Saturday, July 10, 2010

Party Party "The Call" Party

Come join the party!
andra got "the call"

Sandra's sailing again.

Off Unpubbed Island.

Yes, I know. This isn't a sailboat. And. This isn't my first call. I was published in the eighties. Went back to teaching and after I retired, had to start all over again in the writing business. Which put me back on Unpubbed Island. So "hey hey, I'm on my way" as my mother-in-law used to say.

The island life was terrific. I'm going to miss it. But ten years of workshops, rewriting, rejections, contests, etc. is enough. So here I am. Heave Ho. And off again.

Okay, okay, I'll get to the good stuff.

Lia Brown from Avalon Books called and offered a contract for
THE PRICE OF VICTORY. (Title subject to change) It is due out next spring, 2011 providing I finish all the revisions to her satisfaction. smiling here. How fun is that? To have revisions to do? Wowza!


Sterling Wade, a successful professional cyclist, finds the one thing he’s missing in life—a woman to love. Debra Valenzuela refuses to allow a relationship with any man to interfere with her determination to become a professional cyclist. She must succeed to earn her father’s love. Can Sterling help Debra follow her dream and in the process discover new purpose for his life? Will they accept the Price of Victory?

Researching this novel was so much fun. My husband joined a bicycle club and actually raced so I could get the feel and flavor of the staging grounds. I met several professional women cyclists who read my manuscript and verified the authenticity. Its amazing how people come into your life when you need them. This is no accident. God has been with me every step of the way.

And along with cyclists, I have been surrounded by amazing writers who have helped me grow and move into the twenty-first century. All this techno stuff. Its been fun and the writing style changed so much since the eighties. More action. Faster pace. Love it.

Thanks first and foremost to my Seeker sisters for their encouragement and support. I think I would have given up several times without the "kick in the pants" along with the prayers of these wonderful ladies.

And all of you Seeker friends. You have meant so much to us. You have helped us laugh at the trials and see the real reason we write.

Thanks to Joan Domning, Barbara Larriva, Peggy Parsons, and Nancy Damato, my face-to-face critique partners. And to DF who is so famous now, I have to be careful with her name.

What's that Captain Jack?

Oh yeah. Enough about me.


Whatcha got Jack?

Island fare. But of course.

Platters of fruit

Platters of cheeses, seafood, shellfish, and veggies

Shish-kebobs off the grill

Panera rolls, french bread slices, Hawaiian rolls

And dessert. Jack--you've gone all out

Platters of every pastry imaginable and for all of us Seekers--chocolates to die for Godiva, Sees, Ghiradelli, York peppermint patties, and mallow cups (for Ruthy.
yum yum

Welcome everyone.

Thanks for celebrating with me.

We've got a band on the deck.

Hula and Fire dancers on the beach.

A bonfire to sit beside. (and here on the Island all fires are smokeless)

And a hammock to take a nap. Or dream.

And guess what? Lia Brown, Editor of Avalon, has agreed to be interviewed on Seekerville.

Look for the date in future weekend editions.

Party Everyone


  1. Congrats Sandra on the contract.
    Is there anyone left on unpublished island now?

  2. I rowed to the island in the middle of the night just so I could be the first one to jump up and scream...


    Okay, coffee is on. The night folks have begun to party already. I'll be shooting off sparklers on the shore and I have the chocolate platter with ME!!!!!

  3. Sandra:

    This is GREAT news!!

    Write on, girl.

    No timer on the coffee pot. It's brewed and ready to go with all those goodies. The fridge is also stocked with cold sodas, juice,and lemonade.


  4. Congratulations, Sandra!!! How exciting!

    Your book sounds intriguing, and the research sounds fun! :)

    And I like the Captain Jack picture/reference. Quite fitting, I think! ;)


  5. SANDRA!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sorry Tina I think my island is closer thats what it was.
    Hate to say it im off Chocolate but am happy to share danishes (if thats the right way to spell them)

  7. SHIP AHOY!!!!!




    Sandra, this is such good news! Yay, oh yay!!!!

