Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weekend Edition Speedbo Week 2

The Seekerville Second Annual Speedbo Challenge is in progress!
Check out the 104 participants here.

All Speedbo FAQs can be found under
 the Speedbo 2013 tab above!
Comment any time this week
to be entered in Speedbo Week 3 drawing. 

  • First chapter critique -up to 20 pages
  • First 5 pages critique
  • One page synopsis critique
  • Phone chat
  • First page hook critique

And one reader will win a package of books each week for the five weeks of March. All prizes will be claimed after Speedbo, because in March we're writing-not mailing.
 All you have to do is comment! 
We Have Winners
  Please see our rules for giveaways in Seekerville. Be sure to contact us with your snail mail address if you are a winner at  Don't be shy. Remind us if we get behind per our rules.

  • First chapter critique by Myra Johnson & Debby Giusti  -up to 20 pages-winners  are  Laurie Logan & Abbi Wilder.
  • First 5 pages critique by Julie Lessman & Mary Connealy -winners are Clari Dees & Mary Vee.
  • One page synopsis critique by Sandra Leesmith & Ruth Logan Herne -winners are Gail K. & Kav.
  • Phone chat with Missy Tippens -winner is Donna P. 
  • First page hook critique by Glynna Kaye & Janet Dean -winners are Pepper Basham & Jodie Wolfe.
  • The reader box of books winner is  Pol.
"You Should Be Writing" was Mary Connealy's Monday post. Winner of one of Mary's back list (not her current releases) Nichole S.

Multi-published author, Jane Choate. shared her unique way of creating a novel with "Writing Cut and Paste Style."  Winner of a Jane Choate BOC  is/are K.C Frantzen and May.

Seekerville welcomed back Kregel Publications author, Jordyn Redwood on Wednesday with "Finish that Goal." The THREE winners of one  Poison and Proof two book gift-sets are Annie Rains, Ruth T and Connie Queen. Thank you, Jordyn!

Thursday we welcome Genesis Award winner Alan Schleimer to Seekerville with "My Rookie Season: Three Lessons from the Road to Being Published."  Winner of the Kindle download of Q Manifesto is Carol Moncado.

We finished the first full week of Speedbo with Regina Jennings sharing on "Courage." Winner of her new release from Bethany House Publishing, Love in the Balance is Natalie Monk .
Next Week In Seekerville
 Monday:Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean shares her strategy for SpeedBo 2013: Preplanning Your Story with an Outline. Janet will give away a signed copy of her April release The Bride Wore Spurs.

Tuesday: Today you can expect a return visit from the dreaded (but oh so erudite, not to mention gorgeous and charming) Grammar Queen! Myra Johnson did her best to keep the closet door locked, especially during Speedbo, but GQ outwitted her again. GQ promises to go easy on you this month, and she'll also give away a 10-page (double-spaced) GRAMMAR/USAGE ONLY critique to one lucky (?) commenter.

Wednesday:Emotions rock, especially when reading a book! Wanna make people laugh, cry, swoon, or get so angry at the characters/situation they resort to throwing your book across the room? CDQ Julie Lessman sure does and today, she's here to reveal tips how she personally attempts to wring every drop of emotion out of her readers with her blog on "KEEPING IT “REEL” … A "Novel" Approach to Putting a Movie in Your Readers' Minds." Giveaway will be included of winner's choice of Julie's books, including her upcoming release Love at Any Cost or a spiral-bound printed copy of her prequel e-book A Light in the Window: An Irish Love Story.

Thursday:Ruth Logan Herne hits the ground running with "Speedbo Unleashed!!" a post that highlights the fun and focus of fundamentals! Write quick, and write smart! Ruthy will be giving away FIVE COPIES of her newest release The Lawman's Second Chance (Love Inspired May 2013).

