Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Raining Men! Hallelujah!

Good morning Seekerville!!!

And, regardless of the weather in your neck of the woods,
up here in Western New York

The Men of Allegany County
that is!

Note to readers: Men of Allegany County is a live link. Check it out.
Then come back here.
Tell me what you think... Okay???
And if you go to the Meet the Guys page and then come back here and vote
on your favorite hero in Allegany County
I'll put you in a special third drawing...
Just put in your comment who your fave hero is at this point.

Do You Love This Cover????
The only possible correct answer is 'yes'.
"Yes, Ruthy, it looks totally hometown and pastoral,
bucolic and inviting."

Reunited Hearts is due to be in stores March 22, 2011
which means:

You can buy it HERE in a couple of weeks.

Or pre-order it from AMAZON if you prefer...

Or win it HERE!!!! today because I've got a couple
of copies to give away to two lucky commenters.
And then I'd love to hear back about what you think.
What you liked/loved about this book.

(p.s.: all negative comments should be directed to
Mary Connealy to shield my delicate sensibilities. Fank you.)

Oh my stars, I'm beside myself excited and I hope this emotion never wears off,
no matter how many books I write.

It's an amazing feeling, and I want you guys to love this book.
Cherish it.
Laugh and cry in all the right places.
Because it's just such a nice story.

And look who else is ON BOARD with my "Raining Men" theme of the day:

Go HERE (and then come back, of course)
and see how the northern reaches of Adelaide Australia
are celebrating an influx of

And our hero Trent Michaels just happens to be...

You guessed it.
A soldier.
Who looks like this:
Oh.... My... Stars...

Try. Just try, (without going too over-the-top goofy insane) to picture Patrick
in uniform...

Oh, my.

Or envision him as a roll-up-the-shirt-sleeves executive
who always does his best, goes the distance,
plans his work and works his plan...
And THAT'S an

"Oh, my" to the second mathematical power
of all that's good and holy!

And pretty Brooke Langton gives a great visual
of Alyssa Langley, a heroine
who thought she was doing the right thing...
And then crashed and burned.

Repeatedly. Alyssa takes self-sacrifice to unprecedented levels,
How on earth will she fix all that she's messed up?
Is it even possible?
Most likely not.

But she's got two great kids, Jaden and Cory.
This is Cory:

I could not find this little girl's name, but this is how I envisioned Cory.

And she's got the sweetest speechisms:
"Fank you."
"Banilla ice cream is my most favorite!"
"Mr. Man!"
"Mommy, it's not a bwanket, it's a "ni-ni" because
I use it when I go ni-ni."

And this is Jaden, the boy she had without
Trent's knowledge.
Chris Pine... A cutie who looks just like his "father" did at age twelve.

Because Trent would have done the right thing.
And we all know that, right? 'Cause he's that kind of guy.
Strong. FOCUSED. Intent. Honest. brave.

And then there's setting. These books are nestled in
Allegany County, New York,
in the heart
of the Allegheny foothills of northern Appalachia.
Think "Brigadoon"
and you've pretty much got Jamison, New York nailed.
This is the Sweet Shop on Angelica's Main Street...
How "SWEET" is this????
Angelica is an actual real village in Allegany County, population just under:


Lovely. Beautiful. Enticing. A true get-away spot and I modeled Jamison loosely on Angelica.
This is an interior shot of a unique lodging spot called
Pollywog Holler

I am not kidding.

Mandy and I stumbled (literally) on this while
driving VERY SNOWY, HILLY roads in early
A metal stegosaurus was creeping out of the woods.
We found that intriguing.
And then we noticed the geodesic dome...

That is actually a LODGING place in summer.
If anyone had the urge to murder us and dump our lifeless
bodies, it would be LONG MONTHS before we would be
stumbled upon.
Forest preserve. Gorgeous. Remote. A huge part of this
area is forest preserve which gives me
Oh my stars, I cannot wait to delve further.

Check this out:


This is Park Circle in spring. It's surrounded by
FIVE churches. Five...
Each one sweeter than the next.
The minute I stepped into Allegany County in 2007, I knew
I had to set books here.
I'd love for you to take this journey with me,
starting with "Reunited Hearts",
a true love story of forgiveness and redemption.
Second chances. Atonement.
And some really good food.

Come on inside, I've got the tables set up with down home good cookin'! Grab some ham and eggs, and be sure to try some
maple syrup from Cartwright's Maple Tree Inn,
a restaurant that's only open during maple syrup season.
I'm totally serious, and just envision people lined up
OUTSIDE in somewhat interesting weather conditions
waiting an hour or more just to get in the door.

What you CAN'T see is the end of the line because
it's snaking down the road...
Buckwheat pancakes. All you can eat.
I'm SO THERE!!!!
They open for the season today.
Perfect timing, LOL!
See you inside. Let's talk romance. New chances.
Old loves...



  1. Oh, Ruthy!!!

    Congratulations!!! Your new book looks and sounds awesome, and I would love a chance to win a copy!!! :D

    I can't even imagine how wonderful it feels to get a new book published, to see its cover, to know that people will be reading it... I hope someday (maybe soon?) I'll know how you feel. :)

    Have an amazing day!



    P.S. I like the title of this post. ;) I saw a link in a comment on another blog to a YouTube video with this song ("It's Raining Men") recently, and it has footage from some great period movies with some fantastic-looking heroes like Henry Tilney, Mr. Darcy, and John Thornton!!! Here's the link if you're interested:

  2. Ruthy - I think you enjoy the research just a weeee tad bit, no?
    LOVE your photos of the people and the setting, etc. Marvelous!

    Looks like a super story. Sign me up for it and the pancakes, okay? Congratulations and exhultations to you!!!

    may at maythek9spy dot com

    Waving to Amber - *wink wink* Is it raining men in your neck o' the virtual woods? I think so. After all, it's the "Season of Love" for sure! :)

  3. I can win a Ruthy book?

    I may not sleep all night.

  4. Firstly I love the cover and you dont need to threaten me to say that.
    Secondly wow I would have thought the outback had more single men you know the article if from my state but I noticed the south east wasn't mentioned.
    But the area is only about 4 hours away!
    I would love to enter as I love Ruthy's books.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing! I love the cover! Not only does it remind me of a jigsaw puzzle I'd love to put together, but it also reminds me of my hometown (population 1,600 when I was growing up and now 3,800). I love the clarity of the picture; I think it makes the picture look so realistic! You won the prize with this one! Congratulations!
    seytype at hotmail dot com

  6. KC,

    Hahaha, it does look like it might rain soon, doesn't it? ;) Guess we'll just have to wait and see...

    Thanks for being such a great friend to me! :)


  7. All right, the coffee bar is set for Ruthie's usual rising time.

    Would love to win a copy of your new book!!!!!

    Loved the first two. Haven't gotten hold of more yet.

    The only setting you mentioned that sent my mind off into crazy associations is Brigadoon. My daughter played the lead in that in high school. I accompanied it. A cardboard tree sagged and fell, revealing the kid behind it on stage. Then there was the kid who came in eating a cream puff and decided it was a trumpet. Blew cream all over the stage. Oh the memories.


