Friday, July 2, 2010

Top 10 Patriotic Reasons to buy Ruthy's new book AND delightful and amazing Giveaways...

The Top Ten Patriotic Reasons for Buying Waiting Out the Storm, Ruthy’s newest 4 ½ Star novel:

#10.: The economy needs all the help it can get.

#9.: Seriously, it’s not like you need a bank loan or something and I need new shoes. Two pair, minimum.

#8.: A tree has already been surrendered to the pulping machine. Should that sacrifice go unpurchased and unsung? I submit that it cannot.

Notice how cute Bethy looks in the scarves.

The first one is a genuine all-seasons navy blue and pink scarf from a street vendor in the financial district of the Big Apple. She looked honest enough and her gun was well-oiled. What more could I ask?

The second scarf is more summer-season, so if you choose that one do not let me see you wearing it mid-winter. Uh, uh. I don’t make the rules of fashion but I don’t break them, either. Geez, Louise. My son said the scarf was probably hot but I felt it and it didn’t feel any hotter than the other one. (ha ha. Get it? HOT???)

Winner gets choice of one or the other and don’t be tryin’ any of those sob stories on me about how you can’t decide. Seriously. It's only fitting and proper that I get to keep ONE of them since I went all the way to New York City to buy them, right?

Of course right!!!! (Don't ya' just love Fiddler on the Roof????)

Back to Pride in America reasoning and just so you know, the answer is YES... I DO always make it a point to watch Independence Day during the first week of July, I consider it my American duty...


I make sure I watch the movie version of 1776 starring William Daniels as John Adams and Ken Howard as Thomas Jefferson... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that musical and I always feel a little more devoted by the time it's done and I realize once again what people were willing to do and to risk for my right to be free... Freakin' amazing if you ask me....

#7.: Because we have pride in America and American authors and because Ruthy’s tattoo says: Made in America, and you can’t get much more patriotic than that. (It really says “Erin go bragh!” but you’ll never see it so you won’t really know for sure. I’m sneaky that way.

#6.: Because American authors shouldn’t have to shop from street vendors who may or may not be carrying stolen goods. And weapons.

#5.: Because Ruthy writes total motherhood and apple pie stories, she writes heartland with a heart, she makes you want to visit the North Country, NAY, her books make you want to relocate to the North Country with all your friends and take up snowmobiling and ice hockey.

#4.: I really need four more reasons? Whoa this is harder than I thought.

#3.: Because sheep produce lamb, mutton and woolen products, all valuable commodities from the farmer’s point of view and helping farmers helps America.

#2.: Because it’s got a great cover with a little kid, a puppy and some sheep, Americana at its best.

And the #1 patriotic reason you should buy “Waiting Out the Storm” is:

(drumroll, please!)

Because it’s a delightful romance that leaves you feeling good about everything and anything and makes you want to be a better person even if you’re already a really good person, because Ruthy books are habit forming but not illegal and should and could be paired with legally addictive stimulants like the caffeine found in fine coffee shops everywhere. And coffee is loaded with anti-oxidants to thwart mind-numbing disease.

So save yourself and others by buying your copy today! If your local store is already sold out, remember you can buy it HERE or HERE .

And, what?


I promised you a special surprise????

Oh, I did, didn’t I? Oh my, I almost forgot!!!! How silly of me.

Yes, here in my hot little hand is a brand new, fresh off the presses, amazing and wonderful copy of…


Made to Order Family. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today and today only, for a limited time (that’s not really true but I wanted to say it, more drama, more angst, creating scarcity, a sales ploy, you get it…) if you leave your e-mail in your comment, I will put you in for a drawing for a first-ever sighting of Made to Order Family, the third book of Ruthy’s oh-my-gosh-how-nice-are-these-books North Country series!!!!

I’m doing a Snoopy dance in upstate New York just to be able to hold these babies in my hot little hands. Do ya’ hear the Hallelujah Chorus in the background????

