Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend -Speedbo Starting Line- Edition

The Seekerville Second Annual Speedbo
Starts on Friday!
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Comment Friday and Saturday 
to be entered in Speedbo  Week 1 drawing for

  • First chapter critique -up to 20 pages
  • First 5 pages critique
  • One page synopsis critique
  • Phone chat
  • First page hook critique
And one reader will win a package of books each week for the five weeks of March. All prizes will be claimed after Speedbo, because in March we're writing-not mailing.
 All you have to do is comment! 

We Have Winners

 Please see our rules for giveaways in Seekerville. Be sure to contact us with your snail mail address if you are a winner at  Don't be shy. Remind us if we get behind per our rules.

Tuesday we welcomed Seeker friend
Susan Codone with "Don’t Stop at the Intersection: Finding Your Call to Write." Winner of a ten-page critique to get you started on your road to your calling is Carol Moncado.

Love Inspired Suspense author Debby Giusti was your hostess Wednesday with her post "Are You a Writer?" Winner of their choice of one of Debby's books books, along with a surprise gift is Jackie L.

Thursday Seekerville welcomed Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine—the “author’s magazine" shared "E-Help for Writers.The winner of his choice of Julie Lessman's books including her upcoming release Love at Any Cost or a paper version of A Light in the Window is Walt Mussell. The winners of  5 subscriptions to Southern Writers Magazine are Melissa Jagears, Tina Pinson, Christina Rich, Annie Rains and Mary Preston. (THANK YOU, SUSAN!)

Just to keep us out of trouble, Thomas Nelson author, Cara Lynn James talked about "How to Disguise Characters and Avoid a Law Suit" on Friday. Winner of a package of Heartsong Present romances is Dawn Janis.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday:With Speedbo just around the corner, Heartsong Presents and Abingdon Press author Myra Johnson blogs about developing a professional, businesslike approach to your writing. Take the self-test and then let's talk about strategies to improve both your attitude and your productivity.

Tuesday: Montlake author Sandra Leesmith is your hostess. She'll be sharing some news from two friends. Great surprise giveaways to go with the news!

Wednesday:Join Love Inspired author Charlotte Carter for "Look Who's Talking" as she shares tips on how to manage a scene where more than two characters are "on stage" at the same time.  One lucky commenter will win a copy of her latest release, Home to Montana.

Thursday: Today we're delighted to welcome Love Inspired debut author, Jessica Keller to Seekerville with her post "Writer Acrobatics." Stop by and chat for a chance to win a MEGA MONTANA PRIZE PACK, that includes her release Home for Good.

Friday: SPEEDBO BEGINS! This is the starting line! Join Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe for "Welcome to Writer Rehab: Overcoming Goldilocks Syndrome." We'll  eliminate the internal editor and WRITE ON!

Saturday: Time for the March Contest Update. We're working on Saturday this week only, to give you more chances to get revved up for Speedbo and opportunities to win our Speedbo Week 1 prizes. The Contest Update has its own share of giveaways as well and we'll announce the March Contest Diva.

The Yankee Belle Cafe Cooks For Speedbo

Don't miss this feature for the month of March!

Friday: Join Missy Tippens (THE BELLE)  as she cooks up Quick and Delicious Shrimp.

Saturday: Ruth Logan Herne  (THE YANK) will hit the ground writing with a list of quick and delicious recipe links from the Cafe Archives along with tips and ideas on how to spend the least time cooking for maximum (and quick!) enjoyment.

 Seeker Sightings

Debby Giusti has been featured all week in Bringing You More To Life Magazine. Check out the interview and information about her latest release, The General's Secretary.

DON’T FORGET — FREE DOWNLOAD!!!  A Hope Undaunted, Julie Lessman's book 1 in the “Winds of Change” series AND listed on Booklist's Top Ten Inspirational Fiction for 2010 is now available for free download on Amazon, B&N, and CBD, so Julie is asking Seeker friends to spread the word via e-mail or FB or Twitter or Pinterest or whatever means possible. ALSO ... ALL of her O'Connor saga books (except the last one, A Love Surrendered) are ON SALE for $5.38 or $5.79, so TAKE ADVANTAGE!!


