Sunday, November 14, 2010

Seekerville Weekend Edition

This weekend as many of us move into
the second half of NaNoWriMo,
finish WIPs
and begin revisions....
Seekerville salutes the

We Have Winners

Please contact Seekerville through our new web email if you are a winner and if needed, provide your snail mail address. Please note our giveaway rules in the right lower column of Seekerville.

Seekerville would like to thank you our Seekervillian friends for all the lovely, touching, funny and just plain sweet comments and thank you's we have received from you regarding our October Birthday Party and the presents big and small that many of you (over 50) received. We feel fortunate and yes, blessed to serve you for another year in cyberspace.

On Monday Seekerville welcomed author Cathy Shouse with Show Up For Your Dreams. Winner of a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card is Charlotte Kay and winner of a copy of Courting the Doctor’s Daughter is B. Schwind.

Abingdon Press and Heartsong Presents author Myra Johnson shared on Tuesday with Finding (and Managing) Story Ideas. Winner of Jason Rekulak’s The Writer’s Block is Melanie Dickerson.

Humorist and Zondervan author Mary Pierce was our special guest on Wednesday. Winners of Mary's books, When Did I Stop Being Barbie & Become Mrs. Potato Head?-Confessions of a Prayer Wimp-When Did My Life Become a Game of Twister? are Rebekah E and Susie Sheehay. They each win a three book set. Wow, Mary thank you!

Love Inspired author Ruth Logan Herne shared, I love it, it's perfect, now CHANGE It. Winner of a $20 Barnes and Noble gift card is Anita Mae Draper.

Saturday's The Best of Seekerville from the Archives, The First Five Pages critique winner is Helen Gray.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Seekerville is thrilled to have Abingdon Press and Zondervan author Vannetta Chapman as our special guest. Vannetta will be giving away a copy of A Simple Amish Christmas.

Tuesday: You are the star! Steeple Hill author Cheryl Wyatt's post will feature Friends of Seekerville's Comment Gems Mined from the Archives!

Wednesday: Love Inspired Suspense author Debby Giusti shares today on The Fred Factor and How It Applies to Writers. Don't miss it!

Thursday: Zondervan and Love Inspired Suspense author Camy Tang posts on Tactile Stimulation.

Friday: Have we got a special guest for you! Stop by and meet Mr. Book Look!

Seeker Sightings

This was an exciting week for Audra Harders and Tina Radcliffe. Boxes arrived in Colorado. Not just any boxes, but boxes from Harlequin containing their debut novels, Rocky Mountain Hero and The Rancher's Reunion. (So if you're holding an IOU, expect to have it redeemed soon.)

Janet Dean has some exciting news for her fans! Her Love Inspired Historical release Wanted: A Family, will release in March 2011. And...she just signed a 2 Book Contract with Love Inspired Historical.

Congratulations, Janet!

Kick off your upstate New York holiday season with Ruth Logan Herne at the Alpha and Omega Christmas Arts Fair on Friday and Saturday, November 19th and 20th. Ruthy will be chatting (non-snarkily, of course) and signing books at the Greece location in the Stoneridge Plaza (adjacent to Toys R Us) from 6-8 on Friday night, then she's being spirited to the Penfield store at 1601 Penfield Road in the Panorama Plaza for a 6-8 stint on Saturday night for more meet-and-greet fun.

Random News

And in a bold move to improve our Facebook ranking, this weekend we're giving away two Seeker books. Share a deadline story with us or your deadline it a writing deadline, or any deadline in your life that brings back fond memories or nightmares.

You could win a copy of Mary Connealy's Lassoed In Texas Trilogy or Tina Radcliffe's The Rancher's Reunion. Winners announced in the NEXT weekend edition.

Finally, we'd like to share some not so good news with you and ask for your prayers and support for fellow author Sandi Rog. There's no point in duplicating myself when Jennifer Hudson Taylor's post so eloquently shares the needs here on F.A.I.T.H blog.

Be led by your spirit..and we in Seekerville will be giving away Sandi Rog's novel, The Master's Wall to SIX of today's posters who let us know they would like to receive it. Winner announced in the Weekend Edition.


  1. Hi All:

    I think my most memorable deadlines were operations in which I had a reasonable chance of dying. There is the great deadline which gives all others their meaning.