  8. Ruthy, your excitement for writing leaps off the page. Great cover by the way! And I liked seeing all the real photos in this post. Hope you have the fun of publishing all the books you get ideas for. :)

    Eva Maria Hamilton at gmail dot com

  9. Sounds like a great book and a great start to a new series. Can't wait to read it when it comes out. I would love to win a copy. The pictures of the town are just gorgeous.
    cynthiakchow (at) earthlink (dot) net

  10. I wanna win the book! gotta have the book!!
    nice cover - I'm a teeny bit partial to hunky cowboys on the covers but hey that works too!Landscapes are also a weakness big-time!


  11. Oh my stars, good morning Seekerville!!!

    I'm hoping we have no Blogger issues this morning, but it's SO NICE to see y'all here so bright and early.


    Late, actually.

    And I had to go in and add/adapt a few things because my final changes must not have gotten saved yesterday morning. But that's okay, because....


  12. Ruthy, I enjoyed seeing all the photos depicting real/imaginary pieces of your story. I recently started doing this for imagining my hero and heroines - and hubby took me on a trip to Kingston NY area to scout out the setting of one of my WIPs. Isn't it cool how we use setting as motivation and explanation? I would love a copy of your book.

  13. Amber: You're in, chica! And, yes, when your moment comes it feels WONDERFUL. And I never, ever want to get jaded about this. Ever. "Season of Love????"

    I'm lovin' that, girlfriend!

    K.C., hey, dog-lover! Grab a plate of pancakes and there's a nice pic of a cute grill-guy at Cartwright's in my photobucket at Men of Allegany He was too cute, and flips a mean pancake! I DO LOVE research. ;)

    And Mandy and I stumbled across tables full of Allegany County sheriffs in December. Can't wait to chat it up with them for a future book, what a bunch of really good guys. Wonderful! I know, I know, it's TOUGH WORK.

    But someone's got to do it, LOL!

  14. Walt, how do you say 'certainly can, my friend' in Japanese???

    Okay, plain English will do! YES, YOU CAN WIN IT HERE... And then tell me what you think. But like I said, any and all negatory comments go to Connealy. She's far tougher than I'll ever THINK of being.


    JENNY!!!! I'm so glad you had fun in Hawaii!!!! Wonderful, wonderful!

    Welcome back, though, and thanks for heading over to to check out the boys.

    Ooo, great idea suddenly. I think we need a contest. Ah yes... Diving back in to add a little extra incentive....

    Be back soon.

  15. As an official lifelong member of the WESTERN NEW YORK IS MY HOME club, I pronounce that the cover looks like Allegheny County.

    Now, that I see the men look like Patrick Dempsey, I might have to start shopping over there, too.

    (I mean, if you're going to get snowed in . . . and that happens a lot . . . )

    Congratulations on moving us from the North Country to the Southern Tier, Ruthy! Hurray!

  16. Remind me of the next Buckwheat Festival, eh?

  17. Laney, THANK YOU!!! Didn't they do a great job on it? If you drive the roads of Allegany, it looks just like this. So lovely... I'm so glad you liked it!!!

    Oh, Helen, I can SEE that production from your description. The tree falling. The cream puff. How funny.

    I loved Brigadoon. Loved the very idea of it, a community caught in time. I felt like that when I first spotted Angelica, my model for "Jamison". Thanks for the coffee. Slugging it right now and lovin' it!

    EVA MARIA: Do I dare mention again how much I love that name? So beautifully done. It just flows... Thank you! And I hope that enthusiasm comes through totally. I cannot imagine having more fun (and loving the work!) and then seeing it IN PRINT!!! Talk about a labor of love.

    Of course, creating hunkalicious heroes isn't exactly a HARDSHIP...


  18. Cynthia, you're in! And thank you, I'm so glad you like the cover, kiddo!

    SUSANNA: Ditto. Got your name in and thank you again for your praise and support. You rock, Dude. Seriously.

  19. JennaVictoria, good morning to you, sweet thaaaang! So nice to see you!

    Kingston, NY.... you're heading north a bit, girlfriend! Is this for a historical? Gorgeous country up there. So many people "SEE" New York as the metro area, but we have so much more rural, mountainous land that's perfect for story settings and vacations.

    Dirty Dancing was set up that way, those old get-away hotels that really should enjoy a comeback.

  20. DEB... They're open for eight weeks. If you're up for an early morning drive, I'm in!

    And isn't this a fun segue from far north to near north???

    SWEET!!!! ;) And each trip down there I get more ideas. Definitely Holy Spirit planted ideas. Nudges.

    Love that.

  21. “It’s Raining Men! Hallelujah! “ That’s my kind of warm front!! :o) The song will be with me the rest of the day. But that’s great because then I’ll think of all the wonderful men coming up in Ruthy’s new series.

    My vote for favorite guy, so far…I’m torn between Trent Michaels because well he’s a soldier and that always gets my vote (and you based him on Patrick who doesn’t love that?) and Matt Cavanaugh because I like the reformed bad boys. But I’m sure I’ll love all of them by the time the series is over. And then I’ll cry because the series is over.

    And I absolutely HAVE to go to Pollywog Holler before I die. It’s like the Piggly Wiggly I just have to so I can say I was there.
    Congrats, Ruthy, on what sounds like another SUPER series!!

    I’d love to win a copy of Reunited Hearts!


  22. Ruthy, it may be because I haven't even had my breakfast yet but I can't find the Meet the Men link. I see January's post but not the guys. I know you will set me straight. I feel so deprived!

    I am so excited about this series I just can't stand it. Put me in the drawing!

    Peace, Julie

  23. KIRSTEN!!!

    Oh, isn't Matt Cavanaugh just YUM to a factor of FIVE ZILLION????

    Eddie Ramos was perfect to use as Matt's "image" and honey, when you glimpe Matt's roguish smile...

    His warm gaze...

    The heart of a true marine, evermore...

    Oh, it's a tough one, Kirsten!!! It almost makes me want to hurry Christmas, LOL!!!

  24. Hmmm, Julie....

    It's live right beneath the "It's Raining Men" part of the post, but it really should have cheerleaders and dancers and little light-up thingies.

    Bells and whistles!


    Check it out and tell me what you think. I've got more to add but I keep having to do things like WORK...

    Oh my stars. So many fun things to do in Ruthy-world!

    So little time, LOL!

  25. Ruthy,

    It IS a lovely cover. No one will be able to pass by it on a shelf
    without picking it up!

    Congratulations on another book release!!!!!!

    RRossZediker at yahoo dot com

  26. I always love starting my day with a Ruthy post. It makes me smile even though it's cold enough to freeze the flippers on a penguin :D

  27. What a neat idea to have a new blog for this series. It's free and you get to start fresh with each set of books.


  28. It's raining men? Doggone! All we got here was a dusting of snow.

    Congratulations, Ruth!

  29. Oh Ruthy,
    I wanted so much to comment last night but...hands wouldn't allow it. Lol...I'm with Amber, wish I could just copy and paste her comment ; ) Cept....not. LOL.

    This is tooooooo funny that you're doing the It's Raining Men theme because wouldn't you know it, that's part of my blog post today for our blog party! :O Too weird of a coincedence lol.

    PATRICK DEMPSEY!?!?! *swoons* What is there to say? He can play doctor (Grey's), he can play prince (Enchanted), and he marries a Hannah (Made of Honor)!!! Gotta love it, just love him!

