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Seekerville Welcomes Desert Breeze Debut Author Tina Pinson

Minding my P's & Q's… Lessons from the writer's delivery room.
You've been in gestation with this book so long, you feel like an elephant. You're wondering if you'll ever get published. Take heart, you're not alone. My little spiel, or long spiel is for you. What I've learned may make your wait easier.

Perseverance— Birth Cycles are ordained

After 30 years, I'm an ace at this. HA!

I have been on a proverbial perseverance coaster ride. (Say that three times fast). I wished I could say I was more up than not. But I'd be lying.

I started writing in elementary school. Won awards for poetry and songs. Published short stories, took writer's courses, finaled in the Noble Theme Contest (Genesis), had an agent ask for me and more.

I still wasn't published; at times it irked me that others were. And they hadn't been gestating as long. Was I a horrible writer? No. It just wasn’t my time. I hated the waiting room. To get by, I threw pity parties, with lots of free flowing whine. Not a pretty place.

I hate to admit it, but envy visited often. It still raises its ugly head sometimes. But I have learned that we all have our waiting areas. We weren't told life would be easy, we were told to persevere.

Prophecy— The Doctor said I was having a girl. God said otherwise.

Let's talk the future. Not omens or Crystal balls (Madame Zelda excluded), but touching the future.

The legacy of words.

Do you realize the weight the smallest of words carry? Words can build and words can destroy. Words can paint the truth, just as easily as they can lie.

It used to hurt when people knocked Christian Fiction. It felt like they nixed the novel-- or baby-- I carried. I heard that if I really wanted to use my writing for the Lord, I'd write devotionals, self-help books, or maybe a biography about someone who had done great things for the Lord.


I wondered if they were right. I wasn't getting published, maybe writing novels was stupid.

So I tried to write like everyone else thought I should. It turned out bea u ti full y. NOT.

God gave me my words and my imagination. When I didn't use it in the way he ordained, I felt listless. Why? Because I needed to write God's will. There are people I was created to touch. One or a million, it doesn't matter. If I'm not true to the writer God made me, I may not reach them. I may not leave a legacy.

What legacy will your words leave?

Promises— Pushing too hard gives you Hemorrhoids

What a lovely picture.

Consider this… while God promises to meet my needs and give me a most awesome future, he never promised I'd be published.

Say What?

It's the truth. He never said I'd be published. (Never said I wouldn't.)

That was tough to wrap my head around, I couldn't believe God would give me these stories and not let me publish them.

So I did the logical thing… I decided to prove him wrong. I checked out every avenue to publishing. Even self-published my own books, and God saw that they were good and blessed me immensely.

Yeah… and I never color my hair either.

Self-publishing, hmm. I learned volumes, spent volumes and shed a few tears. Does self-pubbing work for some people? A few. Not for me.

I ended up in a funk. My brain was all over the place. Words failed me. I thought God was so upset with me, he took my gift of writing away.

Shallow thoughts, but they plagued me. Until I finally laid my writing, my pride, at God's feet and he filled my imagination and life with promise again. A promise to use my words—me –even if I never became published. I also learned I could use some preparation (notice I didn't say H). I had some work to do, some things to learn.

Do I ever pick up my pride and try to get God to see it my way, yeah. But I'm getting better.

Quality – Gentlemen we can rebuild him and make him just like...

We should strive for quality in our writing.

That's a given… but there's another aspect of quality we tend to forget, and that's the quality of the writer within.

I see writers buying into the myth that if they write like that person, they'd get published.

Not true. You can learn from another writer, but sadly when you try to write like someone else, you lose the qualities God formed in you. They're unique qualities, gifted only to you –your tone, your flow. To be used with your character, your dreams and your imagination.

Don't settle for the lie that you're not a worthy writer if you don't write like so and so. Don't sell your writer's soul; the price is far too great.

Quantum Physics— It's Alive…

(Mawwwhaaahaaa, cue Frankenstein music)

I should say "Psych" about now to see if you're still with me. 'Cause I'm sure you're wondering what Quantum Physics has to do with anything. Frankly I don't know. It had a Q and a P.

Let me say this, there are those who believe that we use your imagination and thoughts to accomplish our goals and make our dreams come. Some Scientists actually believe our thoughts are powerful enough to change reality. As we believe it.

I concur to a point. We can change our reality.

By changing reality, I'm not saying you'll think you're a millionaire and suddenly become one. I am saying, when you use the gifts God gave and seek his wisdom, when you're in constant forward motion, shooting for your goals, your future will probably be brighter. Not always more profitable, but more joyous, more hopeful.

Let me put it a different way. Scripture tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. To do this changes our reality in a sense. Staying in God's word accomplishes this, as does using the mind and gifts he's given.

