Friday, September 23, 2011

The Official "I Am Not At the 2011 ACFW Conference" Pity Party

As you know, in Seekerville we believe in the 24 hour rule of whining. So heads up. When you finish reading this post... you are officially done.

There are four parts to today's pity post.

1. Will It Take An Act of God to Get You to ACFW Next Year?
2. Other options.
3. Giveaways.
4. The Big Surprise

That's it, because it's Friday and we need to go shopping to buy chocolate and other low cal treats so we can go online and watch the virtual awards ceremony at the ACFW Conference LIVE BLOG on Saturday night. Check it out here.

1. Will It Take An Act of God to Get You to ACFW Next Year?

This is your opportunity to do the pity dance. Why aren't you at the ACFW conference? Not enough cash? Not enough vacation days? Too many obligations? Too many kids?

Come on. Give me your best whine, because this is all you get!

2. Other Options. We fully support an act of God, however planning is a perfectly acceptable alternative. Note: these calculations are approximations only, so add or subtract according to your situation.

Cost of Conference:

Registration: $515

Airfare/Transportation: $400

Hotel Thursday, Friday, Saturday: $160 per night (divide by one roomate = $80 per night)

Miscellaneous (Clothes, Hair, Tips, Treats Etc): $300

Eats and Drinks: $50 per day

Early Bird Session: $85

Total: $1, 690.00

Divide this by 10 months =$169 per month or
Divided by 300 days =$5.63 per day

Cost of meeting the editor or agent of your dreams and chillin' with Seekerville at the conference?


So start saving. Start writing to fill your piggy bank!

3. Giveways. Just because you aren't at conference doesn't mean you can't have free books. Speak up and tell us which book you haven't read but would like to. We want to get the right book into your hand.

We're also giving away two 5 page anonymous critiques from Seekers. But you have to tell us you want one. We're good, but we don't read minds.

No waiting until the Weekend Edition. Winners will be announced in this post at midnight EST.

  • Two copies of Oklahoma Reunion by Tina Radcliffe (print or Kindle)

  • At Home in His Heart by Glynna Kaye (print copy)

  • Wanted: A Family by Janet Dean (print copy)

  • Love on Assignment by Cara Lynn James (print copy)

  • The Officer's Secret by Debby Giusti (print or digital)

  • Rocky Mountain Hero by Audra Harders (print or Kindle)

  • Mended Hearts by Ruth Logan Herne (print or digital)

  • Out of Control by Mary Connealy (print)

  • Ten Plagues by Mary Nealy (print)

  • A Family for Faith by Missy Tippens (print)

  • The Price of Victory by Sandra Leesmith (print) JUST ADDED TO THE LIST!!

4. The Big Surprise. It Takes A Village.

Click on our ad to see full size.
This ad debuted in the 2011 ACFW Conference booklet.
See, almost like you're at the conference, right?

October 1-31 Seekerville celebrates the start of our fifth year and over a quarter of a million hits, and more than 1,300 blogs posts by moving to our own town. (The blog stays on the island but everything else is moving.)

Thank you for your support, Friends of Seekerville. We hope you'll party with us all month long. We have cake, special guests and daily prizes, weekly prizes and a big monthly prize to giveaway.

That's it..pity party over. Hope you had a good time. See you back here Sunday for pictures of the fun from your Seekerville conference delegates.


  1. So. Much. FUN!

    No pity party here. Happy for those who are there!!!

    Would love a critique. Would enjoy winning ANY of the books I've not already read... like Officer's Secret, Out of Control or Family for Faith.

    WOW! Our own TOWN?! OOOH - that sounds like a wonderful idea. Figured it'd be something marvelous! Kudos ladies!!! Truly, each of you is an inspiration. Thanks for letting us Friends of Seekerville tag along for the journey...

    I'll have one of those cupcakes please. YUMMO!

  2. OK, since a little pit of "pity partying" is allowed, I'll say that ACFW was one kind of inconceivable this year since I'm a college student and this is my last year - so, I'm in classes and I'm not exactly independently wealthy. But hey, if it's God's will, I'll get there someday! :) In the meantime, I'm having fun hanging out here in the blogging world and trying hard not to freak out about the fact that my life after college is uncertain (not to God, but to me...).

    Anyway, I would love a chance to win a print copy of Oklahoma Reunion! Pretty please with sugar on top...? ;)



  3. Kewl kewl Seekerville looks awesomundo. Who lives where?

    Oh I had a pity party believe me. But I feel I had reason. We lost our business, had to go bankrupt and were forced to move for work.

    Since we are still catching up, I felt I couldn't justify the expense.

    Ya'll at conference lucked out big time.;-).

    So please have pity on me. I would love love love a critique.( did I say that enough) If not my sorrow from missing the conference might be appeased if I could read the book from that new Seekerville author. Miss Nealy.

