Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weekend Edition

 This week Seekers, Tina, Debby, Janet, Mary, Audra, Missy, Myra and Pam will be live at the ACFW Conference in Dallas. We look forward to seeing you. If you can't be there stick around Seekerville Friday and Saturday for photos and updates and giveaways for those left behind!

 We Have Winners!

OOPS!!  Contact us at if you won or we are late!

Monday Seeker Sandra Lee Smith  talked about The Importance of Reviews for Readers and for Authors. She shared the the ins and outs of the new business models in this new and changing digital world.The five winners of The Price of Victory are Dawn, Carol Moncado, Jackie, Bridgett Henson and Kav.  Congratulations.  If you would like the book signed to someone else please indicate when you email your address.  If you didn't win today, sign up on Sandra's webpage for other contests.

School  was in session  Tuesday with our guest, the Grammar Queen who Pontificated on the Pronoun. The winner of a $10 Target e-giftcard is Karen K.

With the ACFW conference just days away, Love Inspired Suspense author Debby Giusti shared "Travel Tips" on Thursday. The winner of their choice of Debby's books is Erica Vetsch.

Friday we welcomed back two-time Christy Award-winning author Cathy Gohlke . Cathy explored "The Power of a Good Question" with a fascinating post .The winner of her brand-new release Band of Sisters is Piper Huguley.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday:We start off the new week with award-winning author Laura Frantz warming up Seekerville when she talks about a favorite subject -- HEROES! -- in "The Melt Factor" plus a giveaway of her brand-new release Love's Reckoning!

Tuesday: We're delighted to welcome back Harlequin Super Romance and Love Inspired Historical author Abby Gaines who joins us from all the way around the world.

Wednesday:Today Ruth Logan Herne is your hostess and she'll talk about one of her favorite things, writing series books... The ins and outs of developing a successful series! This seemed appropriate because she also announced her new four-book contract with Love Inspired Books, the Kirkwood Lake series in this Weekend Edition! Ruthy will be offering a ten-page critique to writers  WHO DARE say they're brave enough to want it... and/or a choice of Ruthy-books for those who just want to curl up with a good book! Let her know in the comments what you'd like.

Thursday: Thomas Nelson author Cara Lynn James helps hold down the Seekerville fort with a post about about "Scenes and Sequels". She'll be giving  away a copy of A Path Toward Love her latest release.

Friday: Today Seeker and 2012 Carol Finalist  Tina Radcliffe is LIVE from the 2012 ACFW Conference in Dallas Texas with Seekers and Seekervillians. Let us know if you're going to be there so we can find you and snap your photo. (She has PaintShop Pro and she knows how to use it!) And we've got some conference goodies to give away today as well. Yes. it's Seekerville Tchotchke time!!!

Seeker Sightings

Debby Giusti will blog Tuesday, September 18th on the Love Inspired Authors Blog. Stop by to say hello. 

Happy dancing in upstate!!! Ruth Logan Herne is delighted to announce a new four-book contract with Love Inspired Books! Ruthy's "Kirkwood Lake" series will embrace law enforcement in the mountainous southwest corner of New York State as sheriffs, state troopers and police work together to keep peace in tough economic times. Huge thanks to Natasha Kern and Melissa Endlich for ironing out the details of this so Ruthy can focus on writing!


E-BOOK edition of A Love Surrendered is NOW AVAILABLE!!! Paperback still scheduled for release October 1st.

 Julie Lessman: September 11-18. Win your choice of any of Julie's books including A Love Surrendered and her Christmas e-book A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story at a blog interview/giveaway on Christian Bookshelf Reviews blog.

Tina Radcliffe has posted a new short story in our Short Reads section of Seekerville the Town. Check out A Forever Kind of Love. 


Random News & Information

We've given you an extra lengthy amount of info this week as next weekend our Weekend Edition will be limited due to conference.

