Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Edition

So pay close attention or you might miss something very, very important...

Like the chance to win a copy of Mary Connealy's Sharpshooter In Petticoats. All you have to do is tell us what's written on the scrap of paper on your desk or bulletin board. Winner announced in the Weekend Edition. Be sure to stop by RT Book Reviews Online and read Mary's author message about Sharpshooter in Petticoats.

Please contact Seekerville through our new web email if you are a winner and if needed, provide your snail mail address. Please note our giveaway rules in the right lower column of Seekerville. We'd like to remind you that accepting a prize via email conversation means you acknowledge the rules.

In Sunday's Weekend Edition Seekerville presented tea time. Winner of a tea time reading package is MaryC.

Tuesday was a PRINT THAT POST day with our guest (Hurry less. Worry less fiction) Judy Christie who presented Living With Joy as a Writer. Winners of the third book in Judy's Gone Green series, The Glory of Green are: Kristin Marie, Sherrinda, Krysten.

Tuesday Victoria Bylin Talked About Friends, RWA and a Bobble Head Heroine. What a fun day in Seekerville!. Winner of The Outlaw Returns is Andrea Chermark!

Audra Harders brought us the first taste of spring on Thursday! Spring is Sprung. Winner of a $10 Amazon gift card is Whitney.

Friday was the March Contest Update. Winners were:
  • A Love Inspired Book Package - Diana Prusik
  • A Query Letter Critique - Walt
  • A Five Page Critique-Christine

Saturday brought you The Best of Seekerville from the Archives and Five Pages Critique. We shared Glynna Kaye's post, Who Ran Off With My Cheese? Winner of an anonymous Five Page Critique is ....another double header weekend: Tonya Wilhelm and Lorna Faith.

A special FYI: Ruth Logan Herne tells us she owes chocolate from Sue Schmidt's post, February 25th, because SHE PROMISED. So, Christine and Helen Gray!!!! Ruthy will send you a chocolate surprise!

Monday: Friend of Seekerville K.C Frantzen is our special guest today with her post, Gotcha Covered. She's got some amazing giveaways planned for today, so DO NOT miss this post!

Tuesday: Abingdon Press and Heartsong Presents author Myra Johnson is here with Welcome to Deadwood. Stop by to find out how to cut the deadwood out of your manuscripts.

Wednesday: Revell author Julie Lessman is sharing in Seekerville.

Thursday: Storm Front Approaching! Love Inspired author Ruth Logan Herne will entertain her visitors with a second helping of IT'S RAINING MEN:( TAKE TWO). In celebration of her newest release Reunited Hearts, Ruthy will be offering five copies of Trent and Lyssa's story to earnest commenters who know the difference between EARNEST and ERSTWHILE... Stop by Thursday to find out why some authors really ought to CHECK THEIR THESAURUS more often.

Friday: Today we are thrilled to welcome Laurie Alice Eakes to our blog abode. Laurie's books have released with Revell, Heartsong Presents, Barbour and Avalon!

Barbara Vey, who hosts the wonderful PW Beyond Her Book Blog celebrates her 4th anniversary with a week long party beginning tomorrow. Seekerville is hosting the Wednesday party which will of course take place on "an island" and it's an island we all know and love/hate. So be sure to stop by all day March 9, for chances to win books and a Kindle. YES, A KINDLE. Thursday, March 9 is Inspirational (also YA, & Non Fiction) Day so stop by for more opportunities to win Seeker books! For more details, keep your eye on Barbara's Blog!

Check out Mary Connealy's book trailer for her August release, Out of Control. The first book in the Kincaid Brides Series.

Janet Dean is guest blogging on Petticoats and Pistols this weekend.

Tina Radcliffe's The Rancher's Reunion contest winners are up! So be sure to stop by The Sullivan Ranch website to see if you won one of 13 prizes.

Join Debby Giusti who is blogging on The Love Inspired Authors Blog on Tuesday, March 8th.

