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Guest Blogger Rose McCauley, Welcome to Seekerville!

Cara here. I’m thrilled to welcome Rose McCauley to Seekerville! She’s a debut author writing for Barbour. Her first novella, Christmas Belles of Georgia, has recently been released. Rose will be giving away a copy of her new book! Please include your email address when you leave a comment.

My Long, Winding, Waiting Road to Publication by Rose Allen McCauley

My first books were so long ago they were handwritten and stitched together by my mother on her treadle sewing machine! Although I never gave up my love of reading, my path to writing for publication became overgrown with school work and extra-curricular activities, jobs, marriage, helping my husband on our farm, children and teaching for over 25 years. I know many wonderful women who do all that and still find time to write, but it was not for me, although I have written daily in a prayer journal for many years. I need time and solitude to think and write, and those things were in very short supply for the past forty years!

About fifteen years ago, with our oldest child married, our middle child in college and our youngest very independent, I finally had time to daydream some ideas for stories that had been rambling in my head for years. I even jotted down some lists of characters and a paragraph or two, but never finished anything until I retired from teaching a few years later. That was the year our oldest announced our first grandchild was on the way, and I volunteered to watch her 2 days a week. I also subbed a lot on the days I wasn’t babysitting, so my writing got put on the back burner again. When our daughter had our second granddaughter a couple years later, I cut back to only watching the girls one day a week and finally started and finished my first story. I did read two writing books, and thought I knew what writing in one POV meant until I went to my first ACFW conference in 2002.

At the first conference, one of our activities was to write down how we felt about being there. I wrote I felt like a fish out of water. Then in class I found out that was an over-used cliché, which told me how much I still had to learn! An agent had taken my finished manuscript at the beginning of the conference, and I had to hunt her down and request it back before I left! She did become my agent later on, though!

One of the best things that happened at that first conference was the encouragement I received from Lynn Coleman who gently told me I need to ditch my first three chapters and start with something exciting! And I met and prayed with Jim Peterson who also introduced me and Jennifer Johnson who is still my ACFW crit partner after 9 years!

Then began the hard work of reading/studying more writing books, taking online classes from ACFW and others, and sitting down and writing, writing, writing! From 2002-2009 I completed and submitted 3 novels and also sent off 7 novella proposals to Barbour, with most of the novellas 1/3-1/2 finished. And wrote some more while waiting. Then in 2009 I sent off a proposal with three other authors for Christmas Belles of Georgia and waited some more.

Then at last year’s September, 2010 ACFW conference, after a devotion and worship including the song “I am Waiting” I received my first contract from Barbour for the Christmas Belles story. I wrote the rest of my novella in November (in spite of recovering from a serious car accident), sent it off to my crit partners in Dec. and made changes in Jan. to meet the February, 2011 deadline.

This past year I have written a synopsis and submitted 4 more anthology proposals to try to help other unpubbed authors get their start like so many Barbour authors have done for me over the years. And we are still waiting to hear from them. And most of my time this summer/fall has been spent marketing Christmas Belles of Georgia by setting up booksignings, doing blog interviews, and now radio and internet interviews.

I did host a couple brainstorm retreats at my home this summer, and have an idea we brainstormed that my crit partners think is my most compelling one yet. So, after I finish all my blog and signing tours this fall, I will go back to major writing. And waiting!

Christmas Belles of Georgia

Surprised by Life—and Love—at Christmas

Four letters are mailed from Monticello, a small antebellum town in Georgia. Sisters once, now heirs to a historic plantation, each young woman must come to terms with the circumstances of her birth. . . .

When she learns in a letter she’s adopted, Holly feels betrayed by her parents—and she books a flight out of Missouri immediately. Will she ever be able to love again?

Raised in a wealthy, loveless home, Carol rushes to Monticello from college in Atlanta when she receives her letter. She’s searching for family, but finds instead a boy she once mistreated. Will he remember her? . . .forgive her?

In one year, Starr has lost her parents, boyfriend, and job, so she’s sure her letter is more bad news. When the attorney flies to California to offer proof, Starr takes a second look—at the message and the man.

Noelle always knew she was adopted—and she’s always loved the foreman on her father’s Texas ranch too. But he’s so distant. . .perhaps a trip to Georgia is the break in life she needs.

Will the sisters receive a traditional Christmas gift. . .of love?