    I say this because of Sandi Rog’s prayerful situation. She has my prayers and I will read and review her book, The Master's Wall, on my blog. The book has many truly wonderful reviews on Amazon.


    vmres (at) swbell (dot) net

  2. I loved seeing Audra and Tina's new books, in the box. Wow. And, boy oh boy, I might just be able to wing a trip to Ruthy's book signing. Congrats to Janet! I better get through my TBR pile, I guess.

    And who is Fred?

    Please enter me in the drawing for Sandi's book. You're all so sweet to offer so many. Sandi's publisher is donating $1.00 of their portion to Sandi's family. God has taken over her marketing, by the way...

    debraemarvin (at) yahoo

  3. Tina, I assume you are trying to get folks to like your facebook page but not post our deadline stories on FB.

    I have always been early with writing deadlines. I can't procrastinate,drives me nuts. In fact, I have always been early. I was premature, started school early, got married at 19, had my kids young...etc.

    But in a horrible twist of fate, I had a deadline I was ordered not to reach early, the birth of my daughter. I was on bed rest for six weeks, praying each day for her to make it one more day inside mommy so she would be healthier on the outside. And then, when I was finally allowed to get up, she was LATE!!!! They thought I would stand up and start into labor but no. Thankfully she was fine even though she was tiny.

    No need to enter me for Sandi's book...I am off to buy it. Please keep us informed on the donation fund as well, if you can. I have posted her story from FAITH on my facebook page.

    Peace, Julie

  4. Lots going on in Seekerville today! :)

    Congratulations to all the winners and contract signers and book receivers and such.

    Thanks for the links also - there's usually several I find of interest. The one about publishing with the big houses v. the smaller presses was especially of interest (and led me on several rabbit trails around PW too!)...

    Our prayers are surely with Sandi. Thank you for sharing the info.

    I'm usually good about deadlines but the revision one I arbitrarily set for myself was done with a healthy dose of naivete. But I'm learning to be more realistic, which is a good thing.

    Vince, glad you made it through the operations! We need your wit and wisdom here! :)

    Have a great weekend everyone. I'm off to FB... may at maythek9spy dot com

  5. Hey, everyone, after heading off to FB myself, I discover Sandi Rog has an author page there you can "like". I encourage everyone to do so. Your "like" will pop up as suggestions for your friends so is another way to spread the word.

    Peace, Julie

  6. I'll definitely be praying for Sandy, and I'm checking into her book soon.

    My favorite deadline story is from a couple years ago. A friend challenged me to meet the Maggie contest deadline which was two weeks away. Of course I couldn't turn down a challenge, but all I had was a new story idea without even a rough outline. I pushed to get the story started and managed to submit to the contest. I felt good once I had met the challenge; I didn't expect that finalist phone call, but still felt I had made a huge accomplishment (especially since the spring is heavy paperwork time at work). Believe it or not, 3 months later I did get that finalist phone call! Trust me when I say that no one was more shocked than me.

  7. Vince, you're such a sweetie.

    Where's the coffee, Dude?


    I can't wait to read Sandi's book when it comes this week, AND....

    I'm dancing for joy to see Teeeeeena and Audra-kins in print.

    Oh my stars, what a wonderful thing that is.

    I can't wait to meet Fred myself, Deb.

  8. Yeah, who is Fred?

    Tina, I always love the weekend edition. The pictures and the links are always a treat. And I loved the pictures of yours and Audra's books! Soooo exciting!

    I love that you are helping Sandi out with her book. What a great writerly family she has to support her right now! No need to enter me for her book. I'm going to purchase it soon. After Nano...

    Yes, I am under a self-imposed deadline. I'm doing NaNo and falling behind. I am blaming the time change and the beginning of basketball season...oh, and weddings and school carnivals. But I am persevering am going to get my 1992 words in a day to finish on time!

    Yeah...yall can pray for a miracle for me.

  9. Oh, WOW, the header alone today gives me cold chills because my deadline on my revisions is TOMORROW!!!

    BUT ... sooooo fun to see Audra and Tina's books and even MORE fun when I get to read them!!! CANNOT WAIT, seriously!!!

    SUPER CONGRATS to the winners and ESPECIALLY our Janet Dean for another juicy contract -- you go, girl!!!

    Finally, my heart and my prayers are with Sandi Rog and her family this morning for what I hope is a miracle in the making when Sandi walks away from this tragedy a well woman and a bestseller on her hands. The Master's Wall is at 11,000 on Amazon (a GREAT rating that only the biggies generally achieve), so go, Sandi, go!!! I hear it's a wonderful book, and I cannot wait to read it.


