Monday, January 4, 2010


Edna is the winner of the random drawing for a signed copy of The Husband Tree.
MJ is the winner among those who left an excerpt.
You all did terrific and I'd love to send everyone a book. I'm so proud of all the talented writers, both published and aspiring to be published, that hang around Seekerville.
Thank you all.
If you don't want to buy a copy of The Husband Tree, you have my blessing to go get it at the library. I love libraries.
If the library doesn't have it, please called 911 because it is an EMERGENCY that they get it right away! Police involvement is essential.


  1. The drawing was close Mary. But not close enough. Once again, I didn't win

    the Last two letters were right at least...but you didn't take my words to heart yesterday Mare.

    I thought we had an understanding that you were going to set it up so I could win.


    Anyway, now that I've shared my whine.

    Congrats to Edna and MJ.

  2. BTW, I thought I'd win something for explaining WUCIWYG