Tuesday, May 7, 2013

THIS IS MY BRAIN: Or Why I Don't Sleep At Night

 Today's post is a pictorial journey into my fried brain.

Click on Picture for Painful Details

 Click on Link (Best Viewed in Chrome or Firefox)

There is a point to these pictures. Writer brains have no filters. We're bombarded with thoughts 24/7.  Add to that mix, everything else as noted in the above Infographic.

Basically, we'd be happy with a mechanical pencil and a brand new legal pad. The possibilities are endless and make us giddy!!
But noooo, the new frontier of publishing & information technology wants every drop of our left brain, leaving our right brain completely exhausted. All this because we wanted to write a story.

 We're introverts forced by the wave of social media to become fake extroverts, coveting 'likes' and 'Twitter' followers. Am I the only one who feels like social media is legalized voyeurism? (BTW, are you aware that social media can be bought? Yes, you can buy reviews, Twitter followers, FB likes, and pay someone to write your blog and comment.)

Exactly how much time are we spending on the internet versus writing if one hour = 4% of our day? (Again, see Infographic above.)

If social media doesn't kill the hours in the day, technology will. Scrivener anyone? 

The truth is, despite my kicking and screaming I am teachable. I want to learn. But I do think it's insane to keep reinventing the wheel. Why hoard information? We're a community here in Seekerville.

If you know how to do ______________(enter skill-set here), Tell us. Please. Seekerville is a safe harbor. We want relevant content, thought provoking, inspirational and instructive posts, with a bit of shameless self-promotion thrown in. 

We also want to help each other.


This is all leading to asking you what keeps you awake at night? What's frying your brain? 

Let's share. We'd like to utilize some of the expertise YOU have or find guests who have skills to help us teach on topics we need help with in areas noted in the Infographic.

  • Traditional Publishing
  • ePublishing
  • Author PR
  • Social Media and technology
  • Writing

Some of these topics have been covered in daily posts or will be. For example, May 16, Melissa Taylor will be giving us a Pinterest primer. Other topics we've only scratched the surface and for those we're suggesting Night Classes in the Village. Seekerville online classes.

Please take the survey below. 

Then come back to Seekerville and tell us you took it to get your name in the blue antique Ball jar (Ruth uses a cat dish, Mary a Stetson) for one of two $25 Amazon gift cards. Winners will be announced in the WEEKEND EDITION ON SUNDAY TO ALLOW MAXIMUM EXPOSURE!!

That's it. BTW, if you're a reader you can take the survey too. 

 Now please help yourself to something to eat and drink, and don't forget to LIKE us (see that link below??) before you leave.

I told you I am teachable.


  1. I went to the survey, but I didn't know how to answer some of the questions. I need to think about it and return to it later.

    Coffee's set to brew.


  2. Thinking about it is a good thing, Helen. Thank you for prepping the java.

  3. Took the survey - didn't answer all the questions about online classes, but I hope it was still helpful! I'd totally love to be a guest on Seekerville again if ya'll ever want me back. ;) Sandra Leesmith and I were talking about maybe sharing our experiences self-publishing Love's Miracles sometime. :)

    Speaking of which... *insert shameless plug* I have a blog page up for Sandra's upcoming blog tour, if you all are interested in checking it out! I think it's going to be pretty epic. ;) The blog tour will run from May 20th-31st, and there will be interviews, giveaways, and reviews! You can grab a blog button and learn more about the tour here:



  4. Amber, you need to learn how to imbed links on Blogger. Google it. People are more likely to go to links.

    Don't forget to send us your client's information for the Weekend Edition, for maximum exposure. That's what the Weekend Ed. is all about for Seekers, kiddo.

  5. Trying this again. ;)

    Love's Miracles Blog Tour

    Thanks, Tina - I guess I'm teachable, too. ;)

    And yes, Sandra told me to get her links and such when it gets closer to the blog tour so we could put it in the WE. :) Just couldn't resist the chance to share about it as much as possible! (Sorry!)


