Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekend Edition Speedbo Week 3

The Seekerville Second Annual Speedbo Challenge
 is in progress! 
Check out the 106 participants here.

All Speedbo FAQs can be found under

 the Speedbo 2013 tab above! Comment any time this week
to be entered in Speedbo Week 4 drawing. 

  • First chapter critique -up to 20 pages
  • First 5 pages critique
  • One page synopsis critique
  • Phone chat
  • First page hook critique

And one reader will win a package of books each week for the five weeks of March. All prizes will be claimed after Speedbo, because in March we're writing-not mailing.

 All you have to do is comment! 

Please see our rules for giveaways in Seekerville. Be sure to contact us with your snail mail address if you are a winner at  Don't be shy. Remind us if we get behind per our rules.

  • First chapter critique by Cara Lynn James-Winner is Susan Annr MAson
  • First 5 pages critique by Sandra Leesmith-Winner is Tina Pinson
  • One page synopsis critique by Glynna Kaye-Winner is Annie Rains
  • Phone chat with Debby Giusti-Winner is DebH
  • First page hook critique by Ruth Logan Herne-Winner is Becky Tidberg
  • The reader/cheerleader box of books winner is Nancy Kimball 

      Monday Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean shared her strategy for SpeedBo 2013: Preplanning Your Story with an Outline. Winner of Janet's April release The Bride Wore Spurs is Cindy W.


      Grammar Queen!  returned on Tuesday with Things Not To Think About During Speedbo. Winner of  a 10-page (double-spaced) GRAMMAR/USAGE ONLY critique is Sara Ella

    Wednesday the  CDQ Julie Lessman revealed tips how she personally attempts to wring every drop of emotion out of her readers with her blog on "KEEPING IT “REEL” … A "Novel" Approach to Putting a Movie in Your Readers' Minds." Winner of of the winner's choice of Julie's books, including her upcoming release Love at Any Cost or a spiral-bound printed copy of her prequel e-book A Light in the Window: An Irish Love Story is Connie Queen.

    Ruth Logan Herne hit the ground running with "Speedbo Unleashed!!" Winners of  FIVE COPIES--WHOA-MAKE THAT EIGHT COPIES of her newest release The Lawman's Second Chance (Love Inspired May 2013) are Olivia, Marianne, Melanie Pike, Sally, Elaine Manders, Chill N (Nancy C), Michelle and Gail Kittleson.

    On Friday author, editor, publisher Roseanna M. White tackled a new perspective on writing -- Writing By Intuition. Winner of Roseanna's newest book, Ring of Secrets (Harvest House, March 2013) is Elaine Manders.
     Next Week In Seekerville

    Monday:Running behind on your Speedbo goal? Feel as if you've failed miserably? Don't beat yourself up or quit! Drop by for some encouragement from Love Inspired author Missy Tippens.
    Tuesday:Today we welcome Love Inspired debut author Kristen Ethridge with her post, "Make Your Chicken Cross the Road: A Reminder About the Power of Perseverance. " Stop by to chat with Kristen (a guest Vince recommended to Seekerville). She'll be giving away one copy of her release, Saving Gracie.
     Wednesday:Wednesday, March 20, marks the end of the winter and the first day of Spring. Our own Debby Giusti will discuss The End...not of winter, but of our books. Debby says we often discuss how to start our stories, but we rarely talk about how to wrap them up with a satisfying conclusion, which is what she plans to do. Be sure to stop by and leave a comment to be entered in the drawing for one of Debby's Love Inspired Suspense books, winner's choice.

    Thursday:Love Inspired author Mia Ross talks about "Hitting the Wall" and how to get around those bends in the road! Mia will be giving away three copies of her latest Sawyer family release A Place for Family.

    Friday: Award winning Harlequin and Love Inspired author Lenora Worth rolls in on today talking about what not to write... and doing it with typical "Elnorah" style and panache! If you're looking for an inside-out lesson on writing or just longing for tips about why Southern girls do it better, come by on Friday... You won't be disappointed!

     The Yankee Belle Cafe Cooks For Speedbo Don't miss this feature for the month of March. Our goal is to keep you out of the kitchen and writing!

