Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weekend Edition

Welcome to the first Weekend Edition of the holiday season!

We Have Winners

 Please see our rules for giveaways in Seekerville. Be sure to contact us with your snail mail address if you are a winner and/or at

 On Monday Love Inspired Suspense and Revell author Sandra Orchard shared a suspense writer's technique that adds untapped layers, depth, and complexities to your story with her post on Layering. Sandra is  generously giving away a book to each of two winners--their choice of one of the three books in her Undercover Cops series, or an ARC of her Revell release to be mailed in spring 2013! Winners are: Ginger S and Jennifer Shirk.

Tuesday Montlake author Sandra Leesmith discussed Facebook Precautions. Winner of The Price of Victory and a surprise Seeker book is Sandra Ardoin.

 In keeping with the season, Debby Giusti talked about "Giving Thanks."  The winner of an advanced copy of her January release, The General's Secretary, the fourth book in her Military Investigations series is Cindy W.

Friday was the  December Contest Update  and the prize vault  was open. Winner of Ruth Logan Herne's His Mistletoe Christmas for Kindle, Nook or in Print is Judy!

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Today Pam Hillman ponders the strange phenomenon of tasks expanding to fill the allotted time. Pam will give away an Official Pomodoro Technique Timer and CHOCOLATE: a Ferrero Rocher Diamond Gift Box. Yum!

Tuesday: Thomas Nelson author, Cara Lynn James is your hostess today and her topic is "Dialogue Ailments." She'll be giving away a copy of her Four 1/2 Star RT Book Reviews historical romance A Path toward Love to one lucky commenter.

Wednesday: Happy Holidays as Ruth Logan Herne joins forces with her buddy Mia Ross. They're celebrating having Christmas books out together!!!!  Drop by and see how these two Love Inspired authors equate writing with building a gingerbread house! (Mostly stop by for the eats, these gals have been baking up a storm!!!) Three two-packs of Merry Christmas books will be awarded to lucky commenters in our Weekend Edition!

Thursday: "I Hear What You’re Saying but I Know What You’re Thinking." Stop by for a discussion on subtext with FaithWords author Jane Myers Perrine.

Friday: Every Friday during this busy Holiday Season, Seekerville will be sharing a Best of the Archives post along with a giveaway. Don't miss this oldie but goodie!

During the busy holidays Seekerville will be sharing The Best of the Archives every Friday, November 30th thru January 4th. So don't miss this chance to visit some of our favorite posts again.

Seeker Sightings

Have you stocked up on your Seeker Holiday Reads??


Candlelight Christmas by Mary Connealy and Linda Goodnight


His Mistletoe Family by Ruth Logan Herne

Julie Lessman has a huge list of contest opportunities this month!  

Face Book Giveaways of A Light in the Window! Join her on Facebook November 1 - 30 for fun trivia and tips on making Christmas memorable for your family and those you love. The discussion takes place on her author page each day, where she'll be giving away FIVE copies of A Light in the Window over the course of the month, either e-book or signed printed manuscript.

November 27, 2012:Win your choice of any of her books including A Love Surrendered and her Christmas e-book A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story at a giveaway on Lena Nelson Dooley's blog .

November 29, 2012:Win your choice of any of her books including A Love Surrendered and her Christmas e-book A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story at a giveaway on The Sword and the Spirit blog.

Random News & Information

 The Onion’s Searing Parody Of Social Media Experts (TechCrunch)

 50 Free Books To Be Thankful For (GalleyCat)

NaNoWriMo Tips (WD)

Marketing, Book Trailers and Author Etiquette in a Nutshell (Beyond Her Book)

 Thanksgiving Wall of Gratitude (eharlequin)

 How Dead Is the Book Business? (NYT)

Amazon's Confusing Kindle Ebook Royalty Rate Explained (

Powerful Pinterest – a quick how-to guide (Author Marketing Experts, Inc.

Amazon's New Author Rank (Marketing Christian Books)

Content Marketing Media Matrix for Small Businesses (CopyBlogger)

Dial 911 for Writer's Block (WE Book via GalleyCat) 

That's it! Have a great weekend, whether you're shopping, enjoying family or cooking. BTW, The Yankee-Belle Cafe has a great tribute to all things P-U-M-P-K-I-N! So stop by the cafe.


  1. Happy Weekend! I loved the JibJab video--so fun!

    This was another great WE, Tina. Thank you! Congrats to all the winners!

