Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Edition Birthday Week 3


Welcome to the start of Week 4 of our Seekerville Birthday where the party rocks on! Today we're giving away a Seeker Book of Choice to a Weekend Edition Commenter who shares their favorite birthday memory in the comments! Winner announced in the next Weekend Edition.

The Week 4 Birthday Present is 

And remember, we collect the comments all month long for a drawing for our big birthday EXTRAVAGANZA present. Winner announced at the end of the month.

We Have Winners

 We're getting those mailings out as fast as we can. If you are a winner contact us at Remind us if it has been more than 8 weeks and your prize has not arrived. See our rules under the legal tab above.

Did you check the Week Two Giveaway List to see if your name is listed???

Our Week 3 Birthday Present is the Kindle Paperwhite and the winner is Annie Rains.

 Last Sunday's winner of a Seekerville birthday gift bag with a special treat inside is Tina Pinson.

 Love Inspired author Missy Tippens was your hostess on Monday with "5 All-time Favorite Writing Tips" as well as a giveaways of  5- first-page critiques. She had so many enter that she decided to draw 2 batches of names to do 10- first page critiques! Winners: 

Zan Marie
Jamie Adams
Andrea Strong
Sue Mason
Pat Westmoreland
Nancy C
Vision Writer (Amber Schamel)


On Tuesday Sandra Leesmith shared her experience with the Plot Whisperer, Martha Alderson in "I Called the Plot Whisperer." The winner of an hour consultation with the Plot Whisperer courtesy of Sandra Leesmith is Natalie Monk.  Winners of The Plot Whisper book of choice are Dianna Shuford, Kav and Vince Mooney. The winner of The Price of Victory (hard copy or Kindle)  is  Rachel Larow.

Wednesday Seekerville was honored to have Publishers Weekly's Barbara Vey visiting. Prize winners from Barbara's visit are:

From Tina Radcliffe, four $5 Starbucks gift cards.  Winners:  Terri, Andrea Mitchell Wood,  Lady Dragon Keeper and Jill Weatherholt.

From Mary Connealy, her soon-to-be-released e-book, Candlelight Christmas, featuring Mary's novella, The Christmas Candle and The Outlaw's Gift by Linda Goodnight.  Winner:  Marianne

From Janet Dean, winner's choice of Janet's books. Winners:Linda Bonny Olin and  DebH.

From Missy Tippens, A House Full of Hope to winner Carla Olson Gade.

From Glynna Kaye, Second Chance Courtship to winner C.E. Hart  and At Home In His Heart to Amy Campbell.

From Ruth Logan Herne, a copy of Yuletide Hearts to Katy Lee and His Mistletoe Family to
Donna Phillips

From Pam Hillman is giving away two e-books of Stealing Jake.The winners are     Mary Cline, and  Marissa.

From Myra Johnson, a Kindle version of One Imperfect Christmas. The winner is  Runner10.

From Julie Lessman, an e-copy of A Light in the Window to winner Deborah Dunson.

From Audra Harders, chocolate. Winners are Kathy Eberly, Joanne Sher, Ruth Kaufman, KarenK and Cindy W.

From Debby Giusti  five $5 Starbucks' gift cards. Each winner will also receive the choice of one of her books. Winners are Susan Condone, Renee Steeler Girl, Amy B, Joysanne and Rose.

Carla Stewart and her pals stopped by Thursday to share about Women's Fiction. Winner of Stardust, her latest release from FaithWords is Pol .

 We managed to snag Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View author Jill Elizabeth Nelson for a  Seekerville visit on Friday with her post "The Nature of Deep Point of View."  If you haven't already, go directly to Amazon to download a free digital copy of her POV handbook. Today is the last day! Remember, you can download it to your PC if you don't have an e reader.

Saturday Seeker Audra Harders is brought us "What Makes Villains Tick?" Winners of Audra's pre-season holiday bark are Connie Queen and Helen Gray.

 Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Variety isn't just the spice of life, it's the spice that will kick your manuscript up another notch. Sentences all start the same? Paragraphs? All your chapters begin with a character name, every single time? Take a gander at your wip this weekend, then join Tyndale author Pam Hillman for a discussion on mixing it up a little. Monday's giveaway is a critique of the first five pages of your manuscript to review your opening paragraphs.

