Sunday, November 21, 2010

Seekerville Weekend Edition

This weekend we in Seekerville are thankful and
we'd like to share some of our favorite
Thanksgiving traditions
in pictures
(especially helpful for writers on NaNoWriMo and deadline).

Share one of your favorite traditions
to be entered for an opportunity to win a copy of
Audra Harder's January 2011, Love Inspired release,
Rocky Mountain Hero.

We Have Winners!

Please contact Seekerville through our new web email if you are a winner and if needed, provide your snail mail address. Please note our giveaway rules in the right lower column of Seekerville.

Last Sunday in the Weekend Edition we were honored to giveaway SIX copies of Sandi Rog's The Master's Wall. We thank you for your prayers for Sandi. The winners are:

Debra Marvin
Jackie Smith
Mary Kay
Pat Jeanne

We also gave away a copy of Mary Connealy's Lassoed in Texas Trilogy and Tina Radcliffe's The Rancher's Reunion. Winner's are Deana (Lassoed in Texas) and Apple Blossom (The Rancher's Reunion).

Monday we Welcomed Debut Author Vannetta Chapman to Seekerville. Winner of A Simple Amish Christmas is Julie Hilton Steele.

Wednesday was Debby Giusti with The Fred Factor. And we were thrilled to have The Fred Factor's author Mark Sanborn stop by to comment. Winner of The Fred Factor is Runner10.

Friday Mr. Book Look was our special guest. Winners of Mary Connealy's Lassoed in Texas Trilogy are...Larry Craig (Mr. Book Look) and Carol M.

Saturday's The Best of Seekerville from the Archives, The First Five Pages critique winner is the very enthusiastic Virginia Munoz.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Seeker Pam Hillman, our lovely Genesis winner is your hostess today.

Tuesday: Avalon debut author Sandra Leesmith is your blog leader. Sandra will share tips on live research including interviews and travel hints. She will share exciting photos from her latest research for her current wip and has two Seeker books to give away.

Wednesday: It's that time! Join Love Inspired author Glynna Kaye for U.R.A. Writer, M.D. : Time for Your 4th Quarter Check-up! And one lucky commenter will win a copy of her February 2011 release, Second Chance Courtship.

Thursday: Seekerville is closed in observance of Thanksgiving. Take a turkey to lunch today.

Friday: Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe shares her Christmas Wish List for Writers on Black Friday. She's also giving away a copy of The Rancher's Reunion and a few stocking stuffers for all the very good and very bad writer's in Seekerville.

Seeker Sightings

Glynna Kaye's February 2011 release, Second Chance Courtship is available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble & CBD!

Today you can find Mary Connealy on Casey Herringshaw's Writing for Christ blog celebrating Casey's Blogoversary Party. Mary will be giving away two autographed books!

Join Julie Lessman at the final day of Casey Herringshaw's Blogoversary Bash and you could win TWO JULIE LESSMAN SIGNED GIVEAWAYS (winner's choice of A Hope Undaunted OR one of The Daughters of Boston books) Plus Winner's Choice of a Top CBA book (from a selection of six).

News Flash: Julie Lessman's A Hope Undaunted #5 on Booklist's Top Ten Inspirational Fiction for 2010!!!

Tina Radcliffe has sold
her second book to Love Inspired. Oklahoma Reunion will be an October 2011 release.

And...she has a special contest starting next week to launch her debut release, The Rancher's Reunion. All the info is on the book's very own website at

From Publisher's Market Place:

Missy Tippens' HOPE FOR HANNAH (working title), in which a widowed mom of four who's put her life on hold until her kids are grown, finds hope of love in the unlikeliest of places when the former bad boy who ruined her sister's life returns to town seeking redemption, to Emily Rodmell at Love Inspired, by Natasha Kern at Natasha Kern Literary Agency (World).

Today Ruth Logan Herne kicked off the holiday season in upstate New York with a signing at the Alpha and Omega Christmas Arts Fair.We are so excited to bring you pictures of Friends of Seekerville who turned out to support Ruthy!

Debra Marvin, Julia M Reffner, Joy Tamsin David & Ruthy

And Ruthy had a few Seeker Sightings of her own...