Check out How To Write a 500-Page "Page-Turner"

  • Knight Agency Launches Speed-Date Contest To Find a New Client-On March 7th, the agency will open the contest with a blog post. Writers can enter their names in the comments section of that post from 12 p.m. EST to 1 p.m. EST that same day. The agency will randomly select 125 contestants and read four rounds of virtual submissions to find the winner. (GalleyCat)

  • Daily Routines: How writers, artists, and other interesting people organize their days. (From RT Book Reviews)

  • The Daphne du Maurier (Unpublished) is low on entries in the Inspirational Category. More information on this contest is found in the March Contest Update.

Have a great writing week and see you all at the big Beyond Her Book Anniversary Bash!


  1. Hey everyone!

    Great week here on Seekerville--I've been popping in and out this week, reading all the fantastic blogs! But then you always do!

    I've also had a pretty super week--on Monday, I got to see the cover of my book, Hearts in Flight for the first time. It was so beautiful!! I cried like a baby when I saw it. Then I found out on Thursday that Flights was mentioned as a Top Inspirational Read for the spring and summer in Publisher's Weekly! Can you say WOW!

    And the 5 X 7 scrape piece of paper on my desk reads something like this: Chapter 1, scene 1--Edie reads a letter in the parlor of Merrilee's boarding house... I've done the synposis, scene cards and the first 100 pages of my next book, Capturing the Enemy's Heart.(And I would love to be entered in the contest for Mary's book--I just bought the first two last week!)

    Have a great week everyone!

  2. Coffee's brewing. There's tea for those of us who prefer it.

    The sticky note on my copy stand has the password to log in to my computer written on it--for the kids when they visit.k

    There are some really great links here.


  3. The scrap paper attached to my bulletin board (aka wall) is a list of weasel words.

    I think I might actually buy more Kindle books if I didn't have to buy my kindle. I'm still working on the free books because I fell like I'm "paying" for the kindle buy reading so many free books first. Then when it "pays" for itself, I might be interested in purchasing books through it.

  4. Congratulations to the winners.

    The scraps of paper littering my desk include a to-do list, blog post ideas, and pages of notes on my new story--the one I'm so excited about that I stayed up way too late because I could stop working on it. =)

    Off to get a little shut-eye so I don't doze off in church later.

  5. WOW!!!!


    Patty, I can say it, dear girl!!! AND...

    Wowza, SWEET! Great, Mahvelous!!! HOORAY FOR YOU!!!!!!

    Helen, I'm slugging coffee before I get to work, so thank you!!! And I popped over to the funny query contest for the guy who can't be bothered to learn how to write a query letter... Luckily that's not WALT who won a query letter critique! Rock on, Dude!

    And the free Kindle idea? Magnificent. Kind of. I'm not so sure I'm ready to jump to full immersion of the WORLD into digital reads, but I think we're heading that way. Which means an author's percentage should be raised, but that's another day, another blog...


    I think books will come back. And I've been wrong before (do not ask my husband how often...) but I think that touchy-feely presence of books will woo the market.

    Of course I thought the Internet was a passing phase.

    On that note I'm leaving Sunday bagels and cream cheese and getting to work. Notes on my wall...

    Jesus was not a theologian... He was God who told stories....

    Plenty of time for rest in the grave... Ben Franklin

    Puppy shoppers for summer litters...


    Children's names, addresses, phones because ONE OF US doesn't have them memorized. Guess which one and win a chocolate surprise.

    And this from Lacey, my beautiful daughter in law:

    Behind every success is effort...

    Behind every effort is passion...

    Behind every passion is someone
    with the courage to try.

  6. Nice going you sweet Winners!
    Thanks for all the links, Tina.

    Obsessive Listmaker has about twenty scraps of paper on her desk. Stuck to the monitor though...
    -a list of who's posting each day on the Inkwell for the next week,
    -a reminder of my h/h's spiritual arc,
    -a color-coded Margie Lawson reminder (blue is for dialogue as you know)
    -and a calendar with my days to post in march plus the theater release of the new JANE EYRE circled!

    Yes - new Jane Eyre starts March 11 in a theater near you if you are among the "lucky".

