Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend Edition

Thelma & Louise ready to rock!

Ruthy and Tina Survived Their First Ever Road Trip!

They'll be sharing all about BEA on Tuesday, but here are some pictures to whet your appetite!

Ed Sullivan Theater in Manhattan

We Have Winners
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Monday Seekerville
celebrated the BIG FIFTEEN with Pam Hillman's FIRST SALE!! Thank you for all your suggestions on what to do with Unpubbed Island. We'll unveil our plans in October at our Birthday Bash.

Monday winners are:

7:00:00 AM Gift Card Ann L
8:00:00 AM Surprise Book Pack K Victoria Chase
9:00:00 AM Gift Card KC Frantzen
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9:00:00 PM Gift Card Sherri Shackelford

Barbour Publishing and Bethany House author Mary Connealy was your team leader Tuesday with The Great American Novel. Winner of Deep Trouble is Kathy.

Hope you didn't miss Love Inspired and Super Romance author Lenora Worth who visited Seekerville on Thursday. Winner of Hometown Sweetheart is Sandy Ardoin.

On Friday Harlequin American author Barbara White Daille visited Seekerville. Winner of her one of her backlist books is Cynthia Chow. And the winner from Barbara's website is Jackie S.

brought us The Best of the Archives and First Five Pages Critique with Mary Connealy's post Word Pictures. The winner of a Seeker anonymous five page critique is Katy.
Central Park Upper West Side

Next Week In Seekerville

Happy Memorial Day!! Deb Ullrick has now lived through a Blogger Crash and potential apocalypse. Thank you for rescheduling. Debra's first Love Inspired Historical, The Unexpected Bride is now available. So stop by to chat for a chance to win a copy of her latest release!

Tuesday: Ruth & Tina DID BEA!
Stop by for the insider scoop, the real story, lots more photos and of course crazy cool giveaways. We won't disappoint you. (Tina added that last... Ruthy's not so sure you won't be wretchedly disappointed, like HAND-WRINGING disappointed, but she guarantees she'll due her best, with God as her witness... How Scarlett is that???




Today Seekerville is thrilled to welcome industry insider, Katie Bond, Thomas Nelson's publishing director.

Multi published author Cheryl St. John is your blogging hostess. Stop by for a chance to win a copy of Marrying the Preacher's Daughter.

We are delighted to welcome 2011 Golden Heart finalist Clarissa Southwick, who is sharing on contests!

Seekerville welcomes the author of Time to Write, Kelly L. Stone. Stop by for her post Time Management for Writers and some great giveaways!

Ruthy, Melissa Endlich, Tina (Ruth and Tina had just walked30 blocks in NY humidity on 4 hours sleep and note how lovelyMelissa the acclimated NYer looks BTW!)

Seeker Sightings

This is it. The last weekend!

Brenda Novak's Annual Auction for the Cure of Diabetes.

Seekerville is
giving away a Kindle loaded with Seeker Books and & Autographed Books!

Come join the fun in Cheyenne, WY at Audra Harders group booksigning!!
Audra Harders will be joining fellow authors Penny Zeller and Amanda Cabot on Saturday, June 4, first at Cornerstone Christian Supply from 10-12 and then at Barnes and Noble from 2-4. Stop by say hi! Of course there will be plenty of chocolate!!

Find Julie talking about her struggles with infertility on Held, in a blog post called Clean Hearts - Dirty Diapers

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Read the Petticoat & Pistols tribute to Memorial Day and our military heroes, The Last Full Measure of Devotion: Click Here

That's it and have a great week!

Melissa Endlich, Ruth Logan Herne, Rachel Burkot.


  1. Hey ladies!

    Looks like a blast. Was it a wonderful town? :)

    Seems you had FUN!! With work and everything too. Ha!

    What a week in Seekerville. Congrats to all the winners, hey! That includes me! I partied with the best at this fabulous celebration, and won a prize too!! Imagine that!

    Seriously, it was a great time and reason to celebrate what He has done. The congrats really belong to the Seekers.

    (Glad y'all mentioned THAT ending too. Ugh...)

    Have a great Sunday, and remember to hug a veteran. Thank you, all military families!

    PS: TCM has a great military movie marathon going

  2. May I just say you both look great on little sleep and a lot of humidity? Not a bad hairstyle between you.

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Just icing on the cake on top of a blessed last week.

