Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Contest Update

Glynna Kaye introduced me to a terrific book by Kelly L. Stone called Time to Write.Today we're giving away another copy. And for you readers we're giving away a copy of Mary Connealy's RITA finaling book, Doctor in Petticoats. Just leave a comment today. Winner announced in the Weekend Edition.


Unpublished Contests

Fool For Love. Deadline April 1. All Electronic. First chapters (up to 50 pages maximum) and optional synopsis (5 pages maximum). A prologue may be included as long as the entry does not exceed 50 pages.

Short Contemporary - Elizabeth Mazer, Assistant Editor, Harlequin

Long Contemporary - Meredith Giordan, Assistant Editor, Berkley Publishing Group

Historical - Lucy Gilmour, Harlequin Editor

Paranormal/Futuristic/Fantasy/Time Travel - Amanda Barnett, Senior Editor, The Wild Rose Press

Inspirational - David Long, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Bethany House
Low on Inspy Entrants!!!

Romantic Suspense - Keyren Gerlach, Associate Editor, Harlequin

Published Author - Stacy Boyd, Senior Editor, Harlequin Open to entrants who are previously published or contracted in any book-length fiction. Romantic novels of any sub-genre (entry cannot have been contracted prior to April 1, 2011 contest deadline).

Royal Ascot. Deadline April 1. Electronic contest. All entries must have at least partial Regency (Late Georgian) setting, broadly defined: within the United Kingdom between 1780 and 1840. Entry length limited to 7,000 words (determined by computer word count) from the beginning of the manuscript. An optional 500 word synopsis may be included.

Categories are utilized for the first round only:

Regency Historical (longer Regency or Mainstream Regency-set)
Hot Regency (Very sensual to Erotic Regency, at author's discretion)
Wild Regency (Paranormal, Time Travel, other similar Regency)
Sweet & Mild Regency (Traditional, Inspirational, Young Adult or other without explicit sex)

Final Round Judges:

Selina McLemore, Senior Editor at Grand Central Publishing
Jessica Faust, Bookends Literary Agency
Kevan Lyon, Marshall Lyon Literary Agency
Elizabeth Bistrow, Editor at NAL
Deborah Nemeth, Editor at Carina Press
Rebecca Strauss, McIntosh & Otis Literary Agency

Touched by Love. April 1. All electronic. An entry consists of up to the first 30 pages of an unpublished manuscript and an unjudged synopsis (no more than two pages double-spaced) for a maximum of 32 total pages. It doesn't appear that an editor or agent sees your entry in this contest. Judging by published authors or PRO, finalists get critiqued by five published authors.

Inspirational Romance Categories:

Contemporary (under 75, 000 words)
Contemporary (over 75,000 words)

Orange Rose Contest for Unpublished Writers.
Deadline April 9. All electronic. Limited to the first 150 entries. Submit synopsis and manuscript up to 55 pages total. RWA members only.This contest offers three in-depth critiques by published authors. The Top 10 finalists are judged by Editors. The categories are:Contemporary Category Romance, Historical, Inspirational,Mainstream w/Romantic Elements,Paranormal/Time Travel/Fantasy,Romantic Suspense, Single Title Romance (over 70,000 words),Erotic Romance. Finalist judges not listed. (Read the rules carefully for this contest. Orange Rose finalists are chosen by overall score NOT by category.) Cash prizes.

Golden Acorn. Deadline April 15. Electronic only. Limited to 90 entries. Submit the first 20 pages.
Final Round Judges:
Contemporary Series Romance: Sally Williamson, Mills and Boon
Contemporary Single Title: Margo Lipschultz, Harlequin
Dark Paranormal: Patience Smith, Harlequin
Light Paranormal: Latoya Smith, Grand Central Publishing
Mainstream with Romantic Elements/Young Adult: Laura Fazio, NAL Publishing
Historical: Sara Megibow,Nelson Literary Agency, LLC

Published authors may enter any category in which they have not been published in the previous five years.

