Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gifts for Christmas

Good morning and Merry Christmas.

Don't you just love this time of year? I do. I love all the hustle and bustle, the parties and get-together with family and friends. I love the yummy food and the bright lights on cold winter mornings.

Most of all I love the spirit of giving. Christmas reminds us of our Christian values and reminds us to share our love and treasures.

So is everyone finished with all of their shopping? I know you have finished buying presents you had to mail out.

But what about your last minute purchases?

Let me propose some gift ideas for the last minute.

How about books or magazines? As writers, let's do our part in supporting our business.

My family and friends know they will be getting books and magazine subscriptions for Christmas (and any other occasion that pops up). So how about a trip to your local book store? They could use your support.

If you don't have time, there are always gift cards you can purchase online. has a before and after Christmas sale with savings up to 97%.

Barnes and Noble has some great offers including a whole section on stocking stuffers.

Books are great to buy for children. After all, learning to enjoy reading is important for our youth. They say that a child who is read to will learn to read with more success. So hop on down to the bookstore and buy a book for those special children in your life.

Magazine subscriptions are a great gift also. They are a gift that keeps on arriving all year long.

There are some great magazines for children. Highlights and Cricket are two of my favorites.
National Wildlife has some wonderful magazines for all ages. National Geographic has magazines for children also. The fun thing about magazines for children are all of the activities included.

Magazines are wonderful for adults also. National Geographic is one of my favorites. I also give family and friends Arizona Highways in hopes of luring them out west for a visit.

Other book ideas include devotionals, self-help books, spiritual growth books, and don't forget a good cookbook is always handy, especially here in Seekerville.

So I hope this has given you some great ideas for that last minute shopping. And you'll be supporting our publishing business while you are at it.

In the spirit of Christmas giving, I will be giving away FIVE gifts-- Seeker books or one of my children's books. Your choice. Check out the weekend edition for winners. Winners, be sure and respond to our email address and let us know your snail mail addie.

If you have given a book or magazine as a Christmas gift, let us know and you'll be included in the drawing.

Or if you have a great idea or site for a book or magazine share it with us. Provide the link also.

Be sure and take time to rest and reflect on the spirit of Christmas giving. Grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and sit in front of a warm fire. I have a table filled with fresh fruit and yummy pastries so help yourself. Chocolate Velvet coffee is brewing.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  1. We have bunches and bunches of books but I would still be thrilled to get a book as a gift, Christmas or any time. I don't think I gave any books or magazines this year, but it is always a good idea.

  2. Books have always been on my Christmas gift giving list and for the reasons you have highlighted. Everyone has an interest that you can find a book-fit for but if you're really unsure the gift certificate is great as well. I shop at two family run bookstores in my city -- one a regular store and one a Christian bookstore. I love giving back that way -- supporting the lcoal economy and I love the service I get at both stores. And books make great stocking stuffers too! Especially those just-the-right sized Love Inspireds. Who wouldn't be thrilled with a stocking full of them?!

  3. Thanks, Sandra. Though I expect you are preaching to the choir! :-)

    I ordered books for my husband that may not arrive until after Christmas. So pictures will suffice in a box!

    My sister's family members are all getting Kindle Fires for Christmas so Amazon cards were a great choice for me. I also discovered you don't have to get the plastic card, you can download a gift certificate and print it out yourself. Even on Christmas morning if need be!

    Peace, Julie

  4. Good Morning Mary,

    Glad you received some good gift ideas. I don't know about you, but I can always use those.

    Books are great for any occasion. I often buy books instead of greeting cards for get well, congrats, thank you, etc.

  5. I Kav, I'm sure your friends and family love all those books.

    Family bookstores are a treasure. I love when I can walk into a bookstore and the clerk looks at me and says "A new book just came in that you're going to love."

    Thanks Kav and have a wonderful holiday.

