Monday, June 27, 2011

Starry-eyed Wonder: I have a book on Amazon!!!

While we're waiting for news from the Seekers who are SOMEWHERE between here and NYC, today's post is from a frazzled, bedazzled, extremely hyper-excited debut author who has spent a wonderful, awesome weekend promoting her new book!!

Someone asked, "I am wondering why you went through Tyndale to do a kindle e-book, when you could have gone directly to amazon."


(Btw, this is a great question, and is the perfect lead-in to today's shotgun blog post, so thanks to my friend for asking the question!)
First reason, because Tyndale launched a Digital First Initiative, and I was blessed enough to be one of the 5 debut authors chosen to launch the program.

Next, are you ready for this?

My publisher is Tyndale House Publishers!


I could stop right there, because that's reason enough in and of itself, but if you want more, here you go:

My book was edited by Tyndale editors. They were awesome! The entire process was as smooth as silk.

My cover was designed by Tyndale cover designers. And I love it!

My book is backed by Tyndale's good name. Whoa!

Tyndale has marketing and publicity power. That I don't have...

Tyndale did all the work to get it on Amazon, CBD, B&N, and Mobipocket. What's a Mobipocket? My heroine is a former pickpocket. Maybe a Mobipocket is a Moabite pickpocket from 33 AD! Eureka! Glad to have figured THAT one out!

And finally, I am a Tyndale author, not just another name on Amazon.

How much is that worth to me? I can't even begin to measure that. I have no clout or pull with readers. Sure, some of my friends and family would have bought my book if I put it up on my own, but then that would have been the end of it, unless I got lucky as a few do. (And more power to them!)

And if this Digital First Initiative is as successful as it's shaping up to be, I might even see Stealing Jake in print next. It's a win-win situation for me and for Tyndale, and I'm over-the-moon excited to be partnering with one of the most respected publishing houses in the industry on this new venture.

Lot's of exciting things coming up, but they haven't been finalized yet, but keep coming back to Seekerville, and friend me on Facebook so you don't miss anything, k?

Are you ready?

I'll be doing a blog tour during the next couple of months and the grand prize will be a Kindle loaded with my Seeker Sisters' books!
As information becomes available about my blog tour and the Kindle giveaway it will be posted on my website, Facebook, Twitter, and in the Seekerville WE. Check back often and you won't miss out on a thing. Promise!

Last, I figured out how to upload the BUY BUTTON from Amazon. Hope it works!

Anybody want to try it out? Ha!


  1. Hey Pam!

    I'm so excited for you! And yes, Tyndale is a great name to be associated with!

    Stealing Jake is one reason I put a Kindle on my birthday wish-list (my family never knows what to get for me). I'm looking forward to reading it!

    (All the exclamation points are to make up for the AWOL Seekers who are hanging out in NYC this week...)

    I'm putting out some blueberry muffins to go with Helen's coffee when it gets here - enjoy!

  2. Jan, so glad you're looking forward to reading Stealing Jake.

    I hope to put an excerpt up on my website soon. I'll let everyone know when it's available.

    You're killing me! Those blueberry muffins smell SO good! The temptation is almost more than I can bear. You'd better be glad you are THERE, and I am HERE! lol

    I'm off to sleep. Morning comes way too soon!

    Not sure if some of our night owls will be around tonight or not.

    See y'all in the morning!

  3. Hey Pam,

    What a BEAUTIFUL sight. I love seeing your name on the cover of a TYNDALE book. WOOOHOOOO


    Sounds like an exciting debut.

    Have fun.

  4. Okay, Jan, the coffee is here!!! Plenty for everyone.

    Excited for you, Pam. I'm not into the Kindle world yet. Maybe someday.


  5. LOVE this post, Pam! Congrats to you and all my fellow Digital First authors. Can't wait to read Stealing Jake. My copy is already waiting on my Kindle.


    That is a stellar cover too. So so exciting! Congratulations again.

    And yes for sure. The exclamation point police are away so hee hah!

    MMMM - muffins and coffee. Works for this night owl!

    Everyone have a great week!