  4. I like that..a little pit.


    I am not there because I only get three weeks of vacation a year and I went to BEA, RWA and Seattle last week.

    One cannot run amok you know!!

    Day jobs must be honored.

  5. I want everything, LOL. I desperately need a copy of Mended Hearts or Oklahoma Reunion and I can't buy them because I'm already saving for Dallas =)
    And I'd REALLY LIKE a five page crit of the new WIP, and a pint of chocolate ice cream to enjoy while cheering on everyone in St. Louis.
    Tina, can you tell us a little more about Will there still be a daily post from the seekers or guests?

  6. I'm not at ACFW for the obvious reason--noticed the economy lately?

    Then there are gas prices. At the conference cost you've calculated, that is about 5 months of filling my husband's gas tank for the 60-mile commute each way. :( (Yes, I'm grateful for his job!)

    Tomorrow (technically today)James Dean Festival in Fairmount, Indiana starts. I'm peddling my book (Images of America: Fairmount) to everyone I see. Meetin' somebody from Germany at the local B & B for breakfast tomorrow.

    Plus, my baby boy is a high school senior, so things aren't lookin' good for next year, either. Hello college bills.

    I'd love to win (and feel I've earned it..just sayin'I and have many of the titles. Would like Out of Control, which describes my pity party. Turned into a bit of a festiva in its own rightl, didn't it? Pardon me while I find the tissues. lol

  7. Okay, I don't qualify for anything since I'm HANGING OUT WITH THE SEEKERVILLE LADIES!.

    But it looks like you could use a big pot of coffee. So I'm dropping in to set it up.

    Having a GREAT time.


  8. Hi from St. Louis.
    We had the usual seeker party tonight and it was terrific. So, so so fun to see faces to go with the names we've gotten to know here at Seekerville.

    Julie did a session tonight on kissing. Ooooooh boy. With Ruth Axtell Morren. Funny, occasionally a little steamy....(JULIE!!)a great session.

    Ruthy and I are planning on pitching a session next year. We haven't picked a topic yet but I figure she'll just whine and I'll tell he to grow up. We can keep that going for an hour. Her whining can take surprisingly long.

  9. This all sounds like so much fun!
    The book I really want to read next is:
    Ten Plagues by Mary Nealy

    Oh, & please enter me in the drawing for a critique too.

    Thanks so much!


  10. Thank goodness Helen put coffee on! I'm in dire need of caffeine. I could really, really, *really* use a critique, too. I'm feeling very sorry for myself that not only haven't I been able to get to the ACFW Conference, I can't even go to my other favourite Surrey Int'l one next month, either, and it's local! ::sigh:: Too many unexpected expenses came up this year. There! Pity party over. I'm happy for those who did get there, and I'll be listening in Saturday night, catching a bit of the excitement.

    Congratulations on the new digs, BTW. A whole new Seekerville town is awesome. I'll be flying over to check it out on the 1st.

  11. I'm not there 'cause I'm not a writer! plus I'm spending $ on a quilt retreat for myself and a friend - and if I end up boarding my dogs at a no-cage boarding facility their 'retreat' will cost more than the one my friend and I are attending! Hopefully I'll go with taking them to my dad's backyard...but I want to check this place out for the convenience plus it's better with the heat.

    wow for $1690 I vote ya'll do a seekerville cruise out of Galveston! :-)


  12. Oh wow, we have some really great whiners here. I am so impressed.

    Seekerville the town will just be a neater/tidier way to put our stuff out there. We're sort of all jam packed her on the blog.

    The blog stays but the ancillary stuff..will go away. I guess you'll just have to wait and see.

  13. Mary and Helen, how nice of you to stop by.

    Now I can whine even louder.

  14. Susanna, you're right. Conferences are pretty hefty price tags.

    I like the idea of a cruise.

    Heck, I like the idea of a quilt retreat.

  15. Thinking of those at the conference I would love to win either
    Oklahoma Reunion
    or Mended Hearts I think I have all the others or about to get the couple I dont have.
    I have a peanut bank which I put my lose change in and its amazing how it adds up.

  16. I have already begun to make plans for next year's conference! And I'm not having a pity party - realized early on this year that the conference would not be "doable" this year.

    I'd like to read "The Officer's Secret". And I want to throw my name in the hat for a 5 page critique.

  17. Well, the flight costs for me are significantly higher than the average conference attendee! But God willing, one day I'd love to fly over from Australia - I'd have to make a holiday of it at the same time!

    Would love to win either A Family for Faith or Love on Assignment :)


  18. A peanut bank!

    What's a peanut bank.

    And you are so right Helen!

    What's the fare from Australia??

  19. Well, I'm still whining that I couldn't afford RWA this year... and because I have 2 kids, the day job and... hubby may just jump out a window if I leave him with the babies for that long, I couldn't go to ACFW.

