Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Edition Super Heroes Among Us

Those who have been in the 'hood awhile
know that every now and then
we like to share a little about what the Seekers
are really like. One of most closely guarded secrets in
Seekerville is that in our spare time we
defend the world from well, all sorts of things...

Yes, we are the
Seeker Super Heroes.

Tina Radcliffe is..
Keeping the world safe from excessive !!!!!

We Have Winners!

Tuesday Myra Johnson presented Writers as Speakers. Winner of Linda Apple's Connect is Valerie Comer.

The Perfect Pick Up Line... or How To Hook A Reader with Julie Lessman was our Wednesday post. Winners of the signed Julie Lessman book of their choice are Debra Marvin and Pam Kellog. Winner of the signed Julie Lessman book of her choice and a five page critique is Kirsten Arnold.

Thursday Janet Dean brought us Pitfalls with Scene and Sequel. Patty Wysong is the winner of Shirley Jump's Vegas Surprise Pregnancy.

Julie Lessman as PASSION MOST PURE
bringing realistic emotions to your pages.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: We're delighted to have Abingdon Press debut author Jennifer Hudson Taylor. here in Seekerville.

Tuesday: Another one of those Seekerville surprise, who stole the calendar, it's not my turn-it's yours, I hope someone posts days!

Wednesday:Georgia Seeker Debby Giusti, who's never met a Redneck she didn't like, brings a little levity to Seekerville, Jeff Foxworthy-style, on Wednesday, so log on and bring your creativity to win one of her books--title of your choosing--as well as a $10 Starbucks gift card.

Thursday: Multi-published, award winning author, Colleen Coble is our guest today and her topic is Layers.

Friday: Seekerville brings you an anonymous industry insider, known to us as 'S', who will be posting on What Authors Need to Know About Book Distributors. And we have a surprise giveaway book package.

Debby Giusti IS THE GENERAL,
Military Investigations Undercover Operative.

Save The Date

August 4: Desert Breeze author, K. Dawn Byrd.

August 5: Multi Golden Heart finalist Keli Gwyn.

August 6: Dorchester Publishing author Caroline Fyffe.

August 16: Bell Bridge author Maureen Hardegree.

August 27th: Barbour Publishing author Mary Lu Tyndall.

Audra Harders as the PURPLE PROSE BANDIT
stomping out purple prose with nary a heaving bosom.

Seeker Sightings!

Sunday, July 18
, Myra Johnson will be on Margaret Daley's blog, where Margaret will interview Jilly Gardner, the heroine of Where the Dogwoods Bloom.

Ruth Logan Herne
can be found holding court in Yankee Stadium today for Old Timers' Day, the day when aging former Yankees come to town, suit up and play an exhibition game for the fans. If you find Ruthy in the stands, feel free to approach, preferably with food. She loves to share other people's food. What a mooch....

"Following (which means copy-catting and proud of it) the fine example of her Seeker Sisters, Ruthy has just opened a new place on the net... Yes, for little or no money, you too can get a generous serving of Ruthy-Lite at "Ruthy's Place" where Ruthy shamelessly exploits pics of cute babies and small animals to sell books. Talk about a win/win." -Ruthy.

July 9-23, 2010: Win a signed copy of A Hope Undaunted OR your choice of one of The Daughters of Boston books at "A Hot Summer Day with Julie Lessman" on the Seasons of Humility blog.

A Hope Undaunted interview with Julie is now available on the website. And she's featured on the Writer's Corner.

Mary Connealy is the SAGGING MIDDLE MAIDEN
Got a sagging middle manuscript?
No problem! Let the Maiden kill off your secondary characters.

Random News

  • In case you missed the headline on CNN, Vince caused catastrophic Pantser trauma with his post on Philosophy of Romance.

Thanks to MARVEL, Create Your Own Super Hero for this insightful Weekend Edition...


  1. Thank you Julie! I'm thrilled to be a weiner here on Seekerville.

    And I will sleep better knowing that the world is just a little safer from sagging middles and purple prose!

    By the way, I WRITE LIKE Raymond Chandler AND Margaret Mitchell, just to start. I know when I put this on my query letters ...

    Happy Weekend.
    Oh, I've brought corn bread and butter. Nothing fancy. And I'll start the 'leaded' and 'unleaded'.

  2. I'll add fresh fruit (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries...I'm on a berry kick) and yoghurt -- eat 'em in a bowl or make yourself a smoothie. :-)

    And can I say just how much safer I feel knowing that the Seekerville Superheroes are on the job? I mean really!!!!!!! There is such a need in the battle against excessive punctuation, don't you think??????!!!!!!!!