HALF-PRICE SALE!!! In honor of Valentine’s month, Julie's Irish love story, A Light in the Window, has also been reduced by almost half, now available for $3.99 for a limited time only, so if you haven’t had the chance to read Marcy and Patrick’s prequel love story, this is a great opportunity!! Here are the links:  Amazon and B&N.

Mary Connealy is on Lena Nelson Dooley's blog on Sunday, February 24th, doing a giveaway of a signed copy of Swept Away

Mary is also on a panel at the Norfolk Public Library, February 25th from 6:30-8:00 p.m
308 Prospect Ave, Norfolk, NE 6:30 The event is called "Plain Talk: Publishing Secrets Revealed". If you can't get to the presentation, just ask her the secrets in today's comment section and she'll tell you every single secret.  

Check out Pam Hillman's current giveaways on her Author Events page on Facebook, and her blog tour continues this week. A complete list of Pam's blog stops for this week can be found on her website.

Here's an interesting conundrum for you. Photobucket has migrated to a new version. Except they forgot to migrate all their features. There is currently no way to update the slide show. So until we move to another photo gallery we don't want you to miss an opportunity to pre-order Ruth Logan Herne's May release, The Lawman's Second Chance.

Random News & Information

A late entry but worth the read- Debunking the Bestseller (Leapfrogging)

 Amazon Publishing Shares Some Sales numbers in Email to Agents (Paid Content)

Read Any Good Web Sites Lately? Book Lovers Talk Online (NYT)

Killing the “Pay First, Read Later” E-bookselling Model (Publishing Perspectives)

Give Yourself a Celebration (Writer Unboxed) 

I Can't Let You Do That, Dave by Corey Doctorow (PW Opinion Column)

 A World Where All Escalators Go Up – Part 1 and Part 2 (Publishing In the 21st Century)

 Reaching Your Readers Online by Brittany Geragotelis (Indie ReCon)

Harlequin Series Digital First (eHarlequin)

Should Consumers Be Able to Buy and Sell Used E-books? (Nathan Bransford)

How To Be Creative When Your Brain Doesn’t Want To Play (WriteToDone) 

8 New Punctuation Marks We Desperately Need (CollegeHumor)

 Authors Guild Connects Readers & Writers with Virtual Tool (GalleyCat)

 Grand Central Publishing to Expand Forever Imprint’s List (GalleyCat)

Before we go...guess what we spotted? Seeker friend Jan Drexler's debut release, The Prodigal Son Returns.

That's it for this week. See you on Friday at the Starting line!



  1. Oooo! Yay!!!! I won! :D

    Congrats to all the winners!!! And LOOK AT JAN'S BOOK!!!!

    I haven't signed up yet. I need to, but I've not got a clue what I'm gonna work on. I'm about halfway through book 2 of a series and I'm thinking "finish book 2/write book 3" with about 70K as my total for the month, but I'm just not sure yet...

    Looks like a great week! And they still need a James Earl Jones punctuation mark ;).

  2. Great WE as always, Tina. CONGRATS to all the winners, and YAY for Jan's debut book (love that cover!). ~ I will sign up for SPEEDBO right away (cannot believe it's almost March). ~ Since poor Helen is without power, I'm leaving a big coffee pot with freshly brewed coffee (I know, I's not as good as Helen's *sigh*). ALSO, I'm setting out Georgia Peach pancakes, Crispy bacon, and lots of warm maple syrup. (almost forgot---Grits, too!). Enjoy!

  3. Congratulations, winners! So happy for you.

    Love your book cover, Jan!

    Just signed up for Speedbo. I'm doing a modified version. I'm revising and editing my current WIP and it needs an additional 10,000-12,000 words. But I love this part of the process and it's more like play than work. ☺
    But I have a new story begging to be researched and started, and I'm OCD enough to not be able to start a new story until I have the current one finished (or as finished as it can be until an editor sees it.)