Random News

  • This week's free Kindle (or PC) download from Amazon: Writing Fiction for Dummies: A complete guide to writing and selling your novel by Peter Economy and Randy Ingermanson.

Congratulations go out to friend of Seekerville Anne Barton. Her manuscript The Proper Miss's Guide to Bad Behavior won the Historical category of The Golden Pen.

Praying for a wonderful and a blessed Thanksgiving to all our turkeys and friends.


  1. Oh I love the covers for both Glynna and Tina's new books for next year. I hope I can get Glynna's book when Im in hawaii.

    We dont have thanksgiving in australia but I hope you all have a great day on thursday.

  2. That's actually my old new book. Hahaha ...old new book? I don't have a cover for the new new book.

    I want to go to Hawaii.

  3. Congrats to all the winners!

    And I love that picture of Ruthy with Julia, Debra, and Joy! :D Would love to meet ya'll someday!

    I'd love a chance to win Rocky Mountain Hero! I won't be home for Thanksgiving this year, and I wasn't home last year... But this year I'm going to Texas to be with my dad's side of the family, and last year I divided my time between several of my sweet college friends and their families. :)

    So, maybe one my favorite traditions is just having time off from school so I can spend more time with my family and friends! ;) I'm so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people, and soon I'll be singing "I'll be home for Christmas!" :D

    Happy Thanksgiving (soon!)!



  4. Ok Tina, I love that cover and you can come join me! I get there Jan 21. I actually get there before I leave Sydney.

  5. So excited to have won A Simple Amish Christmas. Congrats to the other winners and blessed Thanksgiving everyone.

    We are celebrating Thanksgiving this year with the latest little addition to our family, Bellamy Grace, who will be almost four weeks old.

    These days my husband makes carrots baked in butter and tons of sugar. When it comes to Thankgiving menu requests, the kids always say, "and, of course, Dad makes the carrots." They taste like candy.

    We also do not put up Christmas decor until the day after Thanksgiving. I may buy presents and even wrap them ahead of time but Thanksgiving deserves a bit of respect!

    Lastly, almost every time I go to the grocery store (a lot this time of year), I put something in the food bank box. A friend recommends buying BOGOs as a economical way to give. One to the house and one to the food bank.

    Thankful for all of you!

    Peace, Julie

  6. wow I remember those tv dinners in the aluminum trays! :-)
    hmm I don't have a Thanksgiving tradition since I live 4 hours away from family and at my job we haven't shut down for a long time. Last year I managed to be off since we only needed one person those 2 days and my coworker volunteered since it was extra money. The past few yeas my Wed/Thurs off has fallen on Thanksgiving but I have to work day shift that Friday and my extended family celebrates later in the afternoon and driving through deer territory in deer season in the dark isn't that great an option. I worry about my parents making a 20 min drive through 'the wilderness'!

