Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Love Paris Weekend Edition

Bienvenue à Seekerville!

Today Seekerville brings you a touch of Paris.
Grab a Café au lait and a baguette, and enjoy this week's weekend edition.

Nous avons gagnants!

Tuesday's, Networking at Conferences winner of a Seeker book of her choice is Rose. She chose God's Spirit Within Me by Sandra Leesmith writing as Sandy Wardman.

Wednesday Seekerville welcomed Zondervan Debut Author Melanie Dickerson. Winner of her debut release, The Healer's Apprentice, when it becomes available is Karen Barnett.

Seekerville was delighted to have Mona Hodgson in Seekerville on Thursday, sharing on The Truth in Fiction. Winner of Two Brides Too Many is Eva Marie Hamilton.

Friday's May Contest Update winner of The Art of War for Writers is MJ. Since this was such a popular prize, be sure to stop by Seekerville during our 12 hour Joan Marlow Golan interview giveaway marathon--we're giving away another copy!

La semaine prochaine à Seekerville!

Monday & Tuesday we have an all day workshop delivered in two days of posts with Steeple Hill Historical author Renee Ryan . Join us for The Art of Layering. Not only is Renee presenting but she is she's giving away two books plus a Series collection.

Wednesday: Seekerville will be commemorating Executive Editor, Joan Marlow Golan's visit with a 9-5 giveaway. We'll mark the hours with drawings for all kinds of lovely Seekerville friendly prizes. Our 9-5 will be East and West Coast inclusive. So if you are in PST we will be giving away prizes until it is five p.m. there also.

That's actually 12 hours of giveaways. Don't miss the fun.

Food courtesy of the Knights of Columbus Annual Spring Fish Fry, featuring their broiled or fried seafood platter complete with a fresh fruit bar and a dessert melange hosted by Ruthy and the Westside Sisters Bakery. Carrot cake courtesy of Mary Connealy. Coffee bar courtesy of Starbuck's.

Thursday: We are thrilled to have writer Theresa Rizzo with us today sharing about the Crested Butte Writers Conference.

Friday: Heartsong Presents author Shannon Vannatter sharing with, Where My School of Hard Knocks Collided with Contests. And she's giving away a copy or her release, White Roses.

Sauver la Date!

May 12: Harlequin First Reader Patty Hall.

May 13: RITA and Christy Award winner, Robin Lee Hatcher.

May 14: Harlequin American author Leigh Duncan.

May 17 : Revell and Steeple Hill Love Inspired author (and RITA finalist) Irene Hannon.

Seeker Observation!

Camy Tang's
Story Sensei Synopsis Class begins May 3rd and enrollment has begun for her July Self-Editing Class. Check out the details here.

Congratulations to Janet Dean. Courting The Doctor's Daughter finaled in The Golden Quill.

Janet's next release, Wanted: a Family, is a March 2011 release from Steeple Hill, Love Inspired Historicals.

Pregnant widow Callie Mitchell and falsely accused ex-con Jacob “Jake” Smith, a bitter orphan searching for his birth mother, stand against the disapproving town when Callie turns her house into a home for unwed mothers.

Mary Connealy will be at The Book Clinic In Nebraska City with Stephanie Grace Whitson May 1st, 10 a.m - 12 p.m. The Book Clinic 205 South 8th Street Nebraska City, NE 68410-2447

Stephanie and Mary will be there as part of the annual Arbor Day Festival. Come get a book and spend the weekend touring Arbor Lodge, home of J Sterling Morton, the Lied Center, attend the parade and seeing the beautiful Arbor Day Farm.

Congratulations to Debby Giusti. Her Steeple Hill, Love Inspired Suspense, novella,Yule Die, which appeared in Christmas Peril, finaled in The Golden Quill.

Nouvelles au hasard!

  • From Publisher's Lunch(subscribe free here) : Scott Turow was formally elected president of the Authors Guild, taking over from Roy Blount, who served for four years. Blount's advice: "See this Google thing through, make sure Amazon doesn't take over the book industry, find out why e-book royalty rates are so shamefully low, and keep the digital pirates at bay. The rest should take care of itself."

  • Thanks to Agent Kristin Nelson's monthly newsletter for turning me on to Shelf Awareness. BTW if you don't get her are missing out. I love the great tips agent Sara Megibow puts into her Tips from the Slush Pile column. This month she's talking about RWA Nationals and says -If I ask for 30 pages, it would be great if you could say - "heck, I have them right here on my iPhone - can I send them to you?" (Email me and I will forward this month's newsletter to you and then you can sign up for your own free subscription. Tina at Tina Radcliffe dot com.)