Bio: Bio: Rose Allen McCauley is happy to live in the beautiful bluegrass region of Kentucky on a farm surrounded by God’s creation. She has been writing for over ten years and has been published in several non-fiction anthologies and devotionals. She is thrilled for this to be her first published fiction because Christmas books are her favorites. She has a growing collection of Christmas books, and this one will takes its rightful place among them.

A retired schoolteacher who has been happily married to her college sweetheart for over 43 years, she is also mother to three grown children and their spouses and Mimi to three lovely, lively grandkids! You can reach her through her website or blogsite at


  1. Hi Cara! Hi Rose! Wow your writing journey was amazing huh? Thank you for sharing it and about your first story. It sounds wonderful especially since it's based around a Georgia! Hello! That sounds right up my alley. Hopefully I can read it soon. :-)

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  2. Rose, your story sounds fabulous! Congratulations on all that you've accomplished, not only your writing but the rest of your life as well. May God bring you many more successful stories.

    diannashuford (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Rose, welcome to Seekerville! Congratulations on your debut. I'm not sure I could ever write a novella. It seems as if writing a shorter wordcount is much more difficult than writing full length. Kudos to all who can do it.

    I keep hearing about these Barbour novellas, but I've never seen anything in the submission guidelines. Is this something your agent helped you with?

    christinainspirationals [at] gmail dot com

  4. Congratulations on your release, Rose! I was at the ACFW conference when your name was called. What a thrill that must have been for you. And what a testimony you are to the power of perseverance. =)

  5. The coffee pots are all set!

    Rose, I found so many parallels in your story--except the getting published--that it's scary.

    The history, the teaching, the number of kids, the long winding years of writing, submitting, and waiting. Oh, how I do relate.

    Thank you for sharing, and congratulations on achieving the dream of publication.


  6. Rose,
    congratulations on your story and your steadfastness in heading for your writing dream.

    That's awesome.

  7. Hi Rose and Cara-

    Thank you for sharing your journey, Rose. I'm like you - for the years that I spent raising our children and homeschooling, the time to write never appeared. God had me doing too many other things! But now, with our youngest son a senior in high school and quite independent, I have the time to devote to writing, and I love it.

    And what a wonderful thing to help other unpubbed writers in the midst of all your current busyness! I know anthologies can be a great showcase for new authors.

    I was interested to see that you live in the Bluegrass. That's a beautiful part of the country and we have some wonderful friends there. We lived in Lexington for five years. Let's see...I think that was two moves ago...

    I'll be watching for the Christmas Belles of Georgia to hit the shelves!

    Unless I win a copy, of course...

  8. Congratulations Rose. Your 'Christmas Belles of Georgia' sounds wonderful! It is also great to see you featured her on Seekerville. Way to go!

  9. Hi Cara!

    Rose, I LOVE Christmas stories!! Something about Christmas makes love stories seem even more wonderful! I love the idea of four long lost sisters returning to a plantation. I've toured a few and have always thought that would be an amazing setting for a story! I found myself smiling with empathy when I read about your struggle to find time to write. Your post was an encouragement. Thank you!!

  10. Congratulations, Rose!



  11. Hi Rose:

    I’d love to know more about what you are writing. If you were guaranteed that your next WIP would be sold and published, what would you write? What genre or subgenre, what length, what age group, what person: 1st or 3rd, what time period, in short, what would be your dream book assignment?


    I love Christmas romances the best! Vmres (at) swbell (dot) net

  12. Congrats on being published! The book sounds really good!
    gatorade635(at)gmail(dot) com

  13. /waves/

    Very fun to read about your journey!

    And the book sounds great!

    I'd say something more enlightening or deep and philosophical or at least amusing, but the only reason I'm here is because the 4yo refuses to sleep. I'm wiped out from a big day [though most of the clothes are finally taken care of :p]. Did take DD10 to her BFF's house and come up with questions for their interview of Lauren Tarshis though. And tests are graded.

    I really would rather be sawing logs. But don't trust the kiddo to be up by himself...

    carolmoncado at gmail dot com

  14. Rose, from one reader out of about a ga-zillion, I am glad that you are published and working on your next. Maybe there won't be such a 'waiting' time frame for you from here on out. I'm certainly looking forward to reading your book. I'm pretty much ready to cheer you on right now, even before reading.
    Thank you, Cara, for putting my name in the hat for the drawing.
    Pam Williams
    cepjwms (at) wb4me (dot) com

  15. Welcome, Rose. Congrats on Christmas Belles and being a Barbour author. I'm with Christina. I don't think I could write a novella. I probably can't even write a short story, for the same reasons. Would you mind letting us know which of the four stories mentioned in the post is yours? I'd love to know.

