Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend Edition

Happy Mother's Day from Seekerville!
Remember, Mother's Day is right up there with the Superbowl. A holiday created just to give us woman an opportunity for uninterrupted writing time.
Enjoy yourself!

We Have Winners

Sunday's Weekend Edition featured Brides. Winners are:

Something old: The Rancher's Reunion-Traveling Stacey.
Something new: A Family for Faith-Merry.
Something borrowed: A Seekerville Unpubbed Island Necklace-Joanne Sher.
Something blue: The Officer's Secret-Rose.

On Monday, Barbour author Mary Connealy was your head trouble maker with The Personification of Place . The winner her latest release, Deep Trouble is Melissa Jagears. And a very special super-duper extra prize goes to Whitney.

Tuesday Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe shared, Are You Right Where You're Supposed to Be? Winners of one corked bottles of sand with a message inside, straight from Unpubbed Island to keep on your desk are Clarissa Southwick, December and Cindy Wilson. And the lucky winner of a coconut from the island along with the Seeker release of their choice (if it's available on Amazon) is Michelle Stark Kerns.

Multnomah author Meg Moseley was our special guest blogger Wednesday. Winner of When Sparrows Fall is Tammy Claudette.

Thursday we were delighted to have Harlequin Romance author Donna Alward in Seekerville today, talking about Service. Winner of Honeymoon with the Rancher, her May release is Susan Mason.

Love Inspired author and Seeker Audra Harders shared Beyond the Predictable on Friday. Winner of a box of lovely assorted chocolates and a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card is Nancy Kimball.

Saturday we brought you The Best of Seekerville from the Archives, Writing Guy by Tina Radcliffe. Winner of the First Five Pages Critique is Linnette Mullin.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Seekerville is thrilled to have Stephanie Bond. Stephanie has written over fifty novels for publishers such as Bantam, St. Martin's Press, and Avon/HarperCollins. She currently writes for Mira Books and Harlequin Books. Join us for her post, The Appeal of the “Community” Romance Novel. She's giving away 5 copies of Baby, Drive South, the first book in her Southern Roads trilogy.

Tuesday: Join Seeker and Heartsong Presents author Myra Johnson for Pace Yourself, using narrative and dialogue in pacing--how and when to speed up or slow down the action. And Myra is giving away an IOU for her next book, A Horseman's Heart, due out in August from Heartsong Presents.

Wednesday: Seeker and Love Inspired author Missy Tippens leads the blogging today. Don't miss the author of A Family for Faith.

Thursday: Are you aching from plotting one book at a time, painfully slogging your way through ideas and synopses? Join Ruth Logan Herne as she gives a crash course in turning ANY single book into a series, and here's a hint: IT'S ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS ABOUT THE CHARACTERS... No doubt she'll be giving something away and she DID just have a litter of Golden Doodle puppies.

Friday: Seekerville is delighted to welcome multi-publisher author Debra Ullrick to Seekerville. Debra's first Love Inspired Historical, The Unexpected Bride is now available. So stop by to chat with Debra and for a chance to win a copy of her latest release!

Seeker Sightings

Brenda Novak's Annual Auction for the Cure of Diabetes 2011 has begun and so has the bidding war!

Seekerville is
giving away a Kindle loaded with Seeker Books and & Autographed Books! Come on out to the auction. A great cause and some great prizes!

Don't miss this fun interview with Ruth Logan Herne as she chats with Kathryn Ross, a long-time reporter for the Wellsville Daily Reporter.

Debby Giusti blogs Tuesday, May 10th, Debby Giusti at the Love Inspired Authors Blog, and Wed, May 12, she'll be talking about The Story Behind the Story, featuring her May Love Inspired Suspense, The Officer's Secret at eharlequin.

If you missed Mary Connealy at Barbara White Daille's blog please note that it's not too late to stop by. The giveaway of Deep Trouble lasts until Sunday, May 8!

And don't miss Mary's post on Consistency in Writing at Cheryl St. John's blog, From the Heart.

Then join her May 10th, for a chance to win Deep Trouble at Joy Avery Melville's blog Joyful Journalling.

Mary Connealy also has SECOND book releasing this month:
Montana Marriages Trilogy a 3 in 1 repackaged book containing the complete Montana Marriages series: Montana Rose, The Husband Tree and Wildflower Bride. You can get your copy here.

And if you're in the area don't miss Mary's book signing on Saturday, May 14th, at Lifeway Christian Store
Maple Grove from 11-1, (12985 Elm Creek Blvd N, Maple Grove, MN - (763) 420-3883)and Burnsville from 3-5 (14150 Nicollet Avenue # 4, Burnsville - (952) 435-8600).

If you would like a signed book, but you can't get to the signing phone the store and they will be happy to take your money and get the book signed and mail it to you.

Random News

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to all the talented friends of Seekerville who are Christy Award Finalists! We're rooting for you!


  1. Congrats to the winners. I was hoping for a bottle of Seekerville sand but better luck next round. ;D

    AND YES - Those Christy Award finalists! WAWZAH!!!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day. Get lots of writing done!!!

  3. Chocolate & Money for books. YES!!!

    And I LOVE those posters and their bitingly sarcastic captions. Talk about the unexpected haha. It reminds me of a friend whose answer to "Do you have any children?" was... "None that I know of."
    Which isn't that funny until I tell you, she's a girl! :-p

    Looking forward to next week's lineup. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms. Whether your kids have fur, college degrees or kids of their own, or you're like a mom to someone special, enjoy your day!