Colorado Gold Writing Contest. Contest opens April 1 and the deadline is June 1. Submission is the first twenty pages and a synopsis. Categories include: romance, mystery, speculative fiction, action/thriller and mainstream fiction and new for 2011, YA. Each category winners receive a $100 dollar prize. Final judge is an acquiring agent or editor. Check out the website for a contest instruction video!

The Maggies Unpublished Division. Now open for entries. Deadline June 10. All electronic. Limited to 70 entries in each category. The Maggie is a highly prestigious contest and not for beginners. Entrants do not receive scores. Entry to consist of synopsis and prologue (if applicable) and first chapter(s). Total number of pages may not exceed 35 per entry. Judges TBA

Single Title
Contemporary Series Romance

Published Contests

The Maggies Published Division
. Deadline is May 8.

Just For Fun

Deadline is May 31st for the...Wow! Women on Writing Quarterly Flash Fiction Contest. Word Count:Maximum: 750, Minimum: 250 OPEN PROMPT! That’s right, this is your chance to shine, and get creative. You can write about anything, as long as it’s within the word count and fiction. Entry cap at 300.

Any style and genre. From horror to romance! So, get creative, and most of all, have fun. Entries limited to a maximum of 300 stories. Please enter early to ensure inclusion. The winner not only gets cash and goodies but an agent read! The guest agent judge is Sara Lapolla of Curtis Brown.

Family Circle Fiction Contest. Contest begins March 1, 2011, and ends September 9, 2011. Submit an original (written by entrant), fiction short story of no more than 2,500 words, typed, double-spaced, and page numbered on 8-1/2-x-11 paper. Entries must be unpublished and may not have won any prize or award. (Nice prizes, btw!)

100 Words or Fewer Writing Contest
. Deadline April 18. Cash prizes. Final judge, author Erica Bauermeister.

That's it! Now go out there and contest!


  1. Ooooh I may be the first to comment. Thanks for keeping us in the know on the contests.

    I may have to give one a try.

  2. Coffee pot's set up.

    Think I'll wait for some feedback on the entries I have out before I send any more. But I can always change my mind.


  3. Not entering contests this year. Next year...maybe. Though the flash fiction one intrigues me on good days.

    I'm definitely up for the give aways. Time to Write sounds wonderful, but I'd have to find time to read it :[ And I want to be entered twice for Mary's book. I have Wrangler and Sharpshooter. If I win this one I'll have all of Sophie's Daughters. (Of course I still won't be able to read them because I don't have any of the Montana Marriages books, and I've been warned they should not be read out of order.)

    My husband just wandered, eyes closed, toward the be.. That's my cue to sign off.

    I'll be buried under tax papers for the next three days, so say a prayer for me if you think of it.

    andeemarie95 at gmail dot com

  4. Any body got advice on whether to enter a synopsis for a contest where it is optional?

    I could write one really quick, but I don't have enough time to make it stellar.

    A) no synopsis
    B) synopsis that could use work

    Which would be best?

    or course C) Great synopsis would be the best answer, but I can't choose that one. :)

  5. MJ, you are going to get six opinions here..but I say that if you can't write a stellar one, don't bother.

    I never did myself.

  6. Miz Pinson!!! Good to see you.

    What's new in your part of the state?

  7. Thanks, Tina. That was how I was leaning.

  8. Woke up this morning with a complete story in my head! Rushed to the computer to get down the basics, now all I have to do is make TIME TO WRITE!

    Would love a copy of the book to help me work that out.

  9. Jan what did you eat before you went to bed. I want some.

  10. I like the changing your mind option, Helen.

  11. Wow, Andrea you must be in the running for PREZ of the Mary Connealy fan club. You know last year's president got a cow sent to her as a token of Mary's appreciation. Settle for nothing less.

  12. I'd like some advice from the pro's here too.
    I have researched and came to the determination that my manuscript is an inspirational historical with strong romantic elements.
    I'm afraid that these are not the correct contests for them but since I've only entered one so far... I don't know if I should keep entering it when there is not that category specifically. Any thoughts from the Seekers?

