Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Sandra here with a hot cup of Chocolate Velvet coffee and a bowl full of sliced orange off her tree. And they are sweet too. Add some shredded coconut and walnuts and you really have a treat.

So how is SpeedBo going?  Here's the test.

A. You have already completed your manuscript and still have five days left to revise. You are ahead of  your targeted goal. You were able to spend way more writing hours than you ever dreamed.

Okay, if that is you, please just be QUIET.  We are so proud of you and happy for you, but probably green with jealousy which is not a good thing so shhhhhhhhhhh

B.  You are on task. On target. Have met your goals.  And will end up with a complete manuscript in 5 more days. Hmmph.  We WILL let you shout and cheer, but only for five seconds.  You need to get back to work.

Oh yes, congrats by the way. And we are so proud of you and happy for you also.

C.  You made a great start, but things got in the way. Even though you made tremendous progress, you are thinking it doesn't really matter.  Maybe you should just cut back and relax.

Please read my SpeedBo article from last year.  Glucose For The Finish.  It will give you some helpful tips to help you hang in there to the end of March and the end of Speedbo.

D. You had one interruption after another.

A family member got sick. Unexpected company arrived.

You had to move.

Your dog found the skunk that has been raiding the trash can and you had to spend days trying every wive's tale to get that horrible smell out of the house.

Or like me, you got a rejection that you were so sure was going to be a sale.

And you WANT to give up.

Or maybe you DID give up.



Really life hasn't come to an end. It may look like a close call, but as Scarlett always said, "I'll think about it tomorrow." And trust me, tomorrow does come. Its another day.

As Ruthy always says, "Pull up your big girl panties."  (Big boy panties if you're a guy)  And start from where you are.

So someone got sick. THE SKY IS NOT FALLING.   How many days did that take you away from Speedbo?  Four?  Well then, add four more days and make your own personal speedbo end April 4th.

Unexpected company arrived.  THE SKY IS NOT FALLING.  They left didn't they?  (Finally)  So throw the dirty linens in a corner and get back to that computer.

You had to move.  This is huge.  But not impossible. Mark your office boxes and pack them last so they will be first out of the truck. Set up a corner and designate that time early in the morning or late at night to hit the computer.  You can always plot and plan in your head while you wrap and pack. So it slows you down and you don't get as much done. THE SKY IS NOT FALLING.  Instead of looking at what you didn't get done, look at what you did do. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Your dog found the skunk.  Whew!!  Don't envy you there.  Tomato juice doesn't work. I know. THE SKY IS NOT FALLING! When its writing time, send Rover outside. Burn a scented candle. When you have to bite the bullet and bathe the mutt,  dream about your hero.  What would he do?

That dratted rejection showed up. The sight of it makes you want to quit. Why write anymore when one could go bicycling or go play pickleball.  THE SKY IS NOT FALLING.  You send out the next proposal, the one you started with speedbo.

Okay, what's your excuse?  Is it insurmountable? Can you overcome the obstacle and get back into SpeedBo? Of course you can.  A set back is simply that. Something that sets you  a little behind, but not impossibly out of the game.  THE SKY IS NOT FALLING!  You are a writer after all. You don't have to be like Cody the Coyote who wanted to be something else. He strayed and discovered that you will be happiest doing what you were made to do. Write, write, write.

Are you getting the picture here?  Be encouraged. Take heart. Sit quiet and pray. No matter what your goal is or has been, don't let set-backs deter you. Look at the positive and make a mental list of what you did accomplish, not what you didn't.  Always remember THE SKY IS NOT FALLING.

Now that we know the SKY IS NOT FALLING, make a comment and your name will be put in the hat for a ten page critique if you're a writer. If you're a reader, you can have a choice of one of my books.

Best wishes. Hang in there. Stay positive and keep your eyes on the goal.

Be sure to check the weekend edition for winners.

All books shown in this post are available on Amazon.com. I haven't read all of them but liked the covers that went with my post. 

Cody The Coyote is available on I Tunes


  1. Am I first? The kettle is steaming and the coffee pot is gurgling and almost ready. I have hot muffins too!


  2. I've been under the weather. My word count isn't what I'd hoped, but it's 13794 words more than I had at the end of February. The end is so close I can touch it. I managed 722 words today despite a headache and a stomach ache.

    Onward and upward! To infinity and beyond! Heck, I just want to type "The End."


  3. Only got about 600 words today, but I had to figure out how to plug the hole where I jumped from mid chapter 12 to 14.

    Need about another 4K.

    Here's hot chocolate, since coffee is already here.

  4. Yeah..I'm a D this year. Basically gave up from the get-go--I'm just a tad shy of 40k as of now. Half of what I wanted to do.

    But should get lots of work done first week of April when M-I-L comes....

    But I ALMOST didn't read this post because my 6 year old LOVES Chicken Little and I have nightmares of having to read that book one more time, and yet I do, Again . . . and again.

    Gotta go write now.

  5. I love this post, Sandra...still hoping to meet for coffee after Speedbo is over! Banana cake and cinnamon rolls for that extra push!


  6. Great post Sandra. Sounds the way my month has gone. First I was sick (working on getting better) and then my 12 year old poodle tore his ACL on his right back leg. I have been nursing him for weeks now. Surgery is tomorrow and I've taken the balance of the week off. Hopefully the computer and I can get WELL acquainted (new computer too).

    Would love one of your books.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  7. Speedbo is just one of the tools in the tool box. A fun way to get from A to B, but no one should feel bad if they had to put down the Speedbo tool and pick up the just-keep-at-it tool.

