Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Weekend Edition

Today is day 193 of 2014. There are 172 days left.

We Have Winners

Be sure to contact us if you are a winner (send an email to We don't have time to track you down. And do let us know if you don't receive your prize in 6-8 weeks. Rules are located here, on our legal page. 

  Mary Connealy talked about setting and writing what you know on Monday. A recent convert to Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch fan club, Mary is in the midst (well, toward the end) of a 17 book reading spree and she's noticed how intricately Connelly has woven setting into the Harry Bosch series. he's a master and Mary will try and tell you what she's learned. Winner of a $25 Amazon gift card is Sherida Stewart.

 Crafting a catchy title for our work-in-progress can be one of a writer's toughest challenges. Today, Abingdon Press and Heartsong Presents author Myra Johnson offered "Tips and Tricks for Terrific Titles," on Tuesday. Winner of a $10 Amazon gift card is Loves to Read.

Wednesday Janet Dean took us back in time, searching for her roots in the town of her birth. She found another family that gripped her imagination, proving that stories can come looking for a writer. Winner of a $15 Amazon gift card is DebH.

Thursday  Ruth Logan Herne  shared, "Return on Investment: What We Stay At Homes Can Do!!!!" And Ruthy celebrated the release of her Big Sky Centennial His Montana Sweetheart  book with a 15 winner giveaway! Winners are:Helen Gray, Mary Curry, Terri Weldon, LeAnne Bristow Virginia Carmichael Munoz, Tracey Hagwood, Rhonda Starnes, Piper Huguley, Jennifer Smith, Tina Turpin, Chris Granville, Crystal Ridgeway, Susan Anne Mason, Paula Mowery, and Margaret Langridge. (Please send your snail mail address to our email)

  Friday we welcomed 2014 Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Nominee, Kathleen Y'Barbo to Seekerville. Kathleen is going to get you ready for RWA and ACFW with her post "Making the Most of Your Conference Experience!" Jill Weatherholt and Meghan Carver are the winners of Their Unexpected Love, Kathleen's latest Love Inspired release.

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Do you tend to write long? Or short? Love Inspired author Missy Tippens has experienced both ends of the spectrum! She will be talking about tips for meeting your target word count on writing projects. She'll also be giving away an IOU for a copy of her upcoming Love Inspired release, The Guy Next Door. 

Tuesday: Revell author Ann H. Gabhart returns today. She'll be sharing a peek inside her personal journal with her post "A Spring of Hope Through the Years." Stop by for this very encouraging post and a chance to win her latest release, Love Comes Home.

Wednesday:Love Inspired Suspense author Debby Giusti blogs today and will talk about "Finding Your Writing Sweet Spot!" She'll be giving away a copy of one of her books and a surprise gift to the lucky winner. Breakfast served at dawn and will, undoubtedly, include GRITS! :) 

Thursday: 2014 RWA Double RITA® Award finalist, Elizabeth Byler Younts visits Seekerville to help us all understand...What is Amish Fiction? And Three Little Tips for when a dream comes true and contracts are bearing down on you. Elizabeth will be giving away a copy of her RITA® Award finaling book Promise To Return

Friday: 2014 RWA Double RITA® Award finalist, Carla Laureano is our guest today with her post, "Giving Your Characters Life Beyond the Page." Stop by to meet the author of Five Days in Skye. One lucky commenter will win their choice of Five Days in Skye or her newest release, a fantasy debut, Oath of the Brotherhood (as C.E. Laureano) which was recently chosen as one of RT Book Reviews’ Top Picks for June.

Seeker Sightings

 FROM RWA: The 2014 "Readers for Life" Literacy Autographing will be on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter Hotel in the 3rd floor ballroom.

This year, proceeds from the Literacy Autographing will benefit ProLiteracy Worldwide, Literacy Texas, Restore Education, and Each One Teach One San Antonio.

Spread the word about the Literacy Autographing! •Share the event on Facebook •Tweet about it (#RWA14)•Reply "yes" to the event on Goodreads. Check here to see which of your favorite Seeker authors will be there.

Attending RWA San Antonio? Email Seekerville at and let us know. We'll include you in our email blasts to keep you apprised of when and where we are hanging out.

 Seeker Myra Johnson was interviewed this week by Charlotte Observer columnist Dannye Romine Powell regarding Myra's recent Christian Retailing's Best Award for When the Clouds Roll By. Read all about it in Ms. Powell's "Reading Matters" blog, posted yesterday, July 11.

Random News & Information

Have an interesting anecdote to share? Enter the Dear Contest  

Digital Book Day. Free ebooks!!