So yes, you must comment, you must leave your e-mail, do not make me hunt you down because I’m busy, I’m hungry and I haven’t even begun to prepare a proper feast as yet, but since it’s an all-American holiday, let’s go with casual breakfast, lots of coffee, selectively brewed for optimum flavor and smoothness, and barbecue later. Dave, darlin’, turn on the grill!!!!

I'll be giving away your choice of scarves, a copy of Waiting Out the Storm and a fresh-off-the-presses copy of Made to Order Family (unreviewed, you could be the FIRST!!!!)

Can you say: S-W-E-E-T???????


  1. My name is Tina. Tina Pinson. My email is

    my comment... Ah I think sheep are most patriotic too Very good at following their leader. Hmm is that good?

  2. What? WOW! This is a great giveaway. I saw your book at K-Mart the other day...I should make a point to go back and pick it up!

    Happy Early 4th everyone!

    XOXO~ Renee

  3. Ruthy:

    Ta Dah!

    I just ordered Waiting Out the Storm from Amazon.


  4. Patriotic - have you ever dyed a sheep red, white and blue - before the wool was shaved off? Not a pretty sight.


  5. I've heard of being dyed-in-the-wool, Edwina, but that takes the adage to new and literal heights, LOL!!!!!

    Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone!!!!

    KABOOM!!!!! (fireworks courtesy of RW&B Party Animals, the Tigers you need to create the best pyrotechnics for your Independence Day celebration)

    Renee... Honey.... Run, do not walk back to K-Mart and grab yourself a copy! Oh my stars, honey-girl, this is a Logan Herne ORIGINAL EDITION....

    What would you give to hold an original Austen or Alcott or Bronte in your hot little hand right now? And for four bucks, more or less, you can hold a Ruthy-book. Who knows when this opportunity will arise again?

    Oh. Well. Next month, actually.

    But still, Steeler Girl, that's a whole different book and 8 WEEKS away. ;)

    Helen.... Way to go, Dudette! ;) Many thanks from my house to yours.

    And Pinson's kind of anonymous, lurking, sidling in, not starting coffee. Seriously. Tina P. Do ya' see me yawnin' girlfriend???

    And yes, you may have noticed this entire blog is a shameless plug, but hey, someone's gotta plug this stuff, right? I can't leave it all up to Woman's World!!!! (grinning in upstate...)

  6. I have to tell you Ruthy that last Friday, only one copy of Waiting Out the Storm sat on the shelf at Border's in Henrietta so I put it back. I thought it was wrong of me to deny someone else the pleasure.

    and then I thought, hey I can get this cheaper at Walmart!

    Congratulations on your North Country series, Ruthy! I'm so thrilled for you. And I know that secretly everyone does want to move to a place that thinks 32 degrees is shirt-sleeve weather!

  7. Congratulations Ruth on the North Country series! I bought a copy of Waiting out the Storm to take with me on vacation next week (a different North Country. North Dakota). I bought it on Kindle though, so a tree was saved.

    Can’t wait for Made to Order Family!

    Hope everyone has a great time celebrating their independence!


  8. LOL!!! All right already! You've convinced me to go buy a copy -- and I already have one, autographed no less! But heaven forbid that I'm the cause of more angst in the economy or contribute to the useless death of a tree!

  9. Love the movie, "1776." In fact, daughter #1 is Abigail Adams in a highly-abridged version of it for her town's Freedom Fest. Can't wait to see her singing the "Salt Peter" song!!

    As for your North Country series, I love reading about that part of the country--especially when it's 99 in the shade around here.

    Happy Independence Day, y'all. ;)


  10. Oh my gosh, YES, YES, YES!!!

    You are all doin' just a fine job of supporting our national economy, spreading good cheer about the North Country (what's not to love????? Have you SEEN how cute L.L.Bean sweaters are??? And their HOODIES???? To die for. How can you NOT LOVE a color called: Sugarplum? Treeline? Golden Cider?????


    And don't forget supplying friends and relatives with a good, solid, very affordable Ruthy-read.

