Friday, March 4, 2011

March Contest Update

March is possibly one of the most emotionally challenging months
of the year for contest divas and divos.

We're scrambling to meet the Genesis and Carol Award deadlines
(March 4, and March 18), then must wait patiently for
the Golden Heart and RITA Award calls to go out (March 25).

Who will take home the romance crown?

The best advice there is during this time is to keep writing and keep entering contests and keep your eye off the calendar. Today we present the March Contest Update and yes, the prize vault is open.

You must leave a comment for a chance to win the prize of your choice:

  • A Love Inspired Book Package -or
  • A Query Letter Critique -or
  • A Five Page Critique.
Three prizes, three winners. No strings attached. Winners announced in the Weekend Edition.

If you are waiting until today, March 4 to send in your Genesis entry,
(deadline 8 am PST) I salute you. You totally rock!

Your name will go into a separate drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card! So let us know in the comments. You can also enter if you sent your Genesis entry any time after 9 pm PST March 3. You still totally rock!

Unpublished Contests

ACFW Genesis. Deadline March 4. All electronic. NEW THIS YEAR: If an entry does not have a one-page single-space synopsis, the entry will be disqualified. The entrant may enter a maximum of 15 manuscript pages (not including the one-page synopsis) even if this is more than the first chapter. Prologues are acceptable.

All contest entries and contest fees must be received by 8:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on March 4, 2011. If any entry and/or fees are received after 8:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on March 4, 2011, entrant will be notified of disqualification and fees will be returned.
  • Contemporary Fiction: Beth Adams (editor, Guideposts books), Rachelle Gardener (agent, WordServe Literary), Ami McConnell (editor, Thomas Nelson)
  • Contemporary Romance: Melissa Endlich (editor, Love Inspired), Raela Schoenherr (editor, Bethany House), JoAnne Simmons (editor, Barbour Publishing)
  • Historical Fiction: Janet Grant (agent, Books and Such Literary), Sarah Long (editor, Bethany House), Jan Stob (editor, Tyndale)
  • Historical Romance: Tamela Hancock Murray (agent, Hartline Literary), Charlene Patterson (editor, Bethany House), Emily Rodmell (editor, Love Inspired Historical)
  • Mystery/Suspense/Thriller: Stephanie Broene (editor, Tyndale), Susan Downs (editor, Summerside Press), David Long (editor, Bethany House)
  • Romantic Suspense: Susan Brower (editor, Zondervan), Tina James (editor, Love Inspired Suspense), Karen Schurrer (editor, Bethany House)
  • Speculative Fiction: Jeff Gerke (publisher, Marcher Lord Press), Julie Gwinn (marketing manager, B&H Publishing), Annie Tipton (editor, Barbour Publishing)
  • Women's Fiction: Sandra Bishop (agent, MacGregor Literary), Natasha Kern (agent, Natasha Kern Literary), Becky Monds (editor, Thomas Nelson)
  • Young Adult: Jacque Alberta (editor, Zondervan), Terry Burns (agent, Hartline Literary), Rachel Kent (agent, Books and Such Literary)

Daphne du Maurier Award, Unpublished. Deadline Midnight March 15. All electronic. Note that categories are capped at 50 entries except Mainstream and Single Title which are capped at 100. Submit one (1) Electronic Entry of no more than the FIRST 5,000 words of your manuscript & one (1) Electronic Synopsis in the same document with no more than 675 words. (It is strongly recommended your entry end on a hook.)

Editor: Allison Lyons - Harlequin Intrigue
Agent: Jennifer Schober - Spencerhill Associates

Editor: Tessa Woodward - Avon
Agent: Alexandra Machinist - Linda Chester

Editor: Karen Schurrer - Bethany House
Agent: Wendy Lawton - Books and Such

Editor: Alicia Condon - Kensington
Agent: Christine Whitthohn - Bookcents

Editor: Lauren Plude - Grand Central
Agent: Stephanie Kip Rostan - Levine Greenberg Associates

Editor: Michelle Vega - Berkley
Agent: Janet Reid - Fine Print

Duel on the Delta. Deadline: March 15, 2011 at Midnight CST. The first twenty (20) pages. Additional pages will not be judged. You may include an optional one-page, single-spaced synopsis. The synopsis will not be judged, but may be used as a reference to answer questions that arise during judging.

