Friday, November 26, 2010

Santa's List of Gifts for Writers and Readers

Today is Black Friday and a few insider tips here: You are running out of time if you are waiting until the last minute to make the Naughty or Nice List.

No matter which list you're on we hope our list of gifts for writers
and readers gives you some great ideas.

Comment and let us know what you
want for Christmas for a chance to win
a copy of The Rancher's Reunion (2 winners)
or a surprise stocking stuffer gift from See's Candies (2 winners).

Please remember to click on all pictures to see items in detail or hop over to the site.

Love Writer Print $18.00 Available on Etsy.

Espresso Coffee Cup With Light.
The perfect gift for night owls!
Available on Etsy $30.
This is a light not a drinking cup.

Black Border Sign Holder from Staples. Great for Booksignings! $14.49

Personalized Snoopy Mug. Current Catalog $12.99

Double-sided rotating sign holder. Ideal for book covers. Staples $9.29

The Hero's Two Journey's DVD

Includes Bonus CD on sale now for $49.99

Goal, Motivation & Conflict
Available at Gryphon Books for Writers

What Would Jane Austen Blog? Tote
The Republic of Pemberly $20.00

Hogwild Peeramid Bookrest
Amazon $29.49 for this fabric. Others vary.

Not Daydreaming Wall Clock
Cafe Press $15.00

Women Writers Bone China Mug
Featuring Mary Shelley,
Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf,
Sylvia Plath, Louisa May Alcott
From The Library of Congress Shop $12.00

Black Friday shopping commences at 3 am. Let the games begin and be safe out there.


  1. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraNovember 26, 2010 at 12:09 AM

    First I hope everyone has had a Happy Thanksgiving. I love the gift ideas. They are really cute! I hope everyone has a safe Black Friday!!

    fantum2004 AT sbcglobal DOT net

  2. /sets the Practically Perfect Percolator out to give everyone their faves/

    My hubby and sis are already in line at their first stop. Toys R Us. We'd talked about him going with our two oldest who had $25 in gift cards from their birthdays but with the wind chills in the low teens and the insaneness, we decided they should stay home. My sis, supposedly, has a ticket for a TV. If she actually does get it, they'll take it to her house, set it up and see what it looks like [it's some brand we've never heard of]. If it seems junky, they will box it back up and go to Walmart to wait for the 5am sale on a TV there. Supposedly, there's not very many people at our semi-small town store.

    Depending on how it goes, they'll either go from WM or come home and sleep for a bit and then go to Sam's to get a couple of other things [including my step FIL going with them since he doesn't have a card]. They're supposed to be getting me Bush's new book and maybe a couple other things if they happen across them.

    What do I really want? An agent? A contract? Those would be great Christmas presents ;). Unlikely, but fabulous!

    I've made some progress on my NaNo WIP since they left - almost 3K. I'm hoping for another 1800 or so before I go to bed which would put me at 25K for the month.

    I also went to sis's house to let her dogs out earlier. I browsed her library and left with 5 Deeanne Gist books, 4 Mary Conneally and Cara's Love on a Dime :). Mary - you're on her 'to buy as soon as it comes out' list. Not sure if Cara is or not - I grabbed it as we walked out and got sidetracked by the dog with the broken leg :0.

    Maybe cash for next year's ACFW conference would be a good gift. Yep. I think it would be.

    /leaves the insane amount of leftover desserts on the beach for anyone who wants them/

    Be safe!

  3. What I want for Christmas is a new vacuum cleaner. My old one is shot and I need to replace it, however it's not in my budget.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  4. Fun gift ideas! ;)

    I really need to get some Christmas shopping done... Time flies by so fast!

    I'd love a chance at either of the giveaways! :)

    Near the top of my Christmas wish-list is the first season of the new "Sherlock" from PBS Masterpiece. I already let my mom know. ;) Great series!!!

    Have a wonderful and safe weekend, everyone!


  5. What I want for Christmas doesn't take cash--I want some good solid time each week for some deep thinking to brainstorm my next novel between now and the end of the year. 8-)

  6. I love book bags and totes for all my books. I love your ideas especially that tote! I am loving your whole list. I might even treat myself to that clock!

