Friday, December 31, 2010

Madame Zelda Rocks in the New Year

Welcome to another year and another party with Madame Zelda.
If you missed my last parties, well, I was just getting started.

This year I have arrived.

We'll be giving away party favors from dust and dusk to midnight.
That would be 5pm MST to 12 midnight PST.

It doesn't take a fortune teller to predict this is the place to be!

So how did I do with my 2010 predictions?

I leave it to you to to decide by checking my 2010 party predictions here.

Now let's toot our party horns and cheer for these 2010 accomplishments by Seekerville friends and authors!

  • The Seekers collectively had 17 books on the shelf in 2010.

  • Three Seekers sold in in 2010, Tina Radcliffe, Audra Harders and Sandra Leesmith.

  • These friends of Seekerville sold in 2010: Melanie Dickerson, Rose Ross Zedicker, Tina Pinson, Lynn Rush, Patty Smith Hall, Cathy Shouse, Cat Shield, Lindi Peterson and GINA WELBORN??!!!!!!. (Did we miss anyone?)

  • Mary Connealy's Cowboy Christmas won the Carole Award. Seeker finalists for the Carole were, Julie Lessman/A Passion Denied, Mary Connealy/Montana Rose, Glynna Kaye/Dreaming of Home and Myra Johnson/Autumn Rains.

  • Pam Hillman won the Genesis Award in the Historical Category with Terms of Indenturement. Pam also won the Unpublished Maggie Awards, Inspirational category with Terms of Indenturement.

  • Seekers (Glynna, Debby, Missy, Cheryl) placed and/or won in RWA sponsored contests such as, The Maggies, The Bookseller's Best, The Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, The Detroit Bookseller's Best, The Write Touch Reader's Choice Award, and the Beacon Award.

Hooray for Seekerville! Where in 2010 we wrote books, essays, short stories and non fiction. We entered contests, critiqued, struggled through synopsis and query letters and rejections. Because we're writers.

Writer's Write; everyone else makes excuses. -Jack Bickham.

Writer's Write. Wannabe Writers Wanna Write-William Meikle


This year, I've polished my crystal ball and I'm ready to deliver the goods!

Madame Zelda's 2011 Predictions:

1. Unpublished Island will finally become a Writer's Retreat as all the Seekers set sail to the mainland.

2. Six more friends of Seekerville will sell.

3. Four Seekers will final in the Carole.

4. Three Seekers will final in the RITA Awards.

5. Seekerville will be found on any GPS device worldwide.

6. Seekerville will produce their own tea and coffee label.

7. Books on the shelf in 2011 will exceed 25.

8. The Seeker 2011 birthday party will launch the Seeker web page.

9. 15 Seekers will be in St. Louis for the 2011 ACFW Conference, Sept 22-25.

10. 7 Seekers will be in attendance for the 2011 RWA National Conference in NYC, June 28-July 22.

Party favors for all our reader and writer friends!

Unless you make a giveaway request in your comments all visitors will be entered for each hour's giveaway. You do not have to be present to win..but you do have to comment!

Unless specified all clocks are set to Mountain Standard Time for this giveaway!

5pm - Love on Assignment by Cara Lynn James-Winner CatMom

6pm-4 copies of The Rancher's Reunion by Tina Radcliffe-Laura, Andrea, Susan Mason & Lorna Faith

7pm-Ten dollar Starbucks gift card winner is Tina P and winner of Ruth Logan Herne's Waiting Out the Storm is Leigh and Made To Order Family is Sherrinda (3 favors to 3 guests)

8pm-Christmas Peril by Debby Giusti-Winner Renee C

9pm-4 copies of Courting the Doctor's Daughter by Janet Dean-Winners, Tori Lynn, Dawn Ford, Rose Ross Zediker, and Susie Sheehey.

10pm-Sharpshooter in Petticoats by Mary Connealy -Winner Julie Hilton Steele.

12 Midnight EST Happy New Year-4 copies of Rocky Mountain Hero by Audra Harders-Winners Hannah, Walt, Rogenna Brewer & Melanie

11 pm-Donald Maass' "The Fire in Fiction" by Mary Connealy and an extra copy by Tina Radcliffe to winners, Kav and MJ.

12 Midnight MST Happy New Year- Mary Buckham & Dianne Love's "Break Into Fiction: 11 Steps to Building a Story That Sells" by Glynna Kaye-Winner is Helen Gray.

12 Midnight PST Happy New Year- A Hope Undaunted by Julie Lessman-Winner Debra Marvin.

Special Lurker Prize: For anyone who has never commented in Seekerville-a surprise package. Let us know you are delurking!!

The Delurking Winner is Kathy Brasby!!

Winners will be announced on the hour. No waiting until the Weekend Edition for this party! Winners should contact Seekerville through our new web email and if needed, provide your snail mail address. Please note our giveaway rules in the right lower column of Seekerville.

So let's pass out the hats and horns and get ready to party like it's 2011.

What are your predictions for 2011?


  1. Wow, first comment! I am looking forward to 2011. I am hoping to find a new job here in Lousiana. And finish at least two mss.

    Happy NEW YEAR'S EVE!!!

  2. The coffee pot's set for 4 a.m.!!

    I predict that Madame Zelda is right on the money with every prediction.

    My goal is to enter the Genesis and to have two manuscripts ready to pitch in St. Louis in September.


  3. Ooooh! I love #9. I wanna see this prediction come to pass. I'd be beyond thrilled to have my picture taken with all 15 Seekers. I'll start practicing my grin now. =D

    I wish every single Seeker and friend of Seekerville a new year that exceeds your wildest hopes and dreams.

  4. I am also looking forward to 2011. It has been a wonderful year. Hopfully, I'm one of the friends who sells in 2011.

    In the event I win a prize that I already have, may I announce that and have a redrawing?

  5. I would buy your coffee. Maybe it would make me more of a morning person!

    Happy New Year to all my Seeker friends!! Wouldn't it be nice if I was one of those who pubbed this year? Here's to wishing.

  6. Um, Walt, you could sorta give us a clue to which hours would be best for you :)

    We aim to please.

  7. Tori!!! We're standing behind you to reach your goals.

    Helen, you make the java and we'll help you kill your secondary characters.

    Keli!!! ME TOOOO!!!

  8. Oooo I like prediction number 7! I would love to add 25 new books to my wishlist. ;-)

    Happy New Year!!!

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  9. *hobbling in* SORRY!!!! I've been terrible lately. Haven't been here, haven't even been reading. I'm just....having a tough time. So I'm very, very sorry, ladies, my fault totally.

    Happy New Year's Eve :) Hope you all have a great one!

    Madame Zelda, it's always wonderful to see you, dahling. I TOTALLY agree with Renee :) Number 7!!! Any predictions for me? *wink* LOL! Couldn't help it, I want this bad medical news to end....and I figured while you're here I'd put it out there.

    Anyway, another sleepless night for me. Hope you all are doing fantabulous!! Hope to talk soon :)

  10. This looks like a fantabulous New Year's Eve Party! Should be an actual live one somewhere one day...

    I don't think I have any of those books so count me in :).

    I also entered GREAT EXPECTATIONS a few minutes ago! EEK!

    Was feeling half decent about it and made the mistake of telling an acquaintance who knows I do the writing /thang/. I really should know better. I won't get into it here but it left me feeling pretty down in the dumps :/. Ah well. I'm feeling a lot better about it than I would have about say Golden Heart and should [I think?] have the comments back before the Genesis deadline so...

