Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Edition

Welcome to another Week End Edition where dreams come true, and memories are made.

Or we just veg on the beach and chat.


We Have Winners

Please contact Seekerville through our new web email if you are a winner and if needed, provide your snail mail address. Please note our giveaway rules in the right lower column of Seekerville. We'd like to remind you that accepting a prize via email conversation means you acknowledge the rules.

Monday Seekerville welcomed Love Inspired Historical Senior Editor Tina James for a historical costume party and the launch of Love Inspired Historical romance to four monthly releases. Winner of the January Love Inspired Historical releases, courtesy of Tina James and Love Inspired is Julie B from the Pier on Coney Island.

The winners of the Seekerville prize packages are: (may be listed as their historical counterpart)

2.Eva Marie
3.Leah Leonard
4.Rose Ross Zediker
5.Cara Putnam
6.Renee Ann
7.Kissa Starling
8.Andrea Strong
9.Anne Shirley with an E
10.Karen Witmeyer

Tuesday Grammar Queen (Dared to) Return for another grammatically correct post. Grammar Queen graciously consented to proofread up to 20 manuscript pages (standard formatting rules apply) for grammar, spelling, and usage only (the story itself will not be critiqued). The winner is Casey.

Wednesday Seekerville brought you Learning To Hit The "High" Notes (CD & Book giveaway) with An Epic No Less. Winners of An Epic, No Less CD coupled with a signed copy of A Hope Undaunted are Cindy (thesbgirls) & Debbie Clark.

Thursday Ruth Logan Herne shared The Good, The Bad and The former life as a contest diva. Winner of a chocolate treat basket is PattyJo (CatMom).

Friday we welcomed back Rose Ross Zediker with Lessons Learned from NaNoWriMo. Winners of Rose's debut Heartsong Presents release Lily of the Field are Edwina, Jan Drexler and Patsy.

Saturday we brought you Buckle Up! It's Going to be a Bumpy Ride by Julie Lessman. The Best of Seekerville from the Archives and First Five Pages Critique winner of an anonymous Seeker critique is Lianne.

Monday: Love Inspired author Missy Tippens is your hostess with The Fudge vs Broccoli Choice. Come learn how your brain may be keeping you from your writing dreams. And win broccoli. Oh, no one will come?? Okay, come win some chocolate. :)

Tuesday: Love Inspired author Cheryl Wyatt is blogging today. Don't miss it. A day with Cheryl is always a surprise!

Wednesday: Love Inspired Suspense author Debby Giusti, who debuts her Military Investigation series in 2011, is your hostess today.

Thursday: Guideposts, Zondervan and Love Inspired Suspense author Camy Tang joins us with her post, 18,000 Words in 13 and a Half Hours and very unique giveaway!

Friday: Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe brings you The Unpublished Author's Boot Camp Manual for 2011. She's giving away some Basic Training goodies as well.

Start planning now. A triple threat is coming. Join Mary Connealy, Rose Ross Zediker and Erica Vetsch signing February 12th from 1-3 at Crossroads Book Store in Sioux Falls, SD.

Join Audra in Loveland, Colorado, for her first booksigning! Is this exciting, or what? The fun happens at the Barnes & Noble in Centerra Plaza, if you need directions you'll find them on her website Visit January 22, between 1 pm and 3 pm, pick up a book and of course, chocolate!

Tina Radcliffe is at the Crafty Ladies of Romance's newly redecorated blog spot today, Sunday, January 16th. Stop by for a chance to win The Rancher's Reunion and check out the Will Sullivan Interview!

eHarlequin has a great interview blog called Pubbing 1.0 and 2.0. "Our pubbing 1.0 blogs share stories from authors releasing their first book with Steeple Hill to show how they managed to break in." Stop by on Friday, January 21st for Tina Radcliffe's interview.

Beginning Tuesday, January 18th, visit RT BOOK REVIEWS Magazine web edition at Author Home Page for Tina's Debut Author Spotlight interview.

Stop by Petticoats & Pistols on Saturday, January 22 where she'll be visiting and giving away The Rancher's Reunion and revealing she's a Rhinestone Cowgirl.

And don't miss the great reader pictures on The Rancher's Reunion website (Be sure to check out Vince & Rose!)

Don't forget, Love on Assignment, the second in the Ladies of Summerhill series, a January release, is now available.

And Cara Lynn James is the FEATURED AUTHOR on the ACFW site Fiction Finder.

...have in common besides writing great books?

The Perfect Agent
. Learn more on Monday, January 17th on The Writer's Alley.

18th Annual Heartsong Awards!

Each year, members of the Heartsong Presents book club vote for their favorite authors, books, and covers.

Congratulations to Myra Johnson, favorite new author, favorite contemporary cover-Where the Dogwood Blooms, favorite contemporary romance-Autumn Rains & Where the Dogwood Blooms

Seekerville also wishes to congratulate friends of Seekerville Erica Vetsch, Shannon Taylor Vannatter and Susan Paige Davis!

Check out Camy's gorgeous new website!

  • What books were on the NYT bestseller list the year you were born?

  • And finally, stop by Because I Said So, and check out the post I'm Hijacking This Blog. Let's add our prayers to Dawn's.

Have a great writing and reading week!

-Thank you to LetterJames for today's images.


  1. The coffee/tea buffet is up with timers set.

    Congratulations to all winners.

    Another great week to anticipate!


  2. Congrats to all the winners.

    I'm up because I couldn't sleep. With 600 words under my belt, I'm going back to bed.

