Monday, April 12, 2010

Are You A Bookaholic?

Is it possible to have too many books?

Can you relate to this clip from The Gilmore Girls?

Is your TBR pile dangerously high?

Do you have a fear of running out of books to read?

Did you answer:

a) No!
b) Well, yeah.
c) Yes.
d) Seriously? YES!

Welcome to the first online meeting of Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.

When did you first discover you were a bookaholic? My story began innocently enough on the day I got a library card. I scorned Dewey Decimal in favor of wandering down the aisles waiting for my next read to speak to me. (Do I look like a little girl who would grow up needing intervention?)

I clearly remember my very first used bookstore fix. Piles and piles of books, spiraling to the sky. Chaos reigned. There were as many books shelved as not. I began to twitch as I lost myself for hours. I left with bags of books, including Irish Thoroughbred (Nora Roberts), Sweet Savage Love (Rosemary Rogers) and sixteen Dell Candlelight Ecstasy Romances. Clearly someone should have recognized I had a problem. Soon I was living on the streets. Just me and a grocery cart of books.

1993 was my first attempt at rehab. I traded in all 50 copies of my Janet Dailey, Americana Series. Each book was set in a different state. Beginning with Alabama's, Dangerous Masquerade and ending with Wyoming's Darling Jenny.

Unfortunately around this time a powerful and insidious new drug hit the streets. Online bookstores.

Thus began my rapid spiral downward into the abyss of no return. Books arrived daily. I hid them under the mattress, in the trunk of my car and in my darkest hour I traded Dove dark chocolate for books.

At my first meeting of BNSA, (Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous) I discovered I am not alone. Lusting after books is a disease that affects 25% of all people world-wide. There is no cure but there are guidelines to control the disease.


1. Repeat after me. All books are not keepers. All books are not keepers.

Brace yourself. The first tenet is harsh but once you absorb this concept you are on your way to a addiction free future.

2. You must clearly differentiate between needs, wants, and desires.

Needs constitute basic survival.
Wants are more general and change with various factors such as time, maturity.
Desires are unique and specific based on your unique personality and history. Desires are similar to wants with more emotional attachment.

So you need a thesaurus. You want the latest Jim Butcher, Dresden File series. But you desire (MUST HAVE), Mary Connealy's, Wildflower Bride.

3. RESIST impulse buying. Impulse purchases are unplanned and spontaneous.

You think you have a copy of Ruth Logan Herne's,Winter's End, but your TBR pile is so tall you clearly can't remember. You go ahead and buy another copy because the cover is lovely, and OMG, what if you don't have it? Naturally, you plunk down your mocha latte money---only to discover later that you now own two copies of Winter's End. (Not a bad thing, however with a little planning you could have pre-ordered her next release, Waiting Out The Storm.)

4. Stick to a budget. Successful recovery depends on successful planning. Are you in denial? Do you fail to budget for your books, turning every purchase into a dirty little secret? Experts say you should budget 5% for entertainment. If your needs (see #2 above) require more, I suggest you get a job at a bookstore with a generous discount for employees. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

5. Create boundaries. This is a very simple yet powerful tool. For every book that comes into the house, one must go out. Boundaries. Note: the flimsy booklet that comes with your major appliances is not a book. No cheating.

6. Define a keeper. Keepers are those books that you read over and over again because they guarantee the same emotional satisfaction each and every time. So a Keeper is (re)read depending on what emotional needs you require at any given time. Your Keeper shelf should be as varied as your emotions. A well stocked Keeper shelf is the foundation of recovery.

7. Consider joining a support group for bookaholics such as Library Thing. You can meet others like yourself, satisfy your inner librarian, and best of all, you can catalog your books. That should keep you out of trouble for a few years!

Today Seekerville has tackled a serious problem and we hope that if you recognize yourself you'll seek treatment.

Oh, and one lucky bookaholic will receive a surprise biblio-desire. And for your Keeper shelf we are giving away a copy of Courting Miss Adelaide by Janet Dean.

Two winners will be announced in the Weekend Edition.


  1. Tina:

    Coffee's on.

    You NAILED me.

    a) Yes, space is limited.

    b) Uh huh.

    c) Living where there are no book stores helps keep my TBR pile to a reasonable level.

    d) YES!!