    I'm going to take a deep breath, ignore her and move on.

    Maybe my word of the year needs to be THICK-SKINNED. That's two words but hyphenated. Does that count?

    But now it's bedtime so I can clean tomorrow before our shindig. Will keep my phone handy so I can check in here as we go :).

    Have a fabulous evening, ya'll!

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  11. And of course got sidetracked... maybe ontracked should be my word :p.

    So looking forward to ACFW in STL and then 25 or more new books! WOOHOO!

  12. Now I will need to find a time clock as right now its 4.30pm new years eve.
    but it will be tomorrow sometime.
    I guess I will be one of the first Seeker friends to celebrate the new year (only I think I will be in bed)

    I predict unpub island will be over taken by seeker fans reading there books and seeing where it all started (Hey maybe I could get a job as the head tour guide)

    do we need to be here each hour or do we state here which hours we dont want to win?
    incase I dont get back
    I will have Tina's book already.
    7pm would only like to go in the draw for Ready made family (have read Ruthy's other books and am quite annoyed its not one that is in australia)
    I have Janet Deans books also,
    the books for writers leave me out off and also I have Julies book to read (thats the one I thought for the plane to Hawaii)
    and I am not a lurker (well I am sometimes but im a little to loud for that).

    Well the 106 degree day didn't come not quite 100 but it has been hot and a good day for reading only the one I am reading (before it expires) had me crying within the first 2 chapters. But it is a good book and not by a seeker but very good and very informative of how bad life was for the africans who were taken as slaves.

  13. I have decided to put my fears aside and come out of lurking mode. Cause we all know I've been so shy and unassuming. LOL.

    I hope to get things settled in business and finances and get down to more writing. My crystal ball is a tad dusty but I can see a mysterious man... oh wait, wrong vision.

    I can foresee the prospects of a pulitzer, okay maybe another contract.

    I will star in a reality show and consider a run for office.

    That could be someone else's future I'm peeking into. Maybe I should run get some Windex.

    Blessings to everyone. Grace and joy for your new year and hope for your dreams.

  14. Tori Lynn, Louisiana!!!!

    Job hunting! Whoa, baby, where did you move from?

    And finishing two MS.... Rock on, Sistah!

    Fresh coffee... It's 4:30 and I love Helen right now. Pumpkin spice... a vanishing breed of bean this time of year.

    My word is: FORGE

    My goal is: A New Contract

    No resolutions. I like goals so much better.

    Zelda, ALL of us in St. Louis????

    SWEET!!!!! I want to see that arch up close!

    9 in NYC???? Come on, who are the slackers????

    NYC.... In June. Liberty Island. Ellis Island. Nut vendors. Scarf vendors (remember those lovely probably stolen scarves I gave away?????)

    Food everywhere. And for this Seeker: coffee. New York knows how to DO COFFEE. No whining for Ruthy because no matter what borough or what street, they all make coffee. All day. Every day. No turning off the pots at 10-freakin'-thirty.

    (Unnamed theme park in Florida, are you listening??? do you care?????)

    Ooops, I'm on a coffee-track... Back to Zelda....

    Zelda, I love you!!!! And your prognostications, your wonderful seer, you!

    Okay, we'll have fun with whomever goes to NYC. Rousing fun. ;)

    25 books on the shelf... Oh, how sweet that would be!

    4 Carole finalists....

    3 Rita finalists....

    Two Starbucks giftcards

    And a partridge in a pear tree!


    Love you, Zelda.

    Tina P: Believe.

    Walt: She gave you a BROAD hint that Price/Waterhouse (where finance boy works, by the way) is on vacation and won't be counting chances....

    Dawn, I'm wishing right alongside all o' youse! Keli, you too, sweet thing! And Carol.... We stay the course, right?

    HANNAH. Hugs to you my beautiful young friend. So sorry that's still giving you problems.

    Do not despair. Be Emily Dickinson in the quiet of your room. But you do not have to write about being a frog.

    You may choose otherwise.

    Grasp this time and use if for something wondrous.

    Sending you baklava, fudge and kisses from upstate.

    Baklava for all in honor of Zelda's visit!

    New York style on the left, (with real maple syrup) and traditional honey-glazed on the right.

    Dig in.

  15. What a fantastic party! I'm looking forward to 2011 where everyone in my family is healthy, I acquire an agent and receive a contract!!

    Happy New Year to all!

  16. Madame Zelda, Its good to have you back.

    And you did well with last year's predictions so figure this year's will be right on.

    Helen, glad to have you back. We missed the coffee pot all set up.

    My goodness, I want to be both in NY and St Louis so I better wipe the cobwebs off the piggy bank and start saving.

    Happy New Year!!!

  17. M. Zelda, is that really supposed to be dust to midnight, or perhaps dusk... because I have no intention of cleaning today.

    I'm so excited about your visit here today. Tell Tina my word for the year is now SUBMIT and yes it works in two ways. one - to God, one - to 'dream agent'

    Oh, I'm going to bring fresh guac tonight. Will anyone still be here?

  18. tweet tweet -a little birdy says to ask Gina Welborn about adding to your 'sold' list

    Ruthy - Baklava? Oh you don't know how happy that makes me.

    AusJenny, we're going to be close to 40 in upstate, er, WESTERN NY today which to us is like 100 after a month of teens... I won't have to bother with my fur wrap when I go out tonight (that's take the dogs out, actually. Who goes out on such a night, when the party is right here?@)

    I am going to St. Louis if I have to hitchhike, by the way.

  19. I am not awake. I am sleep walking. So no hard questions please.

    Debra, you leetle copyedit maniac you...yes, dust and dusk. Both.

    I shall be back at DUSK with my DUST and party favors.

    If a large truck arrives with "GYPSY CATERING" on the side, let them in. They are family. Setting up for the party.

    I have been up all night making baklava. I am exhausted.

    See you this evening.

    Ruth, please pass out the hats and horns.

    Helen, I trust you will monitor the coffee pot.

    Can someone please take pictures of all indiscretions.

  20. You see the Madame and Ruth are in sync. We now have original and chocolate baklava.


    I am off to find Gina...OH. EM. GEEEEEEEE!!!!

  21. I'm surprised that Madame Zelda has not included a Seekerville Theme Park in her predictions for 2011. I can see it now -- the gates would be an open book and the rides!!!!

    How about Charismatic Characters Carousel? Rollercoaster of Romance? Turbo Conflict Charger? and instead of the horse shoe pitch visitors would have to pitch their stories. And how about a Mired Plot Maze? Not to mention the Dunk the Contest Judges booth which would be right next to the Synopsis Dart Throwing Game. Of course all the midway prizes would be books written by Seekerville authors and Seeker author friends. :-) Doesn't that sound like fun?

    The party favors I'd like a chance at are:

    9pm-3 copies of Courting the Doctor's Daughter by Janet Dean

    11 pm-Donald Maass' "The Fire in Fiction" by Mary Connealy

    12 Midnight MST Happy New Year- Mary Buckham & Dianne Love's "Break Into Fiction: 11 Steps to Building a Story That Sells" by Glynna Kaye


  22. What wonderful news about what has happened in 2010! Will be praying all those predictions for 2011 will be fulfilled.

    May all of you be blessed as you have blessed us this year with your advice, stories, and community.