  7. Er, yeah. Forgot to enter the contest. I did manage to break 26K for the month. Think I'm at about 4900 for the day but not sure since my 'day' straddles midnight and I don't have a real accurate count.

    Ah well. I was hoping to hit 25K today :).

    I'm in for either prize.

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  8. We didn't get a post T-Day meal nap so fell asleep ridiculously early. I am now awake and contemplating going to the mall stores opening at 4AM just to make the employees feel like it was worth it for THEM to be awake that early. Ha!

    Love the suggestions. I just ordered bookends for my daughter and myself which are a take off on the British WWII phrase "Be Calm and Carry On." They say, "Be Calm and READ On." Works for us both!

    Put me in for the books. Sigh, I can't eat the Sees.

    Peace, Julie

  9. Julie, Sees has great lolly's for the those who can't do chocolate.

  10. My options were to babysit 'Lijah (8 months old) OR....

    go shopping.


    There aren't enough stores in the world to pull me away from a BABY!!!

    And he wasn't used to the crib in my room, so he (don't tell!!!) slept with me. We cuddled. No one died.

    Probably a miracle. :)

    So right now he's in the pack-n-play in the family room, dreaming sweet dreams of Grammy's writing career.

    Or breast milk.

    Either way, it's good.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Seekerville! And happy shopping! I may venture out later, but I love the click-and-shop routine now with time short.

    AND GIFTCARDS!!!! :)

    Instant present. Perfect. One size fits all. I'm sooooo there.

    Except for the babies, of course.

  11. Thank you, Laura! Back at ya'!

    Carol, poor dog, great idea with the TV, that's a little too much ambition, though, dear, have you seen the time????

    Oh, Mylanta! You guys rock. I love the agent and contract request, I'm getting right on that for you.

    Signed: If you don't ask, you don't receive. Good girl!

    Linda, my son has a vacuum on his list, too. Must have been a bad year for Hoovers and Electrolux!

    Amber, sweet thing, good morning! And BK, that's a great writer's request. Offer to monitor something, notebook in hand.


    Under the bed, if necessary.

    Pretend someone's in the hospital then go there (so you're not lying) and sit in the waiting room and brainstorm.

    Brainstorm when someone you don't like is talking.

    Go to the spa or beauty shop. Those are great jumping off points.

    Wash dishes by hand. Busy, mindless hands leave the brain free to wander. That's kind of how I got my last dog. Ooops.

    Carol, we use a 'loose' day count here because a lot of days straddle midnight. SO: If the count is favorable to one day, use it.

    If it's favorable to TWO days, better yet! :)

    I think your word counts borders on awesomely wonderful. Do you realize that you're halfway to a complete novel????


    Why is Teeeeeeena up? I at least caught some sleep.

    She's wandering the halls in search of something to edit... Back to bed with you, dear, and then we get to write today!!!!


  12. For writing, I would love to get a netbook - much easier to carry!

    Giftcards to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, B. Dalton - any and all bookstores!

  13. I can't believe how early your shopping starts down there. Do people really get up at 3:00 a.m.? We don't have anything like your Black Friday up here. We have some Midnight Madness weekends closer to Christmas though but I avoid them. I don't have the competitive spirit to aggressively sale shop! :-)

    Hmmm? What do I want for Christmas? How about more fun Seekerville posts like this one?

  14. Tina, sadly it is the corn syrup I can't do! I am having to make my own alternative candies this Christmas. But I do appreciate the offer!

    Ruthy, nothing, nothing, nothing beats a baby! Got to hold my granddaughter yesterday. But two year olds are great too. He wanted grandma to go outside with him with the two empty grocery bags. We went up and down the street and it wasn't until we went up to his front door and he insisted on ringing the door bell that I realized we were playing "trick or treat"!

    Oh, and I went back to sleep rather than shop. Sanity prevailed.

    peace, Julie

  15. I concur with the agent and contract wishes. However, I also want that coffee cup that someone described earlier this week. The one that says somethign like "I kill off all my friends in my novels. Your on page 12.)

