Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So Many Acronyms, So Little Time

I think it's fair to assume that writer's don't get credit for half our brilliance. I'm pretty sure we invented the acronym. It was only natural for guys like Al Einstein to borrow the technique. After all, genius recognizes genius.

Acronyms are the foundation for text messages. Which of course launched Twitter as we know it.

So pat yourself on the back and if you're ready for a Seekerville acronym refresher, you're in luck.

Remember, acronyms are not to be confused with Author Speak, which Janet Dean has so nicely explained in this post from the archives.

WIP = Work in progress

POV = Point of view

2S2L = Too stupid too live (as in the heroine who is...)

ARC =Advanced reading copy

MS or MSC = manuscript

HEA = Happily ever after

H/H = Hero/Heroine

GMC = Goal. Motivation. Conflict.

GH = Golden Heart Award

CRIT = Critique

TBR = To be read

BICHOK = Butt in chair, hands on keyboard

TAG = Title. Author. Genre

AFK = Away from keyboard

WF = Women's Fiction

ST = Single Title

SC = Short Contemporary

LC = Long Contemporary

SH = Short historical

LH = Long historical

YA = Young adult

MG = Middle grade

SF = Science Fiction

SF/F = Science Fiction and Fantasy

SF/F/P = Science Fiction and Fantasy and Paranormal

ACFW = American Christian Fiction Writers

RWA = Romance Writers of America

ICRS = International Christian Retailer Show

BEA = Book Expo America

CBA = Christian Bookseller's Association

ABA = American Bookseller's Association

PASIC = Published Author Special Interest Chapter

NINC = Novelists, Inc.

PAN = Published Authors Network

PW = Publisher's Weekly

NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month

BIAW = Book in a Week

There are also the funny and tasteless acronyms:

WWJAD = What would Jane Austin do?

PUYBGP = Pull up your big girl panties

Seekerville of course has a few of our own acronyms such as:

DD = Don't Diva.

MDI or JDI = Mary did it. or Julie did it.

FOS = Friend/s of Seekerville

SKRVL = Seekerville

And today I'd like to propose a few we ought to be using:

WIDSAC = When in doubt, shoot a character

WTJR = Who took Jack's rum?

WWFC = Will write for chocolate

LMMOUI = Left my mind on Upubbed Island

What about you, any you'd like to share or create? Feel free to be funny and tasteless, just keep it PG Rated.

And just in case you need help...

Para Ducks Acronym Generator

Acronym Creator

Today, I'm giving away your choice of a 5 page critique liberally sprinkled with acronyms and/or for a reader, a copy of Glynna Kaye's latest Love Inspired release, At Home In His Heart. Winner announced in the Weekend Ed.


  1. Our family uses DKDC. Don't know, don't care. :-) For the inane and useless.


    My new favorite acronym!


  3. Totally cracking up at these...especially Mary Did It. LOL!

    One of my faves is WYSIWYG...What you see is what you get. Which is pretty much me in a nutshell.

    Then there's SERITH. Sigh. Eye Roll. Implore The Heavens...which is what my husband does when I tell him I need just a FEW more books. :D

  4. Ok I totally cracked up with WIDSAC I thought has Mary written this post as isn't that her motto.
    I love it.

    I remember a friend kept putting LOL on posts often really serious ones with a coment like my dog died today lol
    I finally said what does LOL mean to you as in chat or computer talk its normally laugh out loud. She said OH my I was meaning Lots Of Love. We still get a kick out of that one.

    maybe a IIDRAB If in doubt read a book.

  5. In some businesses, acronyms are SOP, so you'd better learn them ASAP!

    One of my favs? ROTFLWTD (Rolling on the floor laughing with the dog).

    Good night all, see you in the morning.

  6. Adding those to my collection, Erica.

    Love it!!

  7. I thought SH stood for Steeple Hill.

    My favorite is still ROTFLMAO, but this is a family blog.