    They'll thank you. Oh, maybe not at first, but eventually, like down the road, they're going to look at you fondly and say things like, "Remember when you got me that cute author's first books, the ones you got at Wal-Mart for like four bucks? Well, I just want you to know that despite your cheapness aka: frugality, I really liked that book and I then went ahead and bought everything she ever wrote."

    So by that one little, tiny, bit of gifting you create a ripple effect that can go on forever, very eco-friendly.


    And timeless. Of course.

    Love you guys. THIS much.

  11. Where is Amber with baked goods????


    Um, hey, if I don't get to go away for the weekend, nobody does...


  12. Gotta get your books, Ruthy. So sorry it's taking me so long. :-(

    Have a great 4th of July!!! We're going to watch our hometown Huntsville Stars (minor league baseball team) and praise God for a wonderful country this weekend!

    Thanks for the God and country post! Please put me in the drawing! You know where to find me.

  13. Ok, so out of all that Patriotic business, my only thought is...

    RUTHY HAS A TATTOO???? Okay, line up behind me if you want to see it.

    Love the new 'do too.

    I went to WM to get your book and the slackers didn't have it out yet.


  14. You know I love your books and am so thrilled that I have another one to look forward to! When will it be on the shelves or ordered from (which I found out is Canadian but I am all for the North American economy).

    I had a great time at the farmers market this week. I am starting a tradition of taking dollar bills and buying one fruit/veggie/plant from as many different stalls as I can so I spread the wealth. I feel guilty not supporting everyone.

    Oh, and I learned that New Balance shoes now are the only exercise shoes made in the USA.

    Peace and happy July 4th, Julie

  15. Sorry bout the coffe Ruth,

    my brain was tired after picking the winners for my Win a Kindle Catch a Ghost contest.

    not to mention having to pick out disguises.

    being anonymous iwas harder than I thought.

    Can I make it up to you with some fresh homemade strawberry/ banana ice cream. For the holiday and all

    made with sheep's milk.

    Tina P

  16. Ruthy said: "her books make you want to relocate to the North Country with all your friends and take up snowmobiling and ice hockey."

    Don't push it, Ruthy. I just came off a 12-14 foot snow winter and snowmobiles and ice anything do NOT appeal in the least, especially since only two weeks ago we were still in the 30's at night. :)

    HOWEVER, since I loved "Winter's End" (even in it's original rough draft manuscript form), I'll be standing in line at Wal-mart soon to do my patriotic American duty.

    LOVE the new cover! And how exciting to hold ALL THREE in your hands!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

  17. Ruthy,

    Fantastic opportunity with great reasons to be patriotic. However, as I won a copy of your second book, I don't think it would be fair if I won a copy of your third one. So, I will do the patrotic thing and buy the third book when it comes out.

    Also, I don't think the scarves would look good on me.

  18. Oh, Walt! You're too modest. That first one is just your color!!

  19. Sweet!!!! Love the scarves and know I'll love the book. But I'm not eligible. Sigh. WAAAAA!

    Where's breakfast?


  20. Morning Ruthy, Wow, a fashion show at six in the morning. Can't do better than that. And a photo of you holding three---did I say THREE Ruthy books. Hooray.

    In honor of the 4th, I'm making my late mom's traditional potato salad. (It has shrimp and green olives instead of celery and pickles) yum yum yum. And hamburgers, the thick drip down your arm kind with onion buns, and of course you need the watermelon for dessert (also dripping down your arms) yum yum yum

    Congrats Ruthy girl. Love that series. And I'm with Glynna, I'll only visit in the fall when you have those gorgeous leaves.

  21. Holy firecrackers, Ruthy girl, NOBODY does a shameless plug better than you, sweetie-pie, and I'm taking notes!! :)

    BUT ... a shameless plug only really works when the item plugged is realllllllly worth it, which in this, I'm sure it is, based on how much I LOVED Winter's End. Haven't had the pleasure of reading Waiting Out the Storm yet, but I will remedy that soon enough, trust me!

    Happy Fourth, all!!