    My prediction is that I will have a time deciding whether to purchase traditional paper or Kindle format Seeker and friends of Seekerville books so will buy both!

    Am clearing out all the Christmas goodies left...gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, shortbread, and Christmas Hersheys kisses. Thanks for eating them and starting my new year off without any more temptation.

    Put me in for the following two books. I have the rest. But if I don't win, I have my kindle! Yippee.

    5pm - Love on Assignment by Cara Lynn James

    10pm-Sharpshooter in Petticoats by Mary Connealy

    Peace, Julie

  23. Happy New Year, Seekerville!!!!Anyone up for partying tonight? Dine and dance with the Deans? Hope this cold doesn't affect my feet.

    Madame Zelda, I'm thrilled with your predictions! I hope they all come true!!! I want all the Seekers together again in St. Louis!!! What fun we'll have!

    Can't wait to see the last cottage on the island deserted!!!!

    Congrats to all our Seekerville friends who sold in 2010! Hoping Madame Zelda's prediction is low and more than six friends will sell in 2011!!!

    If you write historicals, Love Inspired Historical is going to four books a month in January. That means more opportunities to sell!

    Wishing you all a New Year filled with God's richest blessings for you and your family.

    Hugs, Janet

  24. Hannah, praying you'll have a better day!

    Hugs, Janet

  25. LOVED Madame Z's predictions--how exciting! (Also must add that I always LOVE reading Ruthy's comments--would love to meet her in person someday--her comments always make me smile!). ~ Happy New Year to all the Seekers and Seeker friends. May the Lord richly bless each of you in 2011.
    New Year Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  26. Madame Zelda! I LOVE it when you visit Seekerville. My favorite prediction is about the island showing up on GPS. I got lost when I tried to use MapQuest.

    I started reading Tina's amazing book last night and I stayed up WAY too late. First thought in my head when I woke up was--I can't WAIT to hang out with Will and Annie some more today. I love these characters. So, excuse me while I head back to the ranch...

  27. PAR-TEEEE PAR-TEEEE! Happy New Year's Eve everybody!!!

    Yay to Seekerville. Loving these predictions.

    My word - well there were 2 yesterday - "persist" was one, and "bathe" was possibly in the running, but Mary took it. Still BREAKTHROUGH won out. :)

    Great exercise. Thanks!

    Loving these predictions.

    I'm just waiting to see who "delurks"... ;D

    oh MY Baklava... sign me up!

    Dust or dusk - whatever. Seekerville is the place to be... Here's to all your predictions coming true, Madame Z! We "Z" people must stick together you know... Yes, there IS a Z in the alphabet.

  28. Alright, I'm taking the hint.

    5 pm MST In
    7 pm MST In (Starbuck's)
    10 pm MST In
    12 pm EST In

    Still debating one other time at the moment. (My copy of A Hope Undaunted is in eBook form, a Christmas present to myself for my new Nook. A signed copy, though, would be wonderful.)

    Granted, if I don't win, my first prediction for 2011 is that I'll be buying books. :-)

  29. OK, I am de-lurking for this celebration. Thanks for your enthusiasm! My goal is to enter at least one contest in 2011 plus polish a novel for 2012 Genesis.

  30. I Totally love prediction #2...and my plan is to be one of those that gets on 'pub island':)

    I wish every Seeker and friend of Seekerville a awesome 2011...and that all your plans/goals come true for this year!

    count me in for entry!


  31. Good morning, Seekerville! I can't believe we're winding down another year and the new one is just over the next horizon! I know it's just a day like any other day, but my spirits always rise in anticipation, eagerly wondering what the next 365 days will bring.

    I wish all of you GOD'S BEST in 2011!

  32. `LOVE M Zelda! Super predictions. Praying especially for 1. :D (is it polite to ask who still hangs there?

  33. Wow, Madame Z was spot on! I can't wait to see her new predictions come to fruition, especially #9! Can't I get in the picture with Keli Gwyn??? I'll practice my smile too!

  34. Yay, Seekerville! What wonderful giveaways! I want to win Audra's book!!! It has my name in it!

    Wow, I didn't know Gina Welborn sold! I am going now to email her!!!

    Exciting stuff, exciting year for the Seekers and Seeker friends! Actually, I recently found out I will have a second medieval published next December! I hope I will sell at least a couple more in 2011!

    Looking forward to the party tonight!!! Woohoo! Party all day!

  35. 15 Seekers in St. Louis??? Squeee!

    Happy New Year!

  36. Carol M, email me and I'll give you a pep talk!!! Don't listen to those ignorant folk!

  37. Sherrinda, I think the Seekers better practice their smiles because if all 15 of them show up in St. Louis, there will be a l-o-n-g line of Seekerville friends eager to get a picture with these awesome ladies. =D

  38. Ooo, Keli, if that's the case, then I will work on my "elbowing" action to move up the line fast! ;)

  39. Email sent Mellie, dear :).

    I did get a lovely email from a certain Caribbean bound Seeker earlier this morning before she left and I'm feeling much better.

    At least about that. The 3yo was up till nearly 3am last night :p. Stinker. And the odds of me getting a nap are slim but we're having company over so I'll be up until midnight [a couple years ago they did leave early - but two days later he was Dx'd with double pneumonia... I don't see that happening again ;)].

    I don't know for sure HOW I'm going to make it to St. Louis [okay - I know HOW - I'm just not sure where the money is coming from], but I'll be there if I have to sleep in the car and hang around the fringes ;). And I'll bring enough cookies to share with everyone.

    Here. Have some now. /sets out cookies for everyone/

    I'm off to clean...

    Thanks again Mel and Ruthie!

  40. Joanne, I'm holding down the fort on Unpubbed Island. There was some technical difficulty that delayed my boat to the mainland in 2010, but Madame Z and I are confident I'll set set in 2011!

    I've been quite comfortable watching my sisters set sail. God truly answered a prayer that I wouldn't leave one of them behind.

    PS. I just fished a note out of a bottle from Capt'n Jack. Seems he's trying to round up all the Seekers so they can all escort me to the mainland, but it's a bit like herding cats.

    Hey, Capt'n Jack said it, not ME.

    Anyway, once he circulates the entire US coastline AND picks up AusJenny (Jenny, maybe he can catch you in Hawaii), he'll come get me, and we'll enjoy a wild ride to the mainland on the Black Pearl.

  41. Dear Madame Z,

    I'm in awe at your predictive ability. Someday I must get your autograph!!! Or at least shoe size. Even though I got "news" prior to your post, can I credit you with rightly predicting my sale? Come 2012, you'll see my name in itty bitty font underneath Pamela Griffin Laurie Alice Eakes, and Jennifer Hudson Taylor in a Barbour historical anothology.

    Now could you tell Julie to pray a little harder for the other manuscript submissions I've have out there?

    Your beloved fan,

  42. I forgot to add...

    After my agent called me with the news, my first thougth after hanging up was "When I judge Genesis this year, I can check 'published author' block even though my book won't be out yet. Finally my entrants will think I'm brilliant!"

    Why does my word verification look like "smug sing"?

  43. Haha, Kav. A Seekerville theme park. Love it! And of course Madame Zelda would have to have her tent set up somewhere... That should be a goal for 2012.

    Thank you for the coffee. It is much needed - especially if I stay up till midnight...