    I like the idea of adding in the days you lost, Sandra! A week of sickness? well than add those days to speedbo!

    OR do your own. We can't all have a new project to start during a Speedbo or NaNo.

    Speedbo works because it's fun to do anything in Seekerville with a group.

    Maybe villagers can hook up every month to challenge and support one another. Speak up and ask for a 50k writing partner to get through a new ms!

    I'd love to be in the drawing for Cody, Sandra! And I love your reference to pickle ball.
    You should put in a link to that post! :)

  8. Oh, Sandra, this was perfect! I love what Marilyn noted, that she's nearly 14000 words further ahead than she was...

    And that's HUGE!!!!

    Love this, Sandra, and how you tied the amazing and adorable Cody into it. :) Well done!

    You know the common sense of the situation is this: If you work steady, life has a much harder time of knocking you off-kilter.

    If you procrastinate, you are always behind the eight-ball, under the wire, at gun-point, etc...

    You get it.

    I can embrace the turtle because he never gets sidetracked... have you noticed that? That if you pick up a turtle and head him away from water, he'll just turn around and go straight back....

    No matter how often you do it.

    Turtles know what they're supposed to do and do it.

    Hey, I'm dropping off biscuits and fresh jam, homemade... sour cherry and strawberry. So delicious!

    Let me know what you think of the biscuits, okay? I'm trying to copy Annie Loveless in Nashville at the Loveless Cafe.

    Melt-in-your-mouth goodness right there!

  9. I love the dog found the skunk issue. Having a Texan friend who has regular issues with skunks it tickeled my fancy. the best one was the skunk near the car, Her hubby (the pastor) had a gun and was going to shoot. she was in the car and thought oh no Im in the car the pastor has the gun and his aim is bad. She jumped out the car startled the skunk which spayed and she copped it the pastor completely missed it (and her thankfully) but reading the way she wrote it was so funny (Oh forgot to say I was reading in a public place burst out laughing and had to explain what happened to the tourist beside me who also burst out laughing).

    This post can apply to other things too like exercise. I had a couple days where I couldn't get out to walk cos of weather and having to catch a bus early but made it up in another way.

  10. I love this post! Even though I'm not a writer of books, I am so encouraged! No matter how much you get done, with whatever you are trying to accomplish, even a little bit is further than you were. I graduate in May after having gone back to school 15 years after high school. And, it's taken me 10 more years to get to this point. Slow and steady did it. If I had given up, I never would have gotten to this point. My major is English, so I get to read and write papers for my degree. I love Pepe Le Pew. And Ferdinand the Bull. lol My image for graduation is a turtle crossing the finish line. Thanks again for a wonderful post. I just might get everything done before the time is up! I'm going to hang this post up so I can read it every day!
    tscmshupe [at] pemtel [dot] net

  11. OMG Sally! Congratulations to you for going back to school so long after high school. Good for you!


  12. I won't give you my excuses, and I haven't given up.

    Thanks for the encouraging post.

    So far this month I'm only to 19691 words on my new project. But I know without Speedbo, I wouldn't be that far along. So, it's all good right? Not perfect, but good.

    I'd love to have my name tossed in for the critique.

    Thanks again.

    Jackie L.

  13. Sandra~

    I'm not SpeedBo-ing, but it's an encouraging post anyway. These days I'm just trying to keep my house clean (It shouldn't be so hard with only three people, but somehow it is). Ruthy's comment that procrastination puts you behind the 8 ball is dead on. I went to bed with a dirty kitchen, and I'm starting out behind today.

    This gives me a much-needed morale boost.

    Sally~ Your story reminds me of my mom's. She had to drop out of high school at 17. She got her GED at 23. Then she started college at age 30. She took ten years to finish too. Her graduation is one of the proudest moments of my life. I cried when I pinned on her cap, and I tear up when I think of it.

    Way to Go! Hang in there! and all that jazz.

    Sandra~ I'd love to win Current of Love.

  14. MARILYN, Bless you for the coffee and muffins.

    Hang in there. THE END will be typed. I promise. And what a great feeling that is. smile

  15. Yay HELEN, you found the filler for the hole. Knew you would. Great going. Now those remaining 4 K will fly.


    Our bright and shining A.

    Actually your drive and persistence and accomplishments are very inspiring.

    Type away. smile

  17. MELISSA, Spew alert. You had me really chuckling. Isn't it funny how they focus on one story and want it over and over?

    Hey with MIL coming your projection into April is terrific. Making it work. That's what meeting goals is about.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. MARIANNE, Thanks for the banana cake. Wow, lots of goodies this morning to add to the fresh oranges.

    Yep, I'm counting that coffee break as a reward for all that writing. smile

  20. Hi CINDY, Oh so sorry about all the bumps. But it sounds like you aren't giving up. That is wonderful.

    Prayers for the little poodle. We had to put our 17 year old poodle down last week. Soooooo sad. She was my writing companion too. Sat on my lap when I wrote and when she wanted attention would plop her paw on the keyboard and type a bunch of kkkkkkks

    Praying for that computer acquaintance also. Learning a new electronic anything is always a challenge. Great going.

  21. Hi DEBRA, Great point in referencing Speedbo as a tool. And as writers we need all the tools we can get. But like anyone using tools, some work better than others for different people.

    Glad this one is working for you. ANd I agree, its always more fun to do things in a group. Makes you more accountable. When you are on your own it is too tempting to put it off until tomorrow.

    Here is the link for pickleball. usapa.org This is the official site. There are videos to watch and also a little cartoon that explains how it got its name.