    Monday:Today the Midwesterner gives us a one pot delight with her Herbed Beef Stew in a crock pot!

    Tuesday:The Texan is at the helm with something marvelous and wonderful to tempt our hard-working Speedbo palates, easy Crock Pot Lasagna!

    Wednesday:Mary Connealy rides into the kitchen with Chocolate Volcano cake, an easy recipe that makes the Connealys smile... on the rare occasion that she makes it!

    Thursday:We welcome Clari Dees into the cafe and this debut Love Inspired author is making Quick Chicken Parm and veggies for us! (And to be totally honest, she did confess to a bit of advice from her mother!) 

    Friday: Missy Tippens steps into the kitchen for a day of fun!

    Saturday:Welcome Pepper Basham with her "Easy French Apple Pie"... a great way to work the weekend away. Just eat pie!
     Seeker Sightings 

     NEWSFLASH!!! ST. PATRICK'S 3-DAY SALE!! Julie's Irish love story, A Light in the Window is on sale for $ .99 for THREE DAYS ONLY, MARCH 15, 16, & 17, so take advantage! Here are the links:  Amazon and B&N.

    A Hope Undaunted, book 1 in Julie's "Winds of Change" series is currently available for FREE DOWNLOAD on Amazon, B&N or CBD.

     MARCH 10-17, 2013:Check out Julie's celebrity choices for Marcy & Patrick O'Connor at Relz Reviews during her character spotlight for Marcy & Patrick O'Connor from A Light in the Window, PLUS giveaway of choice of any of Julie's books. Once you make your selection on choice of book, be sure to scroll down to leave a comment. 

    Register for the  Facebook launch party for Swept Away on Mary 28, you can win a $250 Cash Card. Use it to be Swept Away for a weekend vacation or use it to buy an e-reader and be swept away into a fantasy world full of cowboys

    Random News & Information

    Oregon Christian Writers will be celebrating their 50th year of encouraging faith and excellence in writing this year and will be launching the Cascade Writing Contest & Awards for multiple genres, published and unpublished, with the awards to be presented at our annual Summer Conference, 7:00 PM, August 14, 2013, Jantzen Beach Red Lion, Portland, Oregon. The contest launches March 18 and the deadline for entries is April 30. Finals judges include Sandra Bishop, Jeff Gerke, Don Pape, Susan King, Joanna Echols, Colette Tennant and Jane Kirkpatrick.  is having our annual writing contest.  First 100 words or less.  This year, our judge is Melissa Jeglinski from The Knight Agency, and she takes inspirational, so we’re including it for the first time!  Please pass the word.  Prize is a critique (offer optional) and it runs this Wednesday and the next two Wednesdays for new entries. 

      5 Ways To Add Sparkle To Your Writing (Writetodone)

     Saturday is the last day for the Barbara Vey PW  Beyond Her Book, Anniversary Blog Bash. Saturday: Romance Blowout! (to be held in Monaco this year) If you stopped by then check on Monday the 18th for the winner list.

      How To Use a Kindle as a Bookmark (GalleyCat)

     Grand Central Publishing has plans to expand its Forever romance imprint, from 64 titles last year to 120 titles this year and 190 titles in 2014. They’ll also be releasing more titles in their ebook only imprint, Forever Yours. While Grand Central normally takes only agented submissions, the editors are open to unagented submissions for Forever Yours. They’re looking for manuscripts between 8,000 and 100,000 words in all romance sub-genres, including contemporary, historical, paranormal, romantic comedy, time travel, romantic suspense, westerns, urban fantasy, futuristic romance, fantasy romance, inspirational and erotica. Your submission package should contain a query letter, a 3-5 page synopsis and your complete manuscript. Find all the details here. (Cindi Myers Market News)


     There was some interest in Janet Dean's Monday post on learning more about Scene & Sequel and GMC.

    Books on the topics:


    Also remember, we have our Boot Camp Manual available with information.
     Have a great weekend. 
    Keep WRITING. 
    Happy St. Patrick's Day from Seekerville.