  44. CONGRATS, GINA!!! That's exciting newS!!!! But all of us here in Seekervile ALREADY knew you were brilliant!

  45. ya'll we gotta do something 'bout these covers! I have Audra's book but can't read it 'cause I can't stop staring at the guy on the cover. I'm pathetic...I pick it up then start staring and daydreaming...

    I did finish Maggie and the Maverick last night - the book I won right before Christmas! cute story but of course now I want to read the 2 stories I missed about his brothers so guess I'll wait for all 3 to come out together!

    ok looking for food now.haven't read the posts to see what we have but I can make a donut run if necessary!


  46. Its just like Christmas, all over again! Thanks, Seekers!!!
    Susie Sheehey
    susiesheehey (at) verizon (dot) net

  47. Looks like this is the party to be at today!!
    Hope you have a fabulous 2011!! I think 2011 will be a great year!


  48. I LOVE Madame Zelda's visits to Seekerville...maybe because she was so spot on her predictions last year! Of course, I might be just a little biased on that-WINK!


    I predict I'll be meeting more of the Seekerville ladies at the ACFW conference in St. Louis.

    Later today, I plan to set my 2011 writing goals but I do know one is to persue an agent.

    I'm in for any of the drawings....

  49. Smug Sing. Gina, it meant go ahead and toot your horn loud, honeychile!

    I slipped up and bought Tina's book while out at Wallyworld today, so take me off that list! I just couldn't resist because the SHs sell out fast.

    It was right next to Audra's WHICH I already won so I had a little Seeker moment there.

    Do any of you practice the old tradition of 'first footer's at new years? For 'luck' your first guest through the door of your house, after midnight, should be a dark haired man.

    I was going to say something about getting lucky, but then my word verification is slese. so I going to repent.

  50. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraDecember 31, 2010 at 1:59 PM

    I love the predictions Madame Z has made for the new year! I have had a so much fun getting to know everyone on seekerville. I do already have some of the prizes mentioned so here are the hours that are good for me:

    12pm Eastern
    12pm Mountain

    I will stop by later tonight to see how the party is going!

  51. This:
    Julie said:May all of you be blessed as you have blessed us this year with your advice, stories, and community.

    That's my prayer for all of you as well. Hope everybody here has a better year in 2011 -- even those who had a rockin' year in 2010, hope it gets even better for you!! :-D

    My goals are to get back to marketing novel #4, do some deep editing and polishing on #6, which may have a life of its own after all, and then go back and finally beat #5 into submission. That's looking like total rewrite from word one (sigh) but I think it will be worth it.

    Now to put the Greek New Year's Bread in the oven; but I'll be checking back in later!

  52. And Kav! Great idea about the theme park! We could add a hatchet throw to chop out excessive verbiage. Maybe a shooting gallery for unnecessary characters. Lots of potential here! :-D

  53. Happy New Year, Seekerville!

    My corner of the world has been super topsy-turvy the last couple of months so I've not been to the island nearly as often as I'd like. Planning to change that, though!

    Madame Z has great predictions, as always. And I love Ausjenny's suggestion of turning the island into a "where it all began" tourist spot. Nothing beats the beach for a writer's getaway.

    One hour til the football game my guys are most interested in kicks off. Time to get the pizza and wings going!


  54. GINA!!!! I am so thrilled for you.

    And I am waiting for that wonderful gothic you wrote to sell.


  55. Leigh!! We've missed you!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  56. Debra,

    I consider this an epic moment in our friendship. You paid money for my book.

    Does that mean I am forgiven for being direction challenged and almost getting you lost in Denver??

    2011 -time to forgive and forget.

  57. Hey ya, Kathy, delurking!!!!

    So far you're the first to admit delurking!!!

  58. .
    Madame Zelda Asked for Our Predictions. Here are mine.

    Predictions for 2011

    1. On January first, a Seeker will win the first Book of the Year award to be announced in 2011! (Last year’s winner went on to win many honors!)

    2. Over 250,000 Madame Zelda emails will be leaked by Wikileaks causing an international literary sensation! (Seekers will come off looking very well).

    3. A Seeker will be nominated for the Cowboy Hall of Fame but will miss election by one vote. An unhappy judge will be overheard saying, “If she’d only written one book with ‘Oklahoma’ in the title she would have made it.” Just wait ‘til next year!

    4. Derek Jeter will come to a Seeker’s book signing because someone tipped him off about being in one of her books!

    5. All the finalists in a major award category will be Seekers. (Envious outsiders will call this the “Meow” Award!) But we know better!

    6. Stanley Williams, James Scott Bell, and Donald Maass will each guest blog in 2011.

    7. A Seeker will secretly publish a mainstream novel in 2011. (And you’ll never guess her pen name!)

    8. Amazon will partner with a major Christian Book Club to offer a free Kindle with a paid-up year’s subscription! Over 1000 back-listed romances will also become available at the same time at half-price! Book Club sales quadruple!

    9. Amazon will release a basic non-wireless $49 Kindle that will be given free when you purchase $100 worth of Kindle books. The competition folds.

    10. A major school system will put all their textbooks on Kindles with Amazon providing the Kindles at well below cost. The National Foundation for Textbooks will provide free ‘stem’ textbooks in the Kindle format to all elementary school systems in America. This saves tens of billions of dollars a year and rescues America’s schools systems from bankruptcy!

    That’s it.

    Happy New Year!

    BTW: I’d be very happy to win anything at any time just to get 2011 off to a winning start!


  59. No predictions, just prayers for 2011. Peace for my beloved, in his job, in his life, in his heart. That alone would be enough for me.

    Thanks for all the great prizes you're offering. Blessings to everyone for their new year.


  60. Forgot to add a big congrats to Gina. Wa-hoooo!!! What a way to celebrate the new year. :-)

  61. Okay, freshing the coffee pot before the giveaways begin. Now there's plenty for everyone.

    Can't wait for all 15 Seekers in St. Louis.

    I think my hubby and oldest son are about to decide to stay over instead of taking me into the city and coming back for me. They've checked the schedule and seen that the Cardinals will be in town that weekend!

    Hurray for Gina!!!
    She doesn't count as one of the six friends who sell in 2011, right? So the number's still good.

    Oh, regarding giveaways. I have Rancher's Reunion and Courting the Doctor's Daughter.


  62. Happy New year well its now after 7am. the question is WHY AM I UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the temp didn't quite hit 100 and started falling so a good night in the end but I piked out at 10.30ish just to tired. only had 120 pages to go to! but If I finish before midnight USA time it counts for last year right?????
    I kinda looked at the clock at 12.04am.

  63. HELEN, that's why I spoke up early. I want to get Gina in the 2010 list so she doesn't take up one of OUR six spots for 2011.

    Tina Tina Tina. Denver? Lost? Pssshh, Long forgotten.
    And I never claim to be anything but cheap! It's not like those seven rolls of pennies I paid with will be missed.

  64. DEBRA:
    Thanks for taking care of that little matter. Appreciated.


  65. Hi everyone! Happy New Year!

    Great predictions - hope they all come true!

    My goal is to finish a new ms and to finally be satisfied with editing the old ones!

    Another goal is to get to a conference this year! Haven't decided which one yet.

    Congrats Gina on your wonderful news! What a way to end the year!

    Best wishes to everyone for a happy, healthy & prosperous New Year!


    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  66. Congratulations to Gina!!!