  13. I actually have a finished manuscript finally!!! Of course, I have to edit and polish, but still...yay! ;)

    However, I think I'm going to hold off from contests for now... Thank you for these informative posts, though, and I would absolutely LOVE to win Doctor in Petticoats!!! I read the second and third in the series, but not that one...

    Hey, Mary, if I leave a bunch of comments will I have more chances to win your book?? ;) Just kidding!



    P.S. There's a really fun activity/giveaway going on today on my blog for my blogoversary week! Author S. Dionne Moore and I would love to have ya'll visit:

  14. That's a great list of contests. Thanks for providing the info. I stretched myself and finally entered a contest last month, and now that I've made a start, I think I should try another.

    As my current blog post suggests, I adore writing books, so TIME TO WRITE would be a welcome addition to my library. But so would Mary's DOCTOR IN PETTICOATS. Let's see... if I win one, I could buy the other. If I don't win either, can I afford to buy both? Oh, the dilemma! :)

  15. Thanks for the chance..enter me !
    Mary Connealy,I love her books!

    niastrong21 at gmail dot com

  16. Good luck on all the contests, everybody!

  17. This is great info, Tina! So if a contest says up to 50 pages, end on a hook, how much do you send? Do they want a feel for the whole story? . . .

  18. Thanks for the list of contests. I've been holding off on contests while I try to complete my NANOWRIMO project so I can begin major editing. I've looked for Time to Write the last two times I've been at B&N, but haven't found it. It sounds like a great book. Doctor in Petticoats.....I just love that title! :)

  19. I'm never sure which contests to enter and which to bypass. What are some criteria I can use to decide whether the contest is what I need or not? Do I look at the award? The judges? The categories?

    On the other hand, I just entered The Frasier and I'm not sure my nervous system could take another contest.

    Both books in the giveaway look great. I'd love either one, though I'm leaning more toward Time to Write.

  20. Thanks for the reminder of the contests:) Think I'll enter another one!
    Please enter me for a chance to win "Time to Write" ...really need help with that! But I would totally love to be entered for "Doctor in Petticoats" too:)

    lornafaith at gmail dot com

  21. LOL! I agree with Tina---I want some of what Jan Christiansen ate before she went to bed! Talk about inspiration!

    Although, I have been waking up the past few mornings thinking I've just had the *best dream ever* and I've realized it's because I've finally bought a new pillow and I'm resting so much better. Those dreams are helpful for kick-starting my writing, though.

    Would love to win a copy of "Time to Write"! And thanks for although the contest info.


  22. Good luck to all who enter the contests!

    A story in 100 words, that would be a challenge.

  23. I am not a writer but I would enjoy reading Mary's book. Love her work. All the contests sound great.


  24. Thanks for the update, Tina! It's interesting to me to see contests where pubbed authors can enter in a different category from the one she's pubbed in. Might be time to try something fun and new! :)

  25. Andrea, I know how it feels to be buried under those taxes! We got our stuff out to the accountant a few weeks ago. Got it all back yesterday. Now I get the joy of doing the FAFSA and all those laborious financial aid forms. GROAN

  26. MJ, I have a couple of friends who always prefer getting a synopsis when they judge. But I've always refrained from sending unless it was required. If you don't have time to really work on it, then it's probably best not to send (unless, of course, you have a real knack for whipping out an amazing one!). :)

    So I'm with Tina.

  27. Go for it, people! Enter those contests! :-)

    Now I must go conquer the 18 pages of edit notes my editor sent me. She is thorough. And good. And has great ideas, and you readers will benefit. That's all I'm going to say because I have got to get back to WORK!!!

    Edit time. I love it.

  28. Nancy, sounds like you've created a new subgenre. The Genesis has the most categories and probably their Woman's Fiction category would be the best fit.

