Tuesday, October 26, 2010


How the Seekers write is the theme this birthday month in Seekerville. But before we can discuss the how, I want to know the why. And yes, there are giveaways today.

Why do you read and write romance?

(My very first computer in the 80's. Anyone out there remember the dot matrix printer?)

There are plenty of statistics on the RWA website. The romance genre is a 1.36 billion dollar industry and has not dropped much in spite of the economy. So obviously plenty of people love to read romance.

Again, why?

(Yep, thats me and dh at Wayfarer's Chapel in Palos Verdes, California, 1967 Ahhhh romance)

The statistics show that most readers of romance are in a relationship or have been involved with people in loving relationships such as parents, grandparents, friends, etc. So it isn't like they are searching out romance. They have it or know it.

Again why read and/or write romance?

(My Grandpa, one of the most romantic and loved filled men I knew holding me when born)


(Three generations of women who love romance, l-r grandma, me, mom. Does anyone want to admit to remembering days when you had to wear hat and gloves to go to town?)

You've probably guessed by now that I'm the oldest Seeker. Not even a boomer but a war baby. But as I wrote once in a book for teens, our body is like a space suit for planet earth. It gets worn out and older, but the person inside is still the young and romantic person. The person inside no matter what age is loving and thinking of romance--reading and writing romance. Yes, Julie, even the sensual romance.

Again why?

(Me with my 90 year old Dad who just went on a date last Friday night. Who says you're too old for romance?)


Can't argue that wonderful emotion we are all born with. LOVE. A gift from a loving God.
So no matter how old I get, that person inside of me still loves to immerse myself in romance. I want to dream about it, fantasize about it, read about it, watch it in movies, write about it and mostly LIVE it.

(Me and dh in Hawaii after the Maui Writer's Conference about 8 years ago. Now with this hunk in my life all these years is there any question about why I love romance?)

So there you have it. I have been blessed with a very romantic life. So I fit right in with the statistics of why.

Why do YOU love romance?

Okay Tina, I'll get to the topic. Now that you know why I love to write romance, I'll share a little about how I write romance. I have to admit I'm intimidated by the super neat offices of Janet, Myra and Debby. I barely even go in mine it is such a mess. LOL

But I can share my summer office.

Since we live in the desert we are backward snowbirds and "fly" away during the hot months to avoid the heat. We travel in our motorhome.

I put my computer and printer on the dash and sit in the passenger seat which makes that my summer office.

So my romantic dh points our motorhome toward the best view and says "Honey, here's your lakeside office, or here's your beach office, or here's your mountain office."

How romantic is that?

We've read about strategy from the best of the best, but to be honest, most of my writing happens when I'm walking. I think the activity of walking keeps my left brain occupied enough to allow the creative right brain to go at it.

Whether its hiking the desert,

the mountains at Lake Tahoe,

In the fall leaves back East

Or the park across the street from my house, I "write" the stories in my head. Then I crawl into that messy office and get it on paper.

You've seen how I get the romance. I get the plot ideas from news events, whatever is happening around me and from stories people share with me. My novel, PRICE OF VICTORY coming out with Avalon next year was inspired when the 1985 Coors Classic passed by my mom's house when she lived at Lake Tahoe.

So you've seen a glimpse of how I've been involved in romance over the years and how I've written over the years.

Please share your experiences. Tell us why YOU love romance.

To keep you hydrated, there is coffee (chocolate velvet of course), a selection of tea, hot chocolate, a variety of sodas, fresh juice and plenty of water.

To keep you energized, there is a breakfast buffet, lunch buffet and dinner buffet. For late night we have a dessert buffet. Now what's on the buffet table is up to your delightful imagination and hunger pangs.

Personally, I go salty with chorizo burritos for breakfast, a salad bar for lunch and for dinner I'll take steak and baked potatoes smothered with sour cream, sauteed mushrooms and bacon bits.

For your efforts, you'll be entered into a drawing for a ten page critique (please mention you want to be entered in that)
you can be entered into two drawings for two surprise Seeker baskets.

Can you guess what year this was taken??? Get a load of that hair.

Thanks for joining us.


  1. Hi! First I have to say I love your wedding dress and second I have to say I love your puppies, are the Labs? Third I love romance for pretty much the same reason as the next gal...there's ALWAYS a happy ending! *Sigh* I'm still single and I always get picked on by my cousin who says the reason I'm still single is b/c I read too much romance. I disagree but that's a story for another day LOL!

    XOXO~ Renee

  2. LOVE THESE PICS! You and your dh look SOOOO cute together! Love all the outdoorsy stuff.


  3. Sandra! I'm not the first to say it and I doubt I'll be the last; what gorgeous photos!! I especially loved seeing you as a little girl with your mom and grandma so finely dressed! Thank you so much for sharing all of those!

    Eva Maria Hamilton at gmail dot com
    and I would love a critique :)

  4. Love the photos. Dare I say they're nostalgic for me???

    Yes, I remember dot matrix printers.

    Like you, I found a keeper, so romance enhanced my life.

    Looks like you've covered all the bases in the way of drinks and food. If you run out before the day's over, let me know and I'll bring in reinforcements.

    Looking forward to Price of Victory.


  5. Oh I love the photos and what you shared.
    I love that you and your dad when on a date when hes 90 he doesn't look it and he looks do full of life.

  6. Thank you for sharing those great pictures! :D So cute!

    I'm from a very loving family, and I'm so thankful for that! However, I (like Renee) am still single, so perhaps part of the reason I like romance right now especially is because I can immerse myself in the book and be happy for the couple in the story. :) I'm a dreamer, so I love the idea of looking forward to my "happy ending" (as Renee also pointed out!).

    But no matter whether that "happy ending" includes a man or not, I know God's got a great plan and someday I get to go home to be with Him forever! :D

    So I love these Christian romance stories that feed my love for...well...love (the romantic kind), while also reminding me of what truly is important in life--living in God's love! :D

    Also, in general, I really don't know how to describe it, and I'm not sure if it's just a girl thing (probably, right?), but there's just something about a man protecting and caring for his woman. *sigh*

    I just LOVE what we learned in Petrine Epistles class the other day--that when Peter spoke of women being the "weaker vessel," he was referring to the fact that women are made differently, that words hurt them more and they are more fragile emotionally. So men are supposed to treat them with great care, just like someone would be much more careful with a delicate glass vase than with a hard clay pot. Isn't that so romantic? *another sigh* :D

    I'd love to win some Seeker books! :D Thanks, Sandra!



  7. Sandra!

    Thanks for sharing the Kodak moments of your life. We can definitely be buds... :)

    Dawgs! Hunky, romantic husband, fabulous views from that summer office. Wawzah!

    Dot matrix - cutting edge! Just missed my memory banks for hat and gloves to town, but there are photos of me somewhere with Mom and Grandmom! And, oh my, that dress and veil, agreed Renee, amazing and beautiful bride! Looks like it "took" too!

