Friday, November 12, 2010

Christian Romance Magazine--Who we are--What we do

Writing Christian romance has been described as a contradiction in terms by some. Even an oxymoron, if you will. So it goes without saying that Christian Romance Magazine has had its share of opposition. Our job is not necessarily to educate the public but to educate the writer in the romance genre. So 2 ½ years ago, CRM was born.

We started out as an “Everything Romantic from a Christian Worldview” organization to strictly fiction based.

We encourage our readers to also be contributors with a pay-it-forward attitude. We publish flash-fiction under 300 words and short stories under 1500 words. We hope to open it back up to short stories around 5000 words but editing constraints prohibit it at this time.

Another large part of CRM is the Writing Tips pages. This is where you can not only learn more about the craft but help others learn from your successes and failures with the Share your writing tips form.

The last side of CRM is our upcoming Christian Romance Writers’ Retreat with award winning author, Susan May Warren in June of 2011. We have a mandate to help the next generation of Christian romance writers to hone their skills to the glory of God and this is one way we will endeavor to do this.

Ginger Takamiya
All in all, CRM exists for the benefit of the Christian romance writer. So if you fit that bill, please stop by and see us, sign up for our free newsletter, and fill out the contact form to let us know how we can best serve you.

Ginger R. Takamiya
Owner of CRM
Just a quick reminder that CRM is going through an overhaul so keep checking back for our new look and feel and our new features. Go have a look around Christian Romance Magazine and come back and leave a comment. What you like. What you'd like to see added.

Christian Romance Magazine (link no longer active.)
Ginger is the founder of CRM. She is a romance novelist and short story writer. Besides the Lord, her family, writing and friends, she loves Bible study, fabric, homemade paper, Taekwondo and a good joke.
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  1. Thanks for stopping in, Ginger.

    What a pleasure to read more about your magazine. Will be certain to pass this along to our local writing group!

    Thanks Mary for inviting her. Sounds like she's a super fun person, with lots of interests... :)

    Have a super weekend everyone!

  2. Oh, one more thing.

    I had to laugh at this: Romance is nearly every woman's desire and many a man's constant headache.

    That would NOT be my husband, He is super romantic. Yes, I am blessed. :)

  3. Thanks for the info about this magazine! I read a few of the short stories and checked out some of the other features. I'm sure I'll go back to visit again!

  4. Hi Ginger, Welcome to Seekerville,

    Thanks for joining us. And as Ruthy said yesterday, I wish you had been around when I started writing. Most of the info you have we learned the hard way, which is why like you, we enjoy sharing.

    Great job.

    I see Helen and Ruthy aren't up yet, so I have Chocolate Velvet coffee (just because I always do) but I also have hot chocolate, regular breakfast blend Fair Trade coffee, a variety of herbal teas, plain ole Lipton Tea and some orange juice.

    I whipped up some cheese blintzes and have blueberries, strawberries or peaches to smother on top.

    Thanks again for joining us Ginger. And Ginger. could you tell us more about your conference. Where is it? How does it operate? What do you feature? Thanks

  5. Neat site, Ginger! Honestly, you have so much there that I'm not sure if anything is missing or not. :D It's good to know you're there, though, just in case I end up with a short story to submit. :D



  6. GINGER!!! What a GREAT idea!!! I checked out your site and it's chock-full of great things for writers -- how awesome!!!

    And I agree with Sandra -- I wish you'd been around when I was trying to get published because you are definitely a valuable tool for the aspiring (and published!!) writer.

    And, YES, K.C., you ARE blessed to have a "romantic" guy!! I am, too, and had to get used to him grabbing my hand every single time we got in the car when we first started dating. Little did I know that it would be a lifetime habit, and now I'm glad. I'm a romance writer, so it's embarrassing to admit that my guy is the "romantic" one in our marriage!!! :)


  7. Ginger, what I'd like to hear about is writing opportunities on Christian Romance Magazine.

    It looks like you've got some and I think our Seekerville denizens might like to get involved.

  8. I checked out the Christian Romance Magazine website too. Looks like there is lots to explore when I find the time. Love the basic help you offer -- like the proper formatting of a manuscript which I was clueless about. And the Teen Reviews are a great idea! I look forward to discovering more on my next visit.

  9. Thanks for bringing us a new resource. I'm excited to learn more and maybe even submit something one day.


  10. Welcome to Seekerville, Ginger! Congratulations on Christian Romance Magazine. It's a fabulous resource for writers! And a great opportunity to get words in print.

