Friday, March 26, 2010

It's A Boy!!!!!!!

Yes. It's a boy!!!!! Raise your cups in a toast to life, to love! L'Chaim!!!

This adorable baby is NOT really Eli because Eli's photo ops have been limited in his five hours on the planet, LOL!!!

Oh my stars!!!!

We need to interrupt today's scheduled programming with a news-breaking announcement:

At 1:29 AM, 3/26/2010, our beautiful daughter Beth and her cute Minnesota-born husband Jon gave birth to a 7lb., 3oz. baby boy. Elijah Thomas is 20 inches long, resembles his daddy (that may change with enough prayer and Grammy-cookies) and is a long awaited blessing to our family!

Eli's older brother Joseph died in utero in January of last year, a sad, sad time for all of us at a time when editors were asking me for revisions, vying for the same work, and Beth kept encouraging me to just 'get 'er done' even through their loss. She has a wonderful, deep-seated faith that is a tremendous gift. She was a trooper then, and she was a one tough little cookie for yesterday's 21 hour labor.

I'm so proud of both of them!!! Jon is an absolute sweetheart and we are so blessed and happy to welcome little Eli to the family!!!

(Overuse of exclamation points is not only acceptable on occasions like these, but encouraged)


So instead of my post on "Practice Makes Perfect" we have a birth announcement of a beautiful, healthy, wonderful little boy. Grab the champagne, let's wet this boy's head! Bring a dish to pass and we'll gather 'round the kitchen, eat and make merry!

Thank you, dear Lord.



  1. Congratulations, Grandmama! What a wonderful blessing for your whole family. He's one lucky little guy to have such a fun-loving grammy!

  2. Oh my stars, he is, isn't he????

    Laughing out loud here.

    He'll be deluged with cookies and chickens and kittens and puppies and dust and mud.

    What more could a little boy ask????

    So cute....

  3. Michelle, thank you!!!

    And thank you guys for indulging me instead of getting a typical Ruthy-ream out about something earth-shattering and critical like...

    Being nice.

    Verb use.

    Overuse of exclamation points, adverbs and anti-wrinkle cream.


  4. Mazel tov! (I think that's how you spell it :-)

  5. GRANDMA RUTHY!!!!!!!!!

    SUPER CONGRATS, dear friend, on yet another precious grandbaby!! How many is this now???

    Welcome to Eli and a lifetime of blessings to him, Beth and Jon.

    And what's this dribble about "overuse of exclamation points, adverbs and anti-wrinkle cream"???? I use two out of three liberally, I'll have you know!!!!


  6. Ann, close enough!!!!


    Thank you, dear one! And Jules, I agree, there are certain occasions where these excesses are definitely warranted. :)

    Baby births and wrinkles deserve CLOSE attention.

    And Eli is our sixth grandchild... Number seven is due in July... And honorary grandchild is due in late August.

    We're laying prayers over each and every one. Babies are so precious, such miracles!!!

    Love 'em.

  7. Congratulations, Grammy!!! Such an exciting time deserves a celebration!! The angels in Heaven are rejoicing at this special delivery!

  8. Ruthy,

    A happy ending post! Wonderful!

    Congratulations to you and your family. God is good!


  9. GRANDMA RUTHY!!!!!!

    SUPER CONGRATS, my friend, on yet another precious grandbaby!! How many does this make now????

    A great big hug and welcome to Baby Eli -- may he give Beth and Jon (and his proud grandparents) a lifetime of joy.

    And what's this dribble about "overuse of exclamation points, adverbs and anti-wrinkle cream"???? I'll have you know that I happen to use two out of the three liberally, so back off, Grandma!!! :)

    God's abundant blessings on you and your prolific offspring.


  10. Eli is certainly blessed to have a Grammy like you, Ruthy!

    I can tell that you have an incredibly loving family that will raise this little one very near and dear to their heart.

    This is so exciting!!!!!! CONRATULATIONS, Ruthy!!

    Keep us updated, we'd all love to hear about all the milestones he's going to take!
    P.S. LOVE the name!! I think I told you that before when you talked about names, but it's really a beautiful name : )

  11. Huge congratulations, Grandma on the birth of your sixth grandchild Eli!!! Congrats to Beth and Jon and prayers for a wonderful life for this precious little boy and his parents!

    I'm claiming aunt status for Seeker grandbabies.