    1. Thanks, Tina! As always, a great Weekend Edition. ~ CONGRATS to all the winners!

      And....I'm thrilled to say I'm halfway to my SpeedBo goal!! Since I was out of town last weekend, I've been pushing myself this week to get caught up.

      Happy St. Patrick's Day to all, and if anyone needs snacks during the day Saturday or Sunday, I've brought some cupcakes with green icing, and green sugar cookies shaped like shamrocks. (I only bake when I'm taking a SpeedBo break, LOL).
      Hugs, Patti Jo

    2. Blogger is being very nasty tonight.

    3. Yes, logger is being very nasty tonight. Ate my comment.

      Hello from Springfield.

      I've taken a break from writing to visit my daughter, take my son to supper in recognition of his birthday, and attend tomorrow's MozARk writers meeting.

      I had half a manuscript. I now have 75% of a ms. Promise to get back to work on it after I get home.

      I've borrowed Ginger's coffee pot, so there's fresh brew all set.


    4. Wow, Helen way to go. I am impressed.

      And Patti Jo, the official Speedbo Baker.

    5. Right on! i won Ruthy's The Lawman's Second Chance. How cool is that? And i still have a chance on the cheerleader box of books next week! Way to Go, Seekerville!


    6. Congrats to ALL the winners and thanks Seekerville/Tina for your generosity and updates!!
      Happy St. Patty's Day and write on to ALL SpeedBo participants, blessings on each of you :)
      Patti Jo, those cupcakes and sugar cookies sound amazing, YUM!

    7. Two more weekends to win, Marianne.

      When do you leave for Canada?

      Enjoying 90 degree weather? Crazy huh? IN MARCH!!!

    8. Congrats, winners!

      Yes. It's really me. Linnette. Up at 12:40 a.m. I just had a glorious round of writing and am now about to fall over. So, as much as I hate to stop, I need to head to bed. I'm currently at 7,220 words on my wip for Speedbo. If I were to count ALL my writing this month, it would probably be closer to my coveted 15K.

      So long, farwell, I hate to say goodnight. I flit. I float. I fleety flee, I fly. Goodbye.........................

    9. Awesome. A five page critique from Sandra. thank you so much.

      Managed to get about a thousand words. Not big on the count meter, but it's a step in the right direction.

      Congrats to this weeks winners

    10. Happy weekend, everyone! :)

      Thanks to some #1K1Hrs with some writer buddies on Twitter, I got over 1800 words today! I'm getting really close to the end of my first draft of this manuscript... It's going to be on the short side, but that's OK. ;) Wrote some intense scenes today, so the words really started to flow!

      Anyway, I have to say that one of the judges for the Oregon Christian Writers contest - Colette Tennant - was my adviser and one of my professors at Corban University! She's awesome!! :) I was blessed to go to one of the one-day OCW conferences with her and a couple of other students, which was tons of fun!

      Hope ya'll have a great St. Patrick's Day! Time for wearing green clothes and eating corned beef! :)


    11. So I'm going to post and see if it shows up. I can't believe no one has been here in three hours!

      Helen, have a great time! Family time is so precious--you have my permission to be a normal person for a few days (I mean not obsessing about words and word count. ahem.)

      I'm going to try and finish out my Speedbo today so I can devote next weekend to CLEANING MY HOUSE.
      nothing wrecks a day of writing like spring cleaning.

      Congratulations to all the winners. What a super week!!!

      I just invited a 1k1hr friend David to visit. If he shows up please be very nice to him.
      He asked what Speedbo was.
      An innocent question that got a long answer!

      Okay, see you on the other side of 4000 words...

    12. Happy Weekend again, Congrats to all the winners...
      1/2 of SpeedBo month is gone and it is looking pretty good from the comments I have are like a locomotive chugging up the hill and saying the little words "I think I can, I think I can" Yep I am thinking there will be many at the top soon.
      so keep on keeping on and will see ya next week.
      Paula O

    13. Happy Saturday, Seekerville!

      Congrats to all the winners :) Hope everyone is making lots of progress with their writing goals this month.

      Next week looks like fun!

