Saturday, August 11, 2012

Yoda Edition Weekend It Is

 We Have Winners

 Prize rules are here and  winners should contact us through our Seekerville email address. We allow 6-8 for prizes to allow for forces beyond our control, such as babies, Mother Nature and DEADLINES!! And if we goof up, just email and let us know.

Monday:  Bethany House and Barbour author Mary Connealy is your hostess, with her post "Plot Driven vs Character Driven" Winner of the first ever giveaway on Seekerville of her new release Over the Edge, book #3 of the Kincaid Brides series is Abigail Richmond.

Tuesday we welcomed Harlequin American Romance author Barbara White Daille who  talked about secondary characters in a post titled: "It Takes a Village." The winners of autographed print copies of A Rancher's Pride and The Rodeo Man's Daughter, the first two books set in Flagman's Folly, New Mexico are Jan Drexler and Patricia W (one each in that order.)

Wednesday Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean shared with us about "Hooks, Lines and Sinkers: How to Hook and Reel in Readers." Winner of one of her books, winner’s choice is Debra Marvin.

Love Inspired author Ruthy Logan Herne breezed in with adorable pics of a cute kid overcoming fear on Thursday with her post "Please Take the Summer off So I Get More Contracts." The two winners of a Ruthy-Book-Of-Choice are Valerie Comer and Natalie Monk!

Friday multipublished author Barbara McMahon joined us sharing "Self-Editing Made Simple." Winner of Mirror Image Bride, Book #2 in the Love Inspired "Texas Twins" continuity series, is Lyndee.

Next Week in Seekerville

 Monday: It's back to school with the "Kissing Queen," Revell author Julie Lessman for "Kiss-ology 101: Warming up the Pages with Romantic Tension." No homework involved, but you may have to hit the books on a giveaway of any of Julie's novels including A Love Surrendered and A Light in the Window. School supplies required: fans, matches and fire extinguishers a must.

Tuesday:" Library Events: What's good, what's bad, what works, what doesn't." Since moving to the Carolinas and connecting with Carolina Christian Writers, the local ACFW chapter, Abingdon Press and Barbour author Myra Johnson has enjoyed several opportunities to participate with other CCW authors for speaking and book signing events at area libraries. While no expert on the subject, Myra will share her thoughts and experiences concerning how to make the most of library opportunities. Join in the discussion and you could win a copy of Myra's latest release, A Horseman's Gift.

Wednesday: Love Inspired Suspense author Debby Giusti will blog on "What I learned at RWA 2012." Stop by for workshop tips and industry news that Debby picked up while in Anaheim. Leave a comment to be entered into the drawing for one of Debby's books. Her tenth Love Inspired Suspense--The Colonel's Daughter--is currently in bookstores and will be included in a Wednesday blog drawing.

Love Inspired author Mia Ross cruises in with her post on "Polishing Your Product". Mia will share words of wisdom just in time for ACFW conference preparation... and you can never be too prepared pre-conference! She'll be giving away three copies of her latest release Circle of Family , the second book in her Sawyer family series.

Welcome Kathleen Kovach and Paula Moldenhauer with "Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun." Tips on how to collaborate with your best friend without becoming mortal enemies. Kathleen and Paula will be giving away an electronic copy of Titanic: Legacy of Betrayal

Seeker Sightings

We'd love to hear about your sightings in the comments!

 Debby Giusti will be a guest on The Suspense Zone, Sunday, AUG 12. Stop by to learn more about her latest release,The Colonel's Daughter, and to enter the drawing for a free copy of the third story in her Military Investigations series.

Monday, AUG 13, Debby will host her bi-monthly writing class at Holy Trinity Church, Peachtree City, GA, from 7 to 9 PM. The class will discuss Script Consultant Micheal Hauge's writing techniques as viewed in his video, The Hero's Inner Journey. If you're in the area, stop by and join the class.