  6. Shameless plug away. That's great with me!!! Thanks for the link!!!!!

  7. Took the survey. I left a few blank too. Just didn't have an opinion or idea.

  8. I took the survey, put me in the pretty jar please!

  9. I took the survey.

    I'm quite sure Tina would be able to figure out it was me even without the whole "there goes the anonymity" thing.


    I doubt many of my answers were helpful, but I hope they were fun :D.

  10. Sally, congrats on the Genesis!!! We are Snoopy dancing for you!!



  12. LOL!

    I've had my nose stuck in a book or a manuscript or Ben and Jerry's - depending on the day ;). Have read a dozen or more books in the last month and worked on edits.

    Margie called me and that was so fun! She's one of my critters and we get together every couple weeks. Still Snoopy dancing here.

    [Well, sort of. Got news that one of our very good friends is in the hospital. ICU. Potential surgery - but surgery could easily kill him so last resort and hoping the drugs work - and that's all I can really say as it's not public yet - so don't want to post more deets. Sigh. Been a real roller coaster. Hubs went up there earlier. I'm going tomorrow. With cookies. For the rest of the peeps - not him. Whisper a prayer?]

  13. Praying, Carol.

    And again...congratulations.

  14. Thank you, friend.

    On both counts.

  15. I took the survey!
    I'm sure you guys know that to see beyond a hundred responses, survey monkey is no longer free. Which I found out the hard way last December, LOL. :-p

    I will totally claim credit for wanting a class on "The Vince Effect." =)

  16. I took the survey. I'll be eager to see what wonderful posts and workshops come out of the sharing of Seekervillagers many gifts and talents.

  17. Once we hit 100 I will duplicate it.

    But odds are we won't hit 100.


  18. Thank you, Keli!!!

    You sweet historical character you.

  19. I love surveys. I hope my answers were helpful. I prayed for your friend Carol.

  20. Thanks, Mary Cline! It's all helpful except the Ruthy and Mary Death match. hahahaha I know who wrote that.

  21. I took the survey. And I love that antique mason jar! Those things are like a rare jewel around here, according to the price sticker in the resale shops at least. :)
    I tend to write a novel in each survey text box. Even those Facebook friend questionnaires--I can't seem to fill one out without at least one paragraph per question. :) Hope my answers were useful.

  22. I have a few of them, (the jars). Maybe I can cash them in and retire.

  23. I took the survey. Tough taking it this early in the morning having just crawled out of bed and I haven't had my coffee yet.

    Please toss my name in the pretty blue Ball jar.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  24. I took the survey and now I have to switch parts of my brain and go to the day job.

    CAn I get a witness? It doesn't work that way.

    And - if you go to Walmart, right now, they have a big poster of Bradley Cooper by the door (movie poster) and please don't stand in the doorway staring. Move along. just keep coming back.

  25. I took the survey. Thanks, guys (and gals)!

  26. Boy, Tina, that title woke me up this morning! I feel better knowing others have brains that refuse to turn off. Mine is weary and falls right to sleep. But once I wake in the wee hours, I have this active buzz of topics whirling in my head. Usually those things demanding my attention don't seem quite as important once morning dawns. That's surely not just a writer thing.

    Great idea to scope out the talent in Seekerville. Helping each other is our priority. I need lots of help.

    I'm rushing off to golf. Our league opener. At 8:15! I'm sure the dew is still on the grass. Hoping I don't dig my way to China. Back later.


  27. I would hate so see what my brain looks like as I dont sleep. ok I do abit. I sleep well for an hour then wake up. did that last night then slept and woke at 3 for a couple of hours.
    Im not a writer but looked at the survey I have done online classes for other things like learning html coding etc. and found them great.
    must google bradley cooper.

    Im in Chattanooga. love lunch yesterday with the gals it was so cool to finally meet some of the people I communicate with (we wont mention the fact I got left at the bus depot in chattanooga for a couple of hours due to a miss comunication).

  28. First off, congratulations to all the semi-finalists here! I LOVED reading a bunch of names I knew from Seekerville!! Sooooo happy for you all.

    Secondly, it sounds like some exciting things are in the works here. Yea!