    I'm dancin' around (it's still dark on the beach even though it's morning) with my sparkler, I am NOT wearing a grass skirt, it's more of a tent, but very classic nonetheless, and I'm so excited.

    And Captain Jack.

    AND food.

    And drink!

    Oh, yes, the time has come to party once again!

    Congrats, girlfriend! And may God bless you and keep you.


  8. Sandra,

    Congratulations! So exciting!

    I'm rowing out to meet Tina - she has the CHOCOLATE!!

  9. Once the pouring rain ended, I could hear the shouts! HURRAY HURRAY HURRAY.
    There's nothing like a "the call" party in Seekerville!

    Congratulations Sandra. Your book sounds great-how cool to have gotten into the world of cycling.

    I will be back later for food, of course.

    Sending cyber hugs and whooops and. . . hey, you're not all sick of zucchini bread yet, are you?

    Go Sandra, Go Sandra, Go Sandra!

    Must add congrats here to my blogmate-

    D'Ann Mateer

    on her CONTRACT SIGNING yesterday. Did you see the Fireworks over in Inktropolis last night?

  10. Oh, DEB!!!!

    Hooray for D'Ann!!!!

    Celebrations galore!

    Edwina, do not, I repeat, DO NOT eat all that chocolate. Yes, I've got Mallo Cups but I'm sincerely starving this morning....

    And I'll share mine if you share yours.

    Well, umm.... Tina's.

  11. Congratulations...that is wonderful.
    Thanks to "thelisa" for pointing me in your direction.
    Lovely post.

  12. Congratulations, Sandra!!!!This is such exciting news!!!!!! Talk about a combination of grit, determination and talent!!!!! You go, girl and I can't wait to read your book!!!!!!!

  13. Wow, I got up at 5:00 AM to party and here you all are already partying away.

    Hooray. Love a party. For any rreason. But especially this reason.

    Ausjenny I understand why you are here early . Time zones and all.

    Tina-you were first stateside. And Mary. The two of you are such night owls. LOL

    And Helen is always early. And with coffee. yum. Great way to start out.

  14. What exciting news! Congratulations, Sandra!

  15. Amber, Thanks, And isn't Captain Jack a scream? He's been trying to boot us all off this island for ages. I think he wants to build a resort.

    Hi MIa,

    And Edwina, We have plenty of chocolate. I mean with friends like Tina and Ruthy, we need to be well supplied because umhmmmmm well, lets just say we need to have plenty. smile I mean we all love chocolate.

  16. Debra, How exciting for your friend. This news is always wonderful in our writer world.

    Thanks for the zucchini bread. One of my favorites.

  17. Mary,


    right back at you.

  18. Oh, SANDRA!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!! You knew about this yesterday, didn't you? Didn't you? How did you stay quiet?! I would have blabbed! But you all know that.

    YAY! This is awesome! So exciting! And YES! Edits ARE FUN!!!
    Yay, Sandra! So happy!!!

  19. Ruthy, Ruthy,

    Up early and singing and dancing.

    You know folks she is why my behind is so bruised. All those kicks in the pants. sigh.

    But worth it in the end.

    Smiling and dancing myself.

  20. Hi Granny, I'm thanking "thelisa" too.

    Kav - thanks.

    Mary B. You're a doll

    I'm speechless. All this cheer so early.

    Ahhhh You all are so sweeeeeet.

    And Melanie, yes, it was killing me, but I knew I've been crazy all week. But I love a party. Wanted to wait.

  21. Blessings, congrats, and happy sails to you.

  22. Awesome news, Sandra. Congrats!!

  23. Thanks Kathy and Lisa

    Hey, I think a conga line is forming.

    Some awesome music

    And the food.

    Captain Jack, you are amazing.