Consider how it feels when the currents running through your brain are zipping into the dark recesses and firing on all cylinders. Your imagination is on edge. Waves of thought wash over you. You see each section of your story in vivid Technicolor. If you don't get a piece of paper to write on, your head's going explode.

Have you ever been there?

You find a scrap of paper and start to write. The atoms continue to split in the channels of your mind. Electric impulses fire, arcing to the frontal lobe, skittering to the occipital lobe, racing to the temporal lobe and words begin to flow through your brain like a river, forming sentences, paragraphs and chapters. It rejuvenates your mind. Encourages forward momentum.
Who knows what it is that sets a fire in a writer. The necessary current is as different as our stories, as our characters. Every nuance, every particle forms our imagination.

Quirks – My baby sleeps with his fist in his mouth and his rump in the air…

Your characters have quirks. The funnier the better, one might say. Writers can be pretty quirky people, too.

Some writers can't write if they're not sitting in their favorite chair. Others need certain music. Still others wear a certain shirt, use a specific computer or typewriter. Or wear specific socks. Some can only write if they have on their favorite pair of glasses.

Writers are peculiar. Aren't you glad I'm here to tell you that?

Quirks are intertwined in our stories. Some writers want their words to flow a certain way. Some use a distinct style of writing. Dry wit, flowery narrative, meter, rhyme, inflection and passive verbs (I didn't say that) are all part of how some authors build their stories.

I'm not too peculiar. Sure I prefer to use three-ring, college-ruled notebook paper and a #3 three hard pencil—which must be sharpened to a perfect tip—when I write. I'm flexible though, I've adjusted to using college-ruled paper in tablet or spiral form and I will pick up a # 2 hard pencil if I can't have a #3. I won't discuss the things I love to use in writing, 'cause I always get in trouble for them. (Hint—I like omniscient point of views.)

Do quirks make our writing better? I don't know, but they do make a writer feel better. Why? Because quirks are like security blankets. (I'm not talking OCD.)

Quirks, like our qualities, address are individuality, make us who we are as writers and give tone to our voice.

Embrace your quirks?

Quit – Put that baby down or you'll spoil her.

This seems to contradict what I told you about moving ahead and firing up your senses. Because we all know that, Quitters never win and Winners never quit.

Au contraire.

Winners do quit sometimes –sometimes they are forced, others, they choose to for a season.
Have you ever gone through a time where couldn't find the words to write a paragraph, let alone a sentence? Have you ever felt so frustrated that you'd force yourself to write and then want to cry? Whether from stress, or just having too much on my plate, I've been there. I had to lay the pen aside and quit writing for a time. And I had to give myself the permission to do so.

When my mother was going through her chemo and stem-cell transplant, and we were running the business and watching grandkids, and one of our children was going through hard times. (All at the same time) I made a conscious choice to sit my writing aside. Not for forever. Just for a season.

I had to quit berating myself for not getting a word count.
I had to quit knocking myself for low desire and energy.
I had to quit telling myself I was failing if I stopped writing for a time.
And strangely, or sadly, it took me awhile to reach that point.

Having said that, if your world is unbalanced and you can do something about it, do it. If it means you have to step out of some position or quit something. Then be a quitter.

Quit that group you started because you thought it might be fun.
Quit going to that study that doesn't hold your heart or attention, God won't strike you dead.
Quit buying into the lie that you have to do everything and you can't say NO.
Quit the things you can that are pulling you apart and zapping your energy. It's okay.
I give you permission. God gives you permission.

Quiet-Shh, the baby is sleeping.

Maybe you’re the kind of writer who has the radio on and you're talking on the phone while the Television blares and your kids are yelling in the background.

Multitasking is your thing. Or perhaps you're juggling. (See Quit)

Scripture says we are to be still. To Quiet our hearts. It's good for our spiritual well-being, and for our mental and imaginational (is that a word?) well-being too.

Do you quiet your mind and let it flow with the dreams and vision God has for you? Do you let your characters take you on trips to foreign lands and lost times? Do you, like the prophet Elijah, slow down long enough to hear God in the gentle wind passing like a whisper through your brain?
Many of us won't allow for down time. We think we're wasting energy if we aren't constantly moving. But taking a break and quieting our spirit, doesn't mean we're lazing the day away.
It could just be the time you need to rejuvenate your thoughts and find the flow and proper structure for your words.

To reach that place where you dwell in quiet, you will need to use this last lesson. It is one of our greatest gifts…

Prayer— How come there's no instruction book with this kid?

If you believe that God has gifted you with imagination and a desire to write, why don't you talk to him about your WIP? Let him show you where your story should go? Why wouldn't you want him to quiet your heart and give you wisdom?

So many times we wait till we're frazzled or near the edge before we talk to God. Maybe we think our little quirk with our Characters isn't worth his time. Or the bridge in that one scene is miniscule when pit against eternity. We forget who created imagination and wrote the first story. Why wouldn't He care about our menial thoughts? He does. We just have to remember to ask. Scripture encourages us to pray without ceasing.