The Publishing Process in GIF Form (Nathan Bransford Blog via Cheryl Wyatt)

From "If you've always dreamed of getting published or are simply new to the romance business, we've got the event for you! Starting September 17, we have our very own weeklong So You Think You Can Write online conference to help you prepare for our writing contest. First prize to one lucky winner? A series publishing contract. And if you can't wait that long—never fear! You can also visit our SYTYCW Facebook Group. "

 New Study: 55% of YA Books Bought by Adults (PW)


 Happy Anniversary Love Inspired by Senior Editor Melissa Endlich (Harlequin Blog)

 Amazon Publishing Shares Some Sales Numbers In Email To Agents (Paid Content)

 The Beginning and The End  by Bill Kenower (Author Magazine) 

How I Got A Literary Agent (The Creative Penn) 


Now this looks interesting! The Hero's Journey, For Heroines by Laurie Schnebly Campbell October 1-26, 2012. $30 at

10 Ways To Know You're A Writer (Writer Therapy) 

5 Tools For Outlining Your Novel (GalleyCat)

 Harper Voyager to Accept Unagented Manuscripts for Two Weeks (GalleyCat)

To Conference We Shall Go by Karen Ball (Steve Laube Agency Blog)

The 2012 Launching a Star Contest is low on inspirational entries. Here's our info from the September Contest Update:

Launching a Star. Deadline September 15. All Electronic. Each entry will consist of up to the first fifteen pages of an unpublished manuscript (not published in any form). Contestants may include a Prologue (if one exists) as long as the total submission does not exceed fifteen pages. Inspirational Judges: Emily Rodmell Harlequin Steeple Hill, Nicole Resiniti The Seymour Agency

Don't forget...Seekerville has our own contest going! Deadline September 30th. Details in this month's September Contest Update.  No names mentioned, but several Seekervillians have entered multiple contests already and sent proof of their contest entry MULTIPLE times. Way to go!!! No guts, no glory!

That's it! Have a wonderful week and don't forget to "Watch" the ACFW Conference award ceremony gala "On the Live Blog"  Saturday night. ( Find out who fit into their gala dresses and who didn't and were forced to wear pajamas!)

Have a great weekend!)


  1. RUTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    AND I WON!!!! Sandra's book! WOOHOO!!!!

    My house is cleaner, but my to do list before Tuesday bedtime is so long.


    Tomorrow - gala shopping. Maybe.

    Four days. So much to do.

    And so much fun going to be had! :D

  2. And if y'all would pray everything fits in the trunk of my van [it should - it's deep [fold down seats deep] and wide from back seat to door] but for some reason it's starting to stress me a bit ;).

    Helen - the coffee maker needs to stay on the island :D.

  3. Great WE, but that's no surprise :)

    Congratulations to all the winners!!

    And YAY, Ruthy! We've been waiting for this series. If you hadn't sold it, you would have had to publish it in serial form on your blog.

    I'll be in Dallas - it's a dream come true :D

    For those of you who aren't able to make it this year, I know how you feel. But next year in Indy, right?

  4. Ruthy, Ruthy!!!
    Way to go, girl. Do I get to be in these? Huh?

    Yes, Carol, the coffee maker stays on the island. But I'll look after it through Monday night. After that I'm OOOOF into the wild blue yonder!


  5. Ruthy!! Sooooo excited for you! I'm saying it--I want it! I'd love to have your new series, or any of your books. :)

    Congratulations to all the winners! How fun! Tina, I always enjoy the WE.

    I'm looking forward to Dallas--my first ACFW, and to meeting some of you there.

    The post by Karen Ball was a great one to include. Thanks, Tina!

    I'm up so late because I decided to really go out on a limb and enter the Launch a Star contest. Newbie alert: I have a question for anyone who might know the answer--if my book is inspirational, do I put that somewhere in the entry?

    Yawn! Headed to bed now. Thanks for all you Seeker ladies do for us!

  6. SQUEE! So excited, both to win one of Debby's books AND to see you guys in just a few days!

  7. Ruthy is Squeeeeeeeing right back! Harmony! A duet! Stereophonic SQUEEEEES!!! :)

    This inspires me to work hard while youse guys are schmoozing.... We'll keep the Village home fires burning!

  8. Jan, thank you!!!!!!

    Yes, serial reading on the web! That's actually a great idea, right?????

    Oy, now you've got me thinking!!!!

  9. Helen, you never know! It's set in the three county area surrounding Allegany County along the PA border... Someone may just wander into Walker Electronics, right????


    Hey, we're having a contest on my blog to name those two waifs. We're doing it on Facebook, too. So catch me at or on FB and if you submit names for the two little wanderers, you get your name in for a copy of His Mistletoe Family when they come next month!

  10. Jeanne!!!! :)

    Happy dancing!


