Friday, December 7, 2012

The Best of the Archives:So Many Acronyms, So Little Time

 (This post first appeared in Seekerville 
August 2, 2011 and has been updated for your enjoyment.)

I think it's fair to assume that writer's don't get credit for half our brilliance. I'm pretty sure we invented the acronym. It was only natural for guys like Al Einstein to borrow the technique. After all, genius recognizes genius.

Acronyms are the foundation for text messages. Which of course launched Twitter as we know it.

So pat yourself on the back and if you're ready for a Seekerville acronym refresher, you're in luck.

Remember, acronyms are not to be confused with Author Speak, which Janet Dean has so nicely explained in this post from the archives.

WIP = Work in progress

POV = Point of view

2S2L = Too stupid too live (as in the heroine who is...)

ARC =Advanced reading copy

MS or MSC = manuscript

HEA = Happily ever after

H/H = Hero/Heroine

GMC = Goal. Motivation. Conflict.

GH = Golden Heart Award

CRIT = Critique

CRITTER = Critique Partner unless you live in Nebraska where it does refer to a small rodent in your basement

TBR = To be read

BICHOK = Butt in chair, hands on keyboard

BSD = Back Story Dump 

RUE = Resist the Urge to Explain

TAG = Title. Author. Genre

AFK = Away from keyboard

WF = Women's Fiction

ST = Single Title

SC = Short Contemporary

LC = Long Contemporary

SH = Short historical

LH = Long historical

YA = Young adult

MG = Middle grade

SF = Science Fiction

SF/F = Science Fiction and Fantasy

SF/F/P = Science Fiction and Fantasy and Paranormal

ACFW = American Christian Fiction Writers

RWA = Romance Writers of America

ICRS = International Christian Retailer Show

BEA = Book Expo America

CBA = Christian Bookseller's Association

ABA = American Bookseller's Association

PASIC = Published Author Special Interest Chapter

NINC = Novelists, Inc.

PAN = Published Authors Network

PW = Publisher's Weekly

NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month

BIAW = Book in a Week

There are also the funny and tasteless acronyms:

WWJAD = What would Jane Austen do?

PUYBGP = Pull up your big girl panties

HUAW = Hurry up and wait

Seekerville of course has a few of our own acronyms such as:

DD = Don't Diva.

MDI or JDI = Mary did it. or Julie did it.

FOS = Friend/s of Seekerville

SKRVL = Seekerville

VP  = Village People (or for Vince, just the Peeps)

And today I'd like to propose a few we ought to be using:

WIDSAC = When in doubt, shoot a character

WTJR = Who took Jack's rum?

WWFC = Will write for chocolate

LMMOUI = Left my mind on Upubbed Island

What about you, any you'd like to share or create? Feel free to be funny and tasteless, just keep it PG Rated.

And just in case you need help...

Para Ducks Acronym Generator

Acronym Creator

Today, I'm giving away your choice of a 5 page critique liberally sprinkled with acronyms and/or for a reader, a copy of Ruth Logan Herne and Mia Ross's Christmas releases from Love Inspired, His Mistletoe Family and A Gift of Family.

Both were recently sighted at my local store. Winners announced in the Weekend Edition.


  1. CB=Coffee Brewing

    Thanks for the refresher.

  2. HH=hero heaven

    Reading His Mistletoe Family

  3. Hee hee!

    wayyyy fun today!

    FTITK - For those in the know


    Have a great one. And if you're around Franklin, TN this weekend, come see me at the Dickens Street Festival. May isn't invited since they don't allow "pets." Hurumph. Don't they realize she is an AUTHOR??

  4. Be careful. Seems Blogger is acting up. Save early, save often...

    SESO - that's another good one!

  5. I still love widsac.

    I think we readers need one WRFC (Will read for chocolate)

    For all you creative peoples I have fresh gingerbread people for you. I contemplated making a house but then thought who would I give it to. but still may and yes made the gingerbread from scratch.

  6. I am soooo loving these. I write for chocolate.

  7. Nifty post!

    IIE: Incarcerate Internal Editor

    SNIPP: Slow, Not-Quite-Necessary, Irrelevant, Pet Phrases

    Okay my brain is tired now and I have only two. lol

    But I can't leave off this one for Princess Bride fans: AYW - As You Wish (I tried to make something writerly out of ROUS's, but couldn't make it work, lol)

    I guess that means I'm AC - Acronymically Challenged. :)

  8. I also see TSTL for too stupid to live.

    HFN = happy for now

    There are others that crop up in the Amazon forums, and they're a bit like Rocky Mountain Oysters - if you don't know what they are, you don't want them.