    But they still continue the usual tradition (for every holiday actually including Easter and Christmas and just about any family get-together that's planned): turkey that's cooked behind the scenes and sliced and put on a platter. Ham that's already cook but just in case is fried in some Crisco -usually the kind that starts off as that white solid in a can though they have have gotten heart-healthy the past few years ands switched to the liquid beans with a stick of butter per can(now nuked 'cause gotta keep up with the times you know), dressing which takes days since they gotta make cornbread and crumble it up..the stuff actually looks gross being poured from the huge pot on the stove to the 2-4 baking dishes and baked in the oven..always this nssty red jello thingy with fruit in it and miracle whip. yep miracle whip not coolwhip. and the weirdest thing is that only 2 maybe 3 people even eat any of the stuff and most is tossed out but it HAS to be out in the 'serving line' or it's missed. seriously. and this 'smith salad' that the uncles and my dad like - peeled carrots(I usually snatch the peels since I love the peels) and oranges (with all the nasty white stuff removed or there are complaints from the football watching men) and yep once again miracle whip(gag). Is it no wonder cholesterol and blood pressure issues are rampant?! anyhoo..usually a couple of casseroles - used to have up to 4 green bean casseroles until 2 decided to try their hands at some kinda potato casserole(which is usually some kinda boxed stuff with cheese on top). oh and those dinner rolls. the basic pull out of the pacakge and slap butter on top and bake til brown kind. One cousin HAS to have these and I have to agree those and the ham are the best part of the meal for me(not much of a turkey, ham and dressing person like most in the family) but I do love the desserts though the pie selection has gotten sparse the last 5-10 yrs and people have gone storebought due to divorce and the bakers either dying or having to take up the slack from those whoe died(ok just Grandmother died 9 yrs ago but she did a lot of the cooking along with my aunt and mom so now it's the 2 of them feeding a larger army of eaters)so us sugar addicts have been outvoted by the turkey and dressing lovers which is ok since we're not so picky so long as something on the table is chocolate!
    to date I have never done a formal sit down thanksgiving meal where they turkey is baked and served whole on a platter or stuffed..never sat with everyone at the same table or with table cloths or other formalities! When I was a kid the kids got one bedroom with a table set up..the men sat at the table and the women grabbed the living room with the tv which was either still on football or most likely halftime. The kids still go to the bedroom but now most of us sit at the table or living room however we want and the food is in the kitchen instead of having to reach over the uncles to get seconds! the desserts could be a bit more accessible though..
    man I'm homesick :-( at least we repeat it at Christmas though one 2nd cousin and her family aren't there then since they live closer to me andlike to spend it as a family unit in their house


  7. Now that my mom is not able to cook, and their house is too small to hold all of our expanding family, my sister and I "swap" holidays every year. This year it's my turn to host Thanksgiving and she will host Christmas. But no matter where we meet, we have the same dishes each Thanksgiving. Most importantly all of the family is together to celebrate what God has done for each of us!

  8. Oh, oh, oh, oh!!!!

    ANNE!!!! Mega, super congratulations my friend! I am so proud of you! YOWZA!!! YAY!!!!

    Dancin' in the streets (it's dark and quiet, Sunday morning, no one can see me out here...) for you! Praying, sprinkling good wishes and prayers for speedy timing for so many Seekervillians. You go, girl!

  9. Susanna, please say you meant to be funny.


    Pretty please. Because otherwise Im the MEANEST PERSON IN THE WORLD because I can't stop laughing at how you told that, at how each thing is described and then most likely gets tossed after two people sample it.


    There. Got that out of my system.

    Traditions: This one is making my son smile: My mother-in-law always made fancy Jello-s in a glass goblet for the kids. She'd tilt the glasses in the fridge and when the 'slanted' jello was firm, she'd layer in Cool Whip and then cool Jello of another color...

    So you had tilty Jello's in wine glasses and the KIDS THOUGHT IT WAS THE MOST WONDERFUL, FANCY THING EVER.

    So we're doing that this year so our grandchildren will have that same thrill of super fancy Jello at Grammy's house.

    And if a glass breaks? We toss it away and grab another Jello out of the fridge.

  10. Do you love that pic of Deb, Julia, Joy and me???? How wonderful it was to meet you guys, to hang with you last night!!! Oh my gosh, you made my day, my week, my year!

    Okay, that's pathetic, but hey... I'm a simple girl, a country girl. Meeting you guys in person was so fun. And that bookstore is gorgeous. I can't wait to get back out there and do some shopping.

    And my son and daughter-in-law brought Dave and Emma to see me. And my brother and sister-in-law came. And some delightful strangers. And my niece and grand-niece. And no one threw me out for being an imposter!


    Thank you, everyone! Still grinning in Hilton!

  11. oops sorry Ruth but yes it was meant to be funny - at least to me! or maybe just weird..I have a weird and sarcastic sense of that from my dad along with an addiction to sweets and tendency to pack weight in the tummy.. seriously though those 2 things have to be there or it's not the same. We didn't warn one poor guy in time so the following year a cousin my age hollered out 'for anyone new here - if it's white and looks like cool whip and SHOULD be cool whip don't assume it is 'cause this family puts miracle whip on just 'bout anything' she did save one person cause nothing like a mouthful of miracle whip when you're expecting the sweet taste of cool whip to just ruin your day.

    wow that's some amount of time to spend on jello to make the kiddos happy! I was always impressed with the look of the layers too!