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. We're digging out from under 13 inches of snow and they're already predicting more accumulation (but not as much) Monday and Tuesday. Got my car stuck in the driveway this morning and wound up with a snow day. Not good for the paycheck but sure good for writing time. And the snow is so pretty and peaceful here in the country.
    Stay safe and warm, ya'll!

  4. I signed up, 3k a day baby--as long as I can stay up long enough each day to get it....means I CAN'T play on the internet. I can do it if I don't play...and don't fall asleep.

    And Mary, is the publishing secret "Write a totally awesome book"? :)

  5. Why do I hear motors roaring to life?

    Engines revving?

    Get your motor runnin'.
    Get out on the highway.
    Lookin' for a word count,
    That's gonna go my way.

  6. I will be cheering all of you guys on from the sidelines! Jan's book is beautiful! Congrats to all the winners. =)

  7. I am here to start the coffee and food. In my tiara...soon retiring from contest diva-hood. Helen is busy keeping warm without electric!

    I'm glad we have all weekend to read the W E links.

    Oats, quinoa, nuts, apples, berries, flax seeds, plain yogurt, and bananas on this table.
    All the good stuff I'm craving on the other.

  8. Congratulations Jan. And all of last week's winners.

    Debby! Cover girl beauty!

  9. Yay, yay, yay! I won a magazine subscription. congrats to all the winners.

    I haven't signed up yet either. I'm doing some pretty major revisions to the book i'm pitching Love Inspired in the May Happily Ever Editor pitch. I might just make a goal to get that ms DONE so I can move on to something new :)

  10. i hope it's not like 20 below 0* where Helen is without electricity. Stay warm. Congrats to Jan and the winners.
    i'm not signing up, just standing on the sidelines cheering you all on! Have a great month. i know i will! We just got Mom and my tickets for Arizona. We leave this coming Monday at 11:40! Yipee here we come. It's been an amazing journey since August 15, let me tell you.


  11. i did it again, mixed up my email addresses.

    it is


  12. Jan-

    GREAT COVER!!!!!

    Congratulations to all of the winners.

    Mary, you're thinking of reved-up cars? Don't you write westerns, shouldn't it have been antsy horses?

    Nice re-write of the song, BTW.

  13. Mary, now that song will be going through my head all day! BORN TO BE WRI-I-ITING!!!

    Thanks for the shout out on the cover, Tina :) I love it. The art department at LI is fabulous. And thanks for the live link, too! I'm still tickled to see myself on Amazon :)

    You all have a fabulous weekend!

  14. Amazing WE, Tina! Thank you. Lots to review since I was AWOL from Seekerville most of this week. Congrats to all the winners!

    JAN!!!!!! LOVE it! Rejoicing with you!

    Mary... You're a hoot, and now I can't get a certain song outta my head. :) What's your secret(s)?

    Cover girl, indeed. Debby - beeyooteefull as always.

    Helen, hope you're doing well. Probably making the most of it and CatMom, thanks for the coffee. It's delicious with your yummy breakfast.

    Late to the party as usual, I discovered the 1K1H group on Facebook. Thanks y'all, for letting me participate. Had a good week on the manuscript because of it. And... Yesterday afternoon and evening... got a wild hair and decided to completely rearrange my May workspace. Needs a bit more tweaking but it's grrreat! *DH will be SO pleased!*

    Unearthed some missing items (yay!) and in general feel more organized. That's a good thing, right? And in keeping with my one word "Transition."

    Don't know about Speedbo. Need to look at the rules. Deadline is April so I'm immersed in May book 3, partially/provisionally entitled May Leads the Way...

    And thanks to those who sent well wishes to our May. She's improving thank you. :) And stop by her Facebook page if you get a chance. Yesterday morning, met a fan at the chiropractor of all places, and posted a photo of us! Cute kiddo, 11 yrs old and almost as tall as me.

    If anyone has ebook advice, please share. We're diving into the fray ASAP and I could use some assistance. may at maythek9spy dot com

    Have a super weekend y'all. Looks like a terrific line-up next week too. Must. Make. Time.