On Tuesday, AUG 14, Debby will be blogging on

Thursday, AUG 16, Debby will be signing The Colonel's Daughter at Omega Book Center, Peachtree City, GA, from 4-6:30 PM.  Proceeds will benefit Embracing Military Families, an organization that provides school supplies and holiday gifts for needy children of deployed military servicemen and women as well as children of Wounded Warriors in the local area. For more information, call 770-487-3977. Check out this great picture and write up in the Fayette County news.


Cara Lynn James will be guest blogging with Lena Nelson Dooley  next week. She'll be giving away a copy of A Path toward Love which will be released Tuesday, August 14th.
 On Friday, August 17th, Cara Lynn James will be visiting Carol Moncado's blog at Pentalk Community. Please stop by!

  Katherine Osborne, the heroine of A Path toward Love will be interviewed on Margaret Daley's blog all next week. Cara Lynn James will be giving away a copy of her new book A Path toward Love.


Come and join in the campaign launch for Mary Connealy's latest book, Over the Edge. Mary is celebrating the release of the newest Kincaid Brides series by giving away a Nook Color and hosting an "Over the Edge" Author Chat Party on Facebook (Save the date for 8/29!). Details here

General Entry



And plan on joining the Facebook Author Chat Party on August 29th. Details here.

Congratulations to Myra Johnson. A Horseman's Heart is a finalist in the Heart of Excellence Reader's Choice Awards.

Random News & Information 

 Thank you to Becky Doughty for her great post on Passion and her shout out to Seekerville at her Braveheart blog.

 Women On The Rise Among The World’s Top-Earning Authors (Forbes)

Smashwords Adds Price Manager & Library Direct (GalleyCat)

Info on Harlequin’s Kiss line, to launch February 13, 2013 from Cindi Myers Marketing Blog. Editor Bryony Green in Harlequin’s London office will be overseeing this line of “fun, flirty” contemporary romances. The books will have “smart, sassy heroines” and “21st-century Alpha male heroes.” Stories should have lots of tension — with or without hot sex. Harlequin is using words like edgy, urban, vibrant, and fun to describe these stories, which are 50,000 words. Submit your manuscripts to Ms. Green, or to editor Meg Lewis or Assistant Editor Flo Nicoll. Check out the guidelines here.

Q&A with Harlequin Heartsong Presents Editor Kathy Davis (

Social Media Scamsters (Salon)

Becoming A Pro Writer And Selling Thousands Of Books A Month With CJ Lyons (The Creative Penn)

11 Mistakes Writer's Make When Approaching Literary Agents (Huffpost)

What Every Author Needs to Know About Search Engine Optimization (Author Media)

Tweet of the Week:

Senior Editor Melissa Endlich:Typos drive me crazy. Writers: please proofread your work at least twice before sending off to your editor. #pubtip



Seekerville's October Birthday Bash is just around the corner, and big plans are already in the works, including several very special guest bloggers! 

We're excited to welcome back Stanley D. Williams, PhD, author of The Moral Premise: Harnessing Virtue & Vice for Box Office Success. Or, for our purposes, using MP theory to give our novels that extra "something" to make them resonate with readers long after they close the book.    (Check out his last visit to Seekerville, here!)

Adapting a quote from Dr. Williams's website, "While the physical, explicit story or plot line is what a [novel] is about, the psychological or moral premise is what the [novel] is 'really' about." Dr. Williams first visited Seekerville two years ago, offering an extensive overview of the concept including examples of the Moral Premise in published fiction. This time he wants to hear from you. 

  • What still confuses you about MP?
  • How can Dr. Stanley help you put MP to work in your fiction?
  • What other burning questions are you just dying to ask The Moral Premise Guy?
Send your questions to Seekerville at no later than Saturday, September 1, and we'll compile them for Dr. Williams. Then watch for his guest post on Saturday, October 20! For more information about Dr. Williams and his groundbreaking book, visit his website,

That's it! A great week have you.