  12. Jenny, may I stow-away??? You do some big time traveling, girlfriend. That's awesome. Yay, you!!!

    And Edwina, how nice that you guys swap up but keep the same traditional food so only the venue changes.

    I mostly love having the girls in the kitchen. Helping with this and that, talking about the guys, laughing about the kids, all but one still pre-schoolers. They're never afraid to jump in and help, except Beth who does dishes, not food.

    Hey, I forgot coffee....

    My bad. I filled up the Keurig, put on a pot of Newman's Own Fair Trade Extra Bold for you toughies and we've got apple pancakes this morning. Maple syrup, REAL maple syrup, do not even ask for that corn syrup stuff in this upstate NY establishment and whipped cream.

    And a cannoli tray is being delivered later on. Tell me which are your faves.

  13. No fair, JENNY! You get to live in Australia AND visit Hawaii? And you're a TIME TRAVELER, too!? WOW!

    And TINA -- I LOVE your Sullivan Ranch site!! Hey, everyone, be sure to click on the link Tina provided and see what her rancher heroes are up to! By the looks of those recipes, I think their ma must be a pretty fine cook!

    RUTHY -- Congrats on the successful book signing. And how wonderful to meet Friends of Seekerville!

  14. Great post, Tina.
    And you, Audra, and Glynna all have books coming out about the same time. Oooo, what fun!!

    Oh happy day! Jules!!!! Congrats on the news for Hope Undaunted. Happy dancing here! (just give me time and I'll find more places for those exclamation marks)

    Hey, it's Julia the Alley Cat hanging out with Ruthy. (trying not to pout) I bet it was a blast.

    I just love to spend time with my loud, funny, and chaotic Appalachian family at Thanksgiving. There are about 50 of us that get together. Most of us love Jesus, but all of us love each other. It's complete chaos. My hubby, from a very small, quiet family, barely knows how to handle it.
    The only difference this year is that my granny will be watching from her perch in Heaven, instead of hanging out with us. But I'm sure she'll have a great view.

    The real questions are:
    Is my aunt making her superb chocolate cake?
    how many conversations can you have at one time?

  15. Congratulations winners!

    Tina, the photos you choose just crack me up too. :)
    ** Sorry but the jellied cranberry sauce makes me shudder.

    One of our traditions is making homemade cranberry sauce. EASY and soooo much tastier.

    Follow the directions on the package except - use about 1/2 of the sugar, and make it with BROWN sugar, and add some freshly squeezed orange juice to it - maybe 1/4 cup or less.


    Still thankful for Seekerville. Y'all are the bestest!

    (would you believe my "word" is blestess??

  16. HOLY COW ... er ... I mean turkey ... what a STUFFED WE, loaded with goodies!! Great job, Teenster, as always and WHOA, BABY, SUPER CONGRATS on the book sale, my friend!! The pump is primed ... :)

    And OMIGOSH!!! The Sullivan Ranch website is SOOO cool and fun and what a incredibly UNIQUE idea!!! Gets me thinking, you know?? Maybe I should get Keith working on a O'Connor website ... :)

    WHOO-HOO, Missy, on the sale of Hope for Hannah -- I am PUMPED to read anything with a "bad boy" in it!!!

    YEAH, Glynna, ramp it up in presale, girlfriend!!

    And, Ruthy!!! I am SOOO flippin' jealous that you got to see three of my favorite people -- Deb, Julia and Joy!!! But I forgive you because you sighted my book -- BLESS you!!


  17. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraNovember 21, 2010 at 8:34 AM

    Congrats to all the winners!!

    I would say that my favorite tradition is cooking all our favorite dishes and then getting together with the family to eat.

    I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!! Ausjenny have a Happy Thursday since you don't celebrate Thanksgiving!!

    fantum2004 AT sbcglobal DOT net

  18. Hi Tina, Your debut events sound exciting.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    I'm so thankful for all our Seeker friends.

  19. Great pics Ruthy! Thanks for emailing them to me. I am thrilled I got to meet you guys in person. I think my husband sometimes thinks my online friends are pretend. LOL.

    Now there's proof that these people exist.