    Okay, I took the survey, and I didn't know how to answer all the questions--which will be obvious enough. :) Please, PRETTY please put me in the blue Ball jar? Please? :)

  29. LOL. Jenny, on the must Google Bradley Cooper.

  30. Thank you ladies, and Bradley Cooper fans.

    He lives with his mother for goodness sakes. How can you not love him.

    What a good kid. His dad died and he moved in with mom. I just want to bake him a cake.

    Thank you all for taking the survey.

  31. Tina, I love the graphics. I'm definitely a picture book type of gal.

    And learner. I will remember a visual vs pages and pages of print. And that Writer's Plate graphic is marvelous. Did YOU create that Teenster? You are sooooo talented!!!

    BTW-If you don't sleep at night, take a trip to Lyons, NE. Such a peaceful place. Really clears your mind to write.

    No wonder Mary writes a dozen books a year...

  32. Mary, doesn't need Lyons to write a a dozen books a year. She goes to the restroom and comes out with a novella in hand.

  33. I'm going to have to come back to the survey later *writes myself a reminder message*

    I love the idea of online classes :)

    What keeps me up at night? The contemplation over whether or not to jump into the self-publishing world or keep banging my head with the traditional route. And my 2-year-old son who climbs into my bed and wrestles me for my favorite pillow.

  34. I haven't taken the survey yet, but I clicked on the link and what did I see?


    Tina, are you insane? You gave us a clean slate - no, you gave us multiple clean slates and then asked for our opinion!

    That's very, very dangerous.

    But I'll try...

  35. I took the survey right off because I like taking surveys. Also like that it was anonymous. :-)

    That whole visual of your brain is scary, Tina! You should post a warning. What keeps me up at night? Nothing really, I'm so exhausted I usually conk out pretty quickly and stay that way until the clickety-clack of toenails tell me it's time to go for a walk. Or a squirrel hunt since it's spring and those rodent varmints are back in full force!!!

  36. I feel your pain, Annie..well only on the publishing issue, lol.

    Pitch coming up!!!!! Praying for all the pitchers.

  37. I know, Jan. Very risky. But no guts no glory. No risk, No reward.

  38. All this time in Seekerville....I thought that everyone used a cat dish until Mary said yesterday that she uses a Stetson, and then you show the pretty blue Mason jar...whatever is being used, please put me in it. I will respond to the survey since I love my on-line classes. For the most part, they've taught me a lot.


  39. It is wonderful that Bradley Cooper lives with his mom and all, but....

    He also speaks French.

    That is all.

  40. LOVE THIS, TINA, especially the line:

    "We're introverts forced by the wave of social media to become fake extroverts, coveting 'likes' and 'Twitter' followers. Am I the only one who feels like social media is legalized voyeurism?"

    NO ... you are NOT the only one!! Anything forced is never good in my opinion ... I like easy flow and passion, and this gun-to-one's-head social media thing leaves me longing for the pad-and-pencil days. :|

    LOL: "Mary, doesn't need Lyons to write a a dozen books a year. She goes to the restroom and comes out with a novella in hand."



  41. Of course I took the survey. For the same reason I read Seekerville and the come back hours later to read the comments. As to what keeps me up at night? Thinking....about books I've read! Please, please add my name to the jar. Thanks. And praying for you and your family of friends, Carol

  42. Thanks Julie. Glad I'm not alone. LOL.

  43. HE SPEAKS FRENCH!!!!!! There you go.

  44. Marianne,you are so sweet. How is the weather up in O' Canada??

  45. Whoo-hoo! Congrats to all the Genesis semi-finalists! I read down the list and I know about 10-15 of them, so a big blanket HOORAY across the board.

    CAROL, NANCY, and SALLY, I see you've already popped in, so here's a high-five for you guys! \0/

  46. WAIT? WHAT? Seekerville is LIKEABLE?

    (I don't meant that exactly, of COURSE Seekerville is LIKEABLE)

    What I mean is there is a way to LIKE SEEKERVILLE???

    (okay that sounds wrong too.)