    I brought egg bake loaded with ham and cheese.


  11. I'll pass this information on to my wife. I'm sure she will enjoy it :-)


  12. Ginger:

    I believe I worked the registration desk with you in Indy. I didn't know your last name at the time.

    BTW: My daughter's name is Ginger.


    I was up, but my internet has heen out again. Was out when I got up yesterday. Was there about an hour later. Then last night it was out again. Was still out when I got up this morning. Was finally able to log on about five minutes ago.

    Anyhow, here's the coffe LATE if anyone's interested.


  13. Ginger, thanks for sharing about this fantastic writer's and reader's resource! As another commenter said, there's lots to explore there!

    Julie and KC, you are truly blessed to have such romantic husbands!

  14. Ginger, what a smarty you are! I have your widget on my blog!

    Would you like to guest on my blog? You definitely qualify as a strong woman!!

  15. I haven't looked at the website yet, but I will this weekend. Sounds like a wonderful magazine.

    Please enter me in the 5 page critique.


    bcountryqueen6 at msn dot com

  16. Thanks for being with us, Ginger! I'm heading over to check out the magazine now!

  17. Imagine my surprise when I checked in for my daily Seekerville dose and found my favorite lady pirate being featured. God has big plans for CRM, G. Can't wait to see how He uses you! Hugs!

  18. Hi, Ginger, welcome to Seekerville! It's so nice hearing about your magazine. I'm always interesting in improving my writing, so I really appreciate tips.

  19. Wow, Ginger this is awesome information. I am excited to go check out your publication.

    Thanks for being a guest in Seekerville.

    Are we ready for afternoon tea and maple scones? With honey butter.

  20. Thanks, Tina, for the tea and scones! Hmmmm, yum!!!

    And thanks, Ginger, for letting us know about your magazine. Great info and a wonderful resource for writers! WOW!!!

    I'll ditto Mary's question about opportunities for Christian writers to share their let us know how to submit and what you need. We've got so many savvy folks in the Seekerville family that I bet you'll find lots of input for your future editions.

  21. KC has a super romantic husband????

    Oh, KC, that's so sweet. The last time Dave was romantic, let me see....



    Shoot, gotta check the tax records because I think it was the day we paid off the fourth mortgage on the house.

    KC... brat.

  22. Ginger, oh my stars, what a great website and an awesome idea! Thank you so much for coming over to play with us.

    And Sandra and Helen, hugs for the coffee and hospitality. I had a funeral this morning so I took my coffee to go.

    I love the focus of CRM, and the idea of helping other authors. Very Clydesdale of us. You know, they TRAIN THEIR OWN REPLACEMENTS...

    So who are we putting out to pasture first????


    I love the steady rise of sweet romance and inspirational fiction. Ginger, keep doing all you can to help augment this biz. Love seeing it grow in multiple directions!

    Hey, I brought chocolate walnut fudge today, a new recipe, but I'm still salivating over Missy's Chocolate Cobbler....

    Talk about carb lovers heaven. Oh my stars.

  23. I'm heading over to the magazines website to take a look now!

    Thanks for sharing with us today, Ginger.



    No wonder you sound like a really great Asian entree.

    "Ginger Takamiya".... Seared sirloin, cross-striated, embellished with fresh ginger and coarse ground black pepper, marinated for months ensuring years of marital bliss.

    I'd serve that in a heartbeat.

  25. fudge fudge gimme fudge! ok I *think* I made it this time! woke up early! Think I'll go back to snooze some more..or finish the Love Inspired I started! I'm on the last book in the Alaska Bridal Rush series and it's pretty good at tying up all the loose ends..I wasn't as impressed with the overal continuity of this series as I was After the Storm but there was a lot of suspense tossed into the mix here(probably from adding a suspense writer in the #2 slot LOL!)that I think was hard to continue but I did enjoy each book(or at least part of each book!) and decided Janet Tronstad is a writer I'll try some more of and this one I'm reading now though of course I can't remember her name!But she's pretty good though I can't believe the hero was this clueless as to not understand why the heroine turned down his marriage proposal back before the series started - her hubby had died and he had made a promise to him to take care of his wife and kids if anything ever happened so that's his proposal for crying out loud! though after reading some more it's easier to understand the about unromantic huh?! but darn it I'm finally perked up and eager to read more in this series and it's over with! definitely gonna read more of this author(and find out who she is LOL!) I'd sure hate to start and end a series with different authors..sound way too hard for me!

    ok ya'll someone pull me away from the fudge or I'm gonna eat it all...

    quilt938 at clear dot net

  26. Sorry I'm late ladies. Had some unexpected issues this morning. Sandra--The conference will tentatively be held in Kansas City, MO. June 10-12th.