  22. Tina P., no. No, no, no to the sheep's milk ice cream. Even a roundabout shepherd like myself wants cow's milk ice cream.

    And none of that low-fat, "oh this tastes as good as the real thing" nonsense.


    Julie, bless you and thank you and I love what you're doing with the farmer's market stalls and I think I may put that quirk in a book because it's endearing.

    And that's part of my tag line:

    "Endearing, enduring... Fiction that embraces the heart."

    Oh my gosh I'm too sweet for words. Debbie Macomber, WATCH OUT!!!!


    And while eharlequin (and Harlequin itself is based in Toronto, gorgeous, gorgeous city) the distribution center that services the good ol' USofA is:


    And if you wanna talk totally, outrageously amazingly well-run, then we're talkin' that distribution center. And they love their authors. Just love 'em. And the staff is great, so buy buying the books you're supporting both the big printing company (Quebecor World or Worldcolor, the new name it goes by) situated just behind HDC (note how quickly I learned the vernacular, oh, yeah, I'm a smartie!)

    And since HDC is a huge supporter of gainful employment in Buffalo, Depew and thereby the USPS and authors like me and you AND corporate cool people in both the UK, Toronto and NYC, I say it's the least we can do to support our neighbors.

    If anyone is still unconvinced, really, I ask you, is the five bucks gonna kill you????

    That's one big frappuccino.

    And one BK meal.

    But it's zero calories to read a Ruthy book so I just saved you lots of time on the elliptical and I think I should get at least a thank you note, and maybe a hot coffee beverage of my choice for that.


  23. Oh, my, oh, my....

    No, Lisa, I lied, I don't really have a tattoo unless you count surgical scars that look like a north woods forest at night.

    Okay, I don't have that either, but it sounded fun, didn't it? Like I had a really creative surgeon... ;)

    Jules, I am a shameless plugger, and that sales-gene runs deep in my bones. And Walt, yes, go out and buy Made to Order Family at the end of August (and available sooner than that at, just sayin...)

    AND... Janet, I think Walt would look good in the first, but his cutie-pie wife would look great in either.

    Walt, that's so like a man, not lookin' down the long road, like how to make the wife happy in one free and easy lesson: Oh!!! Win a genuine NYC scarf from Ruthy!!! Extra points: priceless.

    Geez, Louise, do we have to spell it out for ya?

    Sandra, oh my gosh, a real Independence Day treat, what a great bunch of food. And I love drippy burgers, loaded. Your potato salad sounds adventurous. I'd like an extra scoop please because I think I'll love, love, love it.

    Fank you.

  24. Now, that's a picture worth a thousand words: Ruth holding the first 3 books of hundreds to come. Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

    Andrea Wilder

  25. So, to recap....
    you're giving away a scarf and a couple of books?

    I think that was buried in all that red, white and blue, top-ten-list, patriotism and threats, right?

  26. What wonderful giveaways! You're very generous to let such nice things go. I also loved your post of the reasons.

    If I win I'd take the darker scarf (the great picture won me over to that one)

    christi_corbett at yahoo dot com

  27. Andrea!

    Glad you could make it, chica!

    How cool is that to see THREE books????

    Oh my stars, I'm gagging and hyperventilating myself simultaneously.

    I think that's not really possible.

  28. Mary, you are so smart, too!!!


    ONE scarf, and do not try to make me feel guilty and talk me into both. That's not nice behavior, not at all nice behavior.

    Two books:

    One copy of Made to Order Family, still unreviewed (what if they HATE it???? Naw.....) because it's THAT NEW!!!! And such a Tony-the-Tiger GRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEAAAAATTTTT


    AND: (not to be forgotten, but it IS the middle child...)

    Waiting Out the Storm, a 4 1/2 STAR (am I mentioning that too much? Seriously, CAN ONE mention that toooooo much? I submit that they cannot!) just released North Country book where a totally cool, kinda-player veterinarian finds his stubborn misperceptions pop up to smack him upside the head when he finds himself attracted to the sister of the man who embezzled his grandparents and a whole lot of other townspeople's money in a very well thought out Ponzi scheme...