    What you're saying is....If I click some button that I don't see....and LIKE Seekerville then I can get my brain out of a blue Mason Jar?

    Did you say something about lying (or LAYING...GQ Alert) awake at night? 'Cuz I do that!

  47. I took the survey and only left one blank. I felt guilty until I read others didn't answer them all yet.

    Beautiful day here in Texas and I hope to get a lot accomplished today. No writing, but hopefully I can get caught up on a lot of others things SO I can write soon.

  48. PIPER, We all use a STETSON for drawings, unless we don't. Cat Dishes and Glass Canning Jars are the EXCEPTION not the rule.

    By the way I WOKE UP REMEMBERING HOW TO USE BOLD and italics and that little 'a' is about links. there's a href component, too. Very tricky

  49. Mary, go to the end of this post and you will see a LIKE button. I just did that new icon thingie yesterday.

  50. Thank you Connie Queen. Now that the hard work is done...the survey...enjoy your day!!

  51. Well there is no LIKE button on mine. I'm on Internet Explorer so maybe that's a factor.
    I can Tweet it, LinkedIn it, Facebook it, Google + Share it, Email it and some other sideways green V it.
    But no LIKE button.

    And we all know I flunked the HSP test. Highly Sensitive Person.
    Apparently I have the sensitivity of a HUN! But still, did anyone else feel like in her own quiet way, TINA WAS YELLING AT ME???!!!

  52. PS Taking my laptop into the restroom with me is just UNSANITARY

  53. I took the survey. I hope I write as many words in my WIP today!
    I think I 'liked' the appropriate thing. :0

    Please enter me.

  54. The survey is done! Good questions :)

    Stetsons: I found one I like. It's on my Mother's Day list. The only problem is that NONE of my children have asked me what I want. It makes me wonder what they're planning...or if they even remember.

    And Congrats! to the Genesis semi-finalists!!!

  55. Congratulations to the semi-finalists in Genesis. Best wishes on the next round.

    I took the survey, so much easier than that personality thing, but I'm like Mary. I didn't see a like button. Put me in the jar anyway. I won't give up the chance to win $25.

  56. I took it. My answers came pretty quickly so I guess I am ready for on-line classes to start yesterday.

    Put me in for the drawing!

    And congrats to all the Genesis semi-finalists. It is safe to say a Seekerville has helped folks get there.

    Peace, Julie

  57. LOL, Donna. I think you did Like the appropriate thing.

  58. Anna W, don't forget your Speedbo prize. You can have an extension as I know life has been pretty busy for you.

  59. Awe, Julie thank you for those kind words re Seekerville.

  60. Must take the survey...but must write first.

    The survey is my carrot.

    BTW, I couldn't see the first two pics. Even in Chrome. Feeling sorry for myself. :)

    I'm an extrovert--just barely over the line--and I don't like social media either. Seems to me more introverts are hooked on FB. Anyone else share that opinion?

    Agreeing that all the "other" things we seemingly MUST do take us away from the thing we WANT to do and that's to write.

  61. laine, to find the like button, eyes left. Click on the blue hotlink that says POST A COMMENT ON SEEKERVILLE It takes you back to the front page. Scroll to the bottom of the post. There it is. BEFORE THE COMMENTS START.

  62. Really? You can't see them, Debby? Will go post them on Seekerville FB page.

  63. Jenny, when I saw your 6:15 post yesterday, I worried there might have been a problem with your Chattanooga connection.

    We had a problem in Atlanta...

    Poor Edwina went to another Ruby Tuesday's, which was also by the airport. Who knew there were two?

    We missed you, Edwina!

  64. Rechecked and they're visible now. You worked your magic, Tina!

  65. Okay, you can put my name in the pretty jar now. I took the survey.

  66. LOL, thanks, Helen. Making a cup of Constant Comment in your honor. (Pun intended)

  67. I know, Jan. But it was irresistible. Almost Vince-like in inspiration.

  68. Hey now. What's wrong with a Mary v. Ruthy Celebrity DeathMatch?

    Celebrity DeathMatch is Claymation.