    Heretic here - I had never read an "official" romance until Seeker books (gasp) so I'm new to the genre and have some catching up to do! :) your book release is too exciting! It's now on the list.

    Even so, I'll take the critique if I win please. May at may the k9spy dot com.

    (Hi Amber, thx again!)

  8. Loved your article and pics! My hubby and I are planning on getting an RV when we retire and already have our travel list. I am fortunate to have been married to my hero for 30 years...its nice to know others can survive in small spaces!

    I was a pastor and church staff member for years and didn't read much fiction. Theology and non-fiction bios for sermon and lesson fodder were about it. But then my mom died unexpectedly, I loss my job in a financial crisis , and my husband became ill. All in less than a year.

    I started reading romance because I heard there was a guaranteed HEA. I needed those happily ever afters after reading a few books where people unexpectely died at the end! The emphasis on love was a bonus.

    I discovered inspirational romantic fiction and kept reading. The care taken by authors (yes, you) in weaving great biblical and theological lessons into entertaining stories leaves me full of gratitude every time I close a book.

    Looking forward to your next book. I would love to go in for one of the Seeker baskets.

    Peace, Julie

  9. What a great post - loved the pictures, especially of the three generations of women!

    To me, romance novels are an escape from reality. Even if we have lots of romance in our lives, and life is good, it's always nice to slow down - dare I say stop - and escape for a while with a great romance novel.

    I would like a Seeker basket.



  10. Sandra~

    Your wedding photo looks like something out of a movie, likewise on the little girl one. I wish I could still dress my little girl in a hat and gloves to go to town. She has Shirley Temple curls, and she always makes me think of old movies when she dances and sings.

    I remember dot matrix printers. I printed every paper in high school on one, and I graduated in 1997. We were a little behind the times at my house. In fact, my friend, who also frequents Seekerville, would say that I'm still behind the times. I don't have facebook, and I've only begun blogging in the last month.

    Ahh Romance! I began reading it in the 6th grade, but I didn't discover the inspirational kind until college. In the intervening years I read a lot of stuff no teenager should read. I praise God that He lead me to great authors like Lori Wick and Francine Rivers (both non-seekers, sorry) and now of course to this wonderful site where I'm learning of all the wonderful writers I didn't know before.

    I have conviction on my life that I am not allowed to read secular romance anymore. I confess that I sometimes shake like an addict when I see new books on the shelves by some of my old favorites, but so far, praise God, I've managed to resist. Just so you know, its people like all of you who have made that trial fairly easy to bear. Thank you all so much for writing stories that give me my romance fix without requiring me to read things I'd be embarrassed to watch on TV.

    I too have always loved a happy ending. And that's why I read romance. Why do I write it? Well, I don't write much, but what I do, or am trying to write, is because God gave me the story and told me to write it. It's a beautiful story of loss, healing, and finding love again.

    I confess, even though I know I'm supposed to write this story (and a couple others that go with it) I'm scared to death, it seems, to put fingers to keyboard and let my story out of my heart. Please tell me I'm not the only one....

    Well, it seems I wax emotional at 3:49 am. That old Latin proverb, "the truth is in the wine," well apparently the truth is in the insomnia as well.

    Please enter me for the Seeker baskets. I'd love to win a critique some day, but that would probably require having something actually written.

    I'm tired, I think I'll roll a sausage link in a pancake and take it back to bed with me.

    Later ladies

    andeemarie95 at gmail dot com

  11. Thanks for sharing those pics of your priceless memories! What a blessing to have such a legacy of love in your life! (And your clothes and hair in the last photo remind me of the gals on Charlie's Angels, a real 70's look.)

    I'm drawn to inspirational romance stories that remind me what it feels like to be chosen. In spite of the fact that there are others I might think more worthy—God chose me! As I experience the romance in the book, I’m reminded of my relationship with the Lord.

    I, too, am claimed by my Bridegroom. I am taken into His confidence. I am protected and cared for. I am special because He loves me. And He'll return for me someday. So thanks to you talented authors who so wonderfully remind us of our happy future!

    I'd love to be entered for the surprise Seeker basket--I can never have too many great books!

    reneeasmith61 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  12. I love romance because more often than not it has a happy ending. Hey! I just looked to Renee's comment and she said the same thing. It's true.
    I love the pictures! gasweetheart211[at]netscape[dot]net

  13. Love that wedding picture. It looks like a book cover! I think like romance books because I always want love to win out. It's all the aaahhh moments. (sort of a warm and cozy feeling) It lets me know there is still good out there.

    And yes, I remember the dot matrix printer. We had one along with a really big Apple II E computer, our first. My, how they have changed.

    I'm not a writer so I would enjoy winning a seekers basket.

  14. Could someone in charge please remove my extra posts? I don't know what's the matter with me and my computer. Sheesh!

  15. OH, I LOVE THE PHOTOS,SANDRA! Wish I could hang out today and chat about romance, but I'm off to wrap up my current WIP! It heads to New York via Express Mail tomorrow. YIKES!

    Have a great ROMANTIC day, Seekerville!

  16. This is flash from the past is so darn cute!!!!

    Andrea you think someone is in charge?

    Bless you.

  17. Sandra,

    To repeat the common theme; I LOVE the photos. And your 90 year old dad going on a date is just too cute!

    My love affair with romance began the first time my mom shared the story of how she and my dad met. It's one of those boy from the wrong side of the tracks, but looking for more, meets good Christian girl. Poor guy had a rough time of it, but finally got the girl and the God (it was the other way around though). :o)

    Next was when my grandmother took me on a trip through Nebraska the summer before my Senior year in high school. She took me to all of the "hot spots" she frequented and told me all the great (and heartbreaking) stories from her romance with my grandfather. He played in a band and they met at a dance where he played "Moonlight and Roses" for her. I still plan on writing their story one day.

    So, I guess I was born into a family of romantics and you add knowing the love of God to that and I was destined to be addicted to love stories.

    Thanks for sharing your story!

    I'd love to be entered for the critique.


  18. Sandra!

    Great pictures...I'm guessing the last one was taken around 1978? Close?

    I think I write read romance because it lets you relive those wonderful happy or nervous feelings that everyone has when they fall in love. Plus you do know in the end there will be a happy ending.

    RRossZediker at yahoo dot com

  19. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraOctober 26, 2010 at 8:07 AM

    Thank you for sharing with us Sandra. I love your pictures!! I would agree I love reading romance because there is always a happy ending!! I don't need the critique but I would love one of the baskets!!

    fantum2004 AT sbcglobal DOT net

  20. Thanks for sharing those great pictures. I remember those old computers. It is amazing how far we have come with computers.