    I think I'll read through more of the articles tomorrow, after I've recovered from Christmas shopping ALL day today.

    I'm looking forward to next week!

  2. Aw man! Can't believe I missed the contest update! /goes to check it out/ Nothing too much I didn't already know/plan to enter. I'm planning Great Expectations [finaled last year] and possibly Golden Heart. Still debating that one.

    Love the pics! So fun!!! :D

  3. What a cute bunch of elves. Thanks for another great WE.

  4. We had to go to elf school to get to wear the uniforms. Mary had to go to remedial training, but she passed the final exam eventually.

  5. Love the elf pics! Hope everyone is recovering from full bellies.

    Carol, you should go for the Golden Heart. You never know:)

    Have a good weekend, Seekerville!

  6. Seriously -- where was the spew alert?!!!! I wanted the marshmallows -topped hot chocolate in my tummy not on the keyboard!!!!!!! How was I to know what lay behind that innocuous black screen? There ought to be a cyber spew alert law.

    My favourite link was the writer's block 911 -- that looks like fun!!!!

    Thanks for the great WE edition!

  7. Elf school was so much fun. We did have to help Mary along, but she's a go-getter. smile

    Especially with Tina cracking the whip.

    But we made it.

    Thanks Tina. Great articles and congrats to the winners.

  8. Love the video and pics! Gave me a smile. :) I just love this time of year--the music, the spirit and the reason for the season.

    Congrats to the winners. Great prizes!

  9. Those of you checking out the WE ED on your smart phones be sure to go back and watch the video on your puter when you have time.




  12. I just realized I don't spend enough time with my arms flung straight up in the air. It's just a joyful vision, and yet we never do it. (well, not me! maybe Tina)

  13. Hmmmm Tina sitting on Tina Clause's lap. Seems there could be a story there.

    Love the bunch of elves. I think Seekerville is full of busy and generous elves year round.

    Happy Weekend.

  14. Oh, Congratulations VINCE.

    And congratulations, Jeanne too. I missed celebrating yesterday because I'm deliberately avoiding contest updates. :)

  15. Congratulations to all the winners! i loved the phots and video. Thanks. Have a super day.

  16. What a cute elves! Great WE and congrats to Vince!

  17. I always suspected the Seekerville ladies had some connection to Santa Claus with all the giving they do!

    Great weekend edition, and looking forward to next weeks line up!

  18. Ah,Mary can run but you can't escape..hahahahahaha!!!

  19. VINCE--Congratulations on your final!! I'm so happy for you!!

  20. ROFLOL!!! Too funny.

    Tina & Tina...strange....

    CaraMia has a distinctly mischievious smirk right after she shoved Santa down the chimney.

    And...I'm pretty sure the paleface in the video is me. In one of those clips where we're bouncing up and down, it looks like I've got my teeth clenched in a grimace as I struggle against motion sickness.

    Elf school is not for the faint of heart!

    Oh, and congrats to ALL the Rattler finalists! Whoo-hoo!!!

  21. Congrats to ALL the winners! Loved all the cute photos, and especially the Sleigh Ride video--SO CUTE! ~ Am super excited I received TWO prizes in the mail this week I'd won from Seekerville---THANK YOU!! ~ The Emotion Thesaurus arrived one day (THANKS Tina!), and the Lynn Austin book (plus special Seekerville treats---THANKS Mary Connealy!) arrived the next day! Christmas came early! ~ Sadly, Thanksgiving morning I awoke with a HORRIBLE stomach bug (I don't handle nausea, etc. well) so just looking at my Seekerville prizes has made me feel better--THANK YOU!! ~ Hugs, Patti Jo

  22. Patti Jo!@! Glad you're starting to feel better.

  23. Funny, funny gals! Enjoying the video and photos - esp Santa Tina and baby Tina.Cute!

    Congrats to the winners, and I love the format of oldies but goodies for Fridays. Looking forward to another week of superior learning in Seekerville!

  24. VINCE!!!!

    And the Rattler is a really tough contest!!

  25. Wow,almost missed the big news!

    Congrats, Vince!

    TO ALL

    And thanks for all the kind words about my final. I’m happy to final in a contest held in Arizona. I wonder if there will soon be three Seekers in that Rattler ACFW chapter.

    Also, I just wrote The End to my NaNo novel, The Last Romantic at 53,729 words. It needs about 10,000 more words of layering but the story is down. Now I have to pick a contest and get feedback on this romance.