    No Ruthy or Mary will actually end up DEAD.

    Claymation. Like Gumby. And Pokey. Anyone remember them?

    No one does anymore. That makes me sad.

    Did I mention I want my name in that jar?

    [and thanks for the prayers everyone - I'm going to stop by the hospital on my way home from work.]

  69. I do remember Gumby and Pokey but Claymation Celebrity Deathmatch? So that was YOU.

    The only Claymation I remember was the singing raisins.

    But Wow, wouldn't Seekerville and the friends look cute in Claymation?

    Must go look into this. And blow another 4% of my day.

  70. I usually lurk here at Seekerville, but I took the survey and would love to win a prize.

  71. I took the survey...although I am older, retired, and just a reader! lol
    Please drop my name in the JAR!

  72. Arlene, welcome. Don't leave without having a snack. You might not come out of lurkdom again for awhile so we have too woo you while we can.

    Your name is in the jar.

  73. Jackie, you are not allowed to discuss age. That's one of the few topics that are taboo here.

    It's only a number and I am really a 30 year old hiding in a seasoned body.

    Well seasoned. Slightly crispy.

  74. I've emerged from my writer's cave after weeks/months in the saddle working on requested revisions. Just hit 'send' at the end of last week. What a sweet blessing to learn I made it to the semi-finals with Genesis once I crawled out of my hole. :)

    I took the survey, Tina. :)

    Jodie Wolfe

  75. Jodie!!!Congratulations. We're rooting for you. And good for you for putting the pedal to the metal and doing what you had to do to get the job done.

  76. This surprises you?

    It was late. I was punch drunk.

    My other suggestion was Missy and Audra...

    I never even watched Celebrity DeathMatch... but other people /cough/Matt/cough/ might have...

    I also clicked the new little Facebook like button.

    And yes - Claymation Seekers would be awesome.

    Even without the DeathMatch.

  77. I'm hoping their is a Claymation Yourself site somewhere.

  78. Oh that is so sad about Edwina. it was more a communications issue with my friend we arranged I was coming but kinda forgot about checking she would pick me up> she thought it would take longer and even drove in half an hour later but didn't come to check sent me a message (only I didn't have a phone) I did facebook her but she didnt get it. My aussie friend texted her to let her know I was there.
    We went to cracker barral today for lunch.
    Oh the extra ornament there was a lovely lady on the bus who chatted with me and I gave it to her. It was a sharing day. I now have a cell for here when I open it and work out how to set it up.
    thanks again for all you prayers, and for meeting me.
    My friend is working the late shift I will have an early night.

  79. I took the survey - didn't tell it would be hard. I might have flunked. Congratulations Genesis semi-finalists. No doubt you learned it all in Seekerville

  80. Wow, No Ruthy or Mary Clamation Characters were harmed in the making of this Death Match....catchy name btw!!!

  81. Seekers don't have to take the survey. I already know their expertise.

    Mary-Serial Killer of secondary characters.
    Janet-Golf, and paper crafts.
    Missy-Real People Cooking
    Glynna- Time Management
    Sandra-Pickle ball
    Ruthy-NY Yankees
    Audra-4-H and anything McGuyverish
    Debby-Fashion Consultant
    Julie-Martha Stewart's rival
    Cara-Navy Protocol
    Tina-Army Drill Sgt Expert

  82. Did the survey earlier, but the computer was giving me fits so had to X out of it. Went back in to do it again, but it looks like it took. Oh, well... ;-)

    Add my name to the jar, please!

    Bradley Cooper at Wal-Mart, Deb? Which one did you go to? He's my hero in the ms I'm pitching tomorrow afternoon; okay, so my hero just looks a little like him. *drool*

    Debby, this introvert loves FB. I've always been better at writing than talking, then there are days when I can't do either and just withdraw from the world... ;-)

    Goodness, the puns are flying today! And the humor and teasing...oh, wait...no different than any other time, I suppose.

    No Ruthy yet today? She must be recovering from her Nebraska trip and jetlag, not to mention recovering from the snow-to-sunshine change!

    Congrats again to all the semi-finalists!