    THIS YEAR... But next year, it's Dallas, baby, and I think I'm gonna try to swing it!

    Hey, but I'm excited 'cause I'll be at GA Romance Writer's Moonlight and Magnolia's conference. It's closer and cheaper but still fun, fun, fun!

    Neener, neener, neener!

    Whew, that was whining and some smart alec-ness...

    Could I get a critique please?

    ;) Christy
    christylashea at gmail dot com

  20. I wish I was there too, but being in Australia is a little too far away at present.

    Maybe one day in God's timing.
    I'd love to win Out of Control (Print Copy) or Rocky Mountain Hero (also print copy)as it sounds great!

    Jess :)

  21. forgot my email:

  22. Tina - I think flights are $1200 (Aussie $) return to LAX, so then have to add domestic flights on top of that. Not that the cost is my only hurdle at present, 2 kids under the age of 3 makes it difficult too :P

  23. No whining here.

    I’m on a bus bound for Georgia with about thirty young people.

    Church conference. Yay!!!

    But I would love the critique and a cup of coffee. :)

  24. We can whine here???? I might just do a little, only because we've been under a car curse this year! Two cars have completely gave up the ghost and now their replacements (plus our remaining car) have had major trouble...about once every month or two. Yep, no extra money for ACFW fun! year ACFW is in Dallas, which is in my backyard! So I am totally there and will be early to the Seekerville party for sure!

    Congratulations on the move! I can't wait to see all the bells and whistles at the new place.

    And if you are giving stuff away...I'd so love a chance to get Oklahoma Reunion!

  25. Let's see, my whining day job so can't take vacation, AA's for the March 2012 book due, and am racing toward a deadline for my October 2012 book! But who knows, maybe next year Dallas! Oh, and it's 37 degrees here this morning. Brrr. This solar-powered gal is NOT ready for winter and these short, short days!

  26. I'm not a writer but oh, how I'd like to go to something like that. Sounds like so much fun! Shoot, I'd like any kind of outing!

    I haven't read Out of Control by Mary Connealy or Love on Assignment by Cara Lynn James but would love to. I've heard they are great!


  27. Oooh!!! A neener neener too!!'

    Serious stuff here today.


  28. Wow, hi, Jess, another Aussie!!

    Love it!!

    And Helen, ouch that's expensive and I admit I didn't go to my first conference until everyone in the house could make their own peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

  29. 37 degrees?? It's only 48 here in Colorado. Brr GK.

  30. Sherrinda!!! That's awful.

    Praying, kiddo!!

    Bridgett, you are very, very, brave!!

  31. Helen thats not bad for a flight I paid over $2000 to go to Vancouver with taxes I think. then there is the flight from LA to where ever the conference is.

    Tina a Peanut bank is a piggy bank in the shape of a peanut. I got it in Queensland at a peanut farm.
    I looked ups some flights and it would be 1900 from Adelaide for me to go to LA including taxes. (I like when it was less but the other site I looked didn't include the taxes.)

  32. Hi Tina, I must have missed something. You can add PRICE OF VICTORY to the prize list. I would be happy to give one away.

    It is a blast here. I've met some Seeker friends and of course seen my Seeker sisters. smiling.

    Cyber hugs to all of you.

  33. Cupcakes???

    YES!!!! GIMME!!!!!

    Carol Moncado brought a TUB of homemade cookies to the conference!!!! Oh my stars, it's Seekerville LIVE, LOL!

    Tina, this was wonderful! Marvelous! By the time we got in our rooms yesterday there was no time to 'connect' and unpack, but yes, the conference is lovely...

    Yes, the trip is well worth it...

    But more so if you do the work first. Then you don't have to worry about guilt... Work, work, work...

    Write, write, write....

    Save, save, save....

    And each chocolate.

    STARBUCKS in the hotel. I have NOT killed anyone this trip. Nor have I whined. I have, however, embarrassed Mary repeatedly AND...

    Just went down for coffee in my jammies.

    Yes. I did. :)


    Newsflash: I met Pepper, and Helen, and Rose, and newsflash again....

    Barbour is hanging on to Heartsong to see what happens!!!!

    Do you know how cool that is???? All my out of work friends will no longer be vying for my spot at Love Inspired!!! PHEW!!! ;)

    I was so delighted to hear that last night. Just thrilled, because we know how tough it is when lines close.

    And I got to play with Patti Jo (Cat Mom) and Stephanie Karfelt and I met pretty little Lacy Nazbeth who pops in here and SHE'S YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL LIKE CASEY!!!

    Hate 'em. ;)

    Confession time: I slept with Casey Herringshaw. She DOES NOT SNORE... but she does talk in her sleep....

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! I will use her somnambulent words for BLACKMAIL...

    If needed.