Could that mean there is a reason to pray every second of the day? Hmmm?

You might say your days are mundane. When big problems arise you might ask for help, but you can handle the little things. There's no reason to bother God.

But God wants you to bother him. The more you talk, the more comfortable you feel sharing the small things too.

Don't wait till you're dangling off some emotional cliff, before you call.

Prayer Is Necessary, Say One Now.

Thank you so much for inviting me to Seekerville and allowing me to share some of the lessons I learned in the writer's waiting room. I hope that my lessons will help make your journey to delivery easier.

In closing… My last name is in this post somewhere. Can you find it? The first one to find it will win a free copy of my newly released e-book… In the Manor of the Ghost. If it's too tough to find my last name, and you need a bit of a clue, just close your eyes and say a prayer and the answer might come to you.

To celebrate the release of my new book I am holding the Win a Kindle… Catch a Ghost contest throughout the month of June. Stop at my blog for further details.

Tina Pinson resides in Grand Junction, Colorado with, Danny, her husband of 30+ years. They own and operate, Omega Avionics. The Pinsons have three grown sons, two lovely daughter-in-laws and are proud grandparents.

Tina started writing in elementary school. She enjoys many creative outlets for writing such as poetry, songs, and stories. Tina has completed eleven novels. She was a third place finalist in the ACFW Genesis Contest in 2003 (then Noble Theme) for her story Trail of the Sandpiper-Rescued and was first place finalist in her category for the 2009 CWOW The Phoenix Rattler-Does Your Story Have Bite contest.
Tina enjoys building, gardening, singing, speaking and some biking. She and her husband hope to get out into God’s country and do some camping.

Touched By Mercy another novel from Tina is set for release in December 2010 through Desert Breeze Publishing.


  1. Blogger Tina Russo Radcliffe said...

    Tina. Love that name. Lovely to have you with us. First things first. Coffee pot is primed and ready to rock and roll.

    We have not only a fresh fruit tray on ice BUT just for this occasion we have fresh cinnamon rolls and twists from Mrs. Powell's.

  2. Oh man, Tina, I kind of like that name too. For some strange reason it's grown on me. Or with me.

    And that link to Mrs. Powell's worked beautifully. Now I'm hungry. and that after a big Bday dinner. I'll for sure have to have some of those for breakfast. Yum

  3. Okay, I totally spaced it was your birthday. I even had it on my calendar. Happy 21st again.

  4. I still have a chance to win your e-book? Your last name is Pinson, right? ;)

    If I just fell for a joke that I didn't understand, than you can laugh at me. I understand. :(

    Just kidding! :D Anyway, I would love a chance to win your book if I can!



    P.S. Of course, I have to share some food! How about some pizza? We had some great pizza with thick/cheesy bread-type crust for dinner, and we've got leftovers! (Pepperoni, of course!) Be sure and save some for Ruthy, because she loves when I bring food. ;)

  5. Just to say my last name maybe all through here but I'm looking for one that's bit obscure.

    And Amber you do have a chance at an ebook as I'm choosing a name from anyone who leaves a comment and giving one who can find that last name I'm looking for. It abit different and special

  6. What do you mean I can say no???? Why hasn't anyone told me this before? Just kidding. :)

    Very timely post, I really needed to hear. I'm one of those Christians who tends to put God in a box--He wouldn't be interested in hearing about my writing trouble when tragedy is happening all around the world.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Hope your birthday is a great one! What a way to celebrate--spending it with the Seekerville gang. :)

  7. Prayer

    I didn't stop and do it because I was too busy! that says it all.
    And your name, too.

    I'd love to be in the drawing for your book! Thanks for sharing Tina.
    debraemarvin (at) yahoooo-ooo

  8. Okay, Marvin. You are a genius.

    A genius.


  9. Oh, my, Tina ... what a WONDERFUL post!! You had so many great quotes in here, that I found myself cutting and pasting like crazy!! Realllly clever idea, my friend and VERY informative post!

    I had to laugh at the phrase, "lots of free flowing whine." Oh, girl, I'm gonna steal that one ... :)

    And I LOVED this one because this is one of the biggest truths a writer needs to know ... a writer for God, that is! You said: "We should strive for quality in our writing. That's a given… but there's another aspect of quality we tend to forget, and that's the quality of the writer within."

    And "embrace your quirks"? Priceless and sooooo very true!! I'm one of the quirkiest people I know, and I guess I should be embarrassed by that sometimes, given the extent of my quirkiness, but instead I revel in it because let's face it -- quirky is fun, if not for the audience, definitely for the quirkee!!

    And my favorite "Pinsonism"??? "Don't wait till you're dangling off some emotional cliff, before you call. Prayer Is Necessary, Say One Now." Amen to that sister, you are dead-on!