  22. Great post, Sandra!

    I think it's unrealistic to expect a month you set aside for Speedbo will be free of interruptions. You just have to work around them and do the best you can. Life happens and we can't do anything about the unexpected. But that's ok.

  23. Hey RUTHY, I think I'm now going to have to write my next picture book about your turtle.

    You are so right when you say to keep plodding along. It eventually does get done. Stay focused. Great advice girlfriend.

    ANd oh my, the biscuits are yummy. I love flaky biscuits. I have some homemade orange marmelade to add to the table.

  24. Hi CARA, You are so right. Life happens. And I agree. Thats. OK.

    But speedbo situations do give us training for making deadlines. That is a good thing.

  25. Hi JENNY, What a hilarious story about the skunk incident.

    We were camping in the prairies one time and our lab found a skunk. Phew!!! Took weeks and multiple baths per day to get rid of that smell.

    Glad you were able to apply this to your exercise program. Whatever our goals are, we need to keep plodding along toward them. Great going.

  26. Hi SALLY, Hooray for turtles crossing the finish line.

    Congrats on your steady and determined progress. What an accomplishment. Calls for a party. smile

  27. HI Jackie, Great going. Glad you realize the sky is not falling just because you don't have the word count you hoped for. 19691 words is AWESOME. Think how far along you are. woo hooo.

  28. OH! I want some biscuits. With gravy. Yummy gravy. No sausage.

    Love you, Sandra! Thank you :). I'm glad I'm inspiring someone ;).

    I'm supposed to be editing. Instead, I started book 3 in my series.


    Book 1 is on submission and a rough draft of two is finished.

    Part of the reason is I need to do a synopsis for this one - jic - and I can't seem to figure out the plot... So I thought I'd start it and see what happens.

    I found my hero and heroine though. Brad and Kim Williams-Paisley. They're so cute together. And I'd started putting shades of their own relationship in the manuscript before I decided on them :). [I also finally got pics for book 2 - Kerri Russel and Jamie Bamber.]

    Today, though, I'll be editing while I give tests...

  29. I should make it with the help of a bag of chocolate.

    Back to the keyboard!

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    peace, Julie

  30. Hi ANDREA, Hang in there. That kitchen will clean nicely after you've had a good night's sleep. Sometimes I find I just get more done when I'm not so tired. I call it time efficiency. Work when I'm efficient and leave it when I'm not. LOL

  31. The end is near! No, not like the ultimate end, but the end of Speedbo.

    Great encouragement for the last ankle of our journey, Sandra.

    Not sickness...
    Not relocation...
    Not even skunk will keep us from our appointed word count with Speedbo.

    Thanks for the great home-stretch kick in the butt!!

  32. You don't know how relieved I am to know that the sky isn't falling. It was looking pretty bleak for a while. Yesterday I had 45 minutes between jobs (my only available writing time for the day) and I succumbed to the doldrums and read instead of wrote. :-(

    I'm a 'C' -- and I love getting your permission to extend Speedbo. I was already going to sneak in the first day of April because I get a four day weekend over Easter and that will be prime Speedbo catch-up time. Hoping to raise my mark to at least a 'B-'.

    Sandra, I'm sorry that you lost your special fur-face writing companion. Pets bring so much comfort and joy into our lives but it's so hard to lose them.

    Thanks for this encouraging post and being such a good "the sky is not falling" example.

    Oh - - and I think you need to write the whole dog meets skunk into a book. What a great way for the hero and heroine to meet! LOL

  33. Marilyn! 13794 is a great word count for a month of writing. Be proud, girlfriend!

    Melissa, just shy of 40K? You give yourself a D? Oh my, my, my, by my grading standards you're an A!

  34. Love you back CAROL,

    Glad you found those pics and the names of your characters are so appealing.

    Hurry up and finish those books so we can read them. smile

    (I'm sending that prayer up for publishers also)

  35. Hi JULIE HS, I was in Macy's yesterday and had to drag myself away from the bags of Godiva. How cruel to have it stacked near the check-out counters. As if it wasn't bad enough that I spent more than I should and then add chocolate on top of the guilt.

    I'm sending the bag your way. It will be delicious I'm sure. yum yum

  36. Thanks AUDRA, I agree, MELISSA should get an A. And MARILYN did accomplish a lot. That many words is nothing to pout about. Writing even a thousand is awesome.

    Happy writing.

  37. Hi KAV, What a great idea about hero meeting heroine over dog meets skunk story. See why working with others is great. Super idea.

    Thanks for the condolences. It is always tough to lose a pet.

    Happy writing with that extra day. I know you will accomplish a lot.

    And how funny you read yesterday. So did I. One of Missy's books and I couldn't put it down. Thank goodness it was an LI and not a lengthy novel or I would still be reading.

  38. Sandra, thanks for the reminder that we're in charge and if life interferred, we can extend our personal SpeedBo. We had company during SpeedBo. How did you know? Nice to hear those lost days can be tacked on in April.

    Most of us can relate to the discouragement of having our manuscripts rejected. But look how often famous writers have experienced the same. They didn't let that stop them. When rejection comes hang in. Don't let rejection win!

    Think about all those words written during SpeedBo!! We're rocking in Seekerville!


  39. SANDRA--I loved this post. This month, I was definitely in the D category. I wrote a few scenes of my new story that were mulling in my head. And I thought I could put on the Pantster hat for the month of March. I have since discovered I am most definitely a Plotter. And since I didn't have much time for plotting, my personal Speedbo ended about March 4th. Sigh.

    But I know that when I get this new story plotted out, I will fast draft it--well, fast. :) So, I'll do my own personal Speedbo when I'm ready.

