Thursday, February 3, 2011

Are You Ready For Your Booksigning?

Forgive me for squealing, but I just have to share.

After a year of excitement and planning for my first book, I just had my very first booksigning!! Oh my goodness, what a rush! I had so many safety nets surrounding me, I never experienced a panic moment. Which gave me the idea to offer you my Booksigning Preparedness List while the event is still fresh in my mind and in turn allows me to use my own photos of my own FIRST booksigning as examples.

Can life get any better??

So first, since Amanda Cabot, my friend and gracious leader of the Front Range Christian Fiction Writers group, set up this booksigning for me, I turned to her for advice. She started me off with:

· Pens

· Bookmarks

· Autographed by Author stickers

· Postcards about the event

· A notebook

Let’s start with pens. I bought all new pens they wouldn’t run out on me, or my guests. Since I write romance featuring cowboys, I found these little ceramic cowboy boots to place my pens in, to keep with theme, of course, LOL!

I had plenty of bookmarks, postcards and business cards – and even provided everyone that bought a book with a Seeker bookmark. Had
lots of folks give those the once over!

Oh my goodness, the fun I had placing stickers on books! I wish my Local Author stickers had arrived, but hey, I’ll take Autographed by Author!!

My guest book, a beautiful spiral bound number with hard covers, now proudly displays the names of people attending my very first booksigning. You never know…could be worth money in years to come, LOL!

That had me off to a great start. Of course I had to take a page out of the Seekerville Guide to Hosting Parties:

· Chocolate

· Prize baskets

· Chocolate

· Virtual snacks

· Chocolate

Chocolate speaks for itself. I had so many varieties, I had people drifting over just to pick through my basket! I felt blessed if my tiny donation of sweets to a stranger was enough for them to scoop up a bookmark and business card and maybe be drawn to order from Amazon or drop by a Walmart at a later date.

I had two prize baskets loaded with chocolate and odds and ends. Leslie, being the dear she was, guided people to the guest book and drawing slips, explaining with great animation the benefits of taking a chance. LOL! I can’t wait to work her first booksigning! I learned lots from the master.

Virtual snacks? I’d gab about what a great in-house coffee shop Barnes and Noble had and encourage folks to go have a cup and a cookie and maybe stop back by on their way out of the store. Hopefully if they didn’t buy my book, they bought a cup of coffee!!

The most important item on my list isn’t an item at all, but a person. Everyone needs a Leslie. I’m serious. No you can’t have mine, but definitely bring a friend, relative, fellow writer with you to keep you organized! I can’t imagine what I would’ve done if Leslie hadn’t been there to greet people, pull me away from well meaning folks who unknowingly monopolized my time, keep in touch with Vivian when drawings needed to be announced or customers just needed additional help. She also surprised me by making cute pins featuring my cover. What a keepsake.

God bless Leslie!

Barnes and Noble was especially wonderful. They ordered in books, set a table with flowers, provided Lucite stands for books and kept me in water and coffee. Friendly and polite, I think the staff at our Barnes and Noble had a good time at the party, too.

My best advice:

Plan ahead (no snickering from the Seekers who know me well).

Start gathering your materials and placing them in a box or bag you’ll be able to store and always have on hand.

Think theme and dress and decorate accordingly. Make sure everyone knows about the event!


Now, to continue in the spirit of booksigning, two lucky commentors will receive autographed copies of Rocky Mountain Hero. Check back on Sunday for the Weekend Edition and claim your books!!

Have a great month!


  1. Haha wow! It looks like you had a blast at your first signing, wish I could have been there!

    XOXO~ Renee

  2. I'll squeal with you!

    No excusing needed.

    Everyone and their cousin will hear me squeeing if the time ever comes! I love the autographed stickers!

    And wow! You have some great friends lady! I have a friend who would so be a Leslie, but I tend to think she wouldn't have too much to do ;).

    Wow! So glad you had such a great time! That's awesome!

    I've already got the book lying around here, so you can leave me out.

    DH is going back to work tomorrow. Kids are still home. Colleges are still closed [thank God!]. I'd like to write more than 55 words tomorrow. But hey, I'm up 123 for the last two days... Not bad with everyone hanging out at home :p.

    Here's chocolate of every kind [Godiva, Sees, or just yummy Hersheys] and your caffinated beverage of choice!