Tuesday:Just when you think you know everything you need to, you learn "Five New Things About the Publishing Business." Montlake Romance author Sandra Leesmith will be with us to share FIVE new things she's learned during our fifth Seekerville year. And she's got a surprise giveaway too!

Wednesday:L ove Inspired author Glynna Kaye explores "Getting There From Here: 5 Ways to Kickstart That Opening Chapter."  She'll be giving away a COMPLETE set of the Love Inspired 6-book "Texas Twins" series to one lucky commenter!

Thursday: Thomas Nelson author Cara Lynn James will blog about "The 5 Biggest Writing Blunders." She'll be giving away FIVE $5.00 Starbuck gift cards and 5 one-page critiques.

Friday:Christy-award-winning author Lisa Bergren kicks off the fabulous Fall Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt scheduled October 25-28 with a fun poll of her FIVE FAV COVERS from that hunt, which features 31 CBA authors. With a grand prize of a Kindle Fire and 31 brand-new releases, there's a weekend of fun and prizes in store, including exclusive insights from each of the authors on their new releases and over 100 prizes from the individual authors themselves. Come by Seekerville to vote for your favorite cover, check out the list of authors and their prizes and have a chance to win Lisa's wonderful new release, Glamorous Illusions.

Saturday: Love Inspired Suspense author Debby Giusti will be blogging about "Five Years: Looking Back and Moving Forward." Debby promises to give away something fun so stop by the Seekeerville Birthday Party and leave a comment to be entered in the drawing.

Seeker Sightings

Don't forget to check out the Friends of Seekerville (The Village People) Photo Album. Continue to send your photos of you and Seekers or you reading a Seeker release to We'll be picking a winner from all the photos sent for a special birthday prize on November 3rd.  

Don't forget to  Nominate Seekerville for the Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers in the genre fiction category!

Julie Lessman Sightings. Now  through October 19, 2012:Five Chances to Win!!! Win A Love Surrendered at a giveaway on The Bookclub Network blog.

October 15 - 22, 2012 Win your choice of any of Julie's books including A Love Surrendered and Julie's Christmas e-book A Light in the Window at a giveaway at Sarah Forgrave's blog.

October 25 - 28, 2012 Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt!! Books and prizes and fun from each of 31 CBA authors including Lisa Bergren, Liz Curtis Higgs, Kristen Heitzmann, Robin Lee Hatcher, Tamara Alexander and our own Julie Lessman, to name only a few (entire list can be found at Julie's Journal Jots). Prizes include the chance to win a Kindle Fire and 31 New Releases from said authors plus prizes from each. The hunt features exclusive material from each author about their new release, not found anywhere else.

HINT: Julie's giveaway will be choice of Julie's books, a $50 gift card and having a character named after you in Julie's next book! For more information, and the starting point, begin the hunt at The hunt can be completed anytime that weekend. Remember: It all starts at Lisa Bergren’s blog on October 25.

 Don't forget to prowl your local Barnes & Noble or independent bookstore for a copy of the December RT Book Reviews featuring 59 Love Inspired authors in a Love Inspired 15 year celebration! The cover highlights books by Missy Tippens and Tina Radcliffe.

Why is Tina Radcliffe smiling? 

A. She's had too much birthday cake. 
B. Her Harley is back from the shop.
C.Because she'll be blogging on the ACFW Blog, on Thursday, October 25th! 

Answer: All of the above. So stop by and say hi!

Wonderful News & Random News & Information

 The Silicon Valley RWA GOTCHA! Contest ends November 1st, 2012. YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO ENTER ANY CATEGORY IN WHICH YOU ARE NOT PUBLISHED. Categories and Final-round Guest Judges are:

Single Title Contemporary: Katherine Pelz of Berkley Publishing
Inspirational: Becky Monds of Thomas Nelson
Young Adult: Natashya Wilson of Harlequin Teen
Harlequin/Category-Length Series: Charles Griemsman of Harlequin
Paranormal/Fantasy/Romantic Suspense: Leah Hultenschmidt of Sourcebooks
Erotic Romance/Romantica: Jennifer Miller of Samhain

To celebrate the contest's anniversary:An additional Grand Final Round will be judged by Sue Grimshaw of Random House,and one entrant will become the GOTCHA Overall Contest Winner. That lucky person will be invited to guest blog at Romance at Random, a wonderful promotional opportunity for a new author.