    Congratulations on the release of your book, Tina -- I am really looking forward to reading it.


  10. Good morning, Tina P! Thank you for guest blogging in Seekerville about your writing journey. So much has to do with God's perfect plan, doesn't it? Just like snowflakes, no two writers are called to identical journeys.


  11. Tina P, welcome to Seekerville. Wow. W=There were so many parts of your journey that I related to. Like you, I put writing aside to deal with elder care and thanked God at the time I didn't have a contract so that I could have the time to be with the moms. What a blessing for us both.

    And now you're rewarded for your perseverance with your first sale. CONGRATS. I think God has a wonderful sense of humor. The lessons we learn on the way.

    Thanks for sharing. And Tina R. The coffee is super and the cinnamon rolls taste as yummy as they smell.

  12. The only thing this post lacks is you telling us all about..

    1. Your books. One and two.

    2. Your experience and introduction to Desert Breeze and how we too can say hi to this publisher.

    I actually have another friend who recently sold and had a release out by Desert Breeze. Mary Hjerleid from the Colorado Romance Writers.

  13. Tina R, you said it--we didn't get to hear about Tina P's books and her journey with Desert Breeze. Maybe she should come back again? :D

    And Debra Marvin, you're too smart for my own good. :P I saw it, but you got it here first. Darn ya!

    I love the quantum physics analogy, Tina P. Isn't that so like a writer to be smart in such a diversity of knowledge, such as physics and say, childbirth? You rock!
    Kathy Maher

  14. Oh, and Happy birthday, Tina! Wishing you many sales and few candles.
    Kathy Maher

  15. I am now haunted by an image of my book, sleeping with it's rump in the air.

    I'm just gonna have to live with that.

  16. Instead of being pregnant with a baby elephant, I seemed to be expecting a....what would take that long? A replacement building for the World Trade Center maybe?

    It was a looooooooooooong time coming.

  17. Tina P??? You're 21???
    Wow, girl, congratulations!!!!

    (I'm playing along, work with me people!)

  18. The name grows on me, too.

    Dang, I've scheduled a doctor's appointment to have it removed. It grew exactly where you'd expect cinnamon rolls to grow...backside.

  19. Wow see what happens when I stay away...

    Lisa-- Putting God in a box is so like me.

    My box is all decorated and sitting on the shelf, sometimes I move to the table to sit and study it. I tap on it and pray. Maybe shake it from time to time. I even give it an expiration date that way if the God of the Box doesn't answer by that time I can deal with it myself.

    I may give it a couple days after date, like I do my milk, a long as I can handle the churning in me. So there I am tapping my box praying to the god I think I have packaged there. When I get this tap on my shoulder.
    I turn around and find. GOD

    He says, "what ya doing?" Of course he already knows which is good because I'm so dumbfounded I can't speak.

    I just look at him and oh the things that run through my head. But the biggest one... after seeing him in all his glory is

    Man I'm gonna need a bigger box.

    Your writing isn't trivial to God. Lisa. Yours is for such a time as this.

  20. Welcome to Seekerville, Tina P! I savored your beautiful, satisfying, uplifting post! Thank you!

    Congrats on your books! Do tell us more.

    Happy birthday!!!

    Hugs, Janet

  21. Debra,

    You are good. And I was worried no one was going to find it.

    You have yourself a book for sure.

  22. Julie,

    Appreciate you to death. Cut and paste all the Pinsonism's you want.
    I look forward to seeing them in your books.

    I wondered about my Prayer is Necessary Say One Now, someone might of thought I was overly spritual or something I could go write a bio to offset it though.

  23. Glynna,

    I love the thought of no snowflake is alike. And snowflakes are so beautiful, they only last for the time God alotted them too.


  24. Pinson, we know you.

    You are not overly spiritual.

    You are overly...REAL!!

    Thank goodness.

  25. Sandra,

    It is amazing how much life can zap a person, especially when there is so much going on and people and unfortunately we ourselves expect so much.

    the night my father died in 1994 I got a call from a singing group I was in that I needed to be back for a fitting. They knew I was in Denver and my father was dying, but no hey we're praying, just make sure you get your outfit.

    Sad commentary, but that's what we do to ourselves. And we miss the moments that should be spent being busy.

    Thanks Sandra and thanks for the invite.

  26. Tina,

    I will share about the books. What do you want to know?

    As for Desert Breeze Publishing, I found them through a couple of other writer's and they were just opening up pretty much. They're a young company, who want to keep their writing not so risque. They would like to do print books but now are only ebooks.

    Right now they have opened up their schedule for 2011 and are looking for romance submissions in several departments

    Here's the info. NOTICE she looking for some cowboys. And I know you all love cowboys.