    When DO you people find time to write??? Me, I've been trying to type in changes to my Chapter Two, but a cat on my lap made me want to nap (sounds like a Dr. Seuss thing), a 21mo grandson wants me to read to him all the time (not a bad thing, of course!), etc., etc. Maybe tonight while watching "NCIS"...

    BTW, I vote we invite Bradley Cooper to join us so his picture will keep popping up... *whistling innocently as I walk away* :D

  83. Cindy, this is a no grade test. You passed, hon.

  84. CRACKER BARREL. I love that place.

  85. Melanie Pike you're kinda funny today. Who knew? Are we rubbing off on you?

    Pitches tomorrow. Praying and crossing fingers and toes.

  86. Have to say I loved it too. I am getting my iron! going to go and try and work out how to get my new burn phone to work. (I guess step one take it out of the box!)
    Oh you are looking at someone who has a cell they use for a few msm's and emergencies and has a prepaid of $30 that will last 12 months.

  87. I keep getting Google Alerts from this site. Does anyone know why?



    Anyone care to explain??

  88. took the survey. blue jar me please.

    um...i'm an animator, the claymation death match stuff may take awhile, but theoretically, i could do it (theoretically because Guppy, my 3 yr old sort of likes mommy attention - barely get time to write)

    charicatures of the seekers would be faster. i can do those too. much less theoretical 'cuz drawing one frame takes loads less time than creating an animated short.

    the one thing i forgot on the survey was learning anything from Vince, so mayhaps, you could tag that onto online class wants.

    See? reading comments helps my thought process. no stress on either side of my brain.

  89. Ah, Vince. We have him doing a post soon. Online class with Vince. His expertise is marketing!!! Brilliant Deb.

    Oh, my caricatures of the Seekers. There's an idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Sorry Brad.

    I referenced you this morning.

    Hero stuff.

    Totally positive, I promise.

    Say hi to your Mom.

  91. Clay Yourself

    But it's like making a Mii for the Wii. Not uploading a picture and converting it.

    Neither does this one but man if I had another 50 bucks my kids would love it ;).

  92. I completed the survey. You can put me (I mean, my name) in your lovely blue jar.

  93. charicatures: send me their preferred Seekerville mugshots and i can work on 'em...

  94. What's the difference between a charicature and caricature?

  95. Thanks, Carol. This is very -Tina ADD-get me off on a new tangent. Feed my illness why don't you. hahaha.

    DebH, I told the Seekers to send me their preferred photo then will send them to you when all collected.

    Herding cats, so it may take us a bit.

  96. Tina, I can be very funny, but you guys have been rubbing off on me! :D

    BTW, meant to mention earlier that our family loves "Claymation Christmas"! Taped it off network tv years ago and need to copy it to DVD. And, yes, the California Raisins are in it. Loved Gumby and Pokey while growing up! Now I'm dating myself...

    Seekerville is becoming as "bad" a habit as Facebook.

    Glynna is an expert in time management? I would take her class! If I could only find the time...

    Um, I do have a question about one of the expertise listings: Missy-Real People Cooking??? She specializes in cooking real people??????? As opposed to fake people?


  97. LOL, on Missy. Yes. She was a cannibal in a previous life.

    Missy, has this amazing talent. She can pull six ingredients she has on hand and make something delicious and quick.

    Check out her Yankee Belle posts.

    Yankee Belle

  98. Did I say I did the survey or not. Can't recall.

    Yes it's safe to say Seekerville helped a number of people get closer to publication or at least a contest title. I have the binder of print outs to prove it, and some encouragement (the bruises on my backside are fading. Thank you.)

    This is going to be pretty cool - Seekerville classes - and all those comments will keep Tina busy when she can't sleep.

  99. Melanie Pike - Seneca Falls. Hey maybe he's only in the Super Walmarts. Reminds me, I gotta run to the store.

  100. I answered the survey. My dream would be to have Speedbo twice a year, but I didn't write that answer. This is my brain on no sleep.

  101. Speedbo twice a year might kill me.


  102. I have no skills that involve social media. I use my energy such as it is on writing. Ten years ago no one knew what social media was.