  29. Tina - super research. Thanks so much for all your efforts on our behalf... behalves? Oh my!

    (It's the snow. Yes. We are having SNOW in middle Tennessee this morning! ACK!! May is ready to play of course. ;D )

  30. I MAY enter the Colorado Gold one. I'm determined to actually be closer to FINISHING my MS before I enter any more contests. I'm guessing I'm half written - though nowhere NEAR in order or in good shape! (LOL other than those first dozen pages that HAVE been entered in several contests)

    I would LOVE "Time to Write" - the book AND the concept LOL. Please enter me.

  31. Jan, wow, good for you. So smart to go get it DOWN before it fades.

    Yes, now you just have to write it.
    Like that's not the hard part.

    (echoing laughter from Mary!)

    While walking down the streets of a deserted living history museum, had a book flash through my head.

    And once when my mom told me about a weird phone call she got.

  32. Tina, the cow give away was a limited time offer. They are crazy expensive to mail.

    Good for you, though Andrea. And you do NOT have to read them in order.

    Not that it would be BAD, but I've been told they stand alone well.

    Now go follow your husband.

  33. Good luck to all of you in the drawing. Seriously ladies, I love it if you buy my books, but if you really can't afford it, go to the library...and make THEM buy my books.
    Most libraries have an interlibrary loan program too, so if they dont' have my book (excuse me, short break while I scowl) and you can't make they buy my books (I recommend a temper tantrum. Hold your break. Lay on the floor and scream. Call the newspaper first and spell my name right) then see if they are available through the interlibrary loan program.
    Do this for all the books you want, except of course Tina's. You HAVE to buy it.

    I dont' make the rules.

  34. Christine Sweetheart, FORGET THE CONTEST YOU JUST ENTERED!!!!!!

    FORGET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get back to work on your WIP. That contest entry is GONE. You have done all you can do. Move On. In fact, if the entry you sent is a finished book, I'd advise you to forget it, dont' work on it. Because you will get critiques back from the contest. Use them to work on revisions.

    Assume you will lose the contest. That may sound cruel but it's NOT, it's just a mental exercise that is, I think, healthy. You don't enter contests at first to win. You enter them to get a critique. If you are winning contests, however, and you'll see the change as you begin to final with some regularity......
    then you start entering them with the final round judges in mind. If you're written a 60,000 sweet romance, you look for contests judged by Love Inspired. If you've written a 100,000 women's fiction, then you look for finalist judges who publish that. Because getting your work in front of those judges is the goal.

  35. That Story in 100 words reminded me of something I heard once.
    A story in nine words.
    For sale. One pair of baby shoes. Never worn.

  36. I'm thinking about entering the Fool For Love contest--I know, I better think fast! But my book is women's fiction and doesn't have a strong romance thread. Does anyone know if that contest is for romance only?

  37. Thanks, Tina -- been waiting on some of this info, so YAY!!

    CONTESTS ROCK ... uh, even when you don't final, that is if you DO get feedback, so go get 'em, ladies and gents!!


  38. I'm also thinking about the Fool for Love contest - but do I have time to polish the second chapter of my WIP by tomorrow?

    I know, the question is really - will I MAKE time to polish it? You betcha!

    If I can fit it in between packing boxes! (Living room done, working on the basement storage. Moving van comes in 11 days - now that's a deadline!)

    And Mary, are you sure the cow contest is over? We'll be passing through Nebraska on our way to South Dakota in a couple weeks - maybe we could fit her on the moving van?

    Please enter me in the I have to choose which book? I guess "Time to Write" would be the smart choice...I'll head to the store for Mary's book.


  39. MARY! Don't make me cry with that story! Though I supposed it could be interpretted more than one way...

    MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! I expect details when I get home! Plus a menu. I need it!

    Nobody left breakfast? I've got some brunch stuff set up over near Helen's coffee. Help yourselves!

    I did enter two in Frasier yesterday. EEP! Plus Genesis. Trying to forget them and move on but...