  3. Glad you had such a great First book signing Audra! Your excitement leaped off the page (or should I say my monitor).


    Hope they are all so wonderful!

    Eva Maria Hamilton at gmail dot com

  4. Hi Audra:

    Looks like fun. The pictures enlarge very well. It’s like being there.

    I’m curious as to what you did for publicity.

    I have the book. Loved it.


  5. Congratulations on your first signing, Audra. I'm glad things went so well. You and Leslie did a great job with the table, gift baskets, and all. I'm impressed.

    Please don't enter me in the drawing. I have a copy of your book and am enjoying it.

  6. Audra,

    Thanks so much for the great tips! (Oh, I do so hope that I'll need them in the future!) :)

    It sounds like the booksigning was so much fun, and I'm glad that you had such a wonderful experience! Thank you for sharing with us!



    P.S. I'm in college and eating most of my meals at a cafeteria, so what can I share with ya'll that will you'll enjoy? Maybe I should just snitch some extra cookies at lunch... The ones with the frosting are very good. ;)

  7. Oops...please overlook the unnecessary "will" in my the P.S. section of my last comment...

    Thanks! ;)


  8. Oh my gosh, I wish I was there! How awesomely wonderful and fun that looks!

    You rock, Dudette!!!! And the chocolate baskets, give-aways... Oh my stars, totally wonderful.

    Hugs to Leslie. Mandy and Beth are my Leslies. I do not know what I'd do without them to keep me organized and the flow going.

    Because I talk a lot.


    Oh, Audra, I'm so psyched for you!!!

    Yippee Ki Yi Yay!!!

    Snoopy dancing for you and my neighbors don't even notice any more.

    I've become mundane.

    But let's start today with a rockin' cowboy breakfast:

    YEE HAW!

    Side of ham
    Fried potatoes with a dash of onion and paprika...

    Throw a little garlic on them thar bad boys, too. And salt.

    Eggs done to order. Mary's got all them gals in her books, they'll wait on us...


    Maple syrup.

    No fruit. Real cowboys don't eat fruit for breakfast.

    Slab o' cheese, sharp cheddar. No, make that EXTRA SHARP cheddar.

    Just because.

    Coffee. No flavored stuff. Straight joe, fresh-brewed.

    (I snuck flavored creamers along the back of the table, though, girls. Just don't be obvious, though, okay???)

    And I like the word 'snuck' Myra, so no tongue-lashing.

    Dig in, guys, and we'll party hardy with Harders.



  9. Wow,Audra! Look at you in your stylish western-flavored garb! So happy your first signing was such a success!!!

  10. Audra, good things to remember for the day I get to that point. Hopefully, it's soon. I'll definitely have chocolate (and pens).

    I already have the book so please exclude me from the drawing.

  11. Thanks so much for this post! I'll keep it for reference when it's time to plan my own booksigning.

    So glad yours turned out really well.

    I'm reading your book right now, so I don't need to be entered in the drawing. :)

  12. Audra, you're adorable in your cowgirl clothes. Yee Haw!!! Love that belt buckle! What fun to have your family's support--a great looking group wearing those proud of mom smiles.

    You were prepared! No wonder your first signing went so well!! My Leslie--times two--are my daughters. They're a huge help and moral support. My d/h stays in the background but he's there if I need him.

    So proud of you, Audra! And of your debut Rocky Mountain Hero!

    Hugs, Janet

  13. What total fun is that?? You and Leslie look great and I love your outfit.

    I mean that's what it's about and I am sure Ruthy would agree. LOOKING CUTE. And you do!!! The Italian Judge gives you a TEN!

    Congrats on your first signing and what a success it was!!!

  14. Amber's back!!! Hi Amber!

    Lisa! Long time no see!! Hope your writing is going excellently.

  15. Good morning everyone! Brr, it's a brisk -5 here in Longmont this morning. Better than the -21 we had yesterday morning. Really makes a girl want to crawl back into bed...

    I forgot to mention in the post, if you want to see more pic of the book signing, go to my blog

    We really did have a blast!

  16. Mornin' Renee! Thanks and I wish all our friends of Seekerville and oh let's included the Seekers, too, could've been there!