  103. I did the survey.

    I may or may not have had some light-hearted fun, but hey...

    That's what friends are for!

    Tina, this was so fun! Absolute genius, not that I'm surprised. Who better to ask how we can serve than those we work with day by day...

    Another song comes to mind:

    "Day by day....
    Day by daaaaay....

    Oh, dear Lord: three things I pray...

    I must be in music mode tonight.

  104. ARLENE!!! I'm so glad you came out of lurkdom, honey.

    The food is better here.

  105. Melanie, I felt you missing me all day!!!

    I should have popped in first thing this AM because with the nice weather I felt somewhat obliged to like.. be nice to the kids... take them outside... WATCH THEM.


    'Sup wi' dat????

    I did explain to my lovely parents that I only MOSTLY WATCH their kids in the most Princess Bride of ways...

    To fully watch them would cost so much more!!!


  106. Ooo! Caricatures will be fun!!!

    And any time I can distract you... :D

    I posted this on my FB page...

    I did get to see my friend [Steve] today at the hospital [and his wife and brother and wife's BFF who are all friends of ours too]. He's 2 years older than me but had a heart attack yesterday.

    Turns out the major part of the blockage isn't "blockage" but a clot that snagged on "actual blockage." So blessing in many ways or who knows where that clot would have ended up. They're giving him meds to dissolve it but it sounds like he'll have a procedure or surgery either way tomorrow. If it's not dissolved, open heart surgery is actually the safer option. If it is, they can do a stent the 'easy way' or whatever.

    His color was pretty good and he was in good spirits and joking around. His wife was as well. His brother looked a bit more stressed, but he's also in grad school and was at his 3rd day of his new internship when the call came. Fortunately, his internship is with my hubby and they are FABULOUS about working with people in emergent situations and everyone at his work at least kind of knows Steve.

    You see, Steve owns our local Chick-fil-A and Matt's boss is just about the biggest CFA fan you'll ever meet ;).

    Anyway - thank you for your continued prayers. They are much appreciated.

  107. What keeps me awake at night and fries my brain? I wish I could say it was my plot. Or a future book plot. Seriously, you don't want to know. Writing is my escape from the stuff that really keeps me awake at night and fries my brain. Writing is easy. Well, getting published doesn't count. But writing is easy and fun and therapeutic.

  108. Hey, I took the survey, Jack!

    Sorry, that was my inner Si coming out. The squirrels in the back yard better watch out, cause you can't spell squirrel without S-I.

  109. Princess Bride Day Care. I like that, Ruthy!!

  110. Oh, yes. Writing is fun. The rest is a brain fry.

  111. Took the survey. Don't know how much help my responses will be, but hopefully something helpful there. :-)

  112. sorry tina
    typo on caricature... no 'h' in there.

    duh moment.

    have fun herding the cats.

  113. I took the survey. Please throw my name in the cat dish or jar. I'd help myself to something to eat or drink, but unfortunately nothing popped out of the computer at the end of the post (ha, ha). Or you could have virtual food; just go to a website that shows food.

    I herd cats too. Well, I take them out of the living room or dining room when someone else lets them in so I can sit down and watch T.V.

  114. Took the survey! YAY!!!!
    My brain is always fried.
    But I LOVE fried food - so it works for me.


  115. Btw, I'm with Melanie
    Writing is my escape AND when I think of my stories, I seem to lull myself to sleep :-)

    Until I wake up in the middle of the night with a great phrase or scene (btw, read the word 'great' used in the previous sentence with the awareness that I'm only half away when I THINK they're great)

    I'm SURE Melanie's are better :-)

  116. Thanks for taking the survey ladies!!!

  117. LOL DebH. You highlighted it so I thought it was right. Hehehe

  118. Pepper, me too. Fried catfish, fried hush puppies, fried green tomatoes and fried okra. YUM.

  119. TINA -- can we come back to the survey tomorrow? Those questions require thoughtful answers :-)

    Nancy C

  120. Waving to the talented DebH!

    Of course, we know everyone in Seekerville is talented, but still...