    14. And, of course, all of us are winners just by participating in SpeedBo. :-)

    15. Congratulations to all the winners. Silly me, I forgot about boot camp. I have a writer friend who could use those resources. I’ll send you the link.

      Great WE, as usual. I'm off to 1k1hr.

      I've had great word counts this week but since I got a late start, I'm still behind on my goal.
      My eyes may have been bigger than my plate. :)

    16. HAPPY SATURDAY!!! Keep them doggies rollin' SPEEDBO!!!!

    17. Great WE! But how easily it pulls me away from my Speedbo goals as I blog hop instead of keyboard hop on my wip. :-)

    18. Great weekend edition, as always!

      I'm plugging along on my Speedbo word count. I'm up to 31K and my goal is to end the weekend with 35K.

      Congratulations to all of the winners.

    19. Congrats to the winners!

      It's a great weekend for writing, isn't it?

      I'll be doing my usual "catch up on everything else" day today...maybe sneak some writing in there.

      I'm a couple thousand words behind on my Speedbo goal - not too bad. We still have two more weeks to pile on the words, right?

      Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!

    20. Good morning, Seekerville! Wonderful Weekend Edition, Tina! I plan on checking out several of those links.

      Congratulations to all the winners! As Walt reminds us, that's everyone piling up words in SpeedBo!!

      Thanks for the St. Patrick's Day goodies, Patti Jo! I'm eating Corned Beef and Cabbage tonight. Yum.

      Have fun, Helen! Thanks for remembering the coffee.


    21. Congratulations to the winners, and I won two books. Thanks Ruth and Roseanna. Why didn't I join Seekerville sooner. You guys are so generous.

      I've lost word count but I'm up to page 134 so I might make it. Things are heating up and that always makes it easier to write.

      I have to take time today to watch my grandson playing with his band at the St Patrick's Day parade in NYC.

      Happy St Patrick's Day and have a great weekend all!

    22. I can finally comment on my Speedbo numbers. My goal was a mere 20k and I'm at 19414.

      Please remind me of this the next time I want to quit.

      My chest hurts from dealing with my characters' angst. I hope that comes through in the story. And now I'm going to reward myself with some curried kale.

      Okay, so it's not grasshopper cheesecake but it will have to do.
      looking to lose 8lbs before ACFW.

      Turmeric is great for the brain.

    23. DUDETTES AND DUDES!!!! Way to pound after those Speedbo goals!!!

    24. I'm back in the saddle again... after being sick for well over a week, I think I can sit at the computer for more than fifteen minutes and pound out some words for my WIP. I'm doing the Snoopy dance, slowly so I don't wear myself out.

      Congratulations to the winners this week and I'm doing the happy dance because I won Janet Dean's new book! I'm excited!

      Smiles & Blessings to all,
      Cindy W.

    25. Congratulations to all the winners! Have a great writing weekend everyone! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    26. How wonderful! I won a critique by Cara! This will work in well with my editing!

      Hope everyone is having a good weekend. It's snowing here, again. Tired of snow. Spring starts next week. Let's hope the weather understands this concept!


    27. TINA P. Congrats. I'm so excited to see your work.

      And VINCE didn't you win a critique also? Haven't heard from you Buddy. Oh wait. I did get the most lovely review in the mail. I guess I can't say anything when I'm so behind myself. LOL I definitely owe you a big giant THANK YOU,

      Another great week in speedbo land.

      RUTHY a special holiday for you dearheart.

      And Julie. A St. Patrick's Day bash. Love it.

    28. No critiques until April, Sandra.

      Speedbo is writing,writing,writing.

    29. What a gorgeous day in the Carolinas! We went to a friend's birthday lunch and then "played" outside doing spring yard cleanup. Hated to come inside.

      Fun to catch up on everyone's Speedbo progress. I'm happy to report I'm staying ahead of my goal. Also reached some interesting and unexpected turning points in my characters' lives. Ah, the joys of being a pantser! (My iPad does NOT like that word. it wanted to change it to panther!)

    30. Curried kale, Debra???

      I'm afraid to ask.

      Pass me the cheesecake.