 Harlequin Plans Contemporary Romance Imprint (PW)

Don't delay entering The Love Inspired Fast Track Event (

 Creating More Neurotic Authors: Amazon's Author Rank (LA Times Jacket Copy)

 Barbara Freethy Sells One Million eBooks Through B&N’s PubIt! Platform (GalleyCat)

 What Do Literary Agents Really Want? (The Guardian Books Blog)

A History of Social Media [Infographic] (copyblogger)

Three Ways to Use Amazon to Sell More Books (Digital Book World)

Think Like A Writer Every Day, Even If You Can’t Write Every Day (The Creative Penn)

What happens when you mix Seeker friend Jeanne T and a Flourless Chocolate with  Cake with Coconut? The Answer is YUM!!!!   Check it out at the Yankee-Belle Cafe!

You can download this gluten free recipe on the Seekerville webpage here.

Lyndee Henderson

Susan Anne Mason

Carol Moncado

 Patti Jo Moore

Annie Rains

Their  first page will be sent to Associate Editor Elizabeth Mazer for judging. The winner will be announced on November 3rd. 

 The winner will have an opportunity to avoid the slush pile and submit his/her first three chapters and synopsis to Associate Editor Elizabeth Mazer by snail mail. The remaining finalists will have an opportunity to submit the first five pages of their manuscripts to Seekerville for an anonymous critique.
Thank you to everyone who entered for helping us celebrate our birthday and being a special friend of Seekerville.

That's it!!! Pass the cake and have a great week!


  1. Whoot! Lots of prizes. Congratulations, everyone!! I'm looking forward to another week of cake.

  2. Me too. Chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles.

  3. Would y'all mind giving away a prize or two every once in a while?

    Need incentive to show up here sometimes.


    But YAYAY!!!!! On being a finalist! Of course... look at the competition. Wonder which Seeker will end up with my 5 pages... :D

    THANK YOU, Seekers, for all you do. Y'all are incredible!!!

    Tomorrow [today] is my 2nd daughter's birthday. So we have extra cake around here. And today [today] is Helen's bday so appropriate she won :D.

    Back to editing. Gotta email my Seeker pics in... Oy. Keep forgetting.

  4. aah, bark from Audra on for my birthday. How nice. Thanks, Audra.

    Contrats to the weekly winners AND the contest finalists!

    I attended the Mozark meeting this afternoon via video conferencing. It was different--but fun.

    Coffee pot duties are done. Fresh brew early in the morning.


  5. Seekerville is the blog I always check out. Thanks for all you do for us.

    Your help is amazing.

    I checked out that gluten free chocolate cake, and it looked yummy.

    Happy birthday!


  6. Congrats finalists and winners too.

    I printed that chocolate cake recipe.

    Yummmmmers. I have parchment paper even.

  7. Wahoo! I won a book from Debby AND Starbucks! Thank you so much!

    My favorite birthday memory? well I don't really have one I guess, all birthdays are gifts and I love celebrating with friends and family. :-)

    Congrats Tina on getting your Harley back! I myself have a soft spot for vintage Indian motorcycles. Maybe someday I'll get one. :-)

    Happy Birthday again Seekerville!

    Renee C.

  8. @Tina - There's coconut in that cake so I'm all in LOL!

  9. BTW Carol...ignoring your comment. I believe in YOU>

  10. Congrats to all the winners. I look forward to this weeks articles.

  11. Congrats to ALL the winners; Seekerville is such a cool place to be, wow!!

    All the birthday cake photos are so yummy, congrats on 5 years and still going strong :)

    Yay Tina, so happy you got your harley back and that you're posting on the ACFW blog this week, how cool!