  21. Awwww, Great pics!
    I don't know why I love romance. Maybe because it's thrilling and adventurous? :-)
    Also though, I really feel like it's a picture of God's love for us. Passionate and faithful and sacrificial. *swoon*

    I just won a crit. Not sure if it makes me eligible for more or not, but here's my e-mai, just in case. :-)

    jessica_nelson7590 aT yahoodot com

  22. Hi SteelerGirl, Yes, we've always had lab mixes. Since they are all rescue dogs, we don't know what the mix is but can guess.
    The yellow lab had Greyhound mix for sure. He was sleek and FAST. You could see the Greyhound when he ran.
    Hey, single gals are romantic also. And I'd bet you've had someone romantic in your life. Like your grandparents or parents or friends. And your standards are high. You want that HEA. Go for it.

    Romance is there. If not, all of us would not be able to write about it.

  23. I love love love the pic of you with your hat and gloves!

    And your 90 year old grandpa!

    And your summer office. I grew up in the Phoenix area and often wished I could escape like that during the summer!

    I write romance because I am so a pantser and can't manage to plot out something resembling suspense or anything of that nature [though I wish I could!]. And because of the HEA. That's why I read it too :).

    I would love either prize.

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  24. Morning Cheryl or I suppose I should say goodnight. smile. Glad you love the photos. They were fun to go through.

    HI Eva, Thanks, and you're entered.

  25. Morning Helen, Yes, I was giving you a break on the coffee. smile.

    But what's on your buffet table? It is always fun to learn about new foods on this blog.

    Glad you have a keeper.

    And aren't we glad we're past the matrix printer stage?

  26. AusJenny, I didn't go on the date with Dad. I'm talking about a real date. With another woman. Is that a kick or what?

    Dad was so sweet and caring of his wife and all the women in the retirement community where he lived saw how honorable he was in caring for her.

    Well they gave him time to grieve and now that he's out and about, they flock around him like hens to a rooster. (Sorry Blackie, I meant that in a good sense) It is so precious.

    He complained about it to my aunt (his sister) and she said "Talk to them because they need to hear a man's voice." Well Dad took their advice. chuckle

    He is having fun. And why not? If you're going to live to be 90 you might as well enjoy life.

  27. Thanks for a great post and fun question!
    I love romance because it reminds me that love is alive out there, happy endings abound, and not only in novels. Media would have us believe that the world is crumbling adn it may be in many ways, but love overcomes and I am so blessed with my husband and family that I get all giddy when I read a great love story. Makes me want to go kiss hubs, since he's at work, I'm off to call and tell him he rocks!

    Oh -I'd love to win some Seeker books :)

  28. Sandra,

    Thanks for sharing some of your family photos. I loved the one of when you were a little girl.

    My first computer was a PC Jr. with 64K memory. Remember those. We thought they were sooo cool. Never could have dreamed what was coming.

    I'd like to be entered in the drawing for the Seeker baskets. fictionfan1 [at] cox [dot] net

  29. Morning Amber, And you're so right on about our love for a man protecting us. That is how God made us. That is how it is supposed to be.

    Many women have to be self-sufficient so it is good we have a country where we can be, but the master plan was to be the other half to the man. And the premise was and is, the man should honor us and respect us as well.

    It doesn't always happen that way, but when it does, its a beautiful thing. And that is why we read romance because in those it does happen and it makes us know it is possible.

    Just like we read the Bible, we learn there is the ideal out there, but of course achieving it is a challenge. That is why it is great we have a loving Father who sent us His Son to redeem us when we aren't perfect

    So Amber, hang on to those ideals. They are your guide for finding Mr. Right.

  30. Hi KC, I did mention I think we have a lot in common, smiling.

    And your have such wonders in store when you read romance. There are some terrific writers out there. And if you look at those RWA statistics, romance is always on the best seller list. There is a reason for that.

  31. Julie, Congrats on the 30 years. That is a blessing.

    So many don't realize that when you've gone through the tough times and you stick them out, it only makes you closer.

    I'm sorry about your Mom. I lost all my moms within a year. It is a tough time. I don't know how people do it without a relationships with God.

    And I'm glad our books help. What a great reason to read them. That HEA does pick you up after a tough day.

  32. Hi Edwina, I love to escape in a romance novel also. At least reading a romance guarantees me escape. Into something that feels good.

    When I was working I read a category novel at night. I can't put a good book down so needed to get sleep. smile. Then I'd read the long novels on the weekend when it didn't matter if I did stay up late to find out how it ended. (Even though we KNOW, we still want to read it)

    Hubby never minded me reading because then I was too busy to make up a honeydo list. LOL

  33. Hi Andrea, What a sweet picture I have of your daughter. See you ARE a writer. I can just picture her dancing.

    What an inspiration your story and conviction is. I used to write those books you're talking about and it was Francine Rivers and her testimony that convicted me. That is why I stopped writing in the eighties. Now I write for Him.

    so follow that leading you have and don't be afraid. Not yet anyway. Just start writing. No one has to see it yet. When you're finished, you will start getting critiques and enter contests, but for now it is just for your eyes. Enjoy that stage as it is the most fun. And you'll know when you're ready to step out there and go public.

    Ps, I didn't see an extra post so someone must have taken it off for you. How was the sausage and pancake? That made me hungry.

  34. Loved all of the photos.

    I'm hooked on romance too - love to read it, watch it on movies, live it and write it.

    Sure would love to win the 10 page critique.

    Jodie Wolfe

  35. Thanks Renee Ann, It was fun digging through my photos and bringing back memories.

    You've nailed the romance thing. Reading an inspirational romance does remind us of the ultimate romance. The Groom waiting for HIs bride. smiling.

  36. I love your private out of the way office in the RV!

    Happy Birthday, Seekerville!!!!

  37. Hi Adge, I'm with you. I love, love, love happy endings.

    Patsy, you do remember the dot matrix? And you brought to mind that big Apple computer. Wow, another flash from the past. smile

    Hi Glynna, Congrats on getting that project finished. I know you feel good right now. Another happy ending.

    Tina, you're toooooo funny. What would we do without you?

  38. Hi Kirsten, Sounds like you have wonderful memories also. What fun. And yes, you should write that story of your grandparents. And your parents too.

    My great grandma came out west in a covered wagon then flew in an airplane to see me when I was born. Talk about seeing change. LOL

    You're entered.

  39. Hi Rose, Good guess. You and Renee Ann are in the right decade. My dh turned green when he saw all that hair on his head. LOL

    Yes, I love the feel good emotions of romance.

    Love is the best emotion. smile

  40. Hi Laura, I love your tag--Loves to read romance. Those are sweet words to every romance author. smile

    Hi Rebekah, Yes, change is amazing. Looking at that old computer makes me think of the dark ages. LOL

    Hi Jessica, Love, love, love what you said about romance. Its soooooooo true. It is a reflection of God's love for us. "passionate, faithful and sacrificial" Thanks for saying it so succinctly.

  41. Sandra,

    what a blast from your past. I'm thinking 70's for the last pic with the super doo.

    I like a good romantic element in my stories, but I guess I'm not a romance writer per se. Or so I've been told. I think we all want the happy ending, the world wants one. And who better to write about that and romance then the children of the very God who created romance in the first place.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    I'm game for the basket or the critique

    Tina P.