  10. You guys rock!! Vince, it's worth saying again. We are delighted you made your deadlines because we all love you here in Seekerville.

    All your deadlines are amazing.

    Now we still have five books to giveaway here so make sure someone raises their hand for one.

  11. Yes, Julie, the FB thing was actually a ha ha..we are not going to be on the top 20 Facebook authors soon.

    I mean SHAKESPEARE is so darn hard to beat.

  12. We're up to SIX of Sandi's books for giveaway so if you win you can tuck it away for a nice Christmas present.

  13. I would love to read Sandi's book. Am praying for her in this journey....thanks for what you are doing for her.

  14. Wow, Look at those boxes of books.
    How fun is that?????
    Congrats girls on your first book. Soooo exciting.

    I don't have any deadline stories but when I was teaching, I always had nightmares the week before the first day of school in which I dreamt I was late for school on the first day and so was there in a bathrobe and hair curlers which is crazy since I don't wear either.

    I think Freud would say I didn't want that first day to come. LOL

    Thanks for sharing Sandi's story.

  15. Aaargh! To deadlines. Whenever I make one the fates conspire against me so I try not to utter them out loud. :-)

    Congratulations to Janet for her two book deal...and one coming out in a couple of months! That's exciting!!!!

    Congrats to Tina and Audra too. It must be so exciting to have those books in hand!!!!! It must have been like Christmas coming early! I can't wait to read both of them. eharlequin here I come!!!!

    Loved the links -- The Graphical Dictionary is...well, let's just say it would be easy for an author to lose herself in pursuing the right word instead of writing them! LOL.

    I had heard about Sandi Rog on other blogs and my prayers are certainly with her and her family today and will be for some time to come.

  16. Sherrinda, I'm rooting for you, girlfriend. Basketball, weddings, life in general -- hey, I'm saying one for you right now that the waters part and words flow for NaNo. NaNo is definitely in God's hands for me!

    Deb Marvin, I'm so hoping you get to go to Ruthy's signing. We're counting on you to represent us all!

    KC, I'm with you. Tina finds the most interesting links I could ever imagine. Love 'em. Thanks T!!

  17. Julie! Today is your last day for revisions? Prayers are with you, babe.

    Julie HS, I had the same kind of deadline for my first babe. 5 weeks in bed and then the little stinker refused to make an appearance into the world. Sheesh. Kids, you gotta love 'EM!

    Cara, don't think I've forgotten your revisions, too!

    KAV, I'm with you on the whole Christmas book thing. I love having my FIRST BOOK in my hot little hands. Can you believe I actually read my own book? LOL!

    Yay! More Janet Dean on the shelves! Congrats and so proud of you!

  18. Sandi Rog is such a dear. Prayers are all out for her and her family. God is just.

  19. Whenever I had a deadline in college for a paper, I always had to unplug my internet cable until I was finished. With my ADD brain, that Internet Explorer icon was too big a distraction. Once I was finished, it got plugged right back in, which thankfully, never took me much more than a couple hours to write once I got all my research done.


  20. Okay, Vince, I take the prize for most serious DEADline!

    Praying for Sandi, and planning to purchase her book.


    TOMORROW...Monday, November 15th is the deadline to enter the Golden Heart, folks!!

    You've got until Dec 5th (I think that's right) to get your ms in.

    I'm entering 2.

    One is ready to go.

    The other needs the full three weeks devoted to it to even FINISH it, but I'm going to plunk that $50 down anyway.

    Money paid out in contest fees is a great deadline motivator!

    As well as a signed contract...

    not that I would know.


  21. My heart really breaks for Sandi. She has been through so much.

    Love the photos of the new books, I am so happy for you guys!! Thanks for the weekend lineup, I am going to try to be a better little girl and come around more this coming week.

    Yes Mary or Ruthy will have some snarky comment for that. Bring it on, I can take it! ;)

  22. I love the picture of Audra with her books.

    Also the picture of the coffee IV.

    Great Weekend Edition as always, Tina.

  23. /waves from home/

    Missed you guys the last couple of days ;).

    I bought Sandi's book the other day. It got here Wed when I was being all crazy trying to get ready to leave. If I were to win, I would pass it along as a Christmas present.

    The conference went well overall. Cried myself to sleep Friday night but apparently lots and lots of people had a difficult day on Friday. But then, on Saturday, I had the EIC/CEO of an indie publishing company ask for a FULL MANUSCRIPT!!!!