  6. HI Julie,

    Yes, I'm preaching to the choir, but I love to emphasize the importance of supporting our writing business. When a fellow writer pointed that out to me years ago, it made a big difference in my gift giving.

    It also made me think about the fact that I'm not just writing, I want to sell my books so I'm writing as a professional. It made me think of myself as a real writer instead of someone simply pursuing a hobby or dream.

    Great shopping tip you gave us. Yes, you can print that little gift card out and purchase that last minute gift Christmas morning.

    Thanks for sharing and merry Christmas

  7. Hi Sandy!

    My shopping is finished for this year and I did buy books. Books are a staple of my gift giving!

    Once of my aunts and my sister are getting a great book by Mary Nealy....anyone here heard of her??? :)

    Another aunt is getting two of the Barbour three in one books and my granddaughters, age 2 and six months are getting a set each of board books.

    Side note: I have that same snowman decoration! My mom made it!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Hi Rose, Great gift giving. Thanks for sharing and yes, I think I have heard of Mary Nealy. smile

    My sister made the snowman for my mom and I was the lucky recipient after she passed away. It always makes me think of her.

    For several years, our family made our gifts for each other and that was one of them. My sis is the artistic one in the family. smiling again.

    My Christmas tree is loaded with homemade ornaments. I love it.

    Have a blessed holiday.

  9. Sandra, what wonderful ideas for last minute shopping! Normally I would be all over this except this year, my daughter dragged me out at midnight the Friday after Thanksgiving for a shopping adventure I'll not soon forget!

    Lines of people. Deep discounts. Smokin' credit card.

    Although credit card wasn't smokin' too badly due to the deep discounts : )

    Still, I plan to stop by our local bookstore and pick up some books as gifts...and if a Seeker book happens to jump into my basket too, well, all the merrier!

    Hmmmm, a subscription to the Food Network could just be a great "gift" from Santa...

  10. Julie, I ordered a DVD for my son on Sunday and it arrived yesterday, so don't give up hope on your husband's gift.

    And really? Kindle Fires all around? Is there room in your sister's family for one more? I'm totally adoptable!!

  11. Audra, You went out at midnight? Brave soul. A friend of mine did that and you're right. She did get smoking deals.

    Yes, those Seeker and Seeker friends books pop into my shopping cart all the time. Whenever I see them on the shelves, I pop them up to eye level and face out. I'm so naughty. Shouldn't tell when Santa might be listening. LOL

    Let us know if Santa got you the Food Network subscription. Best yet, share a great recipe.

    Have a fun time at Christmas. Do you have a white Christmas out your way?

  12. LOVE the photo Sandra -- but where are the pups??? :)

    Great ideas for last-minute holiday shopping!

  13. Morning Glynna,

    The pups are sleeping-thank the Lord. They keep getting into my Christmas things. The black lab loves the stuffed snowmen and keeps hiding them in his kennel. Too funny. At least he's past the chewing them up stage.

    Have a merry Christmas.

  14. Well, Sandra, aren't you a generous Santa Clause? Books, books, books.

    Snow least 7=8 inches fell here last night.

  15. Great last minute ideas, Sandra. I have about 3 people on my list who are very hard to buy they're still in limbo on my 2011 Christmas list.

    And I DO have a list.

    An Excel spreadsheet...

    that goes back to 2002...


  16. Good morning, Sandra! Great ideas!

    Last year I gave several copies of Debbie Macomber's knitting/devotional book, Knit Together.

    And yesterday, I bought myself a cookbook! I think I'm going to put it under the tree. :) It's a 3-in-1 called Church Potlucks, Sunday Suppers and Bake Sale. As you can guess, I do a lot of these! :)

    My sister was supposed to send me a wish list of books, but I just realized she never did! I'll have to call her again and head to my local bookstore.

  17. Wow Tina, A white Christmas for sure. How beautiful.

    Have a wonderful holiday.

  18. Julie, I'll have at least 2 gifts that won't arrive in time. I'll be sure to print photos and present them! Great idea!