  42. Hi Carol, That's my 90 year old DAD, not grandpa. Isn't he looking great? Hope he's passed on those genes. smile

    You know from this blog that there are many of the Seekers who are "pansters". But you do need some plot so hang in there. You have to get to that HEA and make us feel good while doing it. You're at the right place to learn because the Seekers and friends do share great tips for getting that plot down.

    Happy writing.

  43. Hi Julie Ann, You're so right. We need to read about and see happy endings because they are out there.

    What I am reminded about the news. "They only report what is unusual." so we really don't want them reporting feel good stories.

    What we need to do is NOT take them as gospel. They are reporting the unusual, and they want the sensational too. IT IS NOT THE NORM

    People are basically good or we would have chaos. Thanks for reminding us of that.

  44. Hi Vickie, Aren't those photos a kick back into time?

    And memories of the old computers. It amazes me how people think these things up. The electronic industry changes faster than I can keep up with it. I am so amazed by how their brains must work to think up all of this.

    We'll probably laugh one of these days about blogs and call them ancient.

  45. WHOO-HOO, SANDRA!!! War Babies and Boomers unite!!!! NO WAY the youngsters should get all the fun, right???

    What a great, GREAT post, my friend -- LOVE the pictures and LOVE the office!!! I may be a wee bit jealous of the office, but I love you SO much, that it just slides right off, sweetie.

    And, hear, hear ... I get my inspiration/ideas when I walk too -- only mine's on the treadmill instead of the Rockies ... or the beach ... or amidst rolling riots of autumn color. Oh-oh, the jealousy thing's peeking in again!!

    Ah, romance ... one thing that can keep the mind and heart young ... not so sure about the body!:) I love romance because for me it helps the little girl in me aspire to be all God intended for her to be -- loved, cherished, and in my case, spunky -- a truly valuable commodity at my age. :)


  46. Thanks Jodie, I'm with you. Love romance. And you're entered.

    Charlotte Kay, Thanks for dropping by. The RV office is great as fewer interruptions. smile

  47. Hi Tina P., Thanks for joining us.

    We need good authors of the other genres also, so don't apologize for not writing romance. I love a good suspense novel. And there are many Seekers out there who love a mystery.

    What genre do you write?

    Good guess on the 70's.

  48. Sandra, I'm so loving these photos!! Thanks for showing us your moving office. I'm so jelaous!

  49. By the way, what's a dot matrix printer?? I'm too young to know.

    ;) Just kidding.

  50. Sandra,
    I LOVE your pics.
    And that wedding picture???? It was breathtakingly beautiful. The way he's looking at you is endearing. SWEET!

    I love romance for several reasons. The whisked away feeling it brings. The inate (God-given)desire to witness true love as much as possible :-)
    And, as a christian, the JOY in sharing what love can look like - real love can look like, even if it's dressed in overalls or sporting an attitude.

    It may never 'look' the same, but at the heart of it all, it is - in a beautiful, breathtaking, self-sacrificing, and uplifting sort of way.

    Okay - I waxed WAY too poetic on that. Back to work...and alternately daydreaming.
    Who wouldn't love that?

  51. loved the pictures..and the stories behind them..thanks for sharing.

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  52. Hi Julie, YEAH!!!!. You've proved in your stories that the romance happens no matter what the age. smiling.

    And yes, we can still have fun even though the old body might protest a bit. I'm good at ignoring the groaning. LOL

    And I think the romance is doing a great job with you because you are young and spunky. Hang in there girlfriend.

  53. Missy, you're too funny "you young thang"

    Pepper, You did wax poetic and your words just makes me want to read what you write. You have a beautiful way with words. So hurry up and get published so we can all read those poetic words of love and romance.

    Hi Karen, Thanks for joining us.

  54. Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for sharing all your lovely photos! I love the wedding one - I actually thought you guys were models for a minute! LOL.

    My love affair with romance started when I was very young. The first books I loved were Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew Mysteries. But I was more interested in the potential love interests than the mysteries! Even in Anne of Green Gables, I just kept reading to see if she and Gilbert would get together.

    Now I am married to the world's most un-romantic man, so I have to get my fix somewhere!

    That picture with the hair has to be the 70's! Memories from my teen years.

    I'd love to win a critique! (Can you keep it away from Ruthy though?!) LOL.

    Have a super day!


    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  55. Somebody physcially closer to Sandra give her a BIG hug for me, will ya?
    I needed that encouragement today, Sandra. Thanks a bundle!!
    And I'll send a cyber-hug your way. :-)

  56. Hi Susan Anne, Models? Well a good photographer can help out a lot, smiling. And of course youth helps too.

    You're right about the 70's. Did you have that long hair too?
    Don't worry, I'm doing this crit, but Ruthy says I'm tough also. So maybe you do need to worry. LOL

  57. Aaaaaahhhhhhh Pepper, Love the cyber hug. Thanks.

    And hang in there. Some days are easier than others, but it seems like my writing ends up better on the rough days. Must be my closeness to the emotions. LOL

    Thanks again for the hug.

  58. What a fun post. Love all of the pics of you ladies. Everybody loves a little romance. It's difficult to find ANY genre that doesn't benefit from at least a touch of romance.

  59. You may have gone beyond the dot matrix printer but my printer at work doesn't know that. It's just as s-l-o-w as its granddaddy!

    Loved this glimpse into your life and the thing that strikes me the most about the pictures is the joy in your face. And your summer writing view -- Wow!!!!

    I read romance because....I LOVE romance. That doesn't help, does it? I'm in the minority of readers where I'm not living my Happily Ever After so I like to read about others living it...if that makes sense.

  60. What a wonderful post! I love reading romance for the hopefulness and the reminder that love (which is from God) can prevail! I love the HEA and the journey to it that is different for each person and is a gift to be grateful for and appreciate.

    (I'd love to be entered for one of the baskets :))

  61. Hi Tina F. Yes, most publishers like at least a little romance. Do you want to know why? Because most book buyers are women. LOL. So they know you need to give them a little romance.

    And men like it too, even though they don't want to admit it. My dh always reads mine. He plays Hallmark movies for me and then admits afterward "Well it was corny but I loved it."

  62. Hi KAV, You need to ell your boss to get with the 21st century if your printer is still a dot matrix. Can you even get paper for those? But I guess if it serves the purpose????

    Don't worry about not having romance in your life YET. If you love romance, it will happen some day. Just keep watching for it. And reading about it never hurts. Keeps your mind focused on the good outcome of HEA. And believe.

  63. Hi flchen1, Yes, God is love, so I think that is basically why we love to read about love. Its ultimately reading about HIM.

  64. I love writing romance mostly because I'm an optimist and loving person in general - and because it reminds me of God's love and how HE romances US.