  3. Always love these posts (even when I don't win :)) Looking forward to EVERY post.

    And I've got chocolate chip waffles. Any takers?
    Thanks for the tea, Helen

  4. Tina,

    Your images are always a perfect compliment to your Weekend Edition!

    And where else but Seekerville can you be a giver and a receiver!

    As, always, looking forward to the week ahead.

  5. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraJanuary 16, 2011 at 9:09 AM

    Congrats to all the winners!! Next week looks like another great week!!

  6. I've gotten some sleep and am back up, enjoying homemade banana bread and coffee.

  7. Whew, another packed weekend edition but I'm bordering on being late for church so I'll have to explore all the links later this afternoon.

    Happy weekend reading, Seekerville!

  8. Goodmorning, SEEKERVILLE!!!

    Another busy week ahead of us!!

    May the wind be at your back and your internet provider never let you down!

  9. Congratulations Myra!

    “Autumn Rains” keeps winning awards!

    And I saw it first! 2009 Book of the Year!

    “Autumn Rains” is different in kind. It is almost in a subgenre of its own making. I knew writers would love what you accomplished and now I’m very happy that the fans appreciate it as well. If anyone is curious about why “Autumn Rains” is so unique, I suggest you check the “Philosophy of Romance” website. Just Google it! : )

    “Happy Dance!”


  10. Congrats to ALL those winners! Wow, ladies Monday was a day to go down in history! I loved it so much! Thank you for that creative energy!

    And WOW, a critique?? Thank you so much!! I am honored and a little intimidated. :)

  11. ooo, Vince's comment reminded me...

    CONGRATS MYRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your fiction, so the award comes at no surprise. :D

  12. Honored AND intimidated.

    Wow, really good answer.

  13. The Seekerville photos are so cool today!

    And I won a prize! Thank you all so much!!!

  14. Vince,

    Julie, Janet and I were up against Myra in the 2005 Golden Heart with that book. If I had read it first I would have stayed home.

    It's a wonderful book.

  15. Lovely post, Tina.
    What a vast array of offerings you have here. Perfect for the aspiring and published authors, I should think.

    Thank you for mentioning The Writers Alley post tomorrow. I'm in a flap about it, to tell you the truth, but my informants have given me plenty of information.

    Congratulations to the winners. If I reckon correctly, Seekerville is one of the most popular sites for authors. How splendid!


    Ms. Rosemary Allspice, Amateur Detective

  16. Rosemary, we are delighted you could stop by.

    We do have quite a selection in Seekerville, spices and lots of nuts as well.

    But then I'm sure you recognized that immediately.

  17. Oh Tina,
    You are delightful!

    The nut variety wouldn't be those Seekers with Biblical names, would it?
    Of course, I am partial to anyone at all who prefers a bit of season in their lives.
    Seekerville appears to have it in spades.

  18. What good are nuts without a little pepper and salt?

  19. Congrats to all the winners - both prizes and awards!!!!

    I'm going to plop down on the beach and bury my toes in the sand after spending about 90 minutes with a 5yo trying to clean her room...

  20. Woohoo! Triple Threat! I like it! :D

    Congrats to all the winners, and yay for another exciting week coming up on Seekerville. I haven't started my writing day unless I check in here first.

  21. TEENSTER!!! I am in AWE of your photo prowess, truly ... not to mention yur writing!! RANCHER'S REUNION was simply outstanding and I WILL write a review whether you like it or not, so there!

    Congrats to all the winners this week, which is pretty much everybody who hangs on the "Island" because we have SO much darn fun here, don't we???


  22. Congratulations to all the winners! And I'm sooo excited about winning the Chocolate basket--YUM!! Thank you SO very much!!! ~ And this coming week sounds wonderful in Seekerville--looking forward to each post. :)
    Blessings from Georgia,
    Patti Jo

  23. Congrats Myra, Shannon, and Susan on the Heartsong awards!

    Great news!

  24. Hi Tina!

    Thanks for the heads-up on the Craftie Ladies of Romance web site!

    It’s beautiful!

    I had to stop going there in the past because the white type on the black background was giving me headaches. (Reverse type reduces readership by 80% in newspaper ads.)

    Now about the interview: They interviewed the wrong person! Was that being crafty?

    Will is an OK guy but Annie is a nurse who has been to Africa, been blown up, had a near death experience, was shot and who knows what else. We really need to hear form Annie.


    P.S. I like my picture in the Clint Eastwood hat.

  25. Vince, I agree that this new site is much easier on the eyes.

    Love you as Clint as well

  26. Hi, Seeker girls! You all hosted another great week, and I'm looking forward to this week as well. It's going to be a great year!

    And thanks to winning giveaways, I now have Tina's and Audra's books, and as soon as I get done with my little deadline doin's, I'm gonna read them!!! Yeehaw! Bring on the cute cowboys.

  27. Congratulations to all the winners! And goodness, thank you. Y'all are so sweet!

  28. Has everyone else heard Keli Gwyn's news, or am I the only one!
    SHe got THE CALL!!!
    I'm super, super excited. And since Keli's a Seeker-stalker like me, you guys NEED to know!

  29. I meant, of course, the only who who hadn't heard about Keli.
    It is superb news. Simply superb.

    Now- back to decorum.

    What am I saying? I cannot return to decorum for at least another hour of celebration.
    This is marvelous.
    Where's the chocolate!!

  30. Thanks for the congrats, everyone!

    Don't forget, Tina--Julie and Janet both sold way before either one of us! Sometimes it takes awhile for genius to be recognized--LOL!

  31. Thank you for the link to "The Perfect Agent." This is something I know little about. I have learned much from Seekerville in the past months!