    And there was real food, people! Real food! After years of drooling over Seekerville parties I actually got to eat something!

    Ruthy, your family was beautiful and your brother was a riot. :)

  20. What?! No tofurkey???? What kind of Thanksgiving celebration is that? Sigh. Luckily the Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone so I won't worry about it...but next year...

    Congratulations on your new book sale, Tina. Now you have an old new and a new new at the same time. Very cool. And the website is great. And I even marked it down in my book buying calendar! No chance of me forgetting when to pick up a copy!

  21. Tina & Ruthy, thanks for the congrats! I was shocked to see my name in the WE! I feel so special!

    There is so much great stuff in this edition. I love the photo of Ruthy and Seekerville friends. I wish I could make it to one of your book signings, Ruthy! And Tina, the website for your books is so cool! That's right, I said BOOKS--congratulations! Wow, what a year you've had!

    Hmm, traditions. One year I cooked the turkey upside down (not on purpose). When I tried to carve it, I couldn't understand why there was no meat on the darn thing. I was close to giving up and ordering takeout when my husband flipped it over. So now I guess you could say it's a tradition to tease me about the turkey. :)

    Good luck to all the NaNoers, and happy Thanksgiving.

  22. Congrats again ANNE!!!

    Okay my favorite Thanksgiving tradition is breaded zucchini floating in a sea of Italian tomato sauce, covered in mozzarella cheese.

  23. Tina, I love the Sullivan Ranch site! What a fun idea!

    For most of my thirty-six years I lived at home or close enough to my parents home in Wyoming that I spent the holiday with family. After moving over 2000 miles away I now go to a friend's house every year. The nice thing about that is she's been a friend since we were in the sixth grade, so it's like going home. I bring the dessert and we cook the rest of the dinner together while we talk and laugh about old and new times. I sneak downstairs periodically to check out the football games and discuss those with her husband. How we both ended up out here is amazing. Great times!!


  24. Kirsten, I didn't know you were a Naval Historian. My good friend Rogenna Brewer is former Navy and writes Navy romances. You can find her at a website that has her name and dot com.

    Very cool. Do you write military romances?

  25. Anne, btw your flipped bird did not go unnoticed..I was simply speechless.

  26. Lol, that sounded bad when I said my husband flipped the bird...but I meant it literally.

  27. Hi Tina!

    Great news on your second book! Great title! But why do we have to wait so long, again? (Just 9 More Days for the Early Bird Release of “The Rancher’s Reunion” !

    BTW: Isn’t that the very first Love Inspired with ‘Oklahoma’ in the title? I don’t remember any others.

    Maybe I can get the new Governor to declare a Tina Radcilffe Day! Of course, you’ll just have to have the world premier book signing here in Tulsa!


  28. Hi Ruth:

    I, too, like the picture. It just seems you get better looking with each new photo. Either having three 4 ½ star books in a row is a youth elixir or you have a portrait of yourself in your attic that’s getting older.

    Which is it? : )


  29. Congrats to Tina on your new sale! That's great. And to Anne on your win in the Golden Pen! This is HUGE my friend. I assume you got or will get a request for the full ms!

    Whoo-Hoo! I smell another first sale coming up!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! No offense, but I'm so glad ours is long over and I can just RELAX until Christmas!


  30. Well Vince, the dirt is I have a day job. Said day job keeps me busy about 50 hours a week. I am now writing instead of sleeping and eating. Great diet however. My husband and I communicate with text messaging.

    And said day job allows no vacations from December 27 - January 31st. Which is a smart move since it is their busiest time of year. So it looks like I will be coming back to Tulsa in October of next year.

    Oh, that I was as prolific as Ruthy and Mary but God gave me drop dead gorgeous looks instead. It's a cross I must bear.

  31. LOL, Anne..didn't actually go there until now..

    Spew alert needed.

    Thanks for making my day, lol.

  32. Hi Tina:

    Two clarifications:

    I was talking about a Tulsa premier for the Oklahoma book. I’m sure elaborate preparations are already under way locally for the January release of “The Rancher’s Reunion”. BTW: Is ‘reunion’ going to be a recurring theme in your titles? I think it could work well in a tag line. Like: A Reunion of Blank and Blank.