  9. I don't text alot, so I dont use many acronyms.

    My husband uses SUS, shut-up stupid. There's a story to that one so he's really not being hateful. :)

    A lot of people on here use DH, and I forget what that one stands for.??? I know it's talking about their spouse.

    Connie Queen

  10. BS

    that's a warning for too much backstory but is interchangeable with other meanings.

    I often use this: FIX . This is not an acronym though.

    Happy Friday! yay! I survived a full week of paid employment. (though I haven't written a drop of fiction)
    Adjustment and extra sleep period is over. I start back on edits today. Really.

    Ruthy and Mia, I will see you in Bedford Falls!

  11. You've cleared up alot of confusion over some of these acronyms for me. What's funny is my critique group calls ourselves the critters (but we thought we made that up). We also use BIC (butt in chair). We thought we made that one up, too :)

    CONNIE, I think DH means Dear Husband. Not sure.

    How about: WNEL- write now, edit later.

  12. Well, that's a whole lotta acronyms!

    Can you give me an example of when you'd use....WTJR?

    BRB...Be right back...might use on FB's (are you ready for this) #1K1HR.

    That's all my per-caffeinated brain can come up with.

    What a fun day. Thanks for sharing!


  13. I am a FOS
    love going through all these acronyms,slt....
    I want to win the Christmas books to read ..WCB

    You all seem so much like a big family that is always sharing and loving one another. so all of you keep your butts on the chair and hands on the keyboard and write more stories for me to read....

    This gal love to read..TGLTR

    Paula O(

  14. DB = drinking coffee! Loved your post!
    LOL - Lots of Love
    never see this one without changing it from Laugh out loud to lots of love. Works for me.
    love - WCB or make that WCB2R (to read) as wel as TGL2R (takes me too long to figure out what some of those mean so don't use them!)

  15. Fun post! Fun comments!!! Helen, love your CB and Jenny, your WRFC--anything to do with coffee and chocolate puts a smile on my face. Loving all the acronyms!!!


  16. DH means dear husband or at times, the dear can be replaced with darn, dumb, deadbeat. KIDDING. My dh is a prince.


  17. This was such a fun post, Tina. :) I have to question though, if writers created acronyms or the military did. I've had to learn a whole new language being married to my hubby.

    IMHO=I always like this one: In My Humble Opinion
    TMI=Too Much Information. I thought I made this one up years ago, but I've seen it around quite a bit. I'm pretty sure I'm not THAT influential. :)

    Here are two more:
    Let's see, HSOS=Help! Stuck on Scene
    ILS=I Love Seekerville.

  18. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Yes. It was the military Jeanne. I learned a whole lotta potty mouth acronyms when I was in the ARMY.


  20. WTJR is for when Jack from Seekerville's Unpubbed Island is visiting us.

  21. TTTWT= Too tired to write today.

    I needed a laugh. Thanks!!

  22. Tina, Love this post. I needed the reminder. LOL

    Great new ones this morning.
    Love the reader acronyms Jenny and Paula. Good for you.

    My dh (too funny Janet-now dh is going to have another whole meaning) anyway my dh always says use the KISS method. Keep it simple stupid. But I always say Keep it simple silly. There are times though that the Studid sneaks out. sigh

  23. IAW in accordance with
    IWA I'm writing already!
    MFD marked for death
    WWMS who would Mary shoot
    FGTK fingers glued to keyboard
    DNDDTWC do not disturb day tripping with Characters.

    QWYA quit while you're ahead.

    Tina P

  24. I have BSD engraved on my forehead. (Back Story Dump) Sadly I can't see it since it's on my forehead and if I look in a mirror it's just backward squiggles. Not very helpful, right?

    And I missed that Seekerville had its won acronym. You know you've made it when...

    How about:

    WWFWHCWCS -- Will Write for White Hot Chocolate With Chocolate Sprinkles -- kind of long, but an effective bribe.

    HBAR -- Hurl Book Across Room -- for those reads when the heroine sorely tries your nerves.

    FC - Fainting Couch -- handy to have for those swoonworthy moments.

    And speaking of swoonworthy SWSH -- Swoonworthy Swashbuckling Hero

    I could go on but break is over. AYG? (Aren't You Glad?)

  25. What a FUN post today--thanks! Cannot resist adding this one: CAT (Christian Authors are Terrific)! Please enter me in the drawing (crit. or book!)
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  26. YBC - Yankeebelle Cafe...someone make me stop!