    I absolutely remember dot matrix computers - and DOS! And I'm guessing the 70's for that pic. Love ALL of them. :)

    Would love the page critique. joanne(at)joannesher(dot)come

  65. Sandra, thank you for sharing photos from your life. I especially love the three generation one. I had to really look to see which was your grandma and which was your mother. Neither looked old enough to be a grandmother.

    My office is chaos! Between homeschooling and helping hubs with the business part of our upholstery shop AND writing, I'm not sure how I get anything done. I have noticed that taking walks does help me get my story out, but so does doing the dishes.

    Your summer office is absolutely beautiful! My favorite place to write is when we're fishing at the lake. Of course there is no electricity to keep my laptop powered.

    I can't say exactly why I love romance. I could probably blame it on Mickey and Minnie Mouse, or Popeye and Olive Oyl. I grew up with movies like Grease and Pretty in Pink. I married my high school sweetheart, a month after we'd been dating he made me a wooden heart in shop class. On that heart were the words "with intent to love". At seventeen it melted my heart and I believe that is when I fell in love with romance.

    reneelynnscott at gmail [dot] com

  66. Hi Joanne, Yes, romance does remind us of God's love and how He romances us. Great analogy.

    And DOS, I forgot that term. Probably on purpose. LOL

    Thanks for joining us.

  67. Hi Renee, Yes, fishing would be a great place to write. You need to get an Alphasmart. They run on Double C batteries and weigh next to nothing. You can bang them around and they hold up. That's what I write on because you can't really edit on those so I stay in the right brain creative mode.

    Then when you get home, you'll be able to download tons of pages onto ;your computer. You'll be amazed.

  68. What fun seeing all the pics, Sandra.

    Love your traveling office. Oh, my, the scenery is breathtaking. How inspirational!!! I'm talking to hubby about getting an RV! We'll meet you in the mountains or at the beach.

    Loved your comment about the inside person being always young. So true! When my elderly aunt was in the nursing home, I loved seeing all the gals with the hot pink nail polish and upswept hairdos. The single guys in the place were in demand! :)

    Hubby is a handsome hunk!!! Lucky you. So good to hear of a long term love affair.

    He's a lucky guy too. Bet he knows that!

    And you went to the Maui Writers Conference? Oh be still my heart. Do tell more...

  69. Wowser, I LOVE that wedding picture. You are so beautiful, and your husband looks like the stuff romance novel heroes are made of!

    I'm gonna guess the last photo was taken in 1974.

    I love romance because I'm guaranteed a HEA ending.

  70. Wow, what fun to see all the great photos, Sandra!! Your life looks like one adventure after another!! We've seen some of the west and its gorgeous! Love Lake Tahoe!

    I walk with my d/h, which means I talk instead of plot. Imagine that? LOL I seem to have to write to think, but I may try walking solo and see if it works.

    Your dad is every widowed woman's dream guy--handsome and considerate. Better yet if he has wheels and can drive. :-)

    I'm about to head to the salad bar. Thanks for feeding us all day!!


  71. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family photos. I especially loved the black and white ones.

    I wish people still wore hats and gloves to town. *sigh* I have a small collection of hats that I like to wear to church, sometimes with gloves. People think I'm weird, but I don't care. :-)

    I'd like one of the Seeker baskets if I win, please.


  72. When I read a romance book, I like to see how the hero and heroine overcome the obstacles in their paths, whether it's the internal conflict or external. It's always interesting to see how people of different backgrounds can still come together in certain situations. And I love the happy ending where they end up together.

    Please enter me in the surprise giveaway.

    cynthiakchow (at) earthlink (dot) net

  73. HI Debby, Yes, get that RV and come camping with Cara and I on the beach. We'll show you the ropes. Its a great life.

    Yes, hubby does appreciate. That's what's so wonderful about him.

    They don't do the Maui conference any more. sob. If they do, GO. Its fabulous fun.

  74. Hi Erica, Good guess on the photo.

    Happy writing.

  75. Hey Janet, How romantic to walk with hubby. You can write later in that lovely office. smile.

    Angela, I love it when women wear their hats to church. It seems so special. Hats are great fun. some wear them to writer's conferences too.

    Cynthia, You're right. The obstacles are fun. You know they are going to overcome them, but the exciting part is finding out how.

  76. Hi Sandra:

    Wow! My cousin was married in the Wayfarer's Chapel in 1967! And I’m going to see her in California, Saturday after next, for the first time since then! I think that’s one of the most beautiful places to have a wedding in the whole world! BTW: you didn’t happen to have your reception on the Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor? That would be too much! : )

    What a dress! That’s better than most of the dresses on “Say Yes to the Dress”! Do you still have it? (Writers need to watch this show because you’ll see unlimited ways of showing almost every kind of emotion in every show!)

    The picture at the bottom on your post looks like 1978 to me. How close am I?

    BTW: my wife’s cousin just sent my wife’s sister a birthday card which read:

    “Women Who Are Looking for a Husband, Never Had One”.

    (Maybe the wrong people are reading romances! These gals need to win one of the Seeker books!)

    I’d like to win a highly illustrated copy of your autobiography.


    vmres (at) swbell (dot) net

  77. Re-n-eeeeee! Sheesh. GIRL! *big grin*

    Yes, I LOVE your wedding dress too! Wow, why can't we find something like that today, hmm??

    I love romance, because it's ROMANTIC! There is a joy to it, a chance to find love, to feel the emotions if written correctly, heart pounding moments, but more than that there is usually a beauty to it. A growth of characters and the readiness to share their lives together. Sigh, I am such a hopeless romantic.

    Critique or books sounds wonderful, just like you all, thank you for the chance! :)


  78. Hi Sandra, Loved looking at your photos. Your wedding gown is gorgeous. I'm going to say the pic at the bottom was taken in 1972. My fav stories contain at least some romance and have a happy ending. I'm a perpetual optimist believing that love can surmount all obstacles. And I have a romantic hubby who keeps me feeling younger than my years. All the best with your debut Price of Victory. I'd like my name included in the drawing for the surprise basket. Thank you.

  79. Sandra,

    you asked what genre I write. Usually Women's historical fiction. With a touch of romance. and some suspense.

    My book Touched By Mercy due in December is that genre. It covers some about the Orphan train. I was told In the Manor of the Ghost was more a gothic even though I felt it was in the same historical genre.

    But... I'm writing a sci-fi series about time travel, gene mutation, clones and such. I finished the first. And I'm waiting hear from a house about a contemporary and a historical I submitted back in May.

    I figured the 70's was the decade for the pic, but I wouldn't try and guess the year. You're hubby isn't wearing a blue or any other color polyester suit, so I'm guessing early 70's.

    take a look at my facebook photo and you'll find my hubby dressed in a brown polyester suit for his graduation.

    I remember my dad had a powder blue suit he had for years after they went out of style and we wanted to burn the thing.

    Strangely, or not so strangely, he died and I would give anything to see him walking around, even in that stupid suit.

    Anyway, not meaning to be a downer.