    Congrats, Ruthy. Seriously awesome. You've already come so far. I remember that first blog party for your first book now we're up to....4?! Woohoo! Sorry I haven't been around much but medical stuff has been...erm...tying me up? I don't know how to explain it unless we get into details I guess lol...just wanted to say sorry but I just couldn't miss this. Not you, Ruthy, never you. You're one of my weaknesses in Seekerville ; ) Lol.
    Talk to you later, lovey, and fantastic job! You are so awesome :)
    P.S. I'd love to be entered! : )

  30. Hannah, sweet thang, I hate medical issues. I wish they didn't confound or confuse or interfere with anything, ever.

    But they do. And we're so human. In God's hands, sweet girl. And I know, I know it so well, that you'll continue to do everything necessary to help yourself be healthy. Or as healthy as possible. And I don't say that lightly or carelessly, I know you understand the full partnership of mind/body/spirit.

    Praying for you and so grateful for the kudos. And yeah, that first kick-off was just a year ago. Can you believe it???

    Amazing. Grace. ;)

    Rose, "Fank you!!!" :)

    I keep going back and looking at the cover and hoping the folks in Allegany will think it reflects them and their towns. I was totally impressed with what the art team did. The art team at Harlequin really rocks. Love those guys.

  31. Wow, Ruthy, I SO want to be there.

    But I think I'll wait until Summer!

    I imagine it's quite cold, and snowy and gusty there right now.

    But, if I can be transported with a snap of the fingers to Pollywog Holler WITH a copy of Reunited Hearts, a roaring fire, and steaming cup of hot cocoa, I'm in!

  32. [On my way to class but I didn't see the 'Meet the Guys' or whatever link on the other webpage - could someone give me a link?


    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  33. I know you guys take your food & drink seriously here, but geez, exactly how much coffee did you have while writing this, Ruthy?! LOL - love the enthusiasm! I think I got caffeine by osmosis just reading your post. :D

    I also LOVE the book cover and I *love* small-town stories! Congrats on the new release. I would love to win a copy. Please sign me up!


  34. Ruthy, apparently my husband has put a romantic hero block on my web browsing. I can't find the "Meet the Men" page at all. He knows I love your guys.

    But he shouldn't be threatened. I wrote him into his own romance novel for Valentines one year. Man O Steele is the best.

    I can get to the website which is lovely btw. What inspiration! And how are you blessed with such lovely covers every single time?

    Peace, Julie

  35. Ruthy, those pictures are wonderful! I love the one about all the churches being all together. Seems like a place I would love to live. Nice and quiet. Would love to read your new book. I know it is great!


  36. Ruth, I am so excited about your new book! I have enjoyed your three previous books so much. You are such a "visual" writer so this photo tour of your settings and characters makes perfect sense!

    I'd love to win a copy. Thanks for the chance!


  37. Patrick Dempsey??? Oh, I am SOOO there!!! But then, I am SOOO there with ANY hero you write, girlfriend -- you DO write a VERY nice hero, as you know. Uh, you don't plan on having any David James Elliot types anytime soon, do ya???

    But I am with Julie H. -- have been to the link you gave FOUR times now, but cannot for the life of me find the "It's Raining Men" link or pix or anything, which has me quite disgruntled. HELP!!!

    SUPER CONGRATS on the new book, Ruthy -- cannot WAIT to fall in love again ...


  38. What a beautiful cover! I can't wait to read your book, so please put my name in for the drawing!

    I couldn't find any "meet the guys" link either - but I'd love to meet them. I'll check back later.

  39. Ruthy, I'm trying to stay healthy try and put it out in one quick nutshell:

    Meds for RA and Fibro are still up in the air completely, nothing is working out right. I was having BAD, scary chest pains, tightness, hard time breathing etc for a week and it turns out I have Costochondritis - swelling of the chest walls. It is EXTREMELY painful lol. I pray that no one in here ever gets it, I'd rather take the pain upon myself. Ugh it's terrible. They increased the ibuprofen I was taking for the Costo, up to 1400MG daily. But then that combined with my RA drug at the highest dosage (3000MG daily), I ended up with gastritis which is swelling of the stomach walls. So I'm not on anything for the RA, Fibro (had a bad reaction), or pain in general. I'm still in a flare for the RA and now the Fibro too. Yesterday I had the nerve test and muscle biopsy which didn't result with necessarily that much, but they're sending me for an MRI of my neck and spine. They think it's something in the Central Nervous System, possibly a pinched nerve. That's next Monday morning. Because of the test and needle poking yesterday lol I can barely move today. Everything feels worse and my body went into panic mode from the shock treatment. On top of all that, I've been having anxiety attacks and have officially been diagnosed as depressed so I'm on an anti-depressant now.

    I'm meeting with my advisor today because I've been out of class more than in class this semester already. I'm so worried about what she's going to say. I was going to ask if we could just cut 1 or 2 classes so I just wouldn't have quite the heavy load, but I'm afraid she's going to say I need to take the semester off because I'm missing too much.

    I'm sorry, I know you weren't looking to get this earful, but I kind of wanted to update you guys anyway. I just don't know what's happening! It's all landing at the same time. Never been this bad before....and most days I don't even care anymore which is a scary feeling. Lol....

    Anyway, sorry about rambling.

  40. Don't you love Pollywog Holler!!!!

    Oh my stars, it's a hoot. And the buildings are hobbit-like, nestled into the woods. Well, except for the dome, LOL! And we had no idea what we'd stumbled on but it looked like a "Road Less Traveled"... And so we traveled it, LOL!

    I love going places with Mandy. She's totally game for anything as long as I feed her!

  41. So anxious to read your book! Loved this post and the comments!

  42. LOL, Ruthie! I knew within the first two sentences without looking that you were posting today. :D And I'd love a chance to win a Ruthie book!

    I went to your site and I really like it. Love the pics! Love the Alleganies! We drove through them on our honeymoon 18 1/2 years ago on our way to Nova Scotia/PEI via Maine. Beautiful!

    I tried to "meet the Guys" but couldn't find a link to take me to them. But, I can't wait to meet them and read their stories. So please add me to the drawing.

    lr dot mullin at live dot com

    Thanks for the fun post and sharing your excitement with us. :D


  43. Ruthie, my apologies to you and everyone else, but this is the only contact I have with Hannah. This is for her.


    Hugs, Hannah! I pretty much know what you're going through. My suggestion is to look into Lyme disease treatment. Hang in there. One moment at a time. God will see you through those awful moments. I do my best to block the pain out of my mind by keeping is busy with other things. Even when my body can't do anything, I spend a lot of time reading and writing and surfing the web...something that keeps my mind busy that doesn't require a lot physically. I have some links on my Lyme blog that might be helpful to you:

    Hang in there. At moments, that's all you can do, I know! Brandilyn Collins is coming out with a book in May in which her character has Lyme disease: Over the Edge. Anyone with chronic pain/illness will be able to identify with it.

    Hugs, Linnette

  44. Julie H: ROFL! Romantic Hero block on your computer! Love it! But, if you hubby did, so did mine. I can't find those heros, either.

  45. Linnette,
    Thanks so much, hun. I've actually been told to look into Lyme Disease before lol...but I was tested before and it came back negative.

    I try to stay patient with it and usually...can because it is what it is. I have this, it's in my body, it's not going away. But when it's this bad, the doctors don't know where to go, and it's interupting my daily life in a bad way...that's when I have a problem. I don't know. I hate complaining about it, but I haven't been popping in giving little updates, so there was one big one today :/

    My bad, shouldn't have done that. Thanks Linnette, I'll keep an eye out for that book and pop over to your blog.