  24. Whoo-hoo! Congrats Sandra!!! I had the priviledge of reading Victory and it's wonderful. So thankful Avalon thought so too.


  25. I'm still trying to figure out who DF is. LOL

    Hope you have an awesome day, btw. :-)

  26. Pamster, Your comments were helpful. Must have been what put me over the edge. smiling

    Thanks Jessica, Secrets are fun aren't they?

  27. SANDRA!! So happy that at long last you're sailing off our beloved little Island !! I'm sure you'll miss all those long walks along the beach with Jack--maybe even wonder why you traded them for REVISIONS--but life can be good on the Mainland, too! Congratulations!

    I was one of the lucky ones who got to read this story in its draft form, so I know what enjoyment lies ahead for future readers!!


  28. Congratualtions, Sandra! I'm thrilled for you. And did Capt. Jack come with the contract. (A girl can only be so lucky.LOL)

  29. Thanks Glynna, Happy dancing all around this island

    And Lorna, Captain Jack comes with the island.

    I mean like Glynna says, there are advantages to being on Unpubbed Island.
    No pressures. No deadlines, No revisions.

    And Captain Jack serving up beach luaus all week long. He does like to keep the islanders happy.

  30. PAR-TEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's light up the sky like the 4th of July!!!!!!

    WHOO-HOO, SANDRA, I'm dancing in the streets ... or on the beach ... or on a picnic table ... or anywhere else I can find because I am just SOOOOOOOOOOO over the moon with your sale, my friend!! What a RUSH!!!

    The chant is deafening -- SANDRA, SANDRA, SANDRA -- MAINLAND, MAINLAND, MAINLAND!!!!

    The people are rockin', music is blarin' and there's even a grass tent on fire, spinning like a top ... oh, wait ... that's Ruthy!

    The Price of Victory sounds WONDERFUL, and I can't wait to hold it in my hot, little hands!!! Soooooooo proud of you, my friend.

    Hugs all around ... but first, where's the chocolate???


  31. This news just makes me feel a rousing rendition of a song coming on....

    *CELEBRATE good times, COME ON! Let's celebrate!...*

    Yay, yay, yay! That is absolutely fantabulous news! I'm SO excited for you!

    (Days like this I feel it's fine for every sentence to end in an exclamation point! LOL!)

    Soak up all this congrats and good fortune today, Sandra. You know we'll always be there behind sounds vaguely familiar to the Verizon commercials, eh?

    Super congrats from {now} very wet Vermont. I want to officially be the one to congratulate from this wonderfully green state

    : D


  32. Congratulations, Sandra!!! Your book sounds fabulous. I love the photo of you paddling away from the island. So cute.

    I know it's a bit early, but I'm getting the blender ready for anyone who might like a tropical drink, complete a colorful little umbrella.

  33. Wow, Julie Dancing!

    Project Journal Singing!

    I'm with you! Exclamation points all around!!!!!!

    This celebrating is almost more fun than the call.

    Well almost.

    But DEFINITELY FUN! Thanks everyone.

  34. Ohhhhh Anne, I was really thirsty too from all that dancing.

    Tropical drinks. Wowza.

    Yep, Couldn't afford a sailboat, so the kayak has to do. Do you notice my poodle Suz is on board? Cody, the black lab is swimming along with us. He loves to swim and play tricks so he ducked out of the photo. Probably chasing a duck.

  35. Who is DF?

    Donald Frump?

    Darling Frankie?

    Diddly Foop?

  36. WHOO HOO, Sandra!!!

    Happy news!

    Congrats, congrats, congrats!

  37. And Rose, Congrats to you also.

    I was just reading through the weekend editions and saw your news.

    How marvelous.

    We all can celebrate.

    Yay, I'm going to stoke up the fire. I think Captain Jack is digging a hole in the sand to roast a pig for this evening. Yummmmmm He makes the best.