    No need to enter me in the drawings. I've got most of the books already. I'm currently reading about a handsome rancher by the name of Will Sullivan. =)

  67. Happy New Year ladies! I'm still scrambling to finish all the food I'm making for the watch party at church.

    Cheese Ball-check
    Rotel Dip-check
    Chocolate covered pretzels- still to come.
    I was going to make Banana Bread too, but I don't have any sour cream, so that one's off the list.

    I'm leaving virtual ones on the party buffet for all of you (they take much less effort to finish than the real ones). Enjoy! I think its gonna be a long night.

    I'm in for all of the prizes but one. I already have Made to Order Family.

    I'm gone for now, gotta make pretzels.

  68. Count me in for any of the great books you listed! Love to read! Thanks.

  69. Just stopping back in to wish all Seekers and Friends and Lurkers a very happy 2011!!!

    It's almost NY in Stavanger, Norway by the way... (In case you were wondering!)

  70. KC I was wondering well I was wondering about London and Denmark actually. saved me looking it up. my brain is dead.

  71. delurkers are those people who go in caves, right?

  72. Gina!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!! I'm so thrilled for you!! Doing a happy dance in Georgia tonight! :) :)

    And Kathy, so glad you came out of lurk mode!! Let us know if we can help you get your contest entry ready this year!

  73. Andrea, I'm loving the menu for the evening! :)

  74. LOL, Debra! No, those are spelurkers. :)

  75. LOL!!! Missy, I think you meant spelunkers!!! :-)

  76. Hey CatMom Patti Jo did you steal my kitty? He looks just like my cat, Oreo. :-P

    Congrats Gina on the sale, that's so awesome. Madame Zelda you ARE good! So what's going to happen to me? ;-)

    Vince I like your list but I just bough a Nook for Christmas...come on I finally take my hand out of my pocket and let the money escape and you want to give everyone Kindles? Hahahaha.

    I'd like to be entered in the giveaways for 7pm, 8pm, 10pm, and Midnight EST! Thank you and Happy New Year!

    XOXO~ Renee C.
    p.s. I'm going to make a prediction and say the Penguins are going to win the Winter Classic. ;-)

  77. coolest of cool, I just got my Kindle & am trying out the browser feature & you all are my first googled page. Fun to since its 5 here, do not know if that is early ior late for this,but I wanted to type this on the Kindle. Def. will be doing anymore posting on the computer, but I had to play!

  78. Checking back in to see how the party is going. Also wanted to say to leave me out of the 6 pm drawing as I already have The Rancher's Reunion (thank you again, loving it so far!)

    And YAY GINA!!! May you have many more Calls in 2011!!

    Greek New Year's Bread on the table to go with the baklava -- whoever gets the coin has special luck for the next year. (Can I fit in a coin for everybody here?? That'll be one big loaf!!) :-)

  79. Hey Renee (Steeler Girl)! The black kitty I'm holding in the picture is Moses, the "baby" of my 7 kitties (my husband is actually embarrassed for me to tell anyone how many I have, LOL). Awww...Love the name "Oreo" - I'm sure he's a sweetie like my Moses! ~ Am enjoying reading all these fun posts! Happy New Year, Patti Jo :)

  80. VINCE!!! I love it. Great predictions!

    Keli, thanks for the kind words about the handsome rancher.

  81. The Ruthmeister is VERY INTERESTED to hear about Ms Gina.

    I like CELEBRATIONS!!!!

    And I brought egg nog, party hats, noisemakers and those party blower thingamajiggies.

    In outrageous colors, of course.

    And the baklava.

    Melt in your mouth good.

    Oh happy day!!!!



  82. Oh, Gina, that is such wonderful news, chica!!!!!



    Oh, yayyayayayayayayayayay!!!

    I feel a new verse of Suwanee River coming on!!!

    In a new and upcoming Heartsong!

    Not far away....

    There will be our precious Gina's sweet words...

    Adding to a wonderful day!

    All the world will know what we know,

    Everywhere we go...o...o....o!

    That Gina is one talented lady

    And God has blessed her so!

    Congrats, my friend, and pass the champagne, there's a party in Seekerville tonight!!!

  83. The party is starting with our five pm winner of LOVE ON ASSIGNMENT by CARA LYNN JAMES.

    The winner is CATMOM!!

  84. Leigh....

    I've missed you too.

    And let me add that Debra is a very forgiving and forward-thinking woman that I hope and pray submits, submits, submits, submits, submits in 2011....

    Am I being too direct, Debkins????


  85. Deb....

    getting lucky....

    dark haired man....


    Oh I'm on the floor laughing and the eggnog hasn't had a chance to affect me yet.

    It's Seekerville.

    Champagne, anyone?

  86. I was wrong. I also have Rocky Mountain Hero, so I can be out for that giveaway too.

    andeemarie95 at gmail dot com

    My word verification is "cones" which makes me think of ice cream. I love ice cream, peppermint is my fave. this time of year. So I'm adding some no-melt virtual peppermint ice cream to the buffet with bowl of toppings that can be whatever you want it to be.

    If there really was a Seekerville coffee/tea company, I'd switch in a heartbeat.

  87. Deb, I love cave men.

    If it takes delurkers to find 'em, I'm soooo in!

  88. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraDecember 31, 2010 at 7:12 PM

    Congrats Catmom on your win!!

  89. Anne, you sweet thing..thanks for the kind words about Annie and Will. I'm sure they like hanging with you as well.

  90. Peppermint ice cream, Andrea...

    With homemade fudge topping and whipped cream.

    Topped with shaved dark Ghirardelli chocolate and a peppermint pattie.

    And champagne, of course.

  91. De Lurkers are not cave people.

    I just read that.

    De Lurkers are people who decide that dagnabbit, they WANT TO WIN A PRIZE TOO.

  92. Miss Melly,
    we'll blame the fact you were sick this past week but I think MISSY meant spelurkers and she will possibly go down in history as the one who named "people who come out of their cave to post".

    I am officially here for the Love on Assignment giveaway. There are names for people like me. I just plain have no shame anymore.

  93. oops, I guess I should have gotten here earlier. But I brought the Guac. Two kinds, one for those who like cilantro and those who don't. I made it myself from fresh New York Avocados.

    back to work.

  94. Huh, for some reason I thought I had to come on every hour to repost for chances to win,(that's what I get for trying to read this on the tiny Kindle screen) making a list is even easier since some are past my 1 month old (tomorrow) boy's bedtime.

    since 5pm is over, put me down for
    10, 11,& 12 PST if you would be so kind.

    Happy New Year!

  95. Ruth,
    Does that concoction give you the sensation if York Peppermint Pattie? Yum.

    Wanted to say congrats to Gina as well.

  96. 6pm Winners--and dahlings I added one more because I am marvelous and wonderful.

    Laura (Loves 2 Read Romance)


    Susan Mason

    Lorna Faith

  97. For 2011 I really want to enjoy life more and be thankful for the simple things.

  98. As a fellow Nook owner, I would like to point out the plus that nobody mentions. Take your Nook into B&N and you get free food or drinks. I've gotten three free smoothies and a frappucino.

  99. oooo, Comment ONE HUNDRED?? Here I come. I missed out on the party, but that is okay, because I just want to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and I have greatly enjoyed my time spent on this blog. Ya'll are the best...but I think you already knew that. :)

  100. Really, Walt?? Okay I am looking into this. Free food and drinks..and how does this work?

  101. The party only just began Casey.

    Stick around.

    Hi Patsy! Happy New Year.