  16. Ok, that book looks really GOOD! I might have to snag me one. :) I'm trying to cut back on the book-buying, but somehow when I get to Seekerville, all bets are off!
    I loved the story of your journey- and the ACFW class! I felt that way when I wrote my first ms and got a partial request from Hartline Literary. The kind rejection came with a list of books to read to improve my writing...
    So, I went and got the books from the library. WOW! What a shock to see everything I did- in the 'do NOT do' list! HA!
    And I've thrown out the first three chapters of another ms after getting a critique from Seekerville. It's great when someone will tell you the truth! :D I think the finished ms (at Avalon now, waiting....) is MUCH better for it.

  17. What a great journey to publication. I just love a Christmas story, too.
    Best of luck with your new career!!

  18. Congratulations! It's always neat to see authors that "came back to" writing after having other careers or a family.

  19. Congratulations on your publication of Christmas Belles of Georgia. I just love Christmas & books set during Christmas.
    Thank you for sharing your story of your road to publication. It's encouraging to me.

    Have a blessed day.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  20. Good morning! We have so many night owls and early birds here! I'm up, but I need a cup of Rose's coffee.

    Virginia, I can relate to trying hard to cut back. But I'm with you--it's hard to do that with books. It's last place on my cut-back list!

  21. Rose, thank you for sharing your writing "Path" and HUGE CONGRATS on your first book to publication!

    And I love Christmas stories!!! Just love 'em to death!

    (that didn't sound all that cheerful, now did it???)

    Virginia, darling, one word for you: Library. I did all of my reading/studying/seeing who wrote what from the public library because I had no money.

    Oh, what an education can be had there! (Remember Good Will Hunting????)

    Helen, loving the coffee. I'm doing carrot cakes today for a special reception for a priest on Sunday, so I'm practicing on the lot o' youse!

    Cream cheese frosting: of course. And little carrots with 'greens' piped into each crustless square.

    Fall has arrived!

  22. Congrats on your success! The book sounds great. Can't wait to read it!

  23. Rose, you are one of the sweetest people I know, and I'm so excited for you. Congratulations! I hope your tour is great. Have fun!

  24. Mega congrats, Rose. You deserve it. And the book sounds wonderful.

  25. Ah, Barbour Publishing. One my very top ideal publishers. As a native Ohioan, who grew up on Barbour (and similar) books, it just seems such a nice fit for my own historical romance. Someday…

    Congrats to you, Rose, on “making it.” I find it such an amazing thing how writers have stories in their hearts long before they ever get to write them. And the spark never goes out, even after years.

    I have seen your book already! Lovely cover, and who doesn’t enjoy a cozy Christmas tale? Thanks for sharing your personal story (abbreviated, I’m sure!), and please enter me in the drawing. : )



  26. My goodness Rose you sure have had a busy life. I know how things are though, life gets in the way when you really want to do something else. I keep my 16 month old grandson every day. I love the little raskle to death, but I sure do miss some "me" time. I'm glad you're better after the car accident.

    The place where you live sounds like a beautiful and peaceful place. I'm a southern gal from the southern part of Mississippi.

    You're book sounds wonderful. I know I would enjoy reading it.


  27. Hi Rose,

    Your book sounds great. I love novellas.

    It's always so interesting to hear authors journey to publication.

    Good luck with your release.


    RRossZediker at yahoo dot com

  28. Congratulations on your debut.
    Like most of us here, I love Christmas stories, especially set in the South.

  29. The book sound wonderful. I love plantations. So romantic.

    I would love to write a novella because I've never tried. After I get through with NaNo I may give it a shot.

    Congratulations on your first sell.

    bcountryqueen6 at msn dot com

  30. Rose, congratulations on being publishded I loved learning a little bit about you and reading about your journey. Though I'm younger, we have teaching and some other things in common. :) Being a stay-at-home mother of young children, I appreciate that you put your family first during your working years. With young kiddos, I try to fit writing in with life rather than the other way around.

    As something of a newbie, I'm always encouraged when I hear/see/experience authors helping those of us following along behind you.

  31. Oh, Rose, I forgot to mention that your book's stories sound wonderful! Adoption stories always touch my heart, maybe in part because I am an adoptive mother. Definitely looking forward to reading your book!
    wetalk2biz(at)q(that's lower caseQ)(dot)com
    Thanks for entering me in the drawing!

  32. Congratulations on the book! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I love hearing how supportive writers are to those starting out.