    31. Did youse all see Myra BRAGGIN' on the weather there????


      We tough-uns up north, we know weather... and we know when to stay inside and write, LOL! My weather isn't conducive to yard clean-up and it's always interesting to find what winter deposited come spring... But my spring won't be here for awhile and I just want to have a little chat with that stinkin' groundhog....

      Stupid rodent.

      I'm lovin' on these goals, and all this hard work! Helen, I'm laughing with you!!! DEB MARVIN!!!! YEEEEEHAAAAAWWWW! And 8 lbs by September?????

      Oh, let's not talk weight. There's a ginormous corned beef simmerin' on m' stove at this moment, soon to be joined by spuds and carrots. Oh mylanta, food of the gods, right?


      Marianne, I sent your book out already because I know you're leaving AZ soon.... you should have it in a couple of days.

      And I'm all over the cheesecake. I've been writing and editing all day, so the kitchen's a disaster, there are no baked goods, and other than choir practice and a quick trip to Sam's and the post office, me and the computer are simpatico.

      Once I've got this book ready to submit, I'm moving to the next Kirkwood Lake proposal...

      And that's how I'll finish the last two weeks of Speedbo!

      But right now: CHEESECAKE!!!

    32. Thanks for the WE, Tina!!!

      I hope you're all having a good writing weekend!

    33. Suppose I should check in, as I haven't YET! I HAVE been plugging away, though not as fruitfully as I hoped on the first.

      I'm currently just under 9,400 words this month - and, in general, I'm pleased with it. Would LOVE to be about 5k higher, but it didn't work out. No crying over that spilt milk thing, yanno? My new TOTAL goal is 30k - and I'll try to check in before April 1 again, eh LOL.

      I would LOVE to win any of the critiques. Please toss my hat in the ring!

      Thanks ladies - and congrats to ALL the winners and Speedboers!

      I would LOVE to be entered for

    34. Congrats to all.

      I am also working toward my Speedbo goal, despite screen porch contruction, food poisoning, and the normal responsibilities.

      I am only need to keep up my pace and I will be fine.

      But as I said on 1K1HR, I am rewarding myself with Tina's book at the moment. Hard to tear myself away from it.

      Good thing I take the Sabbath off. I will be reading.

      Oh, put me in for the drawing. I have already won a synopsis critique. Would love a phone chat.

      Peace, Julie

    35. Go JO!!

      From Tina the link error girl.

      1. Link error girl... Is that like saying you are the missing link Miss R. ;-)

    36. CONGRATS to all the winners!!!

      I'm a bit at loose ends.

      I already met my SpeedBo goal and entered multiple Genesis entries and then today we had our local chapter organizational meeting [we're in progress!!!] and got to see HELEN!!! :D [but not Andrea :(]

      I don't even have a WIP open on my computer... That MIGHT be a sign of the apocalypse...

      Sunday, I clean.
      Monday, I read.
      Tuesday, I edit. [assuming I get the notes back by then which I should... ;)]

      If y'all have a second, a word of prayer for my sis? Hubs took her to Urgent Care today and she was Dx'd with a "big huge pneumonia" and is so sick. They gave her some IV meds that are supposed to help, but she hasn't felt it yet. She's home though.

    37. Hopping in to wave hi while I have a computer. Congratulations to all the winners and I'm impressed with everybody's Speedbo diligence. I have no idea how many words I've written with pen and paper, but I've used up two fairly new gel ink pens.

      And my computer is sitting in an Ups warehouse one town over waiting to be delivered to me Monday. YAY! It will have only been gone 10 days. I'm so excited to have it almost back. Just in time for a crazy over-time work week. :-/
      But. It will be back. :-)

    38. Fantastic info Tina!
      Thanks and congrats to alllll the winners!
      Off to check out some of those terrific links now...
      Happy writing everyone!

    39. Congrats to all. I'm one tired Grammy but everyone's been fed, baby is asleep and my son and DIL will be home soon. I've managed to read part of a romance novel between feedings and diaper changes. And there's the baby crying again. *sigh*. Bye.