    P.S. Gotta go out of town tomorrow. I'll check back on you when I get home in the evening.

  2. Is it possible to have too many books? Absolutely not!

    Can you relate to this clip from The Gilmore Girls? Definitely!

    Is your TBR pile dangerously high? Got 'em alphabetized!

    Do you have a fear of running out of books to read? Yes, although hubby doesn't think so.

    Please enter me. Thank you.
    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  3. Hehehe wow yep! That's me to the T! The first step is admitting I have a problem right? Weeellll I think I do LOL! I will say this though I do get a lot of books through swap sites but since they are "swap" sites that means I get a book and a book leaves my house! SO I guess I'm well on my way to recovery...not. I have cousins who are enablers (they give me bags of books everytime they visit) and there are some like the Seekerville folks who have posts with giveaways at the end :-P (sooo not complaining though)! I already have all of Janet's books (I have 2 copies of The Substitute Bride :-P) so please don't enter me

    XOXO~ Renee

  4. The first step is admitting you have problem, right? Then I'll happily live the rest of my life as a closet bookaholic. :)

    When we moved eight years ago I gave away TONS of books and I totally regret it.

    Books are like Jell-O. There's always room for books!

  5. I totally agree with Jessi! There's always room for books.....right?? Even though I have 4 bookcases double stacked and am on my way to having the floor around the bookcases well accompanied....ok, I have a problem : )
    However, it was my New Year's resolution to only keep the books that gave me that emotional feeling you talked about, and share the ones that were a good read, but didn't find a home in my heart. So far, I have given away about 25 books, since January, and I feel good about being able to share my paper friends with my human friends : )

    And yes, I totally identify with Rory! My bff suggested I start storing my books in a dresser like she does. Such a great show : )
    I would love to be entered in the contest : )

  6. I definitely fall into the dangerous category. Approach with caution sort of category! I am restricted in the book buying department simply because we do not have so many book stores selling the very latest books. Whatever is available is exhorbitantly priced so I am totally dependent on the second hand bookshops (now the grand total of 3) and wins!!! (which fortunately are quite a few).

    Thank you for this post and also for hosting a giveaway.


  7. Sigh. My name is Sherrinda.
    And I am a bookaholic.
    Yes, I am.
    I have piles of books by my bed, under the bed, by my reading/writing chair, in my closet, and yes, in the car.
    BUT...I did have a victory. I went to B&N this weekend with my husband and I did NOT purchase a book. My husband did, but I refrained.


    Do I want a cure????

    I don't think so. ;)

    Don't enter me...I have Janet's book and LOVED it!

  8. Guilty as charged.

    and I love Rory. The girl, the character AND the name. She was the bright star of normalism in an otherwise dysfunctional group of whack jobs. Beth watched GG ad nauseum, but I can deal with Rory because she's cute, smart and spunky. I love spunk AND she's self-motivated.

    I love self-motivated.

    Teenster, I'm willing to become president of the northeast chapter of BNSA. Send me the paperwork in book form, please.

    And Helen, thanks for the coffee. Oh, yum, just what I needed!!! I LOVE YOU, HELEN!!!!

    And I dialed up the local Greek Diner for breakfast. They make the greatest breakfast plate with hash browns, eggs your way, sausage, ham and bacon (Not Choice, All THREE!!!) and toast or muffin.


  9. I laughed at myself all the way through, Tina, b/c that is soooo me! Although, I'm out of the closet. My husband has gotten to the point of discouraging me from visiting a bookstore and steering me away from Wal-Mart's book aisle.

    Needless to say, I would love to read Janet Dean's book. Sounds fabulous!
    diannashuford (at) gmail (dot) com

    Now, I'm off to work!

  10. I knew I wasn't alone.

    Thanks for outing yourselves. I feel much better.

    Helen. Coffee is goooooooooooood.

  11. My to be read pile is under 20 books right now and on my trip to B&N this weekend, I refrained from buying more....however I have shelves full of books, that I'll probably never read again. : (

    I am getting better about that since our church started a library. However, any autographed book, stays on my keeper shelves.


    RRossZediker at yahoo dot com

  12. Is anyone going to mention the WHITE ELEPHANT over there in the corner???

    OKAAAAY, fine. I will.