    Also, I was not asking for you to write books faster. I just want a shorter delay between announcement and release. It’s kind of an A.D.D. thing. : )


  33. I loved meeting you gals. Ruthy, your family is great. And let it be known Ruthie is every bit as funny in person as she is here :)

    @Julie, Hey, you can always come up here and do a signing with Ruthie someday :).

    Our favorite holiday tradition is making my great-grandma's butter cookies. Lots of butter, lots of sugar, and they just melt in your mouth.

  34. AusJenny, my pen pal in Australia once did an American Thanksgiving day with some pointers from me. Hey, it's a thought! You do like to overeat and stuff both yourself and your turkey, right?

    Tina, congrats on the second sale. WOW!

    There's just too much in WE today for me to absorb. I am SO EXCITED to have won Sandi's book. WOOHOO!

    And, yes, I got to meet the Ruthinator last night, catch up with Julia and meet Joy. We're all western new yorkers, a special breed...

    If anyone has doubts about Ruthy being stuck at 80mph for 20 hrs a day, call me.

    Okay I have to go back and soak in all the news. Like, yup, I saw Julie's book on that incredible list. Another wowser!

  35. Okay, I tried. I can't keep up with all the Seekers, the FOS, the sightings... Exhausted. Congratulations on all your successes!

    Our thanksgiving (and Christmas) tradition is having those Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and orange iced rolls just before we pop the bird (or ham) in the oven.
    I can just hear that little doughboy giggle already!

    by the way, check out our group blog today for Ruthy's Devotional.

  36. re: News Flash: Julie Lessman's A Hope Undaunted #5 on Booklist's Top Ten Inspirational Fiction for 2010!!!

    Woo hoo, Julie!!! Congrats!! :)

    And Tina, so thrilled to celebrate your second sale!

  37. Anne, I am just cracking up about the upside-down bird! Oh, and also the flipping the bird (however, I didn't go there at first either!) LOL

    Cute photo from the book signing, ladies! Wish I could have been there.

  38. Tina - Great job with the Sullivan Ranch site. Your cover and photos are so romantic and western. Absolutely love them. And congrats on the next book. Took them long enough, but now they're hanging on to a good thing and they know it. :D

    Jenny - That's too funny about getting here before you leave. My son did that last summer when he was visiting Aussieland but it sounds funnier coming from you. Heh.

    Ruthy and Deb in the same photo with other friends. Yay! Great picture ladies. That's a keeper for me.

    Thanksgiving tradition... we head into the city and enjoy it at hubby's sister's place. And they don't want us to bring anything because they 'have it covered' and they're very proud. Okey dokey.

    Anita Mae.

  39. Tina,

    My heroes tend to be either current or former military, usually Marines. In one ms my hero is a former Marine sniper returned home to his Wyoming ranch; kind of combined everything I love. :o)

    Thanks for Rogenna's info. I'll definitely have to check her books out.


  40. Tina, I love the series website!! Especially the fantastic recipes! :)

  41. anyone is welcome to join me.

    Debra dont hate me but I really really dislike turkey. I will think of you all.

    Anita Mae it is funny as I leave at 9.20pm Friday the 21st but arrive 10.10am Friday. but coming home I lose a day.

    I decided to go to Hawaii after the lack of spring although tis week is wonderful in the 80's but a dry heat and really good. Just wish I didnt have this rotten chest cold.

  42. Having JUST finished A Passion Most Pure, I am not surprised that AHU is on that list.

    I totally want to be Julie when I grow up. Or next week. I think that'll come first.

    AND I'm so squeeeeeeing over winning Lassoed in Texas!!! YAY!!!

    But rather than scanning through the comments, I need to get to my pre-Thanksgiving tradition of cleaning house :p.

    I'm in for next week's critique if nothing else ;).

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  43. Hi Tina:

    I'm late to the gathering today.

    CONGRATULATIONS on the second sale.

    Also to Anne!

    And to Julie!

    Regarding the FINAL Challenge!
    Does the entry have to be on a completed ms--or can it be on a wip?
    I've gleaned through the guidelines and can't find the answer.