    40. Wow, I can't believe how busy everyone is! So much progress. You guys are making my head spin.

      ACFW Carol Awards and Genesis contests closed for entries yesterday, so I've been pretty busy myself in THAT playground.

      Now back to writing! :)

    41. Praying Carol!!!

      Now can you write my book for me???

    42. Marilyn,

      You are such a good grammy.

    43. I am not keeping up with my SpeedBo goal (so I may not be as far ahead of Ruthy as Ruthy thinks). Still, I am writing every day.

    44. Oh, haha!

      I guess I should stop by Seekerville more often since I just saw that Mary Connealy is posting on Wednesday at Yankee Belle Cafe.

      Have I been FIRED???

      Just in time for Speedbo. Cool. I can celebrate with volcano cake or whatever that was.

      Now back to read the links..

    45. Praying for julie's sick Man-O and Carol's sick sister. :( :(

    46. Ruthy is LAUGHING at Virginia-of-many-names who doesn't read her calendar....

      You're only fired temporarily, darling.... We're calling it a suspension of duties!!!! and this way we get to make fun of MARY!!!! WIN/WIN/SUBSTANTIAL WIN!!!!

      JHS, praying for poor husband, bad food, raw tummy.... and Carol, your sister too. I hate pneumonia. You stay tired for way too long and tired doesn't match my mode. Stupid diseases, but thank you oh sweet Lord above that we live in an age of antibiotics...!

      Oh, Grandma Marilyn, I hear you!!!! What's with those sweet, sleeping baby propaganda pics, right?????


    47. Carol, I'm cleaning next weekend. We have our daycare Easter egg hunt on the 23rd, and if it's horrid outside, we have to do it inside for little peeps... so no HUGE dust bunnies. Small ones, well. Okay. But dog-sized dust bunnies are NOT WELCOME with Easter eggs. Parents are so stinkin' fussy. Sheesh.

      So this week I will jump into new proposal until Saturday... and then two days of cleaning/organizing.

      And what doesn't get done then, doesn't get done because...

      What's the phrase?????

      I'd rather write!!! :)

    48. CLARI!!!!! Oh, happy dancing, hoorah, hoorah!!!!

      You're in the cafe....

      and your computer is coming home!!!

      And happy days are here again!

      GEL PENS.... ROF, LOL, my 13 year old helpers love GEL PENS!!!!

      Oy. I'm so stinkin' OLD. :)

    49. Joanne, oh my stars, that's a great start and a solid goal!!!!

      You are rockin' it girlfriend! I've had to adjust my goals too, no biggie....

      But we keep on truckin'!

    50. Oh... calendar?

      The sun rises and kids get hungry and feed them and then we learn some things and then the sun sets and we sleep and then the sun comes up again and...

      Is there anything other than this?

      Ah. Deadlines. Speedbo. Yankee Belle Cafe recipes. Right!

    51. Tina, love the Speedbo pic today. Hook me up to that IV!

      I'm currently on 11,400 words and happy with my progress. I still haven't managed to catch up on the 5,000 words I'm behind, having joined Speedbo 5 days late, but I've no doubt I'll catch them up before 31 March and cross the line accomplishing my 1,000 word per day target. And thankfully, we have a public holiday in South Africa on Thursday, so I get an extra full day to write.

      Wishing all you wonderful Speedbo-ers strength to accomplish your goals.


    52. Thanks for another great Weekend Edition, Tina!!! The boost comes in handy.
      Currently I have finished my edits on my Contemp and turned it in to agent - and now I have 15K written for the month.
      Lots of editing to do - but that can wait until after March ;-)


      LOL, Teenster -- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Starbucks drip!! And the WE ain't bad either ... ;) Great job, as always!!

      I didn't have a real successful week in Speedbo, but I'm optimistic next week will be better, so onward and upward!!

      WHOO-HOO ... I signed up for Mary's FB Chat and giveaway ... can't wait!!

      OMIGOSH, all the links are GREAT this WE, but the "How to Use a Kindle as a Bookmark" is PRICELESS!!!