  16. Wow, Black Friday and I don't have to go shopping. Tina you did it for me. Great list of goodies.

    Love the contract/agent request. Bet there's a lot of those out there.

    And the request for time. I need that one. Ruthy, you had some great ideas. Except for the hospital. I've been there too many times these past years and they are NOT good places to have quiet time. Out here anyway. But I like the spa day idea.

    Another great place is the library, walking in the park, walking in the mall (but don't look in the windows- you'll get distracted lol) go to the gym and work out on the treadmill or bicycle (this will help you recover from thanksgiving food overload)

    Ruthy, I can just picture you and Lijah. so sweet. Babies are definitely better than shopping.

    Can you tell I hate to shop? I know. I'm wierd.

    If you do go, take a tailgate party for lunch. Turkey sandwiches. Then you have more time to shop.

    Have fun everyone.

  17. Most of our shopping is DONE. Yippeee dooo dahhh...

    I think I just might have to have the Snoopy mug though. Best character ever... :)

    Hope everyone had a splendid Thanksgiving - I was blessed to be included into the family of friends where we peeled potatoes on the front porch and ate and washed dishes and enjoyed seeing Christmas decorations already up.

    One of the daughters in the bunch has a new beau - he's 20 and back from Afghanistan... and in a 6 mo. program for PTSD... Please pray for our warriors, the military commanders, the CHAPLAINS and especially the families...

    (Beyond The Yellow Ribbon is an excellent book to help with returning vets by the way...)

    Oh my - See's or books... Better be smart and take books. I'll learn more and it'll help get me closer to my goals! ;D

    may at

    Sounds like baby holding and shopping are good activities on a cold, blustery day. Whatever you do, enjoy!

  18. Hi everyone! I'm working today or at least here at work! I wish I could be as enthused about babies as it seems most of ya'll here are! I about had a panic attack watching my friend's kid when he was 10 months and again at 2 yrs though the 10 months was a lot more fun since he was just starting to walk and at 2 he was in his 'bolting' stage in the parking lot (wouldn't been nice if she'd told me since she knows I'm not handy with kids and savvy on these kinda things!) scared me to death and I refuse to be alone with him til he's been 'certified in what stop means'! He's cute though for the most part. I just think I didn't get the mothering gene or whatever.

    ok ya'll I'm on the lat book in Cheryl's series..when's the next one coming out? Brock's story? I don't know what I'm gonna read next..I was so into this town and the PJ's...oh well guess I'll work!


  19. I'm staying in and decorating the house and adding word count to my NaNoWriMo project since I already have a good start to my Christmas shopping. Plus I have a girl's shopping day planned next weekend.

    Ruthy...I laughed out loud at your comment that Elijah slept with you and no one died! My son and DIL are adamant that their daughter doesn't get to sleep anywhere but her crib. They don't know what they're missing. Plus I wonder HOW my son survived to have children of his own!

    RRossZediker at yahoo dot com

  20. Rose:


    When I told them this morning, they laughed and thought it was cute...

    Let me just say their easy going reaction isn't universal around here! But it's funny how you can have kids grow up in the same house and be so very different. Makes for interesting Thanksgiving tables!


    I'll see if I can round up one of those mugs for you when I clean my office, Dude. I had a couple but they might be gone now. The writers' group I used to belong to had those done for RWA's Moonlight Madness as a fundraiser. Great mug!!!

    Gotta change up the dishwasher. As you can well imagine.

    BUT.... 'Lijah's early rising (and then falling back to sleep) got my word count today to 48.5 K of Mended Hearts, and that's awesome.

    Attack those word counts day by day. Smidge by smidge.

    Love you guys.

  21. Oh I love the ideas!!! GMC is definitely on my wish list, but really, gift cards are always a great gift...especially to Amazon since I now have a Kindle.

    I would love some cash to go in my ACFW Conference fund. Now THAT would be a GREAT gift!