    Yes. I have ten books downloaded to my iTouch.

    I feel much better.

  13. I'd never seen The Gilmore Girls before---that clip was cute and I could totally relate!

    My sister and I are both serious book collectors and one of our rationales is that we are afraid we will run out of books or that books will no longer be available! :-)

    My TBR read pile cannot actually be a "pile" as in a tower of books or my husband will banish all books from our kingdom. So, I have to be very careful and clever in my storage of books so he does not realize just how many there are! To appease him, I do try to weed through them regularly so that I can make room for the new ones.

    Fun topic!

  14. After Christmas I went through my bookshelves and gathered duplicate books--one stack. I gave them away to ladies at church.

    Next I sorted my books into three piles--To Be Read, Keeper, and Meh.

    Those Meh books will find good homes and possibly be someone's Keeper book.

    I have books in my attic that have sat there for years. I need to bless someone else by giving them away.

    We have a local used bookstore, so I might as well turn them in to get credit...oh, yeah, for more books!

    Great post!!

  15. I glanced through other comments and saw Tina's post about books on her iTouch. ~raises hand~ Guilty. They're great for travel so I don't have to lug heavy books when traveling light.

  16. LOL, Tina! From the graphics alone, I knew this was a Radcliffe post : )

    Have you stolen a peek into my office? I've been a book hoarder for years! And then, well meaning friends bring must-be-read books to me which of course, get lost in the mass of pulp stacked around the house.

    Boxes of books have even migrated into the "man" zone. Gary is threatening to move his table saw into my office.

    I do need intervention. Or a Tuff Shed.

    My TBR is so tall, it's teetering over the bed threatening to topple over on the Corgi. Not a good thing. Her little legs can't afford to be compacted any more than they already are : )

    Great post. Guarenteed to keep me chuckling, and thinking, all day!

    I made tons of Berry Bread in the bread maker over the weekend. Great with butter and honey. But pop it in the microwave first to warm it up!

  17. Hello I am a bookaholic and PROUD OF IT!!! LOL. Hmmm, I guess it started when I was a kid and got worse over the years. Coffee is good! Did I mention Amazon makes it way worse. I guess you know it's bad when Amazon sends you daily recommendations by e-mail. I keep telling myself I'm helping the economy ;)

    Thanks for the fun post!

  18. I have the perfect cure for this disease. At least, it works for me. Just the knowledge that, if I buy too many books, i.e. more than one every couple of months, my husband will make me get a job to pay for them. Perfect cure.

    I also go to the library constantly. The Christian fiction selection is certainly not what I would wish, but it gets me by.

    I bought two books this month, the first books bought by me since Christmas. I got Black Hills Blessing by Mary Connealy and The Substitute Bride by Janet Dean, so I'm set! Can't wait to read them! But there are several others I really need--need and desire--and I will get them, eventually.

  19. Oh, mercy, what a lot of sick people we have today, and yes, I am among the ranks as well.

    My problem started in the fifth grade, when me and my best friend would check out as many books as the bookmobile would allow (I think it was 10 each). I'd devour 'em in a week and wondered why the bookmobile only came once a month ...

    The disease took a dangerous turn in the sixth grade when I started writing my "own" books (definitely not Catholic school bookmobile caliber, even then!). I was good at art, so I would illustrate my "Beautiful Amazon Women of the Jungle" series, with every Amazon woman looking like the comic strip Lolly, all clad in furry bikinis (think Racquel Welch in One Million B.C.). The men couldn't resist them ... sound a little familiar???

    I was busted when my sister found my Amazon "novel" under the mattress and gave it to my mom. You might say that was my very first rehab.

    It didn't take, and today I am the proud owner of house with books in almost every room, including the kitchen and bathroom. And can't blame it on anyone else in my family because I'm the only one who reads ...

    And, Mary Bailey!!! Never seen Gilmore Girls??? That's as bad as being a bookaholic!! It was my and my husband's favorite wouldn't-miss-an-episode show before JAG. Mmmm ... maybe I'll get those season DVDs for him for Christmas ...

    Thanks, Tina, for outing us all. I feel so very free ...