Friday: Author, editor, publisher Roseanna M. White tackles a new perspective on writing -- are you an intuitive writer or a logical one? Or as 17th-century philosopher/mathematician/inventor Blaise Pascal puts it -- do you have a mathematical mind or an intuitive one? Sounds a lot like pantster vs. plotster, doesn't it? Find out when Roseanna explores this fascinating subject in "Writing By Intuition," where you'll not only be able to take a little quiz to see which you are, but have an opportunity to win Roseanna's newest book, Ring of Secrets (Harvest House, March 2013).

 The Yankee Belle Cafe Cooks For Speedbo

Don't miss this feature for the month of March. Our goal is to keep you out of the kitchen and writing!

Today: Ruth Logan Herne kicks off the weekend in the Yankee Belle Café with a spin on Swedish Meatball Stroganoff! Easy-peasy and delicious!

Monday: Today we’re featuring Parmesan Baked Chicken with Jan Drexler’s down home Midwestern spin!

Tuesday: Mindy Obenhaus, “Tex” steps dons the apron today, with something wonderful from the Lone Star State.

Wednesday: Julie Hilton Steele is guest chef-ing in the café and where Julie goes…. Trouble follows! But it’s always fun trouble so come on by and welcome her!

Thursday: Ruth Logan Herne shows a Ten Minute Trifle (yes, with boxed stuff, but the family LOVES IT) and it’s easy as 1-2-3!

Friday: Missy Tippens finishes up the work week by manning the pots and pans on Friday!

Saturday: Ruth Logan Herne does a repeat of her traditional Corned Beef Dinner in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! Nothing like a one-pot meal to finish one week… and start a new one!

Seeker Sightings

As many of you noticed, Barbara Vey's Anniversary Bash was postponed until this week.


Seekerville will be featured Wednesday, March13. Don't miss it. We're giving away a 7" 16 GB HD Kindle Fire Tablet and 24 books

Thursday, March 14th is Inspirational Day. Many of your Seeker Friends will be present with giveaways. 

Debby Giusti invites all Seekervillagers, especially those in the Milwaukee, WI area, to join her at the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Lunch on April 27th. New York Times bestselling author James Rollins will be the keynote. A total of 36 authors will host tables at the luncheon, and each person attending receives a tote bags filled with books & goodies. A book signing with follow. For information and reservations, go to

Debby Giusti will be blogging this Tuesday on the Love Inspired Author's blog. Check it out at:

On Saturday, March 16, Debby Giusti will be one of the participating authors in the Gin Ellis Critique Workshop, an annual event sponsored by Georgia Romance Writers.


 You can download your own Barbara Vey's Reader Appreciation Brochure on our Village page here.

 Check out this little guy who reads Mary Connealy books!

Pam Hillman is on Petticoats & Pistols today!! Stop by.

 March 6-13, join Julie Lessman at Tamera Kraft's "Word Sharpeners" blog for "The Good, the Bad, and the Really Ugly" of getting published and beyond as she discusses her "Memories of a Published Writer" with giveaway of choice of her books. 

 And March 10-17, Julie Lessman will be at Relz Reviews for a character spotlight on Marcy and Patrick O'Connor from A Light in the Window and giveaway of choice of Julie's books.

NEWSFLASH!!!  In honor of St. Patrick's Day, Julie's Irish love story entitled A Light in the Window will be ON SALE FOR $ .99 FOR THREE DAYS ONLY on March 15, 16 & 17, so don't miss out!!  Here are the links:  AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE.

Sandra Leesmith will be selling books at the Tucson Festival of Books in Tucson this weekend.  On Sunday she will be at booth 132. If you stop by and say you're from Seekerville, Sandra will give you a free signed copy of Price of Victory.  Please come and say hi.

Random News and Information  



  1. A week of March is already gone?????

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    I'm still plodding along, making slow, steady progress.

    Got the coffee pot going.


  2. I can't believe I'm still up. Yeah, I know it's Friday night. Still, it's tough to keep the ol' eyes open after 9:00...

    But then again, it IS Speedbo month. We can sleep in April, right?

    Congrats to all the winners and YUMBOLA, does the menu in the Yankee-Belle Cafe look good!!

    I'm going to check out the Swedish meatballs...