  38. Sandra!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have goose bumps for you...
    (or is that the chocolate?)
    I'm so excited for you!
    sail away sail away (think Enya!)
    *May says hi to Suz and Cody!

  39. Hi, Sandra -- Glynna's sister Sheryl here -- CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    I would say that's quite an accomplishment to have gotten off Unpubbed Island twice!

    So very happy for you! I hope you have a little time to bask in the glow of "the call" as you dive into those revisions! Enjoy!

  40. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Way to go, Sandra!

  41. Woohoo, Sandra!!! I could barely wait for Saturday to roll around.

    Sooo proud of you, and Ed for helping with the research. I've got to tell you, Gary has not even once offered to learn bullriding to help me research my novel,LOL!

    Conga line? Gotta have one. I'm off in search of the tail.

    I'll be back!!!

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! Sandra!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Thanks for sharing the news, Deb!

    Super YAY for D'Ann!

  43. Congratulations, Sandra! Tickled pink for you!

  44. So.

    Who left Jack navagating the head of the Conga line? Tina, I see you way up front.

    Hard left. Hard left.

    If he leads us into the jungle, we'll never get out.

    Of course, that's his plan, heh heh. He sees all his lovelies leaving the island.

    One can never trust a pirate...

  45. ✒✒✒ What super news, Sandra! It couldn't happen to a nicer writer. Party on!!!

  46. KC Cody and Suz are so excited to get attention too. They send a woof to May.

    And Renee, Thanks for the congrats.

    Stay and have some island fare. I'm soaking it up since I'll be leaving.

  47. Hi Sheryl, Thanks for joining us. I feel like you're a part of the Seekers with all the support you give Glynna.

    You've shared in all our news.

    And yes, I'm playing this weekend. Revisions are done.

  48. Thanks for the warning Audra.

    You would know about that Conga line. LOL

    Yep, the bicycling was easy.

    But if I pick skydiving or bullriding for a hero I'm on my own. LOL

  49. Congrats! That's awesome! :)

  50. Pegster, Are you who I think you are?

    Hip hip hoorayyyyyyyy!


  51. Off to play pickleball. Hubby insists.

    After all its the up and coming sport on the mainland.

    Maybe the setting for my next wip????

    Be back soon. Don't eat all the chocolates.

  52. Doing a happy dance for you here, Sandra!!


  53. Whoo-hooooo! Congratulations, Sandra! Every time I read about one of the Seekerville inhabitants escaping Unpubbed Island, it gives us all just that little bit of extra hope!

    Please pass the pineapple juice.... and the chocolate!!


  54. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Sandra, I bet you can't stop grinning.

    I think that is so sweet and dedicated of your husband to join a cycling club for your research, how special is that!

    I'm excited to see the artwork!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!

  55. Me black heart will be sad when the last Seeker leaves the island as you ladies throw excellent parties.

    They keep getting better. Nearly lost my swagger on that Conga line.

    Who is that woman with the red hair and flaming lips? We need to talk.

    14 first sales later and "I think we’ve all arrived at a very special place. Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically.

    Sales? I love sales. Drinks all around!

    Sandra me love, I am beyond delighted at your sale. I lift my glass to many more.

    Now, just one gold earring has gone missing? Did I misplace it? Did some lass remove it without me knowledge?


  56. Wow so many mysteries today?

    Who is Pegster?

    Who is DF?

    What happened to Captain Jack's earring?

    Stay tuned....


    Is that kosher or bread and butter?

  58. Congrats, Sandra!! SOOOO excited for ya!

  59. Yay, Sandra!!! I'm so happy for you! I'm partying in north Florida for you.

  60. Caongratlations, Sandra!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Congratulations, Sandra! What perseverance it must have taken to start all over again and play the 'get published' game! Your hard work paid off.

    May this be the first of many more sales to come!

    Enjoy the celebration!


  62. Captain Jack, You devil you. I told you not to tell anyone about that earring. Its my souvenir.

    And I'm not telling how I got it either.