  19. Pamster, You are too funny with your spreadsheet Christmas list. Why am I not surprised? LOL

    Well now you have some ideas for those last gifts and i know you're a whiz at online anything, so shopping will be a breeze.

    Have a wonderful holiday.

  20. Hi Missy, Love the cookbook. That would be great for all of us because we all end up at a potluck now and then.

    I put a gift for myself under the tree also. So funny. That way I'm sure to get it. LOL

    Yes, Julie did give us a great idea for those late arriving presents.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  21. Snow! I can't imagine, Tina. We're already at 62 degrees this morning. Very strange weather.

  22. San, you have no idea! My day job is usually pretty crazy this time of year, and my spreadsheet is the only thing that saves me.

    My list has name, gift idea, column for purchased, wrapped, cost, and whether it's shipped or not. Oh, and I have a running spreadsheet with ideas for all my family. If they mention in July that they want something, I try to add it to my list of maybes...

    Those not purchased as of yet are now BOLD AND RED! lol

    I've had to wrap gifts that I forgot about at the last minute, or wake up at 2am on Christmas Day remembering I forgot somebody!

    PS... back to Sandra's list. Buy a couple of books, children's books, etc. and keep them handy in case someone shows up unexpected for Christmas. In most families, this might not be a problem, but sometimes young adults show up at family gatherings with a new boyfriend/girlfriend in tow with kids.

    My policy: if there are gifts to be exchanged, and kids present, I make sure I have at least one extra boy gift and girl gift in my car!

    And... have a couple of gift cards (Subway, Wal Mart, Game Stop Aeropostle, AE, etc.) for the unexpected teenager who shows up.

  23. Oh my goodness, Sandra, that seems to be all I give are books or gift certificates for gifts. My friends and family are all pretty voracious readers so Christmas is really a bit of a book swap.

    When I used to run the Christmas giving program at my former job, where the company adopted families for Christmas, I always included books for the children, and often a whole series for YAs since I knew they wouldn't be able to afford the next books.

    Books are always a great idea!


  24. Sandra, books and magazines make fabulous gifts!!! I especially appreciate that you mentioned supporting local bookstores. I've seen three bookstores close in the last two years. I miss them!!

    Wow, lots of opportunities to win.


  25. I LOVE giving books as gifts. Didn't this Christmas that I can think of, but I give them for MANY other occasions this year, including "just because." :D

    These really are WONDERFUL ideas :) Thanks - and please enter me.

  26. Julie, that's awesome about your sister's fam all getting Kindle Fires! Love it.

    I've been "polishing" 3 Kindles this week. Mine, and my friend from the nursing home and a new K Touch for my mil (I'm 99% sure she won't read this!). Got all the latest books downloaded, and organized for them.

    A Kindle and over 100 books for my mil on Christmas morning. We won't see her for two or three months!

    I simplified the folders for them. When they turn their Kindle on, the Home page displays:

    [Name]'s Library
    Currently Reading
    Already Read
    Kindle Instructions
    The Holy Bible


    My Kindle has so many folders (by genre) that half the time I can't remember what I'm reading since I tend to read 5-6 at a time. Will simplify my own...soon.

  27. Sandra, I love giving and receiving books! I lost count of how many books we bought our daughter for Christmas! Lol
    If anyone's interested in getting a child a Canadian magazine we have Owl. My daughter reads Chirp :)

    Eva Maria Hamilton @ gmail dot com

  28. Tina, I so want some of your snow! We'll be lucky to have snow flurries for Christmas!

  29. Pam -

    I sit in awe of your awesomeness.

    I also have a 'TRA' file on my Kindle - to reada again. Stealing Jake is in there.

    I think I'm done except for returning a couple pairs of shoes for DS4yo and getting new ones because he's in a growth spurt and they won't fit. He got a size 12.5 and these are a 9 that fit about 5 weeks ago when I bought them... [tried them on yesterday and the 11s will fit in this particular shoe...] Did all my wrapping yesterday too.