  4. Ah oh. The clock springs forward. That means we have to write faster! Lol.

    Great posts this week. Thanks for the great WE, Tina. Got me some free Harlequin books for April 1 reading.
    Congrats to the winners.

    Speedbo or bust! Here we come, week two! Whoohoo!

  5. Yes! A critique. Cool! I'm excited. Congrats to all the other winners.

    Hope everybody is having success in advancing toward their Speedbo goals. Mine is in danger of being shot down. The keyboard on my laptop decided to start going out this week, so it's off to the repair shop in the morning. They've already said they'll have to send it away to be fixed. I am not a happy camper and I'm pouting. The good news is, it should still be under warranty.

  6. Congratulations to all you prize winners and to all you wriers for continuing to get the words down.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Tina P.

  7. Helen, love your new picture! I'm all about that blue color these days...

    And I love the WE. :)

  8. Great WE, Tina! I'm devouring those article links!

    *Squee!* So excited to win Love in the Balance! Congrats winners!!!

    Added 2141 words today.

    Happy Writing!

  9. YAY! Q Manifesto looks good!

    Congrats to all the other winners!

    I'm in for any and all giveaways, btw.

    End of SpeedBo Day 8:
    Today: 4012
    Total: 34132

    Not as much as I wanted, but not bad given I spent the afternoon at four Spring Parties and working on another project. Plus I got to talk to Pepper Basham :D.

    Tomorrow... Panera Day!

  10. Hello, fellow Speedbo-ers! :)

    I'm so, so grateful for the motivation of this challenge! I wrote over 6,000 words this past week, and I'm excited to keep writing more! :)

    Anyway, congratulations to all of the winners, and happy weekend!


  11. Helen, coffee, THANK YOU!!!! And I love the new pic! And the hair!!!!! YOWZA, CHICKIE!!!!!!

    Clari, ugh, you need a back-up.... no one has a computer you can borrow? My keyboard died on my (THEN) new computer last summer, and it was almost six weeks before they got the right one for it. I was bummed, but had an ancient laptop that I prayed to open each morning.

    How can we get you a back-up?

    AMBER!!!! That's awesome. I'm so glad to see you taking this time in your life to write! Seize the day, who knows what tomorrow brings? You go, girl!

    Hey, Teeeeeena, I went and eye-balled those Harelquin books and they're all NEW books....

    Not second go-rounds, brand new "Sample Me" editions of fresh releases.... Oh my stars, how cool is that? It's like Sam's Club on Saturday morning!!!! "Don't like tuna? Well try little meatballs instead in aisle 4!"

    I checked out the video on writing, too.... Short and spot on about what it takes. I like that he was direct (not scary like me) but said it straight and clear: ya' gotta get the job done and take the lumps. Wonderful clip.

    Okay I'm awake and ready to work... it's 4:09 AM here... and the coyotes ate SOMETHING in their scream fest in my backyard at 1:45 AM.... Oy. Oy. Oy. But I fell back asleep for two hours, so it's all good.

    Love youse and may the writing continue!

  12. Wednesday's Yankee Belle Post will be for all those writers whose resolve is already flagging. And I mention chocolate! Best kind of trouble.

    Congrats to Helen on her beautiful picture and all the winners.

    I realized I didn't check in and read the posts every day because...I was writing!

    I hit 50K. A big milestone for me.

    Blessings on the coming week!

    Peace, Julie

  13. Yay for all the winners! I hope everyone is marching forward with their Speedbo goals. I made very little progress this week. I had a sick little boy. Simple virus, but his fever spiked and he had a febrile seizure. I don't know if anyone has ever seen a child having one of these, but I had no idea what was happening and rushed him to the emergency room (which of course is a 6 hour event). I'm so thankful to God it was just a fever and a virus. Scared me nearly to death though.

    But I'm a winner, so the week is looking up :)

  14. JHS, so proud of you and I love your SPEEDBO SLOGAN PIC!!!!


    I got 3K done this morning, I actually remembered to check in over at 1K1HR (love youse guys over there!!!) and now I must do a few Saturday things.... run to bank, grab necessities, then back here to clean....