  15. Oh! And over at the Yankee Belle Cafe, we're gearing up for Speedbo, too!

    Don't miss Monday's post: prepping your kitchen for Speedbo.

    It's all in the planning!

  16. ROSE you're right. Maybe a song will come to me that includings... thundering hooves or stampeding cattle or something.

    I'll work on it.

  17. MY SECRET IS.........
    (Tina can you insert audio of a drumroll, please...there is audio available for blogger comments right?)

    Somehow that's not exactly catchy enough for a poster I suppose. All great word of wisdom need to be able to go on a poster.
    how about

    I know, not a real big secret, but then that IS the secret, that there is really no other way to succeed as a writer.
    Good luck.

  18. Late getting to the puter. Good morning, Seekerville.

    Busy news week, eh? (for our Canadian readers.)

    Congratulations to all those who signed up for Speedbo. You are already winners. One month from now you will be ahead of where you were even if you only meet some of your goals. That's terrific.

    No pain, no gain. No guts, no glory.


  19. Well Marianne, it's been chilly here. We have had the heat on every single night since December. But..that said. Not as cold as Denver was.


  20. Work hard and never give up.

    Sounds very familiar.

  21. Stopping back by.

    Ahhh Mary... You mean, it takes WORK? Isn't that a four letter word?

    Jan shared this on Facebook. In case you missed it like I did, it's a MUST read, written by our very own Pepper.

  22. Wow, look at all those great links! Thanks, Tina, for the WE!

    Looking forward to Speedbo!

  23. P.S. @KC....Oh no...I didn't realize that little May had not been well...I'm SO sorry and will pray she continues improving!
    Hugs, Patti Jo (CatMom)

  24. No Guts....No Glory
    Just write your Story
    The way to GO
    Is SPEEDBO !!!

    (this rhymes better if you
    have a southern accent!) ;)

  25. Great WE! Loved the creative punctuation. (says the punctuation-lover). Why only use ? when you could use ?! That's been my motto since I learned to write!!!!! And now...after all these years...I get to play with new ones. :-)

    I can't believe Speedbo starts on Friday. I thought I'd be prepared but being sick for 2+ weeks has thrown a spanner in the works. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to write in the company of dust bunnies since the house isn't going to get the spring cleaning it sorely needs. I'm prepping character sheets this weekend and trying to plot but not doing well on that score. But I'm excited!!! And motivated!:-)!:-)!:-) -- see I can get creative with punctuation too.

    Oh and I got my February review package in the mail yesterday and guess what was in it? Swept Away!!! I'm on page 16. Plus my Harlequin order came in AND I finally managed to get to the bookstore last weekend so now I have 19 books on my TBR shelf. I'm soooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!! Especially since I went an entire week without a book to read because I was too sick to go out to the store. I was some cranky by the end of that week.

  26. Congrats, winners, and Jan.... you KNOW I love that cover, and that book, I cannot wait to read it in its entirety.

    CANNOT WAIT. Again, we knew this lovely book was awesome last year, and to think about holding it in my hands so soon???? Thank you Jan and Love Inspired!!!

    Clari, SNOW ICE CREAM???? I'm laughing out loud, and loving the chocolate drizzle!



  27. Great WE! Thanks, Tina, for including the pic from the More to Life interview. You are amazing!!!

    Congrats to my winner from last week, Jackie L! MIA: Missing in Atlanta and a special surprise gift will be heading your way soon.

    Yay, Jan! Love your cover and the title is perfect! A must read, for sure! When will it be released? Can't wait to get my own copy.

    I need Myra's Tuesday blog. She's talking about a "professional, businesslike approach to your writing." I'll have to take notes!

    Will there be a quiz, Myra?

  28. Jenny, I didn't reply to your last comment in yesterday's blog because it was late and I needed sleep! :)

    Wanted you to know that I've got your info on my calendar: May 6th, you'll be in Atlanta, staying at the La Quinta! Hope to see you then.

