local RWA members. And the Tulsa World featured a half page review mentioning how a former Tulsan is back in town.

    Do you think you should run this by Madam Zelda?


  18. Vince, so many questions, so little time.

    First, yeah all the Seekers have tried leaving messages on your blog to no avail. Check your settings.

    You are confusing me with my book. I worked at UV and at City of Faith. My characters live on a ranch in the Bixby area.

    I used to live near the fairgrounds near Goldie's Patio grill and Brahms off 31st Street. I love Tulsa. You are making me homesick.

  19. Madame Zelda sees a trip to Tulsa in my future. After all, I have lots of friends there. :)

  20. Audra said: Hmm, Cowboys in the Carribean...has potential, no?

    Definitely!!! Some of the best cowboys in the world are from Hawaii. Okay, maybe Hawaii's not the Carribean, is it? Maybe/Maybe not. I'm not going to go look it up...

    You know, I feel a research trip coming on. Oh, honey....?

  21. Oh mylanta.

    Vince, you are too cute for words. Did you just think we never stopped by, that we DIDN'T CARE????


    Nope, it doesn't let us common folk comment.

    Pammers, I'm totally ignoring that you're checking to see if Hawaii is in the Caribbean. Everyone knows Hawaii is just south of the Bering Strait. Oh my goodness, what WERE you doing in geography class?

    Now Bora Bora...

    There's an island.

    Jame's Michener's Hawaii....

    During the war.

    Oh my stars, and that's all I'm saying.

    Okay, Audra, smooth move there, well done, and Pepster, you can always bunk with me here in WNY. We've got two feet of snow..

    Oh, wait...

    ole, ole... ole, ole... feelin' hot, hot, hot...

    Sorry, I have no idea what inspired THAT!!!!


    Anyway, Pep, Deb Marvin lives up here too, but I've never seen her, I didn't even see her in Denver, do you think she's avoiding me and if so, WHY??? WHY????? WHYYYY????????????????

    Okay, back to cleaning.

    Hey, I saw Bruce with a book. Did you know he could read?

    I didn't.


  22. Vince, click on Settings
    Click on Comments
    Click on Allow all...including anonymous.
    Yes, I've tried to leave a comment before.

    But I pretty much got the idea that you were terrified of what the Seeker ladies might do to your blog and blocked us.

    Which is understandable.... considering Ruthy and Tina and they're behavior.

    So think twice before you change it.

  23. Mary, why are you warning him?

    That's no fun.

  24. Vince, I tried again and was soundly rejected.

  25. Hi Tina, Ruth, & Mary:

    I fixed my site so anyone can comment. I hope I did it right. I am not worried about the nice Seeker ladies. I’m worried about cranks who might post bad things. I hope I am able to delete improper comments.

    Now I’m going to have to check my site often just in case someone actually comments. I'm going to have to be just like a real blog master. Oh My Rolaids!


    I do have you confused with your book. But I’m having the same problem with my WIP heroine, Tina Blackmore, in “Characters in a Romance”. She can’t remember if she is real or a character in a romance or perhaps even both. She thinks she wrote some romances in which the heroines were romance authors and she thinks she may have used herself as a model. She is very confused and it rubs off since I have to spend so much time in her head. She's not alone. No one in the book knows if they are real or simply characters in a romance. They spend their time in the book falling in love and trying to discover if they are real or fictional.

    This romance business is not easy but then if it was, anyone could do it.

    Well, now I'll learn if anyone actually reads my comments. : )



    Oh my goodness. I think we should get text alerts when someone leaves Unpubbed Island, especially if there's going to be a party! I hate missing good parties.

    Congratulations to you. You deserve it. Thanks for being such an inspiration and encouragement to so many of us.

    And I'm still hoping to see The Rosetti Curse in publication one day...

  27. You deserve a big party, Tina, for all you do with this blog!

  28. Vince, so glad we may now leave there right after work.

    PATRICIA!!! Thank you.