  33. What is it like living on a farm in Kentucky? Do you raise horses? Is it hilly? Do you draw inspiration from your surroundings? From the people around you?

  34. Hey, carrot cake is here!

    And I love having multiple Rose's...

    Patty's and Patsy's....

    Christina's, Kristina's, Tina's and Kristins!

    Isn't this wonderful? (I'm high on caffeine and carrot cake, forgive me)


    Mary makes carrot cake too. Hers is marvelous. But she doesn't share.

    Why is that, do you suppose? Is she just plain mean????

    I'm wondering about that right now.

  35. Morning Rose, Welcome to Seekerville, Thanks for sharing your inspiring story. We love those gifts that encourage us to keep on going.

    Hi Cara, Waving at you too girlfriend. Have a fun day here in Seekerville.

  36. Oh, ROSE ... you had me at four sisters and a plantation!!!

    WELCOME TO SEEKERVILLE, and Christmas Belles of Georgia sounds WONDERFUL!! What an incredibly unique and fun premise!! I am not typically a novella reader, but with your story and one by another fave author, Deb Ullrick, I do believe Belles of Georgia is reeling me in ... :)

    And your personal story as a writer -- LOVE IT!! Like you, I didn't start writing books until after 50, so it's a message so many writers need to hear -- it's NEVER too late!!

    God bless you as you continue your writing journey.


  37. What a fabulous and inspirational journey!

  38. Major congratulations on realizing your dream of publication, Rose. Your story inspires and shows the value of perseverance and waiting on God's timing. You certainly have lead a full rich life. Praising God for your success as a published novelist, too. As an adoptive mother I'm especially fond of those stories. Please include me in the drawing for your book. All the best as you continue on the journey.


  39. Okay, off to get grandbaby! Will have him from 9 am until 7 pm. (I'm on central standard time). It's going to be a looooong day!
    But first have to have coffee and some of the carrot cake!

    Virginia, I know how it is to have to cut back on buying books. But I do love me some thrift store shopping!!

  40. Congratulations Rose!!!

    And how lovely to have your debut fiction to be in your favorite genre! Such a blessing!!

    Loved this: An agent had taken my finished manuscript at the beginning of the conference, and I had to hunt her down and request it back before I left! She did become my agent later on, though!

    Brave woman. And I'll bet it was precisely because you did this that the agent remembered you in a positive way. Love it!

    /waving/ from just south of you in rural Tennessee, where the autumn is one of the prettiest in memory.

  41. Rose, thank you for sharing your journey to publication with us! What an amazing story! And your novel sounds so intriguing!! I love Southern stores, especially Georgia ones!

    Great post!

  42. Welcome to Seekerville Rose!

    I see you put the P in Perseverance!!!

  43. oooooooooohhhh and carrot cake. Ruthy must like you. She brought out the good stuff.

  44. Welcome to this side of the Seekerville post, Rose! Thanks for sharing your journey.

    I chuckled when I read your first books were so long ago they were handwritten and stitched together by your mother on her treadle sewing machine! Yet you never lost your desire to write. I'm thrilled that your story found a home!!

    Congratulations on the release of Christmas Belles of Georgia! The stories are intriguing!


  45. enter eme please!
    ashley roberts

  46. Welcome Rose!! Thank you for sharing your journey to publication with us (and as a retired teacher myself, Congrats to you for teaching 25 years!!). ~ Anything with "Georgia" in the title grabs my attention (*grin*) and this book sounds wonderful (lovely cover, too). I was so excited when I read that it's set in Monticello--I live about 30 min. from there--such a lovely small town! ~ Thanks again for sharing, and in honor of your book set in Georgia, I've baked some of my Georgia Peach muffins, and also a Georgia Peach cobbler (warm from the oven)--Enjoy! ~ Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo :)

  47. p.s. Just now saw that Ruthy brought CARROT CAKE - - YUMMY!!! :) Thank you Ruthy, I'd love a slice! ;) Hugs, PJ

  48. So happy for you, Rose! Yours is one of the faces I always look for in the ACFW crowd. Your encouragement has meant so much to me over the years. I'm so thrilled to see your name on that gorgeous cover! Congrats!!!

  49. Congratulations on your first contract, Rose! Yay you for persevering! God bless you.

  50. Rose, I was so happy for you when you got your contract, and Christmas Belles of Georgia sounds delightful!

  51. Hi Rose! Your Christmas story sounds lovely. I would love to read it! There is always a lot to say about relationships between sisters. They can be wonderful gifts from God.
    lostie815 at hotmail dot com

  52. I'd love to write a novella with 4 characters who are connected by family ties or church or town. It would be like a series of 4 books, only much shorter. I think novellas would be lots of fun because by the time I got tired of my characters, I'd be finished.