    My BFF got several books that I'd picked up over the year - a lot on clearance or sale and a few other ones. Like I won Kaye Dacus' latest series but already had a copy of 1 of them so BFF got it :D. My sis is getting some of those kinds of books too. Plus earrings. Cuz she hasn't bought any since hypoallergenic came into vogue and hers all bother her after wearing them most of the day.

    I have a to do list a mile long [though it does include reaching 'the end' of the new MS!!!! Even if there's 30K to be added to the middle still...] and need to start the first of 7 jillion loads of laundry.

    Thanks for the great ideas!! My BFF gets my kids magazines every year and they love it!

    Back to work!

  30. Pammers, Great idea to have extra gifts for the unexpected visitor.

    And I laughed again with visions of that spreadsheet. go girl.

  31. Kirsten, What a super thoughtful idea to include the whole series as gifts. You're a girl after my own heart.

    Have a lovely holiday.

  32. Morning Janet, Yes, we need to support the whole writing business, not just our own books.

    Things are changing so fast, but books and magazines are always a great gift.

    Have fun this Christmas. I know you will. smile

  33. I just bought a book for my grandchildren for Christmas because I heard someone gusing about it.
    It's a picture book called The Spirit of Christmas.
    Then while I was studying it on Amazon, one of the reviewers said, "Yeah, great book but no where as good as "Why Christmas Trees aren't Perfect"

    So I bought that one too. I can't even tell you they're great and I love them because I haven't gotten them yet. But I'm looking forward to it.

  34. I encourage everyone to give a copy of each of my (and Mary Nealy's) books as gifts. In fact, you really should just tuck a couple of them in each Christmas card.

    It would be the right thing to do.

  35. WHICH REMINDS ME!!!!!!!!!!
    KELI GWYN!!!!

    I was downloading free Kindle books on Amazon yesterday (I do this sometimes and experiment with interesting free titles so I don't always know what I'm selecting) and realized at some point that I had KELI'S email address hooked to my orders.

    So, Keli honey, assuming you have a Kindle (I must have...given you a copy of one of my books? Maybe? At some point?)you may have some strange books on your kindle today. I just hope they're not disgusting and if they are....please accept my most humble apology.

    And Merry Christmas

  36. Morning Joanne, Yes, books are great ideas for ALL occasions. I like that you give them "just because"

    I love friends like you. smile

    Have a blessed Christmas

  37. Pammers, Can I come over so you can organize my Kindle? I asked Santa for one.

    What a gift of organization you have.

    And what blessed family and friends to receive all those Kindles for Christmas. woo hooo


  38. Eva Maria, Thank you so much for the link to Owl.

    You can never have enough resources for gifts. And it helps to get a recommendation so that you know what you're ordering.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and we'll hope for some snow.

  39. Carol don't you just "love" those growth spurts? It always amazes me how much they grow in such a short time. Kind of like my waitsline. LOL

    Hey congrats for getting all that writing done during this busy time of year. Good going.

    Have a wonderful time with your children this Christmas.

    ps Do they get some of your chocolate chip cookies too? Wish I could swing by. I still drool over how yummy they were.

  40. I don't get to be in the drawing..but a favorite magazine of mine that is also a good choice for Western writers is American Cowboy.

    They have a nice website too and you can subscribe from there.

  41. Mary, Mary, you are just toooooo funny.

    I hope Keli finds some gems in those books you downloaded for her. LOL

    Your Christmas stories sound great. Good ideas folks for the little ones in your life.

    And who would want Mary Nealy books for Christmas???

    Me, Me Me

  42. Tina, American Cowboy will give you great hero ideas. LOL

    Whenever hubby catches me drooling over a handsome cowboy, I just tell him. "Honey, its research."

  43. And so many choices of books this year...friends of Seekerville had a great year too..

    May the K9 Spy (KC Frantzen) had her first bow wow book out.