Contemporary - Deborah Nemeth, Carina Press

Historical - Liz Bass, Carina Press

Inspirational - Sarah Long, Bethany House

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy - Lindsey Faber, Samhain Publishing

Romantic Suspense - Keyren Gerlach, Harlequin

Young Adult - Maryglenn McCombs, Oceanview Publishing

Spring Into Romance. Postmark Deadline March 18. Possibly one of the last snail mail contests. First 25 pages.

Contemporary Series/Category Romance: Krista Stroever --Harlequin

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Emily Ohanjanians – MIRA Books

Suspense/Adventure Romance: Abby Zidle – Pocket Books

Novel w/Strong Romantic Elements/Mainstream: Amanda Bergeron -HarperCollins

Historical Romance: Kevan Lyon – Marshal Lyon Literary Agency

Paranormal Romance: Deb Werksman - Sourcebooks

Young Adult Romance: Laura Bradford – Bradford Literary Agency

Touch of Magic. E-Deadline March 20. All electronic. First 25 pages (including Prologue, if applicable), plus up to three-page synopsis (unjudged).

Erotic: Trish Owens, The Wild Rose Press

Historical: Helen Rosburg, Medallion

Paranormal: Meredith Giordan, Berkeley

Young Adult: Megan Records, Kensington

NSRE: Esi Sogah, Harper Collins/Avon

Series/Short Contemporary: Gail Chasan, Silhouette

Single Title/Long Contemporary: Kate Dresser, Simon and Schuster

Romantic Suspense: Katherine Pelz, Berkeley

Fool For Love. Deadline April 1. All Electronic. First chapters (up to 50 pages maximum) and optional synopsis (5 pages maximum). A prologue may be included as long as the entry does not exceed 50 pages.

Short Contemporary - Elizabeth Mazer, Assistant Editor, Harlequin

Long Contemporary - Meredith Giordan, Assistant Editor, Berkley Publishing Group

Historical - Lucy Gilmour, Harlequin Editor

Paranormal/Futuristic/Fantasy/Time Travel - Amanda Barnett, Senior Editor, The Wild Rose Press

Inspirational - David Long, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Bethany House

Romantic Suspense - Keyren Gerlach, Associate Editor, Harlequin

Published Author - Stacy Boyd, Senior Editor, Harlequin Open to entrants who are previously published or contracted in any book-length fiction. Romantic novels of any sub-genre (entry cannot have been contracted prior to April 1, 2011 contest deadline).

Royal Ascot. Deadline April 1. Electronic contest. All entries must have at least partial Regency (Late Georgian) setting, broadly defined: within the United Kingdom between 1780 and 1840. Entry length limited to 7,000 words (determined by computer word count) from the beginning of the manuscript. An optional 500 word synopsis may be included.

Categories are utilized for the first round only:

Regency Historical (longer Regency or Mainstream Regency-set)
Hot Regency (Very sensual to Erotic Regency, at author's discretion)
Wild Regency (Paranormal, Time Travel, other similar Regency)
Sweet & Mild Regency (Traditional, Inspirational, Young Adult or other without explicit sex)

Final Round Judges:

Selina McLemore, Senior Editor at Grand Central Publishing
Jessica Faust, Bookends Literary Agency
Kevan Lyon, Marshall Lyon Literary Agency
Elizabeth Bistrow, Editor at NAL
Deborah Nemeth, Editor at Carina Press
Rebecca Strauss, McIntosh & Otis Literary Agency

Touched by Love. April 1. All electronic. An entry consists of up to the first 30 pages of an unpublished manuscript and an unjudged synopsis (no more than two pages double-spaced) for a maximum of 32 total pages. It doesn't appear that an editor or agent sees your entry in this contest. Judging by published authors or PRO, finalists get critiqued by five published authors (uh, oh!!).

Inspirational Romance Categories:

Contemporary (under 75, 000 words)
Contemporary (over 75,000 words)

Published Contests

Daphne du Maurier Award,
Published. Deadline March 15.

The Carol Awards. Deadline March 18.

Just For Fun

Family Circle Fiction Contest
. Contest begins March 1, 2011, and ends September 9, 2011. Submit an original (written by entrant), fiction short story of no more than 2,500 words, typed, double-spaced, and page numbered on 8-1/2-x-11 paper. Entries must be unpublished and may not have won any prize or award. (Nice prizes, btw!)


