Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seekerville Bistro Weekend Edition

Sit. Relax. Have a cuppa. Try the menu specials.
The doors are open for another Weekend Edition.
(Oh and refills are, of course, on the house.)

Monday many of you admitted to a very serious problem. You are Bookaholics. Winner of Courting Miss Adelaide is Michelle from Salida, CA. And winner of a surprise book package is Jessi (who loves us, she really loves us!).

We hope you didn't miss A Sure Sign of Spring-Wildflower Bride, in Seekerville on Wednesday. Holly is the winner of Mary Connealy's soon to be released novel.

Thanks to Janice Hanna Thompson for bringing us her twelve plotting steps. Winner of It Had To Be You, which they will receive on or about the release date of May 1st, is Lorna.

Monday: Seekerville is thrilled to have Heartsong Presents, and Barbour Publishing author Vickie McDonough with us. She's sharing on a topic near and dear to us, contests. Join her for Writing Contests-My Story. Vickie is also giving away a copy of The Anonymous Bride.

: Steeple Hill Love Inspired author Cheryl Wyatt is here with a post on Wrong Word Usage. And she will give away 7 copies of her upcoming release, Steadfast Soldier to 7 brave commenters willing to soldier-up and take a certain risk of her steadfast choosing. Are you brave enough for this challenge?

Wednesday: Join Love Inspired Suspense author Debby Giusti for Laptop Ergonomics, with her daughter and favorite physical therapist Liz Wrobley. She'll also be giving away a copy of Killer Headline.

Thursday: Thomas Nelson debut author, Cara Lynn James is your hostess today.

Friday: Janet Grant, the esteemed founder/owner of Books & Such Literary Agency, joins us for fun, frolic and spot-on insider information into the publishing industry. Janet's success is no accident. This bright, savvy woman has the experience, the moxy and the know-how to educate us on the dos and don't s of literary fiction. Stop in and let's round-table chat about what it takes to make it as an author in today's competitive world.

April 28: Waterbrook Press author Mona Hodgson.

April 29: Zondervan debut author, Melanie Dickerson.

May 3 & 4: Steeple Hill Historical author Renee Ryan.

May 5: Executive Editor, Steeple Hill Books, Joan Marlow Golan.

May 7:
Heartsong Presents author Shannon Vannatter


Don't miss this chance to chat with Joan both via our interview and on May 5th when she'll be popping in and out to answer questions and meet the Friends of Seekerville.

If you're targeting Steeple Hill, be here. If you're not, well... why not? Steeple Hill books offers warm, endearing, evocative books monthly in Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense, and Love Inspired Historicals. Jump in for this opportunity to learn more, ask more and get a feel for the lovely, gracious and incredibly intelligent woman that heads the largest Christian fiction publishing house. And you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Make that impression right here, in Seekerville.

Send your anonymous questions to Ruthy at by Monday, April 19. so that I can include them in the interview, then mark your calendars for May 5th. We can't wait to see you all there!

Congratulations to Debby Giusti. Protecting Her Child finaled in the The Write Touch Readers' Award contest. Winners will be announced at their annual conference May 14-16.

Debby will be blogging on the Love Inspired Authors blog, Tuesday, April 20.

Mark your calendars, Debby will be speaking at the ACFW WORD Chapter meeting, in Buford, GA, on Tuesday, April 27. The talk is on Building Suspense in Any Genre.

Camy Tang
can be found on the Faithchick blog, May 22nd asking people what she can do with fresh parsley. (Yes, we are serious.)

Have a great weekend.

Waiter! Check Please.


  1. SOunds like a fun week! I can't wait! :-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  2. Great lineup.

    Guess you don't need the coffeepot going here. So I'll fix some hot chocolate.


  3. Helen...

    I need coffee.

    And I overslept. I never, ever, ever oversleep.