    And Sarah.... mixed race, industrious, Earth mother, kind and devoted... But tough as nails and not about to be played.


  29. Hey Ruthy,

    Great picture with your books!

    I'd love to win your second one and the third's coming out so soon! Yay.

    Have a wonderful long weekend everyone.

    sbmason (at) sympatico (dot) ca

  30. OK. Entering for my wife... :-)


  31. Just finished reading Winter's End, so I'd love to read this one too! And loved the reasons.

    valerierco at yahoo dot ca

  32. LOL Ruth I saw Waiting out the Storm not Made to Order Family and you sure know how to get a girl's attention. I would definitely love an original Austen but since that ain't gonna happen I'll get youur book and 200 years from now it will be worth a bazillion dollars! :-P

    XOXO~ Renee

  33. I'd love, love, LOVE to read your books! Who can resist an adorable story with an equally adorable cover? Not me.

    Please sign me up for the drawing.


  34. Loved Winter's End... love your patriotism.... I'm entering: tappitytaptap at gmail dot com

    No out of town this weekend for us either, except to take a Boy Scout to camp (which is the only way to go-- do NOT drive scouts home after a week of camp!!! Learned my lesson the hard way.)

    Sandra, dear, would you share your potato salad recipe with the shrimp & green olives? That sounds delicious! And patriotic!

    Ruthy, your descriptions of the North Country sound like the Cotswolds in England--full of sheep & green rolling hills. Sounds like a great road bike trip.

  35. Christi, you're in, sweetcakes!

    And you too, Val! And kisses and hugs for liking Winter's End!!!


    Walt, smart move!!! You're in my friend!

    And Susie-Q, you too!

    Angela, gotcha.

    Renee, yes, my young and beautiful (ah, I remember WHEN!!! Kind of. In a manner of speaking) friend, it was Waiting Out the Storm you saw...

    And it is sold out all over up here, so I'm doing good local PR. Of course being related to a bazillion people helps. ;)


    I love that you guys are spreading the word and I can't wait to return the favor!

    We don't quit. We fight the good fight.

    And I'm so humbled and honored by the response to Winter's End and now Waiting Out the Storm. How nice people have been. Obviously I have them fooled big time. ;)

  36. Pam, that is so true. The imagery is much the same, the sheep, the caustic winds, the winters, the long awaited spring, the babies, the bleating lambs...

    I love that image of England. Pastoral. Bucolic.

    I've seen lots of big cities and they have their own allure, but I LOVE country and small town settings. Just love 'em.

  37. I'm not commenting to enter the contest, cause I've already won the delightfully expected copy of Waiting Out The Storm, but I just had to say,
    GIRL you are CRAZY!
    You had me and my coworker laughing out loud in the office with this post.
    Have a good day!

  38. I really love ruthy She is a great baby sitter and I love her. She only ate one kid. I'm taylor i'm 9 and i love ruthy's book.

  39. Kelly, whatever I can do to help get you through the day, honey-lamb, I'm here for you.


    Scratch that.

    WE'RE here for you. All of us, banded together, sisters, brothers, one in the Spirit...

    Can I hear an AMEN!!!!!


    Laughter is the best medicine. Reader's Digest says so and you know they're never wrong.

    You rock, Kelly.

  40. I heard the drums and fife in the background as I drank in your post.

    Honest! I did!

    Scarves are very patriotic, although out West, we call them bandanas...

    Gorgeous scarves; gorgeous on Beth : )

    Completely feel good stories. Very good reading. Even better since you're doing your patriotic duty to support our economy by buying Ruthy's book...

    Oh, and pick up a copy Woman's World while you're at Walmart, July 5th issue. Ruthy's book is a favorite beach read!!!

    Now seriously, guys. Can't let July 4th go by without watching Independance Day!!!