    Lynette and Juila, thank you so much for the encouragement. Feel free to stop by anytime and share your wisdom with the rest of us.

    LJ--Love you lady!

    Ruth--You have my mouth watering already. I MUST fixed that for dinner this weekend :)

    Ladies for submissions please send a synopsis of story, word count, type of story (romantic comedy, etc.) as a word attachment to

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  28. Hi, Ginger.
    We all know about life happening. Glad you could make it.

    Tell us a little about the type of stories you like to feature on Christian Romance Magazine.

    I'm thinking some of our Seekerville Readers might have work that would be a good fit for you.

  29. CRM looked wonderful when I checked it out. I'll have to go back when I get done here, and check it out more thoroughly.

    Susanna~ I'm just finished book five of the Alaskan Bride Rush series. Thanksgiving Groom by Brenda Minton. I think it's the best so far. I'm waiting patiently for book six to arrive at my local discount store (well not very patiently).

    I completely agree, I liked "After the Storm" better. I even bought all of the LI Historicals that followed (The Founding Years).

    I'm off now to surf some more.

  30. I'm a Missouri girl! Extreme southern (two counties away from Arkansas).

    I get so excited when I see things happening in my state. Also my birthday is June 16. I may have to spend the next six months coaxing DH into agreeing that this would be a wonderful birthday present for his wonderful wife :)

  31. @ Andrea, yes Brenda Minton is one of my favorite authors - autobuy! I also like Debra Clopton though I don't like the theme she used in this series - I'm not a fan of separation stories and they seem to be pretty common along with the 'hidden baby' theme but both these authors are auto-read for me..I'll drop what I'm reading sometimes if I get my hands on one of theirs! I liked Tronstad's though I'm wanting to read more about the brother of that doctor but so far no luck with him! If it hadn't been for Clopton and Minton having upcoming stories I"m not sure I'd have continued - the first 2 were ok but not my type of read - Jillian Hart seems to focus on babies and children and all that mushy stuff too much for my tastes though a friend on another forum absolutely adores her and snatches up anything she writes - I thought it was very cute the first half then the kid won out. I thought to myself after the 2nd book of hers I'd read that if there's a baby or kid within 100 miles of the heroine there goes the story LOL! And Terri Reed's was good but I could tell there was a lot more suspense..almost a creepy looking over my shoulder fell and since I'd never heard of her I looked her up and sure enough 'love inspired suspense' so I guessed right LOL! she's good at introducing the suspense and had a good tough heroine The kid in Tronstad's bugged me too but I liked the couple and the hero's brother. Then Clopton's came up with the separated for 10 year theme but I still liked it in spite of that! But yep overall Minton's was my favorite though this one now is pretty good too - Found out the author - it's Linda Goodnight! definitely will try more of hers and think Ihave another somewhre in my tbr. one thing I like with this last book is how she's sorta kept the 'feel' the other authors used with their stores - the couple in jillian hart's book is there in one brief scene with the hero's baby nephew and still as dopey as ever over the kid! and the heroine in Reed's is still tomboyish but in love..just little things that kept the 'feel'..


  32. so...ummm....Susannah darlin'... just step away from the caffeine, girl.

    Very energized today. :)

  33. Susanna has overdosed on fudge.

    I have put the fudge away.

    It is locked.

    I have hidden the key.

    (it's in the fudge. She'll never find it there, because the fudge is hidden...


    If the key is in the fudge....

    And the fudge is locked away....

    Oh man.

    We're in trouble in river city.

    Mary, fix this, 'kay?

    So, Ginger-pie, forget the great mag, tell me about the cute hubby.

    Where did you guys meet and did he have a great pick-up line because he looks like he's got a top notch sense of humor.

    Tell, tell, tell...

  34. It's dinner time now ladies so I've put on a pot of Chicken and Wild Rice soup. It's a bit of a muggy day so that should help.

    Mary-CRM will take any kind of story as long as it's ROMANCE and comes from a Biblical world view.
    If the story is really good, I'll fudge the word count, but if it is better told in a lower word count, I will ask the author to cut it down.