  8. See I had never heard the dog part of that laughing. Jenny and Jan just upgraded my acronym education.

  9. Hey I was in the Army, they know how to use acronyms. But yeah, it is a PG blog.

  10. I have to say so glad JDI isn't Jenny did it. or in the case of me BIOJ or IJF
    Blame it on Jenny or Its Jenny's fault
    I get the blame for everything here. the Churches data projector wouldn't work on Sunday and they were going to play a dvd of Amazing Grace. now I dont like this song and they knew it so it was Its Jennys fault!
    I think you need an
    SR acronym for Seekers Rule!

  11. I really need to work on the BICHOK. One of my favorites is PUSH - Pray Until Something Happens.

    Put the two sentiments together, and I come up with TUSH - Type Until Something Happens.

    ITTE/IWTE I Typed/Wrote The End. I'm looking forward to that one some day.

    I'm definitely in for Glynna's book. I have the first two and I love her stories.

    andeemarie95 at gmail dot com

  12. LOL. You guys are so creative.




  13. Fun post, Tina.

    I would add TWC - Tortoise Writers Club, of which I'm a charter member. But I'm working on picking up my speed. =)

  14. Oh, Keli's comment reminded me of one my crit group had.

    WADS Word Attachment Disorder Syndrome

    The excruciating pain caused by having to murder your darlings.

  15. TINA - what's this?
    Winner announced in weekend ed???? WUWT? (What's up with that?) WE I'd think.

    One of my old faves is FTITK (for those in the know)

    And May the K9 Spy's is BOL (barking out loud) Ha!

    Learned some FUN new ones. And loving them!

    Thx all. Laughing with the dog for sure!

  16. I love Carrie. DKDC. That sums it up perfectly, chica!

    And SERITH... Erica, awesome!


    That's a popular one around here. "Are you freakin' kidding me?"

    But you know what my high school teacher kids have found? That current high schoolers are totally using this stuff in place of words.

    In essays.

    In homework.

    That when asked, the look at the teacher like "Duh? Why WOULDN'T I write idk if I don't know something? that's what it means, right?"

    Today's acronym might become tomorrow's contraction.

    OMS. ;)

    Hey, coffee's ready, a FULL COFFEE BAR today because I need it, so if I need it, you get it. W/W

    And flavored creamers to the left, a fruit bowl beyond them, red velvet cake to celebrate Red Velvet Day (note the pink cream cheese icing and the fudge drizzle along the sides) and plates and forks are alongside the fresh Georgia peach pie.

    I love me some Georgia peaches!

    Wait: ILMSGP!!!

    "Ilmsgup" Hey, I like that one!

  17. And Carrie, your last name is the same as Jean's in "A Town Like Alice" by Neville Shute, one of my favorite books/films.

    Of course Brian Brown doesn't HURT THE MATTER.... ;)

    But what a great romance wound in a masterful tale. I just love it.

  18. Ruthy I hope authors dont start writing in acronyms like the kids are cos It could get quite confusing. I read the camp club girls books and they have a bit of code in them but ones that most know.


    (or in english Im off to bed to read)

  19. my favorite is TOO MUCH BS

    BS being Back Story...of course, but it sorta works well for, um, the other as well.


  20. hi everyone - too early for me to learn a new language! I'd go back to bed but have to go to work-blech!

  21. Andrea, I love the TUSH. So many words; so many worn out keyboards.

    I never realized a keyboard could wear out. Until it happened, LOL.

    STP is a favorite around here. Sooner Than Possible. Totally out ranks its better know cousin, ASAP!!

    Would love to stay and play letter games, but gotta go ultrasound livestock at the County Fair!

    (i love my job...i love my job...I love my job...)

    Great post, Tina!!

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  23. My acronym this morning is MHC...must have coffee!


    PS I'm anxiously waiting for Wednesday for two reasons, one the heat wave here is supposed to subside and the other...SEEKERVILLE GUEST!!!!

  24. I never use acronyms in my blog, except when poking fun. Unless I wanted to make someone mad.

  25. Welcome to Seekerville, Jay.

    Have some coffee. We will attempt to not make you mad.