    Okay, no cleaning, not even a hint of it, I'm doing my AA's (final edits) for "Falling for the Lawman" my absolutely delightful September book about a hot NYS trooper named Zach.... and a young farmer who works dawn to well after dusk, defeating the odds of failure.

    Zach and Piper, sitting in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

    First comes love....

    then comes a black moment and all things trauma rain down on them and then...

    Oh, then.....

    Comes a happy ending they both deserve!

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  15. Great WE!! Traveling with dh this weekend and writing the old fashioned way. I have half a notebook filled. Hopefully, I can decipher the words when I get home. :-)

    Congratulations to the winners. I'm so jealous over the box if books.

  16. That's quite a list of winners. Congrats to everyone participating in Speedbo! Rockin' it!

    YAY - May and I won a book. Thank you Jane McBride Choate! If it's okay, keeping with the choice theme, I'll take Sheriff's Choice!

    Helen ~ GREAT new photo!!

    Happy writing everypawdy! Checking in with the gang on FB at 1K1H soon. We'll see y'all there...

  17. I was making good progress until Wednesday when I got strep.

    I'm feeling bettery now and hope to get caught up on the word count by tomorrow night.

  18. I'm playing catch today on Speedbo because tomorrow will be busy.

    Yee haw! I won Proof/Poison by Jordyn Redwood. I don't usually read suspense, so I'm looking forward to the change.

    Everyone have a fantastic, productive weekend.

  19. Wonderful Weekend Edition, Tina!! Congratulations winners!! A couple of your links are calling me.

    Clari, sorry about that keyboard. Can you write longhand?

    Great fun to see all the words piling up in Seekerville!!

    Don't forget to spring those clocks forward!


  20. Rose, glad that strep is on the robes and you're feeling good enough to catch up this weekend. You rock!!!


  21. Oops, meant to say ropes. LOL


  22. Helen, plodding is good...especially with your coffee here. After all, both the hare and the turtle made it to the end!Lovin' that you share your menu with us readers, too. Congratulations to all the winners! ACtually, that's all of us, even if we didn't come away with a giveaway!


  23. If any of you are in Tucson this weekend, come check out the Arizona Dreaming booth on Sunday. If you say you are from Seekerville, you will get a free signed copy of Price of Victory. Lots of Arizona authors at the event.

    Hope to see you.


    May all your Speedbo dreams come true.

  25. Stay warm Sandra.

    Chilly 45 right now.

  26. Congratulations to all the winners! How exciting!

    It's snowing here today, and I LOVE IT. It makes it much easier to stay home today, and hopefully keep the littles occupied so I can do some writing.

    Tina, thanks for the wonderful WE. I looked at a couple links. Great info there!

    I'm aiming to stop by the Yankee Bell soon too. Looks like a fun place to be hanging out. :) Have a great day everyone!

  27. Thank you for the WE, Tina. I'll be checking those links. Looking forward to next week. Congrats to all the winners and all Speedbo-ers!

    I'm making good Speedbo progress. First time @ #1K1hr on Friday! Wrote over 1K words before looking at the clock....Magic! Thanks!

    Prayers for Annie and scary when the little ones get sick.

    Clari, hope your computer is fixed SOON! My #4 key is acting funny...but don't type 4 that often.

    And I think this picks up a thread from the past week, but THANK YOU to Seekerville! My writing budget is very limited (until I'm a best-selling author...)--so no conferences and no writing groups near, so I appreciate all the information here. I'm learning so much.... THANK YOU!

    Wishing high word counts to Speedbo-ers during the next week!

  28. Oh merciful heavens, I won a synopsis critique. Ack! I mean Yay!!!! Thank you -- I'll need all the help I can get. But rats, that means I really have to write one now. :-)

    Luckily for me Seekerville has a lovely archive of synopsis blogs -- which have addled my brain because I read them all this morning. Which has made me behind in my speedbo hours. Better get cracking.