  41. Happy 4th weekend, everyone!! I'm basking in peace and quiet. We had a new roof put on for the last 3 days. And they're done!! It looks great. And now I don't feel so frazzled from all the early morning banging. :)

  42. Ruthy, congrats on getting your author copies!! Woo hoo!!

  43. Taylor, run for your life, kiddo!

    Seriously, Ruthy, who is that girl in the pic behind you holding the books? You or Bethy?

    Since Beth is the spitting image of you, I'm putting my money on her!

  44. I would love to win the book and do a review on it. Never too many books for me.


  45. SWEET!(There I proved I could say it.)

    I've been gone for about a week, and come back to this. WHEW!!! Ruthy you have been busy. Congratulations on your 3rd book coming out. My role model. I wanna be just like you when I grow up.

    I'm always open for give-a-ways so definitely put my name down.

  46. What a fun post, shameless plugs and 'hot' scarfs included!

    Don't enter me in the drawing...just wanted to say "hi" and I'll combing the isles of B&N or Wal-mart come late August!

    Happy 4th!

    PS I'm glad to see you only ate ONE child!

  47. Aw, Pam, that's Bethy...

    And yeah, she looks like me. Poor thing. Her dad's kinda cute but she got the Irish side workin'.

    I'm surprised you noticed HER with me in the picture.


    Really surprised. :)

  48. Dianna you're in, Rose you're not, but so nice to have you guys here!!!


  49. Hi Ruth:

    As a copywriter my fingers just got itchy to write my own top ten non-patriotic reasons to buy your books. .

    The Top 10 Non-Patriotic Reasons to Buy Ruth’s Books

    10. You can be the only one smiling while you read it in the unemployment line.*

    9. You can enjoy a wonderful warm and fuzzy happy ending – at a time millions of people are out of work.

    8. If you’re an actor who needs to cry in an upcoming scene, the book will turn on the waterworks.**

    7. With a title he can really relate to (and with the ability to provide him with a healthy diversion while on the road), it would make a great gift for Al Gore.**

    6. You can read it on the beach to take your mind off the tar balls.

    5. You could read it on the plane to Indianapolis thus identifying yourself as a romance VIP. (Hint: ACFW).

    4. You’ll vicariously experience Derek Jeter’s eyes**. (This should probably be number one.)

    3. You’ll be encouraging the author to write more books.

    2. It will stimulate more reviewers to find out where those last ‘half-stars’ disappeared to.

    1. It will make Ruth happy and when Mama’s not happy, no one’s happy.

    *Applies only to Waiting Out the Storm.
    **Applies only to Winter’s End

    BTW, somewhere in the distant past, I think I won a future on book three. But if not, count me in.


    vmres (at) swbell (dot) net

  50. LOL, Ruthmeister, you truly know how to make me laugh on this day my children begin their no-tv-no-videogames-no-computer-for-the-summer corporal punishment.

    Do I hear a trip to the libarary calling?


    Congrats!!!! On your books. I need to make an run to Wal-Mart so now I have an excuse. :-)

  51. I'm excited to read your books. :) I like what I've read so far from the excerpts. Can't wait to find out what your latest book is about.

    cynthiakchow (at) earthlink (dot) net

  52. Hi Ruthie,

    Being as I'm from a really north country, Canada, I love books that feature snow and ice hockey. Not only that, I'm a farm girl so books with cows, sheep, horses, chickens, pigs, cats and dogs are made for me. I'm at
    avaldal @ shaw dot com.

  53. I never thought about tattooing 'Made in America' on my person. I'll have to give it some thought.

    So, if sheep are patriotic does that mean we can't eat them? My apologies to my vegan friends, I do like my lamb at least once a year.

    oops, almost forgot my email reneelynnscott at gmail dot com I wouldn't want to miss out on this awesome drawing.

  54. Vince, dude, it wouldn't surprise me at all if I messed up the numbers, but if I did it with you at least you've got a forgiving heart!!! Yay for that, Dude!!



    And you made me smile ear to ear which isn't hard with big teeth like mine.

    And Vince-baby, I think you'll love the new series too. I love the new series, I mean deep down in my little bitty heart, I just love it, and I hope the people of Allegany County love what I've done with their towns, their hills, their neighborhoods. ;)

    Thank you, my buddy. Grinning in upstate.