    More mysteries.

    Thanks Walt, Regina, Casey, Joanne and Susan

    Glad you could join the party.

    And Cara. Hi girlfriend. You know how fun this party is. smiling

  63. Ed beat me the first game.

    So I'm off to get him this time.

    Pickleball rocks.

  64. Congrats!!! I like how your *husband* joined a bike club for your if I could just get my husband on a professional hockey team for mine...HAHAHAHAHA!

  65. WOOOOHOOOOO, SANDRA!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gotta add my share of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have to agree with Cap'n Jack--the parties just keep getting bigger and better! This is a HUGE year of Seeker celebrations!!!!!!!!

    And, yes, Sandra, please inform us ignorant folks. What exactly is PICKLEBALL?????

  66. One of the Lisa's likes hockey...

    And one likes other contact sports....

    You two are a hoot and a half. I'm so glad I found you last week. Still grinning!!!


    Pickleball looks like SO MUCH FUN...

    You tell Eddie-boy that you're ours for the day, none of this pickle stuff. Especially with the way you've been throwin' back the rum punch, but I DID notice a smaller curve from the back when you headed up that conga line, sistah!!!



    Deep Froat?

    Down Funder?

    (Oops, I cannot play this game with Darius Rucker's name....)

    Don Fattingly

    No, wait, she said woman....

    DF, if you're out there, would you show yourself, please?

    Are you behind door #1?


    Or maybe....


    And Jack's earring is right where he left it last night, ladies, and it wasn't with Sandra, either. I saw it clutched in Mary Connealy's left hand well before daybreak. Oh, yes, if you check the beef farm in Nebraska, Jack's earring should show up.

    DF is famous....


    Probably ugly (or Sandra would have said more, right???)

    Multi-published, perhaps....

    But shies away from publicity.

    Dee Fenderson.


    Dora Foberts

    Nope, gotta scratch the ugly on those two, they're both lovely ladies...

    Hmmm.... scratching my head, too. Might be sand fleas. I was reposing on the beach last night. That's how I saw MARY and JACK....


    They're plotting and planning my demise as I speak.

    Vultures, the lot of 'em.

  67. WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thrilled beyond measure, Sandra!


  68. Dee Fummond?

    Dichelle Fobama?

    Doprah Finfrey?


    And...I saw Jeter slink off with Jack's earring, Ruthy...sorry to have to break the news.


  69. Sandra---CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are having quite the party. Food, fun and friends.

    Party on!! and don't stop celebrating anytime soon.

  70. I saw it too, Cheryl.

    Sandra was covering for the Jet-meister. But he wants to be Captain Jack. Trying to woo Ruthy I imagine.

  71. Hmmm, Jeter?

    Rumor has it he had a gold tooth installed and the gold earring was the finishing touch...

    OMG! Can you imagine Jeter coming up to bat, flashing those pearly whites with a gold twist????


  72. Speaking of Jack, look! He's running off with the rum bottles.

    Now how are we going to get the bonfire started??

  73. Awesome news, Sandra! All that hard work has paid off. Congrats to you!

  74. LIMBOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! How low can you go???

    Uh, Ruthy, "stop, drop and roll??" Not in a grass tent with a sparkler in your hand, girl, what's wrong with you??? Unless the grass mumuu catches on fire, which could happen because with another 4.5-star book coming out, you are ON FIRE, sweetie!


  75. Hi Patty and the Lisas and Lindi, Welcome to the party. Aren't parties fun? We at Seekerville love to party, especially for a "call" party.

    Yep, hubby is a hero. Tall dark and handsome too.

    And Ruthy's right. I've sent him on a bike ride with a friend.

    But hubby does love to party. Me too actually.

  76. Ruthy, Ruthy, Ruthy,

    Let's get this earring thing straight. Captain Jack promised that to me.

    Mary, Ruthy, I know you're partying, but really, taking my earring. And putting it in Nebraska.