  22. Good grief, you gals are early birds!

    Here's my Christmas wish list:
    An agent!!!
    A contract would be nice, too!
    Cover for my Kindle ;-)
    Something special from my hubby
    GMC by Debra Dixon
    Gift Card to any bookstore!
    Personalized Snoopy mug
    Any books from my author buds! (that I don't already have. :D)

    lr dot mullin at live dot com


  23. I looked at the book really closely, and I'm not on the Naughty List! Woo-hooo!

    I'm doing a little online shopping today. I *should* dust off and plug in the treadmill. We'll see how that goes. :)

  24. Liposuction ...

    That's what I want for Christmas, but it wouldn't fit in my stocking anymore than I fit into my jeans after the Roman food orgy we had yesterday. It's scary the amount of Buffalo Chicken Dip, salsa and chips I put in my body before the actual turkey dinner (with eight sides) was served. And don't even get me started on the pumpkin pie and the Better Than (insert your favorite thing in the world here) Cake ...

    Yes, definitely liposuction ... and a stairmaster, please ...


  25. Sylvia Plath? Seriously?
    One Book Wonder? Suicide?
    I don't think she should've made the mug.

  26. Thanks for getting on that for me, Ruthy!

    Sis kept the TV. They got the scooters with my girls' birthday gift cards [half off]. Said Toys R Us was very orderly. They were about 300 back in line but they let in 50-100 people at a time, had all the good stuff lined up and you just walked by and grabbed it and had tons of employees to help out. They didn't actually get into the store until 10:40 [opened at 10] but said the worst part was the 17 degree wind chill.

    I got up about 730 with DD5, called Sam's, they still had what I wanted so we went up there. Walked in, picked up what I wanted, walked with Step FIL to get what he wanted, checked out with a friend cashier and went on our merry way. Stopped at Chick-fil-A for breakfast - they were surprisingly unbusy as was traffic in that area [usually really bad]. The owners are friends and they said it's been steady/busier than usual but not insane - yet ;).

    I did hit 26K last night! Am hoping for another 5K today but we're supposed to do something with another set of in laws [though they were going to call me 'right back' like 20 minutes ago... :p]

    The rest of my shopping will likely be done online ;).

  27. Really, corn syrup. Is that a gluten allergy? So sorry. But better for you I guess.

    Hope you all are having a productive day. Vince is apparently still washing dishes.

    Walt is comatose on the couch.

    We women are multi taskers we cook, we bake, we write.

  28. I love the pyramind bookrest thingie. My friend in the nursing home wants a Kindle and that would hold it for her (with a velcro backing).

    Got it bookmarked, and as soon as I know if her sister's getting her a Kindle, I'll order it for her.

    Thanks, Glynna! Been trying to figure out how we would make the Kindle accessible for her.

    I'm at home, monitoring the online sales. Did a little shopping online. I'm am not into fighting the crowds, and we have a brunch at my mother's at 2 pm.

  29. If I lived close to the stores, I might go, but honestly, it's 20 miles to the nearest WalMart and 50 to the nearest mall.

    My 17 yo son left with my mil, sil, and 17 yo neice this AM to "do" Black Friday.

    More than likely, I got just as much shopping done sitting on my couch as they have.

    But I am going to miss the laughter and the meal! lol

    We might go to Wally World tonight just to say we went.

  30. Okay - as a native Californian living in Michigan, I absolutely, positively HAVE TO go for the See's Candy prize. One of the VERY few things I miss about So Cal (nothing against those who love it - just not me!)

    Of the gifts you have listed, I would love Goal, Motivation and Conflict. But I also want a Kindle. Oooohh yeah.

  31. There is a cute pair of boots I'd love to have for Christmas

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  32. Hey Seekerville! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

    All those gift ideas are fantastic. I especially like the Snoopy mug and the Jane Austen tote. Super cute!

    (Either prize sounds great.)

  33. Wow! All you shoppers are making me tired! I'm going into the big city today (Toronto) with a good friend for a Wellness Expo (not sure exactly but she loves all these New Age things). Some interesting seminars and guest speakers though. Should be fun - as long as the snow holds off!

    For Christmas I have a huge wish list of books which I will print off for my lovely family! And if Santa has room in his sack, one of those little notebooks (the 10inch laptops) would be handy! As long as they have a really good battery life. My laptop has to be plugged in because the battery only lasts for 40 mins. :(

    I'd love to be in the draw for one of the books (pass on the candy though).