    Submissions are once again open at Desert Breeze Publishing! We are seeking manuscripts to fill our 2011 release schedule. At Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc., we are seeking manuscripts from novella length (between 25,000 and 35,000 words approximately) to super novel length (exceeding 100,000 words), with a preference for novels between 65,000 and 90,000 words. We are more than willing to accept queries on book series, and will consider a series concept when at least one book is completed and the series has been thoroughly formulated.

    We are looking for submissions in all of the following romance sub-genres:

    Contemporary Romance
    Romantic Suspense
    Romantic Comedy/Humorous Romance
    Inspirational/Christian Romance
    Fantasy Romance
    Paranormal Romance
    Science Fiction Romance/Futuristic Romance
    Steampunk Romance
    Modern Cowboy Romance
    20th Century Historical Romance
    Historical Romance (Prior to the 1900's)

    And while we're actively seeking all genres, there are a few types of submissions that would really excite us!

    Do you have a historical romance set within the first half of the 20th Century? Perhaps during The Great Depression or World War I/World War II? The setting does not have to be limited to the United States, but anywhere in the globe affected by these world-altering timeframes. Do you have a romance set around the Korean or Vietnam Wars? These are largely untapped timeframes with a growing market.

    Have you written an epic science fiction or futuristic book series? A Space Opera? Or even a single title novel of the genre? Steampunk is a new and upcoming genre that we're definitely interested in exploring.

    We would like to see both single title -- as well as series -- romantic suspense novels, especially with characters who serve in law enforcement, civil service, or the military. And that's not just limited to the heroes. We'd love to see books where the heroine is the one doing the saving and protecting, or works beside the hero in an equal position.

    Have you written an intricate fantasy series with a cast of characters fighting for the greater good, and falling in love along the way?

    We are actively seeking inspirational novels with a bit more real world flair. It's not always easy being a Christian, and we would like to see novels that express that.

    And cowboys... we love modern-day cowboys. Sometimes they're on the ranch and sometimes they're outside their element... but they always say 'ma'am' and they know how to look darn sexy in cowboy boots.

    Full submission guidelines can be read, along with instructions for submitting, can be found at our website: under Submissions. Any questions regarding submissions can be directed to

  27. I would like to know a little about the premise for your books, because I am lazy and don't want to go look this up myself.

    What else is going on in your writing world..WIPS???

    A day in the life of Tina Pinson...share what a writing day is like for you.

  28. Kathleen,

    I study quantum physics everyday. Majored in Science. Yeah.

    One of my characters perhaps.

    I'm more like the picture with my hair fried everywhere.

    but I get that from static cling.

  29. Mary,

    my books sleep with their rump in the air all the time. When I lay them open and their spines flying. Have you caught yours sucking their thumb?

    The replacement to the towers.

    Oh my goodness I'm so glad I'm not your birth coach.

    Yes I'm 21. And what's this playing along stuff. Okay 21 plus but not too much more.

    And you might not want to cut that off. The name Tina brings favor and friends.

    The rash leaves over time.

  30. Janet,

    thank you I appreciate the invite. You guys are wonderful.

    I think I've learned more here at this site then anywhere else, simply because it.

  31. Cinnamon rolls. Twists. Wisdom. And multiple Tinas....

    Could life possibly get better than THAT???

    I submit that it cannot!

    Tina P, what great analogies you've used here. Even a gaffer like me can figure this out. Well done, my friend!!!

  32. I love it when Ruthy plays kissup.

    No, I do not have any Derek Jeter's or Mallow Cups in my refrigerator.

  33. What's going on in my book In the Manor of the Ghost.

    Kaitlin, has lost her family in a fire. She is burned and goes through a few years of therapy. Her sister invites her to Minnesota to live and take on a teaching job.

    There she offered a contract of marriage with Devlin Clayborne, who wants a mother for his son, Derrick who has spoken since the night his twin sister went missing.

    Kaitlin accepts the offer for the boy alone.

    but when she moves into Clayborne Manor and finds a dark house, filled with secrets and sorrow. And a resident Ghost.

    She wonders if she made the right decision.

    In the Manor of the Ghost deals with a ghost, yes, but it also deals with the Ghosts we carry with us, our fears, our brokenness. Things that strangle us for years.

    It tells of a God who brings us through the darkness and into a joyous new life and light.

    After being in some of those spots myself, I just want people to know how gracious and loving a God we have.

  34. Tina P., thanks for the cute, cute post!! So clever and fun. And helpful, too. I'm so glad you joined us today and shared your birthing experiences! :)

    Debra, you are amazingly observant! I would not have found her last name that way!

  35. Multiple wisdoms from multiple Tinas, cinnamon rolls, and Amber brought pizza, REAL pizza, none of that stupid (yes, that's what I said...) NY pizza with the paper thin/half-burnt crust...