  1. I totally entered last minute for Genesis ... like 8pm last minute.
    Nerves of steel right? Right up until I get the confirmation and then I'll start to shake like a wind blown leaf ;)

  2. I entered Genesis over the weekend, but there are more contests out there.

  3. I wanted to enter the Genesis contest but due to technical difficulties this year didn't make it. I will next year!

  4. Super big pot of coffee all set.

    No nerves of steel here. I sent my Genesis entry on the 21st.

    Entered another contest since then.


    helengray AT boycomonline DOT com

  5. Tina,

    You put so much work into these posts. Thank you!!!

    Congrats to all entrants! Let us know!!! Goooooo Seekers and Friends!

  6. I entered Genesis about 5 minutes ago.


    That was my second entry. My first went in Tuesday evening.

    More oy.

    Am so very grateful I won the mentoring session with Camy. Because of that, they were in the right categories.

    It's why I wasn't around at all today. Trying to get it tweaked.

    Headed to Denver in 8 days or so. Hope to get the second one finished [rough draft] before then, but if not, then while there. Since I'll be stuck at the hotel with no car, I think I'll have a good shot at it ;).

    I think I'm ready for bed...

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  7. Hopefully all these contests mean new books for me to read in the future! ;-) Best wishes to all who are entering!


  8. I entered my second Genesis entry about 15 minutes ago, at about 1 am ET on March 4! I decided at the last minute to submit the second entry! :)

  9. I am soooo impressed with Seekerville!

    So many who have earned their crowns!

    Decided and entered 15 minutes ago.
    Suzanne K, you TOTALLY ROCK!

    Steena! My favorite Chocolate Diva! Way to GO!!!!

    Carol! Defy those odds! Rock on!

  10. Wishing those who chose to enter the Genesis this year the very best.

  11. I entered Genesis in the wee hours on March 4. I'm amazed to see so many writing competitions available! Thanks for the information.

    prusik at fidmail dot com

  12. I entered several contests I read about here and received comments and scores from one last month. I loved the feedback and found it really helpful. I sent in a Genesis entry on March 2; got the confirmation email yesterday :) Some of these contests look like fun, also. Thanks for the heads up, Tina!

    reneeasmith61 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  13. STEENA!!!!

    Go big or stay home, honey!

    And Walt, my friend... YES, YOU ROCK THE BIG KAHUNA!!!

    Kathy, we've all been there, chica. And contests are like wedding bands, honey... circular, looping endlessly. Many more chances coming.

    Helen, oh, happy days, girlfriend!!! I love your cheeky, gutsy attitude. Just love it. And you probably don't even see it.

    KC, you only think TEEEEEENA puts the work in. She actually has a crew of tiny cyber robots that key everything in for her via bionic brain waves. Fiendishly clever and yet she LOOKS so normal. Have you seen "V", darling????

    Carol, wonderful on you! I always entered more than one. Hedging my bets, skating the odds, tipping scales. Call it what you want, if you've got several in, something might catch someone's eye.

    Unless they all stink to high heaven. Been there, done that, too. Have I ever mentioned the time Keli Gwyn beat me in the GOLDEN HEART???????

    Brat. (said with utmost affection, Kelinator)

    And I had four entries in. FOUR. None of mine got a ONE like Mary's though, and luckily she's forgotten all about that ONE.


    Suzanne, YES!!!!! Another one with more than one entry!!!!

    With God as my witness we shall never go hungry again!!!!

    Oops, sorry. Carried away. And I don't even like Scarlett. Or GWTW.

    Obviously I'm from the dark side.


    I brought celebratory lemon/strawberry cake with whipped cream frosting, and the coffee bar is set up and fully functional. Please note the steamed and frothed milk features we've added as a result of your comments! We aim to please in Seekerville!

  14. I am not a writer so not entering contests but I am getting to help judge in one here in Australia for the local publishers. Well its some contest for local writers in various categories and some of the christian bookshops get to read and rate, and review/comment etc the books and then all the info will be tallied. So far I have 3 books to read and rate etc. one is historical, ones fantasy and ones contemporary. We will be receiving more later in the year (I drew a line at reading poetry books)
    Its so exciting to actually be able to help promote some aussie books as well as the american ones. (now im slinking of to bed with my new kindle and sharpshooters in petticoats)

  15. Ruthy,

    Tina and May get along nicely, thank you, operating in THAT sort of world as they do. BBWWAAAHHH hahahahahha ;D

    Yay contestants! GO GO GO!!!