    I'm beyond delighted that this happened!!!! :)

    And I wouldn't put anything on the entry if it doesn't ask... they'll figure it out and either like it/love it/hate it.

    Tiny sigh inserted right HERE....

  11. Good morning, Seekerville. It's been a while because I've been consumed with the whole Back to School deal which absolutely drains all energy and monopolizes all my time. But it also pays the bills. :) Sort of.

    Congratulations Ruthy!!!! It's good news for all when you get a new contract! So are you going to write all 4 in the next year?

    Jeanne - I checked the contest page. The rules say: "The name of the entry, and the category must appear at the upper left at the top of each page with the page number at the top right of each page."

    SO that's the only place you need to put it on the mss. Just make sure NOT to put your name anywhere.
    A hint from a contest sl...uh veteran - I usually go through the rules page as sort of a checklist before I send it off.

    And TINA!!! I've got fingers crossed for Saturday night. Can't wait to cheer you on - cyberly speaking.

    Happy conferencing to all who are going. Safe travels to you. And here's hoping those of us left behind have productive writing.

  12. Great Weekend Edition Tina

    Hey folks, Laurie Schnebly Campbell is my guest this month, September 25th and she will be talking about the heroine's journey.

  13. Have fun in Dallas.

    I'm not jealous. I'm not jealous. I'm not jealous. sigh

  14. Happy Weekend, Seekerville! I'm SO jealous of all of you getting to go to ACFW in Dallas! For one thing, you'll be WARMER than I am at the moment (it's currently 37 degrees here in the mountains). And you'll get to visit with Seekers, Seekervillagers, my agent & editor, and enjoy informative workshop speakers! ENJOY!

  15. Boy, I'd better take a pair of nice jammies just in case I don't fit into my fancy dress if you're going to post pictures!

    I can't wait to meet Tina in person!

    Congratulations to all of this weeks winners!

  16. Good morning Seekerville!

    Congrats to all of the winners! Thanks for another great WE Tina. Hope you and all of the Seekerville folks have fun in Dallas!

    Ruthy, I am headed over to your blog right now to post my name ideas! Congrats on your new contract!


  17. My My what a happy bunch today, Hey but I am looking at the great line-up for next week. Everyday will be good ones.
    Congrats to the winners and wishing all the ones off on their trip happy times going-there and safe trip home again.
    See ya next week Seekerville...
    Oh Ruthie going to check out your FB page.
    Paula O(

  18. Another fantastic W.E., Tina!! And I'm so excited to have a Seeker represented as a finalist in the 2012 ACFW Carol Awards!

    ALL -- be sure to check out LAST WEEKEND's "Weekend Edition," too. We still have winners from the previous week who have not responded--so our guest bloggers can't send them their prizes.

  19. Have fun at ACFW!! Can't wait to watch the awards!!!

    And a huge Congratulations to Ruthy!!!

  20. I am looking forward to the pics and second hand fun from Dallas!

    Congratulations Ruthy!! I can't wait for them to hit the shelves!

    Good Luck Tina!

  21. Ruthy!!!!!!!

    So excited!!!!!

    And Tina, love the suitcases. I just picked up a bunch from a yard sale. A bloue and brown. So much character. And the blue one was FREE!


  22. What a stellar WE. Tina -- loved your short story. You are the queen of short story writing -- you pack so much into them. And the developing romance seems so plausible-- they read like the prelude to a really good book. Makes me want to read more.

    Sqqquuuueeeeaaaalllllinnnngggg up here in Canada for Ruthy's 4 book series! Are they going to be Love Inspired or Love Inspired Suspense with all those lawmen?

    Oh my gosh -- The Publishing Process link was hysterical!!!!!!! I read it twice and have to go back and read/watch it again. :-)

    Looking forward to the on-the-spot reporting happening from Dallas this week! Safe traveling everyone.

  23. Congratulations Ruthy!!!
    I'm not a bit surprised, your hardwork and writing talent deserves a four book contract.

    And yay!!!! I won Sandra's Book. Can't wait to read it.

  24. "Tchotchke" that is such a great word.

    Congrats for all the winners.

    Hope every one has a great time at Conference.

  25. Ruthmeister does it again!!!


    Anyone want to go to conference in my suitcase??