    Walt Mussell's e anthology, Hot Cocoa for the Heart.

    Melanie Dickerson's The Merchant's Daughter (now available for 1.99 download).

    And all our wonderful guest bloggers from this year with great books out. Cheryl St. John, Debbie Kaufman, Caroline Fyffe, ...just click on blog guests in the labels section and gee you have a menu of selections for everyone on your gift list. And ebooks and eAmazon gift cards are INSTANT.

  44. Thanks Tina for reminding us of our Seeker friend books out there.

    So many books and so little time.

    But hey, they make super gifts. woo whoo

  45. Not much time to shop this year so these ideas, better than a simple gift card, are good ones. My gifts always include books, picked specially for each member of the family. But I like the idea of magazine subscriptions too.

  46. Good morning everyone, what a great post my favorite subject "Books", I buy them but also share them. I have always given the children in family books to get them interested in reading. many in my family are readers and books are like old friends.
    Thank you authors for your stories and Merry Christmas to one and all..
    Paula O

  47. I love getting books for my sister! She is thirteen years younger (which she reminds me ALL the time), so it's a lovely thing we have in common.

    This year I got a book for my son and an Amazon gift card for my sweet niece who is getting a Kindle Fire for Christmas.

    Pam, I am so envious of your MIL's organized Kindle. Mine is a MESS! I need to get on Amazon and find out how to do more than just buy & read, lol.

  48. I love to read, and am hoping for a gift card from family to buy books! lol I did order a book for my friend of many years...last week, and she received it quickly and read it already. Please enter me! Thanks and Merry Christmas to all!!

  49. Hi Patricia, Glad these ideas helped you out.

    Magazines are so fun because that gift keeps on coming all year through.

    Anyone have any other favorite magazines they'd like to recommend?

    Merry Christmas, Patricia

  50. Thank you Paula,

    Merry Christmas to you also.

  51. Hi Donna, I'm with you. Maybe we can talk Pam into a workshop on organizing Kindle.

    Wouldn't that be a fun get-together?

    How fun that you and your sister share books. My sis is younger also.

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  52. Jackie, Merry Christmas to you also.

    How funny that your friend has already read her gift. Those kind of readers are our best friends. smile

    I hope Santa heard you. Have fun shopping.

  53. This year my dh and I bought four of those 'talking' books so we could record our voices for the grandchildren. My parents did that for them last year, and it's not only fun to be read to, but it's so special to hear my 85 year old parents reading to the generations behind. Turns out to be a gift that I treasure too!

    Thanks for all the ideas, Sandra. Merry Christmas!


  54. Actually, there were no cookies left... All 12 batches were sent out. But I may make some today because of the extra kiddo etc.

    So the 4yo is my little boy who wouldn't grow. He was 13lb 1oz at a year [and I know some kids are just little and can be that and healthy - he wasn't; my now-6yo was 16lb 8oz at a year and perfectly healthy]. Was labeled failure to thrive for nearly 18mos.

    So my 6yo DD is about 27mos older than him. She's currently 2.5 inches taller and about 1.5lbs heavier.

    Thanksgiving weekend, all the kids got new shoes. She got a size 11. He got a 12.5.

    I'm guessing he won't be the 'little brother' much longer...

  55. Magazines:
    I'm subscribed to American Cowboy.
    Also Smithsonian (My husband is crazy for it...I read some of the articales but he's reading it cover to cover...all I want to know is, have they found Big Foot yet. and you know, upon reflection, I should probably subscribe to National Geographic for that.
    I also, apparently, am subscribed to the Harry & David's daily catalogue because there's another one of them everyday.

  56. I bought my husband a Kindle for Christmas and have been downloading alot of Agatha Christie books for him. It is difficult, since I have to hack into his email and delete all the amazon purchase emails! I'm so very sneaky!

    Giving books makes me smile.