    Caricatures...however they're spelled.

    How fun!

    How generous and thoughtful of you, Deb!

    I started to take the survey and then realized it was for Villagers. Why did I need to comment about what I wanted to blog about? Huh?

    Anyone having trouble with the three women hidden away in Cleveland for 10 years or so? Thank you, Jesus, that they're free at last. Praying for other women who might be held against their will.

  121. >> Tina said: Am I the only one who feels like social media is legalized voyeurism? <<


    Glad to see some others agree :-)

    Nancy C

  122. Well, I did it. Found out about Tina's brain and lived to tell!

    Oh, and nothing keeps me awake at night except storms and the weather radio alarms warning me about the storms and then getting up to get a flashlight in case the power goes out but not being able to find the flashlight because the power went out and the only light is the blinding lightning but that leaves such an afterimage it's hard to see ... But other than that, nothing keeps me awake at night.

    Nancy C

  123. Yes. Survey is there thru Saturday.

  124. Thanks, Tina! I think my brain is fried after looking at those information graphs...whew.

    I took the survey, and am still in AWE of how willing the Seekers are to help others--you all are SO caring.

    Since I'm later chiming in today, here's some peach muffins if anyone needs a bedtime snack (really good with milk, LOL).
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  125. Tina, Speedbo once a year is fine. We DON'T want you to keel over! What would we do without you? Hugs!

  126. Frogs are singing right now. Nice night here. Just finished my blogs for this week....

    And now it's time to sleep!

    I'll herd more cats tomorrow.

    God willing.

  127. You have singing frogs, Ruthy? Make a YouTube video.

  128. Thank you for taking the survey and for sustenance, Patti Jo.

  129. Brain is fried.
    Love this idea. Will need to revisit topic and to read comments.

    I can help with some aspects of independent publishing. SEEKING info on e-pub myself.

    More later.

    Thanks to each of the Seekers for always thinking of us. Y'all are PAWSOME!!!

    may at maythek9spy dot com

  130. I'm a reader & I took the survey. I don't know how helpful my answers were but....

  131. I heartily partook of said survey - even THAT was fun! LOVE Seekerville - thank you thank you for all the empowerment you've brought into my isolated, additive writing life over the past few years. Don't know what I woulda done withoutcha. Seriously!!!!

    Gail Kittleson (I don't really get the sign-out thingy now, so will add my e-address here.

    gkittleson at myomnitel.com

  132. I'm sure it's my fried brain not functioning this morning—but I couldn't find the name of the author for this article.
    I'm glad it's not just me that's up tight about all the social media "stuff' out there.

    I liked the words 'fake extravert' that's exactly the way I feel! :-)

  133. Mary Hicks, it's at the bottom of the article. And it is me.. Tina Radcliffe.

    Love your profile pix,btw.

  134. Gail, thanks for the kind words!!! Thanks for being a friend of Seekerville.

  135. Tina, thanks, and all I have to say from a fried brain is... duh... and many thanks for an encouraging article!

    Glad you like my pic.:-)

  136. Took the survey and answered as best I could. Good luck filtering all that out. :)

    Now to shove my name in the pretty jar.

  137. I LIKED and took the survey:) Please enter me in the giveaway!

  138. I took the survey (and my "v" key is sticking!!!! adds WAY too much time to typing!) - and liked the post.

    Enter me please :)

    Would LOVE Seeker classes!

  139. Thanks, Sara and Joanne.

    Funny. My P key sticks.

  140. The survey was quick. I really enjoy online classes about craft.

  141. Just took the survey! Thanks~Stacey

  142. I have just taken the survey.

    Thank you for seeking for ways to improve and expand the already fantastic "Seekerville experience"

    Please put my name in the antique jar.


    Ruth Ann

  143. Took the survey. Don't know how helpful I was, but I did my best.


  144. Thank you, Ruth Ann, Debbie, Janet Kerr and Stacey!!!

  145. I know it's late, but I finally did the survey.

  146. Thanks, Walt. Appreciate your input,always.