    Great WE. You Seekervillians rock!

  29. Oh Clari, sorry about the laptop going to the hospital. Free hand counts though.

  30. Way to go, Sherida!!!! Keep those pages rolling. RAWHIDE.

  31. Carol is writing a book in a week.

    No telling what will happens once she gets jazzed up on Asiago Bagels at Panera. NOT THAT I AM JEALOUS BECAUSE THERE IS NO PANERA IN ARIZONA.


  32. LOL!

    No Asiago for me. Cinnamon crunch all the way!!!

    Have you tried Paradise Bakery yet? They're owned by the same people though I'm told they're not quite the same.

    My kids are watching "The Bible". They were fighting until the Scottish Noah started bobbing up and down on the water. Now Isaac is about to not be sacrificed.

    Their teeth are awful pretty and most of the accents are more British Isles than Middle East but whatevs.

    Panera in about an hour baby...

  33. And don't tell Ruthy but my basement living room is the cleanest it's been MONTHS.

  34. Hello weekend warriors, Hurry is the main word for March, you are losing an hr this weekend so you must hurry.
    Congrats to all the winners and thank you ---thank you I won a box of books, reading time for me, yea...
    I made some Banana bread this morning with walnuts sprinkled on top and put it in Bundt pan to be pretty so grab a peice to go with your coffee, Its good...
    Have a great weekend all....
    Paula O


    Absolutely brilliant!!

  36. I tried Paradise in Denver, they have them in malls. Not as good.

    Einstein is the closest.

  37. Thanks, Tina, for the link to the free HQ books on Amazon. I just sent Marta Perry's LIS and Linda Goodnight's LI to my Kindle--FREE! Did I miss a LIH? Must go back and check.

    Waving to all Seekervillagers!!! Don't miss out on the free reads.

  38. Helen, love the new pic! Gorgeous!

    Clari, so sorry about the computer problems. Feeling your pain.

    Annie, so sorry about your little one being sick. A seizure would scare me to the ER too. Heard of a child in our area who had the same thing happen two weeks ago. Sending prayers to Mama and little one!

    Congrats to everyone who worked so hard this past week! YAY SPEEDBO PROGRESS!!!

  39. Annie, glad your boy's ok.

    Throw me in for the chapter crit this week.

    Helen Gray - love the new photo!

  40. No Panera's in Arizona, Tina? Perhaps you moved to the wrong state. :)

    Just kidding.

    Did you say your temp was in the 40s? I thought you were 79 degrees just a day or two ago.

  41. Oh my stars, Carol cleaned????


    Really, Moncado???? REALLY?????

    Okay, I've worked hard, I need food, I'm starving.


    And just so youse know, tonight I'm doing the chicken bake casserole we posted on Yankee Belle on THURSDAY.... and tomorrow I'm doing Lindi Peterson's Mac and Cheese with burgers on the grill because we're hitting mid-fifties tomorrow.

    Can you say spring fever????

    Delighted by any signs we can grasp in upstate!!!

    Paula, banana bread in a Bundt.... Every time I hear "Bundt" I think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding...

    I love that movie. Just love it.

    I want banana bread. Like Now. Please.

  42. Ruthy, cook enough for everyone in Seekerville. Okay?

  43. OH my Annie. I just read your comment. Yes. I had that happen once in a grocery store sitting in a cart. Mustn't let the temp get too high was the lesson there. But I was getting Tylenol and had no back up troops to babysit.

  44. It's so hard to do low carb some days, espesh when half of your posts are about eating. Thanks for nothing.
    Not that I'm losing weight any more...

    Okay this first week's Speedbo count? will not be made public until it's not quite so embarrassing.

    And, rather than work on that, I'll go look for a free Harlequin!

    Can you believe my closest Panera (40 mins away) CLOSED?
    it was such a treat to get there for lunch and then... it was gone.
    apparently no writers in that town, eh?

  45. Let's talk healthy food for Downton Debra.

    Chocolate covered strawberries.