    Have a great Friday, everyone...

  16. Good luck to all those who entered Genesis! I have so much to learn before I consider entering, but one day I will. Happy Friday!

  17. I won't be entering Genesis. I found out about it too late to finish reworking my entry. Instead, I am entering the Frasier at My Book Therapy.

    I am also working on about 3 more entries for short story contests this month. Between those tasks, writing articles, sending queries, and teaching full-time I've decided sleep is entirely over-rated!

    Cheers for all those who entered Genesis!

  18. My entry for the Genesis is in! *deep sigh* This is a first for me, so I'm excited about entering my work into some contests. I didn't realize so many where out there! lol

    A 5 page critique of my writing sounds awesome! Thanks for the chance.

    ~ Katy

  19. Best of luck to all who entered the contests!

    Thanks, for the update, Tina.

    RRossZediker at yahoo dot com

  20. Diana! Another person on Team 11th Hour! Way to go!

  21. No nerves of steel here--more like overdone spaghetti. I sent in my Genesis entry around the middle of February. I do appreciate the information on these other contests.

    And, Tina, I'm really enjoying The Rancher's Reunion!

  22. Major congratulations to all the brave souls for entering contests! Proud of you for getting in the game!

    Excellent work on the list of March contests, Tina!

    I brought sliced peaches, low fat-yogurt and toast this morning. Dig in.


  23. OMIGOSH ... nail-biting time begins!!!

    Sooooo excited for all you guys who entered the Genesis -- you totally ROCK!!! Because Tina is right -- no guts, no glory ... AND no judge's comments to help you get better and better!!! Took me TONS of contests before I finally finaled, but those prior judge's comments (well, a lot of them, anyway!) paid off like a slot machine with finals in the next seven contests I entered, so CONTESTS DO MATTER!!!

    I am ECSTATIC to have entered the Carol Awards but very sad that I missed the deadline for the Ritas (don't ask!!), but I am cheering all the other Seekers on that prestigious contest!! GO, SEEKERS!!!



  24. So much going on! I still have until the end of the month for the Frasier to get my entry in, so I'm taking that opp. to polish with this class I'm taking from Margie Lawson.


  25. As a writer who won the Genesis and then got a contract a year later on the same book, I can tell you that good things can happen as a result of entering contests. .Putting your book out for others to comment on can be very scary, so huge congratulations to all of you people who entered the Genesis.

    Finally A Bride, coming April 1st

  26. Thanks, Teenster!! That's interesting to see a pubbed category in the Fool for Love! We could try out something new.

  27. Yay for all of you who've entered contests this month!!

    Now...will come back later and read more. Must go do taxes. Yuck!

  28. Thanks, Tina, for all the contest information!

    Not doing the Genesis this year. The ms I have ready doesn't fit into the inspirational genre. But the Fool for Love looks interesting and I'm sure I'll be entering many more as we head into contest season.


  29. I sent my entry in last night for Genesis but they didn't receive it! Just sent it in again this morning; no guts no glory! :)

  30. Way to go all you contest divos and divas!!!!

    Congratulations, K.Victoria. You lose 100% of the contests you don't enter!

  31. My Genesis entry went in a couple days ago and I got the confirmation e-mail yesterday. Didn't even know I was worried about it until I felt the relief of the confirmation!

    On to the next contest!

    And please enter me for the 5 page critique -


  32. Someone around here said they'd like to see a Query critique so don't forget to mention it if you were that person.

    And...I have 4 brand new Love Inspired romances for one lucky reader, so holler if you are interested!

  33. I'm interested in all of the prizes. :-)

  34. Forgot to mention that I would LOVE the 5 page critique. I would be ecstatic with any of the prizes, but really need the critiques.

  35. Sent my Genesis entry in about 1:30 this morning!!! Now the waiting begins....!

  36. I don't think I said anything about the prizes ;) But I'll take anything ... lol.

    Can I just say ... I love Camy! She has done another AMAZING job this year with the Genesis contest!

  37. Beth, rocks!

    I concur Steena. The Genesis is a huge undertaking. And it runs smooth as (insert non cliche here)...

    Thank you, Camy!

  38. I'm proud of all of you.
    It's a hard old world out there for authors and it takes a lot of courage to cast your book out into the windstorm.

    But you will never get published if you don't put that book out for the world to see, face criticism.

    God bless you all.