  20. I REFUSE to admit to any such problem...or even that it is a problem that needs a self-help group. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with spending your grocery money on books and eating oatmeal for a week. Oatmeal is healthy. It has fibre. It could become the next fad diet for goodness sakes and then I could write a book about it and make some cash so that I can buy more books!!!!!

    And, hellllooooo, every book I buy is a keeper since I have very discerning tastes AND I've been buying books for libraries for the last fifteen years so I kind of have the whole quality shopping thing downpat. They are all keepers. So I simply cannot part with a single book!!! Nope -- it's not going to happen.

    Instead I have discovered creative ways to store books. Rory's dresser idea is a darn good one though. I once lived in a bachelor apartment -- one room the size of a closet. I hiked my couch onto cinderblocks and shelved rows of books under it (in alphabetical and dewey order thank you very much!) Of course my pet dwarf rabbit, Velvet Ears Cottontail nibbled on a few (Peter Rabbit was one of them which goes to show that she had discerning taste as well!!!!)

    And might I put a plug in for your local independent bookstore? They are a dying breed thanks to corporate giants -- oy don't get me started on that one. What was that Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movie about the small children's bookstore owner and the mega giant bookstore trying to close her down? I nearly hurled everything in my living room at the tv screen when I watched that movie (except my books...I would NEVER throw a precious book at anything...or anyone).

    Ack I'm hyperventilating at the very thought that someone might even suggest that I have a problem...excuse me while I go breathe into a paperbag.

  21. Excuse me are you insinuating that the rubbermaid boxes filled with books could some how be misconstrued as a bookaholic problem? NEVER...

    Now you're beginning to sound like my husband


    most of mine are keepers of course. I collect antique books and research books. There are a few bought in a haze of want (just a few) but I don't have a problem. Not a problem at all. a few jitters from time to time from too much chocolate but nothing more.


  22. Tina... All I can say is thank heaven for ebooks

    Julie... drawing amazon women huh?

    Oh fer shame

    Tell No One but... My first real job was drawing naked women for the boys in elementary school. And they weren't stick figures. I sold them for a dime.

  23. So here was my thinking on Kindle (yes, it fits this topic, hang in there) I've got about 500 books at my house.

    I am NOT a person who keeps them all. Only the good ones. I'M SERIOUS SHUT UP.

    So, I thought, if I bought a Kindle, Nook, Sony Readers WHATEVER I could transfer 500 books, all stored in tidy shelves. Except the shelves are full, so then I stack them sideways, stack them on the floor in front of the shelves. Stack them in the recliner beside my reclinder. stack them around my feet. But other than THAT, they're tidy....

    So, I could transer all 500 books into one tiny KINDLE. My husband would arise and call me blessed.

    Except, here's the trick. Those all cost money. The new Kindle version of my beloved collection. So you KNOW I'd just KEEP my collection and start adding to the Reader with new stuff.

    And, I haunt a used book store. Looking for old work by authors I've discovered and authors who look like they might be writing books similar to what I'm reading now. So how do I find all those impulse buys, which cost about $1 a book, plus are so easily swapped back, for Kindle. Impossible.

    So, in conclusion, admitting you have a problem is the first step. And I'm not gonna.

    So there.

    As bad habits go, it's gotta beat hanging at the casino.

  24. HELEN GRAY!!??

    Did I see YOU in the RWR magazine for winning a contest? I don't have it here beside me. But it was definitely Helen Gray, just hoping it was OUR Helen Gray.

  25. Mary,

    just buy rubbermaid boxes and store the extra books in the garage. Your husband will appreciate you for it

  26. My garage is burdened with mice and water. Neither good for books. Not even with Rubbermaid

  27. And Mary...

    Why would you even mention casinos... Hmmm?

    Are you following me?


  28. Sign me up for BNSA. I certainly qualify. I don't have a TBR pile. I have a TBR mountain, and it reached avalanche stage recently. I finally alphabetized the stacks and put them in a cupboard so I can check for a title before I buy another because, yes, I've done the duplicate thing--more than once.

  29. Hilarious post, Tina! Enjoyed all the witty comments, but I refuse to see book addiction as anything but normal, a sign of intelligence and excellent mental health. My d/h agrees so you'll find books everywhere in our house. I do share, but can't get rid of signed books and my favorites.