  17. Carol, you remind me that my piddly little -5 has nothing on the rest of the midwest and east. Stay safe everyone!

    Thanks Eva! It was tough choosing the pics for this post from all the fond memories : )

  18. Audra,

    Looks like you had a very successful booksigning!

    I'm giong to print out these useful tips.

  19. Hi Vince! Hope you're feeling better!

    As far as publicity goes, I'm sooooo blessed to work in an office where, from the moment I came back from lunch screaming after having received the call, everyone has invested interested in their resident author. They sacrificed a hardearned Saturday and came to my booksigning with friends and family in tow.

    We drew so much attention for the party atmosphere, strangers just migrated over and joined us, LOL!

    Also, my husband still shakes his head at this one, since my booksigning was January, I tucked a postcard with all the specifics into our family Christmas letter. Amazing how many holiday calls form from friends and relatives we received after that!

    IMHO, news of the FIRST sale, FIRST booksigning, FIRST everything catches people's attention.

  20. Audra, How exciting. Congratulations. I'm so happy for you. You look great. What terrific ideas.

    Hugs, Sandra

  21. It's great to hear a positive experience from a signing. I was beginning to think they were just another drudgery to be endured by authors.


  22. Hi Keli! Your first signing is just around the corner! Wish I could be there for that!

    Amber, cookies for breakfast? I am a neglectful hostess, aren't I? Where's my Leslie? Okay, with the weather so cold, I've whipped up a lovely Chili Relleno breakfast casserole. Sausage and bacon on the side, and hot buns and buscuits in the baskets. Enjoy!

  23. Ruthy, thanks for the buffet. Yup, I was remiss, but the hostessing part of Seekerville has been corrected, LOL! Ruthy, I would have loved for all my Seeker buds to be there, but um, I don't think Loveland Colorado would have been ready for that!

    Loveland. Isn't that a great place for Romance booksigning??

  24. Glynna! My pals at the office dressed me! Peek at my blog and see how they pieced me together, LOL!

    Thanks, Walt and Lisa! It's never to early to start gathering your brand. I love Hobby Lobby. I've been perusing their ceramic goodies all summer and found a great stash of western decorations. Aren't those little cowboy books a great accent? Gave one of those away in each prize basket : )

  25. Janet, glad your daughters help out. I don't know what I'd do with I had to go solo. Glad you liked the outfit. LOL! The belt is the only accessory that was mine!

  26. A ten! Wow, Tina! All the fashion planning paid off : )

  27. Way to go Audra. Snoopy dancin' with you and Ruthy too! (There's a thought for ya...)

    This post is a "printer-offer" for sure. Always can count on you fabulous Seeker gals!!

    Sounds like your Leslie has a real servant's heart. That is fantastic. Have a splendid WARM day everyone!

    I'd love to be entered may at maythek9spy dot com

  28. Hi Rose! Hi Sandra! I gotta think about going to work. Brr. Thankfully I get the garage so my SUV doesn't need to be scraped. Still, in the five minutes it take for me to get to work, the heater refuses to wake up.

  29. Thanks for sharing, Audra, and congratulations! You wrote this blog so well that I thought I was there (well ... not quite, but you get the drift). I'm glad you had "so many safety nets surrounding" you; that's very comforting.

    Thanks also for offering a couple of copies of your book. I am looking forward to checking out Melanie and Gabe's love story, as well as how Melanie manages to coordinate the town barbecue, etc. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about the possibilities!

    It sounds like you're having a great time and savoring every step of "the process", despite all the work. Here's to your continued success!

  30. Wow, you make that sound like fun even though I can't imagine it actually being fun (I'd be too nervous). I love the attention to detail. I think it gives an overall classy image that's just got to impress.

    Don't enter me in the draw because I read Rocky Mountain Hero and loved it!

  31. Hi Lance, I won't lie, I have seen lonely authors set up at tables *enduring* the entire process. Ever since I joined my local chapter of RWA years ago and heard some of the horror stories, I make a point of stopping by and engaging them in conversation. And if the price is right, I'll buy a copy of their book and have them sign it. Gotta support our fellow authors!