    My birthday memory: my dad gave me my first ice cream cake when I turned 8 years old. It had a brown teddy bear picture on it and I remember how delicious the cake was! It was the most perfect cake ever and we have been enjoying birthday ice cream cakes ever since :)
    Have a great weekend, Seekerville, blessings!

  12. congrats everyone. And thank you Seekerville for my prize. That's great.

    Tina, I'm glad you're Harley is back from the shop. I keep hoping my husband will send mine (his really) there and it will get lost... he keep trying to make me ride it with him.

    I can honestly say, while we've partied we have learned quite a bit this month so far. So thanks.

    Nice WE Miss T.

  13. BTW I missed saying Happy Birthday yesterday, Helen. So Happy Birthday.

    Chocolate cake. Yum.

    And Carol, they really should do something about the lack of prizes in this place. :-)

    Of course I'm kidding Miss T. Cause I am very happy with my gift bag and special prize inside. it's like Cracker Jacks when they gave out the good prizes.

    Remember those?

    Oh and I just had to say, my newest book cover came out. So I'm double happy.

  14. Give us a link to your cover Tina P!!!!

  15. Congrats everyone! Looking forward to the week ahead.

    Passing around warm milk and turkey sandwiches for the early, way to early birds.

    Peace, Julie

  16. Wow..I missed out last week! You guys sure know how to throw an awesome birthday party! : ) Congrats to all the winners. I am looking forward to checking out the posts next week. Hope you all have a great Sunday...I'm certainly looking forward to being home and back in the swing of things!

  17. I want Jeanne's necklace.... Oh my stars, Jeanne, it's so stinkin' pretty!!!!

    And I want Elnora's shoes from conference, but she has not sent them to me. I'm a little sad.

    Oh, wonderful WE, TEEEEEENSTER!!!! Chock full of fun stuff, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! And CONGRATS TO OUR CONTEST WINNERS, LYNDEE, SUSAN, ANNIE, CAROL AND PATTI JO!!!! :) YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!

    Annie: Clearly, it's your week. Your month!!! Shine, girl!

    Hey, coffee... thank you, birthday girl! Grateful!!!

    What an awesome bunch youse are. Seriously. We + You = Us

    Wasn't that profound???????

    I love us.

    Okay, must work and see what my hero is going to do now. He needs a conundrum. Any suggestions? Besides shooting someone, Connealy?

  18. What a way to wake up! Congrats to all the winners, and thank you, thank you, thank you Seekerville. I guess I can take that Kindle off my Christmas list. Insert jumping up and down :)

    And yay to all the contest finalists! (more jumping up and down).

    Can every month be the Seekerville birthday month? This is too much fun.

    Yes, Ruthy, I think you're right. If I were a lottery player I'd be buying up tickets. Maybe I should go throw my hat in a few more contests before the month ends. :)

    Gluten-free cake looks yummy. I might have to make one for my gluten-free husband.

  19. Ahh, love these weekly recaps!

    Remind us again on your ACFW day Tina, and we'll take over the ACFW Blog... politely. No gang violence and we'll even bring food.

    congratulations to all the winners. My gosh!!!
    What a week!

    I'm not quite sure how the scavenger hunt works but I will figure it out by friday. Sounds incredible!

  20. Happy weekend to Seekerville...
    Yea! I won a book this week thanks Carla.
    This birthday month is so festive and I can see all are having a great time with one another besides learning from the different post. Next week looks like another great week ahead.
    Birthdays were not celebrated much in our household in my youth but we did get homemade cake or pies-the birthday persons choice and when Mom made them she made from scratch 4 chocolate ones and 2 lemon, since there were so many of us--I had 3 brothers and 5 sisters. we had our own private birthday party....
    so glad I get to party with you this month and thanks again for my win....
    Paula O

  21. Wow, all the cake I want AND I won a book. :) What a glorious week! Thank you, Glynna.

    And congrats to this week's winners and cake gorgers. :)

    Happy week everyone!

  22. You throw the BEST parties!

    Congratulations to all the winners, especially the finalist!!!

    Can't wait for next week.