    Anyone else in the ATL area? We could all meet Jenny for lunch or dinner. Let's start making plans.

  29. Sorry you were sick without books, Kav!

    Glad you're better and that you have books to read.

    Continuing to send prayers of support and love...

  30. Couldn't Jenny come like a month later?! I'll be in Atlanta overnight June 2... I think. Whatever that Sunday night is...

  31. CatMom, thanks for taking care of the coffee.

    I've hightailed it down to Derek's for the rest of the afternoon. Plan to fix supper here while he and Hubby are cutting up fallen trees in the yard. Those chain saws are a-buzzin'.

    Both our electric and cable lines were yanked out by the tree falling on them. There's also a hole in the house. So don't know how long we'll be without power.

    Most of the stuff in the freezer was thawed this morning. Took two big coolers of it to the church and put it in the freezer in the basement. Won't they be surprised to find they have extra food!!!

    Writing is suffering.


  32. Helen the writing may be suffering but at least you are not the one with the hole. Only the house.

    Take care.

  33. I totally missed that May was sick. MAY!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  34. Patti Jo, were you a cheerleader in high school?? Very nice cheer.

  35. LOL Tina!! No, I wasn't a cheerleader but I was a Rhythmette. We did dance routines at halftime (think Rockettes on a smaller scale, haha)--including splits and kicks over our head (the can-can). Wish I could still do all that *sigh*. Now I'm doing good to walk down my stairs without falling!! ~ Hugs, Patti Jo

  36. Looking forward to Speedbo!

    I am curious about Mary's publishing secrets.

    Great WE, Tina! I think the new punctuation marks are briliant. :)

  37. NATALIE go back up closer to the top of the comments. All my secrets are two lines.

    The read SECRET is that there is no secret, only hard work and persistence.

    What would Yoda say here?

    Write you must. Finish you must. Let the frost be with you.

    (okay that last part might be inspired by the snow storm we just edured...another one forecast)

  38. Do or do no, there is no try.

    Flu or flu not, there is no escape. (that was for Kav and whoever else has been sick, sorry, tough flu seasons)

    Use the force of your fingertips, Luke.

  39. Oh and in that so cool and wise and beloved Ram Truck commercial with Paul Harvey reading?

    A farmer really probably isn't going to splint the broken leg of a meadow lark.

    Sorry if you're shocked.

  40. I love those commercials.

    They are the only commercials I watch.

    I hate that they are truck commercials.

    They should be presented by the FFA.

  41. What great prizes for you winners! Congrats to one and all.

    Signed up for SPEEDBO and am determined to have the present never-ending story finished by Wednesday.

    Tina, it is your fault that I didn't get more accomplished today ... I read all the links and some of the links those links linked to. Great WE as always. So much information.

    KAV -- isn't Swept Away grrrrreat? Race ya to the end!

    Nancy C

  42. Farmers do drive big trucks, including Rams. My Cowboy personally drives a Chevy Silverado 2500.

    I don't know what the commercials are for that.


  44. LOL, Nancy. I like being guilty for that.

  45. I mean the good links. Not you behind on your goals.

  46. Anybody want to take a virtual horseback ride to get rid of cabin fever? Hop on over to my author page and climb aboard.

    Posted a video of part of our snowy ride today. Nothing like the feel of a warm horse and the crunch of hooves in snow.

  47. TINA-

    Did you see half way down that PW article, this line?

    "In November 2012, a security researcher in Australia, Barnaby Jack, presented research showing that he could wirelessly reprogram implanted defibrillators so that they could deliver lethal shocks to their owners."

    OO, Captain Jack is SO busted.

    All that stuff about being a salty sailor when he was really just a modern technocrati pirate.

  48. Oh my stars, I do edits for a day and come back to CONNEALY: UNLEASHED!!!!


    Yes, May's been sick, poor little thing. I saw KC over in 1K1HR and found that out. We love our May....

    And I got Clari's recipe for SNOW ICE CREAM and I'm using it in a winter book. SO FUN!!!!!!

