Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Edition Seekerville Birthday Party Week 1

Welcome to the first Sunday in our five Sunday Seekerville Birthday Party.

Entries in our GRAND PRIZE random drawing for a KINDLE filled with Seeker books will be collected from all Seekerville Facebook likes and friends (one per person) and daily (one per day) from Seekerville post comments. So every single day you post in Seekerville through the month (October 1-30) you are entered in the random drawing.

We're giving away over 50 presents in our daily drawings too.
Be sure to let us know what you would like to win.

And we've added another great opportunity to the Seekerville Birthday Party!

October 27th in Conjunction with Glynna Kaye's post: If you have a COMPLETED manuscript and would like to be entered in a drawing to receive a critique of your book proposal by a top industry professional, this may be your lucky day!

NATASHA KERN, literary agent extraordinaire (and agent of Seekers Julie, Mary, Missy, Myra & Glynna) has generously offered to critique the winner’s proposal for a full-length contemporary or historical romance, women's fiction or suspense.

The critique will include comments on plot, character, pacing, hooks, voice and other elements of a novels. The proposal will consist of the first 3 chapters of the manuscript (up to 50 double-spaced pages) and a synopsis of 4-5 single-spaced pages).

Get ready NOW because the drawing will begin on Wednesday, October 27 and end on Thursday, October 28 at midnight PDT. At that time we'll be asking interested writers to submit their opening paragraph.

More submission details will be announced on October 27. The winner will be contacted as to where and how the proposal should be submitted. Please check The Natasha Kern Agency website if you have any questions about what types of manuscripts she represents.

We Have Winners

Please contact Seekerville through our new web email if you are a winner. Provide your snail mail address. Please note our giveaway rules in the right lower column of Seekerville.

Monday Harlequin Intrigue author Angi Morgan shared on Contests, Believing & Selling. Winner of either a copy of Hill Country Holdup or an electronic ARC of .38 Caliber Cover-Up is Cynthia Chow.

Tuesday we featured an exclusive interview with Avalon Editor, Lia Brown. Winners of their choice of an Avalon release are Pat Jeannie Davis & Julie Hilton Steele.

The following pitches of the one line pitch contest will be sent to Lia Brown, Editor for Avalon Books. Ms Brown offered to read the pitches. She will not critique or respond to them, so you will not hear from her unless she wants to see a proposal and it would be handled as per all requested proposals.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners.

Jeffrey L. Salter [writing as Leigh S. Geoffrey]
Harboring a terrified young stranger endangers Kelli’s complicated present-day relationship with Mitch and eventually connects their separate ‘cold-case’ investigations: a mysterious 1863 romance and the murder, four years later, of a drifter on horseback outside a small country church.

Susie Sheehey
Can undercover DEA Agent Clara O’Cleary take down the notorious Irish mob boss, while in the process rekindle the flames with her wayward husband, Caleb, even though she discovered his dangerous secrets that jeopardizes her case, her marriage, and her life

Michelle Mannon
Paris is amidst a bloody revolution, and for novice, British spy,
Marielle Dubois Reynolds, time means everything; minutes to judge
someone's character, friend or foe, seconds to pull a blade from
beneath a disguise to eliminate an enemy or grow wings and flee,
and a heartbeat to decide whether to attack or escape...or seduce.

Sherry Cahill
When Lucy Brennan, a reluctant matchmaker using her skills to save her floundering bookstore runs into Cole Anderson, a journalist determined to expose the scheming women of the world, she vows to outsmart him and the undeniable attraction, and absolutely not pick up where they left off before.

Pepper D. Basham
From the decks of the ill-fated Lusitania to the smoke-filled trenches of WWI, a nurse with a broken past and a soldier with an uncertain future must decide whether love can conquer all, even the greatest betrayal.

Wednesday Seekerville welcomed Steeple Hill Historical author Sara Mitchell with The Seasons of a Writer's Life. Winners (yes, Sara upped the ante!) of the release of their choice are Eva Maria Hamilton, Casey and Hannah.

Thursday Harlequin American Romance author Barbara White Daille joined us with her post It's All About the Characters. Winner of the back-list book of their choice is Wendy.

Friday Audra Harders kicked off our party with her post Birthday Month in Seekerville. Winner of a gift package that includes a CD (Chris LeDoux since he's Audra's inspiration),chocolate, a Barnes & Noble gift card, and an IOU for Rocky Mountain Hero is Elizabeth.