  1. (Banging on dishpan.)
    Coooome and get it. Coffee at 3 a.m.

    Thanks for the interesting links, Tina.

    Looking forward to next week.


  2. How nice to win Mirror Image Bride. Thanks Barbara McMahon!

    And thanks Seekerville for another eye opening, encouraging, and kick in the pants week. Boy, I needed that!

    Hugs Tina for this great WE with lots of terrific links. You rock, lady!

  3. Great WE, Tina! Love the Ruthy/Yoda quotes. :) Looking forward to next week's posts!

    And thanks, Ruthy, for giving away your book! So excited to read it!

  4. I Yoda didn't say all that stuff, he should have. :)

  5. OK, the pic with Yoda over ruthy's sholder was kind of scary.

    Shake him off! Shake him off!

    I love this WE. So much to read, so many interesting links!

  6. Oh, Thank you, thank you, thank you for including my Braveheart post on PASSION in your WE! I can't believe I get to share the page with you all AND Yoda, too!!!!!!

    I'm tickled pink! Or green, in honor of the little guy.

    To you thanks is given.


  7. Hurray for the WE and Tina (how do you always do excellents W.E?).

    Oh, my there's a lot in this one. Let's see... congrats winners and Myra Johnson!

    Looking foward to the Seekerville October celebration.

    I'm gonna have to re-read the thing about MP questions... it's for published authors, right?

    And good to the rest of you, do something kind for someone, today :)

  8. O yes Helen! Whatever would we do without your coffee?

    And the banging on the dishpan! *GRIN*.

    That must have woken up some of y'all! A nice way to do so, I must say...

  9. Thanks Helen for the coffee. Whew I need it on this chilly morning.

    Great week coming up. woo hooo

    Thanks for all the links Tina. Great stuff.

  10. Helen!

    No wonder I'm up so early on a Saturday, it was all that pan banging you were doing! ; )

    Great weekend edition. Yoda is my favorite. Congratulations to all the winners.

    If any one has a chance, I'm doing a blog interview with Shari Barr on Thursday, August 16th.

    I'll be giving away my July release and third book in my quilting series, Rose of Sharon.

  11. A very Force-full W.E.

    Congrats to the winners.

    The whole "Ruth Logan Skywalker" thing was a surprise. Or is that "Ruth Skywalker Herne"? I had no idea Ruthy and Yoda were so tight.

    Well, Helen and her dishpan didn't rouse me. And I might be almost close enough to hear it.

    My alarm roused me just enough that I could find the off button. I slept in, which is not so bad on a Saturday, but it's gonna be a busy one.

    We have a VeggieTales premier (with Carol Moncado and her bunch) at 10:30, followed by a visit to my dad and step-mom to collect school stuff they bought for my soon-to-be kindergartener. Then back to Ava to spend the rest of the day (and probably most of the night) at my in-laws'. B-i-l and family are visiting for one last hoo-rah before school starts.

    Gonna be tons of fun!

    We'll sleep when we're dead, right?

  12. Helen, I wondered why I woke up an hour earlier than I needed to!

    Great WE, Tina. Loved Yoda!

    And Dr. Stanley's coming back? Yay! I learned so much from his last visit (and had to catch it in the archives - it was before Seekerville days for me).

    So much going on...

    Oh, and I won a Barbara White Daille book! What a nice surprise!

    You all have a great weekend. We had rain last night (yay!) and are praying for more, so inside-the-house chores are on tap today :)

  13. Good morning to Seekerville and our dear little Yoda!

    Ladies & Gents -- I just saw on a loop that the Golden Pen Inspirational category is low on entries. This is a FABULOUS contest as the judges get to see a full proposal--synopsis & opening chapters. This is where I got my foot in the door in 2008 when Love Inspired senior editor Melissa Endlich picked my entry for first place, requested a full, then offered a contract.

    So if you have an interest in writing for Love Inspired, copy & paste this link into your web browser and check it out. The deadline is August 15.