  46. Congratulations, Ruthy! I'm very happy for you. Love the website, though it's early and I couldn't find the "Meet the Guys" page. Give the caffeine a little more time to soak into the blood and I'll try again. Not that I have to go back to figure out what guy I would like. Trent, of course.

    That's my grandson's name :)

    Love the setting, and after reading both posts, I'd like to see it in person. We're huge maple syrup fans, too, so now we have to go.

    Congrats again, and thanks for the rain. May your book be the hail that covers yards and streets. Hail, Ruthy!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist. Congratulations!

  47. Ruthy,

    Seems like you've been gone forever! Nice to see your enthusiasm back again!

    Congrats on the new series. The books sound wonderful. I'll have to imagine the men b/c I, too, cannot see any link. Oh, well... Maybe they're just too hot and the site got blocked!!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  48. Carol, it's

    And the live link is where it says Men of Allegany County in purple...

    I think it's purple. Kinda purplish, maybe.

    And Carol... Oh my stars, I'm just sayin'... YUM factor off the charts.

    Go to the Meet the Guys page.

    And smile. ;)

    EMILY!!! "Fank you!" :)

    I'm glad the enthusiasm is (okay, maybe a TOUCH over the top, but really??? This is so amazing to me!!!)good for you, chica! And yeah, the caffeine kick is fairly obvious, but I'm safe to drive with!

    JULIE: the Man of Steele strikes again! Mary, give her a live link here, wouldja??? You know I bomb at those in comments.

  49. HANNAH: FYI, MOST Lyme patients who get tested come back negative. Testing isn't what it needs to be yet and most docs don't know how to read the tests they have nor how to treat. This is one thing you have to be pro-active in investigating for youself which is exhausting. Feel free to email me:
    lr dot mullin at live dot com.

  50. Okay, Ruthie and all, back on topic. Has anyone found where our romantic heros are hiding yet?


  51. Patsy, YES!!!! That visual in Angelica was amazing. I knew it was perfect for Jamison.

    Just like I loved the town of Wellsville, hard hit economically but still striving to be the 'place to be'... Such a great town and an awesome baseball facility for Little Leaguers! Great community.

    And MARY BAILEY!!! Whose name I love because I am such a fan of It's a Wonderful Life!!! Thank you for those lovely words of praise and I'm deeeeelighted that my work 'works' for you! (The check's in the mail, btw. Great shout out. Oh, wait... Did I say that out loud????)

  52. Okay, it came up fine in Windows Explorer but not in my Firefox window.

    And I have no idea why, 'cause it's there. Jenny's gotten there and Audra too, but that was a couple of hours ago.

    We shall persevere because you will love this site.

    'Member I said it had Brigadoon like qualities??? Maybe it's disappeared for a hundred years!!!


  53. Ruthy, congratulations on your book! I love your pics--it's a perfect setting. It looks a lot like Vermont. I'm getting nostalgic, even though I hated Vermont in February. Way too cold.

  54. Okay, and I just pulled it up in Firefox...

    Blogger... don't mess with me, Mr!!!

  55. Andrea, my dear and beloved friend, hey there!!!

    So nice to see you and kisses, hugs and thank yous for your good wishes!

    Hey, pass me some coffee, would you???

  56. Hannah, dear girl, I can't give you easy words of comfort from way over here, but I can say this:

    And this too shall pass.

    My aunt left me those words of wisdom. She abided by them. She knew what my life was like and she wanted me to hang on. And I mean that in the most literal sense.

    So I prayed. And I focused. And I went day by day (probably a reason why AA always impressed me because when Satan's got you by the emotional throat, day by day is the best thing to do) until I was old enough to take control of my own life.

    I have a delightful young woman who is fighting cancer right now. She's 21. She was high-rolling a stellar college career and had to stop everything to get well. And she's scared. Scared about going back, scared because she looks different, scared because even though tests show she's clear, she had cancer... And that's scary.

    Day by day. Step by step. Baby steps are okay. In fact they're great.

    And we'll just wrap you in Seeker prayers and hugs because we're all mothers, aunts, grammys, sisters, teachers, etc. We get it. Totally.

    But a few of these pancakes wouldn't be a bad thing, dear girl!!!

    With real maple syrup, of course.

    Hugs and toothy grins for your solace,


  57. Jackie, you're in chica! And aren't these guys, great??? Welcome to Seekerville, kiddo!

  58. I went to your website, then I went to see when the next book is releasing, then I got on a plane and flew to Allegeny County for candy, and I finally got back here.

    I need a nap.

    And hunters would find your body. That is a huge contribution hunters make to society, ferreting out bodies.......the good they do really can't be underestimated.

  59. Hugs, Ruthie! Thanks for your words to Hannah. Being chronically ill can get very lonely and there's a lot of emotional baggage that comes with it. Thanks for being there for her!


  60. Okay I've tested it all which ways and the link seems to be working now.

    Either go to blog post and click on:

    The Men of Allegany County (it's in purple and that's the live link)


    Go to:

    And it just worked for me on Firefox and Windows.


    I think Mr. Blogger is just a little overwhelmed by the "BOYS" and maybe that means Mr. Blogger is actually MS. BLOGGER and she's busy reading up on the guys as well!


  61. Linnette, you wonderful thing!

    Thanks for you always kind words AND your advice to Hannah.



    And downright beautiful.

    Gotcha in the drawing!

  62. I don't know. I'm no good at that I guess. And then I get thinking about how much better off I am than others, like your friend. It makes me feel like crap because I shouldn't be complaining. I've always been the bad guy, the one in the wrong, bad Hannah bad bad bad. I'm too needy and rely on people too much when I learned a long time ago you are alone. Everything is on your shoulders.

    I'm sorry to bother you all. I still haven't learned to keep my big mouth shut.

  63. Thanks, Ruthie! Going to see if I can find those romantic men, now. ;-)

  64. Mary, Good Job, Girlfriend!!!

    And the Allegany spelling is confusing.

    The County is Allegany.

    The mountain range is Allegheny.

    And they're both from the same Native American root word.

    But any way you spell it, the guys...


    They rock.

    Mary, have some pancakes. They'll help. Promise.

  65. Ruthie, I've clicked on your live link and gone to the www. It pulls up the blog, but there's no page on the MEN that I can find. I've tried over and over.

  66. Oh, I must be really late! You already have 65 comments!

    I loved those pics, Ruthy. Very nice. You are the queen of creating a sweet, homey atmosphere in your books. Now I see why. You just channel all these beautiful place when you write. Sounds like you have some great books coming out soon!

    Um, yeah, I finally took your advice, Ruthy, about the you-know-whats. I haven't looked at them in WEEKS. I'm finally cured. I should probably get one of those medallions to carry in my pocket. I'm so proud of myself, and a much happier person. :-)

  67. Wow 66 comments already. That will teach me to come aboard late. LOL.

    Love the cover.

    Aren't you industrious with a website for Allegheny Men. I couldn't find the page to vote though. But having had a few crit previews, I'm prone to be in love with Danny. He's my kind of guy.

    Best wishes dear friend. I'm not even going near all those pancakes and maple syrup.

  68. Hannah...

    I never let my friends call themselves names, dear girl! Don't make me come up there...

    Although the weekend might be great for a road trip!