  53. Congratulations on your success Rose!
    Thanks for sharing your road to publication story with us!
    Hoping you continued success!

    Eva Maria Hamilton at gmail dot com

  54. Dear Ladies, and Vince! I am humbled by your gracious welcomes and comments! My heart overflows with joy and love! I had no idea so many would be waiting for me this morning. I see several of you are night owls and earlybirds! And all of you are dear, precious sisters (and a brother) in the Lord. Your comments have been like a beautiful bouquet of multiple Roses, Pattys, Christinas etc. as Ruthie said--all with open smiling faces!

    I will answer a few specific questions for awhile this morning before I have to leave to have a mammogram retake at 1, so prayers are appreciated for that and for my upcoming booksigning tour in GA. Then I will get back on this afternoon and answer some more.

    I wish all of you could win a copy, and if you want another chance to do so, visit my blog since I do a drawing once a month from all the comments I receive.

    Yes, Barbour has been a dream company to work for with lots of supportive people. I love the cover of my book, altho I can't take any credit for it. Several people have told me she looks like my youngest daughter! And my story is the second one in the book blurb.

    Barbour also has the books in WalMarts and Sams Clubs if you don't win. And there are always your local Christian bookstores and also online places. I hope you all will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! It is a lovely setting and idea--the idea was Jeanie Smith Cash's who asked me and Deb and Jeri to join her. Thanks, Jeanie!

  55. Now for a few answers to specific questions. It seems like many of us share a love for the South and GA in particular! It must be the GWTW theme!

    Elizabeth B--we don't raise horses but we do raise hay and cows, and my husband feeds our neighbors horses for her when she can't. Kentucky is a beautifl state, too, with lots of rolling hills, and right now, gorgeous trees in all shades of red, yellow, orange, purple, and brown!

    Christina, I believe Barbour no longer posts their submission requirements as they do want the proposals to be sent in my agents or authors already pubbed with them. If you know someone pubbed with Barbour I would ask them about it. And if you get to attend ACFW or another conference where agents and editors are in atendance, that is also a great way to get to find out more info. Best wishes on your writing journey!

    Jeanne T and Patty D, I am an adoptive grandparent of a wonderful 11 year old boy whom God brought into our family when he was 5.

  56. Vince, I have an 87,000 word completed women's fiction novel set in the imaginary town of Perfect, KY. And my new idea is for a contemporary women's fiction set in another imaginary small town. My logo/header for my website is "Stories from small towns with huge hearts." And of course, there is always romance, too! I do love to read and write the Barbout romance novels because they always have a happy ever after ending and they are set in such neat places! So, I do hope to get to write more of them, too. Especially Christmas ones!

    CatMom--thanks for baking the Georgia peach muffins. I can smell them here in KY! Sounds like you all are a fun and food loving group with carrot cake, too!

  57. Congratulations, Rose! I love that you're trying to help others new authors get their start through anthologies. Too bad Barbour no longer accepts direct submissions from writers, but as you point out, there are other ways to get in front of them as well as other publishers.

  58. Hello Rose and Cara!

    Congratulations on your long-awaited success, Rose! The Christmas Belles of Georgia sounds absolutely delightful, and I'd love the chance to win a copy. I like novella collections that have something that ties the stories together, as opposed to just a common theme, like "romance" or "prairie brides."

    Which story in the book did you write? And is there any epilogue that all four of you writers collaborated on?

    BTW, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is perfect for a crisp fall day here in Nebraska. Thanks, Ruthie!


  59. Rose your story of publication is so perfect, so much the journey we're all taking.
    And you got your first contract from Barbour at the conference!!??


  60. Hi Rose,

    How wonderful to see you here! It was such a pleasure to meet you in St. Louis. We sat at the same table for a lunch, I think. Your smile and friendly chatter was such a blessing to me!

    So excited for you and your new book! I actually went and bought it in the bookstore that day in St. Louis - so it's in my LARGE TBR pile! LOL. Will get to it soon, I hope.

    Best of luck with all your proposals and thanks for being an inspiration to all of us!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  61. Hi Stephanie, yes, some of the older Barbour anthologies were just theme related, but they now try to tie them in some other way, too. My story is the second one in the book, and yes, there is an epilogue where all the sisters meet on Christmas Day. It was written by Jeanie Smith Cash who originated the whole idea, and the others and I did have input into it.