    I loved Marilyn's perspective too--whatever we did get done this month puts us that much further ahead on our projects than we would have been. :)

    DEBRA--thanks for the reminder that Speedbo is a tool.

    CAROL--I'm so proud of you. Ok, I confess, I'm trying not to be even a little jealous of your amazing ability with story. :) You are an inspiration.

    SANDRA--if possible, I'd love to be in the drawing for the 10 page critique.

    I'm looking forward to stopping back here later. Sorry this is so long! :)

  40. HI JANET, Yes, I hadn't thought of that, but if we combined all the words written during speedbo. whew I don't think I can count that high. We do rock.

    I guess we all know how to keep going even through those rejections. Thanks for reminding me. I will keep going. smile

  41. Hi JEANNE, I so chuckled at your attempt to be a panster when you are in fact a plotter. I did that once also and failed miserably. I'm definitely a plotter also. So one thing you accomplished is now you know. And you know what you need to do before the next speedbo. Me too. smile

    And MARILYN is right. You did get some writing done and that's big. Hang in there.

  42. I want some of those oranges! Ok, I'm a "B". Hoping for another big surge of motivation before the week is out. I was sure that was a piece of sky that hit my head a few minutes ago but maybe it was just the pillow when I tried to go back to sleep. No chance - Speedbo calls

  43. Hey CINDY, Rise and shine. Speedbo does call. And hey, a B. That's terrific. Oranges coming and they are yummy sweet. I can't eat store bought ones any more because these spoil me. Just warning you. chuckle

  44. snicker - Oh sandra, I really don't want to know which guys here are wearing big boy PANTIES! LOL

    I've not finished my novel, but God has been SOOOOOO good to help me get more done than I've anticipated. We have a lot of yucky stuff happen in March, BIG change, kids sick, but He's still helped me finish edits on one novel and submit it to my agent, and write over 20K on my next one! Hoping for at least 5K or more before the end!!
    Thanks so much for the encouragement, SEEKERVILLE!!!

    And Carol Moncado better keep her lips zipped, if out of mercy and nothing else ;-)

  45. Good Morning Seekerville! What a day this is. The finish line is coming up for Speedbo and GH and RITA calls are starting!

  46. Oh and here is the link:


    Just keep refreshing your screen.

  47. I am not as far along as I had hoped, only 19,000 words, but I like the idea of adding a few extra days. Ive actually considered Speedboing for the month of April, too... Just to get this puppy finished! LOL

    Thanks for the encouragement. I was feeling a bit down about my story yesterday, thinking no one would want to read it. My fiancé accidentally found my outline and character descriptions. He practically begged me to finish it because he wanted to read it so badly. His enthusiasm was infectious, so I'm looking at it with new eyes now. :)

    Please drop my name in the hat for the critique.

  48. I'm barely on track here but haven't completely lost hope of making my goal yet... thank you for the encouraging words!!
    Diana Grabau
    ~writing as Kim Kendall

  49. I've written every day for Speedbo (or about every day), finished one manuscript, and started on another. However, getting beyond my usual 500 words a day has been a challenge. Still plodding along.

  50. Sandra, good points.
    Sally, way to go.
    Cindy, hang in there, you can always add a couple of days in April. Programs like SpeedBo and NANO are guidelines and frameworks. As long as you're writing, feel good about it.
    I would love a book, Sandra, but in my best interests as a writer I think I'd better be entered for the critique.
    Kathy Bailey
    Pre-pubbed in New Hampshire

  51. I have five chapters to go, but I know where I'm going with them. I don't consider myself an A, B, C or D -- just a writer, who has productive days and non-productive days. I didn't do housework, go on Facebook or watch television, so that helped...
    Kathy Bailey
    Pre-pubbed in NH

  52. Oh my goodness, Sandra, what a comprehensive list of the worst possible interruptions! And it doesn't matter whether you're making a gallant effort to push forward during Speedbo or just trying to keep up a little momentum the rest of the year. When those kinds of things happen, it's either get back on the horse that threw you or toss the baby out with the bathwater.

    (How's that for a mixed metaphor???)

    [Whispering here--sorry, Sandra, but I can't help celebrating a little early.] I actually had it pretty good this month, interruption-wise, and am pleased to say I've already exceeded my 20K goal and still going strong!

    Of course, I still don't know my heroine's "dark secret"--she keeps ducking that question every time it comes up. So once she tells me, I'll have to go back and layer in the hints and foreshadowing.

    Thanks for the pep talk today, Sandra! Good to know the sky is not falling!




    It's a great day in Seekerville!!!!


    And I'm sooooooo not surprised. I loved that story.


  56. TINA, Thanks for the link for the finalists What a wonderful thing to celebrate.

  57. PEPPER, I am soooo sorry. You are right. We don't need that image. LOL

    And congratulations for hanging in there in spite of all that was happening. That is proof that you are a true writer. smile

  58. HI ANNA. Your fiance is a true hero. I'm so tickled that he wants to read the story. That is proof that you are on the right track. Hang in there.

    ANd hey, there's nothing wrong with making April a speedbo month as well.

  59. Hi KIM/DIANA, So glad you aren't losing hope but are hanging in there. You will be so glad that you did. And hey, writing is an accomplishment in itself. Focus on what you accomplished. smile

  60. Way to go WALT. So glad you're meeting those goals. Tough to do, but proof you're a true writer when you set the goal and stick to it. Congrats

  61. Hey KATHY (KAYBEE) You are so wise. Hang in there and keep on writing. Giving up the Facebook and television is a big help. They can really suck the time away.