    Celery with Nutella

    Apples with caramel and peanut butter

  46. At least I sort of know what Panera is now because I've seen a commercial for one on an American station. No Paneras in Canada. :-(

  47. Yum, Tina! I'm gaining weight just reading about the food!

    Kav, you need to come to the US. Soon. I'm putting that in my Wish List...having lunch with Kav at Panera's. Maybe during a conference? Someday?

    Just nod and say, "Yes!"

  48. Deb word count wasn't good last week either. But I did a lot of other things that needed to get done, so it's all good.

    Sending cyber hugs!

    Does our dear Tina think peanut butter, Nutella, carmel and chocolate are diet foods?

  49. A phone chat with Missy!!!! There are not enough exclamation marks in existence! I hope I don't scare her with my exuberance...

    Congrats to all the other winners.

    Helen, that's a great photo!

    What wonderful info in the WE. I am looking forward to reading those links!

  50. GREAT WE, TEENSTER ... I was especially intrigued by the 5 most persuasive words in the English language!!

    HELEN, YES!!! I agree with Tina -- great new pic, girlfriend!!

    CLARI, NOOOOOOO!!!!! How very frustrating for you, my friend. Saying one for speedy recovery for the keyboard ...


  51. RUTHY ... coyotes in your backyard???

    YIKES ... I thought raccoons and flying squirrels were bad ...

    ANNIE!!! Praying for you and your little guy -- YIKES, I've never had that happen, but they would've had to take ME to emergency if it did!!

    Oooo, PAULA ... pass that banana bread!!


  52. CAROL ... you've written as much as you have and you had time to clean your basement living room????? I am sooooooo freakin' jealous. You probably made cookies, too, didn't you, you little brat! :)

    Apples with caramel and peanut butter?? Okay, Tina ... now you made me hungry ... (you and Paula with her banana bread!!).

    Going to get ready to go to dinner, thank God ...


  53. Most of you in the USA will be headed into daylight saving time in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. I'm SO jealous. I'd love an extra hour of daylight in the evening -- that would really help me with my Speedbo totals this month! I'm amazed at some of the word count totals I'm seeing here -- and we're just starting into our second week!!

  54. I've kind of got a Kilroy Was Here thing going in that picture.
    the Lyons Mirror-Sun, circulation 900. Not to be mistaken for the New York Times.
    I worked there for a year about ten years ago. It was fun, you really get to know the town and all that's going on.

  55. Nope, no cookies, Julie. 11yo wanted me to make some for the Spring Party yesterday but I had to say no [be proud Tina!] because I had to work Thursday followed by a spring concert deal for the younger two where we'd be at school from 540-830. Yeah. No cookies. I bought French Onion dip ;).

    Loving Panera as always. This manuscript is flowing in a way none ever has for me before. I usually hit a slump on the 5s [25K, 35K, etc] but I blew right past 35K today. There's no way to describe it but a God thing.

    So far today: 5401
    SpeedBo total: 39533

    Well on my way to my 12-13K for the day. I have about 4.5 hours left here before going home [where I'll likely keep going]. Would like to be at about 45K by the time I go to bed.

    Seriously. I know I can put up good numbers on a semi-regular basis, though my average is still far less than say Ruthy over several months and my words aren't pretty the first time around [which I'm totally okay with - they're prettier the first go round than they used to be].

    But this... 40K in less than 9 days? 30K in the last 5?

    It's a TOTAL God thing the way the pieces are falling into place. The way my characters are telling me about themselves... it's NEVER happened quite like this for me before.

    Plus I got to channel my inner Julie today :D.

    Back to my soup and bread bowl then to work.


  56. What does this mean? Channel your inner Julie?


    Drama Queen?

    Potatoes with piping?

  57. Thanks for a great WE Tina and congrats to all the winners. Yes Annie, the febrile seizure happened to my one and only once and we took him to the ER. Very scary time. Praying for your little guy too.


  58. A smoochin' scene. Only on a porch swing on the back deck of my heroine's house. But I like to think it would make Julie proud.