  57. I buy books for some dear friends every year - they have five children, and I love picking out the classics to share with each one as they grow! This year we sent "Mike Mulligan", "Betsy-Tacy", "The Railroad Children", "Redwall" and "The Mouse and the Motorcycle".

    Our own children always have books on their wish-lists - but they've outgrown the children's books :(

    We were so pleased to have two new bookstores open in our town this fall! Books-a-Million bought our Borders that had closed in September, and then a new locally owned bookstore opened downtown. That gives us a total of three! Not bad for our little city!

    Magazines are great gifts, too! I have a few on my own wish list.

    My favorite nature magazine for children is "Nature Friend" -
    It's written and published by Christians, and the articles are written from a creation perspective. The pictures are beautiful, too!

    And Pam, the organized person buried deep inside me is secretly jealous of your spreadsheet.

  58. Lyndee, What a great idea. Talking books are special and will be there for great memories.

    Have a terrific holiday.

  59. Carol, Goodie, goodie. More cookies. You make the best.

    And how sweet to share with us a little about your children. How special they are.

    Have fun.

  60. SANDRA, YES!!! BOOKS AND MAGAZINES -- the best presents of all!!!

    I usually give my prayer partners a book that has really touched me over the last year and I send several of my sisters books as well. I LOVE sending Amazon gift cards because people can buy books or whatever they want.

    Sometimes I hesitate giving people in the biz (i.e. my editor or agent) an Amazon gift card because I always feel they already have all the books they need, but when a book impacts me greatly (i.e. like One Thousand Gifts, a Zondervan N.Y. Times Bestseller by Ann Voskamp or Prayers that Availeth Much by Germaine Copeland), I WILL definitely give that because it feels like I am almost giving a piece of my heart with it.

    I wish you, Sandra, all the Seekers and all Seeker friends a happy, healthy and holy holiday season!


  61. Sandra said: Hi Donna, I'm with you. Maybe we can talk Pam into a workshop on organizing Kindle.

    Great idea Sandra! :)
    Merry Christmas!

  62. Oh Mary, I love the Smithsonian also. Very interesting.

    I used to live in Bigfoot country. My, my. So many sightings but I never saw the big guy. One man offered a lecture at Humboldt State University claiming to have evidence. All he had were slides of poop. Can you believe it? Hubby and I laughed so hard. And at a university too.

    Have you tried Harry and David? Our financial advisor sends those out. yummy.

  63. Sherrinda, you are sneaky. But isn't he going to love that gift?

    Have a fun time Christmas morning.

  64. Fun post, and I love the idea of giving away books and magazines all year 'round. I hadn't really thought about how much i helps those in the writing industry. I gave away a few books this year for Christmas, so may I please be entered in the drawing?

    My children LOVE books adn are voracious readers. I'm thrilled. We also got some Encyclopedia Brown books for Christmas (and spy gear that came with them.). :)

    Our kids also enjoy the Clubhouse magazines put out by Focus on the Family. Their articles and activities have given some good opportunities for conversation.

  65. Jan, Thanks for the great recommendation. I love the creation perspective idea.

    I know, I'm so jealous of Pam's spreadsheet also.

    How blessed you are to have NEW bookstores. What a great comment about your city.

    Have a blessed Christmas.

  66. Morning Julie, Thanks for sharing the book titles. Those sound like wonderful gifts.

    A devotional or spiritual book is always a wonderful gift.

    And of course Julie's books a re wonderful too. smile

    Have a blessed Christmas yourself.

  67. Jeanne T, Thanks for the magazine ideas from Focus.
    Good Christian materials are wonderful to give as they witness too.

    Have a blessed Christmas.

  68. Donna, We'll definitely work on that idea.

    Are you hearing us Pammers?

  69. Tina, you've gotten more snow than us. We're at about 4" so far. Hope you don't have to go out in it today.

    Carol, I have an 8 1/2 year old who weighs 48 pounds. Keep waiting for that kid to put on some pounds.