And I leave you with, The Best Baguette In Paris (Budget Travel)

Au Revoir!

Thanks to Michal for the translations!


  1. rGreat weekend edition. Can't wait for Wednesday.

    Thanks, Sandy, I'm looking forward to reading your book. Congrats to all the other winners this week.

    Coffee and donuts are on the table. Help yourself.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  2. Wow, I didn't realize I was so early!

    Congrats to Janet and Debby! Yay! You rock!

  3. Mon Dieu ... am I only the 2nd one here today??? What, everyone else is sleeping in??

    Thank you, Rose, for the excellent coffee and donuts, and I will contribute miniature French pastries with French Vanilla Caramel coffee.

    Tina ... another stellar WE, and SUPER CONGRATS to all the winners this week and to Janet and Debby for finaling in the Golden Quill -- magnifique!! And lastly, congrats to the all of the Christy finalists on a job well done!

    Happy weekend, all!


  4. Happy Saturday to all you writers and readers. Hope today is a totally productive day.

    Plot, Write, Read. Go for it.

    Cafe Americano anyone???

    Baguettes with jam?? YUM!!!

    Do we have a stellar week coming up or WHAT????

  5. Ah, Paris in Springtime! Lovely, Tina! Thanks for all the updates and great links. I'm looking forward to next week's fabulous guests!!!

    Thanks for the congrats, Mel! I love the Golden Quill pin. :-)


  6. Oops I fixed your Golden Quill final final every year and I get confused. So sorry.


  7. Congratulations to Debby and Janet. Isn't someone in Seekerville winning or finaling in something every week?
    Seems like it!

    Tell us more about Sandra's book "God's Spirit Within Me."

  8. Debra, you amaze me. You actually read the Weekend Edition. Brava.

    Here is where you can find more info on God's Spirit Within Me and order it.

  9. Mmmm.....

    Rose brought donuts.

    Ruthy is happy.

    A good start. :)

    TR, great weekend edition. Tres bien!!!

    Merci d'un puits du travail - fait, mon ami!

    (Disclaimer: I do an Irish brogue waaaaay better than French for Dummies).

    HUGE congrats to the Christy finalists, a big thumbs up for a job well done from all of us in Seekerville! Also, Deb and Janet, big hugs on those finals in the Golden Quill!!!!! Hooray!

    I'm late in again because, yes, I'm working!!!!

    Working on the second book in Jamison, New York, and having waaaaay more fun than anyone should while doing a job they get paid for. Once it's contracted, of course!

    I mean seriously. These two characters are CRACKING ME UP....

    So stinkin' cute. I figured I needed to let Vince regroup after Winter's End so occasionally I'm going to let people have a little more fun in a book.

    Not so much as to spoil them, you know!!! ;)

    But every now and again it's okay to let your characters up for air I guess!

    And now I must clean the kitchen. We're having a baby shower planning party afternoon. Our planning meetings involve hard-copy and e-notes, lots of food, babies, and some kind of sport of the day to keep the men out of our way.

    It is an involved process, as you can see.

    I'm here for the food.


  10. Ah, I brought sour cherry home-made jam for the baguettes.

    And fresh butter.

    And olive oil laced with sweet herbs.

    Dip to your heart's content.

  11. Thanks for another wonderful week at seekerville! You guys are awesome!!! And thanks for finding that link to a Canadian conference!!!! Alas, I'm not flush enough to go this year, but it's an annual event so I'm definitely going to save my pennies for next year!!! Have a great weekend -- see you all Monday!


  12. We're in Paris?????


    I've always wanted to go. But I'd love to stay in a studio apartment above a little cafe (that way I'd have food RIGHT there) and just write.

  13. Yes. Pam. That sounds like a wonderful dream. Could you add me to your dream. I can be in the apt above the cafe next to your cafe apt

  14. Congrats to Debby and Janet and thanks for another great week at Seekerville. You ladies rock! :-)

    Nicola x

  15. Yaaaay!!! I'm finally here.

    Storm Friday night took out our cable and internet. Got cable back mid-morning yesterday. But no internet until I got home from church today.

    Ccongratulations to you finalists!

    Yes, it does look like a great week ahead of us.


  16. So Helen, give me a second to call the National Ruthy Guard back in from the fields. We were all wondering where the Helen pot of java was.

    Glad you are back and powered up. We missed you.

  17. Tina:

    Considering how long I lived without internet, it's mind-boggling to realize how dependent I am on it now.