  102. The 7 pm winner of a $10 Starbucks card is Tina Pinson. Remember, you can buy hot chocolate with that too. It's freezing in Colorado tonight.

    The winner of Waiting Out The Storm is Leigh. And the winner of Made To Order Family is Sherrinda.

  103. When you walk into a B&N with your Nook, it sends you about five coupons. One of them is for the cafe. Usually, it's coffee, or so I've heard. The coupon I've had in my Nook is for a free smoothie and I can reuse it until January 3rd.

  104. That's just plain awesome. Thanks for the heads up.

  105. Can I add my name to Janet's raffle? I had a coffee incident with the last copy.

  106. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraDecember 31, 2010 at 9:10 PM

    Congrats to all the winners so far!!

  107. congrats to all winners so far. I go deliver apricots and visit mum and come back to see its after 7pm mountain time.
    I sure hope todays visit to mum isn't a prediction on what the rest of the the year will be.

  108. Laura, dear, you won at 6pm.

    Now pass the apple kuchen please and a few rum balls.

  109. Hey, Ruth, not sure how I missed your comment earlier. We moved here from North Carolina and it's been a long row to hoe. My dad started working down here in June and what we thought was going to be a July move ended up being a mid-December move... But now we are here and closer to family so its nice. :)
    I have some hot tea now. Not sure if I'll make it to midnight. Been unpacking all day and we still have cleaning and cooking for tomorrow's company. So maybe I will be up at 12 after all... But to help liven the party here's some chocolate cheesecake with fresh raspberries and chocolate sauce. Along with any kind of tea you'd like. Enjoy! And congrats to all the winners so far!!! I'm hoping I'll get lucky and win Mary Connealy's Sharpshooter in Petticoats! (But any of the prizes would be nice :))


  110. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraDecember 31, 2010 at 9:23 PM

    Thank you Madame Z for pulling my name! Thank you to all the authors who take the time to share blogs and donate wonderful prizes to all the contests that Seekerville puts together. I look forward to seeing what they have in store for us in 2011. Happy New Years everyone!!

  111. Oh, wise Madame Zelda. What does my future bring?

  112. Chocolate cheesecake with raspberries. Tori knows how to party.

    My new BFF.

  113. Madame Z, I was in the airport, waiting for a friend. (Me early. Plane late.) I was so engrossed in the book that I wasn't paying attention when I grabbed the coffee.

    It eventually dried.

  114. I have pavlova here for anyone who wants some and you can have strawberries on it if you like.

  115. What a party! Glad I didn't miss the whole thing!

    Went to a funeral today, hubby's friend's dad. Wonderful man, well loved. Departed to celebrate with the Lord on Christmas Day; we partied celebrating his life on New Year's Eve. We're talking kilts and Honor Guard and everything. Truly a rejoiceful (is that a word?) celebration for a man who loved the Lord, his family and his friends.

    My glass of eggnog is raised to you, Dick!

    Be right back. Gotta get a refill of Eggnog myself...

  116. Melly! LOVE the new pic!! Now there's a face that can grace the back cover of a NYT bestseller!!

    GINA! Congratulations! Secrets are a good thing EXCEPT when they warrent substantial woot! woot! from your fans in Seekerville!

    Vince, you are a literary marvel. Love your predictions. Careful though you don't step on Madam Z's silk slipper. I hear these Romanians can be a bit touchy...

  117. Thanks for the kind words for the cover of Rocky Mountain Hero, Susanna! I'd like to party on New Year's Eve with that cowboy...oh wait! I guess I am, LOL!

  118. Chocolate and original baklava? This party is just way too good.

  119. Ruthy~ I think you got the hang of the magic ice cream topping bowl. Good for you!

    I won! Yay!

    Big High Five to all the other winners. This is just one more reason to love New Year's Eve. Not that I needed another one. : )

    I'm done preparing all the food for our party at Church. I have lots of extra chocolate and vanilla pretzels too. I love the vanilla ones, so this is good.

    I won't be back again before we go to church. We have to leave about 9:30 our time, and that's just less than an hour away.

    So I'll 'see' you all next year. I heard a radio DJ telling how he thought that was a dumb joke, and we should all just humor the people who say that. I've always liked that joke, so if you think it's dumb...please humor me. : )

    word verification is 'torinse' reminding me I need to wash and 'to rinse' the dishes before church.

    I really am gone this time.

    Party On!

  120. Rogenna Brewer, you cheeky military romance writer you.

    I see a Harlequin Super Romance release for you this Spring....

    Now stop hogging that cute Marine near the beverage cart.

  121. Wow, I'm a winner -- thanks, Madame Z! I got boxes from B&N and Amazon today with my latest gift card goodies, but there's always room for another good book on my shelf. :-)

    Thanks, Tina and Ruth, for the sweet words about missing me lately. It's good to be back around the island!


  122. LOL, Melanie. And LOL even harder, Debra! Thanks for explaining my strange word. ;)

    I hope we'll have more spe-lurkers come forward! :)

    And now, I'm going to sign off to spend the evening with my family. We've already set off the fireworks (so as not to disturb neighbors--one, a police officer!) And now we're going to eat!!

    Happy New Year everyone!!

  123. Hi All:

    This is fun for all the ‘old folks’ that are staying home tonight!

    Audra: You’re right about Romanians. I was in Bucharest a few years ago and the tour guides still take tourists to the square where Ceaucescu was shot. They have not even fixed the bullet holes! You have to be very careful in a country where the national hero is Dracula. Honestly, I bought a nice wood Dracula plate in the hotel gift shop.

    Should I add that I endorse and agree with all of Madame Z’s predictions?


    P.S. I have a Kindle and Sony eReader. I support all eReaders!

  124. Tori, gotcha. That's a big move.

    Think really cute southern guys.

    And their recipe for eggnog in Louisiana includes bourbon, I believe.

    But plain is good too!


    A dance????

    Of course, my friend!!!!

    Hava nagila!

    Hava nagila!

    Hava nagila!!!!

  125. I don't know what prize is on right now, but I can't believe I've missed all this!!! Unfortunately, I've posted a couple of times before this year ...

    Thanks for the chance to win! Even though I'm not a writer, I love reading about all the hints and advice here --it makes me want to try and write a story ...


  126. Stuffed crescent rolls...

    Lobster, shrimp and scallop seafood au gratin.

    Oh, yum.

    Pass 'em 'round, okay????

  127. Oooo, are we dancing already? Is Cap'n Jack joining us? I'm kinda scared to dance with Madam Z...

    I think I feel a Kwix moment coming on...

  128. I just took a to-die-for cheese and crab dip out of the oven. Crackers. A bit of caviar.

    Fireworks all set and accounted for. Anyone bring the matches??

  129. The 8pm winner of Debby Giusti's Love Inspired Suspense, Christmas Peril (with Margaret Daley) Renee C.

  130. Wow, I posted at "10:00"? I don't know if that counts for the next hour, so I'm posting again (apologies). So are there a lot of fireworks going off where you all are?

    Happy (soon to be in some areas) New Year!


  131. You guys are making me HUNGRY.....

    Put away the fireworks, Audra.

    Jack has rum..I worry about the consequences.

  132. Are you in Hawaii...Lady Dragonkeeper?

    It's 8:21 here in Denver.

  133. You only have to post once to be in every hour's drawing. You do not need to be present or awake to win.

    I may take a nap myself.

