Saturday, February 6, 2010

Seekerville Weekend Edition

This weekend we're celebrating one of our favorite U.S. writing holidays...

The New Orleans Saints VS. The Indianapolis Colts

Here's how it works:

Prepare the menu. Samples may be found here and here. Do not skim. If you run out of food and beverages, yes the apocalypse will occur.

Turn on the tube just in time for the pre-game festivities.

As everyone hunkers down for Super Bowl XLIV ...

Run to your office.


Run Faster.

Lock the door.

Stay there for 4-6 hours.

You can always sneak a peak at the famous Super Bowl commercials here.

We Have Winners:

From Mary Connealy's Monday post, that frightened small children, Revisions~Actions, the winners are Nikki Turner, nmetzler and Tina Pinson.

Tuesday our guest blogger was Janice Hanna Thompson, Tickling the Funny Bone. The winners of Swinging on a Star, Janice's newest release are Cindy W and Deborah M.

Wednesday Seekerville February Contest Update winners are MJ and Patty. They won a Seeker book of their choice.

Super Romance author Abby Gaines was our guest Friday with a great post called Birth Order and Character. Winner of an Abby Gaines Super Romance is DEBRA MARVIN!!

Next Week In Seekerville:

Monday: Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean will be sharing today and giving away a copy of her newest release, The Substitute Bride too!

Tuesday: Abingdon Press and Barbour author Myra Johnson shares on finding your voice with her post You Talkin' to Me ??? Myra is also giving a way one or her releases to a Tuesday Seekerville visitor. Winner's choice of Autumn Rains or Romance by the Book.

Wednesday: Join Revell author Julie Lessman today in Seekerville. Leave a comment on her Valentine's bog entitled A Kiss is Just a Kiss, where you ll have a chance to win a signed copy of your choice of one of the Daughter's of Boston series or a signed copy of Katie's story, A Hope Undaunted, when it releases in September.

Thursday: Ruth Logan Herne, Crisp, Clean, Concise.... The Good Cook's Guide to the Chopping Block of Chronic Wordiness and YES!!!! Another book giveaway of Ruthy's debut novel from Steeple Hill Love Inspired, Winter's End!

Friday:Five Star and Abdingdon Press author, Jennifer AlLee is our guest today. Her post is, Has the Road to Your Dream Taken a Detour? Stop by and visit and you might win a book.

Save The Date:

February 16: Multi-published author of Southern mystery and suspense, Robin Caroll.

February 26: Summerside Press author, Ocieanna Fleiss.

March 3: Revell author, Laura Frantz.

March 10: Friend of Seekerville, talented writer Pepper Basham.

March 12: Multi published children's author Shari Barr.

March 15: Multi-published historical author, Ruth Axtell Morren.

Seeker Sightings:

Camy Tang
will be blogging about worship Tuesday February 11, at

Killer Chocolate: The Serial

Chocolate and roses, oh, my. What is Lovey Hart's nice assistant Athena trying to warn her about? And who is the mysterious man who looks like her long-lost Ryan? And what about cranky old Mr. Creamer who runs the rare book store across the street?

Join the Craftie Ladies as they present a progressive Valentine's Day story, running from Feb 1-14. Seeker Debby Giusti will post her scene on Sunday, Feb 7. Be sure to stop by and comment on how you think the story should end.

Debby is blogging on Wed, Feb 10th at Petit Fours and Hot Tamales and at on the Steeple Hill blog site.

Be sure to stop by and say hi to Debby at her new blog, Cross My Heart!

Janet Dean
will be at Trish Perry's blog, Reading, Writing and the Stuff In-Between on February 11th. You can also find Janet at Petticoats & Pistols on Saturday and Sunday February 6-7. She'll be doing a book giveaway at both blogs!

Mary Connealy
is on
Petticoats & Pistols Wednesday, Feb. 10th.

Mary has a book signing in Mission, Texas, from Noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 13th at: Family Christian Stores #491 Sharyland Towne Center 2505 E Expressway 83 Ste 500 Mission, TX 78572

On Friday, February 12, Myra Johnson will be participating in "Romance in the Stacks," an event sponsored by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, to be held at the Gaylord-Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Museum at 13th and N. Shartel in Oklahoma City. Also on the panel are inspirational authors Margaret Daley and Vickie McDonough, plus several other Oklahoma romance writers. Although primarily for librarians, portions of the program are open to the public, including book sales and autograph opportunities. More info here.

Tuesday, February 9th, Missy Tippens will be guest blogging at Faith and Fiction on Fire as part of a blogFEST series A Kiss to Build a Dream On.

February 1 through 13 stop by Woven by Words for a chance to win a copy of Julie Lessman's, A Passion Most Pure.

Friday February 12th you can find Julie at at Faith and Fiction on Fire as part of a blogFEST series A Kiss to Build a Dream On. Stop by for a chance to win a signed copy of your choice of one of the Daughter's of Boston series or a signed copy of Katie's story, A Hope Undaunted, when it releases in September.

Random News:

  • The video phone is coming. Now everyone will know you haven't showered in a week while you met your next deadline! Check it out here or here.