    I'm traveling so thanks for the coffee and breakfast, Helen and Ruthy.

    I'm excited to be giving away a copy of my debut Courting Miss Adelaide. It's out of print but Adelaide wants to get into a new reader's hands and out of that closet I've stuck her in.


  30. Oh goodness, I am SO in this club. My mom has a picture of me as a 5 or 6-year-old sitting on the stairs next to a pile of books that stretched well above my head.

    That "not-all-books-are-keepers" rule has always been a tough one for me, but as my bookshelf space keeps shrinking, I've had to whittle it down to the true keepers.

  31. I only have duplicates of books if I get a shot at a signed book from someone I love.

    I've got two of most Seeker books. And two of Erica Vetsch's recent books.

    Others. :)

    But the NON-signed books I pass on. If they can be located.
    To the ladies at my church, or to the local libraries or I swap them at the used book store. Um...they don't exactly yell NORM when I walk in there. I dont' have my own barstool.

    But only because there are so many like me.

  32. Yes I am afraid I am an extreme bookaholic I get a high by going in to the library and scanning the aisles seriously I could stay in there for hours I can never get enough!! I feel like everytime I go to town I have to go to the Library and I am always putting books on hold! Yes I have serious addiction!!:)

  33. When I used to take my kids to the library they'd all just get a ridiculous number of books. Like ten apiece to read in the two weeks before we'd return.

    I once apologized to the librarian because it was just amazing the stacks of books, and she said, "Don't apologize. Your family is great for our circulation."

  34. Hey, can't a girl have some vices? These books are my friends. I can't abandon them to who knows who. And there is a wealth of room under my California king bed, and by keeping books in every room, it looks like there are less than there are. I don't have to fight hubby. He's as bad as me --just different desires.(That's a man for you.) And did I mention God blessed me with a full walk-in attic? I figure as the kids move out on their own, I can fill their rooms, too.

    Honestly, though. I'm sure not all of them are keepers, but I'd have to reread them to decide which ones aren't.

  35. Oh and please enter me in the contest!

  36. Julie and Tina P, your early dip into art has me chuckling. I illustrated my little romances, but only from the neck up. LOL


  37. Hi, my name is Casey and I am a confirmed bookaholic.

    Did I do it right?? LOL, too funy and TOO true!! Though I can get rid of books farely easily, my shelves are overflowing and I don't know where to put all these wonderful books!!

    My TBR pile is managable, it's the publishers who email me to review that is hard to control. There are SO MANY out there I want to read!!

    Janet Dean's would certainly be a keeper, so PULEEASE enter me. ;)


  38. I think after moving thousands of books around about 4 times in 5 years, I learned the hard way that all books are not keepers!

  39. Oh, man, I'm feeling virtous because as a recovering bookaholic, I went through my bookshelves this weekend and amassed an entire box of books to give away.

    I'm such a bookaholic, that whenever someone is on tv in front of a bookshelf, I'm not listening to the person talking, I'm trying to read the book titles on the shelf!

  40. I have always been one to say that I need a "book intervention". When I get one of those 40% off Borders coupons in my hand . . . I just can't help myself! As it is, it would probably take me over 5 years to read all of the books that I've collected.


    I guess I just need to read faster!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win Janet's book! I've read wonderful things about it.

    By the way, Janet, would it be necessary to read Courting Miss Adelaide before you read Courting the Doctor's Daughter? Thanks!


  41. MJ's pic is stinkin' adorable.

    I think Julie and Tina P. were dangerous at a far earlier age than the rest of us, and the fact that Tina P sold naked images of girls for a dime just makes me love her more.


    And Julie's heroines with fur undies is kind of like Elle Wood on Legally Blonde designing a line of faux fur panties.... She's a friend to animals, LOL!!!!!

    Too funny.

    Hey, we're baking fresh, warm, apple caramel bread pudding. It's sunny but crisp here and I've got a couple of little ones with colds but I DID NOT LET THEM TOUCH THE FOOD...

    It's one of our rules. Boogers are not delicious. Keep it simple and succinct. ;)


  42. I would have asked RUTHY, to bring more food had I known so many of you would be coming out of the closet today.



  43. We are giving away a copy of Courting Miss Adelaide.

    AND a surprise book.