  134. What a way to bring in the new year. Tornado watch until 11 p.m. Have already had a couple in our state so far this evening. Staying in and keeping safe.


  135. Had to check back in in my quest to actually stay awake until midnight!

    I am sleepy and just mistakenly bought a book while I was demoing my Kindle for my husband. Well, I did want the book but I had a gift card which Amazon doesn't count when you buy directly off your kindle.

    BWD: Buying while drowsy...a whole new reason for high book bills!

    Walt, I wish I had known that about the Nook but I am waiting for the second generation color Nook!

    Thanks for the seafood gratin! I needed protein!

    peace, Julie

  136. MADAME ZELDA ... Fabulous post, dahlink, as always ... especially the predictions and the SALES!!! SUPER CONGRATS to all the debut authors -- YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

    And, GINA WELBORN, you are in MAJOR trouble for not telling us (read: ME) that you sold, you little brat!! If you want to stay on my prayer "hit list," you best keep me better informed, don't you think????

    But seriously, I KNEW it was just a matter of time, sweetie. SUPER CONGRATS!!! :)



  137. I just saw how to make pavlova on "Good Eats" yesterday. I love that show! This sounds fun --it helps that it's still early here ... Have a great New Years!


  138. Kristia, you are my kind of gal. I am going to check it out. Right now I am watching CAKE BOSS on Netflix.

  139. Patsy, stay safe. Pam Hillman told us the area was under a severe weather watch.

  140. Sorry I am late dahling..I was giving one of the guests a lesson on how to wax your crystal ball.

    Winners of Janet Dean's Love Inspired Historical, Courting the Doctor's Daughter are:

    Tori Lynn
    Dawn Ford
    Rose Ross Zediker
    Susie Sheehay

  141. Let's see, if I go to bed and wake up at 3 the party should still be going, right?

    I think we should find a way to give Madame Zelda a gift for hosting this party. She put a lot of time into cleaning that crystal ball and those layered skirts are a bear to iron. Plus to be balancing time zones, oy vay.

  142. Congratulations you three!

    Madame Zelda, do you see a Mary Connealy book in my future? That's what I've been waiting for here ... =P

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    The neighborhood's popping the firecrackers and it's only six! It's only gonna get louder, LOL.


  143. Great party! Whoa---trying to stay awake until midnight. I'm not a night person! May need some of that coffee.


  144. Yay! I won a copy of Janet's book...what a great way to end the year.

    Two hunky cowboys left Walmart with me last night...NOT real cowboys just those cuties on the covers of Tina and Audra's books!

  145. Thank you for appreciating me, Debra. It took me days to polish my brass toe rings as well.

    Zee party...get it. Z Party...he he he..

    Anyhow, it ends at 3:05 your time. 1:05 MST and 12:05 PST.

    Did you bring the feta cheese?

  146. Woohoo! I won! Thank you so much!

    Walt I was sooo excited when I saw that coupon for a free smoothie on my Nook the other day..the only problem is the closest B&N is about 50minutes away :-( I will be making a special trip sometime in the future though...I need more books :-P

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  147. Rose, how cool is that. Thank you for ponying up for us.

    I went hysterically crazy in the store when I saw my book.

    It turns out 9 out of every 10 strangers doesn't care and actually begins to back away from you when you approach them with a wild eyed look and a book in your hand.

  148. Thanks, Rose! That's an awesome way to kick off the new year!

    My husband and son have the fireworks all ready to go...they still have two hours until boom time.

    Will they make it??

  149. Renee, we can always lend each other books. You can do that with any Nook user.

  150. Oops! Sorry I didn't get your joke, Missy!!! My bad! You are very savvy and funny, and I'm the dork! :-)

    Anyway, just want to make sure you all know that I want to win AUDRA'S BOOK. In case you may have forgotten. AUDRA's Book, Rocky Mountain Hero. Yes. That one. The giveaway is coming up, I believe.

    Spelurker. Very clever. :-)

  151. Tina, you know those 9 out of 10 strangers give you an even stranger look when you rearrange all the books for prime shelf space and then hold the camera for self portraits...taking photos many times over.

    All for the sake of the beloved scrapbook.

    My husband just shakes his head.

  152. Ooh, 10 minutes until it's New Years on the East Coast! Happy New Year's you guys!


  153. Audra I could just see that the rearranging and photo taking. If I knew it was an author (of christian fiction) I am likely to go up to them and and ask about there book.
    I do get excited when I see the books of authors I know in the adelaide bookshops.

  154. WOOHOO!!!! Just returned home from a New Year's Eve party (we came home WAAAY before midnight, LOL) and I was eager to return to the Seekerville New Year's Eve party---AND saw that I was the winner of LOVE ON ASSIGNMENT by Cara Lynn James!!!! Am super excited about this!! THANK YOU sooo very much, and Happy New Year to all the Seekers and Seeker Friends!!! ~ Blessings, Patti Jo :)

  155. To Julie Steele:

    Just so you know, you can return accidentally bought books on your kindle. I had to read the entire manual before I played (because I am a dork like that) and if you accidentally push the buy button, you can return it. Find your Kindle User's guide on your home page, type "buy book return" and push the button to "find" and the location 73 passage pops up. GO to returning an Item and there's how you do it.

    But if you want to keep it as an excuse to purchase it, I'm not telling. :)

  156. Happy New Year!!!!

    10 pm MST Winner of Mary Connealy's, Sharpshooter in Petticoats is Julie Hilton Steele.

    12pm EST Winner of Audra Harders' Rocky Mountain Hero...oooh..look we have four did THAT happen...are



    Rogenna Brewer


  157. Happy 2011 everyone - the Big Peach just dropped here in ATL!

    Here's to a great year ahead!

  158. What a wonderful thing to discover as the new year begins! I won Mary's latest!

    Blessings all on this first day of a brand spanking new year and sleep tight!

    Peace, Julie

  159. Yay, Hannah!
    Yay, Walt!
    Yay, Ro!
    Yay, MELANIE...So, do you have an *in* with Madam Z, or what? I've been told, she can't be bribed, LOL!!

    Happy New Year, everyone! Enjoy!

  160. Hi Patti Jo now I see why you're called Cat Mom! Moses is sooo cute, is he all black? Oreo has a little dot of white under his neck and on his tummy hence the name. I told my brother the next cat is going to have more white on him and we're naming him Double Stuf. :-P

    Walt, I've never actually bought a book for my Nook yet believe it or not! So far I've won a few ebooks online and downloaded a few for review but that's it. I have heard about the lend feature though which sounds great. I'm excited to give it a try. :-)

    Happy New Year everyone!

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  161. Yay! Happy New Year's East Coast!

    Looks like the comments are slacking off a litttttllleee bit? =)


  162. It's only 11:18 here. I'm at a friend's getting ready to sew our blocks.
    I managed to start your book Audra just grabbed it outta my purse and opened it without looking at the cover LOL! but the food arrived too quickly so only got a little ways through it then had an eye exam so my eyes were dilated and I had errands to run..hopefully I'll finish this weekend! wouldn't mind getting stranded at that ranch..

    wow ya'll cook a lot with crab huh?! High class cooking LOL! we usually open a thingy of sour cream and stir that dip stuff in it(and that's getting high tech 'cause some just grab a premade thingy of dip and open it with a bag of chips..)


  163. Hi all, been missing you guys but I've been on deadline getting the last of my edits in. I absolutely love Madame Zelda--it was just last New Years that I asked Madame Z if I could be one of those Seekerville friends who sold this past year.