    54. I just want to thank you for hosting SpeedBo. I haven't been to Seekerville much since it started as I'm working hard to meet my word counts :)

      This is EXACTLY what I needed! I'm just shy of my goal, but I should be able to make that up today. That puts me right on track to meet my word count and FINALLY finish this first draft!

    55. KARIN!!!!!! WAY TO GO!!! Keep it up! We're proud of you!

    56. Happy St. Pat’s Day

      Enjoy this Holiday While You Still Can!

      Could anything be more politically incorrect than celebrating a dead, white, Catholic, male from Europe? The only thing saving the day so far is that fact that it’s Green! See the video below for a Happy St. Pat’s Day:

      Congrats to all the Winners!


      P.S. This is a great day to read, “How The Irish Saved Civilization,” by Thomas Cahill.

    57. This comment has been removed by the author.

    58. Hi Sandra:

      Yes, indeed, I won a one page review which I very much need. However, Scrivener has proved to be a cruel mistress. She wants all my time and she knows the rewards are worth the agony. I feel like a Cessna 150 pilot who is learning how to fly a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This plane has more instruments than the Cessna has parts!

      Besides every time I start to revise that single page, I read another article on making your writing sparkle, (like even today on WE), and this new knowledge makes what I wrote seem shabby. But I will get it off soon. Be sure to wear your sunglasses when you first look at it. ☺


      P.S. If you’re Italian you really should thank the Irish today for saving the civilization your people worked so hard to create.

    59. Yes, Ruthy, bragging about the weather. And another beautiful day today!

      Especially for the wearin' o' the green! Happy St. Pat's Day, Seekerville!

      VINCE, you're a Scrivener user now? Don't know how I ever wrote without it!

      And to think, I was saying that about my ol' Kaypro computer and WordStar 30 years ago!

    60. Congrats to all the winners!

      I'm a bit behind on my SPEEDBO goal of 1,000 words a day because life keeps interrupting, but I am still plugging away when I can. :)

    61. Happy ST Patrick's Day, Seekerville!!!

      I'm wearing green. Wore it yesterday to the GRW meeting. Waving to Walt and Piper and Missy! Great seeing you at GRW.

      I had three wonderful submissions to critique at the meeting yesterday. All delightful reads that will be published! :)

      Family came to visit on SAT and spent the night. Daughter and sil ran the Atlanta Half-Marathon today while hubby and I played with grandchildren! :)

      Now, heading back to do my Speedbo pages!

      YAY, DebH, we'll chat. Don't forget to submit your contact phone number.

      Corned beef and cabbage, anyone?

    62. Julie, so sorry about the food poisoning.

      Carol, prayers for sis.

      Helen, glad you could have time with your family!

      Congrats to all the Speedbo jocks! You're making great progress and winning the race!

    63. Congrats to all of the winners! Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

      Waving at *Debby, Missy and Walt* I had a very inspiring and motivational time at GRW yesterday and I appreciate all of the help for my WIP at the Gin Ellis Critique. ;)

      It is wonderful that pubbed writers extend such generous help to pre-published writers in such a giving way and I am grateful that Seekerville does the same. I look forward to extending the help in the same way when I can take the pre off of pre-published! :)


    64. I won a Ruthy book! What a wonderful surprise. Thank you.

      One huge congrats to the winners and to all of you writers who are determinedly (is that a word?) keeping on.

      Speedbo-wise, I'm not where I hoped to be in word count, but I have more written than I did last week at this time. I am learning to accept ... as in things I can not change, things which can not be postponed, how the best-laid-plans ... I now understand how saying "I have learned to accept" isn't a cop-out but a growth experience :-)

      So proud of all the accomplishments you share -- and thanks, as always, to the cheer-readers.

      Nancy C

    65. Well I'm back home and almost unpacked. I always do a little shopping when I'm there because of stores we don't have here. *sigh* My poor credit card. But the sales!!!!!

      Fatigue aside, I had a great time with the grandgirls and what made it even better was hearing my son and daughter-in-law have started going to church! I never wanted to nag but I prayed they'd find their way to a church, and they have. Thank you, God, for leading them there. Actually the baby did because it's where her daycare is housed.

      And a little child shall lead them. Isaiah 11:6