    Though... I think this heroine just might be one who would pipe initials on twice baked potatoes...

  59. Congrats to the winners!

    I'm back in business! It's been a stress-filled week. I'll spare you the details. Hoping things get calmer from here. Yeah, right!

    Now it's back to work for me! Happy Writing! :D

  60. Yet another great Weekend Edition, Tina! Your creativity is inspiring!

  61. P.S. We got about 14 inches of snow in the High Country, Tina. Feel free to stop by with your shovel.

  62. That is super cool Mary is in the newspaper! And has written 26 books.

  63. Congrats to all the winners. The upcoming recipes all sound great. I'm still eating chicken and dumplings from last week. LOL!

    It's just after midnight here and I've spent the last half hour turning all my clocks ahead. The TV, computers and cell phone will adjust themselves.

    I got about 350 words written today but I had my RWA meeting out of town. I came away from it and a heart-to-heart talk with some writing friends with a new enthusiasm and belief in myself, and a plan of action beyond SpeedBo.

    Here's to Week 3!


  64. End of SpeedBo Day 9:
    Today: 12095
    Total: 46227

  65. Hi Im back did you miss me? looks like I missed an interesting week. Most days I got 20 mins online and to be honest I really didn't miss the computer that much. (could it be I was to exhausted to miss it).
    Will hear MRI results on wed.

    Congrats to all winners and still cheering you on. The cricket game I went to see (and had to leave early) ended up being an exciting win for my team so even if you are behind You CAN DO IT!

  66. Hi Everybody, The Tucson Festival of Books is awesome. I did see some Seeker friends. Lynn Rush is at our booth. Also, I had dinner with Pamela Kaye Tracey and Roz Denny Fox. So much fun to hang with other authors.

    And guess what? There were still thousands of people in spite of the rain and cold weather. Things like rain doesn't deter a serious reader. smile It is supposed to be sunny and warm today.

    What is really fun is that there are tons of booths and programs for children. It is wonderful to see children excited about books at an early age.

    WEll off to sell books today. Should be a kick.

  67. WOW, CAROL! That is SOME word count for yesterday! Congrats!

    JENNY--Glad to have you back! I hope the MRI helps give your doctors guidance in the direction to go for treatment.

    SANDRA! Sounds as if you're having a blast at the Tucson Festival! So fun to be around "book people!"

  68. Marilyn - I named my hero's mother after you yesterday evening - does that get me points for anything?!

  69. Oh, Annie, one of our little ones in daycare did that to her parents. It happened twice, but they were so panicked....

    Glad he's okay and you, too, little mother!

    God bless you both. Here. Have some Tres Leche cake. I think I have perfected this recipe to go in this year's Christmas book....

    How fun is that?

  70. Marilyn, I love the energy you're bringing with you!!!! I can feel that renewed optimism.

    That rocks, kid. Totally!!!!!

    Okay, I finished the book today. Fun story there, but I'm sharing it on blog day Thursday, not today.

    But it's done, I was up at 2:42 yesterday's time and 3:42 DST.... and was just too excited to finish this book, I couldn't go back to sleep!!!!! Luke and Rainey were calling me!!!

    Rooooofieeeee.... come finish our stooooooorrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy..."

    Characters are so demanding!!!!!

    I brought a perfected version (I think) of the Tres Leches cake I'm featuring in the book, so youse dive in and tell me what you think.

    I love it!!!!

  71. Nancy Kimball!!!! Thank you for the lovely note!!!! Totally unnecessary, but delighted to get it, my friend....

    Hang in there, keep going strong, do not quit.

    Do not quit.

    Do not quit.

    Just keep saying that all o' youse.

    Perseverance. And Tres Leches cake.

  72. Sandra you mention rain we are so desparate for that at present Where I am. But you can read in the heat too.

  73. Carol Moncado!!! To infinity and BEYOND!!!

  74. Congratulations to all the winners!
    And congratulations to Mary for being featured in the paper!!!
    Good luck today everyone!
    I'm in the midst of outlining a new book :) So much fun!