    As for writing when the inspiration strikes... That humorous thing that struck me yesterday [thanks to Missy and Casey]... I had about 8 minutes before class started this morning. I pounded out about 225 words. There's no dialogue tags. No beats. No senses [but hearing]. One character has no name. Ms. No Name has red hair. Well, strawberry blonde really.

    But it was fun ;).

    And since I'm all caught up on my grading and have over an hour before I have to go to my next class and there's no one here to talk to, I may see what else I can do with it.

    I've got a couple of these contests open in other windows to look at. I'd love the TIME TO WRITE book.

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

    *Jan isn't really my mom. But she may as well be ;).

  40. Jan, you're seriously passing through Nebraska on your way to South Dakota?

    That is a lie.

    I'm afraid you've been found out.

    No one would EVER go to South Dakota. Especially when they could be in somewhere COOL like Nebraska!!!

  41. I think I'm going to go check out the Fool and Maggie contests...thanks for sharing them!

    I would love to be entered for the Write book. :)

    Thanks Tina!

  42. Mary - I do assume I will loose. I'm just a Type A personality who seeks perfection. It's highly aggravating on a daily basis, but is blood-pressure raising when it comes to writing. LOL!

    I am taking your advice and leaving my finished book alone until I get some feedback. I have been editing it for two months now. I'll work on the sequel instead.

    That's what I was thinking about the contests, target the ones that fit my book.

    Thanks for the advice!

  43. This is my third time over here and my first attempt at posting without catastrophe.

    Posting this FIRST before something happens. Crying baby. Broken pipe. Twitterpated Rooster running in the door after a less-than-twitterpated hen...

  44. Mary, I do not lie. Just ask Carol M. She's privy to my facebook life. They like me there...

    And yes, as much as I love Nebraska (although I've never lived there), my dear husband is in South Dakota. The Black Hills. Rolling prairie. Cowboys. Almost as good as Nebraska. Need I say more? :) (and Rose will back me up, right?)

  45. Wow, Tina, you outdid yourself with the Contest Update! Lots of opportunities!

    Just noticed Julie's new cover is on our Web site! Love it!!!

    I've got to remember tomorrow is April 1. I always end up fooled.

    I'm mailing my book today. In celebration, I brought cake!

    Off to wash my hair. LOL


  46. OH, Mary, that story was so sad. Hook, middle and ending.

    Wow. Well done.

  47. The rooster visual is very good, Rufus.

  48. Mary you didn't finish the mom and the weird phone call story.

  49. Assumption of loss = sanity.

    And Mary's cow was an old Holstein working on two teats. Not even close to FIRST PRIZE material.

    And the four-year-olds and I just re-enacted The Last Supper with strawberry Jell-O water for wine, dry bread, bitter herbs and thin-sliced corned beef for lamb.

    But they were adorable little students, so God will understand the corned beef and I'm pretty sure he's Irish so he's actually probably quite approving.

    Tina P., life's handed you a bunch of stuff lately. Stay strong, stay the course, take it day by day. And watch Phineas and Ferb, the musical episode is one of my BIG FAVORITES. If that doesn't make you fall down laughing.... Oh my stars, then we need a Seeker intervention.

    Mary's in charge of those.

    TEEEEEENA! Thank you for the contest update, chica! Oh my heavens, yes, if you're ready, and if you need a little advice or critique, and if you're ready to go to the next level:

    Enter something. Somewhere.

    MJ... I'm with Tina. First, I always scouted out contests with NO SYNOPSIS because even when they said it was unjudged, it was questioned... and sometimes affected the score. Better to go without.

    I love it when people say they're finishing the book first. I'm uber-proud o' youse! I'm a big believer that the book should be DONE unless you know you can finish the whole thing, spit polished pretty, in case... And it's happened to a bunch of us, so be forewarned!

    Lack of food, MY BAD.... Well, that and staying too long working on a new book and then babies needed me. And babies are SO cute.

    So: lunch: hot chicken and biscuits because it's rainy/wet/chilly up here. Broccoli casserole with cheese. Warm apple bread pudding with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream....