    I feel like I'm so far behind and I'm trying to think of other things... LI is actively looking for historicals, historicals, historicals... And Amish... And suspense... And the spotlight on LI last night with Melissa and Elizabeth Mazer was just wonderful. So fun... And they gave away a whole bunch of books, including a bunch of SEEKER BOOKS!!!!!!!!

    And I love seeing/meeting/hugging everybody!

    And HELEN GRAY was NOT SHY!!!! ;)

    Or gray.

    But so stinkin' cute, I just can't stop hugging her!

    Gotta get ready... LI meeting downstairs at 8:00... I do not look ready for a meeting of any sort in 35 minutes. But I looked cute last night, and that's a huge plus.

    Grinning with big teeth in St. Louis!

  34. OOps I'm borrowing Audra's computer. That last message is from me. Sandra

  35. Oh, and the Yankees cinched the pennant! American League East Division Champions!!! Let the champagne and the NY Yankee accolades flow!!! ;)

  36. Oh add Price of Victory to the books I would love to win.

    Thanks for the update. Does that mean Heartsong presents will continue? I know a few authors who would be so excited especially the ones who were contracted for next year.

  37. AusJenny - yes $1200 was a sale price my mum paid last year, departing from Sydney. Prices used to avg $1600 I think, until Virgin got in on the flight route and the competition lowered the prices. You MAY get it as low as $1000 if you get the right sale. It's still a good whack of money though!!

  38. No whining here. There's no sense. As long as the Navy continues to have conferences in the same month I'll be going to theirs. That whole day job thing.

    I did A LOT of whining when they teased me for months about going to a conference in Hawaii, only to be told the budget couldn't handle it I'd be going to the conference in Annapolis.

    Looks like we're in for a fun month in October!!

    I'd love a copy of WANTED: A FAMILY or OKLAHOMA REUNION.


  39. Wow! 36 comments already and I'm not even AWAKE yet.

    I'm at the conference and wish you were ALL here!

    Right this minute I'm drinking chamomille tea in my room because I don't have any more instant coffee. And I didn't want to order room service or go downstairs!

    Breakfast starts in 20 minutes so I've got to get a move on.

    Since Helen is here in St. Louis with me, I'll make a run 10 floors to Starbucks. What's your pleasure!!!

  40. Wow it's only 7:30 and already there are a million post to read. I can't be at the conference for many reasons: kids, work, home school, money blah blah blah.

    But I am looking forward to watching the live blog Saturday night. I can't wait to hear them call Sheri's name.

    Now to really whine. I spent most of this month or was it last... following Mary Connealy from blog to blog trying to win her new book. My family is really into caves. We are amateur spelunkers with badges to prove it.

    Last Mother's day the kids bought me the Montana Marriages Trilogy and of course I loved it. I'm hooked and need more Connealy stories. I'll stop whining now and go read what everyone else is whining about. (Gee, I hope I'm not the only one.)

  41. I'm not whining. :) I went to a ladies retreat earlier in the month and was given a "GRipes Be Gone" bracelet that I have to switch from wrist to wrist every time I gripe or compleain. :)

    The Move sounds like it will be great! Looking forward to seeing what all unfolds.

    Tina, you're from Colorado? How fun.

    I'd love to be considered for a five page crit, and as for books, I'd especially love to read Out of Control, but any of them would be wonderful!

    Happy Friday, all!

  42. Hi! Having a great time at conference. Ruthie is a great roommate! I wish all of you were here.

  43. No pity party here either since I know God called me to be home this year even though my novel is completed. This is my son's last year of homeschooling, so I feel I need to spend it pouring into him while I have the opportunity. I do plan to go next year.

    As for the books - I have Love on Assignment and Out of Control. I'd be open to any of the others. :)

    Jodie Wolfe

  44. HEY SEEKERS! Thanks for popping in and updating us on the goings on in St. Louis!! Sounds like SO MUCH FUN!

  45. Would have loved to be at ACFW and tried, but house needed a new roof and son needed another car for college in July. At least I can say my roof isn't leaking during all the heavy rains here. Maybe next year. I hear the Phoenix Contest is putting up the registration for the finalist of that contest. Could that be a way for some of us here? Love the ad, Tina. Very impressive! Would love to be considered for the 5 page critique, please.

  46. Hi, y'all! I've already had my non-conference pity party, which is good since I'm so slammed with work this week I wouldn't have time to wallow if I wanted.

    I went to the Philadelphia conference in August, so that's part of why I didn't try ACFW. Big price tag, kid logistics, lack of vacation days from work -- such is life. Maybe someday I'll get there.

    In the meantime, having our own Seekerville TOWN will be loads of fun! Love the ad, and can hardly wait to see what y'all have in store for all us tourists.

    I would love a chance to read either Love on Assignment or The Ten Plagues. Not that I would turn down the others, but I've already read several of them. :-)

    Happy Friday!

  47. Oh sure Tina talk about the weather in Colorado, when you know I'm so missing my home there. why don't you just RAM a stake in my poor little heart. Now I have more to pout about.