  23. What a fun WE! Congratulations to the multitudes of winners--so exciting. Next week's line up looks fabulous. I have been trying to figure out how to better mix it up with my sentences, so I am especially looking forward to Monday. :)

    Favorite birthday memory: When I turned 25, the sweet lady I lived with threw me a surprise party. She got me the night off of work and set everything up. I kept trying to get scheduled that night because I needed the hours. :) She managed it. When I went to dinner with a friend and then back to the house where I lived, I was so surprised by the people and the fellowship. It was an amazing night. :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday, all!

  24. Always fun at Seekerville!
    About birthdays....a friend surprised me on my 40th with a lunch and girlfriends present!
    Nice! (so long
    Count me in the draw!
    Jackie S.

  25. Tina, I'll be stopping by ACFW blog on Tursday. Yea for you!

    Congrats to the contest winners, too. Soooo exciting! I look forward to seeing where this takes you. :)

  26. I won holiday bark. I don't need it, but I'll take it!!!

    I would't say this is my favorite birthday memory, but it's the one that sticks out from the rest because I was such a little brat.

    I was 5 years old. My mom and dad gave this brown teddy bear that wound up and played music. I love it! But my grandma was also there and gave my pj's. I always loved getting new pj's but I was shy and didn't want to tell her thanks. My older sister cornered me before my grandma left and demanded I go tell her thank you, and proceeded to tell me how ungrateful I was. I wanted to tell Grandma thanks, I really did, but I just stood there and watched her leave.

    Luckily, my grandma lived several more years and I was able to thank her every year for the pj's she gave me.

    Connie Queen

  27. Tina - I know my page is good. I really do. But I've read some of those other gals too. And they're fabulous. I'll be quite happy with a Seeker crit :).

    My favorite birthday was my tenth. My mom had cancer and wouldn't be around too much longer. I got ten envelope, each with ten things in it - pennies, peanuts, nickels, chocolate chips, etc. except the last one. It had a shopping spree with Mom. She got pneumonia a week later and spent a week in the hospital. To this day, I don't think I ever got that trip (I asked about it a couple months later and Dad said I had but I don't remember it). I still have the envelopes somewhere. The money and chocolate chips are long gone.

  28. The Seekers are the best!

    And happy bithday to everyone (Helen, Carol's daughter, Seekerville, and anyone else I'm missing)!!!

    My favorite birthday memory is when my youngest child was two months old (I have three). When my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday, my response was an evening out without the kids. See, we were living off of one income and couldn't afford babysitters so basically hadn't been out together without them since my daughter had been born- 5 years. He got a babysitter, we went out to eat, then to the movies (we saw Armageddon- yep, can still remember the movie.)We did have to take my youngest due to feeding issues, but since he was only two months old he slept most of the time. It was great!

  29. Congrats to all of the winners!
    My favorite birthday memory is going to the mountains for my 21st. Lots of fun!
    Amy Campbell

  30. Congrats to all of the winners!
    My favorite birthday memory is going to the mountains for my 21st. Lots of fun!
    Amy Campbell

  31. Yesterday was my sister's (in law) birthday, mine is on Friday and a very, very dear friend's birthday is on the 23. This month has lots of chances for cake! yumm. But i'll take it here.
    i would have to say that every year is my favorite birthday, mostly. there are some not so favorite. But the earliest one i can remember is the year i turned 4 - we traveled 11 hours to my mom's parents house. i don't remember much of it, but that was very special. We didn't have lots of money, and traveling was not a priority. Great time i had there, though.

  32. Good morning, Seekerville! What a day! So many prizes, so much information - my head is swimming! (or maybe it's the cold meds!)

    So thrilled to win a critique AND be a finalist. I really wasn't going to enter, but thanks to you-know-who for the friendly nudge!

    Congrats to all the many winners this week. Another great week ahead ...

    Best of luck to all the finalists!


  33. One of my favorite birthday memories is when my friends from Canada drove 4 hrs just to celebrate my birthday. It was a surprise when my husband took me to my favorite restaurant and my friends were sitting at the table!!

    Stacie Gerathy

  34. Congratulations to all the winners, though... I think we're all winners here in Seekerville!

    You ladies are so incredibly generous with your time and all the pawmazing prizes. WAWZAH!