  35. Well Ruthy, darling, because you asked. ;)

    I met hubby through a dear friend who worked in the ROTC office at Purdue University, where he was studying Engineering. She told me about this cute guy that came into the office and asked when it was going to snow. He is from Hawaii and have never seen it before.
    I was of course, intrigued and asked to meet him. So she took me to Freshman Orientation for the Navy ROTC guys and I saw him there and thought, "Yeah, he's kind of cute."
    Now here's where it gets sticky. He stood up and I saw his beautiful "Biker" legs and thought, "I'm in love."
    She got me his address, I wrote him a letter (I know, but he was painfully shy) he called me and asked me out and the rest, or course, is history.
    We just celebrated our 23rd anniversary. We have four boys ranging from 21-12 and a little girl who is 10.
    Any more questions? :)

  36. Lyn I have not forgotten you. I would LOVE to guest on your blog. Just tell me when and I'm there!

    To all you dear ladies of Seekerville, thank you so much for allowing me to come and visit with you all today. I count it as such an honor and a privilege.

    My address is above if you need to contact me with any questions. We are ALWAYS willing to work with new authors and those who are new to the genre.

    Here's a bit of information you may not know:

    Authors can put their own reviews on CRM. When a review comes in, I also make that book available for sale on the site as well. So it benefits both the author and CRM.

    I'm sure many of you still have questions and I will be happy to answer them all.

  37. sorry ya'll I did overdose on fudge - big time! that's how I am..I'm either draggin' last to the table or I scarf it all down and bounce off the walls and ceiling! Leaving for work now so I'm draggy again..I'm at a fudge low..

  38. I even have a slight headache now..boy I can't go anywhere near fudge again..thought the protein from the nuts would offset the sugar and caffeine a bit but sure didn't..somebody help me!

  39. Hi Ginger:

    Wow! You have a very interesting web site! I can't wait to read the stories.

    The first thing I read on your site was this:

    “Romance is nearly every woman's desire and many a man's constant headache.”

    Holy Rolaids!

    Romance does not give men headaches: women do. Women write romances for other women creating suitably romantic heroes. Then these women expect real men to follow the script! It’s an expectation problem. But then men do the same thing in their fiction. How many women are like Mike Hammer’s girlfriends?

    Do you have a ‘mission’ or ‘vision’ statement on your website? I did not see one but I would be interested in what you have to say about this.

    I think all fiction could be Christian fiction if its goal is to win souls for the Lord. Even erotic fiction could reach an audience in much need for such a message.

    I’m very interested in writing a short story for your magazine. I love the short format.


  40. Okay, Susanna you are scaring me with the reviews of the LI authors.

    Since 9 of the 15 Seekers are Love Inspired authors it would be lovely for you to suck up a little and tell us how much you love our books. How you drive home in a rush hoping our books are in your mail box.

    In the words of Ruthy...."I'm just sayin'"



  41. Vince, I agree that women do write about heroes that no man can live up to, but truly, at CRM we want to change that view.

    Romance IS important to women and that's why Paul writes in

    Ephesians 5:33 However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.

    Love is what a woman needs just as a man needs for his wife to respect him.

    Most importantly however, is that we love God. There is no way a man can love a woman beyond his love for Christ. (Same for women, ladies) If he does, that's idolatry. But we are getting into another argument so lets say this:

    CRM exists to equip writers to write in such a way that their readers touch the heart of God when they read.

    Our mandate, if you will, is to equip writer's of Christian Romance.

    Now as to the other comment you gave about erotica being used to reach the lost, I vehemently disagree.
    You cannot overcome evil with evil (Romans 12:21), you can only overcome evil with good and erotica, my friend, is not only NOT good, it's evil.

    Thanks for coming on and sharing though. You're a brave man to tread where women gather ;)

  42. Vince is our hero. Walt too. Then Derek Jeter and Bob Mayer also.

  43. BTW folks just a note:

    We love all our Love Inspired author family. They are apples and oranges and we delight in the variety of authors.

  44. Amen, Tina.

    Hey, I danced next to that cute-as-a-button Brenda Minton in Orlando.

    And Nora, of course.

    Brenda does not stop moving. And she's stinkin' sweet and adorable. And I love, love, love her books.

    And if I get author font HALF AS BIG as Jillian Hart's, I'll be dancin' a jig on the Main Streets of upstate.