  4. Looking forward to the coming week on Seekerville. The lineup look fantastic!

    Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

  5. I came here for the fellowship of other moms who are "okay" with a free day alone to write and not cook. Must remember to show some disappointment at not having to cook and clean for my family. I love them so much I'm giving them the gift of a no guilt mother's day.

  6. You're preparing them for the future, Deb. God Bless You For That Sacrifice.

    Now go forth and write and may the microwave be with you.

  7. Great weekend edition. I love leisurely perusing the links you find. Happy Mother's Day everyone.

  8. Happy Mother's Day, Ladies.

    Congratulations to all the Christy finalists and last weeks winners, which it looks like I need to say THANK YOU!

    Looks like a great line up in store for us next week. I don't always have the time anymore to leave a message but I always read the posts.

  9. Debra and Tina,

    I hope y'all collaborate on something in print soon.

    It's a sure bestseller.

    Happy Mom's day everyone!


    And get lots of writing done??? I wish!!! I am three and a half scenes away from finishing my sixth book AND the entire O'Connor saga and I have to go to a function ALL DAY LONG, which is sheer torture when I'm this close to the end!!! Maybe I keep take my laptop along and sneak into the bathroom for long bathroom breaks ... :)

    LOVE the posters, Teenster -- read them to Keith and we both laughed long and hard, especially about the empty nest one which is dead-on as my daughter's college apartment furniture is stacked high in the garage as we speak. Sigh.

    SUPER CONGRATS to the Christy winners, ESPECIALLY our very own Melanie Dickerson -- you go, girl!!!


  11. Congrats to all the winners, and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the moms! ~ Those vintage pictures of the moms made me laugh SO HARD I got choked and had tears streaming down my face (my husband walked into the room and wondered what was wrong with me, LOL).
    Blessings from beautiful Georgia, Patti Jo :)

  12. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL! Mother’s Day (alongside Thanksgiving) is my favorite holiday because I am blessed with a such loving and wonderful mom, and I appreciate mom’s in their roles as nurse, confidant, chauffer, chef, housekeeper, business woman, wife, sister, daughter, and friend AND everything else I left out. Love all the pictures, by the way!

    Congrats to all the winners, and thanks especially to Mary Connealy for allowing me to be a super-duper prize winner. : )

    Looking forward to next week at Seekerville. Enjoy your day, MOM’S!


  13. JULIE, what a hard thing to leave your book when you’re so close to the end of the story and the family saga! Yes... yes, do take long bathroom breaks and write on napkins or envelopes when you can’t sneak away unseen.
    Congrats on being so close! And happy mother’s day. : )

  14. Happy Mother's Day to those of you to which the sentiment applies! Hope your family does something extra special for you -- and if they don't, then YOU do something extra special for yourself!

  15. Tina, love that! I met tons of guys in college who had NO IDEA how to do laundry or even make hot chocolate. :P Not attractive. Probably why I married a confirmed bachelor who was already in his thirties... :D
    Happy Mom's Day to All! Great women steer the ship...

  16. Ooooh - I'm getting the necklace!! SOOOO excited!

    Next weeks sounds FABULOUS - great WE, Tina.

    Happy Mother's Day, everybody!

  17. Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mothers on their Special Day!

    And a Special Blessing to all the Mothers who have yet to be blessed with the child they so desire. We love you too.


  18. Fantastic Rapping Mother’s Day Video on Mary’s Site!

    So Good!

    So True!

    So Entertaining!

    Thanks Mary.


  19. I saw that video Vince. It's hilarious. That woman looks a little like Mary too.

  20. Happy mother's day, Seekerville! No writing for this girl. I'm enjoying just being lazy today. Hubby's making rotisserie chicken, then we will go see Thor. Okay, that's not my first choice, but a Mother's Day movie is tradition. It's a great day with my guys.

  21. Lisa Jordan, tell us how you liked Thor. I think I would be gawking, but have no interest in seeing that much action in 3D.

  22. Congrats to the winners! :) Happy Mother's Day all!

  23. Thanks Karen!

    Thor, huh. A new chick flick, eh?

  24. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms! Enjoy your day!


  25. Thank you, Julie! And Tina and all! I'm still excited about being a Christy Award finalist. My dream come true.

    Happy Mother's Day to all! :-)

  26. Oh, I want to win a golden doodle!! I think I'll sign in anonymously on Ruthy's day and try. heh

  27. that was supposed to say hehe :)

  28. Congrats to the Christy finalists and also to all the mothers. Happy Mother's Day!

  29. Yay! Great Mother's Day gift! Happy Mother's Day to everyone~Stacey

  30. Grrr! Blogger ate my post.

    Here, blogger, have some chocolate. Happy now?

    Great lineup coming up this week! Looking forward to it.

    MEL!!! I'm still SO excited about your nod in the Christies. Yay, girl!

    I'm on my second cup of vanilla chai tea in steamed milk/water sweetened with Truvia.

    Tina got me hooked, and I'm so glad. It's much lighter on the tummy (and less calories and NO caffeine!) than a cappucino right before bedtime. The only cals are in the 2% milk.


  31. OOH, I was wishing for a sweet treat. Thanks, Pammers. Off to get a chai.