    I've been dashing the past month or so, but! The sequel will be out around Thanksgiving. WAHOO! May Finds a Way: Peril in Paris for animal lovers 8 and up!

    We're going to release the first as an e-book, so that's coming too.

    WSHEW! Glad I had b'day cake to keep me going! Once again, y'all are lifesavers.

    Lots to review here, best get to it. Once again, happiest of birthday months to SEEKERVILLE!!!

  35. Hi Ruth:

    You asked for a conundrum? That’s what I do.

    How about a hero who asks his very romantic opera singing heroine to marry him. She says that she will marry him if he can solve three riddles, ala Turandot, by Monday morning.

    The conundrum: the hero forgets what the riddles were on his way home! Of course, he can’t call the heroine to ask what they were because that would make it seem like she was not very important to him.

    How does the hero solve riddles when he doesn’t even remember what the riddles were?

    He asks the heroine’s best friend and fellow opera singer to help him remember the riddles. While the two work very hard over the weekend trying to come up with the riddles, by Sunday night all looks hopeless. At this darkest moment, the best friend tells the hero that she will marry him without making him solve any riddles. “I’ll take your love on faith and not good riddle solving.”

    What should the hero do? Rely on faith alone or go with good works? (It’s an inspirational!)


  36. Paris!!!! Ahhh, Paris. May in Paris is even better. Bonsoir!!

  37. Hello Seekerville!

    My best birthday memory is when my dh and one and only son gave me my ipad two years ago. It was a complete shock!

    Congrats to all of the winners!


  38. So much fun! So much birthday cake! So many winners!

    Congratulations to all!

    First page finalists!!! Whoo-hoo!!!

    What an exciting week with more to come.

    Seekerville is THE PLACE TO BE!

  39. I'm crazy excited for all the READ ME winners!!!!!!

    I just love this place!!

    Where else to we get to jump the line?? In a nice way, and with cake...

  40. See, now, the only problem with that story Vince is I would have to be smart enough to come up with real riddles AND fake riddles...

    Unless I got a riddle book.

    Our parish priest told my kids this one and they never forgot it:

    What's green and has wheels?

    GRASS. I lied about the wheels.

  41. My favorite birthday was a day spent on vacation at the ocean. Probably because it was so unique to not be doing the work thing and the mom thing.

    I'm going to have to go with the virtual cake today though. It's tough to make one when you live alone because you get 100% of the calories if you don't have any place to give it away to.

    oh, yes, i've eaten a whole cake myself, that's not the problem...

    You have some amazing prizes, ladies. A critique is so valuable!

  42. WHOO-HOO, Lyndee Henderson, Sue Mason, Carol Moncado, Patti Jo Moore and Annie Rains -- you guys ROCK!!! Saying one for each of your RIGHT NOW that you EACH rock the LI world!!

    SUPER CONGRATS to all of this week's winners!!

    EXCELLENT WE, TEENSTER ... especially liked the Amazon article ...


  43. Seekerville is THE BEST!!!! Congrats to ALL the winners and finalists! ~ I am soooo excited and honored to be a finalist--this was exactly the encouragement I needed right now *big smile*. ~ My favorite birthday memory would have to be the year I turned 12. My precious Mama had invited my entire 7th grade class to a SURPRISE birthday party in my backyard--I had no clue until I arrived home from school to see my classmates also arriving at my house! It was a fun, wonderful day. ~ Tina, thanks for another great WE--you are amazing, and must have tons of energy--whew! ~ Even though there's already LOTS of birthday cake here, I couldn't resist bringing a Georgia Pecan Pie today, along with some Georgia Trail Mix. What is Georgia Trail Mix, you might ask? Well, it has peanuts, pecans, and dried peaches in it--all from Georgia. Enjoy! Hugs, Patti Jo

  44. Carol,
    Just read your comment about your tenth birthday. I'm sending cyber hugs and lots of love. If you lived close, we'd go on a shopping spree together and talk about your dear mother.

  45. Dianna, your hubby is a good man! :)

  46. Waving to Renee!!!

    So glad you won! YAY!