    Oh, yuck. I love thick-bread pizza, nice, chewy crust, great sauce, and I don't care if it's LOADED or plain. The sauce on crust with fresh Parmesan is wonderful on its own.

    I'm lovin' Amber right now.

    Michael Bradley just scored for the U.S!!!! They now are tied with Slovenia 2-2!!!!


    We're in the 82nd minute of the game.

    I love soccer. Love it. I am the only one in my family with this fetish....

    But I hate these stupid horns the crowd is blowing non-stop.

    USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

    And I'm just sayin', Landon Donovan is a total hottie. Very Celt.


    Okay, back to Desert Breeze. What a nice realm they're looking for AND Steampunk....

    I'm seriously looking into this.

    Too fun.

  36. A gaffer,

    No see just knowing you got what I wrote, makes me feel like I accomplished something grand.

    I'm still scared to death my name will be picked for your critque.

  37. Concerning those cinnamon rolls. If I order them. Do they come cooked, in about say, twenty minutes. Looking at those has made me really hungry.

    Oh my.

  38. Soccer, huh Ruth. I don't mind watching that cause the game moves.

    But I haven't been watching the WC where are we in the standings?

    And you really should send along a cowboy romance to Desert Breeze. Gail is really nice.

    She took my books and I'm not a romance writer persay, but the two she took are.

    Who would have thought?

  39. Missy,

    I'm glad for the invite, and anytime I can spend celebrating my 21st birthday, well, I wouldn't miss it.

    I can actually go places and not get carded anymore.

    Oh wait that happens now.

  40. Thank you for telling me you were talking bout the World Cup, I was scrambling to figure out if Michael and Lance were heroes in someone's book and I haven't read it yet.

  41. Loved this interview, Tina, and I could relate to what you said so many times. Ruthie, I'm a soccer/football (hubby is British) fan, too. Just saw our U.S. team tie up the score. ManU is coming to Philly next month to play my son's team. Great weekend everyone. Pat

  42. Kissup, my.....


    No, Mary, don't get your panties in a bunch, I WOULDN'T EVEN SAY IT IF I WASN'T BEING WATCHED BY MILLIONS.

    But I might THINK it.


    I love kissin' up. I practice daily. I'm getting quite good, actually.

    Practice makes perfect.

    And we end the World Cup second game for the USA in a tie/draw 2/2 AFTER a very controversial ref call that pulled back our game-winning goal in minute 83/84...

    I saw no foul. None. And I love those Brit announcers. So...


  43. Glad you liked the pizza, Ruth! ;) Who wants thin crust when you can have delicious, delightful thick crust, right?

    Oh, and now I get it Tina! ;) That was tricky! (Or maybe not really...just tricky for me in the middle of the night, or anytime...I should stop now.)

    Anyway, happy birthday! ;) And I can appreciate the cleverness now that it's daytime! :D


  44. My second book Touched by Mercy

    deals with the Orphan Trains and finding God's redemption.

    Samantha escapes an abused home, looking for the Angelina, her daughter. She searches at the orphanages and can't find the girl, but stays and helps. Believing that the more she helps do something for God, he might be able to use her, even though he can't accept her because she's dirty.

    After word comes from a detective that her daughter may be in Nebraska she travels there to help take orphans and set up a home for Angelina.

    She meets the sheriff Alan and of course love blossoms, but Samantha won't allow it.

    With the help of another Carpenter, Alan, reaches Samantha.

    This story was written because of where I was at in my life at the time. Having been abused as a child, by a "GODLY" member of the family. I didn't think God found me acceptable either. Even though I hadn't done anything wrong.

    I made the abuse stronger in the book, but while it deals with hard subjects, I really want to show how Gods gentleness peels away the layers of hurt to show the beauty within

    This book comes out in December through Desert Breeze as well.

  45. Pat you love soccer too...

    I played when we lived in Turkey and my shins were always bruised. but I got pretty adept at bouncing that ball on my knee. And head shots.

    That might explain a few things
    about me

    it is a fun game though.

  46. Amber,

    I wondered if anyone would figure it out because of so dreadful at explanation.

    to many headshot with the soccer ball.

  47. Great interview!!


  48. thanks for coming in Steph,

    In answer to how I spend my days, I wished it was writing like I used to be able to do, but we have our business and I watch grandkids frequently, so when I have the chance to write I sit down and get what I can done.

    Right now I'm trying to clean up some books I finished. Sent two out to another publisher because they aren't strictly romance. then I'm putting the finishing touches on my sci-fi Counting Tessa. And working on Finding Middle C, its a Civil War story, about a woman who's trying to get her family through the hard times of loss and want. And helping a wounded soldier find himself again and heal. There is no Ghost but there is a piano that won't stay tuned.

    Yesterday I turned 21 + 28 I have several books already done.

    How long did it take some of you before getting published and how long some of you have been waiting?