  44. You lost me on #2 because I NEED Wildflower Bride!! LOL!! I suppose I'm just not ready to be helped yet! LOL

    Michelle V

  45. I'm sorry to deviate from the topic, but this is too strange not to mention. I'd call it a coincidence, but with this group, I'm not sure. :)

    So I'm up late last night when I see this on twitter, and come over to check it out. After I commented, I didn't really investigate the rest of the blog.

    Anyway, I'm new to twitter & still trying to figure it all out and I see today where all my Retweets are, and I remember to come back here. Sure enough I see Mary Connealy.

    Unless I'm completely off base, (which wouldn't be the first time!)I'm pretty sure this is the same Mary Connealy signing with Stephanie Grace Whitson in Nebraska City on May 1? The same Mary Connealy I sent a FB friend request to earlier today?

    Like I said, too strange not too mention!

  46. Oh, wow, I can see I'm in really good company here! I am a book hoarder. Even if I know I'd never read it again, I can hardly bear to part with it.

    I've gotten better, however. I recently gave my DH permission to donate a big box of books to the library, and should probably repeat the process again soon.

    But as a few commenters have said, you really can't give away autographed books, especially the ones signed to you!!! And I wouldn't part with a Seeker book for ANY reason!

    But my book addiction is one HUGE reason I was able to convince my DH to get me a Kindle for Christmas. This way, the only new books that come into my home are those by my Seeker sisters, a few other favorite authors, and review copies I sometimes request.

  47. Great post and hilarious comments.
    Thanks, Tina.

    Yes, I'm a recovering bookaholic
    No, don't enter me in the drawing. I already have Janet's lovely book.


  48. LOL!

    No, my TBR pile is seriously scaring me. It might avalanch any second.

    There aren't enough hours in the day for all the books I want to read.


  49. Good heavens, I think you spied on me!
    I can never have too many books and I actually hyperventilate if I don't get at least 3 new books a week.

  50. Haahaaa! Hilarious post. I'm really working on the all-books-are-not-keepers aspect of myself. It's HARD. I force myself to give books to my family members. Wah!

  51. Jessi...

    Hunting Mary.

    Honey, weird things just happen with that Connealy woman. Seriously.

    It might be good to slip away into that good night or some such literary license rather than really connect with her.


    We'll help save you from yourself!!!

    Magnanimous Ruthy

    And in light of the fact that half the world has stopped in already (including you quiet types), the homemade caramel apple bread pudding is being joined by a BYOS bar....

    Build Your Own Sandwich using either:

    Chicken salad
    Roast Beast


    Oil dressing
    Sweet peppers
    Hot peppers

    Bread choices:

    Everything rolls
    Sesame rolls
    Hard rolls
    Kimmelweck rolls (Buffalo people)
    Soft bread, white, wheat or rye

    Punch and Iced tea bowls to the left.

    Oh my stars, it's a good thing I shopped this weekend!!!!

  52. The piles of books by my nightstand and bed are growing exponentially. Hubby is beginning to wonder if there's room for him. :)

    I'd like to give some of the books away but fear I'll want to read them again or will need them for research or just want them close at hand.

    Good to know I'm not alone!

  53. I cleaned my closet out and found an old copy of an old Jayne Ann Krentz this weekend. You'd have thought I found gold.

    WAIT --I DID

  54. Guilty!! My TBR pile has actually become 2-TBR piles.
    I am willing to add more to the pile.

  55. Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers. I am so sure I had this one, before the great purging. Pretty sure I've kept the Kathleen Woodiwiss...

    ONCE I finished a book on a flight and didn't have another one. Take a deep breath...My heart is racing just thinking about it.

    I used to take books to bed rather than stuffed animals. I could get out of bed and read by the night light. Now I need a spotlight and cheater glasses. Ah, to be young again.

  56. PS I don't have Janet's book.
    debraemarvin (at) the big yahoo

  57. Hi, Jessi that's me.

    Signing with Stephanie Grace Whitson on May 1st in Nebraska City, home of ARBOR DAY.

    It's me 'n Stephanie at The Book Clinic from 10 a.m. until Noon. Then there's a parade, then we all go to J Sterling Morton's House and plant a tree.
    The only thing keeping it from being a perfect day is that Stephanie and I have been at each other's throats.