  62. RUTHY!!!!!!!

    (Excuse me now while I got back to scraping the scorched tomatoes off the bottom of my chili soup pot.)

    Harder to air out the house when it's cold outside. And the smoke alarm is just ANNOYING

  63. So, Rose..question time.

    When writing four interconnecting stories, how do you keep your plot lines and details straight. In the movies they have a person assigned to do that. LOL. Someone who makes sure the vase on the window sill is always on the window sill.

    Do you use spread sheets?

  64. Thanks for answering my question, Rose. Here's one more: what are the other novella collections about that you are working on and proposing?

    I forgot my e-mail earlier:

    I have an idea: how about Ruthie and Mary BOTH bring their carrot cake to Seekerville today, and we can all taste test to see whose is better? :)

  65. Stephanie, great idea.

    Blind folded taste test.

  66. Thanks for sharing your story, Rose! You're book sounds amazing! I'll have to read it! :-)

  67. Ruthy, the library is our favorite place. Honestly! We check out about 50-60 books every two weeks. The library glas used to pull out their hair when they'd see us coming but since I worked there, they just make me shelve my own books when we come in!

    We're part of a larger system that has 72 different libraries, so even though ours is fairly small, we can tap into the BIGGEr places. Also, it links all the schools with our public library so if my kids want to read something our library doesn't have, odds are that some school librarian (just LOVE THEM) will have snagged it for his/her school kids. We get the normal loan time and it comes by courier so it arrives in about one week.
    But still.... sometimes I just like to have my own copy. :) Greedy, greedy me!

  68. P.S. I love the movie 'Good Will Hunting' but when I watched it over again this year, I was really shocked by the language. I don't know if it just didn't register when I watched it in college, or if I'm an old fuddy-duddy now but I cringed at every swear... And there were a LOT. I would love to see a cleaned up version, like the kind they show on TV.

  69. Ask anyone who has known me for very long and they'd all agree: I LOVE TO TASTE TEST. I'll be there in a jiffy!
    Pam Williams
    cepjwms (at) wb4me (dot) com

  70. HI Cara and Rose,

    I enjoyed this posting...thanks for sharing...And thanks, too, for the opportunity to read this fabulous novel.

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  71. Rose, praying for your appointment.

  72. Rose! What a journey! :D Thanks for sharing your story with us. I'd love to read your book. Please add me to the drawing. :D BTW, I love your name! It's my favorite flower!!!

  73. Congrats again on your debut novel, Rose. I'm hoping all your proposals meet with the same success.

    And thanks for sharing your story of perseverance.

    Anita Mae.

  74. A big, hearty welcome to dear, sweet Rose!

    Rose and I met at the ACFW conference many years ago (it might have even been in 2002!) and we've been friends ever since. We're not critique partners, and we only see each other at ACFW, but I count her as a dear friend and sister in Christ.

    The one thing about Rose: If I send out an SOS for prayer, she's going to let me know she's praying! If I send out a Whoo-hoo-good-news post, she's going to be jumping for joy and be thrilled for me!

    With such a cheerful, responsive spirit, who wouldn't love this woman????

    And I love, love, love the idea behind Belle's of Georgia.

    And the sisters' names: Holly, Starr, Noelle and Carol!

    Isn't that the cutest thing you ever heard of?

  75. Rose,
    Congratulations on Christmas Belles of Georgia. Beautiful cover and the stories sound inviting...can't wait to read yours!

    I put my writing on hold to raise my family so I could relate to what you said about needing time and waiting until life settled down and children were older before you started writing in earnest. Those early dreams do come true, don't they?

    It's always a joy to see you at ACFW! Your smile and warm hello make me feel so welcome, as if we're long, lost friends. After all the conferences, I guess we are! Thanking God for lovely you!

  76. I'M BACK from my mammo and probably won't know anything for a couple weeks if it is like last time, but I do so appreciate all the prayers! And all the kind words. My husband would probably think you all were talking about the other Rose!

    It is so nice to hear from and connect with so many of you that I have met thru ACFW over the years and to meet so many new writer friends!

    Yes, Pam, I think we did meet at the very first conference in 2002 and we both were pretty quiet! And Debby, we've been conference friends for several years now, too.

    Virginia, I am a library lover, too, and used to work at our college libary as a student. As a child I used to check out my 5 book limit and walk home a mile and read them and walk back again in a couple days and get 5 more! I couldn't wait til I got old enough to check out from the adult side and read the longer books!

