Monday, February 1, 2010

We have a fair...but gruesome...winner

Though it goes against all that is decent within me, fair is fair.
The winner of a signed copy of
The Husband Tree
for her lovely comment about being eating to death by RATS.
Niki Turner
I am shuddering deep inside, but you won the drawing, girl.
And, because being swarmed by rats is my own personal vision of...
well, to avoid a four letter word...NOT heaven....
I'm giving a second book away to
Niki, I've got your email address, but not one for poor nmetzler who was once stalked by wild dogs. So, nmetzler, you'll have to email me to get your book.
No one can beat that wild dog story, although Tina Pinson's pecked in the lips by a chicken came very close. So what the heck,
Tina Pinson,
email me. I'll send you a book, too.
You wrote enough today that you earned it even if I only paid $2 an hour.
If you don't hear from me soon, email me and issue threats. mary @ maryconnealy .com


  1. well done ladies.

    I remember starting to watch a movie but didn't get far cos it had man eating rats in it creeped me out.

  2. Brava. The Emmy goes to...the rats, dogs and etc.

  3. Mary, the chat was so fun!!

    Reminded me of being inside my head. :-)

    Congrats to the winners. Of course, everyone is a winner who reads Connealy Classics!!

    (Mary, how was that? worth the $2?)

  4. A man eating rats?

    Dear heavens, why do they put that stuff in movies. I'll have to LIVE with that sentence, let alone the visual if I'd been watching.

    Pepper, that was fun wasn't it. And no vicious animal was harmed in the making of that chat.

  5. Whoohoo!! I'm thrilled! Although I may have nightmares about kangaroos tonight. : )
    That was fun today. I bet the book will be even MORE fun!

  6. That was super funny. Really, loved it!
    Sometimes Ican't go to sleep at night because I JUST KNOW there are Chiggers in my bed, crawling into the pores of my skin to lay their eggs. Yeah, I know, it's gross and you hate me now. Hey, if i can't sleep.....
    By the by writing peeps- i'm looking for a non-fiction crit group - stop over to my blog if you know someone!

  7. Oh my gosh, Holly. Yours was most disurbing to me by far!! Worse than spiders any day!

    Congrats to the winners!



  8. Sorry Mary that was maneating rats not a man eating rats the rats were eating humans. it was gross.

    would you believe I think the movie was called rats.

  9. Holly, I don't hate you.

    But I am afraid for you.

  10. Oddly enough, I find maneating rats, LESS DISTURBING than A Man Eating a Rat.

    Both very disturbing of course, but the man having a rat for dinner--as the main course, not as company, well I just can't deal with that.

  11. speaking of Chiggers. Did I ever tell you about the time I was nearly eaten alive by blood sucking sand mites... No... oh well that story will wait for another day. I can't think about it now I traumatized myself too much remembering the Chicken Lips.

    Thanks Mary. I look forward to the book.

    Perhaps I may even read it. LOL. Of course I will.