  49. Tina, after reading you're interview I just gotta say, "You're awesome!"

    And other Tina (Russo Radcliffe) I've been getting to know Mary Hjerleid and she seems like a really sweet and gentle person.

  50. Thanks Shawna,

    You're always so encouraging and sweet.

  51. Welcome, Shawna. You're another Desert Breeze author. Congratulations on your release!

  52. Okay,
    I feel as though you were speaking to me...have you been following me? lol

    I felt a number of the points would definatly help me.
    Especially the last one :D

    Thanks for sharing.

  53. Tina, you are so funny. I was ready this like at 2 in the morning.

    I don't have much time to play today, but wanted to say YAY, Pepper!!! Congratulations.

    I'll come back later to catch up.

  54. Yes, Kelly,

    that person in camo, carrying her notebook, pen, taperecorder and camera, was me.

    I've studying the gestation periods of several writer friends,

    Trying to stay inognito, but I guess camo sticks out like a sore thumb against a city scape.


  55. Thanks Tina R. R.! :)

    And Tina P., guess what! I'm 21 too. Been that way for 18 years now. My 19th next anniversary is in November.

  56. I find so many authors through guest blog posts where there voices shine through. Tina is my newest.

    I'm saving this quote "...when you use the gifts God gave and seek his wisdom, when you're in constant forward motion, shooting for your goals, your future will probably be brighter. Not always more profitable, but more joyous, more hopeful."

  57. Just came in from rototilling and working up a sweat in near 85 degree weather.

    fun times.

    That is the life of writer. Can't just sit at the computer all day.


    Of course now my granddaughter wants to play dress up. Which I suppose many of us do everyday when writing what our characters wear.

    What was the latest ensemble you dressed your character in?

  58. Well, thank you so much Patricia,

    I remember finding myself thinking if I could just sell a book the world would be so much better. More so if I could be a best selling author, but people have read my stories for years before publishing and God still used my words. I had to remember that he knew exactly who needed that touch.

    Then my outlook isn't stuck on me and it's better.

    Then I'm not staring at a mirror image of myself and shortcomings all day.

    Mercy that would be scary

    BTW Patricia, can I say I like that name, my little sister has the same.


  59. My latest ensemble,

    a black jumpsuit made out of Y2bots that can change into anything the wearer desires.

    Unfortunately, it has glitches, if the wearer says clothes for 1870's American West, they might find themselves in 1700 French Court clothes.

  60. Tina, thanks for the very "Ruthy-esque" kick-in-the-pants and TRULY inspirational post! Loved reading the story of your writing journey and the lessons you are learning along the way.

  61. Happy Birthday, Tina P.

    It's good to hear from another who has been on the road a long time--and achieved her goal.

    You asked about journeys.
    I wrote for about 12 years when my kids were in school. Finally became so bogged down with life---pastor's wife, mother, teacher, etc.---that I put it aside.

    There was a hiatus of about ten years until I picked up my pen again. That was about four years ago, and I'm still chasing the dream.

    Congratulations on your release.

  62. Thanks, Helen,

    Sounds so familiar. To sit writing aside for a time and deal with other aspects of life. Knowing all the while you want to get back to the story of your heart.

    I've talked to several people who have done the same.

    I suppose it's just necessity at certain times.

  63. Tina, Great post! You're one of those wonderful overnight success stories that took years of hard work and prayer--just the type that I admire!

    And congratulations to Pepper Basham--she finaled in the inspirational catagory of RWA Tampa Area Romance Writers TARA!

  64. Helen and Tina, I always think of L.M. Montgomery when I tell people that I couldn't write when my kids were younger.

    "I was writing living epistles..."

    In Rainbow Valley or one of the later books.

    That's how I felt. And I get obsessive about doing a good job, so right then I needed to do a good job with them.

    And I know others who can handle it, but I knew I wasn't one of them.

    I really believe it's okay to know our strengths and weaknesses. I'm okay with that. And every time I got the urge to just forge ahead, I'd remember what each one of those babies meant to me and I'd keep on truckin'.

    Why does Tina hide behind that Vader-like coffee mug? Do you think some rogue coyote has eaten half her face, per chance?

    Just wondering out loud.

    They have creams for that, Radcliffe.

    But they're pricey.

  65. Congratulations to you Tina! Very much enjoyed your post today.

    It's only been forever... I mean 3 years for me. But my WIP is much improved over where it was last year (thanks to Seekers!!!)

    What a blessing.

    I have to announce a dear local writer friend has HER book coming out next week - Yippee!!! She lurks here and occasionally posts as Patches of Life. :)

    So - when the timing is right, it will happen. I know this to be true and reading about your journey helps.

    may at maythek9spy dot com

    (and I didn't read carefully enough because though some of y'all got the name, I didn't - unless you're doing the Tolkien thing and "your name" was it or something. It's the heat y'all. It's blazing hot for middle TN.