  26. And I admit I am behind in mailings. No surprise, eh? (<-for Sue and Ganise). Eh? Eh?

    No car for 18 days. I was beside myself. I am back in the saddle with a rental for now. Mailing Monday.

  27. Carol and Helen have a ROAD TRIP!!! What fun!

    So, how late do some of you stay up the night before you have to leave? I admit in the early years, I barely got any sleep the night before. It was usually 12 or 1 in the morning before I had everything done, and even then it was hard to sleep.

    Doing better getting it done ahead of time these days, but I'm sure there will still be so much last minute stuff to do.

    Oh, a tip I didn't share the other day. We all want our phones charged the day we leave, and many times we tend to forget our charger at home. If you don't have an extra charger, plug your charger into a different outlet than you're used to, and leave your purse/carryon bag right there beside it with your phone inside. When you get up, the first thing you do is unplug it and put in the bag.

    This is something I do in hotel rooms too, especially if I'm only going to be in that particular room one night.

    And, rooting for TINA in the CAROL AWARDS!!!! Whoo-hoo!

  28. Hey, a week from now the lot o' youse are going to be getting all gussied up....

    While I'm in jammie pants eatin' cider fry cakes.

    I'll miss you THIS MUCH!!!! :)

    Really. Truly!!! But we'll keep things goin', me and the Arizona gals... and Julie... and Sandra...

    We may or MAY NOT talk about you while you're gone. That remains to be seen.

    We will eat delicious food and CHEER FOR ALL OF OUR FRIENDS AT ACFW!!!!

    YOWZA!!!! HUZZAH!!! :)

  29. Mary, I saw you over yonder at Ruthy's Place, LOl! And Paula braved it, oh you wonderful thing! Even though Blogger attacked her...

    I had to SAVE HER LIFE.

    Well, okay, she saved herself, but I would have done it had I realized. Because I'm that nice and courageous.

    And Piper... who is now in a contracted book, not just a hoped for book!!!! Piper McKinney is the first heroine of the Kirkwood Lake series. And she's one tough little lady. No one messes with Piper. She's small... but she carries a big stick, LOL!

  30. Thank you, Eva Maria!!!! Waving to you across the plains.... and we'll do jammie watch TOGETHER next week, 'kay????

    My jammies are really cute, too. And comfy. :)

    I love jammie days!

  31. Tina, how did you have time to write a story for Seekerville? Must check it out!

    Congrats to all the winners!

    Waving to Erica! YAY! We'll connect at ACFW.

    Carol, everything will fit in your van. :) Don't forget the cookies! And Helen. :)

    Congrats to Ruthy!!! Oh my goodness, a four-book contract. Ruthy is smokin!

    Heading back to my conference to-do list, which starts with getting revisions done by Monday's must-mail-to-Emily deadline.


  32. Munoz, did you really? Leave it to you to come up with old suitcases and they'll probably be worth something. I had a deep pink set for thirty years. It was a graduation present from HIGH SCHOOL.... Oh my stars, Samsonite, very chic. PINK!!!!!! Hard sided, heavy, did I mention bright pink????

    And I loved 'em!

    DONNA!!!! Thank you!!! Still grinning which is detrimental because bugs fly in.... bad, bad, bad!!!

  33. Kav-a-licious, thank you!!!! Love Inspired, although the cop element makes you stop and think, right????

    But these guys have enough baggage (speaking of Mary Virginia's luggage, LOL!!!) to make just being a cop in a time when police depts. are being dissolved... and officers are being worked extra hours, extra days.... and things are changing in mainstream America... You know me, Kav. I can make it enough, LOL! But they really do have touching stories. Some with pasts, some just with circumstances beyond their control.


  34. Bridgett, thank you!!!! Andrea, we had a tchotchke party last year, a bunch of my daycare moms and me (I love that I get included with these young mothers, they rock!!!) Anyway, everyone brought useless but nice and usable item from their house.

    They set them on the table.

    Then you got to select whatever you wanted to take home, in order. There were enough THINGS for everybody to take a couple and it was such a fun hodgepodge of stuff!

    Still laughing about it.

  35. Tina, it is truly an honor to be nominated.

    We are so stinkin' proud of you.

    Winning is fine, but to make it to that last handful of favorite books, in a contest that knows inspirational fiction inside and out.