The October Contest Update winners are: A one chapter critique goes to Jennifer Faye and Lynn from Smalltown American, the Unpubbed Island Necklace (suitable for those who have escaped and those are trying to escape) is Edwina and the surprise book package goes to Charlotte.

Next Week In Seekerville

October 4-Barbour author Mary Connealy joins us with a Wrangler in Petticoats giveaway

October 5-Steeple Hill, Love Inspired Assistant Editor Emily Rodmell will join in the Seekerville Birthday Bash fun. She’ll provide tips on getting published and how to catch an editor’s eye as well as answer questions about the industry and what Steeple Hill is looking to acquire. Stop by early and leave a comment and your email address to be entered in the 9 AM to 5 PM drawings. One lucky winner each hour!!! All the names will be included in a Mega 5 PM Drawing provided by Emily ~ the entire list of September Love Inspired Suspense stories!!! Four books will be mailed to one lucky winner!!!! Join in the celebration on October 5…come early, stay late…Happy Birthday, Seekerville!!!

October 6: Join Revell author Julie Lessman today for "THE TEASE … Great Scene/Chapter Endings to Lead Your Readers On" where you will not only have a chance to receive mini on-the-spot critique of one of your scene endings, BUT have TWO chances to win your choice of a signed copy of one of my books, a 10-page writer's critique or your choice of a grab-bag of three top CBA books!

October 7-NY Times Best-Selling Author and speaker Bob Mayer-2 prizes: Who Dares Wins and Warrior Writer by Bob Mayer giveaway

October 8-Genesis and GH winner Pam Hillman is our hostess with a Birthday Party giveaway of a $20 gift card

October 9-The Best of Seekerville from the archives-3 prizes:10 page Seeker critique to include an additional one page single spaced synopsis (contest entry style) & Unpubbed Island Necklace & Writer's Little Instruction Book "Getting Published" by Paul Raymond Martin.

Seeker Sightings

MEGA CONGRATS to Seeker Pam Hillman, whose manuscript, The Terms of Indenturement, won the Inspirational category of the Unpublished Maggies last night at the M&M Conference in Decatur, Georgia!

It's a Giveaway Extravaganza! Kindle Giveaway, Facebook Party and Book Bomb - OH MY!

Visit the Roaring 20’s in the Technology and Romance KINDLE Giveaway! Julie Lessman's latest series has just ‘shimmied’ it’s way onto the scene with book 1 in The Winds of Change series, A Hope Undaunted!

Julie's Facebook Party is October 7th!!

Your opportunities to win a signed copy of A Hope Undaunted OR your choice of one of The Daughters of Boston books are:

At Inwell Inspirations where the Julie Lessman giveaway has been extended until Tuesday, October 5.

Monday, October 4 - Friday, October 8, 2010 at Some of My Favorite Books.

Friday, October 8 - Thursday, October 14, 2010 at Continuous Delights Blog.

Check out more giveaways and Julie's complete schedule on her website here.

Random News:

  • NYT best-selling author Bob Mayer is in Seekerville this week. If you're as impressed as we are you may consider his Warrior Writer online workshop: Bob Mayer, former special forces agent (Green Beret) and author of more than 40 books, including the New York Times-bestselling romantic suspense novels co-written with Jennifer Crusie Don’t Look Down and Agnes and the Hitman, will present his Warrior Writer workshop, online October 11-31.

  • Harlequin author Cindi Myers does a great recap on the RWA Spotlight on St. Martin's Press on her blog. Check it out!

Have a great day, Seekerville!


  1. Congrats on your Maggie win, Pam!

  2. Wow, Pam! Congratulations!

    That's so great!

    And I'm so very excited and impressed with all the prizes and party atmosphere. Happy birthday, Seekerville!

  3. Wow! Congrats winners!

    This week sounds like it's going to be a blast! I can't wait for more celebrating (and cake).


  4. This Seekerville Birthday Bash keeps getting better and better! Can we continue having this much fun all year? :)

    EvaMariaHamilton at gmail dot com

  5. Awesome awesome awesome... Feels like there's a party going on and I'm glad you invited me.

    Congrats to all the winners.

    Love the pics.

  6. Well we can't do it all year because then what would we do next year for our birthday. And besides I am getting fat on all this cake. November 1st it's carrots and NANOWRIMO for this little writer.

  7. Pam!!!!!

    Oh my stars, dancin' in the streets of upstate NY, girlfriend!!!!

    All these wins and a new, wonderful, really cute agent!!!