    Just talking about labor makes us hungry but Chef Ruthy is cooing over Eli so I've taken over the kitchen. There's egg and sausage casseroles, cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit. The coffee and tea are piping hot. Grab a plate!

    Auntie Janet

  12. HEY!
    True my granddaughter is now 14 months old, but still.....

    Congratulations, Ruthy, God bless this family.

  13. LOL Janet!!
    The breakfast sounds delicious!

    By the way, I wanted to mention that I took your suggestion and am reading The Substitute Bride right now....It. Is. FANTASTIC!!!! Seriously, very well written and thoroughly enjoyable! I can't wait to find out what happens : ) I'll let you know!

    LOL Mary too!! Go right ahead, let us know your belated birth announcement. We'll still congratulate you!!

  14. Congratulations Grandma & Grandpa, Beth & Jon! And welcome to the world Eli!

  15. Ruthy!!!!!!! Ruthy!!!!!!!!!!Ruthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CONGRATS girlfriend. How exciting and I know those grandbabies are going to love their Grammy.

    Have fun and get some sleep. You'll need it.

    Janet, You lifesaver with the yummy food. I'll lay out some afternoon snacks later. Chips and guacamole. Tray of cheeses and selection of crackers, some fruit and better add that champagne for toasts to all grandbabies.

  16. CONGRATULATIONS! Even better than a book contract! Definitely a time to throw a party! I'll put up the streamers and balloons. The noisemakers and party hats are on the table!

  17. Congratulations, Ruthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I mean, Grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sooooooooo happy for you!

    Praise the Lord!!! For He is good. His love endures forever.

  18. Congratulations, Grammy, Beth and Jon!

  19. Oh how wonderful! what great news to start our weekend. Another precious little grandbaby to surround with love.

    Congratulations, Ruthy!

  20. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Welcome Baby Elijah Thomas! We've been waiting for you!

    Congratulations Beth and Jon, and Grammy and Grandpa. It seems like Beth has been pregnant FOREVER!!!

    Over use of exclamation marks? You've got to be kidding!!!!

    With all this talk of champagne, we need some strawberries and raspberries. And whipped cream. And pound cake.

    And coffee. Lots of coffee. I've brought another urn to Janet's already beautifully set buffet.

    Let's celebrate!! WooHoo!!

  21. Congratulations! Wonderful News!
    God bless you & yours with much health & happiness.
    And what a beautiful name too!
    This is one of the reasons why I love Spring-- green, flowers, and babies! God is so good!

  22. Congrats!!!! How exciting and he is a little cutie! I see lots of spoiling going on ;)

  23. Krista and Lisa, thank you!!!!

    Each baby... Each tiny hand...

    soft little sigh...

    Cry of hunger.

    Such a miracle of grace and life.

  24. Rose, thank you! Pass the carafe, I need another shot of caffeine and those cheese danish look REAL good, don't they????

  25. Hannah, I know, isn't the name great???

    But Beth stole it. Totally. ;)

    Her younger brother (lawyer boy in Manhattan) is Zachary Elijah...

    "He who brings light unto the world..."

    So Beth nabbed Elijah (with Zach's permission, so I guess she didn't REALLY steal it) because it's just a great name. Love it. And Thomas is for Jon's dad in Minnesota, a sweet, gentle man.

    Lovely all around.

  26. Oh my gosh, Janet, thank you for bringing food! I'm starved!!! I'm going to take a plate to Bethy, too, okay????

  27. Connealy:

    You snooze, you lose.

    Breaks of the game, baby.


    And we love birth announcements in Seekerville...


    Of course, right!!!! (Fiddler on the Roof)

    I'm feeling quite Yiddish today. Judeo-Christian heritage and all that.

  28. And Hannah, I just finished The Substitute Bride.

    (Note the hero's last name, Cupcake???? Ted LOGAN????)


    Totally lovely book. I could just see her in that kitchen, the mud crusted on the floor, the burnt biscuits, the snippy daughter.

    Great sense of balance all around.



  29. LISA!!!

    You rock! Thanks for decking the place out for the party...

    Oh, and look, there's Bethy... With the baby!!!!

    How cute is he? And doesn't her soft, fleecy robe look soooo cuddly?


    She's loving the food. And the decorations....

  30. Melanie.

    Amen. Even in those times of darkness, of question, of sorrow, I do not know where I'd be, where WE'D be without him. His love. That strength. That endurance.