  70. Jeanne -

    My 8yo is somewhere around there. Not sure exactly where but I'm fairly certain she's not hit 50lbs yet...

    The 6yo is still at 40 almost exactly. The 4yo is about 38.5 at last check...

  71. Yes'm. I heard!

    I'll see what I can do about putting together a simple way to organize your Kindle.

    It's actually pretty easy, but I'm sure pictures will help us visualize each step.

    An hour or two is all it takes for a couple hundred books. Then it's easy to move forward from there.

    Man, that's a lot faster than trying to organize my print copies!

  72. Pam - is there a way to do it from your desktop? I know HOW I just have no desire to spend 18 hours pushing those little tiny buttons to get the hundreds of books I have [lots of free ones like Mary mentioned] into some sort of appropriate organizational system. I'd LOVE to do a drag drop thing from my desktop by I don't think that's possible...


  73. Carol, I don't think you can organize your Kindle from your desktop, but it's easy from the Kindle.

    This is my system and might not work for everybody, so feel

    Step One is to get everything in ONE FOLDER to clear your home page.

    Create a folder: "Carol's Library" or "My Books" or "All My Stuff". Whatever you want to call it.

    Click on the folder, then start adding everything to it. It actually doesn't take long and you can do it while cooking supper or whatever so that it's moving the books while your doing something else.

    Once you get them all in the main folder, then create your "Currently Reading" or "Reading Now" etc. Open the folder and ADD the books your currently reading to that folder.

    Your books will stay in both the main folder and the "Currently Reading" folder. When you finish reading a book, remove it from your CR folder. This won't delete it off your Kindle, just out of that folder.

  74. Sandra, My Christmas list is written only on my brain. This is why I always buy extra books in case I've forgotten someone. Or a few someones. :)

    I cringe at the thought of a spreadsheet. More time would be spent creating the file than checking things off my list.

    Pam, my new Kindle and I thank you for the organiztional tips.

    Mary, Just this morning my sister admitted to NOT liking cowboy books. Then I introduced her to Belle and The Husband Tree. I think she's converted.

  75. Hi, Sandra! I bought both my grandsons books for Christmas! Jase is only a baby but he won't be forever. And Damian, 5, loves us to read to him and he loves to read himself. Thanks for the suggestion about kids' magazines.

  76. Hey, Sandra! Thanks for the gift ideas. If you or someone you know is getting a Kindle, Nook or i-pad or other e-reader for Christmas, Zondervan is doing a big promotion right now where they're drastically discounted a lot of their e-books, including my two books, which are 1.99, but only for a limited time. You can give an e-book download as a gift too. I'm not sure exactly how you do that, but I know you can!

  77. Carol, everyone keeps telling me that my kids will put on weight as they get older. My younger one weighs more than my older one! Being a picky eater with numerous allergies doesn't help much. Hopefully once the teen years hit, our "slender kiddos" will gain that weight. :)

  78. Pam, I'm copying these instructions. Maybe you can do a blog on this. hint hint

  79. Bridgett, Great idea to have extra books around. I always do so when something unexpected comes up, I'm ready. smile

    Glad you have a new Kindle. I might have one also. I'm hinting to Santa.

    I'm with you on the spreadsheet. It sounds so wonderful but would probably take me hours to do.

  80. Hi Cara, How sweet that Damian reads to his brother. That is such a great reading incentive. He will be a fast learner when he gets into first grade. smile

    Of course his grandma loves to read so he's had you as a role model.

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  81. Hi Melanie Thanks for the heads up about Zondervan and who wouldn't love a Melanie Dickerson book. woo whooo.

    Have a special holiday.

  82. Books are a staple Christmas gift in our house. I think my husband's and my Christmas list were about 80 percent books!