 At Harlequin, Erika Imranyi has been promoted to executive editor, Mira. (Publishers Lunch)

 New data on the Long Tail impact suggests rethinking history and ideas about the future of publishing (The Shatzkin Files)

How to Keep the Long Tail Wagging (Kill Zone) 

2014 Smashwords Survey Reveals New Opportunities for Indie Authors (Smashwords)

A Reminder from the Nelson Agency -You Can Get Sued

Killer writing tools that will help you get the job done (The BookBaby Blog)

Carlton Garborg Launches New Publishing House (PW)

9 Self-Publishing Fiction Writers You Should Follow Today (The Book Designer)

 Five Finalists Named in Amazon Novel Contest (PW)

 Gallery Books in Deal with Omnific  (PW)

 What I Learned About Submissions as a Reader for an Agent (Writers in the Storm)

Details here.

 That's it...have a great day 172 and 173!


  1. Great WE as always, Miss T!
    CONGRATS to all the winners!
    Looks like another wonderful week coming up in Seekerville. :)

    Wow, it's hard to believe 2014 is over halfway gone - - I'm convinced someone is speeding up all the clocks, LOL.

    I'm setting out breakfast: Georgia Peach pancakes, Pecan waffles, bacon, grits (yum!), juice and coffee (although my coffee is not as tasty as Helen's).
    Happy Weekend! Hugs, Patti Jo

  2. Thanks for the WE, TINA. I liked the article about getting sued. Such a good reminder.

    I once contacted a professional jingle musician about buying one of his compositions for my own use, not for on my site. He sold me three versions of the same song - piano, acoustic guitar and orchestral for a flat fee of $20 which I made into a one hour CD by repeating each because that group was only seven minutes of music. However, the tune moved me to tears every time and I found it valuable for writing emotional scenes.

    If I'd used it any other way, I'd have been on the hook for a minimum payment of $2,000 plus royalties! Not saying he didn't deserve that kind of payment, but not from me! I first heard the tune on a photographer's website and often wondered if she lifted it or paid for it.

    PATTI JO, I believe I read that you pushed SEND this past week! CONGRATS!

    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend,all!

  3. Patti Jo! YOU DID? Congratulations!

  4. Way to go, Patti Jo!

    Great WE.

    Enjoyed the links. (But The Writers in the Storm one would not work for me.)

    Since Patti Jo has the coffee covered, I've brought tea.


    I won a Ruthy book!! I just wish Amazon didn't knew we're both Li authors so I can review, too. My last reviews for Li authors were yanked. :( But other Simon & Schuster authors seem okay. I spy discrimination, lol.

  6. *grabs the grits*

    Lyndee, that's really interesting about purchasing the jingle. I would never have thought of that.

  7. Try again later, Helen. It worked for me

  8. The copyright blog has me in a kafuffle. I'm assuming book covers aren't a part of that, right? Since we're kind of advertising a book by reviewing it? Though technically that cover art belongs to somebody -- artist? Publishing house? Yikes!!!

    And pinterest? I repin like crazy!!!!!

    Thanks for the great weekend edition, Tina...and the fact that the year is half over. Gulp!

  9. You had me at pecan waffles, Patti Jo!!!!

    DANKE!!!!! :)

    Great WE TEEEEEEENA! Interesting links on "Long Tail" (amount of available work you have for consumers to buy)and even where there's a difference of opinion, there are grains of truth. Loved James Scott Bell's attribution to quality and either beta readers or editors...

    Putting our best foot forward is always in our best interests because if we interest a reader with one book... a great many of them will come back to buy others.


  10. I'm doing extra pecans and syrup and passing on the grits, and Mary Virginia, I will read your review in my heart....

    BIG GRIN!!!!!

    Feel free to e-mail me and tell me where I messed up, LOL!

    You know it's funny, I just went and checked and I see some of mine still there... SHH.... We won't tell!!! But I think some are gone, unless I'm remembering wrong, which...

    AS WE KNOW....

    Is quite possible. (sighs softly and makes a second cup of coffee...)

  11. Tina, thanks for the Weekend Edition and the pointed reminder the year is marching on. Wow! But I refuse to see the calendar half empty. Instead I'll see it as half full, with time to make my goals.

    Congrats to our winners! Looks like a great week ahead in Seekerville.

    Patti Jo, huge congrats on finishing and sending!

    Happy weekend, Seekerville!


  12. You know some folks love having their work be shared... it builds their brand and audience.

    And I never understand where the fair use becomes the copyright infringement but we all want to be aboveboard.

    I bought dozens and dozens of pics from for the books this year. And now I'll do it again as I sign contracts because I know what kind of pics I'll need to use. And that way I keep building a library of nice prints.

    But book covers are meant to be shared, LOL! PLEASE SHARE MINE ALL YOU WANT, I GIVE YOU PERMISSION!!!


  13. Lyndee the $2K would have been an understandable stopper for me, too!

    But how nice that he sold you the jingle for $20.