    On a lighter note. Ruthy has big teeth? Who knew?

    Not a big quilter, but that might be fun.

    Too bad we can't have the conference in Australia.

  48. Who knew St. Louis would be this cold in the morning???

    Brrrr... I can see my breath outside, but it might be that bean burrito from last night.

    Learning about hero's progress this morning... Had a great meet and greet with Melissa Endlich and Elizabeth Mazer (I almost wrote 'tazer'... I'm thinking cop series next, LOL!) Beautiful park in fronot of old federal building centered in front of the arch... fog... thin sun... but so gorgeous. Almost ethereal.

  49. No feeling sorry for myself here. I'm excited for all my friends who get to attend. At this stage, I'm just not ready for a conference, financially and otherwise. I would love to win a copy of Oklahoma Reunion. Thanks!

  50. How fun to hear from those at the conference! (Not that they're rubbing it in or anything...)

    No pity party here - I put in my 24 hours already. But looking forward to next year! Thanks for the cost estimate - it will help with the planning. Even so, it will take an act of God to get me to Dallas. We'll be recovering from last year's unemployment and subsequent move for a few more years to come!

    I've already looked into plane fare - the earlier you book, the better the prices. And saving my pennies. And dollars. And writing.

    And book drawings...hmm...put me in for all of them - except the ones I've read :). I haven't read Oklahoma Reunion, At Home in His Heart, Love on Assignment, Out of Control, or Ten Plagues.

    (Tina, I'm amazed at how you keep all of our requests straight!)

  51. 1. Finances are the main issue for me - living off my hubby's disability and what editing/writing I get paid for isn't too easy. Would also need someone to help hubby with the kids, which isn't always easy. Whine whine whine. Okay - done with that!

    2. Yeah. Need to get more editing/writing jobs, but even then, not sure that's where the money should go. DEFINITELY planning to apply for the scholarship again next year.

    3 Would LOVE Out of Control. Yeah - that would be VERY cool :) And a critique. joanne(at)joannesher(dot)com

    4. VERY cool! Looking forward to it!

    Thanks, Seekers :)

  52. RUTHY -- I've always loved St. Louis. The river. The arch. All the ethnic restaurants. The old architecture.

    VINCE -- Be sure to let us know if you win, place or show in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette cartoon captioning contests!

  53. Ruthy said "LI is actively looking for historicals, historicals, historicals... And Amish... And suspense... "

    How about an historical Amish suspense?

    Or is that combining way too many genres...

  54. Ooooh! I love your surprise and can't wait for "It Takes a Village" to go live.

    I live in South Africa, so my whine is that with the cost of travel from here and the low value of our currency, the ACFW Conference is out of the question for me at the moment, although I do have hopes for the future, after all, miracles are the order of the day for our God.

    I would love to win a digital copy (no mailing costs!) of Ruthy's book, Mended Hearts.

    Thanks for the great time today.

    Ruth Ann
    ruthdell [at] mweb {dot} co {dot} za

  55. Ruth Ann, did you get a Kindle? Nook? How great for you. Now you can get all the books you want. I always thought it was not nice that Amazon doesn't deliver to South Africa.

  56. Leigh!! I have missed you. How's the MG writing going?

  57. Well you gals are stronger than I am. No whining???

    Well I like your plans as well.

    Roofs and family are very important! There is a time for everything, right??

  58. Ruthy, coffee in your jammies.

    And Casey snoring sounds like a blog post in the future.

    The demise of Heartsong Presents is no more. HURRAHHHHH!!!!!!

  59. isn't the weather in Arizona right now cool? Or is it monsoon weather, Tina P??

  60. Thanks for the breakdown of prices for the ACFW conference! I didn't realize some of the expenses weren't included with the registration. Looks like I'll need to save more than I thought!

    I hope to be at the conference next year, but unfortunately, the money couldn't stretch quite that far this year. We already invested in a new laptop and minor doggy surgery, so there's not much left. That's as much as I'll whine for now. I'm already saving up and praying for Dallas!

    All of these books sound like so much fun but I've read a few already, so please put me in the drawing for "At Home in His Heart," "The Officer's Secret" and "Ten Plagues."

    Thanks and have fun in St. Louis, ladies!


  61. In addition to whining about not attending the conference (too many obligations), may I also whine about not finding Seekerville until a few months ago? That's a pitiful whine, I know, since there's access to posts I've missed. Sigh... if only there was access to time passed and the opportunities missed. Hmmm, that last statement reminds me how progressive whining can be and,thus,therapeutic when it descends (rises?) into the ludicrous where I have to laugh at myself.

    This blog is now a daily read for me. I enjoy everything about it-- but especially the fellowship and support shown to all. Your island is a sanctuary, allowing this dreamer to believe that one day, I, too, can gain the skills necessary to sail into published land. Kudos to all of you.