    Hey, the hard work thing?

    YES. YES. YES.

    And steady progress, that works for me. I can't do those 10K sprints, I"m a distance runner writer. But at 1K/day, I have a book done every 2-3 months.

    That's pretty darn sweet. Take it a day at a time, like a diet, and if you miss a day, you climb back on that horse (In Clari's world) or cow (in Mary's world) or tricycle (in my world) and ride, ride, ride!!!


    We need carrot cake. I need carrot cake. I'm hungry.

  49. Virginia! That article was scary amazing and good book fodder. Yes. I read the entire thing TWICE.

  50. Oh my, that Leapfrogging post ... wow.

    Nancy C
    P.S. Tina, I knew what you meant about taking credit fo the good links :-)

  51. I hope May feels better :(. Yucky.

    Ruthy - you're my hero. Careful - it's a dubious and fleeting honor - but 1K every day. Rain or shine. You're more reliable than the post office I think. ;)

    I'm officially in :D. I even emailed Tina. Though I did set a lower goal this year. I was looking for a blog last night to show Christina Rich and in finding it remembered a manuscript I'd started last year. I've got about 1K on it, but it's a hot mess [I switch from 3rd to 1st and back about 6xs among other things] with several little hints about family members etc that totally intrigue me ;). If only I remembered what the hints were about.

    The first K needs a rewrite, but man it's fun!

    Plus at some point I may tell y'all how this one is related to last year's SpeedBo...

  52. I can't believe it's almost SPEEDBO time again! Where did the past year go? I didn't get to participate last March due to edits arriving for my October 2012 book, but the timing is better this round.

    I submitted a proposal for a 2014 book at the end of January, the next week it was approved, two days later the edits for my September 2013 release "A Canyon Springs Courtship" arrived, I caught a killer cold, got my edits submitted a week ago, was out for surgery on one of my eyes the remainder of the week, and Friday night AAs arrived for review! I must be insane to try to write two books a year while working full-time, but that's beside the point and nothing new!

    The GOOD news is that if I can keep my nose to the grindstone, I'll be able to finish up review of my AAs before the end of this week so I can join the SPEEDBO-ers for March. I'd like to reach the halfway point in the draft of my next book. Aggressive goal, but I'm counting on all of you here to keep me going!

    Wish I had time to whip up and freeze some of those yummy recipes over at the Yankee Belle Cafe, but I guess I'll have to resort to my usual deadline fare of peanut butter sandwiches, oatmeal, and popcorn. :)


    And sorry to hear May's under the weather, KC.

    Has anyone else noticed that almostly every month at least one Seeker or Seeker Villager has a book releasing? I have SHELVES of Seeker books, and now I'm going to have to get another bookcase just to keep up with the Villagers! That's an expenditure I don't mind at all!

  54. KC, so sorry about May. Sending steak T-bones...just the bones, not the steak...for a treat. Also puppy hugs and love.

  55. Carol, I've got June 2 on my calendar. :)

  56. Nice to have you back online, Glynna! Don't know how you keep up the pace.

    Waving to Patty Jo! We're having lunch on Tuesday! Can't wait!

    Must read the article about reprograming defibrillators...would it work in a LIS?

  57. HELEN!

    So sorry! A big truck went down our little road last year and ripped the lines the went from across the street to our house. The whole place shook, I thought it was an earthquake.

    Took weeks to get the internet back but we did have power pretty quickly.

    Praying for a quick resolution!

  58. Sending hugs to Helen! So glad you and the fam are safe.

  59. Congratulations to all winners last week. Thanks to Mary for sharing her secrets. Love Jan's cover for her novel. Much writing success to those who take part in Speedbo.

  60. Have I mentioned how much I love the cover to The Lawman's Second Chance...



    The WE isn't all about ME???? Who knew? :)

    My weekend saw my butt in a chair, doing edits, then re-reading them to make sure they flowed... you guys know that. And I may or may not have printed out 160 pages of a new book to study once the last book seemed solid.