    Rose, a lifelong book lover!

  77. Stephanie, since most of the ideas for the anthologies we proposed were from others I don't feel I should give any specific details, but they are all for the Romancing America series by Barbour, so each book is set in a specific state or American place. Two are contemporary and two are historical covering families over several generations.

    Tina, I do have a spread sheet for the many characters I have in my women's fiction novel, but not for this novella. There are a lot fewer characters to keep track of. And about how we 4 authors kept them straight--we each wrote separate stories, as none of the girls even knew about the others until they got the letter from a lawyer, so we each wrote a story set in four locations about our heroine and her love interest and how she handles finding out she is part of a set of quads. Jeanie who came up with the idea gave us the height, weight, etc. for her character, and we all followed her guidelines since they were identical. We had each read the other 3 synopses when we sent the proposal in but didn't have a chance to actually read the other stories until the book was completed and ready to be sent in for publication. We then emailed each other if there was anything that didn't seem to fit, but they came together pretty smoothly. And our editor from Barbour, Margie Vawter, did a great job of pointing out any inconsistencies or suggested corrections as she read the whole thing.

    Susan and all, you are all inspirations to me to keep persevering and doing what God sets before each of us. I have always loved this idea from the book Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby: (paraphrasing) Don't ask God to bless what you want to do, but ask Him what He wants done and then join Him in His work! Great advice for writers and Christians from all walks of life!

  78. Rose, that's so exciting your sale was announced at ACFW! Seeing those announcements always make me cry!! I love being part of that. :)

    Thanks so much for being with us today!

  79. I also meant to comment on the fact that your mother must've been so loving to sew those pages together! (I'm assuming you weren't joking.) :)

  80. You have a wonderful story Rose.
    And, most of all you enjoy writing so very much.

    Jan K.

  81. Fabulous post, your books sounds really good. It sounds like you have had a very busy life and you are finally getting to do what you have always wanted to become a writer. I can't wait to read this anthology, sound really good.

  82. I'm glad the appointment is over! Those can be nerve-wracking...

    Rose, a five book limit???? Yay for being able to get there by yourself! :D

    We have a twenty book limit, per card, and we have four cards. So, really we could check out 80 at a time. :) But we don't want the library folks to hate us since they have to scan and date due sticker EVERY ONE. AND I have a corner shelf we put the books on and I don't know if I could keep track of more than we already do. We tend to lose track if we get too many.

    I bring the double stroller, and have the baby sit in the front, and put the giant book bags in the back... too heavy to carry them all.

    My husband isn't a book lover and thinks we're just nuts. :D We just tell him we love him anyway.

  83. Thanks again for all the encouraging comments, ladies! And Missy, my mom really did sew my first books together on her treadle sewing machine. She was a true saint! Mother to 7 of her own children and to the whole neighborhood!

  84. Hi Rose,
    I won a copy of your book from another blog, and I am so happy to get to learn more about your journey to be published...your strength and perseverance are good lessons for all of us hoping to accomplish the same. Thanks for sharing with us and the encouragement too.


  85. Rose, do you ever think you'll write a an historical novel set in the South or elsewhere? LOL I have a thing for those.

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  86. Rose, I had to laugh about your treadle machine because I learned to sew on one! It was my grandmother's. I didn't sew again for another 30 years.

  87. Mary, did you say you have the perfect carrot cake recipe? You'll have to share that with us sometimes.

  88. Patti Jo,. here you go, dearheart! A nice big slice for you!

    Connealy, bring your recipe to the Yankee Belle...

    We can have a bake-off.

    Or just eat a lot of carrot cake.

    I'm in.

  89. Stephanie, I love you! I saw this right after I challenged Mary to a bake-off!



  90. My husband loves carrot cake. I need some good recipes so you girls go for it. I'll try both recipes and have a professional taster test em.

  91. Renee, I thought I had already answered your question, but maybe I just thought I did. Today has been super hectic and I just found out that I do have to have a biopsy the day before Thanksgiving, so all prayers are appreciated. Yes, one of the proposals with Barbour right now is for a historical set in Louisiana. Great minds think alike!

  92. .

    A challenge!

    Here’s my entry:

    German Carrot-Hazelnut Cake with a chocolate glaze on top and sides.

    Einfach das Beste!


  93. Just jumping in real quick. Massive headache today. Making doc appointments to rule out stuff like needing back adjusted and needing a new eye Rx since I've been having several a week.