    Please enter my name in the drawing for the critique.

    Ten Plagues would be an awesome win,as would any of the books, but I mention this one because of the story surrounding it posted earlier this month. Sounds decidedly different.

    Thanks to everyone who contributes to this site.


  62. I was doing fine. In fact, this morning I called a friend of mine, thinking she'd be able to answer a question for me. Her husband told me, "She's in St. Louis." I said, "I knew that. I'm such an idiot."

    I had completely forgotten.

    Then I got on my gmail and saw Carol Moncado's account was active. She was in Randall Ingermanson's class. Then she sent me a picture of her and Ruthy.

    I am now Green with Envy.


    I definitely need to win something to make me feel better.

    A critique...or any of the following:

    Oklahoma Reunion
    At Home in His Heart
    Mended Hearts
    Out of Control
    Ten Plagues
    (all print, please)

    An act of God? If it cost's that much, it might. I really better start praying and start saving NOW!

    I hate to cut out book buying, but that'd be a super way to save money. And with influencing, I almost always have something to read. /SIGH/

    andeemarie95 at gmail dot com

  63. In answer to you, Miss Radcliffe. Monsoon season is over here in Az so we are cooling only 106 or so days and we've touched in the seventies at night a couple of times.

    So weather is running a bit more like Colorado is summer. But it's still not CO.

    I will survive though and I will thrive, sorta maybe...

    I just trust the Lord cause he put me here for a reason.

    So I will try not to whine too loudly or be too envious.

  64. Haha! Love it!! I'm totally joining the pity party. Especially since we've had the third contractor take a look at our plans and say the addition isn't possible by Christmas. AND facebook has turned crazy and slow. AND my in laws from Mexico are here and don't eat anything but beans and tortillas... which is hard on the little people. AND I want a pony. :)
    I'll miss the island. But I've always been a city girl at heart.

  65. Well, I had my pity party back in June when I realized a trip to St. Louis wasn't happening. And me being a Genesis finalist too.

    But I'm always up for free books and the five page critique. I'd love to read Out of Control. Just picked up my first Mary Conneally book and am enjoying it.

    sallybradleywritesatgmail dot com

  66. Yay!!! The new village is official now! :)

    I've been whining all week that I'm not at conference. My daughter finally sighed and said, "What are you missing that's got you so bummed?" So I told her all my friends will be there! And you know, a 15 year old girl can understand that. She said, "Oh, I'm sorry," and started giving me some sympathy. ;)

    So today, I'm finally over my whining. :) And now we can celebrate our upcoming b-day party. :)

  67. Congrats to Seekerville for getting everyone off the island! Can't wait to stop by the new town and check things out :)

  68. Yes Tina, my family spoilt me with a Kindle for my birthday this year. I love it and it's a real Godsend. Now I can get most books without having to pay the exorbitant postage and without biting my nails for weeks/months waiting for them to arrive- books going astray in the mail is a pretty common occurence here.

    Most, but not all, Kindle titles are available in South Africa

    ruthdell at mweb dot co dot za

  69. Jan, I think the idea of an historical Amish suspense sounds awesome... but LIS is all contemp...

    So maybe a contemp Amish suspense, a la Witness????

    Whaddya think?

  70. Andrea, I love you! ;) And you're right, sometimes it takes that totally out of the blue act of God...

    But those things happen. They do. So you keep writing and working and planning and plotting. My old sales manager's mantra was "The harder you work, the luckier you get."

    Love that saying. ;)

  71. Hey Mary, do you have to be an active member of ACFW to view the awards banquet?



    Test it ahead of time.

  73. A pony is now on order for Virginia. LOL.

    Sally, I feel your pain.

  74. Price of Victory is Sandra's book and that is Audra's picture. What is wrong here?

  75. Awe, Cara G!@! What a nice thing to say!!! There will be a prize for you. We love kissups.

  76. Can't wait to see the town! Congratulations Seekerville!

  77. Wow, this looks like the happiest pity party I've ever seen! lol.

    To be honest, I didn't even know the ACFW conference existed until earlier this year. I've been so in the dark about writers groups until lately, but it all sounds so fun, I'm dying to attend. Maybe one year I'll get to go.

    Ooooh! I'd love to win ANY of the giveaway books! I've got my eye especially on Out of Control, though, 'cause the ACFW Book Club is having a discussion on it and I haven't looked at any of the questions, afraid they would contain spoilers. It's made me real curious. :)

  78. No pity party here. Oh, but I wish I were there rather than here up to my neck in a work project with a schedule that didn't give two hoots about ACFW, writers' conferences or anything of the sort.

    It is what it is. Just means God has something else I'm supposed to experience right now.

    Oh, I feel some jealousy. I think I might even have had a bit of a greenish tint when I looked in the mirror this morning. I'm sure it will pass or wash off in these monsoon-like storms we've been having here in central FL.