    In all seriousness, dark times grab us by the neck. And they shake us like a rag doll sometimes. I think that's why my writing appeals to you, because we've both walked the tightrope at times.




    Pray unceasingly.

    I cannot tell you enough times how happy I am that I hung on when faced with what you're feeling now.

    Trust me.

    The future holds amazing things. Wondrous things. And you know me, I NEVER make empty promises.


    Well, except with cyber food, but that doesn't count, right???


  69. LOVE the cover and the way the road leads right to the church, though there's a few curves along the way!!!

    And I checked out the link to The Men of Allegany County...all I can say is I want to work in that gorgeous library!!!! I think I'll have to hop the border and see if they're hiring!!!!!

    Don't enter me in the draw because I have Reunited Hearts on my 'to buy list'.

  70. Ruthy!!! I love that the lady that makes me laugh is always after the lady that makes me swoon. :)

    But Oooooooo, I visited your Men of Allegany site (loved it by the way), but there were was no "men" tab!! Wahhhhhhhh!!!!!! Am I just a complete dunce? Probably... :)

    LOVE your new series! I just saw an absolutely raving review of your book on Goodreads and I know I need to get my own. Hmmm, an Amazon wish, maybe?? :)

    Love your post, love your new story premise, and I love your enthusiasm and energy for your books! I hope to have the same someday. :D

  71. Oh my stars.....

    It's there now.

    I PROMISE!!!

    Whatever happened had the Meet the Guys page in Draft mode.

    Do not ask me why.



    Meet the Guys! link...

    But the GOOD thing is it gave us a little more time to TALK ABOUT the guys and now we get to see them.

    Oy vay!

    Mimosas, anyone???

  72. Go ahead and complain Hannah.

    You're in great company. Ruthy and I are whiners like you wouldn't believe.

    Myra, too.

    And Missy, yeesh.

    Tina, look out, oh my gosh.

    Janet is missing her pet alligator and it just will not END.

    Oh, just throw us all in.

    So join in. Vent.

  73. At school now - hate feeling like I'm missing all the fun!!!!

    I was using Chrome earlier and that link SO WAS NOT THERE! I'm using IE at school and /whew/.

    Off to look...

    I gotta go with Matt Cavanaugh.

    I'm gonna have to get me a page like that on my blog...

    But now, sadly, I must grade papers.

    I will leave more chocolate chip cookies though...

  74. Just checked back in. And you're soooo right, Ruthy, Eddie Ramos was a great template for Matt! Love those dark eyes. I've almost changed insurance companies because of him. ;O)

  75. So Man O isn't in trouble anymore? Yes, yes, yes. I do see it now!

    Do realize how hard you made it to choose?

    Trent is a soldier combined with the always challenging to me "secret baby story". I would have to go with him just to see how you handle this theme.

    Then there is Danny who is into candy.

    Jeff is an engineer (Man O is an engineer so I thank you for that) but he is going to be involved with a librarian. One of my fave heroines.

    And then there is Matt, a former marine and builder...and it is Christmas!

    ARGH. You are evil, Ruthy, just evil to make us choose.

    But I will go with Trent, just because he is the first one in line for my reading pleasure. Just like Mama tells the kids they are each her favorite, I am counting on each one becoming my fave as the books come out!

    Thanks for persevering with the techie stuff!

    Peace, Julie

  76. I love the Men of Allegany County series. My favorite hero thus far is Trent, but I'm excited to meet Matt in Yuletide Hearts!

    Great books Ruthy! I will always love reading your stories.

    Plus, I love that you named the town 'Jamison'. A little shout-out to my husband's family name.

  77. Ruthy, sigh. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE THIS SO HARD!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    It's official, I am seriously heading to Amazon right now to put your name in the search and add a book to my wish list. I have to make an order here soon anyway.... :)

    Swoooon! Okay Patrick Dempsy. Oh wait, what was his real name...Trent Michaels. But I love the bad boy too, reminds of my favorite of all time hero (sorry Luke)...Mr. Collin.

    I can't wait!!! :D

  78. Oh my stars!!! (I think that's an official Ruthy-ism.)

    Everyone, I think we should all hire Ruthy as our personal PR manager! Is she "out there" or what???

    Great fun, Ruthy! Love the settings (if you could move them, like, 1000 miles south, though), love the guys! One of my favorite things to do is figure out who I'd cast if my books were made into movies. Then I print out the pix and keep them by my computer while I write.

    Oooooh, I have some hunks picked out for my wip! And a gorgeous heroine, too!

  79. Oh THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER for letting that link get

    "hooked up"....

    Oh my stars, I was like the Grinch...

    I sat puzzling and puzzling 'til my puzzler was sore!!!

    And then the Ruth-meister had one thought more!!!

    Okay, you're all PROVING my theory that dark-haired heroes seem to attract us.

    Why is that? And if that's the case then WHY DOES Brad get so many movies????


    I will double-dog-tie guarantee you, though, that you will love Trent....

    And Danny....

    And Jeff.... Oh my stars... tearing up thinking about Jeff and Hannah!!!! (See, Hannah, here's your heroine, honey!!!)

    And then Matt....

    Matt Cavanaugh...

    Be still my heart. And Christmas to boot!

  80. I just determined I am sitting 1.75 hrs from Trent Michaels... well only because the roads are clear for a change. They do like their snow over there! Which is why there are so many studs.

    On the snow tires.

    What did you think I meant?

    I found the missing men, by the way.
    Click on Meet the Men right at the top. Thanks for warming up a chilly day, Ruthy.

    Oh, and thanks for the large font.

  81. CASEY!!!

    "Oh, happy days are here again!"

    People can SEE the guys!!!

    I think Hunkalicious is the word of the day....

    I'm going with it.

  82. AND....

    In the interest of full disclosure:

    I stole Teeeena's idea for

    Of course I asked her first.

    And she laughed and said she'd nipped the idea from someone else.

    And Andrea, isn't it COOL that it's a FREE launchpad for the site????


  83. I steal all my best ideas from Tina.


    We're suppose to ASK?????


    I just let Tina figure it all out, then I copy her. Why re-invent the wheel?........when I've got TINA to invent it for me.

  84. Ruthy! I'm not feeling the love... when I click on Men of Allegany all I get is your initial post. And I don't see a 'meet the guys' anywhere. What am I missing?

    Not that I need to see them, you understand.

    Although I must admit, your pics here at Seekerville look like a really nice family.

    anitamaedraper (at) hotmail (dot) com

  85. Deb, I love your appreciation for the tires, LOL! Good studded tires are imperative in our climate. I'm glad you understand that!


    And yes, it's not that long a drive...

    And so worth it when you get there. Lovely...

  86. Connealy, I was totally sucking up to TEEEEENSSTER when I asked her. You know...

    Complimenting her amazing savois faire.

    Or something.

    Anita, try again. They're there now. Really. Unless Connealy STOLE them away.

    It's been a couple of days of Blogger glitches, but the plumbing works and that's almost as important, right???

  87. Ahh... Lunch.

    Burgers and fries at the Texas Hot.

    Or a Zweigle's hot dog, smothered.

    And save room for pie! I'm having coconut custard, but the graham cracker cream is a favorite!

    And coconut cream. And lemon. And...

    It's actually worth the drive for the food alone. Of course there were those SHERIFFS that Mandy and I caught doing a good deed...

    Bunch o' sweeties.