  47. Congratulations to all the winners and to me for the Starbucks gift card ~ Yum! For me, all birthdays are memorable because it's great to be alive!

  48. Tina has a Harley? How fun is that! :)

  49. Love all the birthday memories.

    GA Trail Mix! Thanks, Patti Jo.

  50. Wow! You all are so very generous! I thank you for the chocolates I won from Audra Harders!

    I think my favorite birthday memory was when I turned 10 years old and had my first boy/girl birthday party. My brother who is four years older then me made sure it was special. It was fun. We lived on base in Japan at the time.

    But, this year just might top that birthday memory. I have wanted a Kindle Fire for a long time now. My brother was just here last week visiting from Texas (I live in Indiana) and for my birthday (the day before Thanksgiving this year) he bought me a Kindle Fire, a leather case and a stylus. My brother and I have always been very close. :)

    Happy Birthday to you all!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  51. Debby -

    I'm planning to be in your neck of the woods June 2 and 3rd.

    Just sayin'.

  52. My favorite birthday memory was when I had my sweet 16 party and I had a bunch of friends come sleepover at my house. It was so much fun!!


  53. I.WON.CHOCOLATE!!!!!!


    SUPER WE, Tina! And this week looks superfantabulous.

    Can't wait! And congrats to ALL the winners!

  54. I forgot to put in my favorite birthday memory! : ) I have lots of good ones because my birthday is July 4th...I always get fireworks : ). But one of my favorites was when I was living in Thailand and my favorite cake at the time was the funfetti mix (not sure why). One of my friends managed to get a box of that cake mix (we couldn't get it in our town) and made me a cake...she even got the icing. It was my first birthday away from family and it made me feel so special that a friend would do that! Sweet memory! ~Stacey

  55. Favorite birthday memory- This past year my son made me a gluten free cake.

  56. Yay for the read me contest winners!

    And that is a HUGE smile on Tina, that must have been really good bday cake.

    Favorite bday memory? It was my 17th birthday I believe and a friend of mine with a 6 year old sister had me and some friends over for a bday party. And I decided we needed to play dress up with the 6 year old's little dress up things, so we all tried to fit into something. I took about 5 minutes to put on this tiny tiny dress. We were hyped up on Mountain Dew, I believe.

  57. Congratulations to our finalists! Skipping the slush pile? What an opportunity! Wishing all of you the very best!

    Tina, I LOVE that photo of you and your gorgeous smile!

    But ... did we know you had a Harley????

  58. Congrats to all the winners, and to all the finalists in the Read Me! So fun!

    Favorite birthday memory...for my 20th birthday, my true love gave me an engagement ring. :)

  59. Well Erica, that is a memory.

    A diamond for your birthday. That's a hard act to follow when you turned 22.

  60. Congrats to all the winners and thanks Seekerville for the opportunity to get a page in front of an editor. Whoohooo! Very fun news on a day that has me shaking in my boots onna counta (as my Grammy would say) my main computer died last night!

    YES, the one with the manuscripts, (plural)! As my two techies (dh and ds) started stripping down the machine, they first thought it was just a hard drive failure, but now they've come to confirm that it was caused by a virus! This despite two virus programs, a firewall, and three hard drives in the machine. Whatever all that means! Apparently, it's that third hidden drive that saved me, because the virus didn't see it somehow. It's so nice to be surrounded by computer genesis who know how to outwit viruses!

    So, despite the fact that the machine has to be rebuilt, the manuscripts are there and safe. Just can't get to them right now. So I am taking a writing break! Like I really need that, right? ;)

    As far as my fav birthday. I like all my birthdays. Although the worst one was after I had surgery and was so ill from the meds that my red velvet cupcake tasted horrible and we won't discuss how that all ended, but you can guess as you are all creative people! When I was sixteen my family threw me a surprise party. That ended up being interesting, too! My FAV, best birthday EVER was my 50th (did I just admit to my age somehow?) because one of my dearest friends painted me the most lovely oil portrait of my dear pup Trinket and my daughter ordered me a marching band. Yes, she really did. And they marched down the street and stopped at my front door and played several songs. It was THE BEST!