  26. Rose. Spot on, in the words of Madame S.

    Wednesday is going to be a very good day.


  27. Fun post! Sitting here on a Navy Base the acronym possibilities are endless and varied (but either too specialized, or not suitable to share in a PG forum).

    My family uses CUAR (Cowboy UP and Ride) its alternative SUAR (Saddle Up and Ride). This can mean get your behind in the car because dad’s ready to start the road trip, or you’ve whined enough get over it and get back to life.


  28. Love these. One I see a lot is when my son will text me something a bit outrageous. I will say, "are you serious?" and he says


    Just Kidding!

    I also like IMHO

    In My Humble Opinion, except I feel like a hypocrite when using it, because I'm opinionated and need to work on being humble about my ideas. lol

    Would love to win a critique

  29. SICLOL!!!!!


    This was HILARIOUS, Teenster, and you get the prize for making me laugh the earliest in the morning (and spew) in MONTHS!!!

    My fav is BICHOK and PUSH from Andrea -- VC!!!

    My daughter always makes fun of me (so what's new!) when I say BBF instead of BFF because I tend to get it mixed up, but in my defense it COULD be BEST Best Friend, right???


  30. How fun!

    Although I will say, I think 2S2L should be banned from all contests and critiques. While I think people assume it's 'cute', I find it to be derogatory and lacking in direction.

    I usually say, "Here's a great place where you can empower your character."

  31. Love these, Tina! I'm part of Keli's group--TWC!!!

  32. WSWOSICW - Wishing Summer Was Over So I Could Write

    IHPASS - I Hate Pools And Swim Suits

    THTDABW - Too Hot To Do Anything But Write

    JGMTLANGH - Just Give Me the Laptop and Nobody Gets Hurt

  33. You are all too funny - but cute.

    So, what's for lunch? Alphabet soup?

  34. These are great!!! I actually didn't know TAG!

    Close to one you gave, I think we should include IMF, It's Mary's Fault.

    Or how about MDIA: Mary Did it Again (meaning double booked a flight or hotel). ;)

    Or IPAM: I pulled a Mary. That's when one of us double books a flight or hotel. :)

    I think it's pick on Mary day!!

  35. Y'all have added some great ones!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  36. Loved the WIDSAC.

    My favorite is from Tigger.

    TTFN - Ta Ta For Now

    Jodie Wolfe

  37. LOL! Oh goodness, LOL!

    This was too funny! My favorite was LMMOUI. Yep, that's me. :)

    This is actually what happened to me yesterday, because I went to work at a Doctor's office and it is FILLED with acronym I have NO idea what they represent. Talk about a foreign world. :)

  38. A lot of these are lost in me. After hanging around Seekerville for a while, I finally started picking up on the meanings of some like WIP, HEA, H/H, and several others. It’s like being in a group of foreign speakers… you’ll eventually begin to understand what they’re saying.

    TTFN (Ta-Ta For Now! (Okay, not very original…)),

  39. Not quite awake yet and the letters are swimming across the screen! LOL.

    It reminded me how far I've come from the first contests I entered and got back big "POV"'s written across the page. Huh? What the heck is a POV? I had no idea. It took a long time before I found out what the letters meant and even longer to figure out what was actually wrong with my POV in the story!! I'm with Keli - tortoise speed!

    Thanks for the grin this morning. I'm so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. Been up at the hospital twice a day most days for the last 10 days, after mom had a small stroke on the 24th of July. We hope she'll get out this week and she'll come to stay with us for a while until we're sure she is okay on her own.

    I don't know how people do this long term!

    Have a great day and stay cool!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  40. Sherri, you are right. I pretty much think the 2S2L heroine is the one who is in old Gothic movies or B thrillers --the one who you are screaming at..NO NO NO DO NOT GO DOWN INTO THE DARK BASEMENT. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE YOU FOOL.

  41. Oh, Susan, praying for your mom's total and complete recovery!

  42. Another to add to the list...


    Acute Hissy Fit.