    Man, can't turn my head for a minute.

  77. Hi Cheryl,

    And where did Jeter disappear to?

    You know he's in on this with Ruthy.

    As soon as I finish the limbo I'm going to come after you, Miss Ruthster

  78. Hey Julie, How low can you go?

    I love to limbo.

    We've got the music for it.

    Ohla Ohhhla Ohhhla

    That's me trying to sing. LOL

    Hi BK, Waving at you.

  79. Thanks Lyn, You've been a big part of my learning curve.

  80. YAAAAAY!!!!!
    Enjoy the voyage!
    I hear it's worth the wait!

    I'm so excited for you!!!!!



  81. Hi Kelly, Yes, you've heard correctly. So much fun.

    And Seekerville does know how to party.

    We're all kicking back in the sand now, getting a little suntan and a nap so we'll be ready for the evening beach party fun.

  82. WHOO-HOO, SANDRA!!!!

    I saw you paddling away from the island the other day and let out a shout that Ruthy heard in upstate New York.

    Snoopy dancing in Georgia...also doing the Electric Slide!!!

    I'm sailing over to the island for the party and should arrive in the next 15 minutes or so.

    I've got a boatload of island drinks for afternoon sipping--Mai Tais, Pina Coladas, Banana Mango Smoothies and an assortment of Frozen Fruity drinks that will cool all of us down in this 90-plus heat.

    I can feel the island breezes...and I see Sandra doing the Limbo! Along with Ruthy, Mary and Julie.

    Janet's waving from a hammock.

    Pam's searching for Captain Jack's earring and Tina...???

    I do believe Tina has disappeared with not only the earring but also Jack.

    Shhh...don't tell. It'll be our secret.

    DF? A famous person? Debbie Facomber, perhaps?

    Danielle Feel?

    Dan Frown?

    Den Follett?

    Am I getting warm?

  83. Congratulations!
    I cannot wait to read this!!!
    I've never seen a romance with pro cyclists before! And both DH & I ride century rides (our short version--33miles so far), & we love it!
    So happy for you! Congratulations again and good luck!

  84. Wooo-eeee! Congratulations, Sandra! What great news to see when I finally got a chance to sit down at the computer.

    And to have Capt'n Jack stop by and leave comments?! That's big news, too! :-)

    Joining that gang of other Seekers and Seeker Friends in Georgia doing a happy dance in your honor!

  85. Hi Debby, I thought I saw Capt. Jack sneaking off.

    But that's okay since you brought all those yummy drinks.

    Can't miss with a mango smoothie. And pina colada smiling.

    And watching everyone doing the limbo. Too much fun.

    And there's plenty more hammocks over in the coconut grove.

  86. Pamela, 33 MILES whoooeeee girl. The longest I've done is 25. So your wheels must be smokin.

    And we'll surely be announcing the book when it comes out next spring. Maybe you'll even win a copy. smile. There'll be lots of give-aways

    Hi Leigh, Waving at you in Georgia. You Southern girls rock.

  87. Congratulations, Sandra! Woohoo! Partay!!!!!!!

  88. Thanks Erica, Kick those shoes off girl and wiggle your toes in the sand.

    Captain Jack is running around here somewhere. I think Mary and Ruthy have him cornered in the mango grove.

    I can hear the band revving up again. Time for another conga line.

  89. Congrats! Sandra, I remember starting to read this over at the Denny's by ASU. You rock. Congrats.

  90. Congrats Sandra!

    Great news!

    Can’t wait to read your book. I love competition romances -- yet there seems to be so few of them (outside of the NASCAR series). Has anyone told Madam Zelda she’s right again? Wow. What a year for the Seekers!


  91. Hi Pamela, Yes, its the same story, but revised over and over. LOL

    Thanks for the congrats and the encouragment on the way.

    You rock too

  92. He Vince, Madame Zelda is always right.

    And where is she? I think she's off looking for Capt. Jack.