  62. W00T!!! W00T!!!! For Missy!!!!!!!!!!!

    [I think that's the first time I've ever used numbers in a word - except when writing Numb3rs - as in the TV show...]

  63. MYRA, good thing Grammar Queen didn't see all those mixed metaphors. Personally I thought they were great. smile

    And I'm whispering too. Congrats on getting that goal accomplished. shhhhhh

    Isn't that great news about MISSY? yay

  64. Hi JAIMIE, Thanks for celebrating with MISSY and with us.

    Seekerville is ready for a party.

  65. YAY MISSY!!!!!

    *smiling from ear to ear!*

  66. Hi Sandra :)
    I fall between a C and a D. But there's still a few days left...

  67. The sky is not falling, the sun is shining (here, anyway), the internet is working! (Yes!), and Speedbo'ers are writing.

    All's well with the world! :)


    Parteeee in Seekerville!!!


  69. Big sidetrack this weekend - my mom's health has shifted downward again (she's in the last stages of Alzheimers), and it's a huge distraction. I've taken to journaling rather than working on my WIP.

    BUT, before last weekend, I was making pretty good progress. The main thing is that I really like this story :)

    And I'm 20,000 words farther along than I was at the beginning of the month.

  70. Thank you all for celebrating with me!!!!! I'm so excited I keep spontaneously bursting into tears! Wow, what a day. I've dreamed of this for years and years.

    Thanks again for sharing my joy! It's such an honor to be on that list with the other books.

    Now, I've got to go make sandwiches for our Holy Week service!

  71. Congratulations Missy!!!

    Love the don't-beat-yourself-up post-just-keep-writing. Such true words and inspiring.

    I'm about a C. I'll get about half my words. I'm never one who puts out big numbers, and I guess I've written about the half the days. Goal was 30K and I'm at 12.5K now, but will right at the 15k by the end of the month. I WILL keep working into April until it's complete. I can handle being off schedule, just not quitting.

  72. Hi JAN, Wow, I know exactly how tough that is having gone through final stages several times with several family members. whew.

    I'm so impressed that through all of this you have 20 K WOOOHOOO and good for you on looking at the positive.

    You'll make it. And treasure this time with your mom. You'll be thankful you did. Her body might not know you're there, but her spirit does. She is loving you back.

  73. Yay JAIMIE, Being even close to a C is awesome. Happy writing.

  74. Missy!!! You must be over the moon!!!! Congratulations on your Rita final!!!! Can't wait to cheer you on in Atlanta!!!!


  75. Hi PAMMERS, Isn't it funny how we both focused on children's literature this week? And encouragement.

    Glad the sun is shining there too. Its a gorgeous day here in the desert. Orange blossoms are filling the air with a really luscious sweet scent.

    Happy writing.

  76. Hello All,

    I wanted to put it here first because of the wonderful love and support that Seekerville has provided--A Champion's Heart is a finalist in the GH for Historical Romance.

  77. MISSY. Again, congrats. I LOVED that story too. It was so sweet and you really were rooting for Hannah and Mark.

    ANd try to keep the peanut butter on the bread with all that happy dancing.

  78. And yes, I wrote it. I forgot to say that!


  79. Hi CONNIE QUEEN, Wow, 15K is nothing to feel bad about. That is awesome. And you are smart to keep writing through the month of April and reach for that goal. woo hoooooo

  80. Hey JANET, We can hang on to here in Atlanta to make sure she doesn't hop over the moon.

  81. PIPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. MISSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  83. Hi Sandra,
    I'll just take a minute to say thanks for the encouragement. I had to revise my goals for SpeedBo due to taking an online class that required way more time. So I've been writing, but not on the MS. Working at my online presence. New blog, twitter, and facebook setups. Making progress- way up from where I started.
    That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

  84. Hi PIPER, What great news. Did they call you? Tell us how you found out?


  85. He MARY, This is a great day of news isn't it? I love contests.


  86. Hi RUTH ELLEN, Sounds like an A to me. You are meeting your goals and those social media things are way up there on required things to do as a writer.

    Way to go. Writing is writing. Have fun.

    And I'm trying not to be green with envy that you are getting all that taken care of.

  87. And speaking of RUTH ELLEN's accomplishments on getting to the social media, I have to duck out for a little over an hour while I go to my Apple class. Learning how to make an inventory to keep track of book sales for tax purposes.

    All writing related, but definitely puts a crimp in speedbo and the blog.

    Hang in there and celebrate.

  88. Hey Sandra,

    I knew they were making calls today, but I had to work. I left my phone in my office on purpose, and when I came back, there was no voice mail. Disappointment. my friend told me that they would leave a voicemail. So I went on about my business checking my e-mail and there was an e-mail from a board member telling me to call.

    I would love to scream but I can't, so thank you for the opportunity to do it on-line!



  89. Missy and Piper!


    Congratulations to you both!


  90. "A Champion's Heart" by Piper Huguley


  91. Mary,

    Thanks for the scream of support!


  92. YAY, PIPER!!! So excited for you!!! Congratulations!!!

  93. YAYAYAYAY PIPER!!!!!!!!!

    That calls for more words with numbers in them!!!

    W00T!!! W00T!!!

  94. Gotta write those words to final in those contests.

    Keep Speedboing. Never give up. Never surrender!!!!

  95. MISSY AND PIPER!!!!!

    So happy for youse!!!! Oh my stars, I am happy dancing, turning somersaults, break-dancing on the floor and spinning in circles I'm so happy for the two of you!!!!

    MISSY.... that was a stellar book, just beautiful, start to finish and the toddlers did not eat it, nor did I let a puppy teethe on it, so it's like I KNEW IT WAS DESTINED FOR GREATNESS!!!!