  7. Thanks for the great WE, Tina! Loved the links and the scribbled messages. I'd be lost without lists.

    A sticky note on my monitor has my highest online Scrabble score for one word (FEATURES-158). Woot! I showed those robots. ;)

  8. I'm so excited to win the critique! Congratulations to all the other winners!

    There isn't enough space here to list all the contents of all the scraps of paper on my desk, so I'll list a few:
    -grocery list
    -ask about the kind of weapon he'd carry (for my mystery)
    -search directions for Bronx to Manhattan to find out time it would take (also for mystery)
    -call vet for appointment for cat
    -finish devos for Cypress Times

    The topics for the week look great. Can't wait! I'll come back later today to go through the links. I need to fix a scene in my book, finish a devotional, and get ready for church.

    Have a good day!

  9. Congratulations to all of this weeks winners.

    The note on my monitor is a from a fortune cookie and says "your efforts are budding, results should appear soon". The other note hanging by my computer is Debby's writer prayer.

  10. Oh wow, great contest!! The scraps of paper on my desk and/or by computer...are lists of blogs I enjoy visiting, days they announce winners, and reminders to follow up!

  11. Taped on my computer:
    I've got the 800 number to the telephone company.
    and the password to my computer, the whole computer, not all the individual websites.

    Darn it, Tina! Now I'm going over my desk and it's a mess. I need to clean it. I was living in denial until this post!!!!

  12. Congratulations to all the winners! And this coming week looks like another great one in Seekerville--some of my favorite folks will be posting!*smile* ~ I usually have several post-it notes stuck on my desk--but at the moment, I just have one containing one of my very favorite Bible verses: SEEK THE LORD AND HIS STRENGTH: SEEK HIS FACE EVERMORE. ~ Psalm 105:4 (and it just now occurred to me about this verse having the word SEEK in it!!). Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo :)

  13. Anne Barton you are a hoot.

    Check out my scrabble score. I had to take a picture of it.

    Tina's Scrabble Score

    Where do you play online? I've been lost since Facebook got rid of it.

  14. So when Victoria Bylin was here this week I looked very carefully at her picture of her office.

    She has this paper on the wall. It was a light bulb moment. So next to the paper that says CONFLICT ON EVERY PAGE I now have Victoria's, HOW DOES THIS MAKE THINGS WORSE paper.

  15. Patty congratulations on all that good news. Don't you wish they'd spread it out a bit? hehehe. Writing is feast or famine.

    Enjoy the ride. But put your seatbelt on. You deserve all the good stuff coming at you.

  16. Congratulations to all the winners!

    The current note on my desk is a list of questions I have for a book a friend and I are discussing. And my new pin number to e-file taxes.

    Thanks for all the great links, Tina!


  17. Congrats to all the winners AND YAY PATTY!!!!! That is great!!!

    I have "scraps" but the one thing to share is Debbie Giusti's Writers Prayer. It's fabulous!

    See y'all tomorrow!!! ;D

  18. Whoops - that is DEBBY G... I have Debbie's and Debby's in my life. What I get for not looking when I sent. ;D

  19. You guys picked a fun topic to give someone who has many scraps of paper on her desk! I’m sure you all knew the risk you were taking when giving this assignment. ; )

    Okay. I have five visible scraps of paper on my desk, and three sticky notes on the wall next to me. Two scraps are of my job schedule, one is a friend’s phone number, and the other two are sparks of genius I had while at work… which is why they’re scribbled on receipt paper (I work in retail). :p This is something I’ve been trying to work on organizing. I’ve given thought to what I could take to work to jot things on, but I can’t find a notebook small enough to carry in my pocket and not all of my work pants have pockets, so I even considered keeping it in my sock (like you guys never did that before), but I can’t see that working either. SO, I think I will simply start transcribing the ideas into a notebook when I get home called “The Idea Book.” I know, I should have one already, but I have ideas written on receipt paper, in various notebooks, envelopes, scrap paper, sticky notes, etc.

    So, anyway, back to the scrap of paper. Ahem. “And then one day, summer faded into a glorious sunset and autumn returned, brisk and clean.”

    So there you have it. I’m interested to read what other people have written down. :p

    Next week looks like a lot of fun. I hope I can jump in from time to time!