  88. Okay, I found the guys. Waaaaay at the top. Gonna check 'em out...

    Anita Mae.

  89. Anita!

    Give us your opinion, dear. ;)

    And I brought some afternoon chocolate chip cookies. Just because.

  90. I found the men...and love all of them.

    Love the site too! How fun it that to have a site just for your new series.

    It's delightful! I want to move to Allegany County. Not in the winter though.

    But ice cream from the Sweet Shop would be oh so yummy! Can you ask them to cater the next Seeker celebration?

  91. Ha! good going Anita, but BELIEVE ME! It wasn't there ALL day! LOL

    Trent is my favorite! I like the strong, rugged, honest type.

    Danny is my second favorite, because I like sweet and gentle, kind and patient.

    Put Trent and Danny together and you have my Dad. Well, I don't know how rugged my dad is, but he's strong.

    I know more about Jeff's father than I do him. I don't know enough about Jeff to know if I like him. I just know he's confused and uncertain and feels like his life is out of control. But, I do want to get to know him.

    I have a feeling I will like Matt. I have a soft spot for the underdog - even the ones who WERE bad boys. In fact, he might end up being my favorite before it's all over.

    How's that?


  92. Hey Ruthy - I finally found the "meet the Guys" link!

    Okay, Trent looks and sounds good. Danny is...well, will we learn to trust him? I have a feeling we will. And Brad - I mean Jeff - is just too good looking for his own good. I think my favorite so far is Matt - but I have a soft spot for's all Gibbs' fault.

    I'll have to give you the final verdict after reading the books - I can hardly wait!

  93. PS. My dad is the tall, dark, handsome kind with chocolate colored eyes and hair so dark people think its black. Well...silver, now. But he has that smooth bass voice that can melt hearts and he's so strong and gentle at the same time. The strong, silent type. Patient. Loving. Giving. Hard working. Smart. Can do just about anything he chooses to do. Trusts God even when things look hopeless.

    Yes, he has flaws, but I'm not sharing those. This is my daddy! Well, maybe a couple. He's very proud and has a temper when pushed on certain things.

    Now, don't any of you steal him from me! He's mine! :D If anybody gets to use him, its me. LOL

    But, yes, my daddy is the stuff heros are made of. :D


  94. If we're talking just looks, its Matt all the way!!!!

  95. Sigh....did I say Matt was the best looking? Mm-mm-mmm!!!

  96. LOVED your post, Ruthy! I always enjoy my visits to Seekerville (even though I don't always leave a comment). But today I had a chance to pause (or maybe that should be "paws" since I'm CATmom?!) and comment. OH MY!! I'm ready to pack my bags and visit Allegany County--WOW! And I cannot wait to read your newest book--and your enthusiasm is contagious--I realized I was smiling as I read your post, LOL. ~ If there are any pancakes left, I'll have a few....YUM! Blessings from Georgia (where we had SNOW this morning!!), Patti Jo :) p.s. That little girl is PRECIOUS!

  97. Okay. I have to know. What has Eddie Ramos played in? He might be hotter than Matthew McConaughey. Might be!

    Brad Pit's from my home state. I'm kind of used to him mug. Not that I've seen him personally. I've heard he grocery shops for his mom when he visits home, though.

    But about Eddie. Seriously! What's he played in?

  98. Linnette, honey, you can't marry your dad.

    It just isn't done.

    But I get it!

    And Matt Cavanaugh is a great hero. Rock-steady (now...) but wounded.

    Feeling a little unworthy, and that's tough for a marine.

    But you'll see why Callie could be just the ticket for him, and why God is well....


    Oh, that God!


    Thank you, sweet thing, and I will totally love hearing what you think as you read the books. Seriously.

    I'm tough.

    I can take it!


    Allegany County rocks.



    But long up here. Which makes spring that much more welcome and ROMANTIC.


    And the Angelica Sweet Shop.... Adorable store and great owners, Don and Karen.

  99. LOL...yeah. He's kind of taken by my mom, anyway. And I'm kind of taken by my hubby. :D

    And I will totally love reading about these guys!

    ( gang is all well and back to work/school, so I'm relaxing and doing a litte recouping today. Oh! And working on revisions of my manuscript! Anyway, that's why I'm bugging you guys so much today. Just in case you're wondering. Big hugs to Ruthie for putting up with me so graciously. :D)

  100. Ruthy, I would've commented earlier this morning, but I got snagged by your site of Allegany County. Wow. I so want to visit there. Anyway, I drooled so long, I used up my computer time before I had to get ready for work.

    Now, I'm back from lunch with just a couple of minutes to peruse the rest of your post and find it just as lovely as the site.

    What a gorgeous county. And in upstate New York, you say?


    I want to come visit. And maybe stay. No wonder you love writing about this place!

    And Trent! Yes, you hear my heavy sigh. I'm so preordering Reunited Hearts right now.

    And Jaden? I can see you'll have lots of books to fill in the years before he's a hero in your books...but then again, why wait?


    Completely captivating.

    Love it, Ruthy!!

  101. Congratulations on the new series, Ruthy!

    You want us to pick one? ONE???

    I've never been one for collecting pictures to give me a visual for my writing, but gee, you make it look and sound like a lot of fun. Worst case, when I'm stuck, I could stare at the yummy pictures.

    I'm going with, well, if you insist...David, uh, Danny. I like the candy story, and he's certainly eye candy.

  102. My opinion? Okay - Patrick Dempsey all the way! Mind you, the others are all fine specimens of what God gave us to choice from, but that Patrick. Mmmm, mmm. :D

    Question for you... slap me if I'm silly... but what are the rules for putting pics on a blog like that? Does it have to be someone already in the public eye otherwise you need a press release? And what about on a one-sheet?

    Anita Mae.

  103. Woo hoo!! Love the new series! And love the site as well.

    The only complaint I have right now is that you mentioned hotcakes and real maple syrup when I'm eating very low carbs right now. PURE TORTURE!!!!

    Oh, and I'm still laughing about your comment that Janet is missing the pet alligator!! :)

  104. Jan, YAY!!!!! :)

    So glad you found it!

    And CATMOM... You're the cat's pajamas. Tee hee.

    Pancake griddle is on throughout the day, so you're never too late for food in Seekerville, honey. We keep the light on for ya'!

    I'll look forward to your opinion once you've had a chance to read Reunited Hearts.

    I love it.

    But I'm slightly biased.


  105. Linnette, you dork.

    It's never putting up with in Seekerville, honey...

    It's hangin' with.

    World of difference.

  106. PATRICK DEMPSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *drools all over the keyboard*

    Ho-ly cow, Ruthy. Oh my've got good taste in men, but I have to go with my guy, Patrick. I mean...hands down lol! AND since I'm home I get to see him tonight *sigh*

    Thanks for your support Ruthy, Linnette, and Mary too! Oh Mary, by the way, Ruthy is bein sneaky *giggles*

    Road trip...hmmm I'd welcome ya with wide open arms, trust me! ; )

    Ummmm were you referencing me Hannah?? I think you're either kidding or talking about some other Hannah lol! But that is a good name to pick :P

    Okay, had a chest xray this afternoon. I'm getting bumped to the top of the list and it'll get looked at today, I should get results tomorrow. Kinda feels good to be important enough to get rush ordered LOL! Except I don't think that's usually a good thing...? Oh well, we'll see.