  43. I love Sherri Shackelford!

    I agree. And I have to remind myself when I'm reviewing or critiquing in a contest that I'm NOT LOOKING AT TINA'S STUFF. OR SANDRA'S. OR MARY'S. OR ANDREA'S.

    Because they'll understand my snark, but a newbie??/ Oh, no, no crushing of newbies allowed. Gentle. Direct. Advisory.

    (okay, it still might come off ALB (a little bossy) but nobody's perfect, right????

    Sherri, I concur, be nice. The Thumper rule is a GOOD RULE.

  44. See? SEE???? Ragging on Mary is NOT STRICTLY a Ruthy-pasttime.

    We all do it.

    Unless JULIE'S available.


    Luckily the gals all know how genteel and sensitive I am, so they never, ever pester moi.

    Because that would be just wrong.

  45. Melanie~ WSWOSICW definitely applies to me. My husband is a teacher and my 4 y.o. is starting half-day pre-school this fall. I'm working on BICHOK, and I can't wait to have all afternoon every week day to write.

    Here's another good one - IINS, Or as my husband often says "Immediately, If Not Sooner."

  46. LOL and having too much fun this morning.

    Need to GBTW--Get back to work!

    So I can return ASAP and have more DBL, deep belly laughs.

    GPP/Georgia peach pie? Thanks, Ruthy!

    Is it really RVD/Red Velvet Day? Time for a celebration, IMHO.



  47. Fun post, Tina! I've actually said, "Laughing outloud." Now that's scary. If I start saying, "LOL!" I'll have myself committed.

    Ruthy, love the peach pie!!


  48. This was great...I finally feel "in the know"...ITK. : ) My first thought...
    PGFN....Praise God for Naptime

    Now back to watching Word Girl with my 4 year old : ).

  49. Janet, I think we are okay living our life in acronyms, it's when you start living your life in mental thoughts of Facebook status updates that you are really in big trouble.

  50. You are in the know, Stacey. Nothing like knowing the language of the tribe to make you feel right at home.

  51. Checking in...still LOL.

    Now I have to GBTW!

    BTW, congrats to Melanie Dickerson on her Maggie final in the YA category for THE HEALER'S APPRENTICE!

    YAY, Mel!

    SPOY/So proud of you!

  52. Wow, Tina - - this is a SUP (Super Useful Post)! Thanks for this refresher list (and a few I didn't already know, so I've certainly learned something new!). Hope you are having a wonderful week. Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo, DCM (Devoted Cat Mom) ;)

  53. My friend and his co-workers who help students at a college with their computer problems will say this out loud to one another:

    We have an ID 10 T


  54. Loved the post! Made me laugh! Thanks Tina!

  55. In my previous post, it's easier to read like this:
    We have an I.D. 10 T.

    Idiot in code.

  56. WE like to say DC for the baby- he's a direct current from his mouth to... well, you know.
    I'd love a critique for my new WIP!

  57. P.S. Reading all these posts now, I had a really good laugh! I liked the 'CUAR'... Cowboy Up and Ride! Gonna have to use that on my kids...

  58. I really did lol at May's bol.

    Or maybe I bol'd...

    Oh well!

    Made me smile for sure!

  59. Cute post! I'd love a copy of Glynna's book.

    TTFN is my all-time favorite! Ta-ta for now by Tigger! :D

    I personally like FOS. :D Oh! and MDI an JDI!

    Here's one: RSI - Ruthy said it. Because I love Ruthy and she says so much and she's just so darned funny! There's one: DF - darned funny. :D

    It's been so hot this summer, we could do: SC - not for South Carolina, but for Stay Cool.

    GB for God bless! or as they like to say in the south: GBYLH - God bless your little heart.

    Audra's should be: ILMJ - I love my job. ;-)

  60. Sue, praying for your mom and that you get some rest, sweetie!

  61. Oh, let's don't forget PTL and TGIF!

  62. Too, too, too clever, Teenster! I am brain-dead from a day of editing so I can't come up with any cute acronyms of my own to add to the list. Just enjoying the chuckles over everyone else's!