  75. Jenny, we did miss you! Welcome home to Seekerville!!!

    Carol M...Oh my gosh, you are smoking! Love the God book. Keep us posted on your progress. You'll have it finished by Friday. :)

  76. Gorgeous day in GA. Sunny and warm. My Bradford pear trees are blooming. So pretty. Daffodils around the house. Azeleas looking lovely in pink.

    Must take a long walk later.

    Anyone taking time away from Speedbo to watch THE BIBLE on the History channel this evening?

  77. Eva Maria, you go, girl!!! I love starting new projects....

    And finishing them. That feels wonderful, too!

    Deb, I'm putting it on the DVR because I'll be tired tonight..... But then I can watch it and fast forward through the commercials tomorrow.

    Loved it. Although I like Charlton Heston's Moses better. This one is a little different than how I see Moses, but what an excellent production.

  78. Thanks, Ruthy! You're motivating everyone today, like usual! Love it! :)

    Debby, I can't wait for your weather to reach us :)

  79. The hero's mother???? *feigns appalling look* Why not name the beautiful, young heroine after me?

    Just kidding! I'm flatter and yes indeedy, it gets you points.

    Debby, I watched the first part of The Bible last week and intend to watch the rest. I did chuckle a bit at Noah's Scottish accent and the roundhouse kick in the skirmish when Lot and his family were escaping. Kung Fu in Sodom? Overall it's engaging and moves along quickly from one major episode in the Old Testament to the next. I'll be interested to see how they handle the New Testament. They can't make a 40 year jump or they'll miss Jesus's life.

    And oh my goodness, but quite by accident I discovered Julie's Kiss-ology blogs! Color me thrilled! I cut and pasted them into a document and it's 32 pages long. I'm really struggling with the kissing in my novella. I could give you all sorts of psychological reasons but it would be way TMI about my former marriage. I'm learning something from every paragraph I can use in my work to heighten the romantic intensity between my hero and heroine. Thank you Julie for sharing your wealth of knowledge with the world.


  80. Oh - but Marilyn! She's gonna be an awesome mother in law!

    She made arrangements for them to get married here on about three hours notice.

    [It doesn't quite look like that of course, but you get the jpg.]

  81. Marilyn, I heard THE BIBLE moves to the New Testament next week and gets even better then.

    Lots of folks are watching, which is good!

  82. Of course I am an awesome mother-in-law in real life. And a happy Grammy because I get to keep my grandgirls (ages 6 years and 4 months) next weekend while son and DIL go to an out of town wedding. I've already been shopping for Easter and will come bearing gifts, which is part of the Grandmother Code. :-)


  83. Loved the posts last week, they are perfect for Speedbo. All the energy and drive on here is contagious!

    I won the first chapter critique and am both excited and nervous. After Speedbo, I'll have to get busy and get that chapter cleaned up for next month. Thank you!

    Congratulations to the all the winners!

  84. Cruising along and blaming Beth Vogt. She has been a great encourager. My word count for this week 3/3-3/9 IS.........28,069. YES!!

    Also, thank you soooooo much, I see I won a 5 page crit. Wahoo!!!!

  85. I am officially a slug. Sat in the recliner to read the kiss-ology stuff I printed off and fell asleep. That was about two hours ago. Now I just hope I can sleep tonight. I have an 8:30 doctor's appointment that's about 30 minutes away since it's during morning rush.

    UGH. No words today -- yet.


  86. Golly, look at those word counts! I mean, there are COMMAS in those word counts.

    Yippy for the winners ... yippy for the writers ... yippy for the readers. So much energy coming through those posts.

    Interesting link about plotting -- well, not plotting, sort of plotting, kind of plotting but mostly not plotting. The link about rethinking what a rejection means and then turning it into a positive is a keeper. Thanks.

    At risk of repeating myself, another excellent WE, Tina.

    Nancy C

  87. Wow, Mary Vee!!! Amazing!

    Marilyn, some days are like that. But Kissology is worth it.