    And thanks so much for the gift card! I’ll e-mail my snail mail address. : )


  20. "In a dim airless room in northern India, a dozen children bend over gas burners making bracelets that sell for .40 a dozen. These children, between 9 and 14 years old, work ten hours a day, every day. Traded by their parents to the workshop owner for cash. The average sum that enslaves and Indian child? $35"
    That's the only writing because the rest is crayon artwork by my kids! And the quote is over a picture from a National Geographic picture, reminding me to support charities, pray, and be thankful.

  21. Super stuff :) The paper by my puter has a list of contests and deadlines.

    And a KINDLE? Ohhhhhh. Will be here Wednesday for sure :)

  22. Over at Beyond Her Book, Joanne. She is giving away a total of 18 Kindles all week.

    Virginia, I thought it was a book. You sucked me in.

  23. OH. MY. She is up to 21 e-readers to giveaway.

  24. Hi everyone,

    Congrats to the winners!

    On my desk is a stack of papers, but the one thing I see is "What brings Aidan around? Maxi? Lily? Nick?" Notes to myself for the end of my wip.

    I have no bulletin board or room for cool quotes - maybe one day when I have a real office!

    Congrats Patty on your cover! And your mention as a top inspirational read!

    I'd love a chance to win Mary's book!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  25. Congrats, Patty! what a great week!

    I have STACKS of paper on my desk, to my hubby's chagrin -- I'm one of those people that if it's not in my face I forget about it, so it's all the stuff I need to get done this weekend. The one I am looking at right now is all the specs for the stuff I'm getting ready to post on Etsy. But the one paper I have posted on my wall is the list we did a few months back on this site, the 12 things I do best in my writing and need to pay attention to in everything I write.

    Have a blessed week, ladies!


  26. Did someone say ETSY?

    Link please...

  27. I blew it at church this morning.

    Did a trumpet solo.
    Hadn't done that in some time.
    Got the squashed chops to show for it.


    Surprise! Chocolate coming my way, Huh?

    Be sure to seal it tight. Hubby walks down the hill every day to get the mail. If he gets a whiff, it'll never make it up the hill.


  28. HaHa, Tina!!! I don't so feel bad about a sticky note with my Scrabble score on it, cause YOU TOOK A PHOTO OF YOURS! That is beautiful.

    I play at ClubPogo.

    It's free, but I you may have to create an account. I play against robots because I'm one of those annoying people who takes FOREVER to make a word. Seriously, like it was a major life decision. Loads of fun, I am.

  29. Happy weekend, All!

    Scribbled on a piece of paper on my desk is a list of names and ages of the characters in my WIP. Also, important dates, such as: "Tony & Nat - married 18 years". If I don't write this stuff down as I go, continuity problems will abound!

    Blessings to all :+}

  30. Back again, and loving these notes. Oh my stars, I do the note thing too during the day to remind myself of tidbits of infor for WIP's or coming attractions.

    Or dr. appts. ;)

    Helen, sealed tightly and marked LIVER. DO NOT OPEN.

    And no one has answered my hidden question in my first comment...

    The one with a prize attached.

    I've been SKIMMED.

    Me and milk. Sigh....

  31. Oh, what a GREAT WE, Teenster!!! Fun topic, too.


    Okay, now this is REAL embarrassing, but I have tried to tell you people how computer illiterate I am, and NOW you will see for sure.

    The sticky note taped to my monitor says the following: Copy: Control C,
    Cut: Control X, Redo: Comm/Shift/Z, Paste: Control V, Edit Undo: CZ

    But, to redeem myself, the only other thing I have taped to my monitor is a prayer and a Scripture that's been taped to my computer since before I was published:

    Did I not say to you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God? John 11:40


    Order my steps, Oh God ...


  32. Here's another one to stick to your puter Jules.

    You are hosting Seekerville Wed.

  33. I didn't know that was a question, Ruth. I thought it was all of us.

    I have envelopes taped to the bulletin board with kids, cousins, nieces, and my sister's addresses on them. I am out of luck if I am away from home.

  34. Ruth, since you mentioned it, and it's on your computer, I'm guessing you're the one who doesn't have it all memorized.

  35. Um... I don't have a desk. Well, not one that I work at. Right now I'm on the bed in my room. There's a static cling deal-y on my dresser mirror that says 'Always Kiss Me Goodnight'.