And in ebook news, here are a few links to complete your education on the topic:
The Kindle Missile Crisis -Nathan Bransford

The Right Battle at the Right Time-The Author's Guild

Macmillan Books Return to Amazon after Dispute-NYT

That's it! Have a great writer's holiday.


  1. Tomorrow is the day your arteries have feared more than that Christmas Egg Nog! Happy Super Bowl Writing Day, everyone.

    (I honestly came expecting to hear the steel drum band. We're getting used to these first sale parties, ladies!)

  2. Thanks for the newsy Weekend Edition, Tina. We're having a ton of giveaways next week! Awesome.

    But wait!!!! You're suggesting I squirrel away in my writing cave when the COLTS are playing in the SUPER BOWL?

    NOT A CHANCE!!!!!!!

    I'll be wearing Colts blue with a darling silver sequin horseshoe and rooting for my team, so nervous I'll chomp on every snack in sight. And yelling, but not with my mouth full. That'll cut down the noise. :-) I cannot be cool about this game.

    Anyone else care besides me?

    Off to check in at Petticoats and Pistols. Stop by this weekend if you want another chance to win The Substitute Bride.

    Go Colts!


  3. sorry I missed some of these exciting authors ~ been a busy week. Who ever said working from home was easier than having a 'real' job?

    Ah! That's right - no one! In fact most argue against it for this reason LOL!

    But I LOVE being home. :-)

    As for the Superbowl, this is the FIRST time in NFL history the Saints made it to the Big Game!

    Not sure how I feel about this yet - since hubby and I used to watch them play and he's not here to watch this year.

    Alas, he has a MUCH better view than any of us :-)

    Have a BLESSED weekend Seekers - and yes, for those not really interested in the game or the party - this is a SUPER time to write!


  4. Thanks for another great weekend edition, Tina.
    I just have a quick question.
    What is the super bowl? Does that have anything to do with superman's fine dining tips or something? ;-)

  5. Okay - wait, all I'm getting is that it's a bowl that Saints and horses share. Right? Hmmm....

  6. Oh, Teenster, another stellar Weekend Edition!! And I have to laugh because you sneak off somewhere during Super Bowl and I am forced to sit in front of the HD TV with my laptop and ear plugs. Mmmm ... maybe all that testosterone will spark a great love scene. After all, I heard it's great for romance ... :)


  7. Tina,

    That is exactly what I plan to do tomorrow....write!

    Looks like a great "line up" for next week. Hope we get "bowled" over with another sale announcement either from a Seeker or a follower. That would be "super"!

    Have a great weekend everyone.


  8. Happy Weekend Seekerville.

    Lead me to the java.

  9. Shrimp? Check!

    Chips and Dip? Check!

    Steaks marinating? Check!

    Got my blue and white ensemble so that I can cheer on my boy, Peyton because no right minded Georgia girl would dare root for THOSE Saints!

    Wonderful weekend edition as usual, Tina! Catching up on Seekerville today after a rough week--but looking forward to reading Janet's latest after picking up yesterday. Have a SUPER weekend!

  10. Anybody else getting blasted by thsi winter snow storm? Forget the Super Bowl (yeah some football fan I am) I'm ready for summer LOL!

  11. Wow! Next week sounds like it's going to be great! Can't wait for it to begin;)
    I hope I get to win a book:) Congrats to every one who won this week!

  12. Ah, Super Bowl weekend. I try so hard every year to forget when this is. Grown men getting paid MILLIONS to bump heads (and other parts) and chase after a misshapen ball.

    But will I use the time to write? Nope. What I REALLY need to do is catch up on that ever-growing TBR pile!

  13. I would like for anyone reading this post to please arrange to get to the Texas booksigning.

    Yes, that includes you, Ruthy. C'mon, New York has got to be chilly this time of year.

  14. Thanks, Tina! You published author, you.

    I always give my husband a hard time about the Super Bowl. My birthday always falls near the Super Bowl, less than a week before or just after--or, heaven forbid, on the day of. Guess which is more important? Yeah, the Super Bowl. "Oh, is it your birthday? Sorry hon. It's the SUPER BOWL!!!"

    Okay, enough of the self-pity. I decided I'd fix the situation and ignore my own birthday!!! Except I can't seem to stop talking about it. Hmm. Anyway, NEXT YEAR I'm going to totally forget I even have a birthday. That way I won't be mad at my husband for two weeks afterward. See what a good wife I am?

    ANYWAY ... have a great writing weekend, girls!

  15. I might seriously consider flying down to McAllen to see you, Mary, if I weren't already otherwise committed next weekend. DRAT!!!!

  16. Tina, I'm actually one who'll watch the game! Then I can celebrate that I'll be getting the remote control back for the next 6 months--until preseason starts again. :)

  17. Renee, you're like me. Our teams aren't in the SB, so it doesn't seem so important anymore. :) But hey, I'm going to have to pull against Janet and pull for the Saints.