  7. Hi there! For those of you who have just a desktop, you can actually download the Kindlefor PC, which is what I have. I get to download any free editions when they have specials, or like right NOW, order one from Amazon!
    I agree with you Pam, that being a Tyndale author is MILES above just putting an ebook on Amazon. That publisher carries heft. I have friends who look just for Tyndale books.

    Congratulations and I love the cover!!

  8. Pam, I purchased Stealing Jake this weekend and have been reading it non-stop. Well, except for going to church and a ballgame.

    Folks, this is such a lovely book. Fascinating heroine with a past. Hero with charm. Social commentary woven into the romance. Detailed writing that draws you into the story.

    Pam, I don't want to give too much away to other readers but between the street kid scenes and Jake teaching Livy how to make Christmas presents for the girls, I just have been in heaven reading your romance.

    Let's hear it for Tyndale's new initiative. You named a lot of reasons why it is a good thing they are backing you. I say it is a good thing for them that they have had the good sense to support you!

    Blessings, Julie

  9. Oh my stars back at ya'!!!!

    I'm with Julie HS BECAUSE....

    This is a two-way street and Tyndale is blessed to have you on board, but they know that or wouldn't have bought the book, schnookie-ukums!


    So excited, Pammers!


    Loving these muffins, Jan. Thank you!

    So, Pam, a KINDLE giveaway???? Talk about SWEET!

    Gotta give us details on that as you iron them out. And I can't wait to read "Jake"!

  10. I love the look of the book too and when I have time to read (I am behind thanks to so many bugs the past few weeks) I plan to buy the book for my kindle too.
    I love you are a Tyndale author. If someone says to me an Amazon author it could be anyone but if you say Tyndale I know its a Christian publishing house.

  11. Pam, I'm so, so happy for you! This is really exciting!!!

    Time for my morning coffee and then I'm off to New York. Too bad live so far away I have to fly.

  12. Pam, I'm so excited for you and having Tyndale backing your book...priceless.

    Love the cover and can't wait to read STEALING JAKE. I'll have to test that "Buy" button.


  13. Pam!

    Big congratulations on your book and being a Tyndal House author! THAT is so exciting in itself but getting to have your debut novel part of their debut ereader just awesome!

  14. PAM!!!! Congratulations! THIS is the beauty of a digital debut. No waiting a year for a release. I love it, I love it, I love it!

    Checking in from Philadelphia -enroute to NYC in a few hours. Had dinner in old city last night at The Continental. Thank you to Cara the manager for the lovely evening.

  15. Cool I'll be sure to follow you on your blog tour. How exciting about your book!!!

  16. YAYAYAYAY, Pammy!!

    Yes, to being a Tyndale author. That sounds sooooo cool! Tyndale House hosts some remarkable authors among which our newest star shines.

    So proud of you, kiddo.

    Going back to try that BUY button...

  17. Helen, that's okay. I have to be dragged kicking and screaming into new things too.

    But I do have to say that I love my Kindle. When dh asks if I want to ride along while he goes to look at a bull 3 hours from home, I can grab my Kindle, a pillow and a throw and I'm ready to roll!

    Hmmmm, that sounds so relaxing. Wonder if dh is up for a road trip any time soon?


  18. Thanks Diana!

    I want all four of us: Diana Prusik, Lynne Gentry & Michael Berrier to try to blog together soon, but I think we're all running in 4 different directions.

    It would be like herding cats!

  19. Congrats, Pam!!! I'm SO excited for you! :D

    Had my cup of tea. Just back from vacation, so lot's to catch up on. Off to work I go....

  20. KC! You were up late, or early, as the case may be. lol

    Virginia, I agree 100%. Lots of people surf Amazon based on publisher.

    And if they just randomly find a book that sounds interesting, they scroll down to the "specs" to see who the publisher is.

  21. I'm so excited for you Pam...but I'm a little kafuzzled about the whole e-book thing. Can I still buy your book if I don't have a Kindle? All I have is a laptop...and old, somewhat crotchety laptop. :-)

    I have to confess that I much prefer reading a real live book. LOL. I spend so much time on my computer as it is that I enjoy the reprieve of lounging and reading wherever I want to. And no, I don't want to buy a Kindle. I'm not a convert. But I do want to read your book. You've put me in such a conundrum. Not fair for a Monday morning.

