Friday, September 2, 2016

Best of the Archives: THIS IS MY BRAIN: Or Why I Don't Sleep At Night

Today's post is a pictorial journey into my fried brain.

Drinking a caffeinated beverage is also recommended.

Writer brains have no filters. We're bombarded with thoughts 24/7.  We are cave people who really simply want to write and create.

Basically, we'd be happy with a mechanical pencil and a brand new legal pad. The possibilities are endless and in fact, actually make us giddy!!

But noooo, the new frontier of publishing & information technology wants every drop of our left brain, leaving our right brain completely exhausted. All this because we wanted to write a story.

 We're introverts, forced by the wave of social media to become fake extroverts, coveting 'likes' and 'Twitter' followers. Am I the only one who feels like social media is legalized voyeurism? (BTW, are you aware that social media can be bought? Yes, you can buy, Twitter followers, FB likes, and pay someone to write your blog and comment and pretend to be you.)

Exactly how much time are we spending on the internet versus writing if one hour = 4% of our day?

If social media doesn't kill the hours in the day, technology will. Scrivener, or Canva anyone? 

The truth is, despite my kicking and screaming I am teachable. I want to learn. But I do think it's insane to keep reinventing the wheel. Why hoard information? We're a community here in Seekerville.

If you know how to do ______________(enter skill-set here), Tell us. Please. Seekerville is a safe harbor. We want relevant content. We want transparent and thought-provoking,  inspirational or instructive posts, with a bit of shameless self-promotion thrown in. We do not do interviews or reviews in Seekerville. If you are only here to sell a book, you're in the wrong community and we can tell who's a Villager and who's a salesman. So can our Villagers. 

We especially want you to email us if you are a Villager-whether that means lurker or active participant in the comments. Let me repeat: If you have something relevant to share in an exciting way, email us and we'll talk about getting you on the schedule next year. (We're almost full for 2016)


This is all leading to the question:"What keeps you awake at night? What's frying your brain?"

Let's share. We'd like to utilize some of the expertise YOU have or find guests who have skills to help us teach on topics that fry our brain, in areas noted in the Infographic. Such as:

  • Traditional Publishing 
  • ePublishing
  • Author PR and Marketing
  • Social Media and technology
  • Software and Apps
  • "How To" Fiction Writing
  • Food for the Writer's Soul
  • Fascinating People in the Publishing Industry.

 Now please help yourself to something to eat and drink. Before you leave, don't forget to LIKE me on Facebook here, and follow me on Bookbub here.

I told you I am teachable.

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This post was first shared in Seekerville May 7, 2013. My brain is still fried.  

Brain fried. No bio available today.