    We also chatted about NaNo and are both way behind and she suggested that we do a 10K Day together so that's the plan.

    I also got to start A Passion Most Pure - FINALLY!

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  24. Carol!!! What such exciting news! Good for you. I love to hear news of requests.

    Rock ON!!!

  25. My heart and prayers go out to Sandy and her family.



  26. I want to be in the First Five Pages Critique contest! Other than that, I LOVE THIS BLOG. You guys rock my world... And my computer.

    As for deadlines, I remembering vividly this past June when I was typing through the night, in labor and convinced I could finish my re-writes before I had to leave for the hospital. I gave up at 4AM, when I was writing for only 3 minutes at a time between contractions. The good news, the baby slept a lot those first few weeks so even though I missed my deadline, I got the pages in a few weeks later. :)


  27. Virginia!!! You made it.

    LOL! What a great story too!

    You are in the contest for sure, dudette.

  28. Thanks for the link to info on Sandi Rog. Will be praying for her and her family. Please enter me in the drawing for a copy of THE MASTER'S WALL--which sounds excellent. So kind of you to offer that.

    Congratulations to Tina and Audra. Red letter day!

    Deadline story--my deadlines have been for contest submissions, and always the enemy hurls challenges way beyond what we had imagined. Every time I'm deciding whether or not to submit, I ask my husband if he's ready for the time sacrifice, and to be prepared for unusual assaults on our home. He is, and they come. But what a joy to be prepared and forewarned--and pass each shocking development to our Lord. And watch Him take care of things, and hear my hubby say he is pleasantly surprised how I let the challenges roll off my back. One year he prayed the termites who were visiting a room in our home would disappear until I was finished writing. They did. And reappeared within the week after I sent it off! I asked him why he put a time limit on it? Should have asked they disappear permanently! But God is so good.
    Happy Sunday,
    Mary Kay

  29. Coffee and tea are on the cabinet.

    Read about Sandi on the ACFW loop. She's on the prayer list.

    Nothing like photos of books to make a writer/bookworm salivate!!!

    Looking forward to getting my copy of Tina's that I won.

    I was one of those much resented teachers who always met all deadlines, whether for lesson plans or lunch duty. (But what else can you expect from a bean counter?)

    Now my deadlines are self imposed. Contests. Finished manuscripts. Etc. Such is my life.

    I always tell myself at the beginning of a new book that I'm not going to push myself. I do pretty good at the beginning, but the closer I get to the end, the harder I go--kinda like the cattle when they smell water.

    What's the deadline for submitting the 5 pages for critiqueing? I'm trying to decide what to send.


  30. Ruth, that book signing is not too far from me. I might try to make it this weekend. :)


  31. I'm actually on a pretty fun deadline now. I'm doing Nano, but my baby is due Dec. 3rd (meaning it could come today basically) so instead of 50k I want to get the whole thing written before the baby comes, so I've got two deadlines working against me and I'm finding I'm doing better than usual because of it, even though I want to take a break and READ A BOOK!!!! but I want this done and I hate failure, so having my Nano count anywhere lower than it should be is really helping me. The baby making me take so many naps, well, not so much. Would love to win and get to read Conneally's book when the madness is over (unless the baby is like my first, then the madness will have just begun!)

    Also, I'll put my hand up for The Master's Wall too. Thanks for being so generous.

    rmjagears AT gmail DOT com

  32. One time I was trying to print out a contest entry...back before most contests went electronic...and the printer would NOT print.

    The deadline was the next day and I had to put it in the mail.


    In tears, I asked dh to look at the printer, and even though he's not a techy guy, he was able to fix it.

    A small piece of apple core had fallen inside.

    (I'm sure the core had help getting there, but due to Mary's sensitivities, I would mention exactly HOW that happened.)

    Printer has worked fine ever since.


  33. Tina, I believe in thinking positively for all of you individually and collectively!

    Peace, Julie who does love knowing that she gets to order those newly minted books in a couple of weeks.

  34. Look at those GREAT pics of NEW BOOKS!!! Woohooo! Go Tina! Go Audra!
    Can't WAIT to get my hands on them.

    And, as usual, Seekerville ROCKS. I've been a major fan now for a year and half - and blessed by you guys!


  35. Btw, deadlines give me nightmares. Worse than a world without chocolate.

  36. I like how you think, Julie :)

    Pepper..leader of the fan club, no? when were you thinking of sending it in. We can negotiate.