    The 5-page critique is a great opportunity for some good feedback. The turnaround time is also superiffic!!

    Shucks, I'm so pleased I'm willing to give it another shot if you want to toss my name in the pot again.


  44. What final challenge?

    There's a final challenge?

    Whose smart ideas was that?

  45. Oh you mean Harlequin. Duh!

    Helen, here's how you calculate that answer.

    1. Find when the winners are announced.

    2. From that date and December 15 calculate how many pages a day you need to write finish the manuscript in case they want it.

    3. Calculate if you can do it with out killing someone.

    4. If not and you do not have a finished product I suggest you do not enter.

  46. any seekers gonna be in the Houston area anytime this coming year?! I never get to meet any authors in person! well ok I did meet a couple at quilt festival here one year - Earlene Fowler and Monica Ferris..and briefy met Sandra Dallas (think that's her name)but Fowler was the only one I had read at the time I met them. But no seekers yet!


  47. I don't think there are any conferences in Houston in 2011. RWA is in NYC and ACFW is in St. Louis.

  48. thanks for the inkwell inspirations blog link! Good devotional Ruthy - I've never been a Martha myself(my mom is and only room for one in the kitchen aka control center and I'm not woman enough to fight for the position - I lose out even in my own kitchen) But you know every time I read or hear the Mary and Martha story I can't help but wonder that Jesus must not have been very hungry or had no idea how long it took to cook back then without a microwave and takeout! I mean, no good hostess would leave guests unfed when they're there for that long! But there are lots of things in the Bible I dont' really 'get'!

    Tina, so I guess none of ya'll's gonna happen to pop up in the local Borders or Family Christian Stores or Lifeway one of my days off?! ;-)


  49. I know it's late, but I could really use a Seeker hug before this not-so-great weekend is over. So how about it? Anybody want to participate in a group hug in honor of my first really vicious, uncalled-for, really mean, 1-star review?

  50. Good timing to check the comments.


    And here's some calorie free chocolate cake to indulge in too.

  51. Oh, Melly that is just plain ridiculous. No more reading them. Stop that right now.

    You know Susan Elizabeth Phillips doesn't read them. And if it's a good enough policy for her then it's a good enough policy for me.

    And I have just sent Cousin Guido out to take care of this situation.

  52. Thank you, CarolM!!! Seekerville friends are the best friends. :-)

    Tina, thank you! It is tempting to let cousin Guido handle this, but instead I think we should just pray for the girl. ;-)
    Thanks for the offer, though! You made me feel loved, and I needed that!

    So does this mean you're not going to read YOUR reviews? Seriously, I do need to stop. I need to totally fast from Amazon. It's truly making me insane. Not good for me spiritually, emotionally or ... any other way. Tomorrow I hereby promise not to look at Amazon even once. I will stay away from the internet except to possibly research my next book. (I need some medieval village names.) Tomorrow I will actually write for a change. And go to the gym. And stick to my diet.

  53. AND go to the gym?!

    Now, let's not go crazy!!

    I read it. I had the book in my hands from the library but had too much going on and had to return it without reading it :(. I'm looking forward to it when I do have time.


  54. I am so excited for the new sales!

    And how GREAT to put faces with names of our Seekerville friends who went out to support Ruthy!

    You guys are fabulous!


  55. Great WE as usual, Tina!

    Congrats on the second sale. And released in the same year. And the super cool website to go with the super cool Will Sullivan. And cookies!!

    Great photos from the booksigning, Ruthy. I love bookstore that takes a personal interest in local authors. But they're smart. They know what they have Rabble Rousing Ruthy!!

    Julie! #5 on the list!! So congratulating you, girlfriend. Must write faster!!

    Anne, who could resist a title like that?? Congrats! The Golden Pen is huge!!

  56. MELANIE.

    Do not believe the mean spirited garbage. One sour grape does not the wine ruin. Readers, fellow authors, editors are smart enough to know.

    Super big hugs to you, sweetheart!