    But I woke up to the Oldie's Show on the Bee, our great local country radio station. I hate the oldies show. I do not listen to the oldies show. I like new country. So just imagine how disconcerting it was to wake up to the oldies show....

    and I've used the term 'oldies show' way too often.

    Hence the need for coffee.



    And I had a lovely time at the party yesterday 'though I think Mary Connealy may have snuck a little extra something into the punch the midwestern gals were downing like they'd just run a marathon on a hot, July morning...

    Oh mylanta...

    There'll be some heavy heads in Seekerville this morning, mark my words!


    Thanks for doing this, Tina. Later, Dudes!


  4. Oh, sorry, I'm fog-bound.




    Lots of it. And creamers... In their usual spot.

  5. Cheryl,

    I only would normally be this direct to Ruthy, but I'll say it here now.

    BRING IT ON! :-)

    Have a great Sunday eveyone.

  6. I am off to Starbucks for some java. Have a wonderful and relaxing and productive Sunday, ya'all.

    Walt, I will now have to go back and see who you are challenging this time.

    It is never boring around here. Is it???

  7. I know, but my writing workshop from yesterday, combined with the coffee, is putting me in acombative mood.

  8. So make us jealous and share about your writing workshop, Walt.

  9. It was an all day session with Mary Buckham and Dianna Love called Break Into Fiction (R) Power Writing Day. (The (R) is supposed to be a trademark, but I couldn't figure out how to do it.)

    The workshop focused on one item: getting the reader to turn the page.There was quite a bit of prework. The entire morning was spent on "hooks." We started with the phrase "it was a dark night" and then totally re-write it using specific hooks that we were studying. Then we took the first 150 words of our WIPs as well as one scene from our WIPs and searched for hooks.

    The afternoon was spent on scenes and settings. We reviewed a 100-word part from a WIP for setting and then took a scene from our WIP, looking for the scene/sequel set-ups (think Dwight Swain "Techniques of a Selling Writer) and we had a contest at the end to showcase improvements we had made in our manuscripts.

    It's difficult to learn that I wasn't doing enough to destroy the life of my characters in my newest WIP.

  10. Wow. Lucky you. We gave away copies of their book a while back in Seekerville.

    Gotta get MEAN, Walt.

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! You can practice here in Seekerville.

  11. Nice WE, Tina! This week sounds exciting, can't wait for Cheryl and Debby especially!! I always love talking to Cheryl and we haven't been in touch lately *tear*

    News: My car is up and running with GAS in it!! Lol! I took it for a "joyride" to the gas station this morning finally ; )
    Might take a spin down to grandma's to show it off later!

    Talk to you later,

  12. The Seekerville Bistro.
    I like that.
    Great coffee -- I'll linger through 2, 3, 4 cups of the house favorites : )

    Great week ahead, Tina!

    Walt, I went to a workshop this week on Brush Up English for work. Very depressing to realize I left all my knowledge of grammer back in eight grade!

    Tear apart my scenes and pulling them back together again. Now that would've made for a great workshop!!

    Hannah! Enjoy the new wheels!

    I'm off in search of pastries now. Can't have Sunday coffee without a great croissant, right?? Fat-free, of course : )

  13. It sounds like a wonderful week!! And I am so excited Vickie McDonough will be here!! I really, really want to read her new one the anonymous bride!!

  14. Ruthy overslept! I'm surprised the globe didn't spin off its axis. Did Jete stop by or what, I wonder. Hmmm.

    I brought a tray of blueberry bran muffins. They don't taste one bit healthy. Of course, the two sticks of butter probably cancelled out any benefits the blueberries attempted on our bodies...but they're yummy.

    Walt, I hope you and all the other Seekervillains DO step up to the plate Tuesday. Muwhahahahahhaaa!

    Hannah! Been missing you too! And all the other Seeker fans.

    I SO want to introduce you to my niece, Gidge. She reminds me VERY much of you and is about your age.

    Okay, off to put up my challenge. WHEEE!