  96. Piper!!!! I was so excited to see your name on the list. Congratulations!!!

  97. I'm seconding Teeeenster... Ya gotta write 'em to win 'em....

    Oh, and enter!!!


    Entering is clutch.

    Still grinning in upstate and looking at next 4 days of Speedbo.... and what I want to accomplish.

    While grinning!

  98. Speedboing?

    Sounds like a new candidate for Webster's dictionary. :-)

  99. WALT I think you are right. Just like Seekerville came into being.

    I'm so excited about all the news. What a great day to be the blogster. I get to happy dance with you.

  100. PIPER Thanks for sharing the news. How fun to find it in your email. And at work.

    Did you scare your workmates with all that screaming?

  101. Hi CHRISTINA, Isn't this the best news?

    This is the kind of thing that truly gives one a boost to keep on speedbo-ing

  102. Sandra,

    Lol. I couldn't scream! All of the young people here at the college have to have role models, etc. *ahem*

    So I took Christina Rich's suggestion and went outside to do a little Snoopy dance in the cold!


  103. Piper!!!! Dancing with delight at the news of your Golden Heart Final!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  104. WOW, what a day. Two contest finalists in Seekerville.

    Congratulations Missy. Your book just went on my TBR list.

    Special, Special Congratulations to Piper. She's my critique Pardner and I can attest that she's loaded with talent.

    Now let me come down from the ceiling and talk about my progress. I just finished 50,000 words, but it's a 100,000 novel, so you can do the math. I'll put myself at a C+. I've been doing a lot of social media stuff, blogs, Twitter. I'll keep working in April after I finish my taxes.

    I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for SPEEDBO. You've been great. The only problem I've had is I've gained five pounds this month. Everytime I read the blog, I get an urge to go eat something sweet.

    I'm going to the Gym now. Oh, BTW, put me down for whatever critiques are left.


  105. FANTASTIC news, Piper!! Congrats!!

  106. Hey PIPER what better role model than to see how someone has followed their dream and persisted and now is reaping the reward. SCREAM Then you'll have to explain why. ahem.

  107. ELAINE, ELAINE. ELAINE. 50,000 WORDS!!. That is definitely in the A category. You have a larger category so you should get two months. smile

    I'm so proud of you. I hope you are happy dancing for yourself as well.

    And let me pass you a bowl of oranges. They are yummy and will satisfy any craving for sweets. I promise.

  108. SANDRA!!!

    Just lost a day and a half to the tax man, so BOY, did this blog encourage me today ... especially after visiting the tax man ... :(

    I'm getting ready to tackle my Speedbo goal once again, so say one for me!!


  109. JULIE, We just turned in our taxes also. Great to have behind you. smile

    Hang in there. Go speedbo.

    Did you hear the news???


  110. First, YAY Missy and Piper! Terrific and wondeful news! I hope to see you in Atlanta!

    Bought Tina and Missy's latest books at my Walmart today. Happy to report there was only ONE copy of each left on the shelf, whoohoo!

    Sandra! Fun post and I'm a cross between B and C. If the B read "have nearly met your goals" I'd be a B for sure, lol. Things did get in my way (C ;)), but I'm only about 8,000 off my goal. I may be able to make it up, and I will try to make it up, but if I run into the first week of April, I won't be dissatisfied!

    I expect to go into SpeedBo withdrawal when this is done. Oh wait! I don't have to stop! Teehee...

  111. YAY LYNDEE, I'd say you were doing great. Terrific. Right on. And what a lesson for all of us. It doesn't have to stop at the end of March. That is the whole point of speedbo and Nano --to get you on a roll.

    You still have 5 more days so you could easily make that goal

  112. Sandra!! You are a GENIUS! Add the number of days I lost because of big bad bears to the Speedbo deadline. Oh my gosh, you have no idea what a boost that has given me. I can do this!!!

    And I'm not even going to apologize for all the exclamation marks :-)

    Seriously, Sanda, thank you for a post more inspiring than you can know.

    Nancy C

  113. D, definitely D. BUT I have not given up. I'm plowing ahead. I was so happy to get page upon page written this past weekend. I've still got 5 days of writing and I'm going to make the most of them. No where near a whole book, but I simply love the extra motivation of SpeedBo.

  114. Missy! Piper! What fantastically inspiring news. Showering you with congratulations. Enjoy every single moment.

    Nancy C

  115. congrats to Piper and Missy on being finalists. way to go.

  116. CONGRATULATIONS (again), Missy and Piper!!! Such great news!!!

    Sandra, I'm a B minus or C plus--right now, ONLY 3,769 words from my SpeedBo goal, so I may make it! (Not a whole book, though a good start!) Thank you for permission to go a few extra days if I need them!

  117. Hi NANCY, I am so in hopes you weren't talking about REAL bears. Oh my. We get those while camping and know what pests they can be.

    But if you're speaking metaphorically - same cheer. Go go go girl.!!! And exclamation points are okay. (We won't tell the Grammar Queen)

  118. Yep PATRICIA, Extra motivation. That's what speedbo is all about. Not something to beat yourself up with.

    Congrats on getting that writing done. Hip hip hooray.
    You're staying positive and that counts big time.

  119. Huge congratulations to Missy & Piper!! So excited for both of you!

    Raising my teacup in salute!!!


  120. SHERIDA, Only 3,769 words. Definitely doable. And even more so if you add those extra days. Go go go.

  121. Hi SUE, It is great news isn't it. Thanks for celebrating with us. We are all so blessed.

  122. Elaine,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Your support as my critique partner has meant a great deal to me.