    I'm excited for the new year and all the changes going on in my world. And I love you guys for providing such a great place to talk writing. Happy New Year and many, many more!


  164. Susanna, can you say VELVETA? My favorite dip..the big yellow cheese with Ro-Tel or Chili.

  165. Susanna, keep in mind how much time we've spent on our tropical island -- lobster and crab were the perks, LOL!

    Keep reading, girlfriend!

  166. Patty!!! Hello sweet girl and I am looking forward to your Steeple Hill Historical release.

    For you I will even wash the almonds and honey off my fingers before I turn the pages.

  167. you know its funny in a way here it is 4pm and parts of America still haven't said goodbye to 2010.
    but its been fun to be somewhere sharing NYE with someone I did nothing last night even went to bed way before the year ended.
    congrats all winners

  168. Melanie, like I said you've been under the weather this week. Don't apologize about the spelunking. I see begging helped you with the drawing though.

    I looked at the clock and saw I missed the big moment. HappyNew Year. AND it's Saturday to boot!

    Feta cheese? Was i suopposed to bring feta?

  169. Happy New Years everyone! How's it going? feeling sleepy yet? Or are you still awake? =)


  170. Look, I get to sleep in only two hours!!!

    I love being a party animal.

    Yes, Debra, you were assigned FETA.

    Surprise it is 11 pm MST and we have two winners of The Fire In Fiction by Donald Maass




  171. Thank Ruthy and Janet. I'm hoping 2011 is better than 2010 lol....reading your comments and then finding out that I won pushed me to tears! I just don't know which way is up anymore. I'm always glad to come back home to Seekerville and be enfolded in a hug....sometimes it's the best thing to be held. Can't wait until I have to priviledge to actually get a hug lol...

    Sorry for sounding so down and sentimental tonight. I'm drained and ready to call it quits. Life is just too hard these days. Ah well...

    Thank you so much for pulling my name, Madame Z. Haven't read this, but am sooooooo looking forward to it!
    Love and *hugs*

  172. Congrats you all! It's only 8:30 here, but the fireworks should be heating up soon. ;-) Anyone else still here?


  173. We are resting on the beach in a carbohydrate induced haze.

    I have baklava crumbs in my hair.

    But the fireworks are amazing!!

  174. How funny to have the party stretch over time zone lines!

    Deb Marvin has been in 2011 for an hour and a half; Susanna for a half hour.

    I've got to wait another half hour to leave 2010 behind.

    Time to replenish the buffet. How about some light snacks? Fruit and cheese trays (no Feta).

    I think I need a good strong coffee, too...

  175. LDK Im here its just after 5pm here I think im 20 and a half hours ahead of you.
    what time is sunset there and sunrise? cant wait to come. In three weeks I will be there.

  176. Baklava crumbs? You mean there's some left?

  177. Not midnight yes. Am I not too late?

    Happy New Year!

  178. Happy New Year to MST~!

    Winner of Mary Buckham & Dianne Love's "Break Into Fiction: 11 Steps to Building a Story That Sells is Helen Gray.

    Oh, dear, Lord we still have an hour to go. Is anyone awake besides you gals from Hawaii??

  179. Happy New Year Sheila...

    Happy Saturday afternoon Aus Jenny!!

  180. Happy New Year, everyone!! Madam Z, you host an awesome party!!

  181. Yes i agree Madame Zelda you host an amazing party and it sure is fun. you know it may be late afternoon here but I think Im ready for bed. (why is it when I can sleep in I dont!) Thankfully Monday is a public holiday here.

  182. Those of us from Hawaii and Australia, you mean, Madame Z. ;-)

    Hi *Ms.* Jenny! The sunrise is usually around 7:00am and sunset is usually at 6:00pm.

    Last one ... I bet a lot of comments are gonna show up for *Ms.* Julie's book. =)


  183. I'm awake in Missouri, Tina.

    Not too much longer, though.

    Here's a final pot of coffee for those who are still around.

    Looks like I won the book that should be very helpful to me.


  184. Kewl a Starbucks card, my husband will be most pleased. Happy New Year everyone.

  185. Last post of the night for me ... the internet connection goes off in like, 7 minutes here. Thank you for the lovely night! Happy New Years everybody!


  186. Good night Sveethearts and Dahlings!!

    Happy New Year, California.

    Winner of Julie Lessman's A Hope Undaunted is Debra Marvin.

    Winner of the DeLurker (also know in some parts of the known Seeker universe as spelunking ) Prize Package is Kathy Brasby.

    Happy New Year to Seekerville!!!

    I must go now..I have to host the Saturday Best of Seekerville from the rest for the wicked.

  187. Yay! Happy New Year, Madame Z and all of Seekerville! It's 2 am here but I couldn't help staying up for the party. I got some work on my ms done and I also looked up several books I want to read this year!
    Janet, your book looks great! I can't wait to read it. Though I see it's part of a series so I'll have to head out soon and get the first book. (There are WAY, WAY too many good books out there... Not that I'm complaing! ;)) Thank you all so much. Seekerville hosts the best parties ever!!!

    Here's to 2011!

  188. LOL, Ruthy! Very true... :)

  189. Just checking in before I crash. I missed some of the fun, but I had a good reason. I was helping our daughter ring in the new year and celebrate her birthday, all at the same time. It's New Year's Day in California, and she's now 20. I no longer have a teenager. And, yes, I feel old. =)

    I wish everyone the very best in 2011.

  190. Oh my stars, what a great party!

    I ducked out at 10 because I've got babies overnight, and sure enough MacKenzie decided 2:51 was a GREAT time for a bottle.

    And Grammy-snuggles.

    I missed fireworks but I LOVED the party! Madame "Z", you know how to do it right, dahlink!

    I am so impressed and hey, this feta's fairly fresh so I'm going to toddle into today, make coffee (or grab it if Helen made it already)

    And get back to work because, Dear Lord in Heaven, it is the first day of our Lord, 2011.


  191. I think this is too good to be true. Really. I must insist you put me on a no-gift list for at least a month. I don't deserve any more...well for at least a respectable period. (I'll let you know what that is. ha ha)

    I mean, are you kidding? I won Julie's new book? You guys are too much! Thank you Seekers! Thank you Julie. What a treat!

    Sorry for missing the 3 am conga line. I mean, AusJenny was already in tomorrow afternoon and I just can't keep up with that!

    Happy Saturday, Happy New Year.
    Happy, we have so many blessings kind of life to you all.

    gotta go. Big writing day.

  192. Seekers Rock!!!!I hope all your predictions come true, Zelda. I see in MY crystal ball having my manuscript accepted by an agent this year and finishing two others that I'm working on.

  193. Squeeee! Just opened up Seekerville and I saw that I won Ruth's book!!! What a great way to start the New Year! Thank you!!!!

  194. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraJanuary 1, 2011 at 8:51 AM

    Congrats to all of the winners! Thank You Madame Z for hosting this party. And I agree is there anyway to give you a prize for being an awesome hostess for this New Year's Eve Party?

  195. I am a lurker but no more! Zelda convinced me to uncover my lurking and reveal my interest in fiction writing, even though I write children's non-fiction books. I'll keep praying for all of our efforts to publish godly literature in 2011.

  196. Oh yay!!! I won!!! How did you know I wanted Audra's book???


    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!