  27. ILA

    I love acronyms.

    At least with an acronym you know someone is "in" on something you may or may not know. So you can ask...

    Not like "edu-speak" or "medi-speak" or "academia-speak"...

    With those you just stand, smile and nod because you're pretty sure the speakers are so much smarter than you could ever hope to be and you don't want them to know your lack....

    But acronyms?


  28. Kav! Step away from the chocolate with sprinkles. Too funny!!

  29. We're going to have lunch at PJCB.
    Patti Jo's Cafe and Bakery. HA! In my April release.


    We're meeting up with Deb in Seneca Falls New York on Sunday!!!!

    It's the annual "Bedford Falls/It's a Wonderful Life" festival because rumor has it that Seneca Falls is most likely the basis for "Bedford Falls" in the movie...

    "It's a Wonderful Life" is my favorite Christmas movie of all time. I love a bunch of 'em, but that one is numero uno.

    RT!!! (Road Trip!!!)


    Christina, thank you for reading His Mistletoe Family!!!!!

    I'm grinning EAR-to-EAR!!!!


    Totally ME-CENTERED!!!

    "Hone if you love His Mistletoe Family!!!!)


    I'm loving MFD. Pinson, I'm stealing it for my snark-moments.

    And KAV!!!! YBC!!!!! :) I love me some coffee!

  32. TINA!!! Love it! PJCB!! Wooohooo! Cannot wait til April!! Hugs, PJ

  33. Ruthy. "HONE if you love His Mistletoe Family"????

    Let me see, where is my knife sharpener . . .

    I need to bookmark this post for when I come upon an acronym I can't decipher.

    Would that be a UA (undecipherable acronym)?

  34. I remember well the first time someone replied to one of my witty emails with


    I thought it sounded a bit like they were VOMITing and really took it the wrong way.

  35. I enjoyed this post!

    HAGW - Have A Great Weekend

    Katie N.


  36. Oops - didn't mean to hit publish yet. lol

    I had other acronyms to add, but hubby is brewing coffee and the sweet aroma erased them from my brain. lol

    His Mistletoe Family and A Gift of Family are great titles. (Love AGOF's cover!)

  37. I always use DH to mean my dear, dear husband. I'm not sure what others mean. And, of course, that's followed by DD (dear daughter), DS (dear son), or if you want to be more specific, 20yoDS (twenty year old dear son).

    And some others:

    AGWP - a gift with purpose
    DSWN - don't stop writing now
    CPBD - can't put the book down

    And yes, I love WWFC.

    I think I need to top off my mug of hot cocoa!

  38. Honk if You Love His Mistletoe Family...


    I can't even get my own acronyms right, LOL!

    But that's okay, I did make youse FRESH SUGAR COOKIES with homemade buttercream icing....

    No canned icing in Ruthy-land.

    Not for youse, because youse mean the world to me!!!!



    Honk if you love CHRISTINA RICH, now a fellow Love Inspired author!!!


  39. HONK!

    I know what RDI stands for

    And it happens A LOT, btw

  40. I so wanted to be there this year, Debra and Ruthy and Mia.

    But MOVING...

    Next year. I really want to go.

    Please take lots of pictures.

  41. if i were clever enough, i could make an all acronym comment -

    notice the lack of acronyms

    did almost spew at WWMS though...

    also love WIDSAC

    very funny post today - some of these could double as personalized license plate tags.

    i think Mary should have first dibs on WIDSAC

    just sayin...

  42. TEEEEENA....


    Well, Seneca Falls.... You can visit Mom and Dad and we'll head to the festival together.

    Mostly I'm dying to have some time with peeps!!!! Can't wait to pal around with Deb... Mia... anybody else who decides to pop in, all are welcome! Beth and Mandy are going, too. It's our first road trip in very long months.... Dave went on the last one.

    I love him.

    I married him.

    But he doesn't TALK on road trips. He's like a silent partner.

    I like to talk. I like it better when people answer back.

    Without prodding.

  43. I loved this post, I hope there isn't a test though...I don't think I can remember them all, maybe a cheat sheet is needed ;)

    Here is one inspired by doing Nanowrimo this last month:
    CIVN = Coffee/Caffiene IV needed

  44. at the moment I am TTTT
    (too tired to think)
    But then I saw Mary's post about roflol and it reminded me of a lady on one group. she would always add LOL but at the most inappropriate places like a post saying my pet died to day and it was so sad and she would put a post with LOL.
    I finally put up a post and about acronyms and said about LOL Laugh out loud and this Lady replied Oh my I thought it was Lots of Love. at the time there were some I had no idea about so it was a tactful way to post about it.