    Oh, here's one that just came to me:


    Semi-retired husband under foot.

    Memory flash--when he was consulting full-time from home, I used to hear him on the phone slinging telecommunications-related acronyms all over the place. Sounded like he was talking in code!

  63. What a geat post! Somtimes it's hard to keep your BICHOK when you have a WIP and your H/H is 2S2L or live HEA and the POV might get confusing...wait a sec..AFK. OK, But I just have to ask myself WWJAD and PUYBGP and remember I WWFC and as long as I'm a FOS, it will be alright. TTYL :)

  64. Okay, Jennifer, you win. You totally cracked me up or in acronym land ROTFL. And there ought to be a spew the keyboard one as well.

  65. RSI?

    Now we won't be able to get her head through the door.

  66. Lol @ WIDSAC!

    Thanks for sharing,

    (you are a cutie)


  67. OH I LOVE "RSI!!!!"


    NOW. ;)

    lINNETTE, I'm grinning ETE but mostly because I'm imagining Teeeeena's CRINGE....


    Love it!

    Leaving chocolate butterscotch chip cookies. Just because you guys are the best. I love smiling.

    Totally. God rocks.

  68. Hilarious posts today!!!!!
    Count me in for Glynna's book!

  69. So, now that it's suppertime (at least in the west), are we all going to have BLT's? Or in my case, ABLO (Avocado, Bacon, Lettuce, Onion on toasted wheat bread)?


  70. Hahahaaa! Love it! I'm stealing the WWFC!! And I love the DD one. Heeheee!

  71. I totally thought IMHO was In My Honest Opinion. LOL Thanks for the enlightenment, Cathy S!

  72. Tina, your post and comments are hilarious. My two 20 something sons have tried to educate their much older mom in the use of acronyms when texting. I'm still trying to learn the meanings of many of them. But here's a few of the ones I've mastered. BRB--be right back, TTYL--talk to you later, JK--just kidding, JM--just messing and, yes, they use LMAO among other questionable ones.
    Put me in for the drawing for a 5 page critique for either today or over the weekend, please.

  73. This post had me cracking me up really bad, especially 'BICHOK'. I don't have a problem with that, cause I'd rather write than do my school. *grin* It's nice when you've done all the books and you have to wait a semester till you can start dual credit college and mom has writing books and blogs for you to study as school. I don't know when school has ever been more fun! lol (that's laugh out loud right now)
    One of my favorite acronyms is SYLA...See you later, Alligator.
    I'd love to read Glynna Kaye's At Home in His Heart.

  74. There were a lot in the comments I liked, particularly PUSH and TUSH.
    I thought someone would like my IHPASS but maybe everybody actually likes going to waterparks and pools and wearing swim suits in 97-degree weather. It's my idea of hell on earth, frankly. My friend said sweating was a good way to detox, so I should be much healthier tonight than I was this morning when I left to go to HOE, otherwise known as the waterpark.

    I really, really love my kids, apparently.

    Thanks, Debby, for the congrats! :-)

  75. Melly you are so funny. We are slightly...slightly older than you.

    I prefer NOT to remember those days in any way shape or you get my drift.

  76. OH MY GOSH!@!! I get to meet the famous Esther!!! Hi, Esther!!!

  77. Oh my, I can't keep up! You guys are so sweet and fun.

    We'll keep too stupid to live amongst our very dearest and closest friends who should know better :)

  78. I did forget about BRB, Pat Jeanne.

  79. Thanks for the list. Today, acronyms are popping up faster than I can figure them out.

    And to Ausjenny, I remember when my late mother got her first taste of the internet. We had bought her a "WebTV." Anyway, as she gatered her group of new friends on the internet, she commented to me about his one friendly gentleman. "He sure is affectionate. He signs everything with LOL." And of course we all LOL'd.

  80. My favorite acronym, I have to admit, is the one my husband told me about.


    A TLA is, of course, a "three letter acronym." And everybody needs one.

    TOOO much fun!!!