    Does that make me a terrible person for using Youtube????


    I'm finding readers are buying Kindle or e-reader versions AFTER they buy paperback...

    HOW COOL IS THAT???? At first I thought it was weird, but then I realized I do the same thing with music because sometimes it's easier to spend the .99 for a song to drop in than to find my scratched CD and download the song.

    I'm okay with this trend!!!! One reader said that she does it because she likes to have all the author's books on their designated Kindle bookshelf.

    I am beyond complimented.

  15. Congratulations to all of the winners!

    Looks like another GREAT week ahead for Seekerville.

  16. Yay!! I won a Ruthy book!! Congrats to all of the winners!!

    Great WE, Tina!

  17. I won a Ruthy book!!!

    Great WE, Tina, and congratulations to the winners! Hard to believe those numbers on how far we are into the year. *shakes head slowly* Where does the time go?

  18. Great weekend edition Tina.

    Patti Jo, I'm so loving the peach pancakes and all of the breakfast actually. Thank you. smile

    Congrats to the winners. Yeah.

  19. Yay! I won a Ruthy cowboy book!

    Off to read the articles. Have a great day everyone!


  20. Yay for a Ruthy book win!

    Thanks Ruthy for your generosity and and that of all the seekers!

    Happy dancing for all the winners :)

  21. Thanks for a great WE, Tina! Some good links to check out.

    Gotta go work on my post for Monday! :)

  22. Lyndee, I agree! I've started removing old photos from early blog posts. It's going to take a while.

  23. Kav, we have permission to share our book covers for promo. Plus, Harlequin shares book covers on Pinterest. So I think we're okay. :)

  24. Good morning all! Working this morning, and wishing I understood fair use and what's it commons? No, that's not right...

    But it would be so much simpler if there was a YES and NO button where I knew what was okay to use and what wasn't.

  25. Ruthy, I'm raising my hand! I sometimes buy double. But I have to admit, it's usually because I can't find the print copy when I want it. Yes, our house is overrun with books, some in boxes, some in Rubbermaid containers. I get tired of searching and just go order the e-book. :)

  26. Happy Weekend to All!

    Congrats to the winners!!!

    Family is visiting. I'm having so much fun with the little ones! Be still my heart. :)

  27. I buy both. Mostly on text or craft books. I read them and decide I want to mark them up and such.

  28. Then there is Reacher. I am collecting his from the library book sale. I have THREE so far.The rest are of course on my Kindle. But I want to hold the book.

  29. Soooooo....166 shopping days left until Christmas?

  30. What have I done today to make my dream come true????

    I don't suppose the really tasty egg and toast I had for breakfast counts right? Wait, it was for lunch....

    Ignore this comment.

  31. There may be only 166 days until Christmas but I just finished Julie's Light in the Window, so it's Christmas in July for me! So incredibly good, now I just have to come up for words in a review that would do it some justice! Thanks Julie!

  32. LOL, Mary. No but if you were eating it for research it does count.

  33. Wow! Congratulations to ALL THE WINNERS, including me! Thank you, Mary and Seekerville!

    I made cinnamon waffles with cream cheese icing for after church lunch, with plenty to share.

    Tina, thank you for the WE with links to read. I want to check out Myra's article! And thanks for the reminder.....172 days left for my goal......and NEVER GIVE UP!

    Wishing everyone a productive writing or reading week!

  34. Catching up because I didn't get to comment a few times last week. Huff, puff, wheeze.

    Walt -- congrats on the good score in the TARA! It's an excellent contest that I've received super constructive remarks from. And no I am not a member :-)

    Patti Jo -- wonderful that you hit the 'send' button. Happiness abounds.

    Tina -- thanks for the WE, especially for the link about Roni Loren's experience. Even though it happened two years ago, it certainly isn't old news. Interesting articles at the links for the Shatzkin Files and Kill Zone. I hadn't heard the term "long tail" ... thanks for adding to my education.

    Congrats to all you winners! Happy reading!

    Nancy C

  35. Ahhhhhh ... another great WE, Teenster!!

    PATTI JO ... you had me at peach pancakes, girlfriend, and then the Pecan waffles took me all the way home. :) And SUPER CONGRATS on pushing the SEND button girlfiend ... sending my prayers along with it!!

    And SUPER CONGRATS to all the Ruthy winners and others. And, YES, Ruthy ... sometimes I double buy. :)

    KAV ... I'm with you ... that copyright blog gave me cold chills. I've removed some pix from my blogs, but I have SO many to go ... :|

    TRACEY, YOU SWEETHEART, YOU!! Thanks for reading A Light in the Window, my friend, and SO glad you enjoyed it!! Gotta love that Patrick, don't ya?? ;)