    I want a blue spruce and she's crazy for Granny Smith apple trees.

  58. Debra if it wasn't for books, air travel would be unsupportable.

    All that waiting actually works okay for me because I'm, two hours, nothign to do, get the book.

    Although in recent years, in a high tech, giz whiz wonder world I've got a lap top and can WRITE while I wait.

    Both promote sanity in airports.

  59. Too late Ruth! Once Fate intervenes, there's only so much to be done! :-)

    Mary--It's for Arbor Day--Plant two trees! Besides, there's something about messing with a motorcycle riding grandma that doesn't seem wise...

    (another coincidence:My maiden name is Morton)

  60. Oh, this made me smile. And you all are so funny.

    I have to admit I think my book collection is bea-u-ti-ful. Like art. :) All those colorful covers and beautiful typefaces makes me feel warm and happy inside. Not. Giving. Them. Up.

  61. Is there anyone who wants to be cured of being a bookaholic? Seriously, ladies. Just buy another bookshelf. I know. No more wall space. Buy one that goes higher, right to the ceiling. Get rid of the oven if necessary.

    And to prove I mean it, yes, enter me in that contest! terism at rgv dot rr dot com

  62. My name is Pamela Thibodeaux and I am a book-a-holic. :-)

    In fact, it's time to weed out the books that have piled up thinking of clever ways to get rid of them....used book sale? Give away on my blog?

    All ideas appreciated!

    Missed you all last week but was on vacation and only had time to check email occasionally - laptop SO S-L-O-W it almost drove me nuts (and that's a real short trip) LOL

    Good to be back -home & visiting seekerville.


  63. A strict budget took care of the problem for me. I'm talking book/DVD/CD money for the year went into an envelope and once it was out, that was it until Jan. 1 of the next year--no more books or DVD or CD's. Can you say ouch??!! Painful as it was, I managed. And I learned to figure out that difference between want and need and desire.

    Great post, Tina! I just wish you'd come along earlier in my life! :)

  64. Oh, plus, my sister did an intervention. When she came to visit a year or so ago, she got a little overwhelmed by my piles, went out an bought 4 huge Rubbermaid containers, then came back and filled them with books (but they wouldn't all fit!).

  65. Might I also add that one of my kids had an assignment in elementary school to count all the childrens books in the house. Well, it took us a LONG time to find and count them all. And guess how many there were (just kids' books, mind you)...
    1500. No lie. It was embarrassing.

  66. Morton? So you're one of the Tree Planters?

    Good for you.

    I will plant two trees. AND EVERYONE ELSE PLANT TWO, TOO.

    It's the right thing to do.

  67. Missy - I still have most of my own children's books from when I was a kid last century. You don't think I'd let those grubby kids of mine touch my Golden Books, do you?

    And I have all of theirs, but sadly the whole collection is a bit on the musty side for being stored waiting for grandchildren.

    1500 children's books probably beats some small town libraries!!!

  68. I love trees, I'm part Dryad, I'll plant some. We plant some every year because we cut some for firewood every year. Talk about a great renewable source of energy.

    Caffeine is another great renewable source of energy. Just sayin'...

    Jessi, DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU!!!!

    But you're a Morton and that's a great name for tomato lovers everywhere so I shalln't tease you any more. Anyone who can develop such perfect fruit of the vine gets the benefit of my full respect.

    I'm an Irish gal who loves all things tomato.

    And potato.

    And God and romance. And chocolate but I couldn't figure out how to rhyme potato with chocolate.

    I'm done now.

  69. Yes I am I love books and read every night for about 4 hours. I like the written one not the books that has to be read on a little gadget


  70. 1. Never could have too many books.
    2. Yeah, I can.
    3. My TBR pile tends to multiply overnight.
    4. Yes, the thought of not having anything to read is a little scary!

    Please enter me into your contest & thank you for the opportunity!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  71. MARY!!!

    'Twas me.

    I placed second in the Gotcha contest and finaled in the Merritt.

    I read till 3 a.m.
    Got up at 6 and left town.
    (Does that sound like someone who is kicking the book addiction??)
    Just got in about 7:30.
    First thing I did?
    Checked Seekerville!!!