    Now, I'll get out of your hair for a little while! Sis is working, Mom's at meetings all night soooo Gramma invited me down for supper :) Talk to you guys later tonight!

  107. Audra, isn't it gorgeous? So green, or white, or brilliant in the fall.

    Wait til you see my fall pics for Mended Hearts. Breathtaking. The hills, the villages, the trees... Just a kaleidoscope of color.

    This is two hours south of me, along the PA/NY border. The southern section of NYS is mountainous.

    So is the northern section (the top of the triangle)where I set the North Country books.

    But very different regions, despite the hills. And both gorgeous.

    I'm along the shores of Lake Ontario, so we're FLAT here. Yup.

    Flatter than a pancake. Lake plains region. So I love going into the hills.

    I'll take you there when you come visit. And we can go to the Distribution Center in Depew and meet everyone who works on sending out our books. Great folks.

    Anita your question's a good one. If you're using a pic of an actor that's out there and you identify him/her, it's okay to use them because they're public domain. And most of them WANT all the free publicity they can get.

    I don't grab people's artwork or photography. And for my bookmarks and business card I had Dineen Miller buy from I-Stock and put together images and artwork for me.

    So I nip stuff from the web that's available without censure. Or I take pics myself. And most businesses like the free publicity too. A nice shout out, all in all.

    PATRICIA!!!! Good to see you, girlfriend.

    Seriously nice! And I appreciate your taste. :) But I don't do visuals ahead of time. I 'see' them in my head and then scope the Internet for a potential actor/actress (or someone I know) when I'm doing the Art Fact Sheets for the art department.

    But when I want the reader to visualize, a site like this is a HUGE help, and um... pretty easy on the eyes, LOL!

    Didja notice NO ONE mentioned the STRUDEL recipe????

    That wasn't SWEET ENOUGH for our browsers today, evidently!!!

  108. Ok I vote for Matt Cavanaugh (who is the pic of I dont recognize him).
    I cant wait for the books to come out.
    (but I guess am going to have to)
    Hannah Im sorry you are feeling in so much pain I do hope they find the right meds for you.

  109. Missy, I hear you! I've been low-carb since September because I knew I'd have my butt in a seat most of this winter. Hard to burn off anything writing books and rocking babies.

    BUT... I ignore the carbs. Although I'm hankerin' to head to Angelica and grab me some of them thar buckwheat cakes!

    Oh, yum!!! After your diet. Next year. We'll go together. A spring retreat in New York.

    Note to all: It's pretty gray and muddy here until May. 'Sall I'm sayin'. But the minute that mist of green starts to break free???


  110. Hannah, I named the heroine in Mended Hearts after you...

    It pays to know the author, kid!

    And while it's not always GOOD to be bumped up the X-Ray list, it's always good to get answers.


    Honey, secrets are, well... secret!!!

    Have fun with Grandma. Eat well. Miss me!

  111. Jenny, you're so stinkin' sweet. Love it.

    Matt's actor is Eddie Ramos and he's famous for insurance commercials he's doing here for State Farm Insurance. He does a stellar job of being the go-to guy, the cute guy next door, the man on the street. Marketing genius and he had the distinct mixed look I wanted for Matt.

    Matt's mother is Hispanic and Asian. His father (Neal Brennan, the CUR!!!!) is Irish. But not a nice Irish dude by any means.

    So Jeff ended up with a big CHIP on his shoulder and Matt, well...

    His life kind of capsized at age 8 and it took a kindly grandfather who loved God, building and fishing and a stint in juvie and the Corp to put Matt together.

    You've got good taste, Aussie-girl!

  112. What can I say I like a bad guy turned good. I did see some state farm insurance adds. (I saw lots of interesting adds!)

  113. Gotcha, Walt.

    Did you bring food? Because I'm hungry. Starving, actually.

  114. How about chili with a cheddar cheese topping?

  115. LOL...Okay. But you STILL havent' told me what Eddie Ramos has played in. You think I was kidding, but I was serious. :D

  116. Congratulations:) The book cover looks awesome! Thanks for sharing those amazing feels so pastoral, serene and just downright cozy!
    I can't wait for the feeling of holding my published book in my hands...but until I do, I'm totally excited for you and would love a chance to win your new book!


  117. Lorna, you're in! And thank you for the praise, kiddo! Hang in there. Do not quit. Eat cookies.

    Cookies are brain food.

    Or at least they make the rejection letters hurt a little less. If they're really good cookies, that is!

    Alberta... Sweet. And we both like Sleepless in Seattle (great love story) and Michael W. Smith.

    I once tormented 4 track runners by playing Michael W. Smith on repeat for a 4 hour road trip to the State Meet.

    And they haven't let me forget it yet.


  118. WONDERFUL, Ruthy,.
    The cover!
    The post!
    And the company!

    PLZ put me on the Ruthy-book list, but she knows I'll go out and buy it anyway.

  119. Linnette, the only thing I know of was the State Farm commercials. I'm sure he's been in other stuff...

    let's ask my friend the Googlemeister Meisterburger:

    Oops, I mixed up his name, dagnabbit! It's Eddie Matos.

    Duh. I named his Grandpa in the book Gus Ramos and switched names...

    Fixing it now...

  120. PEPSTER!!!!


    No fave guy? No #1 hero????

    Hey, Walt brought me chili with cheese. It's yummy. Want some?

  121. Oh so sorry, Ruthy.
    I've just gotten in from a full day and I'm numb from the brain down.

    Okay - No contest.
    Trent, because he looks so much like Dempsey - and I'm a sucker for dark hair and blue eyed guys :-)
    Absolutely lovely.
    The more I look at that picture, the more I'm thawing...yep, somewhere around my heart ;-)

  122. Been one of those days... Would rather have been hanging out on the beach here...

    Anyway - already said insurance guy for me =D.

    I've got Ben Townsend... er, Paul Walker in mine. And Jason John Cook [uh, Shawn Brady from Days - the younger one before they started the old actor switcheroo - my bff in college watched it. He was cute.] as, well, there's two JJCs. Nate. And Joe. Because they're twins.

    Nate looks a lot like Tony DiNozzo [and a bit like Michael Weatherly too - but mostly Tony] and Debbie bears a striking resemblence to Charlize Theron.

    I've got others, but they're people I pulled off of random web searches and modeling agency websites.

    I did get to read Cowboy Christmas over the last few days. Mary had a good-lookin' cowboy or two in there.

    I need to print mine off and stick in my series bible... That means hooking up the color printer though and it might just be too much trouble when power point opens rather easily...

    Captcha: hunri - almost hungry. Which I am. Can I have some chili?

  123. Goodness, Linnette, I thought we were just supposed to vote on how they LOOKED, not on their bio or lack thereof!

    Jeff gets my vote!

    My word veri is INGEST

    Any food left?

  124. Linnette here is a link to what hes been in

    Ruthy my mp3 player has mainly Michael W Smith on it and about 4 of his albums with a little Roma Waterman in the middle. I could handle hearing the same cd for 4 hours (its 5 hours to Adelaide from here)

    I sure dont like this humid weather we have here. its dull overcast and extremely humid. I want to go back to hawaii!

  125. Speaking of food I think im hungry. I have some fresh tomatoes out of my garden! I have icecream to if you are interested. sorry its not Haagen daz (which I think is wonderful)

  126. My 3yo son is quite impressed with both the cowboy and the rope on the cover of Cowboy Christmas.

    He wants to read it.