    Meanwhile, I'd love to read Glynna's debut Dreaming of Home if there's a copy hanging around somewhere.

    Congrats on the new real estate. I'm assuming you don't mind if a few of us camp outside and look longingly through the windows.

    Hope you all have a great time in St. Louis!

  79. LOL, Virginia! Maybe we can put up a barn in new Seekerville. :)

  80. Tina,
    The page in the ACFW conference book is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  81. Someday I'm hoping to attend a conference, but for now I think I'll finish high school ;)

    I'd love to read a print copy of Janet Dean's "Wanted: A Family"

  82. Congratulations on your move!! How wonderful. You deserve a village of your own, you've earned it.

    I'm a little down over not being at the conference, but I have too much to be thankful for because I'm writing on a deadline. My health and finances have both been poor, thus the reason I couldn't attend. I'm going to save those much needed dollars for next year and since I got another contract (my 3rd!) I'm planning to put aside some money for it. I've never been to an ACFW conference so I'm looking forward to it so much.

    But I do get to see Susan Page Davis and Ruth Axtell Morren at the upcoming Maine Fellowship of Christian Writers in October! And the price is right for $55, plus I'm a workshop presenter so it is free for me. I'm busy with my committee getting ready for this, another reason that I'm busy now and couldn't take the time away.

    I'd love to read Love on Assignment! A critique sounds nice, too!

    Oooh, maybe I'll win something!!
    You all are too generous!

  83. Hi PEPPPAH!!!!!

    Are you having fun and getting tons of requests???

  84. Carla, Faye, Patricia and Natalie you are in!

  85. Not tons of requests, Tina - but having a really nice time.

    I keep repeating that it's all about God's timing and my perseverance.
    So...we'll see.
    But I have some fun pics up over at The Writers Alley and we'll be adding more tonight...with Seekers invovled.

    ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS? MEETING RUTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!

  86. Seekerville is going to be its own town??? I love it!!! Is that cute little pink townhouse for sale, by any chance?

    Can't wait to see the new place, but there will ALWAYS be a special place in my heart for Unpubbed Island. You ladies are the best! :)

  87. I'm in Ruthy and Cara's room, looking at the Arch and wishing you all were here with us.

    Although it sounds like you're having a great day in Seekerville where everyone is a winner.

    We'll all be back on the blog Monday.

    Miss you...


  88. .
    No pity party
    for me,
    as a writer,
    I’ll party

    Please put me in for a chance at
    The Price of Victory
    by Sandra Leesmith. I don’t already have that book!!!


  89. no whining here. i'm excited for my friends who could get to St Louis, plus, i'm not ready for the Prime Time yet. i do feel some twinges of jealousy though...

    i'd love to read Out of Control or check out X Plagues.

    nm8r67 at hotmail dot com

  90. what a party....

    would love to read any one of the books listed...thanks for the chance :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  91. I'd love to attend the conference, but September is a bad month for me. Normally I begin the school year in September and can't leave the classroom. This year I have a brand new baby who would be really sad if I left. Hope to attend it someday.

    I'd love to read Love on Assignment or The Officer's Secret.

  92. Oh, never met Ruthy? Hurricane Ruthy?? She's like Julia Child, Mr.Rogers, and Wonder Woman all rolled into one. I'll just leave it at that.

  93. Cynthia! Congratulations on the new baby.

    A time and a season for everything!

  94. Anne, great idea. Once again the idea of Seeker real estate comes up. This can't be just coincidence.

  95. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraSeptember 23, 2011 at 9:17 PM

    Wow this is a great pity party! So I didn't have the money to go to any of the conferences this year. So I was thinking next year I could save for ACFW and get to go to my first conference. One it's in Dallas only a 5 Hour drive. Two it is in a month that isn't super crazy at work since it isn't a quarterly month. ( I work for a CPA.) So this is looking really good. BUT wait October 13, 2012 is two weeks after the conference and that is when my little brother is getting married!! SO I probably will have to wait because things will be getting crazy. So I brought some ice cream to share with everyone along with all the toppings!! Would love to win any of the following:

    Oklahoma Reunion
    At Home in His Heart
    Love On Assignment
    Rocky Mountain Hero
    Mended Hearts
    Out of Control
    Ten Plagues

    Good Luck everyone!! I am looking forward to the Birthday Bash and seeing the new village!!


  96. Books I haven't read or bought yet:
    Out of Control by Mary Connealy

    Ten Plagues by Mary Nealy

    The Price of Victory by Sandra Leesmith

    So, here's my pity dance:
    *four sons
    *not enough money
    *medical/dental costs
    *making two house payments
    *husband needing car to replace his dying 1995
    *money ... Oh, did I mention that?
    *all my $5 bills go to my teen boys
    *5K at home

    House that for a pity dance? :-)

    No. Really, I'm not upset. The Lord provided for me to go to the Dekker conference and I really needed that. I'm still waiting to hear back from the agent... should by the end of next week. I'm praying they'll be asking to see the rest of the MS. I'm SOOOOOO hoping!