  22. Julie HS!! Thank you for that glowing review. So glad you're loving it...

    wait...gotta go read your comment AGAIN...Ah...chillbumps. (Or did the AC just kick in?)

    THANK YOU! I'm grinning down South!

    Julie HS, don't you just LOVE Luke?

  23. AusJenny, that's it in a nutshell. Knowing who's backing the product. That's huge to me. that blueberry muffin of Jan's that I just scarfed down.


  24. Cara! Save travels girl.

    Kirsten. Sweet.

    Thanks Rose. The 4 debut authors are all so excited, and we're developing a little friendship network of our own. This is too big NOT to, isn't it?

    We're plotting World Dominion...

  25. Congrats on your debut, Pam. How exciting!

    Wishing you many sales and great reviews!!


  26. Tina, so glad to hear from you. Keep an eye out for Mary, won't you?

    Linnette! Glad you're back.

    Kav, you can read ebooks without benefit of a Kindle or Nook. Tyndale has a short blog post at it here.

    A friend of mine downloaded the Kindle app to her laptop and to her iPhone over the weekend. She was so excited!

  27. Thanks Susan!

    I've got to slip out for awhile. Hold down the fort, keep the coffee pot hot and the blueberry muffins coming.

    Honestly, who needs any other food with yummy, melt in your moutn blueberry muffins around?

    Jan, hand me another one of those suckers for the road.

    Be back later...

  28. I've got muffies from my Panera trip yesterday. Yum.

    I've got Stealing Jake on my Kindle. There's a couple of books in front of it :(. That makes me sad because I want to read it but happy because there's so many good books to read ;).

    Thanks to those of you who said a little prayer for my laptop. It worked for a bit yesterday. Then shut down [ironically, as I was typing a Seekerville comment about how happy I was that it was working]. Sadly, this was while I was at Panera getting ready to write. Fortunately, I planned ahead and had the netbook [and external keyboard /shudder at typing on the netbook for extended periods/] and had a fantabulous writing day!

    Pam - I'm so so so so so excited about this for you! It's AWESOME!

  29. Congratulations Pam! How exciting for you!

    Jodie Wolfe

  30. Congratulations, Pam! You're a Tyndale Author! squee!!!

  31. YAY!!!!!!1 Pammy!!!! I've got my copy on my Kindle and plan to read it when I leave for RWA.

    Also terrified of traveling to NYC so your book may save me from making a scene. It's either your book or Xanax.......
    So excited to have it, Pam. I think Tyndale's new ebook ideas are exciting.

  32. Congratulations, Pam! How exciting. I just popped over to Amazon and had them send me a sample. It sounds good. I'm about halfway through a rather lengthy book right now (Diana Gabaldon's Fiery Cross), but once I finish that, I'll have to check it out.

  33. Pam, yes, I love Luke. I found myself thinking, "this is why I loved David Copperfield." I want to take that boy home with me! His story is just as important and I loved how you juxtaposed his story with that of the main romance.

    I see Luke getting his own romance when he grows up, don't you? Hint, hint.

    Back from a morning hike, must take a shower and then I am diving in again. Forget what percentage I have read but glad there is still a good bit left to savor.

    Peace, Julie

  34. Oh my goodness, I've got to get a Kindle. I had it on my Christmas list this past year, but Santa must have most my list!

  35. Pam --

    I'm THRILLED for you!

    And I'm THRILLED for me too - I get to read STALING JAKE!

    I'll read it on the flight to NYC tomorrow. Wish you were going to RWA National.

    I'd love to get together with the Seekerviller's who will be in NYC.

    I'm presenting in Minneapolis the same weekend as ACFW's conference. Aack! I'll miss seeing everyone in September.

    Love the title and the cover of STEALING JAKE. Can't wait to dive in and let your story steal me. :-)

  36. Congratulations! Tyndale Author is an impressive name to have. ;)

  37. PAMMY!!!! And I thought I was high on caffeine this morning!!!

    But you are SO entitled, my friend, with a debut book on Amazon e-pubbed by one of the top CBA houses in the biz -- expressos all around!!!

    I simply cannot WAIT to download it onto my Mac since I don't own a Kindle, and dive in -- WHOO-HOO!!!