    Your post just brought up some memories.

    Thanks again

  80. Sandra you were a gorgeous little thing!!!!!!!!!!!!....uh....just like now! :)

    Love the pictures.

    I love romance. That's my genre to read and to write. I just want happily ever after. I read some detective fiction, too, Sue Grafton, Patricia Cornwell, Alex Kava, Faye and Jonathan Kellerman, a few others, but those usually have at least a happy ending, in that justice prevails.

    But I mostly want love to conquer all.

    I'm such a sap.


  81. did Mary just say she was a sap?
    Of course there have to be a few life-threatening moments before love conquers all, right, Mare?

    My kind of book. Explosives. Sinking ships, runaway coaches, cliff jumping...

  82. I read to escape. It is nice to escape the "real world" just for a few minutes each day.
    I think the pic is 1976.
    I would love a Seeker basket.
    I'm ready for lunch here.

  83. I'm back for eggs and hasbrowns. 4:00 am was a long time ago. I tried to be careful, but I still had to get the pancake crumbs out of the bed when I got up.

    Tina~ Shouldn't someone be in charge? Do you deny we need a chaperone?

    Vickie~ My husband and I were looking at and all in one computer this morning that comes with a 750 GB hard drive--we've come a long way from your 64K. WOW.

    Renee~ "With intent to love" Awww! Did his boys tease him when he gave that to you? What a guy?

    I still have a shoe box full of things DH gave me in high school. We didn't marry until after college, but we dated 6 years. This coming May 20 we will have been together 16 years (married 10 in April) and officially half my life (not counting the 6 months we broke up in 1998).

    Sandra~ Thanks for your encouraging words. I really needed them I guess. Again, thanks for sharing all your blessings with us.

    At 4:00 this morning, my super long post was listed twice, so thanks to whatever cyber-fairy deleted the extra.

  84. aw man I'm single too..bad relationship so the right one's gotta be a super duper winner right?!
    I don't write but I love reading romance..just love a HEA!

  85. Love romance because it warms my heart. It encourages me in my own relationship and sometimes convicts me too. Love romance because in the end, there's happiness and joy, and because there's always hope.

    Is that last photo circa 1975? Made me think of Charlie's Angels?

  86. I've read some saying that every genre needs a little romance... Well get a load of this... My three y.o. is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The friends are putting together a care package for Donald. Daisy's contribution is an envelope full of kisses. See Romance shows up even in the kiddie shows.

  87. Also, bring back high waisted blue jeans. The more fabric there is, the happier we'll all be.

  88. Of course, Pepper. Love conquers all, plus gunfire.

    The usual sweet Christian romance stuff. :)

  89. Vince, My man, are you kidding me???? Wayfarer's Chapel in 1967????? But now we didn't have the reception on the Queen Mary. We lived on the north side of the peninsula so had the reception in Manhattan Beach.

    Did you all know that the Wayfarer's Chapel was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright? It is all glass so it seemed like an outdoor wedding. Lots of weddings there. We had to wait a year to get the place, but it was worth it.

    Thanks for the tip on the show to watch. Sounds fun.

    You got the right decade. The photo was the seventies.

    Why don't you write an autobiography? I bet it would be just as fun.

  90. Sandra I just noticed something, did you get married in the glass church in CA? That Wayfarer's Chapel? Because if it is, I visited that church a couple years when I was in CA. It was so GORGEOUS! My favorite part of that trip. Would be pretty neat if I am thinking of the same place. :)

  91. YES, I just visited the site you mentioned and it is the same place!! How neat!!

  92. Hi Casey, Wasn't that sweet about Renee's wooden heart. "with intent to love"

    I just love hearing about romantic moments.

    I bet you could get someone to make that dress. There were roses appliqued on the material. If you need to make one, I can send you more photos. It was lovely.

  93. Hi Pat Jeanne, Yes a good romance does keep us young. All those positive vibes, smile.

    Hi Mary, Yes, a little action is always a plus in a romance. You're the expert in that score.

    Have to say, real life hubbies do seem to keep us hopping and young and life full of fun and adventure.

    Runner 10 - good guess. You're close

    Andrea, glad you made it back for more buffet. And 16 years, that's wonderful. Yes, bring out that shoebox often. The memories remind you why?

  94. Hi Tina, You're right about the decade but I skipped the polyester suit. Your photo is great. How fun.

    Those suits were great to wash, but what a kick on how they looked. Bright colors were fun though.

    I know what you mean about missing your Dad. I miss my father-in-law and the moms. We think of them often.

    Can hardly wait to read all your wonderful genre ideas.

  95. Susanna, Don't give up. You know what you want.

    Patricia, You nailed the date. Congrats. And yes, those romances do convict us sometimes. I see my dh and I in so many of the situations and say "hey, we can work this out."

    Andrea, yes romance in the kiddie shows. Of course. Romance involves LOVE

    Mary, more jean material????? You are sooo funny.

  96. Casey, yes yes yes, It is the same place. Isn't it GORGEOUS?

    I'm so tickled that you visited there.

    The Lord's prayer is engraved on the steps to the alter. So special.

  97. Sandra, I enjoyed your post! Thanks for sharing with us.

    Why do I love romance? It probably stems from having such a loving relationship with my Dad as well as watching him and my mom love each other even at moments when they don't necessarily like each other. My dad is the tall, dark, and handsome type, a gentle loving giant who has always been my hero.

    I'm a little old fashioned when it comes to romance. Its my hope to show how healthy and solid relationships can be without the woman feeling like she has to be a man's equal and without the man feeling like he can't treat a woman like a lady. Nothing wrong with women being strong. But, I long to see men stepping up as loving protectors or their cherished ladies and woman allowing that protection. Its all about portraying a picture of Christ and the church. How can we not be romantics when we have such a romantic God?

    lr. mullin at live .com

  98. Sandra!!! Love-LOVE-LOOOOVE those pix!!! What fun!!! Lovin' that photo of you in those sexy-curvy jeans, gal! You were smokin'! Great pix of the doggies, too. What would we do without our canine companions?

    Dot matrix? Oh, yeah. Actually, my first published stories were typed on an IBM Selectric. Then I "graduated" to a Kaypro II computer and a daisywheel tractor-feed printer. That thing (the printer) was humongous!!! And noisy! Anyone remember how "fun" it was to rip off those strips along the sides and then separate the pages?

  99. Hi Sandra:

    Yes, I knew that Frank Lloyd Wright designed the “Wayfarer’s Chapel”. My parents lived about two miles from it. I loved that condo! However, there was always lots of traffic on the road up to the chapel because they had weddings almost every hour! I would have married there myself if I had been living in California at the time of my wedding.

    BTW: One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s students, Euine Fay Jones, designed a similar style church in Bella Vista, Arkansas, called the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel. It’s the poor man’s Midwestern “Wayfarer’s Chapel”.
    (But they don’t know that here. : ))


    It’s also a great church to visit and meditate. Many people don’t even know it’s there until they get thirty to forty feet from it.