    When I go visit my daughter in the city I revel in the used book stores. Most of my new ones are bought online.


  72. Hello, my name is Hannah and I'm a bookaholic!

    I love, love, loved the Gilmore Girls clip, Tina! Made my night!!

    You had some very nice points actually worth considering in here *wink* But it's just so hard......

    It's actually very convienent having a Kindle because the books don't take up space! Lol! Plus, I set a budget because I have to go on gift cards. So, I literally only have a set amount of money instead of an open-ended credit card......which truth be told is probably a fantastic thing for me! Lol!

    *gasp* Janet's book! I want to read her other stuff and am weighing the option of waiting at the used bookstore to see if it'll come in or buy it on my Kindle.....decisions, decisions.....

    What a great post to start the week, Tina. Great job!!

  73. yes, i admit it...i love books :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  74. Confession is good for the soul, right? And hopefully you all won't think I'm a really bad person because of this admission. *g*

    I first recognized that I was a bookaholic or maybe more a readaholic in 3rd grade when I befriended a girl in my class for no other reason than that she had a complete set of Nancy Drew.

    You have to understand that back then, libraries didn't stock "those kinds of books". My parents refused to buy them for me because I read them too fast. What was a book-deprived kid to do?

    I'm really not a bad person - just a bookaholic.

    Fortunately, I married one too so now our weekly dates are Saturday afternoons at Barnes and Noble.

  75. MaryC you and your husband ARE BOTH BOOKAHOLICS???


  76. I'm definitely a bookaholic! I blame my mother. She got me hooked. I feel bad for my dad - his study in the house gets smaller and smaller every year as my mother and I add to the collection. For some reason, I left all the books I'd already read at the house I grew up at...

  77. I think we have enough people to start several chapters of BNSA.

  78. Helen is becoming our reigning contest diva along with Keli.

  79. books, books
    I find them in every crook, lol.

    We have book shelves, glass door cupboard, wicker basket, boxes - and all hold books. My TBR pile runneth over!!!

    I'd love to win the book anyways; always need new books.

  80. Hi my name is Jenny and Im a bookaholic.
    Now i know im late i forgot to reply.
    didn't want to be the first to admit I wasa bookaholic and then forgot to get back here.
    I had to move several bookcases recently but I cant say how many books I have. but there are several hundred unread!
    I have been able to give books away the local library has many books I have donated as has our church library and one of the others churchs libraries.
    But I do have a problem when I go to the city and visit the christian bookshops I tend to buy to many books and I have bought a second copy and a third copy of one series by accident.
    Now I can buy online its even worse! my tbr list is way way to long.

  81. Oh my word! This is sooo true in my life! This is an affliction my entire family suffers from! (well maybe only my youngest son) Our house is about to explode with books! EXPLODE!!

    I need bookshelves! Lots of them! And maybe another house to shelve them in!

  82. Hi Michelle, the books stand alone so you wouldn't have to, but if you have both, I'd read Courting Miss Adelaide first.


  83. Thanks, Casey!!! That's so sweet!!


  84. Absolutely fantastic article! I meet every criteria - even try to follow the guidelines. But, like every addictive personality, I slip sometimes. My tbr pile is +/-about 100 books and counting. I read a book a day unless I'm writing for my mss or college. Thank you for letting me know I wasn't alone!

  85. Too late to join the group?

    Lately I've taken to shopping for books at my local public library. You know, the carts where they're selling books either they are taking out of circulation or that have been donated to them.


    I should be donating rather than relieving them of their burden. But I picked up a copy of Francine Rivers' The Atonement Child which is now one of my top ten ever reads. I also picked up a couple of books in the Virgin River series by Robyn Carr, a great series but not one I've kept up with.

    I think I need to start over.

    Hi. My name's Patricia and I'm a bookaholic...

  86. Tina!

    Was laughing about the TBR pile. Er... PILES... they are everywhere. My husband indulges me some and overlooks them but on occasion even I admit defeat.

    Thanks for starting this first meeting. I needed it.

    ksf895 at citlink dot net

    Interestingly, my closest friends ALSO have piles of books around. It's great fun to peruse their stacks too. :)