    Safe travels to all who are en route or about to be to NYC for RWA -- HAVE A BLAST AND GOOD LUCK TO MARY AND PAMMY IN THE RITA AND GH!!!! You go, girls ...


  38. Ooops ... forgot to with Janet Dean good luck in the Inspirational Readers Choice Awards for Faith, Hope & Love (Inspirational chapter of RWA) -- KNOCK 'EM DEAD, JANET!!!


  39. Thanks so much for this blog today, Pam. I had some friends asking me the same question this weekend, and you answered so much better than I could, addressing all my concerns. Now I can just point them to this post.

    Congratulations, and best of luck with Stealing Jake! Looking forward to reading it!!

  40. Oh, Pam, I'm so excited for you!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

    And I so agree with what you said about having a great publisher like Tyndale instead of trying to self-publish on Amazon. It's frustrating when people ask me why I don't just self-publish on Amazon because "that girl" made $2 million on her vampire books. For one thing, for every one success story, there are a couple million flops.

    And just like you said, you get professional editing with a publisher, which is PRICELESS!!! My editor is BRILLIANT and I wouldn't trade her insight for money! (And I wouldn't be trading her insight for money, because without her insight I wouldn't make any money...oh, you know what I mean.)

    And Zondervan uses marketing dollars and status and position that I don't have, just like you said. Not to mention amazing distribution power.

    So, great post, Pam! Even if it was off the cuff!

    Now I have to get back to my second round of edits on The Merchant's Daughter, which is turning out SO GOOD, ohmygosh, YUMMY, if I do say so myself! and I do!!! I can't wait, can't wait for it to come out in November!

  41. YAY! So excited for you Pam!

  42. Sorry to be AWOL. I'm at work. Hope to slip out of here soon!

  43. Cool cover Pam! So glad you're enjoying getting published! Show us newbies how promotion is done! :)

    Eva Maria Hamilton

  44. Did somebody say blueberry muffins???? Pass the plate! :D

  45. Oh, Pam your book looks amazing! I'm crossing my fingers that it will come out in print so I can get it! Congratulations!

  46. So happy for you Pam! It will be fun to see how this new line from Tyndale takes off.

  47. I'm back!

    Carol, that's too bad about the laptop. Nothing makes my stomach drop worse than something happening to my silver Dell laptop!

    And you've got Stealing Jake??? Whoo-hoo! Thanks! Hope you enjoy it bunches!

    Jodie, Erica! Thanks for stopping by! This is as much fun as my First Sale party!

    Mary, I'm not sure how reading Stealing Jake while tanked up on Xanax is going to affect you...let us know how that turns out, k?

  48. Pam! Tyndale is really promoting the digital first titles - I just got an email from them. How exciting to see your name in such an official email!

    More blueberry muffins coming out of the oven as soon as my daughter's banana bread is done! (I think she'll share - it's chocolate-chip and banana, and smells delicious)!

    (Have I used my quota of exclamation points yet?)

  49. Thanks Holly! That sampling thing is pretty neat, huh?

    Julie HS: Yeah, Luke does kinda steal your heart, doesn't he? I expect he'll get a book of his own someday. ;-)

    Patsy, definitely lobby for a Kindle this year! You'll love it.

  50. Congrats, Pam! Your excitement is contagious. Happy for you enough to do a happy dance.

  51. Margie! Whoo-hoo! So glad you're about to dig in to Stealing Jake, and I wish I could be in NYC and give you a hug! Can't believe it'll be NEXT year before I see you again.

    Sherrinda, I agree. I am so blessed to have landed with my dream publisher. They're a joy to work with, so professional!

    Julie L, yes, Stealing Jake is up for a Golden Heart award on Friday night! Jake, Livy, & Luke are pretty proud of themselves, trying to steal the show and all! Cheeky little beggars, aren't they?

  52. Janet!!! Good luck in the IRCA! What day are the winners announced?

    EC, so glad the post was helpful. Like I said, somebody asked me, and as I started SPOUTING off all the reasons I'm thrilled to partner with Tyndale instead of EVER going solo, it hit me that this would be a perfect blog post. So, here we are!