  66. Wow Congrats to Pepper for sure.

    Way to go. Pepper. Rah Rah. that's me waving my hands but don't expect a cartwheel.

    I always fall.

  67. Patty,

    Yes overnight success in 30+ plus years time. Oh wait. I'm only 21 right now.

    Anyway, it sure does make a person feel wonderful to know they stuck it out.


  68. "I was writing living epistles..."

    Ruthy thanks for sharing that. I like that. And it is so true.

    I had a woman in bible study tell me years ago that I only had my children for so long, and I'll blink one day and they'll be grown.

    I wrote about legacy in my post, and that's part of mine, my children my family.

    Oh my goodness, just think how many words of mine they'll be saying?

    And as far as weakness goes if my weakness is placed before Christ, then I'm strong.

  69. Now about the cup that Tina is using to hide behind. I don't get to see the pics on my computer today.


  70. We like Seeker friends success stories. Tina Pinson is one of ....

    Congratulations to Pepper and to Patches of Life aka Bev.

    Woooo hooo!!!

    Ruth, you're jealous of my large coffee mug aren't you? Admit it. Go ahead. Maybe Derek will buy you one if you are nice and snarky.

  71. a fabulous posting :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  72. KC,

    I think there are several of us who can credit the Seekers with helping us in our writing. And three years working on that story,
    that's sticktoivetiveness right there.

    Good for you.

    Tell your friend congrats.

    As for the name, are we talking about the fact that Tina R and I share the same name and that Mary has a weird growth.

    Or my so richly detailed find my name game?

    If it's Mary and her growth, just pray.

    As for other, I'm so great at explanations, I threw a few people off. Don't feel bad. I got lost myself.

    But it does have to do with my Tolkien Desire to...


  73. Thanks Karen,

    great to have you visiting today.

  74. Tina,
    I SOOOOO want to come back and read this...but it's going to have to wait! Sorry!

    I just wanted to make sure to tell you all that I'm headed to the high school for...



    LOL! Seriously though, I am! Had to tell some of my favorite people *wink*

    Also, there's a graduation partay happening on my blog right now if you wanna pop on over.

    Okay, gotta run, well actually march!
    Talk to you soon,

  75. Yay, Hannah.

    You've got an excellent excuse, so you go girl.

    Most proud of you we are.

    Snatch the diploma, grasshopper

    And flip your tassle, and toss that cap.

  76. Am I too late for the fresh fruit?

    Great post, Tina... haha - I just caught on why Tina said you have a great name. Slow - I didn't catch it until I typed it, tsk tsk.

    Tina P, I love that you say to embrace your quirks. They add so much variety to life and books.

    Deb - wow! I missed that. You're a smart cookie, today. :)

    I'd love a change to win your book.

    anitamaedraper(at)hotmail[dot] com

  77. You're not too late Anita,

    Glad you could stop by.

    It is rather tough to distinguish between Tina's name and mine. they are pretty close, but I believe mine has a different twang. I'm not sure.

    Yum, fresh fruit.

    I just plucked a fresh strawberry from the garden. Only one, little thing but I graciously I shared it with hubby.

    Quirks are wonderful things. Great excuses too.

    Well they can be.

    I hear some people use them that way. Not me mind you. I have few quirks, and they're only slight ones

  78. She remembers us today, but wait, soon she'll be off in her little car headed to college in Vermont or is it New Hampshire and she'll forget all about us..then one day,

    We'll be in line at the bookstore. Tina P and I leaning on our walkers and the crowd will hush and in will walk that famous NYT bestselling famous author..HANNAH....

    And we can say we knew her when.

  79. A walker, Russo? Say What?

    I thought we were getting hover rounds. I wanna race.

  80. Tina,
    Great post, which makes us think about why we write--an important fact to take hold of.

    Often the hard-to-achieve sale makes us dig a bit deeper. I wonder if folks who have success too quickly realize the gift they've been given. Somehow I find struggle makes me appreciate the gift more.

    Congrats on your upcoming release!!!

  81. Tina and Tina,
    thanks for more of Tina P's backstory. I'm sorry I didn't get back all day to read and comment.
    And now I've learned that being a visual learner pays! thanks for the E-Book. I'm really excited!

    Doesn't Deb Kinnard write for Desert Breeze too?

  82. Great post! As a mom to two young people all your parenting references resound. I love your quirkiness...lots of quotables in this post and I can't wait to read your books, especially about the orphan train.

    P.S. Happy belated birthday!!


  83. What a great post! Thank you for sharing!

  84. LOL!!! I can't say that enough times after hearing the walker-NYT bestseller-future commentary *wink*

    Seriously, you know I won't forget you! AND....if I ever get to that NYT spot, you know that all of the Seekers would definitely be in my dedication of that book!

    Talk to you soon,