    Pamster: The Good Lord's got you in the palm of his hand, darling girl, and he's just scoutin' out which publisher will treat you with all the glorious wonder and pomp you so richly deserve. Mega congrats on the Maggie win, such a tough, well-done contest! YAY!!!

    Oh my stars, I hated being away yesterday with so much going on over here! Party!!! Party!!!

    And I'm eating CRUMBS of chocolate cake, smooshing them with my fork to get every last bit/bite. YUM.

    And um, surely there's been some mistake.... Surely I mis-read:

    Natasha Kern is doing a critique giveaway??? Oh my stars, that woman is a fount of energy and absolutely amazing. God bless her, she's just... just... Natasha. Strong, smart, market-savvy and hard-working.

    Thank you, Natasha!!!!

    Okay, I've restocked coffee because this is one writer who's burning that proverbial candle at both ends and running low on wax. And we've got custard Danish for breakfast, some with fruit, some without, but try the cinnamon custard Danish rounds, so buttery, so flaky.

    Teeeeeena, such an amazing and great job on the WE... I'm kind of loving it on Sunday, does that make me weird?

    Wait. Weirder????

    Wonderful news, marvelous planning, and skillfully woven. You're such a talent-schmush. And since you never ring your own bell, we're glad to ring it for you, sweet thaaaaang.

    Grabbing coffee and doing revisions...

  8. I can tell, October will be a great month, folks! Birthdays put people in such festive moods : )

    Yay! Thanks for the book! Reading material is sooooo welcomed now more than ever.....*wink*

    Can't stay long unfortunately but we're doing our own birthday celebrating here. My grandfather's 84th brthday was earlier this week. He's always wanted to go to the circus and NEVER has, so today we're going to the circus!!! feels funny that Alicia at 16 is the youngest going with us, but it should be fun, fun, fun!! AND Olive Garden for dinnerr *licking lips*

    Talk to you tonight!

  9. Whoo Hoo...I'm loving this party!

    Congratulations Pam!

    Congratulations to all the weekly prize winners too.

  10. Mega, mega congrats, Pammy!! The Maggie is an awesome contest and real talent and skill rises to the top! You've been blessed with so much of both.

    Congrats on the new agent.

    And I KNOW more congrats on their way...SOON!!

    As always, Tina, great WE. So glad you didn't include cake today. That chocolate creation we had yesterday is living quite comfortably on my hips as we speak, LOL!

    I brought home some gorgeous strawberries yesterday so I've sliced them up, included non-fat angel food cake and non-fat non-dairy topping.

    It's Sunday and much like our weary selves, our digestive systems need a day of rest, too...

    Especially since our birthday month has just begun!!!!!!

  11. Thank you for including my entry among the five finalists of the one-line pitch competition.
    If there's still time (before you forward them to the Avalon editor), would you please correct my title to
    Hid Wounded Reb? (past tense).
    It's not "Hide" (present tense).
    Jeff Salter

  12. Jeff!! Congratulations and I fixed that in the WE Edition and emailed Sandra to do so also. We apologize for the error and wish you the best of luck with the Avalon editor

  13. Wow, this is quite the party. I'm looking forward to all the fun things coming up. And Happy Birthday, Seekerville!

  14. Mega Congrats Pam on your Maggie win!!

    What an exciting month! A Natasha Kern critique, awesome!!

    Amazing WE, Tina!


  15. Wow, what a week, everyone! Congratulations, winners, and hooray, Pam!

  16. Oh, I am so excited to see I won one of Sara's books! I will be emailing soon. :)

    Congrats to Pam!

    I wish I had a completed manuscript, sigh, hopefully next time!!

    I had a slice of chocolate cake this morning, so I brought leftovers for everyone. :)

  17. PAM!!! WAY TO GO!!!

    And congrats to all the winners this week...

    And thanks to Seekers for inviting us to celebrate with you.

    Super fun!

    Hannah - Happy b'day to your granddad. What a FUN thing - to the circus!!

  18. No problem, Tina R.R.
    Thanks for your help.
    I'm delighted to be in the final five.
    P.S. Why do you have that coffee mug covering your face? Well, it highlights lovely eyes.

  19. Wow, this is an amazing party!!! And this week's line-up is quite impressive. Can't wait.

    Pam huge congrats on the win! That's awesome.

    And thank you so much for including me among the prize winners. I'm looking forward to that crit. *G*

  20. Congratulations to all the winners! Woo! Hoo!

    Cindy W.