    Melanie, WE can't wait for The Merchant's Daughter to come out either, so get on with those edits! lol

  53. Casey! Eva Marie! Glad y'all are here.

    Eva Marie, Julie accused me on Facebook of sounding like her! lol

    I tend to go "whole hog or nothing" with a single-minded purpose in everything I do. Sigh

    Julie, that doesn't sound as romantic as your "Passion with a Purpose" tagline.

    I'll have to rethink speaking of hogs again! lol

  54. Pam
    SOOOOO excited for you.
    I just signed up to be a reviewer for Jake :-)

  55. Hmmm, "reviewer for Jake"
    Why did that look and sound weird?

    Okay 'reviewer for Stealing Jake"

    Hmm... doesn't sound much better

  56. Faye, from your fingertips to God's ears!

    Carrie, I agree. Can't wait to see how this takes off. It'll probably be months before we know for sure. I predict other publishing houses will follow suit with a Digital First program.

  57. JAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might have used up YOUR quota of !points, but not mine!!!!!!!!!

    Where is this email from Tyndale?

    I've checked all of my email accounts! It's probably in the ONE I've forgotten! lol

  58. Patricia, I imagine people are rolling their eyes about now. "Sheesh, can't she just get OVER it, already!"

    Pepper!! Oooh, that does sound exciting. Where can *I* sign up? lol

  59. I love your comments, Pam. I mean, it's Tyndale! I'm rolling my eyes but because I can see you hopping up and down with joy. Me too. I know you can't see me, but I'm all wiggly with happiness for you. can't wait to give you a real hug.

    Lori Beatty

  60. Hi Pam:

    I’m with Tina: who wants to wait 8 months for a book to come out – when you know it exists! Like Tina's book for example!!

    Besides with me, I’m always waiting for the Kindle version to come out anyway so I can make the type big enough to read. I’d like to buy Tina’s second book today on Kindle while all the technophobes can wait until October.

    BTW: The buy button did not work this morning. It put me into a shopping cart that was empty. Very strange. Maybe it had something to do with cookies. Ruth might know about that. This afternoon, however, the buy button worked right and I have my copy of “Stealing Jake”.

    I must say “Stealing Jake”
    starts with a bang!(Actually five 'bams') And it only takes about one or two pages for the hero to knock the heroine off her feet! Wow!

    Great job!


  61. Pam - the email I received was sent out to Tyndale's blog reviewers. And yes, I requested to review "Stealing Jake". Can't wait for my request to be approved!!!

    I post my reviews on Amazon, CBD,, and on my blog. Do you have any other sites you'd like me to put it on when I have it written?

  62. Vince.

    I've been on pins and needles to know what you think because I respect your opinion


    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  63. Popping in to say hi again. Marry Curry sighting! She checked me in at the RWA registration desk!!

  64. Mmm.... Blueberry muffins! They're yum, Jan! ;-)

  65. I'd love for the four of us Digital First fiction authors to blog together soon. Great idea, Pam! You're full of them; what a brilliant mind you have, my friend! :-)

  66. Hi Tina! It was so great to meet up with you. Looking forward to meeting many others tomorrow.

    Pam, I love the way your enthusiasm shines through this post. It would make me have to be excited for you even if I wasn't already!

    It's not out for Nook yet, right? I just checked but didn't see it. Can do Kindle app on iPad but would rather wait for Nook if it's coming.

  67. Congratulations to you all, and welcome to the Tyndale family--as you already know, it's an awesome place to be. Blessings on your debut novel!


  68. Ah Diana, it's from being around the Seekers for so long. They keep me on my toes.

    And, have you met Tina's mind????


    She's BRILLIANT!

  69. MaryC, it's coming on Nook.


    They have all the info, but are just dragging their feet, I guess. Like you, I keep checking!

    Should be on CBD, B&N soon.

    It's on Mobipocket and Amazon already.

  70. Candace, I'm so excited to be part of the Tyndale family. It's been an exciting adventure for sure.

  71. Great post, Pam - - and CONGRATULATIONS on your Tyndale release! ~ Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo :)

  72. Pam, congrats. I did check out B&N and you weren't there yet for my Nook. Hope you'll be there soon.

  73. Congrats, Pam!!! Your book sounds great......gotta get a Kindle now!!!

  74. Thanks Jackie. I love my library of print books, but I love my Kindle books too.

    It's like having lots of children, the same, but different! lol