    A quiet day, no one around, so crazy productive (even though the Yankees lost their scrimmage and my friend Curtis Granderson (yes, a stinkin' cutie!!!) broke his forearm when he got hit by a pitch....

    But I got through that and I think I'm falling in love with these new characters and that's why the book is sailing along.

    There are DESTINED.... So my first Speedbo goal is to finish that book.

    Second: Do the proposal for approval on the next book.

    Third: If time allows, play with the fun fantasy that longs for me to return to its pages.

    I will starve my husband, most likely. And we may have puppies due in Holy Week, the last week of Speedbo so I'm aiming to start big! and then go with the flow.

    Visually planning ahead always helps me.

  61. And cookies.

    And Abbott's Frozen Custard is opening March 1st. There's my reward during Speedbo.

    Ice cream.


  62. Carol, you're so stinkin' cute.

    I'm not anyone's hero but that turtle production keeps my bosses happy!

    :) Slow and steady... plod, plod...

    Slow and steady.... plod, plod...

    I'm excited to see what you come up with this year. I love the push of speedbo but I don't get mad at myself if I can't compete with the high word counts.... Well, except my buddy WALT!!! :)

    Helen, you are a trooper. Hang in there. "And this too, shall pass."

    Where is Vince today?

    I'm missing him.

  63. SUPER CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS ... and this WE is a winner, too, Teenster!!

    Good night, those links are CHOCK full of fascinating info, and the 8 New Punctuation Marks is my FAVE!!! But what I want to know is, where is the triple exclamation point???!!!

    Jan -- LOVE the cover and gotta feeling I'm gonna love the book even more.

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  64. For all those in the snowy North...

    Hubby and I just walked two miles in our sweats and fed the geese en route!

    It's a lovely day in Georgia.

    Y'all come South now, hear?

  65. LOL. Debby. And I feel guilty sharing the temps here in AZ when all my Denver family is under a blanket of snow. (but it is 61 here)

  66. A great WE again, Tina. Thanks! I love the clip art and graphics.

    Great articles, too. And winners!! Don't you just love winners???

  67. May, get well soon honey! I'm sending you Milk Bone chicken soup. Always a comfort when sick : )

  68. Great Weekend Edition, Tina! Congrats winners!

    Nice of you to make coffee and bring breakfast, Patti Jo! I'm more than happy to eat peaches and pancakes in the evening, too!

    Jan, your cover is gorgeous! Can't wait to read the book.


  69. KC, didn't realize May has been sick! Hugs to one of our favorite sleuths!

    Helen, sorry about the hole in your roof and the loss of power!


  70. Diva Debra, you look great in that tiara! Thanks for sharing duty at the buffet today!

    Laughing at the cool poetry, Patti Jo and Mary! You gals are such writers! But no competition from Vince?? Just seems wrong.


  71. I had fish tacos today. I took years working up to that, but they're good! I'm hoping they're healthy. They came with beans and rice instead of fries so that should count for something.


  72. You southerners enjoy your warm weather! ☺
    I'm looking forward to spring and warmer temperatures, but today was absolutely gorgeous. Sunshiny, no wind, warmed up to just above freezing, and the robins were singing. It was a great day to wrap up and go play in the snow with the dogs and horses again. After all, we might as well enjoy it. We've got more coming in Monday night. Weather Channel is saying 100% chance.

  73. Congratulations to Jan!

    As always the articles are great! Where do you find them all, Tina?

  74. Clari, I love snow...for a day or two!

    I went to college in Ohio--lots of snow.

    Lived in Missouri for three years--our yard was covered in snow from NOV to May.

    Now it's nice to relax in the sunshine! :)

  75. Thanks for the subscription. I just found out. Always good to check in sooner.

    Tina P.

  76. Just to let you know... I can't do it this month (Speedbo, that is), but I will be popping in frequently to cheer the rest of you on.

    Congrats to the first winners!!! What a great bunch of dedicated writers. :)

    Gotta dash again now and try to catch up on reading the posts I've missed here this week.