    Echoing KC, let's remember those who have given their lives or the lives of their loved ones for our country.

    Peace, Julie

  3. Congrats to the winners. What a great week although Tina and Ruthy slipped right past my exit before the paint was dry on my placard...

    The Pam party was a blast. I baked pumpkin cake. No, it's not very Memorial Day-ish but it still tastes great.

  4. Wooohooo Pam!!!!

    Thanks for the pics, ladies. Looks like an amazing time.

  5. Can't wait to hear all the BEA and the road trip.

    You two look GREAT after a long, hot walk with little sleep!

    Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day I have a movie date with Captain Jack Sparrow today! ; )

  6. Congratulations to all the winners! Wow, what a list. Actually congrats extend all around to the high school and college grads, too (lots of grad parties going in Colorado).

    Ruthy, Tina, great teaser for Tuesday. Loved the pics of Melissa and thanks for catching one of Rachel. Nice putting faces with names.

    Looks like a great week ahead. Can't wait.

  7. Wish I could have been there. Oh, yeah, jealousy is bad, right?

    Here's a fresh pot of coffee.

    Looking forward to another great week, and spending my anniversary with Thelma and Louise.


  8. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Can't wait to hear about the Tina and Ruth road trip.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial weekend.


  9. Hi Tina & Ruth:

    I really like the way you alternate square with round stepping stones. I’m going to do that too. Is that your yard, Ruth? (BTW: I always thought you were really tall. Maybe you write ‘tall’.)

    Do you know how large those pictures are when you click on them? You can count eyelashes! Brave, brave, souls you be.

    I hope you all have a great cookout this weekend.

    Until then…


  10. Vince, that is my parents yard in the country in Western New York. That is where I am still visiting today. I've told her your compliment and she says thank you.

    Tina RAdcliffe

  11. My mother I mean :)


  12. My goodness...I'm totally not with it...What does BEA mean?? But it looks like you had FUN! Thanks so much for the prize pack, WOW! I'll send my info shortly. :-)))

  13. Congrats to all the winners!! And I cannot wait to read all about Tina and Ruthy's great adventures! ~ Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone...GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
    Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo

  14. Thanks for sharing the photos, ladies!! I'm so glad you didn't sail over a cliff. So over-rated and copy cat.


    Welcome back!

  15. Vince, Ruthy is a little thing. She just talks big. ;)

  16. Hi, Ladies! Mary C. asked last week about places to donate to the Joplin tornado victims. My cousin, Jesse McKee, had no insurance, was the family bread winner, and left a wife and three kids. Jesse was a wonderful husband and father, loved the Lord, was faithful in the church and the community, and served previously as an Air Force airman. I would appreciate your prayers. The family is totally devastated.

    Here's a link to his obituary which tells how to donate to the McKee fund if anyone feels inclined: www(dot)clarkfuneralhomes(dot)com/sitemaker/sites/clarkf0/obit(dot)cgi?user=392555McKee.

    The funeral will be Wednesday. Thanks for all your love and support. It's been a rough week.

  17. GREAT pics, ladies.
    So glad you survived and had fun too.
    So glad New York City survived your presence too ;-)
    Tina - you and Ruthy look FAB!

  18. Congratulations to all the winners this week! What a bunch!

    Thanks to my Seeker Sisters and all the Friends of Seekerville for making Monday such a day to remember. What a blast!

    And, Ruthy & Tina, you really DID drive a powder blue mustang convertible in NYC.

    I had no idea!!!

    I wouldn't have drove it off a cliff either. That's just plain stupid. ;0

  19. Linnette, hugs and prayers for your family. God will get you through this.

    They sang a song tonight at church. Safe in His Arms.

    Jesse's safe in His arms now.

    Hugs, lady!

  20. What awesome photos, Tina and Ruthy! You both look fabulous!!!

    Can't wait to hear the report on BEA. Am very relieved to hear no cliffs were involved.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful Memorial Day.

  21. Im late was feeling bad again yesterday today I think I may just survive.

    congrats all winners the road trip looks interesting and cant wait for more info.

  22. Thanks for sharing some of your pictures. It looks like you ladies had a blast. Congrats to the winners!

  23. Tina, you and Ruthy may have walked 30 blocks, but I couldn't tell. You both looked great!

    And isn't Ruthy a New Yorker? Or isn't the humidity as bad out in the boonies? :D

    Congrats to all the winners.

    Anita Mae.