    Hey, there's a little cay off shore and I'm heading for a swim.

    Anyone want to join me?

    It will work up your appetite for the roast pig Captain Jack promised to dig up tonight. Yum

  93. Did I hear pig roast?

    Dibs on the ears and tail!!

  94. Yay, Sandra!!! Congratulations! What exciting news! A perfect reason for celebrations on the Island. I'm not moving far from the grill until I get me one of those shish kabobs.

  95. I'm finally back and can join in the party.

    I can't believe the sweet sound of the tide and the screaming sea gulls and the gentle swish of grass skirts.

    SOOOOOOOO wonderful. YAY SANDRA!!!!!

  96. Hey back from my swim. Wasn't that water so refreshing? sigh

    We are going to have to turn this island into a resort.

    Hey Audra, There isn't anyone I know fighting you for those ears. Have at em.

    I can smell that yummy pig. In Arizona we roast javalina. Tastes just as yummy.

    But island piggy is the best.

    Wonder if Captain Jack made any of his famous baked beans, I know there's fresh corn on the cob roasting Mexican style in the pit. Throw on a little chipotle and you'll be fightin me for those. LOL

  97. Hi Carol J.

    There's plenty of shish kabobs.

    Beef, chicken, shrimp, scallops. You name it.

  98. Mary, Mary, About time you showed up. You and Captain Jack were gone a long long time.


    Were you cookin up some mischief?

    If Ruthy was with you, I'm sure you were.

    Watch out everyone.

  99. Hey Pamela, I was remembering when I was swimming. Remember all the autograph parties for Desert Rose?

    Borders in Tempe used to sponsor our local authors during the Art Festival.

    Pamela always inspired me because she would tell all who came by, "And I have sweet inspirational romances, the kind you can let your daughter read"

    I just loved that. And I would say to myself, "that's what i want to say at an autograph signing."

    btw Pamela is one of the best sales persons I know. She always sells lots of books. Because she writes great stories.

  100. It's been a wonderful day here on Unpubbed Island! Feasting & fun! Congratulations again, Sandra!

    When do tonight's fireworks begin?

  101. Thanks, Sandra. I'm not much of a shellfish person (I know, I know... how can you live on the west coast and not love all the goodies of the deep?) so I'm pigging out on the beef and chicken. Yummy!

    What kind of mischief do you think Mary, Ruthie and Captain Jack are cooking up?

  102. You mean folks will eat sushi and not roast ears and tail??

    Silly people.

    They were delicious, thank you, LOL

    Fireworks? Can't wait! Any of those fruity drinks left? I'm ready for one along with the tasty banana creme pie that is the island signature dessert.

    And mallo cups.

    And chocolate.

    Lots of chocolate.

  103. Congrats Sandra, hope you had a wonderful party today. Are there any shish kabobs left?

  104. There's lots of food in the fridge in Ruthy's hut.

    She's preparing for her next deadline and likes to stock up.

    She has a double wide stainless steel fridge with a generator attached.

    Fireworks have begun in the cove.

    We'll be roasting marshmallows at midnight with the burning stack all the Seekers combined rejection letters.

  105. Tina,

    Burning those rejection letters is a great idea.
    Love it.

    All those sparks will blend well with the fireworks.

    And Carol, I'm not sure we want to know what those three are cooking up.

    Tina, There's plenty of shish kebobs. Enough to laugh through tomorrow.

    Hey the fire dancers are starting.

    Then we have some Tahitian girls who volunteered to entertain us between firework shows.

    Yummm. That roast pig is to die for.

    Captain Jack outdid himself.

  106. Hey Folks, When the fireworks are over, don't leave yet.

    Want to gather in a big circle and say a prayer of thanks for all of you.

    Want to thank My heavenly Father for all our blessings, in the name of His Son Jesus and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit..

    What a gift to be able to write. We are blessed.