    And I wish I could swing RWA and ACFW this year, but I can't quite pull that off. Next year I hope to. We'll see how money goes, 'kay? But then that means you have to go next year too!

  55. Edna.

    I love that new pic. Oh my gosh, girlfriend, that's utterly charming. I might make sure you win just because I love that new pic that much.

    Mary does stuff like that, I think, oh, you know, she PRETENDS to be fair and impartial BUT...



    Look at you, turnin' off the 'lectrics. You rock! We did that every summer when the kids were younger to give them time to play sports and pay attention to their mother. I get annoyed when electronics take precedence over me...

    Very annoyed. You go, girl, and anytime I can give you a bona fide wonderful excuse to go to Walmart, ya'll just let me know, 'kay????

  56. Cynthia, I hope you love it!!!

    And you will ( I promise, regardless of Glynna's 2010 winter experiences...) love the North Country. And Marc and Kayla. And Sarah and Craig. And Brooks and Rita....

    Even though they all need an occasional slap upside the head. Totally understandable, right?


    AND ALICE V!!!!!!

    Oh, honey, you totally get it. I've gotten great letters from people who live or lived up north! So good to know that I've made them feel at home: cold, dark and miserable, LOL!!!!!

    But I'll tell ya', you ain't seen stars until you've seen them at this latitude, it's kinda like the world tips just a bit to pull you closer to 'em. Brighter, clearer, broader, wider....

    Although I hear from that Connealy gal and that Harders woman that Montana's got a pretty good sky-show goin'.

    I'm so glad you stopped in!

    I would seriously be all over those scarves.

    Can I win?

    I mean, maybe? Huh? Please?

    Don't tell Teeeeeeena.

  57. I must say that I sport a pretty mean scarf...and I'll have you all know that there were some much more, um, flattering pics taken of me in the scarves, yet somehow I knew which ones Ruthy would choose to post! :)

    Dropping in from Grand Rapids, Michigan!
    ~ Beth

  58. yaa haaa hoooo!
    Go Ruthy!
    may@maythek9spy dot com
    would love to win any of the above.
    GREAT cover on the new one.
    You're rocking lady!
    Y'all have a fab 4th!
    If you want another great movie - go for Disney's Johnny Tremain - from the 60's I think. I'm still singing "the Sons of Liberty"... Wonderful!

  59. absolutely loved this posting....thanks for the opportunity to read ruthy's latest novel :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  60. I agree with you on the top reasons; I would love to read this book and I'd even wear the scarf whilst doing so.

    SWEET SWEET SWEET deal for one blogger.


  61. I've been watching John Wayne today, how much more patriotic can you get. I'll probably watch Independence Day Saturday or Sunday. Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July to everyone in the USA and serving our country overseas.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  62. Robin and Linda, good morning, sweet thaaaaangs!!!!

    Oh my gosh, thanks for comin' by, I love that our parties stretch from the early hours east to the late hours of the west!

    John Wayne. The Duke. I have a heroine in a book kinda OCD over the Duke.

    Rightly so. And yes, that's patriotic and just plain wonderful.

    I salute you and thanks for the shout out for our men and women serving our country. Those reminders of what some are willing to give, to chance, to risk...


  63. Hi Ruthy, I loved this post. You sound like a "Crazy kinda lady" and I do love humor.

    I think sheep are adorable. You don't have to kill them to make money, just shear their wool.

    I spend day at home (due to meds that dr gave me and which make me loopy) but watched the shows on TV of the fireworks and Boston Pops with fireworks. The neighbors were out with fire works and my neighbor across the street sent one up that landed next to my car which exploded and scared us all to death. Fire works are illegal here in GA.???...

    Thanks for the awesome contest and the opportunity to enter. I love the scarf with the red flowers. I wear scarfs a lot.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  64. This will be a good read. What fun! Please add me to the giveaway and I appreciate the chance to win this book. Hope I do.

    Barb Shelton
    barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com