  21. Sounds like it is going to be a great party.

  22. Just got home from the Moonlight and Magnolias Conference. Great to see Walt and Missy there. Waving to some of the other writers who visit Seekerville often. Lindi, Mary from Huntsville, Christine!!!! Debbie Kaufman won a Maggie. So did our own dear PAM!!!!! Whoo-hoo!!!! Congrats to both ladies.

    What a super-duper upcoming week in Seekerville. I'm excited about Emily Rodmell, Assistant Editor at Steeple Hill and MY editor, joining us on Tuesday. Be sure to stop by and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Emily is the greatest, and she wants to hear from all the Seeker friends.

  23. Wow, you guys know how to throw a party. Looking forward to all you have in store.

  24. Hi Pam:

    I’m oh so jealous of your new photo. Was that taken by a professional photographer? The angle is perfect, the lighting is good, the background is interesting without being distracting, the pose is dynamic even though the subject is centered (something that is very hard to do), it has a snapshot freshness with the clarity of a pose, and it even displays a degree of texture. I really wish I had taken that photo. That’s my idea of a successful author.

    BTW: Congrats on your award.


  25. Hi Tina:

    You know, the real prize is having access to all the Seeker learning opportunities, every day, without having to pay for it! I always feel guilty winning a prize.

    Also, thanks for the link to my site. I am now working on “100 Ways Your Hero Can Display a Sense of Humor”. While I am happy with romance heroines, I think the heroes really need to work on their sense of humor. Think of Castle on Castle and the first James Bond and Bruce Willis in Moonlighting.

    Funny can also be sexy.


  26. VINCE!!!

    I sooo agree.

    Funny is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

  27. Hi, everyone! I've been out of town since this past Wednesday. So I'm glad to be back! And just in time for the birthday celebration. :)

  28. Yay, Pam!! I got to be there to cheer for her. Congrats, Pammy!!

  29. CONGRATULATIONS PAM!!! A Genesis AND a Maggie!!! I'm betting even more exciting things are just waiting around the corner!

  30. Hope all of you with complete manuscripts are polishing up your proposals for a shot at a critique from Natasha Kern! Believe me, this is a FABULOUS opportunity! She really knows her stuff and loves helping writers strengthen their work.

  31. Thanks for the win! What a fun month this will be.

  32. Wow! Sounds like exciting things coming up this month! :)

    Jodie Wolfe

  33. Congrats to Pam and to all the Seekerville winners, especially to those pitching Avalon!

  34. I love writers. They are so encouraging to each other.

  35. Wow, I just read this post and discovered I'm a winner from Audra's Friday post!! You can be sure I did a double take and quickly looked through all the comments that day to make sure I was the correct Elizabeth...didn't see any others!! Ha - I haven't won anything in ages and so this is a lovely surprise and has definitely motivated me to check back every day this month!! Thanks, Seekerville-I'll be back! :)

  36. Pamster, Congrats girlfriend. I'm soooooooo excited for you. I'm with Glynna. A Genesis AND a Maggie. Both contests very prestigious.

    Congrats to all the winners. It was so fun doing the pitch contest. Several Seeker sisters helped me judge. The winners have great pitches. I can hardly wait to see those in print. Picturing it. smile

    The cake was yummy. I'm with the rest of you, needing exercise after all that.

    Oh I love parties. I'm going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this month. And I hope you all do too. Happy Birthday

  37. Happy Birthday, Seekerville! May you continue in your ministry to readers and writers until That Day!

  38. Wow, party-time!!! I'm smiling at the huge prizes in honor of Seekerville's third birthday!!! Can't wait to visit with Steeple Hill Editor, Emily Rodmell!

    Huge congrats to Pam on her Maggie win!! With the Genesis that's two huge wins!!


  39. How cool you're doing a Kindle giveaway! And Happy birthday to Seekerville!

    annette (at) annetteirby (dot) com

  40. love birthday bashes; congrats Pam on the Maggie win.


  41. Thanks so much! Just found out I'm a finalist in the one-line Avalon pitch.
    Thanks everyone!! This is such a cool place to party!! ;)

  42. Would love to win...ummm...anything this week. I love love love this blog. The amount of information available is incredible and that it so nicely packaged on Seekerville is fabulous (and makes my life so much easier).

    Oh...congrats to Tina on WW #7 and I am so looking forward to your BOOK release. (HUGE SUCCESS--SO AWESOME)