    He keeps asking me 'what this says?'

    Captcha: colesse - is that like coleslaw?

  127. First, I love the cover. I grew up in Northeast PA, with the same kind of mountains.

    I think Matt is my favorite, but it's difficult to choose.

    I would love to win a book!

    melaniej_evans AT yahoo DOT com

  128. Had to go check it out. Thanks Ruthie and Jenny! And, wow! He's gorgeous! Wish I would have found him when I was looking for one of my heros. Still might have to incorporate him. Hmm...I just don't like to copy cat.

    Sorry, Pam. I must have misunderstood. But, I'm a people student. I love to study people, so when there's a bio there....well, I just couldn't help myself, I guess. :-)

  129. Hi Ruth:

    “Reunited Hearts” should be available at 12:01 am on March 1st at eHarlequin. I’ll be there so I don’t need to win a book.

    Variations on a Theme

    It’s ‘Raining Men’
    said the possum to the hen.
    That can’t be good
    are they Allegany men?

    That’s hard to tell
    given how far they fell.
    That can’t be good
    should we cover the well?

    Protect the porch
    before any more stuff is lost.
    That’s pretty terse.
    I know but it could be verse.

  130. For me, the song you used in your title today will always default to "It's Raining Allegany County Men! Hallelujah!" from now on. I'm sure of it!

  131. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraFebruary 10, 2011 at 10:51 PM

    Congrats on the new book Ruthy! I love the sounds of your new series. If I would have to choose one of your new heroes and they all sound amazing I guess I will go with Matt. He has the whole dark and dangerous thing going on and in the Military. Got to love a man in uniform! I know that Trent is also in the Military so it was hard to decided between them. I can't wait to start reading all of these books!!!

  132. I vote for Matt from Julie's description since obviously I can't get any link to work either! call me stupid or whatever but I'm at my wit's end trying to find that link! I feel like eating a bag of m&ms in frustration...but I'll go with the soldier/builder Matt!


  133. Ruthy,

    Just stopped in after a hectic day.

    Would love to win the book!

    cathy underscore shouse at yahoo dot com

  134. RUTHY!!

    I am absolutely shocked! Stunned. WHAT!?


    Are you serious?! I know lots of authors, silly and none of them have ever named a character after me, nor do they have any reason to! I'm just really, really surprised lol.

    Lol totally agree about the xray thing. Praying it might show something?

    And LOL! Your secret is safe with me ; )

    Oh I did miss you, of course! Lol...I looooove talking to you, Ruthy. Today's been awesome. But tomorrow I get to talk to Cheryl for real *happy dance* Feels like it's been forever lol...she left this loooooooooooong message on my phone tonight just praying for me and it was...amazing. Made me bawl my eyeballs out ; ) I am so lucky that she trusted me enough to share her phone number lol...

    Anyway, just popped back in again for tonight. Talk to you soon, Ruthy. Thanks so much for everything *big hugs*

  135. Oh my stars, what absolute fun this has been!

    Susanna, I don't know what your glitch is, honey...

    email me at ruthy at ruthloganherne dot com and I'll send you a hand-made

    Cause ya' gotta see the guys, honey.
    I'm just sayin'... ;)

    I've got everybody in the drawing, and VINCE!!!! How clever of you to get the Porch Project from Ruthy's Place in there, LOL

    That url is

    Sooo funny!

    And the "April" date on Reunited Hearts release is really March 22...

    So will the e-harlequin release be March 1, or Feb 22???

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    I love that Raining Men will now be a default Seeker tune/earwig.

    Perfect! :)

    Pammers, Jeff, huh? I love Jeff too, and I think you guys will fall head over heels for Danny, but he's not TORTURED...

    You guys seem to go for the TORTURED WOUNDED HEROES...

    Just Danny's luck he's got a delightfully normal family, a big business attitude and somehow or other got STUCK in Allegany County for the summer.

    Poor baby! ;)

  136. gosh! I can hardly wait for Reunited Hearts to come out! Loved all the pictures today as well. Patrick Dempsey? swoon....:)

    Would love a chance to win a copy of your book Ruthy!

    Blessings & Smiles,
    Cindy W.

  137. Dear Ruth!
    Love the cover of your new novel- Reunited Hearts. As a longtime resident of New York's Southern Tier, I can wholeheartedly say you nailed it. Angelica, the town you adopted is truly a beautiful little town trapped in time. It's uniqueness is inspiring especially with the solidness and constancy of the people who live there. The centerpiece of the town is the white clapboard church. Its spire reaches heavenward, standing sentinel as a solitary defense over the town and it's inhabitants. And when the sun lifts the fog in the early morning, an ethereal quality takes hold of your Brigadoon, warming your soul.

  138. Fantastic book.
    Enjoyed your post.
    Please sign me up for the giveaway.
    Trinity Rose
    wandaelaine at gmail dot com

  139. Very cool! I look forward to reading this book. And great idea putting up the pictures you based your characters on. That is interesting.

  140. I love that Apple Blossom and Pirate Queen were the last posters of the day.

    Because I LOVE those tag names. Wonderful!

    If I were a pirate queen, I'd...

    That sentence bears thinking about. Lots of thinking about, LOL!

    Thank you, ladies!

    And WandaElaine, hey, girl! Thanks for the good wishes, kiddo.

    And sometimes it's nice to have the author's visual of what he/she's working with. At worst you can check it out and see if they've done a good job, right?


    And who wouldn't fall head over heels for these hunka-hunka burnin' loves with movie star good looks? As long as they're NICE. Or tame-able.

    And are willing to meet our gutsy heroines on solid ground.

  141. Ah, Elizabeth!!! That's pure poetry, darlin'! Spoken like someone who knows her own place.

    Isn't it gorgeous? And sweet? With a different air about it?

    I know, I know, our country is littered with great small towns, back roads, villages, etc. But nestled in the hills like this is, it's just gorgeous. And throw in some troubled times, a host of nice people, great scenery and those sweet churches, the call to worship.

    Oh my stars, just lovely.

  142. Ruth – this is WONDERFUL news!!!! One day, you dropped into our lives and asked a bundle of questions. Then, you disappeared for a l-o-n-g time… Then, you’re back – with a doozy of an announcement! Congratulations on your success and your blog / coming out party for the series. Don and I are so honored that you’ve used our funny little shop and adorable town / county as a backdrop for your series. Would you consider coming back to Angelica for a book signing / reading kind-of-thingy? We would love to host such an event – either at the Sweet Shop or at our café down the street. Please let us know how the launch is going and give us a heads-up if you’re heading out this way again. Our doors are always open.

    Don & Karen

  143. Ruth, we do a great deal of publicity for our two businesses and for the activities of local organizations. We would be honored to help you / your publisher get the word out in Allegany county and the surrounding area. Drop me a line if we can be of any assistance :-)
    Don & Karen

  144. Karen, your sweet Angelica Sweet Shop is the most wonderful place in the world! (SECRET: Karen has a new grandbaby that is absolutely beautiful! Well, I guess it's not really a secret since they've got pics at the store, but how wonderful!)

    Yes, I'm yours and I'll be happy to take part in the wonderfulness of Allegany County. Karen knows I'm not kidding when I say this cherished land is beautiful beyond imagination. Seriously.

    Super nice to have you and Don on board!