    Cheers & happy shopping!


    Oh, and I'll throw my name in for the weekly critique please!

  34. Yep. I love See's candy. Right now they have the cinnamon lollys (think cinnamon and butter) time only.

    They are the best.

    And you all should head over to Not only is it Friday but it is the Thanksgiving weekend Friday..lots of good deals.

  35. What a fun post! I love the Jane Austen Blog tote . . . I know we're all blessed with so much, but we still enjoy a great gift or two. I've heard a few hints that I might be receiving a Kindle. I'm hoping for gift cards to go with because I don't trust my family to pick out books for me! Thanks for offering another great giveaway, Seekers. Blessings!

    reneeasmith61 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  36. The only shopping I did today was for next week's groceries, and the market was deserted. Hope all who did go Christmas shopping found great bargains and came back safely.
    Susan, my son was in Toronto last weekend and he absolutely loved your city. He enjoyed the Christmas parade on Sun., too. Many books mentioned here that I'd love to have. Put my name in for the drawing for either book offered. But if the first 5 page critique is on offer, I'd love to win that one.

  37. Tina,

    Thanks for the intriguing post and the reminder to head to eharlequin.

    I got a little Christmas early because a Harlequin blog editor post recommended "Story" by Robert McKee. It's a big expensive book (thank you, Borders, for coupons).

    I'm barely into it, but it's good

    Would love to win a book or chocolate, not in that order.


  38. Oooh, you're feeding my Etsy addiction. I love that place.

    I think the What Would Jane Austen Blog? tote is adorable!


  39. Would be nice to have sales before chirstmas here we have them on Boxing day or the day after which is the day after Christmas.

    My Friend sent her husband to line up and do the shopping for them.

    I haven't actually gone to one of these sales on the day. I have gone to the supermarket the next Shopping day after Christmas for Christmas goods.

    I am getting a $50 voucher to target which here is a store like Walmart but ours here is way smaller. I joking told someone I could use it to buy chocolates and lollies for Christmas.

  40. Oops! I thanked Glynna for the list of gift ideas, and it was Tina.

    Thank you TEEENA!

  41. And why wasn't I on the nice list??
    Anywho I'll overlook that error since all that turkey probably muddled your brain. :-P

    I REALLY want an e-reader of some sort and I'm having a very hard time deciding between a Nook and a Kindle but whichever one I get I'll be happy if it's loaded with Seekerville books. Santa knows I've been a good girl so I'm SURE he'll bring me one!

    Amber, I always usually have BBC or Masterpiece dvds on my wishlist! I hope you get the Sherlock series!

    XOXO~ Renee

  42. Hi all! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and made it through Black Friday! I finished all my Christmas shopping a week ago so today was just a fun day at the mall people watching and getting a few things.

    What I would like for Christmas is a pen I saw at Best Buy that downloads all your writing into your computer. Now for someone who writes everything longhand first, this is a must have! And I'd like a B&N gift card--I got a Nook for my birthday and I'm loving it like nothing I've had in years!


  43. So funny! I was reading this post and came to the pictures of The Moral Premise and GMC. I exclaimed, "Oh! I SO want that book! And that book!" My sister in law was sitting next to me and said, "What book? Give me that pen so I can't write it down!"

    I wasn't hinting, I promise. But she wrote down both books, title and author. So maybe I'll get one or both for Christmas. YAY!!

    I also want Lassoed in Texas, Decision Points, by G.W. Bush, a new winter coat, and Alphasmart or Neo...lots of things.

  44. What great gift ideas! Things I wouldn't mind getting for Christmas. None of the people we're giving gifts for though are writers. But still fun to look at.
    Please enter me in the drawing for The Rancher's Reunion.
    cynthiakchow (at) earthlink (dot) net

  45. Andrea [and anyone else who is looking for it] - Decision Points is on sale at [and the stores?] for 19.84 or 18.77 on Amazon [plus shipping unless you have free shipping with them]. Regular price is 35ish.