  37. Oooh, leader of the fan club?!!!
    Now I need to go out and have bumperstickers made.
    "Honk if you love Seekerville."

  38. Or buttons that read:
    "Have you hugged your Seeker today?"

    Cyberhugs count, of course

  39. Tina:

    I'm thinking it would be nice to have someone look at my brand new project, but it's in very first draft. I want to go over it first.

    It could be ready in a day or two.


  40. Another wonderful WE edition, Tina. Deadlines writing-wise are those for contests I've entered this year. Congratulations to Audra and Tina on their debut novels and to all the winners last week. I'm deep into a "Novel in a Month" that I won last month. Thank you so much,Glynna. Sandi has been in my prayers, too. Would love to win a copy of The Master's Wall. Thank so much for this chance.

  41. I would absolutely love to win a copy of "Lassoed in Texas." I so enjoy Mary's style of writing.
    Thanks for the opportunity.


  42. Helen- anytime by Saturday would be awesome.

  43. Okay I like that Pepper, but no matter how much Julie Lessman begs only one exclamation point on the bumper sticker. I mean that.

  44. Hi, everyone. I'm late today. Have been gone, literally, since I left for early church this morning. It's been a long day. But a good one! Especially lunch with my family, time shopping with my daughter, then girls night out with some friends tonight (at P.F. Changs!!). :)

    Tina and Audra, I loved seeing your books!! Audra, especially loved the glow on your face. :)

  45. Is this where you enter for one of Mary Connealy's Lassoed In Texas Trilogy or Tina Radcliffe's The Rancher's Reunion.

    I'd love to be entered thanks

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  46. Apple Blossom you are in the right place!

  47. Congrats Audra and Tina on your books going out soon. Can't wait. Also, congrats to Janet on your new contract.

    My deadline stories are all self-imposed as I love causing myself problems. Usually, if I'm on a real deadline, I set chocolate aside as a reminder to reach certain goals. If chocolate isn't available, I'll go with peanut butter. (This makes a Reese's cup very popular with me.)


  48. I'm one of those freaky people who like deadlines and I'm very rarely ever late. I know, it's wierd but, they scare me so bad I am usually early because of it. lol
    I'm a nurse by profession and have yet to actually see one of your IV bags in reality, where'd you get yours?
    Can't wait to get my hands on Lassoed in Texas, so when I win the set (do you hear the subliminal message here?), let me know at

  49. Er, I didn't mention deadlines...

    I tend to procrastinate and get done right at the deadline. I like specifics though. An actual date not 'sometime in the next few weeks'.

    I have a personal deadline for getting that full out but we'll see how it goes :p.

    I know I mentioned Sandi in my other email, but I'd also love any of the other prizes, including the 5 page critique for this week. Can we sign up any day or just the last day? I think someone said before, but I forget.

    And yes, Audra and Tina - that is so way super cool!

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  50. Hi-
    Congratulations, Audra and Tina, what fun to receive your books.

    Congratulations on your new contract, Janet.

    Sorry to hear about Sandi's illness. I'm off to read Jennifer's blog now and will add Sandi to my prayer list.

    I would love to receive a copy of The Masters Wall, so please enter me for the draw.

    Many thanks

    Ruth Ann

  51. Oh wow sounds like a lot of things going on this week! I will have to really watch this blog to keep up with it all


  52. ooh ooh I can't wait till Friday!!!!

  53. hey!anonymous stole my comment...Friday, Friday, Friday

  54. I am praying for Sandi Rog, it must be so hard for her!
    I would LOVE to win Mary Connealy's Lassoed In Texas Trilogy!!
    I LOVE this series!!And all Marys books!
    I hope I'm not to late to enter!

  55. Okay, so this is a week later and I just realized after reading the new WE that I was so excited last week I went and sent my address to the new Seeker email address without thanking anyone. Ouch.

    So, thank you Seekerville for the B&N gift card. Now I can buy more Seeker books. Yay!

    Audra - that pic of you and your books - your smile says it all. Great photo!

    Anita Mae.

  56. I love reading your weekend edits, Tina. Amazing.

    Hmmm. My most memorable deadline just passed two Mondays ago.

    Bethany House officially fostered fourth baby Reclaiming Lily.
    Three friends joined hands without letting go of sweaty inkpens and helped me get that baby ready for her new home. I will never forget the strnage mix of bliss and pain as we labored in a way that only the Holy Spirit could've ordained.

    LOVE that Colossians 3:17 feelings.