    So, what's this about a town? No more island? Hmm...

    I'll be scarce next five days. So, if I win a book and don't get back with you, please don't give my book away. I'll be back on Thursday if I can't visit sooner.

    Hope all you conferees are having a fabulous time!!!

  97. What a fun day....would love any of these:
    Oklahoma Reunion
    At Home in His Heart
    Rocky Mountain Hero
    Out of Control
    The Price of Victory
    The Officer's Secret
    all print form
    (have the others)

  98. Cool at 106? PINSON I will send ice.

  99. Awe Andrea, I am sniffing for you.

    But your day will come.

  100. 103 comments????

    LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Had supper with Myra and Jack, Helen Gray, Audra and Mary's hubby Ivan... We were tonight's orphans, but what a nice time we had...

    St. Louis has fountains all along the downtown center, just beyond the baseball park... The Cardinals were hosting the Atlanta Braves tonight, a race for the pennant! Oh my goodness, such a fun, busy downtown. All lit up, fountains going, lovely, lovely.

  101. Just got back from dinner with Ruthy, Helen, Myra and Jack and Ivan (Mary's husband). Great time; great food.

    Of course Ruthy took us for a walk around downtown St. Louis. We found our way back...was there EVER any doubt??

    Tina, Glynna and everyone! You're doing a great job of keeping the home fires burning. Probably a good idea since AZ and CO are so cold. Just a little nippy here in St Louis this morning, too.

    So great to see and hug everyone here! Carol M brought the most amazing chocolate chip cookies!! Yumbola!

    Gotta go to the Seekerville party. Wish you were ALL here!

    (This really is Audra-not Sandra- this time, LOL!)

  102. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraSeptember 23, 2011 at 11:05 PM

    Thanks Tina and ps I would need a print copy if I win anything

  103. Loved having dinner with Audra, Ruthy, Myra and Jack, and Ivan. I didn't feel like an orphan at all!!!

    Each of you should take a walk with Ruthie. It's an adventure. The oohs and aahs.

    BTW: The Cardinals are hosting the Cubs, and they lost. Pretty much ends all hope of playoffs, I'm afraid.

    Just checked my e-mail and got a note saying that my sister's grandson committed suicide last night. Would covet your prayers for the family.


  104. OH.MY.GOODNESS. What a day for me to be coming so stinkin' late!!! grrrrrr.

    Okay, my whine: finances. And my husband's job was unexpectedly ended on Tuesday. We're praying for work. God WILL provide...

    Next year: I AM planning on it--just gulped at the cost you listed, and eyed my savings jar. LoL. uh huh. God WILL provide conf money at the right time.

    I've already had a crit, it was fanTABulous!! Book: Out of Control. Esther is positively dying to read it. And so is the other daughter. And so am I. LoL.

    Did I cover all the bases? Did I get this comment in on time?? *chewing nails*

  105. Hi Tina:

    I'm a real estate broker in OKlahoma. In which state is the Seekerville property located? Maybe we could do some business. : )


  106. I would love a critique. Hope to be at the conference in Dallas!

  107. Vince, I'm not sure which state we are in. We are partially in Colorado, Missouri, Arizona, Georgia, NY, Florida, Indiana, South Carolian and Alabama.

  108. Ew yes Seekerviller, like the breakdown on saving for the conference next year. I am fortunate to be here this year and my financial planning went like this: If I skip the root canal and only chew on the left side of my mouth I have saved $1,200 towards ACFW. If we only eat tomatoes and zucchini from the garden instead of buying groceries for the months of August and early September the rest is covered. That great seat of the pants planning worked - here I am - exhausted and thrilled every second of it.
    Am I eligible for a critique though I am fortunate enough to be here? I'd luved to be critiqued for something beyond taking fifty minutes to slowly chew my way through each meal using only the left side of my mouth. Has anyne else noticed the yumminess of the vegetarian meals? Lots of tomatoes and zucchini - psych and yum - can't get enough of that stuff.

  109. Hi Tina:

    “We are partially in Colorado, Missouri, Arizona, Georgia, NY, Florida, Indiana, South Carolian and Alabama.”

    Do you think you can get this by an editor?

    BTW: I think Florida has the best tax climate.


    P.S. I think you are going to hear from Nebraska.

  110. oops. I forgot Nebraska. I am in deep do do.

  111. OMG, Stephanie, you are certainly suffering for your art!!

    Honey I'll do your five page critique for you myself. Just email me.

  112. I've never been to the ACFW conference and I wanted to go, but didn't have the money. That's ok, though. :-) Lord willing, I will go next year!

  113. Gwendolyn! There is always next year!!!