    Janet, I will be okay with the Colts winning, though, because I know it'll make you and Dale happy. :)

  18. Apparently Janet and I will be the only ones watching the game and rooting for the Colts! Janet, you'll be glad to know I've been wearing something with horseshoes every day this week. :-)

  19. I can't get enthused about 300 pound men in spandex and helmets running around crashing into each other.

    Now give me a cowboy and then you have real meaningful action!

  20. Hi Tina,
    Thanks for the plug for my new blog, but it's only in setting-up stage. Hopefully, the "go live" date will be Feb 17th. :)

    Everyone stop by the Craftie Ladies tomorrow and read our Killer Chocolate Valentine Story. I had a blast writing tomorrow's section. (

  21. I love Super Bowl Food and Anheuser-Busch commercials.


    The theme from Rocky while Hank works with the Dalmatian to make the team??? Oh my stars, that's a great commercial.

    The Donkey that wants to be a Clydesdale? He even tries hair extensions....


    Love 'em.

    Barbecued Beef sandwiches made by Lisa, one of my daycare moms... Yum...


    Chocolate Cream pie and cannolis...


    Potato bake... Mmm, mm good

    M&M's .... oh, yes, yum....


    Chicken wing dip. Chips. Dip.

    Oh, someone turned the TV on????


  22. So Superbowl is a day of eating?
    I think we get it broadcasted here yep we do but I wont be watching. I dont understand gridiron (american football) but hope you enjoy the game.
    I know its big over there. I thought it was normally the end of January.

  23. I don't know if anyone has said this but your site takes a long time to load. This is sad, because I am sure you have a lot of good info here.

  24. Hello everybody! Stopping in for a bit. I'll skip the football for a nap, thank you very much.

    Anonymous: Hmmm, I'm on dialup (blech!) and it's not really that slow in comparison to some sites I visit. One of these days I'll get to join the rest of you high-speeded gals and guys!

  25. Geaux Saints! So many of my relatives in N.O. (and Metairie, Mandeville, Covington, Baton Rouge...etc) have their nails painted gold w/black tips & got the Popeye's fried chicken ordered for pickup. Well, my girl cousins, that is. Don't know about the guys...but if it helps the Saints win, their nails would be black & gold too!
    Up here in GA, I'm making turkey/shrimp/sausage gumbo,Crab & shrimp dip, & pralines for dessert. I'll be sure to run 5k on the treadmill first thing Monday.
    WHO DAT gonna miss them Saints tomorrow?
    Can't help it ya'll-- growing up w/the 'Aints, this is waaaaay too exciting for us NewOrleanais.

  26. Well anonymous, that may be due to the sound bite. Someone else mentioned that. Let remove that for 24 hours and see if it helps. Let me know.

    Do you have dialup?

  27. Okay, that's it. I am going to Pamela T's house to eat and THEN going to my office to write. YUMMMER!!!

  28. whats the sound bit is that the plugin im missing every time I come here? I get a message saying I need a plugin but I just click ok.
    Im watching my favourite sport right now Cricket.

  29. Yes. That's it Jenny. It was the sound of the waves lapping on the shores of Unpubbed Island.

  30. Oh is that what it was never realized. I use safari and it tends to not have all the plugins attached.

  31. I'm going to Pam's, too.

    That gumbo????

    Oh mylanta, oh my stars, oh my EVERYTHING!!!!!!

    I'm so in. Pam, I'll cheer for whoever you want, paint my nails whatever you want, and I'll bring dessert, but INVITE me, 'kay???

    And what on earth was that big NFL to-do about the "Who Dat?"

    The NFL CLAIMED the saying?????

    Is that what happened?

    Oh my stars, you can't claim a saying, a regional colloquialism. That's like saying they can 'claim' "I'm just sayin'..."

    It's different if you're marketing something, like Clara Peller's "Where's the Beef?" but even that became a household phrase. As if the NFL doesn't make enough money, they've sent cease and desist notices to vendors who've used the saying for years, long before the NFL even realized it even had a team in New Orleans. Money-grubbers!!!

    You grab all da 'who dat?' you need to, bayou girl, and cheer loud and long.

    But I want some gumbo. Oh my stars, yes, I do!

  32. WHO DAT coming for SuperBowl Gumbo?
    You are all cordially invited to my couch for a bowl. Have two.
    Save some room for some garlic bread, dahlin'. And some pralines and banana pudding for dessert.
    Now ya'll, I'm Pamela Mason, not Pamela Thibodeaux, and Missy knows me from
    GRW. I didn't realize there was another Pamela here, so I'll differentiate next time, okay?
    Oh, and for the manicures...your choices are solid black with gold fleur de lis decals, or glittery gold with black tips.
    BTW, on the NFL WhoDat Hijack... in N.O., we've been saying it for years, & NFL didn't care until now. What's next? Royalties on the Wave?
    Finish Strong, Saints!

  33. We have two Pamela's cooking up dinner? OOOHHH how did we get so lucky????

  34. Pamela, I'm coming over to eat!! :)

  35. hey cool. I won that great Birth Order and Character book! Maybe now I'll 'get a clue' about those strange things called siblings.

    Thanks so much!