    And thank you, the Ruthmeister is truly happy. Mostly because of God, but partially because she will get some more sweet books into gentle hands.

    Oh, that God! ;)

  36. Congrats to all the winners, and YAY RUTHY!!!!! What WONDERFUL NEWS about your new LI series!! WOOHOO!! Cannot wait to see some of you in Dallas next week!
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)
    p.s. Tina, thanks again for the awesome Weekend Editions you always do!

  37. Congratulations all winners and especially our RUTHY!!! WAWZAH!!!

    Great WE, Tina. And yes you do know how to use Paintshop Pro... :)

    Be sure to look for May's FURiends at conference - Ruth and Becky. I told them they HAD to come see y'all while there!

    I'm celebrating too - the new cover is approved! Check it out on May the K9 Spy's Facebook page. :)

  38. YaY! More Ruthy books to come!

    No worries, Tina. It will be a surprise when it gets here!

    So proud of all you gals! Have a great time. Be brave! Pitch your hearts out!


  39. Yay! Can't wait to meet me some more Seekers and catch up with old friends. ;D

  40. Good evening, Seekerville!
    Very Good WE Tina. Congrats winners and RUTHY!! :-) SO happy for you!

    Blessings on your weekend, all.


  41. Well, the WE is always grand but hey, your list of extra curriculars is extra great this WE, Tina.

    I followed the link to Michael Hauge and parked there for awhile.

    all good stuff and lots of winners and can't wait for Friday's post and Saturday's liveBlog!!

    Some of us will be checking in during conference from the comfort of our own home! Wheeeee! See my enthusiasm and not a bit of disappointment!

    Well, yes, it's true. I think if I was supposed to be there I'd be there so for the rest of us, here's to


  42. I go once every five years. Try that, Debra. The five year plan. Much more affordable.

  43. I will make sure the cookies are safe inside.

    Helen may get tied to the top of the van.

    But that's okay. There's a rack up there for her to hold onto.

  44. Deb, I have never in my life seen a better advice post than yours this week. That is my keeper for sure, because I'm always messing up and waiting until the last minute...

    Did you know you can't PRINT on airplanes?????? How rude!!!


    Yup, that's me. Thank you, Deb!!! Have fun this week. We'll be talking about you.

    mostly nice stuff.

  45. Patti Jo, thank you!

    And you get to see Teeeenster before me.

    Give her a hug because TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY....

    A little bird told me not to share that.

    I do not listen to BIRDS.


  46. Susan, thank you!!! :) Grinning in upstate, you can probably look Southeast and see my teeth!!!

    (scary, scary thought)

    Next year, Indianapolis, anyone????

    Hoping, hoping!!!

    And RWA in Atlanta???? A Missy/Deb double take? That's better than a Discount Double Check, right????

  47. Happy Birthday, Tina!!

    Many blessings!


  48. Someone slap that bird!!!!

    (but thankyou!)

  49. Happy Birthday, Tina!

    I hope you have a wonderful day :)

  50. I've got birthday cake for everyone to enjoy in honor of Tina's birthday.

    Ice cream too!!!

    And soda (all Coke products...I am an ATL gal!).

    And streamers and noise makers and funny hats...

    Helium ballons, too, that all say:


    Grab some cake and ice cream and let's send lots of love to Tina, Seekerville style.

    LOVE YOU, TINA!!!!






  51. Hope that you are having a great day Tina!

    May God bless you!

    Have a happy birthday!


  52. Thanks for another wonderful weekend edition. And a huge congratulations to Ruthy!!!! Squeeing in harmony. :D

    I wish the ACFW was a possibility for me, but looking forward to getting the scoop from everyone once they're back.

  53. Oops... and, of course, big birthday greetings to Tina!! (So much to celebrate around here. It's wonderful.)

  54. You guys!@!! Shhh..after a certain age we stop celebrating birthdays.

    I am at that certain age. LOL.

    Thank you.

    Yum to the cake.

  55. Teenster... We are never at that certain age in the VIRTUAL world. We are always T-20....

    So I'm 27.


    That's how the new normal works. It's very formulaic. All mathematical. If A=B (2c+6) then the linear base is always two chronological decades below masked reality.

    Look it up. It's on Wikipedia. So you KNOW it's true!!!

  56. Did you ever see that State Farm commercial? "They can't put anything on the internet unless it's true."

    State Farm Commercial