    Brilliant weekend edition as always. Love the Marvel Comic link. I created a Librarian Warrior -- her mission to seek out delinquint borrowers and annihilate them. (not the books of course, she'll take custody of them first).

    Congrats to all the winners and I'm looking forward to next week!

  3. Morning Seekerville. I see we have wieners and cornbread for breakfast..uh, ookay.

    All the other Seeker Heroes were out on missions but trust me you can sleep at night thanks to us.

    Watch it, there Kav, he he he.

  4. Hey everyone!

    I've missed you guys so much the last few weeks--I'm doing Novel Track and have put my nose to the grind stone, plugging out those words.

    But I did take a moment to find out the I WRITE LIKE--some edgy, comtemporary guy I'd never heard of. A very bad omen for a woman who writes historical romance wouldn't you say?

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  5. The weekend edition never fails to disappoint. It's a great start to the weekend.

    Congratulations to all the winners.

  6. Hey Patty, good to see you.

    Rose, how's the life of the new published author?

  7. AND I write like David Foster Wallace.

    Yes, I had to google him to see who he was!

  8. Tina,

    Life is GOOD but busy! I'm working through my revision letter, which is as much fun to say as 'my editor'!!!!!!

  9. Magical and scary words. I keep expecting the heavens to open and a large hand to come down and pick me up and toss me in the river for such sacrilege every time I whisper the words 'my agent' or 'my editor'.

  10. TEENSTER ... Another "stellar" edition of WE, my friend!!!!!

    I like being A PASSION MOST PURE girl ... especially if I could have a bod like that ...

    BUT ... I'm a little nervous to learn that you are Exclamation Point Girl ... Keep that sword FAR away from me, lady, because only my editor has the right to wield it. And wield it she does ... sigh. And if you think the exclamation points are bloody, you should see what she does to the ellipses!!! Shudder!

    And, DEB, you're welcome, but I can't imagine why ANYONE would admit they are happy to be a "WEINER" on Seekerville, but different strokes for different folks, I guess ... :)

    KAV ... Librarian Warrior ... LOVE it!! I've butted heads with a few of those in my time ...

    PATTY ... Welcome back, sweetie!

    WHOO-HOO!!!!!!! ACFW Book of the Year finalists announced on Monday!!!!! Any nails left out there, gals????



  11. Great post and I love the Superheroes. Thanks to Julie for the book and the critique!

  12. Wow, Teenster, when you called me the Sagging Middle Maiden, I got a visual in my head that will NOT go away.

    And it had nothing to do with writing.

    Thank you VERY MUCH.

  13. for Ruthy...the Yankees calling today Old Timers Day has NOTHING to do with Ruthy and the current birthday count.


  14. Mary, I cannot help it weird stuff grows in the fertile fields of your warped imagination.

    You look like a goddess in that avatar. Just thank me and kiss my ring and be done with it. Wait til your husband sees you.

  15. Teenster, Great weekend edition as always. Love knowing the superheroines are out there for us. Unfortunately I've felt the sword of all of them. sigh

    But that makes it fun because now I can say (shhh whispering--I've finished my revisions) from "My editor".

    Oh joy.

    Since Ruthy's busy at the the ballgame, I'll bring some goodies.

    How about chorizo and eggs wrapped in whole wheat tortillas, salsa to spread thick on them,

    Those of you who can't handle the hot stuff, we have burroes with jamon, papas and huevos which is ham, potatoes (usually hashbrowns) and eggs. These are to die for.

    Platters of fresh fruit.

    Pitchers of fresh squeezed orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice

    Hot coffee, iced coffee (for those of you in hot places) and hot chocolate.

    Have a great week.

  16. Oh, man, I KNEW Mary would have SOMETHING to say about that super hero name.

    But face it, if a sagging middle was a super power, I'd have you all vanquished before you could say Pop-Tart Queen.

  17. Rose! That's the guy I've suppose to write like too! Isn't that a hoot!

  18. Fun post! Thanks, Tina! And I really liked the Sagging Middle Maiden. They were all good, though! :-)

  19. I love ya'lls WE's... somebody just has too much fun with these posts.

    @Julie: to be a PassionMostPure girl sounds like a club, like the American Girl dolls. Maybe you should get your merchandising team on that. Just a suggestion....

    I'm leaving SaggingMiddleMaidens alone....

  20. I write like, James Joyce, Mark Twain, and David Foster Wallace.

    What does THAT say?

    Other than I write like a man!

    I think I'll quit now before I develop a complex!

  21. Merchandising!!! I like this.

    Pop Tart Queen!!! I like that tooo..
    I just tried the chocolate cookie dough Pop Tarts. OH. MY. GOSH. Warm even.