    And fresh coffee because I NEED SOME.... And tea, hot tea and cold sweet tea. And Soda Center is open, a limitless supply of Coke and Pepsi varieties, including one of my new faves "Pepsi Max" because caffeine and I are sympatico.

    I'm doing Folger's Gourmet in the Keurig with a shot of caramel syrup and Italian Sweet cream creamer.

    No dozing today.

  50. Good for you, Christine.*

    And as always, when taking advice from me, keep in mind that I often don't know what I'm talking about.

  51. Well, for heaven's sake, Tina. I'm not going to tell it to you.

    If I did, Missy would steal it.

    We have to watch Missy like a HAWK!

  52. Although admittedly, I'm not working the cell phone subplot into my historical westerns as of yet.

    Still........mine. My idea. Stay back, Tippens.

  53. the first time I went to south Dakota I was with my family on the way to the Black Hills.

    Think 8 kids--mostly little brothers.
    Crowded station wagon.
    No air conditioning

    Crazy hot, hopelessly eternal ride and surrounded by a bad crowd...anyone's definition of Hades.....

    and we came to the first spot where we could see the Bad Lands.

    and we all gasped.
    The Badlands are reminiscent of the Grand Canyon. Just huge, ragged canyons and cliffs and arid, impossible land that stretches on forever.

    So we drove, staring at these beautiful badlands.
    and drove...
    And drove...
    And drove....

    At first you're thinking, "This is spectacular. Stunning. Awe inspiring.
    You're thinking this for about one hundred miles.
    At some point you quite being in awe and just start thinking, "Wow, this poor state. No wonder nobody lives here."

    So, go see the badlands sometime. It's amazing. But just pull up to the first scenic overlook, stare a while, then go back the way you came. There is NO ESCAPE if you go forward.

  54. Oh Mary, the Badlands!

    My dear husband and I spent a couple hours there in September when we went up for his job interview. Vowed that if he got the job we'd take the boys back for a camping/hiking trip. And of course with really strong zippers on the tents. There are snakes there, you know.

    And I think it's only a chosen few who actually get to live in South Dakota....

  55. Tina, thanks for the contest info! I need to enter the Maggies, my own chapter's contest!

    Kelly Stone is a GRW gal and her book is great.

  56. YAY, Janet! Another manuscript on the way to NY!!!


  57. Hi! I would love to be considered for the giveaway! I've haven't read any of the "Petticoats" stories and would love to! Thanks!
    travelingstacey at bellsouth dot net

  58. Good luck to anyone that enters these contests!

    Amber, way to go! Have fun editing!

    Eva Maria Hamilton at gmail dot com

  59. And speaking of South Dakota....did you know that North Dakota's state motto is

    Catch the Spirit

    I have my own nickname for it.

    Instead of Catch the Spirit, I call it 'The Exorcism State'

    Those are kind of the same right?

  60. Congratulations, Mary. You deserve it.

  61. Enter me in the contest to win Time to Write.

    Right now I'm polishing up my pages to send to another contest. It's very tempting to become a contest junkie.

    Thanks for listing these!

  62. I promised myself I wouldn't enter anymore contests until I have completed a manuscript.



    bcountryqueen6 at msn dot com

  63. Someday I'll enter, but for now best wishes to those who do!

  64. Thanks for the rest of you that chimed in with Synopsis or no.

    I read once on I think Nathan Bransford's blog that he couldn't even give an example of a good synopsis b/c they were awful hard to write--basically he had no advice. And I'm thinking, if a (former) literary agent can't tell you how to write one, then they are awful hard to do well.

    And even unjudged, it does get judged.

    So I entered the contest last night, sans synopsis. Yeah for me. Just one of those crazy moments of questioning my decisions as if the world would spin cattywompus if I chose poorly.

  65. Sally, I don't know about that contest for sure. But I'd recommend looking for contests with a women's fiction category or fiction with romantic elements. Or even a mainstream or single title category.