    I'm just sayin'...

  45. Ginger, I love that story. Biker legs, huh????

    He's a hottie. Good choice. :)

    And I've got four boys and two girls, oh my stars, I'm commiserating from the East Coast because I totally know what that's like.

    I'm still fixing holes from the boys and dying hair turned gray by the girls.

    What spurred you to stop writing romance and develop the magazine or are you still writing romance for publication?

    And how are you organizing time?

  46. @ Tina! OK I can suck up as I read ya'll's stuff! I've probably read less than a dozen LI authors and only a handful more than once. 2 years ago you couldnt have paid me to even consider reading a christian romance so I've come a long ways!

    There are just some whose stuff just grabs me and I can't get enough..others I enjoy the book and will read another if it comes in a series or just sounds interesting..I don't recall any that I've said I'd never touch with a 10 foot pole!

    and Jillian does write well..I know a couple of people who rave about her books -but both love the focus on the kids. The family feeling is their favorite part of her books.

    Now for me I normally go for light and no to low drama, preferably coupled with humor and/or a cowboy! military works too! ;-)and can't wait to get to Cheryl's books! I tend to dislike stories that deal with couple in love but separated for years, hidden baby themes, anything full of drama/angst/unfairness, and books that have sweet angelic children who seem to dominate the book, and too much suspense! So I'm afraid I'm pretty picky! And I also tend to read contemporary a LOT more than historical though I've made some exceptions.

    Every so often something will slip under my radar and grab me in a good way.

    I'm thankful there are so many authors to choose from and I haven't hated any. Each book in this Alaska Bridal Rush series was good. I just wish they'd left out some of the suspense that had to be carried throughout!

    Hmm from the other authors here I've read 2 of Camy's Sushi books and wow I hated that grandma but she sure had me into the stories and even wanting to check out volleyball again(well to watch but not play!) and I'm hoping she killed off the mean grandma in the 3rd book but figure she didn't! I'll get to it eventually!

    I've also read Mary's Petticoat Ranch and plan to read the next 2 in that trilogy. I also read Nosy in Nebraska and liked the cuteness in it.

    I recenly read Cara's Love on a Dime (even though it's historical!) I liked the setup for the town and even want the jilted guy to have a HEA - after all it's not his fault he was raised by that woman for a mother! and he DID stand by the heroine with his mother accusing her of having an affair..and the right woman could snap him out of that male chauvinist attitude of his! the only things I didn't care for were the lovers separated and her taking forever to trust him though can't blame her I guess with so much at stake. I'm waiting for the next book though. I want her brother to get a good story too..

    Cheryl's I plan on reading soon since they're military! whoo whee!

    so I'm making my way through the different authors as I hear of them! I've pretty much stuck to ones I'm famliar with unless they fall in one of those continuity series like Homecoming Heroes, After the Storm, or Alaska Bridal I want to read more of Janet Tronstad's stuff after her book in this one(plus the knitting book of hers I read a year or so ago about the women who survived cancer and knit)

    also waiting for Audra's book next year!

    happy reading (or for most of ya'll - happy writing!)


  47. Ruth, I do both. Or I should say, "All three," now that CRM is adding Romance Writers' Retreats to the mix.

    I'm still amazed at how God has worked in my life. The only thing I've ever wanted to do was write, but now he's added retreats, speaking and retreats to the mix. So like God, always taking us on adventures in Him.

  48. Uh-hum, I meant He's added the Magazine, speaking and retreats to the mix. But you probably already knew that ;)

  49. Ginger! You've got FIVE KIDS?

    Holy Moley (and I use the word moley with some authority because I caught a mole in my basement...but moving on....) I thought you were a KID. You don't look old enough to have been married 23 years.

    So Ginger, have you READ Calico Canyon? About the stepmom with five unruly sons. Have a look at it and see if it rings a bell.

    Good for you, girl. All that and that amazing website. Keep up the good work.

  50. Mary, we had a bunch of moles in our yard one year and Handsome, being the engineer that he is, brought home some liquid nitrogen from work one day. He poured it down the first mole hole and we watched the nitrogen gas rise from all the other holes. It asphyxiation all the little pests and that was that. Harmless, humane and done.

  51. Oh boy I'm getting tired. I can't even use the proper tenses in a sentence.

    Alas, I'm turning into a pumpkin. The non-orange kind.