  57. Hugs Mel! I hereby call for a fast from the Amazon reviews!!!


  58. Thank you for the chance to win Rocky Mountain Hero.
    When I was growing up we'd always have turkey, baked potatoes, yams, and cranberry sauce. I love eating the cranberry sauce with my turkey.
    cynthiakchow (at) earthlink(dot) net

  59. @ melanie..sorry guess I didn't get here in time for the group hug. Wow that review sure got attacked! I'd say if a book got a mix of 5 and 1 stars then it must be pretty potent to cause such extreme reactions. 3's are middle of the road IMO. I didn't even read the entire review since I found the reviewer boring. :-(

    Sounds like she didn't care for the theme to begin with and some people seem easily offended with certain things.


  60. Wonderful news in Seekerville!!! Celebrating with all of you!

    Major congratulations, Tina, on your second sale!!!!

    Glynna, love your new cover!

    Wahoo to Anne on her Golden Pen final!!!

    Julie, thrilled to see your #5 in Booklist's Top Ten romances! Yay!!!

    Comiserating with Melanie! I'm reading your book right now and loving it!! Trust my opinion more than that reviewer. Okay?

    Hugs, Janet

  61. Thanks again, CarolM! And Audra! And Pam! And Susanna!!! You guys are so sweet. I can always count on hugs here! :-)

    Yes, definitely fasting Amazon today. It's sort of a sickness, having to check it every few hours. Julie reminds me to keep my eyes on Jesus. I need to remember that! And off of Amazon, reviews, sales stats, etc. And mean reviewers who hate me! LOL! Actually, I think she mostly just hates that I talk about Jesus too much. What can I say? I'm a Jesus Freak!

  62. Thank you, Janet! You're so sweet! Love me some Janet Dean! :-)

    JULIE LESSMAN! ON BOOKLIST'S TOP 5 ROMANCES!!! Oh my goodness, I can't believe I missed that! Must go email her right now!

  63. Catching up today, I was gone yesterday, fun stuff at church. And a hot chai at Wegman's cafe....

    :) A lovely Sunday!

    Vince, have I mentioned how much I LOVE you???? Do tell your wife, you flatterer you, because I'm gonna' give you a big ol' Ruthy hug when we meet. And you know that most good bookstores have professional photo enhancing machines on site?

    Either that or the Holy Spirit's giving me a little much-needed silk-screen help, LOL!

    Joy.... Such a pleasure, Dudette!

    Anne... of course we're proud of you! And the flipped bird is so noteworthy as to find a spot in a book. Which means I may steal it, but I've done so many goofy things in the kitchen that if I don't smell up the house burning something (like the first batch BIG BATCH of fudge for Christmas that I made last week.... Chickens like burnt fudge. Who knew???)

    Gotta go see what everyone else says before I copy Teeeeeena's amazingly good idea of a website for the Sullivan Ranch.

    I hate that she's so much smarter than I am, but I'm also UNAFRAID of stealing her ideas, mostly because I live a country (almost) away.

  64. Vince, I tell her to write faster all the time....

    And she's being modest, but I'll say no more. Our Teenster's full of surpises....

    And the drop-dead-gorgeous face ain't too shabby either.

  65. Susanna, thank you for the words on the nice devotional!!!!

    Conversation Saturday night:

    Deb: "Aren't you doing a devotional with us soon?"

    Ruthy: Gives Deb a dumb look.

    Deb: "Like this week?"

    Ruthy: Another dumb look, thinking she'd said yes to something and messed it up, BUT NOT THIS TIME, LOL!

    NO, I actually did it EARLY.

    Thanking God for having the Holy Spirit smack me upside the head and grab that moment when I did, because once I 'turn the page' my brain sieves everything away.

    It's a dreadful malady for sure.

  66. Why would you read reviews? You know that NO ONE cares what those people say, right?

    Do not read them. Seriously. Oh my stars, don't make me go all Bon Qui Qui on you.

  67. Late getting over here to the WE edition. Thanks again, Tina. Love the pic of Ruthy and other Seeker friends at her book signing. Congrats to all winners last week and to Tina and Anne. Belated hug for Melanie. Please put me in for the 5 page critique this week. Wonderful Thanksgiving Day to everyone.

  68. hahahaha I wondered when either Ruth or Mary would catch the drop dead gorgeous comment. I was hiding so they wouldn't slap me a good one.