  32. AUDRA!!! It sounds like you had SO much fun, girl -- I am SOOO glad!!

    The ceramic cowboy boot pen holder is ingenious!! Chocolate is always a hit too. I gave out boxes of Boston Baked Beans when I had all my Daughters of Boston signings, which I used to love when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I'm so old that most people don't even know what they are!! :)

    And arranging to have Leslie there to keep you organized is SUCH a fabulous idea!!! I've done all my book signings by myself (Keith was always there, but he likes to fade into the background) except for one where my sister was my "Leslie," and WHOA, what a difference THAT made!!

    GREAT tips, sweetie!!


  33. Hi KC! Everyone needs a Leslie! I met her at my very first chapter meeting YEARS ago. We ended up being in a crit group together and became friends outside of writing. Leslie has expanded her writing interested to include screenplays. Her very first screenplay was contracted years back. She's so talented!!!

  34. Congrats! That's awesome...I'm excited for you:) I'll be squealing too when it's my turn:) Chocolate and autographed it!

    I would love to be entered for a chance to win your book...sounds like a great read:)

    Thanks for sharing!

  35. Gotta get to work. But I'll be back : )

  36. Oh, Audra!!! Congratulations on your first--and very successful--book signing! I'm so happy for you. It's so much fun, isn't it? My first one was magical, and I'm glad you had a great one too. And I can hardly wait to dig into your book! I'm judging the Rita right now, so I'm having to wait. :-( I have to read Tina's too! Your books are like treats just waiting for me on my shelf.

    And I have to say, you were much more elaborate than I was. I didn't have a notebook, didn't do drawings, and I forgot to bring my "signed by the author" stickers. In fact, even though Zondervan told me I could have as many of those as I wanted, and as many "local author" stickers as I wanted, I've never used them! LOL! I know, I'm bad. I figure people don't care to have those stickers on their book covers! And I'm not brave enough to walk in my local stores and ask if I can put them on there. Am I awful or what???

  37. And you look so cute in your spiffy cowgirl dress! :-)

  38. Audra,

    Congratulations on your first signing!! It looks like it was a blast and I loved your gift baskets.

    Thanks for all the great tips!

    I just love your book cover. I never get tired of seeing it. And the book was even better, truly one I'll read over and over!


  39. Book signing sounds fun! I would be squealing and excited and nervous and everything! Bet you didn't sleep good the night before; you were so excited. Would love to read your book-sounds great!


  40. Audra! What fun to be with you virtually at your first book signing.

    Love the theme, the BOOK, the outfit, the BOOK, your friend Leslie.

    Did I mention the BOOK?


    I'm taking notes, especially on having a savvy marketing friend there. It's great to have family around, but someone who's more like a "wedding planner" who can say "uh, Aunt Susie, I think you'd better check on Uncle Jim. He's just discovered the risque men's magazines..." when family monopolize your time and the line is growing.

    Yes, a party planner author friend is definitely the way to go here!

  41. But real cowboys will throw and orange or an apple in the saddlebags to share with their horse later.


  42. Tina is so Bruno with her TEN!

    But I agree, Audra, you are a TEN in that outfit, and your smile lit up the whole store.

    I'm so excited for you!

  43. Audra, so glad it went well.

    I have seen those lonely authors and make sure to talk to them too. The signing area at our B and N is HUGE and full of sitdown chairs so it becomes more of a party with folks buying their book and then sitting down to chat in the same area. Helps with the loneliness factor for sure.

    Loved the book. Know the winners will love it too!

    Blessings, Julie

  44. Oooohhh, Hobby Lobby.

    Great tip, Audra. I have a lot of western / historical knicknacks, but it wouldn't hurt to just look at some of what's available with an eye for booksignings.

  45. Lonely authors unite....

    Okay, I have a question. What if you see a lonely author, but you have NO idea who they are or what they write.

    So, you venture over, make small talk, yada, yada, but then discover that their books are not for you at all.

    Do you feel compelled to buy their book anyway?

    Been there, done that.

  46. Squealing with you....CONGRATS. I would love to read your book soon!!!

  47. Gained an extra 5yo today. Not as much fun as Mary's calf. Or maybe more fun. Not sure which. Right now they're being cats...

    Also finally have one of my Mary fic books out for delivery. The problem? It's the one I already have but bought as a gift :p. Not the one I haven't read yet. It's departed Earth City though so maybe I'll get it tomorrow... That'd be nice. Just in time for a weekend cooped up at home.