    Another thing to consider is going for contests that don't have a score sheet. It's tough when the score sheet has the judge score you on the romance thread.

    The Maggie is good because there's no score sheet. And you get a critique.

  66. Nancy, I'd say the same for you. Enter contests without a score sheet that has specific questions regarding the romance.

  67. Renee Ann, you just send the first 50 pages. Or if you have a nice chapter or scene hook that ends a bit earlier, that's an even better place to cut it off (even if it's only like 47 pages).

    The only way to give the judge a feel for the whole story is to send a synopsis. But don't do that unless it's requested.

    Hope this helps!

  68. Hmmmm - what did I have to eat that night? I don't remember, but this is the first time I've ever woke up with a book idea. Actually, I didn't dream it, because I was awake, but didn't want to get out of bed because the idea hit me as soon as I woke up, so I just lay there mulling it over and it kept growing and growing until I knew if I didn't rush to the computer and write it down, I would forget it. Since I've had more time to think about it, I love it! And can totally see how it could be a series of novels. God is good!

  69. Thanks, Missy! My 50 pages end in the middle of a scene so that answers my question.

  70. I would love to win a copy of "Doctor in Petticoats." Our library doesn't have it yet, though I suspect they will eventually. I'll let you know if I have to resort to a tantrum, though.

  71. Afternoon snacks???

    I want those cool cake pops that Starbucks sells. Yummy!!

  72. Did you know that libraries have patron request forms? Just go in and ask if it is online or paper. You can request they order books for the collection!!

  73. JANET, YAY!!!! Been praying for you to get that book done, sweetie, so put your feet up and eat some chocolate.


  74. Mary,

    Stop talking SMACK about the state all the cool people live in....South Dakota!!!!

    : )


    I can't get the 100 word story link to it just me?


  75. Tina,

    Things are well on this side of them hills. Denver is still east of us. I hear ya'll had lovely weather. We're starting to warm up here in the high desert. And life moves on. Of course hubby is in Mesa Arizona working. I may get to go myself Not so sure I'm thrilled.

    My last trip through South Dakota was unplanned. I was driving through a storm pulling a trailer and when I got to my turn off, the road was closed so I had to backtrack at night in pouring rain, lightning, thunder and wind through tight winding roads. It was sooo great.


    Thanks for thinking of me and for all the prayers.


    Tina P.

  76. Okay, Connealy! Look who's talking. You stole my NAME!! And made me a little whiner girl no less!

    Come on. How could I use any of your story ideas? I don't KILL people or run them off cliffs.


  77. Tina, I saw where you said libraries have patron request forms. Is it in bad form to request our own books?? :)

  78. Thank you Tina and Missy, that is great advice and I'll know where better to focus my attention. I learn so much here following this blog =)

    Story in nine words.

    My bed is empty because his friend's gun wasn't.

  79. I love Mary's books---would be good to read one while sitting at hospital as hubby gets chemo treatments.

  80. Thank you for the information Tina.

  81. Contest. I was supposed to hear about one today (if I finaled, that is), but I haven't heard anything. I was planning on entering Fool for Love, but someone reviewed part of WIP and made good suggestions last week. So, I'm no longer ready.

    Please don't enter me. I have all three of the Sophie's daughter series. I also have "Time to Write."

  82. True, Missy. Although feel free to shoot your characters. It's surprisingly effective.

    Also, Julie named some loathesome BOSS Connealy in her soon to be release A Heart Revealed.

    So, hmmmmm

  83. I hope I'm not too late posting today! I'd like to be entered to win. :D



  84. Thanks for this great contest information, Tina. Before visiting Seekerville, I had NO idea there were so many contests available to unpubbed. writers!
    Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo :)

  85. You can request your own books. Just wear sunglasses when you do it in person.

  86. ROFL, Tina!!

    Mary, maybe I'll brave trying that someday. :)

  87. I'm not ready to submit to a contest yet but thanks for the updates.

    Would love to be entered into your giveaway. Thank you for the chance.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.