    I think the AlphaSmart may use the smaller AA batteries which makes it even lighter. My AlphaSmart has been sent and is in the mail. I hope to take it on our California road trip.


  100. Thanks for sharing the photos! I love the wedding dress!

    I write romance (even though I'm unpublished) because I think, all in all, that's what life is all about. Love. That's what makes everyone's lives the best on earth, and fully lived. To be in love, to have had love, and most importantly to share love.


  101. Linnette, I so love your definition of romance. It is an image of God's love for us. Have you heard of the Promise Keepers? I bet you would love their premise.

    Your parents sound wonderful. See you do have a model to follow.

  102. Myra, I was hoping someone would remember that fun process. It was a pain in the behind to do, but it was such tactile proof that we finished something. So you had to almost love it. smile

    Thanks for the compliment. 20 or 40 years more or less make a big difference. LOL.

  103. Hi Vince, Thanks for sharing all the info. The Mildred B Cooper Memorial Chapelis lovely. I didn't know that was built by a student of Wright's.

    I made the link live so readers, you can go take a peek.

    Have a fun trip to California. Its a great time of year to go.

  104. Hi Susie S, With that attitude about romance and love and practice, practice, practice, you should have your wish to be published. That's how we all started out. smile

  105. You've given me an idea, Sandra. One of these days we need to do a post where ALL the Seekers share what they looked like 30-40 years ago.

    Of course, for a couple of us that might mean sonograms.

    Or did they have those in the "olden days"?

  106. Myra, that is funny. Yes, a couple of us would have to use a sonogram. Or we could just go back to childhood then we all won't have to admit how far back some of us are going. LOL

    Doesn't bother me to share my age. I'm thankful and sometimes amazed I made it this far. But some might not want to share and we know who that would be. chuckle.

  107. I read romance...well it helps when my man works out of town. Love the hair...love the pants...
    70's all the way!

  108. I read romance because I love the "buzz" of when two people finally get together. And I don't think my hubby would appreciate me finding that buzz by making it happen in real life every few months. :)

    sign me up for some baskets please!

    rmjagears AT gmail DOT com

    And as to Andrea, my former college roommate and commenter above - (why on earth did you take a pancake and sausage to bed with you? made me laugh--a lot), who I persuaded to try out Francine Rivers when I saw her reading Harlequins that first semester is a lot of the reason why I write what I do, I want to provide alternatives that will hook someone from the secular reading camp.

  109. MJ, I'm wondering what you mean by a buzz every few months. I'm hoping you're meaning you don't want to have a new relationship every few months. LOL.

    Slap my hand but my imagination is just too much.

    So you're Andrea's friend. How fun to find friends on the blog. You have a good question, but it sounds yummy.

  110. Hi Sandra. Thanks for the photos--fun and nostalgic. And the inside peek at your writing habits and romance. Love your dad's attitude. Think it rubbed off on you a bit. :-) I think we're wired to want love and romance--and, of course, the happy ever after.

    Yes to the dot matrix printer. (I used to work with computers when one took up its
    own huge, air-conditioned, room.)

    And yes to the dressing up--though I was at the tail end of the hat era. I remember wearing a wool suit, hose, and white gloves for my first plane ride. The change from dressing up to dressing down seemed to slide in so quickly.

    Love your image of our bodies as space suit for planet earth. So apt. I know every time I speak my age, it sounds way off.

    Oh my, your office views are too cool. After your desert photo, my screen showed about 3/4 of the next and I said to myself it looked like Lake Tahoe.

    Mary Kay
    Mary [at] MaryKayMoody [dot] com

  111. PS - I'm guessing the photo was 1976 or 1977.

    You will tell us, won't you?

    Mary Kay

  112. *sigh*
    May I just say that I'VE MISSED YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!!
    We've been so busy, reading/blogging has hit the backburner to sleep (at least until it's time to get to work early for writing!)


    I enjoyed this one, girl.

    Thanks for this.

    I write romance becuase after finding out what it WASN'T with my first child's *sperm donor* :D I found the man God brought me and my child...then he gave us more love...he gave us child number two!

    Our house may be full of loud, piercing noises, stomping kid feet and groans at bathtime, but our house is filled with love.

    I write/read romance because it's what makes me smile and my heart flutter when my husband comes into the door and the kids race to his arms.
    Because of the butterflies I still get when dh reaches for my hand in the car while I'm focused on *plotting* :D
    Because when we hear daddy coming into the bedroom, we hide under the covers and giggle.
    And because it's funny, happy, and God-given feelings.

    I LOVE romance lol

    and I'd LOOOOVE to be in the drawing :D


  113. That was a wonderful trip down memory lane, and it wasn't even my street.

    Why do I love romance? The truth is I love a good story. However, it was only in the last few years that I learned you could find good stories in romance. That doesn't mean I was a Phillistine beforehand. It just means that my reading tastes had not expanded to include romance yet.

    As for these days, there are many elements of the genre that make me blush. I guess it always will.


  114. I LOVE your Dad's attitude! Good for him! All your pictures are beautiful. I love romance because it just feels right. Reading a romance novel makes me feel like the universe is in balance:) I'd really like to win a 10 page critique.

    Mary M

  115. Oh my goodness...chorizo burritos! I use to eat chorizo breakfast burritos all the time in California. I live in Indiana now but I think I need to find some good chorizo.

    I guess I love romance because it gives me a cozy warm feeling inside. You know the feeling....sort of like picking up a cute cuddly puppy that is wiggling all over and it starts to snuggle and it's over...you're in love.... :D

    Cindy W.


  116. Hi Anonymous MK, so you admit to remembering all that stuff. And yes, the computers in the big air conditioned rooms. Wow that brought back memories.

    And dressing to the nines to fly in an airplane? Remember how sparkly and dressed up the flight attendants were also?

    Yes, I'll tell the year of the photo in the weekend edition with the winners. smile Do you want to be entered?

  117. Hi Kelly, AAAHHHHH what sweet sharing of the romance in your life. My dad used to tickle us girls when he tucked us in. We'd scream "No daddy, no daddy" The neighbors called the police because they thought he was abusing us. Sooooo funny. My mother was mortified. And of course we loved it. The bedtime fun, not the police incident. We didn't even find out about that until years later.

    So I know what all that means to you and your children.

    Glad to have you back with us. Enjoy.

  118. Walt, You're blushing? Oh my. I would love to see that.

    Yes, a good romance IS a good story. That's why they get on the best seller list.

    And most other genres do include romance at least a little bit. So fun.

    I bet your street down memory land is just as fun.

  119. Cindy W., I"ll be sure and send you some chorizo. I can't imagine living without it.

    But then you have some yummy foods out in Indiana. I know because Janet keeps mentioning them.

    Your analogy of a cute puppy and a great romance--love it.