    I think I've only ever been to one book signing and that was a friend who had a Daniel Fast book come out. They sold more that day than the day Karen Kingsbury was there. The book was in the top 50 Christian books sold in January. Huge.

    I should probably be writing so that I, too, can one day have a book signing... Having an extra kitty, er, 5yo around will actually help keep my kids busier and out of my hair.

    For a while.

    Until they start fighting.

    I need to take advantage of my time now...

    Have fun at work, Audra! So cool that they were all so very supportive of you!

  48. Congrats on a successful first signing, Audra! Here's to many, many more...

  49. What fun! Thanks for sharing your experience! I especially like your piece of advice about having a friend with you. SO important! I think it would be overwhelming, otherwise.

    And don't put me in the drawing - I already have my copy of ROCKY MOUNTAIN HERO, and am still swooning over Gabe . . . . :)


  50. You're an inspiration to the rest of us newbie, debut authors, Audra! Thanks so much. I've heard varying things about the success (or lack thereof) of book signings in the current publishing market, and I loved hearing the comments from an insider like you. So encouraging, and I thank you! I have one of those little ceramic cowboy boot holders and I DO write about Texas characters, so I hope you don't mind if I "borrow" your idea?! And Julie, I LOVE Boston Baked Beans - ingenious idea to give those out! Blessings, everyone.

  51. Ruthy does agree. Looking Cute, Harders Style:

    Definitely a 10!!!

    Yes, I am that plastic. And proud of it, LOL!

    Hey, mid-day food necessity:


    Delivering homemade chocolate almond cake with vanilla sauce glaze. Tell me what you think of it. I used the SOLO almond filling and I think it's fairly decadent.

    Goes great with coffee AND tea.

    And Pam, you're right, those cowpokes would be stashin' fruit for them and/or their horses later, but don't be puttin' a piece of fruit-n-toast breakfast in front of them.

    Until the first high cholesterol test comes in, LOL!

  52. YAY!!!!!!! I'm so glad your first signing went well.

    So much of the promotion work we do is nerve wrecking. We are, after all, mostly geared toward sitting behind a computer alone and having all our major relationships via email.

    If only people who let me write their dialogue before they speak, and give me a day or two to think about a response.

    But noooooooooooooooooooo......

    Real life moves so FAST.

  53. I know people say that book signings can be a waste of time, but I am such a people person that I admit that is one of those events I look forward to the most. (God, please? :)

    Looks like you had such a good time! Thanks for sharing. :D

  54. Wonderful, Audra! Your pics and write up made me feel like I was there...wish I could have been.

    You made it a fun event for everyone! Good for you!

    Plus, you provided a dynamite product. Loved your debut! A really, really great read.

    Hugs heading your way. And sunshine. Have you warmed up yet? We're back to cold in GA, but nothing like what the rest of the country is experiencing.

  55. Hi Audra,
    I loved being your Leslie! The signing was SO much fun. The energy level was so high. People kept coming in wondering who the famous author was! Of course I told them it was Audra Harders.

    And you looked the part! Wow.

    From the meeting of FRCFW in the morning where I as a guest was graciously greeted, then the signing and a lovely dinner afterwards, it was an UBER fantastic day.

    Here's to more.


  56. Hi guys, back to catch up a bit : )

    Hey JoAnn and everyone else who wants to *borrow* ideas for your own, I'm humbled! Yes, go for it! Make the day as fun as possible.

    I have to admit, Barnes and Noble went waaaaaay beyond being nice to me. Talk about feeling like a celebrity. Funny thing, though. I tend to give bookstore gift cards with thank you cards...probably not something an employee of a a bookstore would like to receive.

    So what do you think? Ideas?

  57. Love this!!! So thrilled for you. Love your western outfit and those ceramic boots! How cute.

    I did something similar in that I used a camoflauge hat upside down to hold candy wrapped in flag paper since my stories are military in nature and patriotic.

    I decorated the table in Air Force blue and silver, my marketing theme colors.

    Love all the cowboy themed stuff, Audra! Great job.

  58. Julie, I love the idea of Boston Baked Beans!

    Hmm, I'll think of something creative next time...

    Wait, I've got it.

    Rocky Mountain...Oysters!!