    Anyway - just noticed our very own Myra Johnson is NUMBER ONE on the FREE KINDLE BOOKS list!!!!!

    GO MYRA!!!!

  94. If Carrot Cake is on the menu, I'd like to have a nice BIG slice with lots of cream cheese icing. Yummo! I love carrot cake.

    Smiles & Blessings to you all!

    Cindy W.


  95. I love Barbour christmas novellas.
    I have been hoping they would be in Australia before I go home tomorrow but so far still not here.
    I would love to be entered to win.
    I love the look of all 4 books.
    Rose congrats on your first novella.

  96. I saw that book in Walmart today. Congrats!

  97. So I am out of class for the weekend.

  98. I really don't like my thursday class. so boring. :-/ oh well... just a few more weeks.

  99. congrats on your 1st contract, Rose!

  100. Vince, I like your cake with the chocolate icing, esp. if you make it dark chocolate!

    Carol, prayers for your headaches to abate.

    So Ausjenny, are you going to or coming from Australia?

    Ashley R., love your enthusiasm!

  101. Hi Rose, what an interesting story! Your book sound really good too! I haven't read a plantation story since Gone With The Wind and since that's my all time favorite book AND movie, yours just has to be a winner! I've only been to the South once but I found it charming although how people live in humidity, I'll never know!


  102. Rose, I have been so anxious to read your book...I live in NE GA and about 40 minutes from Monticello (on other side though from Patti Jo) (and yes, Valri, the humidity is not fun!). Please enter me for your book! Thanks!!
    Oh, and the carrot cake sounds delicious...reminds me of the great ones my now deceased Sunday School teacher used to bake!

  103. Rose (this is sort of funny comment to make but...) we have the SAME shirt! I love that blouse. So pretty. LOL, just had to point that out. :)

  104. Oh, Rose! I'm so sorry to hear about the biopsy!! We'll be praying!

  105. Carol, I've battled migraines for years and they finally figured it was an allergy to MSG. I hope it's something simple, like eyeglass RX. Lots of prayers going your way!

  106. Congrats on the book, Rose! You're right, so much of this is waiting and waiting. I hope you hear back good news soon. :-)
    Thanks for sharing your story!

  107. Rose, I hope that you still have those books that your mother sewed together. How cool is that!!!

  108. Carol, I hope you find out what is causing you pain.

  109. i'm getting off for the night. gotta take my dog to the vet tomorrow for his establishment appointment. i bought him new clothes today to wear to the vet's.

  110. Valri, I think you will like my book if you like GATW, but none of the characters are as spoiled as Scarlett, altho my character was when she was younger!

    Jackie S. I can't wait to see Monticello and take pics of the places where my heroine ate and stayed! Yes, the humidity in the south is bad, but I don't know if GA is as bad as Louisiana where my sisters and one brother live.

    Casey, I am flattered that we have the same blouse! It is very comfortable and I love it, too!

    Thanks, Virginia and all, for the prayers.

    Jessica and Ashley, I am glad my story resonated with you all. And I wish I did have some of those little books my mom sewed for me!

  111. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraOctober 27, 2011 at 10:35 PM

    Thanks for sharing with us Rose. Congrats on your first book and I hope many more will come. I love the sound of your book. Old plantation homes are a great place to start. Plus I love how you all tied in the sister's names to fit the Christmas image. I would love to win the book!


  112. Hi "Loves to Read Romance"! With that name, I am sure you would like my book! You get 4 romances in one package!

    And a big thanks to Cara and all the Seekerville chicks for hosting me today. I hope all of you will visit me at my blog sometime, too!

  113. Hi Rose,
    I enjoyed reading about your journey and your book sounds like one I need to read. I always love finding books I want to just curl up on the sofa with.

    Thanks for sharing today.


  114. Go for it, Rose! I'll hope to read your story soon. The novellas sound great!

  115. It was a long road for you, Rose. I'm glad you stuck to it. Your stick-to-it-ness encourages people like me.

    I love the premise of Christmas Belles of Georgia!

  116. Hi Sandy, Kayleen and Penny, I love all the interaction on this blog. Thanks for your encouraging words about my book. Hope you can all find a copy and enjoy!

  117. Thank you for sharing about your journey into writing. I too am a teacher and find it hard to write except during vacations. Now especially that I have a new baby. I just need to get back into writing and just do it. :)

    Thanks for the book giveaway. It sounds fabulous and I can't wait to read it.
    cynthiakchow (at) earthlink (dot) net

  118. Rose you may not see this but I am an aussie I was in Adelaide for the week.