  31. Pamela, yes, spring is a great time of babies and rebirth!!!

    Yes, yes, yes.

    Chickens are twitterpated... Rooster's crowing... Songbirds are everywhere.... The wild turkeys are flocking behind the house... The foxes and coyotes are running everywhere (but not bothering the chickens!)

    And babies...

    green grass, daffodils, crocuses...

    and babies.


  32. Kerri, oh yes. Some spoiling. Some toughening...

    Remember Grammy's an old soccer coach. I only pretend to be nice.

    But that's why God gives Grammy's nice, wide laps. For those times when a lap is even more important than a scolding. ;)

  33. Congratulations, what a joyful, airy post, Ruth. No snark, no, butt kick, no... See what grand babies do to proud grandmas turns them to mush.

    Glad everyone is healthy and happy

    It's wonderful, congrats again...

    I'll be a mush bomb around Oct/ Nov


  34. Ruthy, you do not look old enough to have SIX grandchildren!

    Wishing you every joy and blessing with this newest bundle!


  35. ***


    Love the picture…and your highly emotive (and happy) writing.


  36. Congratulations, Ruth!!!!!!

    Grandbabies deserve lots of exclamation marks!!!!!!

  37. PRAISE THE LORD indeed Ruthie!! What glorious news!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  38. Tina, thank you!!! I'll be rooting for that fall baby, girlfriend!

    And mush, yes. Pass the Kleenex.

    And Susan, God bless you. This is what happens when you start at age 14.

    Country living and all that....


    (Okay, NOT QUITE fourteen) We actually use a silk screen to soften the wrinkles for photo ops now. Very helpful, don't you agree????

  39. Vince, thank you!!!

    And since I dragged you INTO THE DOLDRUMS with my book, the least I could do is let you up for air with a little bit of happy sunshine fun writing!!!!


  40. Meg, Amen, Sistah!!!


    I just talked to Jon...

    Baby nursed.

    Is sleeping.

    So is Beth.

    But she's hoping I'll stop at Gloria Jean's later for a frothy, sweet, creamy beverage.

    And of course I WILL, LOL!!!

  41. Kim, thank you!!

    I love sharing good news. I love sharing sad news, too, because the love and fellowship of others is so much a part of what gets us through. What helps us know we're not alone.

    But happy news...


    It totally rocks.

  42. What is all this gushing about???? Wait until you have 5 grandkids and two of them are ALREADY TEENAGERS!!! Where did the time go?

    Seriously, it's true joy to celebrate this new birth with you, Ruthy-kins. Even if Mary is trying to horn in on the action.

  43. Many, many blessings and congratulations to the whole family!!! Welcome, baby Eli ;).

  44. PRAISE GOD! This gave me chills and I'm still teary-eyed.


    I really enjoyed meeting Beth and her hubby at the Mall of America signing.

    I'm thrilled for them and for you, Ruthy!

    Thanks for posting. He is absolutely adorable!

    Big hugs


  45. Woohoo!!! Congrats to mom, dad, and nana. Fantastic news, Ruthy. Oh what a blessing.

    Please tell Beth, we're so happy for them.
    Great name too!!

  46. Someone did provide chocolate and foot massage for the Mom, right? I mean, really. Who needs more TLC than Beth right now :-)

    I'm sending Dark choclate truffles
    And Bath & Body words Sweet Pea Lotion, because God brought a sweet pea into the world :-)

  47. Congratulations! So happy for you and your family!

  48. Myra, teenagers????

    Surely those are SOMEONE ELSE'S grandchildren, right???

    Right???? :)

  49. Marilyn, bless you!!! Beth has your delightful book (yes, the right one this time...) with her too.

    And since they don't have cable at home until next week, she'll have cuddle baby and reading time until almost Easter.

    And of course and invasive Grammy and Grandpa stopping by with food. Chocolate. Etc.

  50. Ruthy:

    I am truly happy for you.

    It's looking more and more like I'm never going to have any of those little critters. Our daughter is unable to have any, and they have about given up on adoption--have decided they're past it.

    My boys are both bachelors.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!!


  51. Cheryl and Pepster, thank you so much!!!

    I love happy endings. I love babies. How much sweeter when they're paired together!

    And Cheryl, Beth and Jon loved meeting you guys too! They got such a kick out of hugging Seekers at the signing. So cool.

    I'm enjoying the celebration and the food, ladies!!!