    And don't act as if 50K is no big deal! It is! Woot for you! You've got to keep going so I can read Alana and Gavin's HEA!

    Looking forward to it,


  123. Hi Pepper!

    Thanks for the congrats!


  124. Sandra,

    I think now that the day is over, I will take you up on your suggestion!


  125. Lyndee,

    Thank you for the congrats! I hope to meet you in Atlanta!


  126. Jenny,

    I so appreciate your kind words of congrats. Thank you!


  127. Sherida,

    You can do it! Thanks again for your kind words!


  128. Sue,

    Now I see you over here in Seekerville! Thanks!


  129. Nancy C,

    Thank you for your congrats!


  130. Myra,

    Thank you for your words of congrats!!!I'm excited


    Love the words with numbers in them! Thanks so much!


    I'm combining messages now so that I don't hijack your post anymore. Sorry! *slinking away*....


    An overly excited GH Finalist

  131. Sandra, I don't even think my letter exists. :) I got the first part of my goal done and then called an audible on my second part after talking with my editor and changed the second part of my goal. I've been hemming and hawing over the second part for days! And then it hit me right before the noon hour today, this story is more character driven, which scares me. However, thanks to the awesome Carol Moncado I can finally sit down and write out my synopsis (as soon as I get a moment) and then hopefully pull in a Hail Mary before the end of the week. I have five day, right?

    Piper glad you got that snoopy dance in.

  132. GREAT post, Sandra---I love the way you reminded us to keep things in perspective and not panic. ~ I've had some "extra" activities going on lately, but now am ready to really "dig in" and make my goal for SpeedBo! Still need about 10k words but I KNOW I can do this! Blessings, Patti Jo

  133. Helpful post, Sandra. Great advice for me today. Congrats to Piper and Missy. Your success through perseverance is motivating. I'm not in Speedbo, but want to say Kudos to those entered at whatever point you're at in reaching the goal. Sally's story is so inspiring. Never give up on your dream.

  134. P.S. Oh Sandra...I just now read about your poodle, and am so very sorry. It's very difficult to lose a beloved pet, and I'm sending you a gentle, warm hug. (Have you read THE RAINBOW BRIDGE? A friend sent it to me after one of my kitties passed--such a comfort).
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  135. PIPER don't you dare go slinking away.

    Enjoy. This is a wonderful time for you. And you will have so many memories with your contacts with fellow finalists.

    Keep on dancing.

  136. CHRISTINA, I'm thinking you're a combo of C and D. First D, but then pushed on to a C. woo hooo.
    Yes, you can do it before the end of the month. Sometimes you just need to let it gel for a bit and then it bursts forth.

    Congrats. Happy writing.

  137. PATTI JO, you are so sweet. Yes, I was given the Rainbow Bridge years ago with one of our Labs. Sweet.

    And Suz is missed. Thanks for the hug.

    ANd great going with your writing. Of course you can whip out that 10,000 K. Happy writing.

  138. Hi Pat Jeanne, Yes, these stories are inspiring. They give us hope don't they?j

    Happy writing.

  139. Congratulations Missy!!!!
    This is the only one of your books I haven't read, yet. I'm going to make it my prize after Speedbo!

    Hooray Piper!!! I bet we'll be reading A Champion's Heart soon!

    Sandra, Thanks for the encouraging post!

    P.S. I'm so jealous of your oranges. The ones in the stores are just hit and miss at best.

  140. P.P.S. MISSY!!!!!! A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you!!! This is WONDERFUL news!!! Happy Hugs, Patti Jo

  141. Sandra, I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved pet. I know she will be greatly missed.

  142. Oh, what a parteeeeee! Lovin' this! Okay, we need food, something celebretory...

    I'm bringing shrimp.... And maybe some fried coconut shrimp on the side.

    So mosey on over to the food table and find a tray or chilled shrimp with cocktail sauce and on the opposite table (with the hot stuff) I'll have the hot, fried coconut shrimp with two sauces, a teriyaki dip and traditional cocktail sauce.


  143. 1016 words for today!

    1018 if you count THE END!!!

    Now I have to revise and I know I'll be adding and subtracting words in that process. But first I'm going to let a friend read the novella and give me her feedback while I let the whole think percolate in my brain.

    Thanks to the Seekerville gang for giving me the encouragement to get back in the writing saddle again. This could not have come at a more perfect time.

    Oh... is that shrimp and cocktail sauce? Yum-oh!


  144. Thank you all for the encouraging words!!

    Missy and Piper, congratulations!!

    Andrea, I had tears in my eyes, too, reading your post. What a courageous and strong mother!

    Marilyn, congratulations on The End!

    And, yes, it will be party time in just a little bit!

  145. I heard about Piper's final earlier and just popped over here to congratulate Missy as well. WOW!!
    Such great news ladies!!!
    I'm excited for both of you. I've had the pleasure to judge and crit Piper's work and she's got some amazing characters in those stories!

    I haven't read this book of Missy's. Better get a move on.

  146. Hi DONNA, Yep, once you've had one of my oranges, the store bought oranges are a no go. Mine are soooo sweet. The navels are anyway. The tangelos are a sweet tart. Easy to peel-like a cutie

    Thanks for the condolences. She is missed. My Labrador Retriever keeps looking around for her. Breaks my heart.

  147. Okay RUTHY, You are mentioning food at a tough time. I'm starving and still have lots to write.

    Hey folks have you checked out the Yankee Belle Cafe for quick speedbo meals. Yum. I could eat every one of them.