    Thank you for sharing my celebration today.

    I'm sure the night owl will party into the wee small hours of the night.

    Have fun.

    I'm crashing in the hammock over there and will touch bases with you in the morning.

    I mean we plan to party here on the island the whole weekend.

    So have fun.


  107. Talk about doing a happy dance! That's awesome! I baked some trilevel brownies tonight in your honor ;)

  108. Let me just say....

    He roasts the best pig ever.


    Um, hello???? You guys totally trashed the place. You think the oil spill in the Gulf caused bird problems, what is that tern doing with....


    No, wait....

    It can't be....

    Oh. My. Stars.

    Sandra's bathing suit!!!!!

    But, wasn't she???????

    In the hammock????????

    Wearing the dagblasted thing??????

    Oh mylanta, I can't believe this, and on a Sunday.

    All right, I've put coffee on, and I'm doing early clean-up, but sleep tight, friends. There will be continuous party coverage coming from Unpubbed Island throughout the day.

    And Sandra, I thank God for you, for this writing gig, for all our friends in Seekerville all the time. Such a blessing to have a group of cohorts who get it and just have fun puttin' it all together.

    Love you guys. Heading over to
    Weekend Edition now.

  109. SANDRA!!!
    So sorry I"m late, but congrats, congrats!!


  110. Hi Sandra,

    I'm late to the party, but wanted to add my congratulations. I've sold two books to Avalon over the past couple years and I'm excited that you're off the island and into open seas!

    Sandy Elzie

  111. Congratulations and welcome to the Avalon family.

  112. [::shakes booty on the dance floor::] Congratulations!!! w00t!!

  113. Okay, the puzzle is solved. We now know what Mary, Ruthy and Captain Jack were up to all day yesterday.

    Hiding a stash of WATER BALLOON

    In the mango grove

    In the coconut grove

    Behind the rocks on the shore

    And they snuck up on us in the middle of the night and bombarded us.


    Which is why I had to take off the bathing suit and put on another pair of shorts.

    Nasty bird. I left it on the hammock to dry.

  114. Steena, The trilevel brownies were a lifesaver after that water balloon fight.

    Thanks. And btw they taste yummy this morning with my coffee.

    Pots on. Over the fire. A platter of fresh tropical fruit to go with it.

    Captain Jack is trying to redeem himself for last night.

    Said he would cook up some omelets to order. Wowza

  115. Sandy, Jean. Woooo hoooooo Avalon sisters.

    Will you be at Orlando RWA? If so, I look forward to meeting you at the Avalon event.

    Wooo hooooo

    Do you know Annette and Kim? They are Avalon authors from my local group, Desert Rose.

    I hope to see them too.

  116. Missy and Pepper, Better late than not at all. There are always night owls to party with later in the evening.

    Did you catch Ruthy and Mary?

    And Captain Jack.

    I'm plotting my revenge. smirk

  117. Zoe, I saw you dancing away after the balloon fight.

    Go girl.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  118. Yeah, Sandra. "Bon voyagee," as Bugs Bunny would say. We'll miss you here on unpubbed island. :)

  119. Thanks Kathleen, Just means we have to work hard at getting the island uninhabited. Hang in there.

  120. Ahoy and grand congrats, Sandra!!!

  121. I am SO glad to have the mystery of the bird-ravaged bathing suit explained. I was beginning to wonder if Sandra had partied just a wee bit too much. Whew!!

    This has been fun, folks. Off to read the weekend edition now.

  122. Whoooo hooo, how I've prayed for you, Sandra! You are such a good writer and I look forward to this book.

    You have a lot of good stories and more to come, so I'm really happy to see this post!

  123. Thanks again all of you for joining in my celebration.

    Hi Julie, thanks for stopping by

    Crystal, glad you saw the news. You've been a big part of my growth as a writer.

    And yes, Carol, Glad I have my swim suit back. Its my favorite. Naughty bird.