    And my buddy Vince!

  52. Mary and Virginia!!!

    Two of my family names. My mom was Mary Logan and my sister is Virginia....

    Although we're not allowed to call her that. ;)

    Thank you ladies!!!!

    Bless you for coming to the party!

  53. Helen, I'm real good at sharing.

    Scout me out. Come to upstate.

    We'll rock babies together. If not mine then the ones I import. ;)

  54. Congratulations Ruthy that is wonderful!!:)

  55. Ruthy:

    I have a confession.

    Don't know if you can handle this.


    But would love to get in on the baby rocking. Thanks for the offer.


  56. Congratulations, Ruthy, on that precious grandson. I'm glad your daughter is doing well. How nice that she chose such a great guy for Eli's daddy. Enjoy adding more photos to your Grandmama's Brag Book.

  57. Ruthy, this is wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God bless you and your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is that enough exclamation marks???????????????????

  58. !!!!!! WHOOOOOOT!!!!!!

    Congratulations! I'm thrilled for you and I know you will be the best Grammy EVER!

    p.s. I am reading Winter's End and am LOVING it! I can hardly wait for darkness to fall so I can crawl in bed and READ it!

  59. Congratulations, Grandma!!! Fantastic news. Hugs for Beth and hubby. Kisses for sweet Eli. The angels are singing, no doubt!!!

    BTW, are you Grandma? Gram? Mimi? Gran? Nana? What?

    We need to do a virtual shower. I'm sending warm cuddly blankets in baby blue and tiny, little sleepers and sleepsacks! Tied with love, of course.

  60. Helen:

    You have a standing invitation to come anytime. We'd have a ball together. And I now have a guest room.


    This is a room with a decent bed, new bedding, a lovely Donna Sharp quilt, a fresh paint job (on the room, not the quilt), and all of the old furniture is in golden oak so it kind of looks like a plan.


    First guest is coming this weekend, my youngest son's girlfriend from Boston. And she's a Red Sox fan but she's smart, hard-working and adorable, so we don't hold that against her. Much.

    So Helen you can stay in the GUEST room, but I'll treat you like family. Which means you get to help change diapers and rock babies. This is really a very therapeutic vacation destination. Think on it. What could possibly be more fun than 4:30 AM roosters and poopy diapers????


    Lindsey, thank you, sweet thang!!! We just saw the little fellow.

    So cute. Blonde. Sweet. Poopy.

    The story of my life.

  61. Walt.

    I'm totally there with the punctuation. Good job, man!


  62. KC, you're a hoot.

    This is definitely a multiple exclamation point moment.

    I love 'em.

  63. Sherrinda!!!!

    I'm so glad you like Winter's End, honey-girl!

    Oh, wait.

    You said "LOVING IT"....


    YAY, SHERRINDA!!!! Great shout-out, woman. Umm, the check's in the mail.

    And I forgot to put in the birth announcement that we're STILL giving away a copy of Winter's End today so I'll be hunting the winner's e-mail this weekend. But that's okay.

    I get to visit Eli at his home tomorrow night.

    And he will be our guest of honor at Easter dinner next week. And we'll have to keep Logan and little Dave from beating him up.


    Ah, yes.

    It begins.

  64. Deb, thank you!!!

    I'm "Grammy".

    My grandmother on the Herne side was "Gram" so I figure if I start as Grammy I'll be condensed to Gram by the time they're old enough to want my money or my wisdom.

    Mostly money.


    There is none.


    But Gram was a smart old bird and one tough cookie, and she was the only grandmother I knew. My Grandma Logan died when I was two, so I have no recollection of her. She was the fully Irish one, her and Grandpa Jack both. Only part Irish on my Dad's side, but enough so that I've got leprechaun blood running through my veins.

    I love the virtual shower. Perfect!

    And the booties are precious, dear one. Thank you so much!


  65. Congratulations, Ruthy! Treasure that little one.

    My kids have a MN born papa, and he's the bestest ever! :D

  66. Hi Ruth:

    If a grandbaby makes the author of “Winter’s End” this happy, then I think we should all pray that you are blessed with many more.”


  67. Congratulations Ruth - that's wonderful news! Thanks for sharing. :-)

    Best wishes,

  68. Sorry I'm late posting - beautiful baby!

    Aren't grandchildren fun?

    God bless.

  69. A very late but heartfelt congratulations, Grandma!!! :)