    I have trays of salami, cheese, veggies, and crackers.
    Also brought out bowls of hummus, homemade cheese balls, salsa and guacamole to go with the chips. Go for it.




    Great going. Time for you to party too.

  149. Hi SALLY, Yep, party time. Come get it.

  150. Lucky you DEBRA to have read PIPER's work.

    You'll love MISSY's book. I couldn't put it down.

  151. Sandra,

    I'm sorry to hear about your poodle. Praying for you. And I appreciate the invitation back as well...

    Thanks for bringing shrimp, Ruthy! It is my fave! But I better have some veggies too--I have a swanky outfit I need to fit into in a few months!

    Donna, thank you for the congrats. And I hope what you said comes true! :)

    Aunty Debra! Thank you so much for all you have done. Your support helped me to believe that good things were possible!

    Pat and Sally, thank you for your kind words!

    Such great support here in Seekerville!


  152. Thanks PIPER

    Poodles are great at happy dancing so I'm sure she is. LOL

    HAVE FUN. I do have veggies on the table so go for those. You definitely want to fit into that dress.


  153. Doing pretty good despite the setbacks!

  154. CARRIE so glad to hear that. Happy writing.

  155. Love this post, Sandra! My "skunk" was (and is) computer problems, plus sickness. This post is so encouraging, though. Thank you!

  156. P.S. (for the 3rd time--how embarrassing...)

    Just now saw Piper's news---YAY!!! CONGRATS PIPER!!! Blessings, Patti Jo :)

  157. Add my congratulations to all the others for Piper and Missy!

  158. HI NATALIE, ooooh I so despise computer glitches. My hero would be the man who came and fixed everything. smile

    Hope you're feeling better. Hang in there.

  159. I picked the wrong day to be away from my computer!!!

    Big shout out to Missy and Piper! So proud of both of you!!! Woot!!!

    Absolutely fantastic news!!! Whoo-hoo!!!!

    I'm been smiling all day!

  160. Sandra,
    Loved your blog.

    Speedbo is not over yet! Right?

    Also loved the pickleball picture! Too fun.


  161. Yay, Marilyn. Congrats on finishing your manuscript! You rock!

  162. Thanks, just the post I needed today!

  163. Thanks, just the post I needed today!

  164. HI DEBBY, You did miss out on the fun. But we're glad you popped in just in time to celebrate with us.'

    Five days left for speedbo. Time enough to get quite a bit accomplished.

    woo hooo

  165. HI LAURIE, Glad the post helped.

    Have a lovely evening.

  166. Lots of celebrations today. Just the boost we needed to get us through these last five days of speedbo.

    Be sure to check out the Weekend Edition for winners. I think there were many of you who wanted the critique and just as many who wanted a book. I think I'll give both. So two winners today. woot woot

    Happy writing all of you.

  167. I'm finally back! Thank you all so much for celebrating with me today. I'm sorry I was away from home so much today. Thanks to those who said they have the book in their TBR stack or who have just gotten the new one. I appreciate you!!

    PIPER!!! So thrilled for you!! :)

  168. Hey MISSY, You can see everyone had fun celebrating with you. Are you tired from all that happy dancing? chuckle

  169. The sky is not falling? What a relief.

    I do love fresh oranges.

    I'm a reader.

  170. Have always loved Chicken Little -to know the sky's not falling is vital. Thanks for reminding me of him/her as I got up today - also love fresh oranges...whooeeee!

    This month has been FUN for me, getting involved w/my characters way down deep. Feel like my skills have grown -- does that count, whether I'm A, B, C or whatever?!?!?

    Smiles to all at S-ville, and thanks AGAIN for the encouragement you send out.

    Gail Kittleson

  171. Whoo hoooo Sandra
    How'd ya know?

    I'm not Speedbo-ing, but am on deadline and S-T-R-U-G-G-L-I-N-G.
    (Plus sick dog and company - does that count?!)

    Anyway, back on track yesterday, mostly. :)

    Your book cover choices are wonderful! May especially likes Pepper Meets a New Friend. It brings back memories... ("") ("") That's 2 paws up!

    Yes please - toss our names in the critique hat!

    Sorry about the rejection too. I think it's quite okay to do something physical. (A friend taped photos of her ex to the soles of each running shoe and became a marathon runner - true story.) But then, as you say, get back in there and get to work! :)

    Thanks for the rah rah!

  172. Help yourself MARY. We have lots of oranges. The nice thing about oranges is that you don't have to pick them all at once. They can hang on the tree from December to May.

  173. Wow GAIL, I'm with you, I don't think it matters if you're an A, B, or C. Sounds like you made headway and that's what speedbo is all about.

  174. Hi MAY and KC, HOpe the pooch is feeling better. That can be so stressful.

    MAY, I have no doubt you will be able to regroup from all the distractions and get on track. You're a go-getter.

    Happy writing.

  175. I'm not participating in Speedbo, but I appreciated the article today. I've hit some speed bumps with my WIP, and the reminder to not give up comes at a perfect time.


  176. Thank you for the encouragement.
    I'm in the C category. Put I'm plugging away! My biggest distraction was getting an offer from an ebook publisher on some of my finished works, so I'm not really complaining.
    I'd love to be entered in the drawing.

    God bless ya'll!
    Larkspur, CO

  177. Thanks for the encouraging post. I am in the C category. One of my biggest distractions was getting an offer from an ebook publisher, so I'm not really complaining.

    I would love to be entered in the drawing.

    God bless ya'll!
    Larkspur, CO

  178. PEPPER!!!! Knew about Missy, but missed the news about you, you sweet thing!!!