  59. Sounds like a wonderful book signing, Audra - - congratulations!!! And you do look cute in your outfit. ~ I'm reading ROCKY MOUNTAIN HERO right now and loving it!
    Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo

  60. Hi, Tina! :D Thanks for making me feel so welcome! I'm sorry I haven't been commenting as much; I've been keeping busy with school AND becoming the fourth contributor to "The Borrowed Book" blog! ;) (The other three contributors are authors Elizabeth Ludwig, S. Dionne Moore, and Sandra Robbins. I was so thrilled that they would ask such a young'n to join them!)

    Audra, I suppose cookies probably aren't the healthiest breakfast food... Oh, well! ;)


  61. What a happy day kind of post. I'm grinning from ear to ear over your enthusiasm and because it was ALMOST as good as being there.
    Congratulations Audra!!!!!!!

    Everything looked wonderful 'specially you, and this was very helpful as well.

    I recall a booksigning post by Janet because of her special details. You guys are good.

  62. Leslie, I've been telling everyone they need to get their own Leslie...but with the right inticement, I could be persuaded to share, LOL!

    The day wouldn't have been as fun or productive with you, kiddo! Thanks for managing my life : )

  63. You look beautiful and so happy in those pictures! I think I would be a nervous wreck, wondering if anyone would really stop and buy a book! Or that I would see people I know and they would just pass on by. It could be stuff of nightmares!

    I am so glad yours was a pleasant dream come true! You deserve it, for Rocky Mountain Hero is an EXCELLENT book, full of sigh-worthy scenes and heart-melting kisses.
    (No need to enter me, as I have the honor of owning a copy!)

  64. Oh wow, Audra
    That's WONDERFUL!! How fun and what a great family picture. I LOVE IT!!

    Congrats, congrats!
    And I'm going to squeal right along with you and CarolM.
    LOVE the cowboy boots.
    And simply love you - because you're wonderful. I'm so tickled for you.

    My word ver is 'weepie'. Hmmm....

  65. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions, Audra. So glad your very first signing was a huge success. I feel your excitement. Congratulations on Rocky Mountain Hero.

  66. Congratulations, Audra! Sounds like a wonderful event.


  67. Congrats, Audra! Your excitement really comes through this post. And the pics are great. Hope you get to use what you've learned at many more events!

  68. Audra, I think you're allowed to squeal for every author first -- first contract, first book cover, first bookstore sighting, first booksigning, first reader email, first royalty statement...

    And if you're not, because all that squealing could be annoying if your neighbors live a bit too it anyway!


  69. What a great day you had! And I especially love hunky cowboys, so put my name in for the drawing.

  70. Oh, oh, oh!

    Look at the people!



    I brought Chick Fil A to support their cause to be as Christian as they want to be.

    For heaven's sake.

    And I'm with you Patricia! Squealing is totally appropriate!


    Laura, welcome!

    Did you bring cookies? It looks like we need dessert, honey.

  71. You give presents to the book store people?

    I didn't know that.


  72. What fun, Audra!! And I loved seeing the photo! So cool that your family could be there.

    I've ended up using a small piece of luggage as my book signing bag. It's like a small duffel bag. And it rolls! Plus, I keep bookmarks, autographed stickers and a good pen in the car at all times. :)

  73. Wow, it sounds like you had a fun party! I think you could probably hire yourself out as a "book signing party coordination consultant". Doesn't that sound official?

    I just finished your book last night - kept me up way too late. You hit the big 10 with Gabe - I was already falling for him and then you revealed that he's an Eagle Scout. As a mom of 2 of those rare birds, you hit the jackpot with me....and my poor husband is officially jealous...

    Don't put me in the drawing (since I obviously already own the book), but a couple lucky ladies will sure love their copies!

  74. WOOT WOOT!!! Way to go Audra! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to read Rocky Mountain Hero!

  75. Oh my goodness! Today was almost as fun as my booksigning...and I missed it! You guys were so awesome! Thanks for celebrating with me.

    Like I said, all ideas and concepts are up for grabs. So many people have offered advice and help to me along the way, I want to give back.

  76. And yes, I send thank you notes to the booksellers and store people! They make fun happen.

    I love them!

  77. Jan Drexler, I'm still laughing over the the Eagle Scout thing. Apologize to your husband : )

    Patricia W, my neighbors live acres away. Squealing, barking, yelling and the occasional come-and-get-dinner whistle are bountiful. LOL! My family could never live in a subdivision.