    Watching Dh/Sis play Donkey Kong while I try to do a bit of writing. Getting ready to do Flash Fiction Friday for my blog with my 'other mom'. Fortunately, she loves me enough to do prompts I can use for Nano ;).

    Off to it :).

  46. So if you buy the picture frames do you get copies of Glynna books, too?? Love it!!

    I am NOT a black Friday shopper but my daughter talked me into a quick trip to you have any idea how long the check out lines were?? I did not stand in them and I know I'll nightmares about the entire experience.

    The things you do for your offspring...

    Thanks for the list, Tina. I'm circling interesting gifts and laying hints all around the house. Yes, gift cards are high on the list!!

  47. Wow! That's one great gift list.

    Well, up here in Canada, we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving yesterday because ours is in Oct. And we don't have a Black Friday the day after. However, we do have Boxing Day on the day after Christmas which equates to your Black Friday. Actually, it's now turning into Boxing Week with big stores like Walmart starting their sales a few days before Christmas. On Dec 26th however is when people line up for hours before the stores (like Best Buy) open to get in on the Black Friday-like deals.

    This year was a bit different when I received emails about Black Friday deals. That's nice. Avoid the crowds and still get the deals. I noticed Best Buy dropped the prices on their iPad by $51. Wow, eh. I think I'll wait for Boxing Day. LOL

    Thanks for the gifts. Even if I don't win anything, I'm thrilled to have a chance to enter. :)

    anitamaedraper at hotmail dot com

  48. For Christmas, I would love to have someone help me design my blog the way I want it. I also love the lap top book holder featured here.

  49. Had a great Thanksgiving. Had fun shopping on Friday! I kinda want an ereader for Christmas this year. At first I didn't really like them, but as I started looking at them and at all they can do I love it. I've downloaded some books on my computer, but an ereader would make it easier to carry books with me.

  50. Wow, Tina,
    What a great gift list. Love the bookrest, and clock, and Jane Austen tote. Oh, and the writers’ resources –DVD and books. Thanks for doing the research for us. Fellow writers in my critique group will thank you!

    Not sure about the Naughty or Nice List. Guess I haven’t been around long enough—or is that related to NaNo? I haven’t been doing that since I’ve been entering a contest with an Oct. 1 deadline for a few years. After that—I give myself a break from pressure, and give hubby a bit more of my time.

    For Christmas I’d sure like a Kindle and also a furry-lined sweatshirt to keep warm at the computer. Then of course, The Ranchers Reunion or See’s candies would always be welcome. I enjoy your blog so much, I feel I should be giving you all the gifts! But I will give the gift of word-of-mouth. :-)

    Happy Advent Season to you.

    Mary Kay
    Mary [at] MaryKayMoody [dot] com
    PS - Can hardly believe my captcha is excus ! I think writer gremlins hide in there.

  51. This is late, but maybe it will still count. I would like to skype w/my son for Christmas, He sent an e-mail from Afghanistan replying to mine the day before Thanksgiving, but it would be neat to be able to see him. (spoiled by technology). I would also like a more consistently grateful heart.

    I'm writing an historical insp.w/ a bit of romance, about a cavalry officer....have been thinking how HARD it would have been in those days to be gone so terribly long w/out a word from loved ones.

    So....bless you all this Thanksgiving weekend.

    Gail Kittleson

  52. This is late, but maybe it will still count. I would like to skype w/my son for Christmas, He sent an e-mail from Afghanistan replying to mine the day before Thanksgiving, but it would be neat to be able to see him. (spoiled by technology). I would also like a more consistently grateful heart.

    I'm writing an historical insp.w/ a bit of romance, about a cavalry officer....have been thinking how HARD it would have been in those days to be gone so terribly long w/out a word from loved ones.

    So....bless you all this Thanksgiving weekend.

    Gail Kittleson

  53. what I want is a butterfly ornament I saw when we were at my sister's in Calgary. It is shaped like a globe but made up of individual butterflies(metal)hooked together with spaces in between to see through.


  54. Hi to Gail, Monica, Anita, Mary Kay and Robyn!!!

  55. Patsy, I'm on the fence about them as well. I hate to buy another gadget I won't use.