    On my nightstand is a printed copy of one of my Genesis entries that says 'ADD WAREHOUSE LOCATION BACK IN!' because while editing at one point I took out the sentence where she tells him where she's being held... Figure that's important to know...

    I did get it added back in before submitting though =D.

    And free Kindles? I'm so headed over there! I decided yesterday I want one. Doesn't have to be new or 3G, but I've got well over 100 free books and I find I'm not reading them on my phone or laptop very much but a Kindle would fit in my purse for those in between moments...

    Have looked for a cheap one locally but no one has answered my Facebook plea...

    Ruth - I'm gonna guess the hubby doesn't have them memorized. Just because someone else already said you... ;).

    The week looks great!

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  36. Wow, what a packed WE!! Thanks so much for all the info, Tina!

    And congrats, Patty!! Woo hoo on the PW top read!! :)

  37. Patty! How cool on your cover!!! That's awesome!

    Oh Tina - total randomness here... Saturday I doubt I'll be around to make sure I'm in the critique drawing - but it's any comments all week right? We're leaving for KC that day [then Denver the next... will wave to all our CO peeps ;)] so unlikely I'll be online either day actually... =D

    Back to closet cleaning in preparation for a friend staying with the kids...

  38. Ah, Christine and Carol BOTH went back and checked.

    Which means you both get chocolate.

    I've got 'em memorized.


    I'm real happy if he remembers their birthdays, LOL and I test him on it regularly. The grandkids??? I made him a cheat-sheet list to refer to on the wall next to the computer. Next to his kids names and addresses and phone numbers.

    Girls, you rock! :)

    I wish all tests were this easy. Golly gee whillikers.

  39. Tina, bless your heart! The link for my BRAND NEW Etsy site is:

    Y'all come. Bring friends. :-)

  40. THANK YOU, EC!!!!

    She came, she saw...she bought!

  41. Hi Tina:

    I’m late to the party. Very busy today. I was hurrying through your suggested links and was surprised to be back on my own website! That’s for the notice here.

    On my wall where I write I have just two notes or postings: Debby’s “A Writer’s Prayer” and the front cover of a nonfiction book I am writing to use in a workshop. I use ‘creative visualization’ and like to see my book cover as if the book already exists. I think this might be a good idea for romance writers. Have an artist make a mock-up of your book with the cover art as you would want it. I’ve always done this for my nonfiction books.


  42. One of the traits I don't like about fibromyalgia is that I live a somewhat sedentary life so the pounds continue to pack on. This winter has been too long and no chance of taking a walk when it's sub zero temps. I have many encouraging notes tacked to my bulletin board. But the following note makes me feel good: "With time, women gain weight because we accumulate so much information and wisdom in our heads. When there is no more room it distributes out to the rest of our bodies. We aren't heavy; we are enormously cultured, educated and happy. Beginning today, when I look at my butt in the mirror, I will think 'good grief, look how smart I am. I must be a genius.' I would love to win one of Mary's books. I am still kicking myself for not buying one from her when we had a book signing together. So sorry for that. Sue Schmidt (Finding Faith Through Fibromyalgia)

  43. I'd love to win a copy of Mary Connealy's Sharpshooter In Petticoats. All you have to do is tell us what's written on the scrap of paper on your desk or bulletin board. Winner announced in the Weekend Edition.

    I hope this is where I'm suppose to comment....

    I just had to chuckle and say which scrap piece of paper do you want me to tell you. I have more than one.
    The top one won is what it says...

    No Distance too Far
    A Heart for Home
    Lauraine Snelling

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  44. Wow! I have been out of town this weekend, taking my daughter to the University of Texas to look at dorms. And what do I find? I'm a winner! Thank you so much! I'm so excited to have won The Glory of Green! :)

    Don't enter me for Mary's book (I have it on my Kindle!), but on my post-it note by my computer is: PTP...Practice The Presence...of Jesus. Be aware of His presence throughout the day, every moment of our lives. Sad to say, I need the reminder.

  45. Wow, Vince, I like that idea.

    Sue, Apple Blossom, you are all in the drawing.

  46. The sticky note on my monitor is the phone number for the IT guys!

    Michelle V