  120. Sandra, I loved the pictures! Thanks for sharing them. I read and write romance because of the happy endings, the hope for God's best. And, of course, exploring the love relationship between two people.

    I would love to be entered into the drawings for the seekerville surprise baskets.

  121. Yet another fun & uplifting post! :)

    Why do I love romance? I have to admit, I don't love any and all romance, per se, but I do love a romantic story that captures some of the hard, real life issues that make many love stories challenging but also that much more worth fighting for. Stories like those tell us that love can't be bought, cajoled, or dictated into being, but that love always requires humility and personal sacrifice. I love seeing examples of individuals who've overcome tremendous odds in the name of love, because those stories reaffirm how much love is truly worth. Those are the kinds of romances that capture my imagination and sometimes inspire me in my journey with my husband. :)

    As for the draw, I would love to be entered into the draw for the critique. Many thanks!


  122. Vince, I love Say Yes to the Dress! And yes, you can learn so much about family dynamics on that show! LOL

  123. Thanks, Sandra! I'm not sure how popular my view is. I'm glad you liked my explanation of what romance is to me. :D

    My parents are wonderful, but it's not without hard work. My mom suffered from clinical depression for a while and still struggles with mild depression from time to time. There was separation and divorce when I was grwoing up, but God brought them back together. Ours is an unusual story, but God is amazing. Marriage takes a lot of work no matter the circumstance, but I admire my parents for overcoming so many obstacles. It's all in the focus. Obeying God is the best and safest path and that's the path my parents eventually took. :D I love them dearly!


  124. Hi Dianna, Yes, the relationship between two people is still exciting and worth reading about. And I loved your desire to know God's best. That is what romance is about-- God's best. LOVE

    Thanks for joining us.

  125. Wow, Child of P. Very deep stuff. Love it. Great definition and reason why we love romance. Life even though full of love and romance does have its challenges and trials. So it is encouraging when we can know those challenges can be overcome.

    Good job on defining this. smile

  126. Linnete, That is a beautiful testimony. You are absolutely right. True love and a loving relationship is a lot of work. There will be trials, tests, tribulations on the way.

    Sound familiar? Sounds like our walk with God.

    Guess we're still talking about LOVE LOVE LOVE

  127. Thank you, Sandra. Man, I wasn't expecting your initial question to lead to such a deeply moving conversation about love as these 100+ comments have brought us. Wow! What a great way to end the day. :)

  128. @Sandra -

    EEK! I knew that but I was in hurry. Dad it is! Of course, I thought Gpa because you look way too good to have a dad who's 90!

    Yeah - I plot. But it tends to be very basic plotting like 'Mandie and Nate dated in HS. Then they broke up for some reason. Badly. Now her twin sister is marrying his twin brother. And she just called off her wedding 2.5 weeks before it was supposed to happen.' Go.

    Can't do plotting like that for some sort of suspense or something. At least I can't the few times I tried it.

    [And yes, I missed like 100 comments but it's too late to go through them all. So here's some peanut butter M&Ms for anyone who's still around tonight.]

  129. Yes CHild of P, There have been some deep insights. I love all the Seeker friends and their sharing. So inspiring.

    Thanks to all of you for joining us today.

    Winners of the critique and gift baskets will be announced in the weekend edition.

    Also, all of you who responded will be put in the drawing for the Kindle at the end of the month.

    Don't you just love birthday celebrations. Almost as much fun as romance. smile

  130. Ooooh Carol M,, Those peanut butter m & ms hit the spot. Yum. Needed that boost. smile

    Thanks for the compliment. Yo can go ahead and call him gramps. smile. Anything to keep me young. LOL

    Love the twin marrying the twin plot. sounds fun. Go for it. Don't you love all the fun things we can come up with in romance?

  131. Thanks everyone for sharing your love for romance.

    Winners will be announced in Weekend Edition.

    Have a wonderful week.

    Sandra who's pillow is calling.

  132. Sandra, I love your pics! Great post.

  133. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us Mrs. Leesmith --I love the "three generations" one . . . the clothes back then were so tasteful and elegant (well, the majority of them). =) I don't know if it's too late to enter this contest (it is still Tuesday where I live, I don't know if it's specified somewhere on the blog what time each contest ends) but I'd love to enter to win one of the Seekerville baskets.



  134. Hi Lady DragonKeeper, No it is not too late. I go to bed early because I get up so early to write while hubby is still asleep. I'll probably do the drawing this afternoon and your name is entered.

    Waving at Cara.

  135. Love the post, and the pictures, Sandra.

    Your entire life sounds SO romantic.

    I'm so happy you and dh get to travel around in the motor home and enjoy life...and you get to write while you're at it.


  136. I loved your description of the romantic lifestyle you are living. I have the opportunity to buy a cheap, used motor home, that of course needs lots of work. But, I walked through it, looked at the steering wheel, sat in the driver's seat, can could not at all see myself driving that monster. Maybe I could get a romantic hunk to drive it for me, and travel all over the US in it. Wouldn't that be the life?

    I loved your spark of romance. It gave me hope. Gotta get on it.

  137. Beautiful pictures! Love your "office", too. :)

    I'm also single, (though God has recently brought someone into my life with HEA potential LOL), but keep hanging on to your standards, single ladies. He'll show up at exactly the right time. Just don't give up and don't settle for less. :)

    I read/write romance for the happy endings, of course. And for the recurring "true love triumphs over all" theme. :)

    I'd love to be entered for the 10-page critique.


  138. The last photo must have been taken in the 70's - the decade of big hair. I am also an older Seeker who was born the year Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. I still love romance and write historical romances with a passion. My husband of forty-six years is a romantic also. I live with romantic inspiration every day.

  139. Sweet post, Sandra! Thanks for sharing all those great pictures!

  140. I am old enough to know what you are talking about in your pictures! Great post.

  141. Wow.

    I think it's all been said before I could show up to the party : )

    Sandra! I love the mobile office with a different venue when ever you want one! Luck bucket. The mountain lake was my favorite!

    Thanks for the *This Is Your Life* journey. I loved it. Can't wait to see more pics someday.

    BTW, love the hair. I can remember when...LOL!

  142. I love all the old pictures and yes I do remember the dot metrix printer, had one, do you remember the commador 54 computer that was my first one, really nothing to do with it. I do love romance me and my DH will celebrate 50 years of wedded bliss in March of 2011. Never even been seperated. four children, and nice grandkids later and 10 computers later I can find you here on your blog.


  143. Oh my goodness, I was coming aboard to get the names down for the drawing and find eight more comments. How fun and what a treat.

    So glad to know that there are others out there with as many years of marriage and who recognize the stuff of my photos.

    And you single girls. If you love romance, there has to be someone who modeled it for you. Maybe a grandparent, parent, relative or friend. Keep up your standards and wait for the perfect hero. They're out there. smile. And as Anna said, in "God's perfect time."

    Well you lucked out too because I haven't had the drawing yet. Your names will be included.

    Waving to Pam and Audra. Hugs.