    I did a lot of my Christmas shopping early, buying up books for friends and family when our local Borders and another bookstore closed this summer. It was hard to see them go, but my wallet appreciates it now! I tried to pick books that I know the reader likes, or in the case of my mom, books that I had read that I thought she'd enjoy, too. It's kind of funny, she's been after me to lend her a book by an author we mutually enjoy, and I keep fending her off because it's going to be under her tree in just a few short days!

    Merry Christmas everyone, and please include me in the drawing.

  83. Jeanne - Don't worry if your "slender" one never puts on the weight - as long as he's healthy! My 19yos has always been small and skinny - mostly because of genetics. His biggest problem is getting his weight up to the Army's requirements. He's spending his time trying to bulk up muscle.

    There are those of us who would love to have a body as skinny as his, though!

  84. Hi Stephanie, How funny that your mother is asking for the book she has under the tree. At least you know you bought her what she really, really wants. chuckle

    Wow 80% of your list is books. You're a girl after my own heart. woo hooo.

    Have a fun time this Christmas.

  85. Hi Jan, I certainly have plenty of pounds I would love to give away. Speaking of giving. LOL Oh my. Too corny. Sorry.

  86. Has anyone noticed what's going on at the Yankee-Belle Cafe today?

    Ruthy is sharing her much-coveted and super-secret sponge candy recipe!

    Isn't that a beautiful Christmas gift?

  87. Jan, Thanks for the heads up. Better mosey over there.

  88. Thank you for the lesson Pam. I have one question. Are you suppose to move the books you are finished reading to the archive folder? I'm guessing that is what it is for even though it keeps putting ones I haven't read in there for me.

  89. Donna -

    Those are books you 'own' but that aren't physically on your Kindle. Amazon knows you own them but the file itself isn't on your Kindle [or whatever app you're using].

    If you need the room on your Kindle for whatever reason, then 'remove from device' will remove the file and the book will go into your archived items.

  90. Thanks Carol for answering Donna's question. I can see I'm going to need to learn a lot more than just how to read my book when I do get my Kindle (assuming Santa has heard me-smile)

    It pays to have knowledgeable friends. Thank the Lord for all of you.

    Merry, merry Christmas

  91. Sandra~

    The love of reading was instilled in me early by my own parents and grandparents. My step-mom's parents bought books and only books for gifts. They often bought high quality hardbacks. They introduced me to Francis Hodgson Burnett, Lucy Maude Montgomery, and others.

    Now I always buy my daughter and oldest nephew books for Christmas and birthdays. He is 16 and we both love the Percy Jackson series.

    I'd love to win a book...of course.

    andeemarie95 at gmail dot com

  92. Hi Andrea, What a joy to have those memories associated with reading. My parents loved to read also.

    In fact my 91 year old dad couldn't read books anymore because the print was too small so he bought a Kindle last year. He loves it. And loves to read-still. What a blessing.

    Enjoy your holidays.

  93. A day late in reading this, but I have to add that I cannot remember any Christmas ever without books, going back to when I was a little girl and Santa leaving them under the tree. The smell of a new book is still a joy. I'm giving at least a dozen this year.

    I also give books/magazines on birthdays, graduations, special occasions, or at anytime when I find a book I know someone will love.

    Enjoyed the post. Thanks.


  94. Thanks all of you for sharing your love of books.

    Hope you all finished your Christmas shopping.

    Have a merry Christmas.

    Enjoy Christ's birthday.

    Happy New Year.

  95. I almost always give some books at Christmas. Magazines is a new thought though, thank you.
    This year I asked for books for myself for Christmas and my husband gave me that 'haven't you seen the pile I trip over everyday in our room' look. So, not sure Santa will be supporting our local book store.
    We always put gift certificates in our kids stockings for the local Christian book store. Then we know they are feasting on healthy things.

  96. In a 'my' perfect world the perfect gift is a good book. This year I bought three books to give as gifts. Two of them I have already given and they were extremely well received. The gift of the written word is so special.

    Merry Christmas to each and everyone!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.