  14. Ruthy taught Yoda everything he knows. Tina helped.

  15. Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love the Yoda pictures, Tina!!!
    Gotta go mow the lawn now. There is no try. There is only do or do not. If only we could send some of this rain to the places where it's dry so our grass wouldn't grow so much!!!
    Maybe I'll go eat some chocolate with Yoda first to build up my strength.

  16. Goodness Helen do you really do coffee at 3am, do it quitely please..I am sleeping.
    Congrats to the winners.
    next week looks like good lineup-I will be checking you out.
    talking of October doings...ahh dont skip over September so fast,heck seems like August just began...
    The years are slipping by me much too fast now-girls you wont believe that old folks "feel" the same as you -we just cant do as much like you. I miss my carefree days of youth.
    Paula O(


    Excellent We as always, Teenster, and I will be happy to answer Ganise's question of, "how do you (Tina) always do excellents W.E?"

    Because, Ganise, Tina is our resident Yoda, albeit a LOT prettier AND younger ...




  18. What would I do without my Saturday Seekerville Weekend Edition???? Go bonkers, that's what!!! Great links -- found the whole Heartsong dialogue interesting since I've been in contact with Harlequin about that line not being available in Canada.

    Oooh -- and congrats on finaling, Myra! Of course The Horseman's Heart would be a reader's choice!!!

    And guess what I found on my visit to the bookstore yesterday? Path Toward Love by Cara!!!! It's on the top of my TBR pile. Can't wait to dive in!!!

    Happy end of the Olympics weekend everybody (sob!).

  19. Another terrific Weekend Edition, Tina. Wonderful links.

    Congratulations, Myra, on the contest final. You rock, girl!

    Congratulations to this week's winners! In Seekerville, we're all winners, right? Right!

    Thanks for the coffee, Helen. Haven't heard anyone bang on a dishpan in a long time. :-)

    Will miss the Olympics, too, Kav.


  20. Congrats to the winners and to Myra! Awesome!

    Can't wait for next weeks line-up. Especially Monday's kiss-filled fun with Julie!

    Sorry to see the Olympics end. So many beautiful stories of hope and endurance and dreams come true. Inspiring!


  21. We love Helen! And everyone part of the friendship circle here at Seekerville :)

    Truly hope everyone is having a good day!


  22. Better late than never, huh? Bust day of chores & playing with grandkids. Thanks, everyone, for the congratulations! I'm so happy this book has been well received. It's a personal favorite.

    Ganise, MP is for EVERY fiction writer! Dr. Stanley has so much to teach us, published or not. He taught the Early Bird session at ACFW last year, and the class was great!


  24. Okay, what did Blogger do with my post? I tapped on "publish" and phffft it was gone.

    So ... Let's see if I can recall ...

    Congratulations, Myra! Totally cool.

    Congrats to all the winners, which is really everyone who reads Seekerville because we profit so much from all the info and encouragement.

    And thanks again for the WE, Tina --it's always a good read.

    A good weekend may everyone have,

    C Nancy

  25. Woohoo! i'm sorry to be so late, especially when I need to say Thank You Thank You! I am going to ask for "Wanted: A Family", Janet. Love the storyline of this award-winner and I missed it.

    Thank you so much! I can too book or kindle version...

    Great week again, congratulations to all the winners and so cool to have Dr. Williams back!

  26. Tina, another great WE!!! With Yoda! How fun is that! As far as little green creatures go, he's really quite cute! I should have known he and Ruthy would be tight. Does he live in her attic perchance?

    Spent SAT at my first triathlon. Lest there be any doubt, I DID NOT participate. I merely watched and took pics and cheered my son when he crossed the finish line.

    Will include much of what I saw in an upcoming book, if LIS gives me the go-ahead on the proposal, which means I was actually working yesterday while having all that fun!

    Had a houseful of company the rest of the weekend. :)