    LYNDEE~!~~~ too cool.

    So glad you puter will recover.

    Get out paper and pencil!!!

  62. Congrats winners!! And I won a book !!! I'm loving checking the Sunday Prize Blog Day!

    I'm on my way to check out that cake recipe.

  63. Ooohhh...Jeanne T makes cake, too? She is a very talented and sweet lady!

    My favorite birthday memory is opening up homemade presents/cards from my 4 and 7 year old and listening to them try to keep a secret.

  64. Congratulations to all the winners! I can't believe it's week 5 already!

  65. I guess my favorite birthday memory is from a couple of years ago when my ladies Bible study took me out to lunch. It was a surprise. Very sweet. :-) I also got a ton of b-day cards that year. It was a good year. :-)

    Wow, I am amazed at all the prizes you guys are giving away this month! Seekerville birthdays ROCK!

  66. Seriously? A Plot Whisper book? Seekerville, you are spoiling me! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

    Maybe not my favourite birthday memory -- but one of the most vivid ones was when I was seven. I was in such a frenzy waiting for my party guests that when the doorbell finally rang for the first time I raced down the hall, tripped and skidded face first all the way to the door. Major rug burn on my nose, forehead, chin and cheeks, not to mention my arms. Oy -- the pictures that year!!!! Totally grizzly.

  67. Lyndee, the marching band birthday totally made me lol.

    I would MURDER whoever did that to me.

    Unless it was a symphony.

    When I got married in Mexico, we had to take a tour of the square with a big band behind us. They play REALLY LOUDLY and you walk very slowly and smile. You have to go around about 3 times before you get to beg off and the rest of the party starts.

    The things we do for love.

  68. You'll be in GA in June, Carol? Really? How fun! Yes, we must meet for hugs, mama talk and shopping.

    Maybe we'll talk about writing too!

    Where exactly will you be since GA is a rather large state?

  69. Virginia, your wedding needs to be in a book.

    Along with Lyndee's marching band.

  70. Oh, Kav, I'm feeling your little girl pain.

  71. Debby -

    We're planning to stop in Atlanta on our way home from Disney. Driving into the area Sunday June 2 and leaving midday/afternoon Monday June 3. At least that's the plan at the moment. It could change 47xs between now and then. But maybe we could at least do dinner or breakfast or something.

  72. May I go with you to Disney? :)

    Yes, we'll see what we can arrange for a Seekerville meeting in HOT Atlanta! :)

  73. YAY!! Congrats to the winners and the FINALISTS!!! wOOHOOO!!!

    And I'm tickled to get a critique. YAY!!

    Happy birthday, Seekerville!

  74. Okay, I'm stunned. Must read comments to see if Tina elaborated.

    Tina on a Harley??!!! I can't believe I didn't know this!

  75. Yes, Tina. We want to know. DO YOU HAVE A HARLEY????????

  76. I'm not telling. You all will expect a ride and I don't give rides.

  77. Wow!! A Missy critique! Fantastic! Thank you, Missy :-)

    What an astounding number of winners. How cool is it when the birthday girls are the ones giving the presents? Sending extra special congrats to the finalists in the Read Me contest -- yeehaa!

    Okay, I think I've used my quota of exclamation marks for the week. Looking forward to reading comments ...

    Nancy C

  78. Nancy, there can never be too many !!!!!!!! ;)

  79. I'm so excited - I won a first page review by Missy Tippens! I may have to stay at home from work today to celebrate!!

    Congrats to all winners!

  80. Thanks, Seekerville, for always posting such helpful articles. I need to work on variety in my writing. Seekerville is the first thing I read each morning over breakfast, which sadly is not dessert. Please enter me in the drawing!

  81. Oh yay! I just saw that I won a critique :) Looking forward to it ...

  82. AWESOME Thanks for all the great prizes! Please enter me in the drawing!

    Amber Schamel
    Larkspur, CO

  83. Congrats to all the winners! There have been some great prizes!


  84. My favorite memory is going to Cheesecake Factory, shopping, and to a movie with my family!