    Another reader one ABGR (All books gratefully received) ;)
    Or on the more dramatic side
    HOTBANGH (hand over the books and noone gets hurt.)

    told you im TTTT!

  45. Jerusalem? Did somebody say they were going to Jerusalem next year?

  46. BWGD = Blessed with Grammy Duty. That's what's going on today! Have a great weekend everyone!

  47. I have the books but would love a critique! With acronyms!! How fun.

  48. Lol, Tina!!

    About the silent partner...

    The last long road trip my husband I took, we're driving along at 4AM (better drive while kdsi sleep) and I'm chatting so he won't fall asleep.

    I talk for a solid 10 minutes (not hard) and then I ask him what he thinks. He looks at me, as if he's suddeny realized I'm there and says, 'mande?'

    Spanish for 'what's that?'

    Yeah. I would have taken a nap but I was afraid we'd all die in our sleep if he was driving without my annoying presence.

  49. Oh, Jenny. That story begs for me not to laugh...but LOL I did.

  50. You and your husband are very interesting, Virginia. VERRY INTERESTING. VIV.

  51. Michelle, I love the CCIVN!!!!

    I'm all over that acronym.




    With a side of chocolate. It's Friday night, day job isn't done yet, and I've got stuff to do...

    but a kick in the head is required to gather stamina!

  52. Ginny, I can totally see that.

    We're like annoying bugs, buzzing. But treated somewhat better.

    I like research road trips and day trips with the girls best.

    DAVE WILL NEVER SEE THIS, so I can say that safely. No hurt feelings.

    But I did promise he could go sometimes... But boy, I'm going to use the cell phone and talk with the girls every step of the way!

  53. TBK*

    Answering only encourages women to
    keep talking. Silence is golden. Silence allows a man to think and thinking makes him feel good. Talking, especially ‘trouble-talk’, makes a woman feel good. It would be better if women just asked men to silently rub their backs when in a car. That way they can both feel good.


    *Truth be known

    ** Quod erat demonstrandum. It has already been demonstrated.

  54. LIPPS Lessman intense/intimate pucker power scene

    Tina P.

  55. Vince, ooooh, aren't you brave in a room full of women!!!!

  56. What a fun post! I remember this one from the first time. I love digging into the archives! Thanks, Tina. :)

  57. Lots of fun! I didn't know all of these.

  58. I have a new one for myself
    STICC (so tired I could cry) but hang on I did cry! its warm here today and for some reason I just feel so emotional and crying not sure if its thinking about mum, the reality Im alone, or just feeling down. I know I am really tired but I keep crying for no real reason cant settle to do anything either. even chocolate isn't helping and to hot to go for a walk.

  59. Jenny,
    Sorry to hear you're having a down day. Sending lots of love and hugs your way.

    Can you call a friend and plan to meet for coffee or lunch, perhaps?

    Maybe go to a local church and see if you can help them in the office or preschool or with a ministry? Sometimes reaching out to others makes our own problems seem less important.

    Covering you with prayer. Holding you close across the miles.

  60. Awww, Jenny ((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) Sometimes when I feel that way, I bury myself in a book or two and just let myself cry at all those heart tugging scenes.

  61. Well I must be TSTL b/c I only knew about what 20 or so of those meant. LOL (laugh out loud) :-P


  62. OMG (Oh My Gosh) Did nobody mention the acronym made famous by Tigger -- TTFN (ta ta for now)? SMH (shakes my head) Hahahaha.

  63. Thanks Debby and Christina its more the day I think cos I am so tired (didn't get below 75 last night and I didn't sleep) it makes it worse also think I ate something dodge last night. The temp is coming down and the wind is picking up but at least I can go outside. Being the weekend most friends around here have plans or things to do. Which I guess is one reason Saturdays are often the hard day. Being so tired doesn't help. I did read a little but just cant concentrate. the wrist is playing up today also. but I will be ok. I tidied some of this room which is a plus. when it cools a bit more will go for a long walk which always helps.

  64. Fun post! :)

    INTIME: I need to improve my efficiency
    INTIMO: I need to increase my output

    jswaks at gmail dot com

  65. A reader here: I could not stop laughing when I read:

    "WIDSAC = When in doubt, shoot a character".


  66. Ruthy Did It!
    I'm surprised you didnt' have that one up, Tina :-)

  67. widcr-When in doubt choose romance