  39. Thanks for the list of contests! I did enter the Genesis. Unfortunately for me, I didn't procrastinate this time so I don't qualify for the $10 gift card for last minute entering. :D

    Does anybody know, on the Duel on the Delta - how does the contemporary and inspirational differ? Is the inspirational christian fiction only and the contemporary open to christian and secular?

    Please count me in the drawing!
    lr dot mullin at live dot com


  40. Great list of contests! I'm trying to open up to entering more and since I write romance many of these sound promising. Thanks for the list, I'm bookmarking this page :)

  41. Most of the contests listed here..okay..all but the Genesis and the Touched by Love are sponsored by RWA for the secular market. So if you see an inspirational category that is for books written for the CBA market.

    However don't exclude categories that are for historical and or contemp or single title even if they are not specifically noted as inspy markets.

    As always you should be considering your goal in entering.

    Is it for feedback (ask to see the contest scoresheet!), or publicity or the final judge editor or the cash prize. That's how you determine which contest to enter.

    Go to the contest web site and read every thing about the contest and how they judge and peruse the score sheet. Otherwise you are throwing away money by being uninformed.

  42. Squee! Seeker Sightings today.

    I'd love any of the prizes today btw.

  43. Wow.... Tell you what: you guys write and I'll read. Deal?
    Keep up the good work (please)!

  44. All I can say is that there a lot of people out there with a lot of guts! lol

    Pam Hillman
    aka ACFW Conference Treasurer

  45. Thanks, Tina! I'm so thankful for experts in things I'm so ignorant about! :D Bless you!


  46. Oh, I'm so excited for all of you... and maybe a bit envious. Contests are not a new concept to me, but the process of entering one is. Someday, I hope to enter a contest, too.

    Best of luck to you all!


  47. there no applause for those of us who entered Genesis IN MID-JANUARY?? Yeah- I am NOT a procrastinator.

    Though, I have to admit, I kinda wish I'd waited a bit longer - got some contest feedback on the MS and I might have changed a couple things.

    But hey - at least I'm IN!

    Congrats, and blessings, to all of you who entered - no matter WHEN it might have been ;)

  48. Contest crazy! But I love all the chances to improve yourself and get so much feedback!

  49. You are absolutely right, Joanne!

    Cheering you NON Procrastinators. I long to be more like you when I grow up. (Like THAT will ever happen).

  50. Joanne....

    Camy and I THANK YOU!


  51. Hehe, Pam. You're welcome :) Do I get extra points??

    Hmmm - maybe I should talk to Camy about adding a new rule next year - an extra point in scoring for each day before the deadline you submit!

    Who's with me??? ;)

  52. I always love your contest updates, Tina! So many possibilities to dream about . . . er, I mean, work toward!

    Congrats and good luck to all who entered the Genesis and/or other contests. I hope we have lots to celebrate around here in the upcoming weeks!

  53. Joanne, my 12th grade English teacher did that. I can't remember, but it was like...2 points for every day we turned our term paper in before the deadline.

    I remember one guy and I typing ours up ahead of time so we could get those extra points! lol

  54. All year I told myself I was going to enter the Genesis this time... and didn't. But I'm still determined to enter the du Maurier contest. I have my material ready; just have to steel myself and hit that 'send' button. How is it that my finger seems to have a mind of its own?

  55. I think the Genesis and Carol are like the Oscars and I can't wait to see the finalists announced. A big thumbs up to all of you who entered.

  56. Debra, did you enter?

    or are you like me? I always keep which contests I enter mum.

    Carol, all in good time. The water is warm. Just in when you are ready. I don't actually push. Simply encourage. STRONGLY~

  57. Entered 4 days ago for the Genesis contest:) I'm seriously considering entering for another contest as well...feels a little scary...1st time:(

    BTW Tina...received your book 'The Rancher's Renuion" and I'm loving it...thanks:)

    Would love to be entered for a chance to win either a 5 page critique or a Query Letter Critique:)


  58. LORNA!!!!!!!!! Way to go! And thanks for the kind words.

  59. Maybe someday I will have the guts to enter a contest.

  60. I've got some advice for everyone who entered the Genesis or any other contests.

    No nailbiting.
    No hope.
    Go back to writing.
    If you final, fantastic.
    If not, the critique is worth to entry price.
    Don't let the contest distract you from your work.