    Thanks to all the Seekers that kept the conversation moving today. Great food, too! I love Chick-fil-A. Here's chocolate for everyone - dark, milk and carmel.

  78. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraFebruary 3, 2011 at 9:49 PM

    Congrats on your first book signing! I wish I could have come. Hopefully I will be able to go to a book signing soon. I haven't been to one yet and would love to go! Have fun planning your next signing and book!!

  79. Hi Audra,
    I think I'm gettting way too addicted to Seekerville. I always do a blog pick for Friday and I feel like I should just hang out a permanent sign on Fridays saying, "Vist Seekerville for my blog pick of the week." :) So if you want to drop by tomorrow and say Howdy, please do. And you'll see someone else over there that visted you all this week.
    Awesome helpful post. Thanks!

  80. Chick-fil-A rocks.

    That is all.

    Not really.

    Because I talk too much for that.

    All of my UPS shipments said 'out for delivery' but have now changed to 'delay in delivery due to weather'. Guess that means that UPS didn't make it as far as they would have liked on their routes.

    Probably just as well. I had problems getting to Walmart and back. Still wish I'd have Cowboy Christmas to read tomorrow since I'll be home all day again. With another extra 5yo. I do have crafty stuff now. So the kids will be less bouncy off the walls.

    I hope.

    Or I could write, but that's so not happening this week :p.

    Captcha: inuse - not what my muse is doing this week

  81. Audra, I'm so glad your booksigning went well! :)

    LOVE the boot pen holder!

  82. Awesome! Looks SO great!

  83. Wow!! Wish I could have been there!! Sounded like a blast!!

  84. Sounds like your first book signing was a complete success. Congratulaations.

    Would love to win a copy of your book. :o)

    Cindy W

  85. So glad that everything went off so well. Congratulations.

  86. It sounds like you had a wonderful book signing experience! How creative! I'm glad you had people in your corner! I think I would have enjoyed it.


  87. What a wonderful article, enjoyed it so much. I love your "Leslie" and i think I might be a "Leslie" for my cousin when she has her first book signing. Unpublished at this time, but I just know the time is near. Thanks for all the tips, because I can surely use them.

  88. I love this! So cute the little boot. My first signing I did the same. Coordinated everything with my theme. It was so much fun!
    Where did you find the autographed by author stickers? Can you email me to let me know. I have been looking for them.
    Glad you had e great time:)

  89. Thanks for the tips on hosting a booksigning. How nice to be published and having your first one. Hopefully some day I will be able to use the tips.

  90. This sounds like SO much fun. Congratulations and may you enjoy many, many more!

    I hope to experience this some day, I "sort of" have with a couple of self-published non-fiction books, but Ii have a feeling it would be even neater w/a whole book full of characters you created enjoying it with you. Smile.

    Gail Kittleson

  91. Audra,
    Congratulations on your new book and a successful book signing! Great pictures! Thanks for this helpful information. I'll be organizing my first one this fall and any info on how they work will be put to good use. Will you be doing more than one?

  92. Hi Karen! So great to hear you'll be having a first, too! So much fun.

    I'm going to be doing a group signing in Cheyenne WY in June with 4 other authors. We'll be signing at 3 places in one day. I'm going to invest in luggage like Missy suggested and keep a traveling pack in the car : )

    Hey everyone, Karen has her FIRST Love Inspired Historical coming out in September. Be watching for it!!

  93. Hi Martha! I loved my cowboy theme. Of course, the only part of my outfit I owned was the bling belt and buckle, but hey, I'll have a complete outfit by the time books 10+ come along, LOL!

    For the author stickers, I went to Earthlycharms dot com. They have lots of promo stuff for not too expensive. All the rest of the do dads I just stumbled across and thought, Hmm I could use that some day. {{{My husband hates the way I shop, LOL}}}

    Good luck finding all the accessories for your next signing!

  94. Thank you for sharing. I think this will be really helpful for the book signing we have scheduled for March 19th at the Barnes and Noble in Newport News, Virginia for Laurie Alice Eakes, Kit Wilkinson, Christy Barritt, and Roger Bruner. Great ideas!

  95. Thanks for the plug, Audra! Good luck on your next signings! Sounds like that will be a busy day. Hope to see pics :)