    I just love the video but I’m going to have to play in many times to identify who’s who.

    BTW: I just finished “His Mistletoe Family” and I can’t wait to review it. I believe that Ruth took a very different approach to conflict which allowed her to create exceptionally sympathetic characters. I’m nor sure I’ve seen this done before. It’s very creative. Review to come. : )


  27. Teeeeena! That video is HYSTERICAL!!

    And congrats, VINCE, on that final!! So many Friends of Seekerville are making the finals these days and we're SO PROUD of ALL of you!!!

  28. Great video, Tina!!! LOL! Isn't it funny how you can hardly tell who we are without our hair! :)

    Congrats to all the winners! And to Vince on the Rattler!!!

  29. ROTFLOL!!!! Tina, that video is soooooo cute!!! What a GREAT idea!!

    And ... GREAT articles, as usual ... especially the Pinterest one, which I tagged as a favorite for down the road when I actually attempt to get into it. :)

    SUPER CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS and ESPECIALLY JEANNE on her final in the Phoenix Rattler -- you go, girl!!


  30. Tina, thanks for the fantastic Weekend Edition! Loads of links and fun. Santa's elves are an unruly but fun-loving bunch, especially Cara Elf. Now I know the Christmas season has arrived. :-)

    Congrats Jeanne and Vince on the Rattler contest finals!! You rock!!

    Sorry about the stomach bug, Patti Jo! Our daughter was sick Friday with aches galore but fine on Saturday so her bug was short lived if she shared.


  31. Oh my stars, Cara Lynn James makes the cutest elf EVER IN THE HISTORY OF ELFDOM!!!!

    Teeeena, how stinkin' cute and fun is this?????? Oh my stars, I'm over the top in love with this WE!!!

    Even though I ruined the sponge candy.

    I'm a dolt.

  32. VINCE!!!!!

    happy dancing for you, big guy!!!!!

    Oh my stars, I'm delighted (and not the least bit surprised!) to see that final.

    Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!

  33. Aw, Vince, you liked it????


    I always wait to hear what you think about what I do.... Your opinion matters a great deal to me/us!

    I just typed the last page to "Falling for the Trooper" (working title) for next September.... Like you I need to go back and tweak, but it's not due for a month and I need to walk away from it for a few days... refresh my brain cells.

    And ruin some more sponge candy.

    Poor Vince is still waiting for sponge candy from last October....


    Sign me: #LOSER!!!!

  34. Congratulations to all winners from last week, especially to the Phoenix Rattler finalists. Looks like a wonderful week ahead here.

  35. Ever feel you're just beside yourself Tina?

  36. Ever feel you're just beside yourself Tina?

  37. /dancing/

    Congrats Vince!!!!!!

    I did not final [and refuse to look at my score sheets at the moment].

    But I also finished my NaNo novel yesterday :). Yesterday's total was 11297 [Panera day!] and a total of 54238 for the month.

    Then book 2 came knocking this morning so it's now underway - at least for the time being... :)

    Dancing more for the winners!

  38. /dancing/

    Congrats Vince!!!!!!

    I did not final [and refuse to look at my score sheets at the moment].

    But I also finished my NaNo novel yesterday :). Yesterday's total was 11297 [Panera day!] and a total of 54238 for the month.

    Then book 2 came knocking this morning so it's now underway - at least for the time being... :)

    Dancing more for the winners!

  39. Tina, so fun! How do you have time? You're moving, girlfriend!

    Vince, yay!!! Congrats on the final!!!

    Did anyone else gain weight over Thanksgiving? Oh my gosh! I must have eaten too much turkey! :)

  40. Love all the fun and festive items in this edition, Tina. Great job as always!

    Good links too.
    Has anyone purchased the 55 Ways to Promote & Sell Your Book? It looks good.

    I read about this on the plane Friday. Love it!

    And, speaking of... May Finds a Way: Peril in Paris is ready to ship! Pawographed by May of course, and suitable for animal lovers 8 and up. One friend wrote: “Sat down yesterday to start reading your Second book...did not move until I was finished. It was just WONDERFUL!!! Felt like I was in Paris with you Miss May !!! Great read...Highly recommend both Miss May's books to everyone !! Love Ya !!!! Woof, Woof” - Nancy B

    Always fun!

    Okay y'all.
    Have a wonderful week. You NaNo folks - go get 'em!

  41. Mary Cline, you are too funny and you are two also.

  42. Paris with May!!!

    A trip I'd like to take.