  61. Carol Garvin, DO IT. I got some of the best critiques (and yes, I finaled, in fact one of my entries bumped my other entry into fourth place so close to a double final) and GREAT advice.

    I haven't sold either of those manuscripts yet, but I see them as money in the bank. Really. Truly. Go for it. Great contest at KOD and I heartily recommend it.

    And I love the Genesis, you guys. And the Carols. And so many that offered good advice, year after year. That's the mark of a strong contest right there.

  62. I didn't enter Genesis. I'm still new enough at this I want some time to learn what I'm doing. I'm planning to enter next year.

    I'd love to win the books.

    andeemarie95 at gmail dot com

    I don't need a critiqe because I recently won one. It was wonderful! Thank you to whichever anonymous Seeker read the first five pages of Give My Love to Rose.

  63. Thanks for the great update, Tina.

    I sent my Genesis entries on Wednesday. I waited until this week for two reasons:
    1. Editing
    2. Not sure I was going to enter again

    But there I went.
    And now comes the wait.

    Thanks Seekerville for helping us pass the time :-)


  64. Tina,
    I'd love to be in the drawing for the 5 page crit.
    Thanks a bunch

  65. Thanks for the positive comments re the 5 page critique, Andrea. Will have to have THAT person look at my stuff since you recommended her so highly!~

  66. No, I didn't enter the Genesis this year but I'm considering one 'new to me' on your list. It's all about final round judges at this point and the thrill of the chase. I hope to see many FOS finaling!


  67. I haven't visited in a while. I came up to my parent's over a week ago - my mom was in the hospital with low white blood cells - turns out the brain cancer has grown and spread even during chemo and radiation and her bone marrow is likely messed up and won't make white blood cells. She's now in hoopsice end of life care and we're all grieving and trying to deal wtih things. Everyone tells me to have faith and that time will dull the pain but right now I'm not believing them. I feel like I'll grieve til the day I join her.


  68. Dear Susanna,

    Please feel free to email me off loop.

    Tina at Tina Radcliffe dot com

  69. Argh, blogger ate my comment like it has all day, so why don't I remember to copy before I push publish ARGGHH

    Anyway, put in my last of three enteries in to Genesis--last friday. I don't have enough guts for this Friday.:)

  70. Way to go, Melissa. And you're juggling quite a lot on your plate these days so this is HUGE!!!

  71. Speaking of last minute entries. I don't normally wait until the very last day to enter a contest, but last year entered Terms of Indenturement in the Maggie at the last minute.

    I entered 2 mss. and the other one was formatted fine. But for some reason, ToI was not.

    My computer showed 35 pages, and the coordinator's showed 39 when she would get it. We couldn't figure out what was wrong. Totally weird.

    After trying about 3 times, I chopped 5 pages off the end of the submission and shot that sucker off to her with TWO MINUTES TO SPARE just so it wouldn't be disqualified. Better that, than lose my entry fee!

    Terms of Indenturement finalled, then it won the 2010 Maggie!

    No guts, no glory!


  72. Susanna, my heart breaks for you! Hugs and prayers, dear sister.

  73. I entered all of these but one, and my first year entering. I listened to Tina with her 'no guts, no glory'... and when I get the scores I'll be crying into my tea! But... I've heard over and over that it's a great way to see if your ms is publishable.

  74. Tina, thanks for the heads up about Seekerville today. I love having a place like this to go for great draughts of encouragement. To all of you who share here, thank you.

    I did not enter any contests so far this year...but I DID see my husband, who flew from Iraq to a conference in S. Carolina. Yea, me!! (Okay that has nothing to do w/not entering contests, although I'm sure we could make a connection if we put our minds to it.

    Actually, I've been a little dispirited since my latest rejection. But....moving onward, during this past week, I dragged out an old ms and something clicked: I have been mercilessly expunging thousands of words that are probably telling, not showing. AND I sent the ms to another there you have it . . . a report from Pine, AZ.

    I'd like to be considered for the synopsis or first five-page edit. Did I need to say that? Anyway,
    thanks again,

    Gail Kittleson

    Gail Kittleson

  75. Virginia, you are a hoot. And if you want to toss your tea in my lap, well that's okay too, as long as it's not hot.

    Seriously, how many manuscripts that you don't send out into the world are you going to sell?

  76. Gail I thought the seeing your husband comment was very encouraging.

    And since I know you are an excellent writer, I also know that you're ready to keep sending that baby out there.