  22. PAM!!! What a GREAT idea!! I'll get right on the phone with Revell!! NOT!! But it's a nice thought, sweetie!!

    ERICA!!! LOVE the "Pop-Tart Queen"!! And good to see there's another anal "hyphen queen" out there besides me!!


  23. Oooh, I'm a winner. Nice :) Thanks to the superpowers at Seekerville for pulling me out of the hat. Interesting mental picture there...

    I haven't bothered checking to see who I write like. Why? Because I haven't heard of just about any of the names anyone has bandied around. So not helpful.

  24. Whew, checking in WAYYYYY late due to Internet problems beyond your average heaving bosom control, LOL!

    Great job, T!! You are one *Marvel*ous, creative, ingenious, LOL funny Seeker!

    Must be all the coffee you drink : )

    GREAT WE as always.

    Now, can you tell me how to fix my Internet oh one of much knowledge?????

  25. I'm home from the beach and am trying to catch up on posts! Tina, thanks for great W.E.! I'm loving these heroines!! LOL

  26. Seekerville Superheroes! What a great WE. Thanks for the fun post.

  27. What a...super WE, Tina!! Lol! I loved getting to see you guys all up in your getups *wink*

    Sorry I haven't been around much, but it looks like you've been having fun as usual! The week ahead of us looks great as well...I hope to get to stop by more!!'s just a tricky time.

    BUT....I have exciting news!!! You know how I bought my car in April? Well, we found out a few weeks ago that the frame is all rusted out underneath. If I fix the "worst" I'll have to go fix another part after, and so on and so forth. Basically, it's a piece of junk! Great! Soooooo....we found another car and I'm trading in this car. They're actually giving me more money for my car than what I paid, which makes me extrememly happy. So, it's a maroon 2003 Chevy Malibu! We got it checked out on a lift (lol!), so we know it's almost totally brand new. There's 50,000 miles on it. We know the previous owner and found out why she traded it (she inherited the same exact car from her mother who passed a way. The only reason she kept that one was because it was one year newer. She LOVED the car!). PLUS, it has all power windows (YAY!), a CD and tape player (that work!), and a sunroof, just to name a couple awesome things about it! The best part:
    I'm getting it tomorrow!!! YAY! We made the deal a couple days ago. So, today I need to clean my car to bring with me at 1pm tomorrow. I will leave that thing behind and drive my new baby home!!

    Hope you all are having lots of good fortune!
    Talk to you soon,

  28. Just saw the BOTY finalists!!! Yay, Seekers!!! Mary is a double finalist, Julie is a finalist, Myra and Glynna are finalists!!! Oh, this makes the banquet so exciting and fun!!! I can't wait!!! And the Exclamation Point Girl is going to GET ME BIG TIME!!! But it's worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Hannah, never a dull moment with you, girl.

    Wave to us as you drive by.

    Got any tapes for that tape player? Mary has lots of them to lend you. She can also lend you 8tracks too!!!

  30. Love the pics!


  31. I went to the Marvel Comic Book site and made myself into a superhero.

    Except I couldn't get any clothes on her for the LONGEST TIME.

    I finally figured it out but by then I was traumatized by the very THOUGHT of me being naked on the internet.

    That is either the root of all nightmares...or an episode of The Biggest Loser...which is also the root of all nightmares. Yeesh.

    But I digress.

    So, I finally figured out how to put clothes on the very BUFF, RIPPED body of my super heroine. But it was too late.

    I was in shock at the thought and couldn't recover from it.

    I need a nap now. And a thumb to suck.

  32. Is that a good or bad thing, Tina??? Not really sure....

    I actually do have tapes! Lol! I grew up using tapes, so it's all good. Mary, you can relax, I won't steal your tapes *wink*

    Ok, I went on to make a super heroine too! Lol Mary! Great minds DO think alike, eh? How did you manage to get them on the website? Did you have to download and that saved it as a picture so you could put it in your post? Because I wanna do that on my blog with my girl! Lol....

    Talk to you later,

  33. Mary this is why you should leave this sort of thing for the experts like this. I should have put a disclaimer at the end of the blog. Do not try this at home.

    I take full responsibility.

    Hannah, I use a program called Capture XT Screen Capture to capture images and then I send them to PaintShop Pro for editing.

  34. Way fun!

    May the K9 Spy wonders if there is a need for a doggie sidekick?! :)

  35. I am thrilled to read that I've won a signed Julie Lessman book! What do I do now to claim it? My Christian fiction book club just discussed "A Passion Most Pure" on Saturday; we loved it. Most of us had to read the rest of the series too!

  36. Pam Kellogg, email Julie--see our links to the right.