Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Weekend Edition


If you are not familiar with our giveaway rules, take a minute to read them here. It keeps us all happy! All winners should send their name, address, and phone number to claim prizes. Send to

Winner of a surprise box of books is Wilani Wahl.

Monday:  Debby Giusti and Tanya Agler provided an insider's view of the RWA National Conference 2017. They hosted two drawings for a copy of  Amish Refuge, the first book in Debby's Amish Protectors series, a $1 off coupon from Love Inspired, The Writer's Prayer and The Reader's Prayer, a cute pink pouch from Harlequin as well as Harlequin socks AND Seekerville sticky notes! The winners are Bettie and Connie ( Congrats, ladies!

Tuesday: Myra Johnson brought you "10 Traits of Successful Writers." Winner of Myra's first published novel, One Imperfect Christmas, is Deanne Patterson. Winner of Myra's 20th published novel, Her Hill Country Cowboy, is MH.

Wednesday:  Julie Lessman made a fool of herself (AGAIN!) on live video as part of her Seeker blog when she presented "Facebook Live = A Guinea-Pig's Perspective!" Winner of an $25 Amazon gift card and a character named after her in Julie’s next book is Kim (SteveKim) AND surprise winners of an e-copy of Julie’s latest release, His Steadfast Love are Anne Rightler and Kate Voss.

Thursday: Ruth Logan Herne talked about the self-discipline of success, and she meant every word she said. :) Winner of her latest book and FIRST MYSTERY "A Light in the Darkness" is Sally Shupe!

Monday: Missy Tippens will bring us "Giving Them What They Want...Consistently (aka: What I learned from being a cosmetics junkie.)" Come help us figure out how we can stay in the forefront of our readers' minds! We'll need reader input, too! Be sure to stop by. Missy will be doing a giveaway of a travel (cosmetics!) bag.

Tuesday: Seekerville welcomes Linda Sammaritan with her post, "The Story of a Budding Novelist." Stop by to meet Linda and chat about your writing journey. And Linda has a great giveaway to share!

Wednesday: Mary Connealy is your hostess.

Thursday: Cindy Regnier joins us today in Seekerville and she's stepping out of her comfort zone to present, "Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable." Stop by to chat and she's got some fun giveaways to share too.

Friday: The Best of the Archives featuring a classic post from our ten years of blogging. Comments are closed on Fridays to catch up on reading and writing.

Has your writing habit hit a snag? Have you stumbled? Are you pretty sure you stink at this game/gig? We've all been there. Done that. And we've learned to never, ever let the darkness take control of our dreams! There is still time to sign up for the Seeker Virtual Retreat this week! It begins tomorrow, 8/13 and goes through next weekend. Details above. 
If you haven't received either an acknowledgment or the test email for the retreat,
Contact Ruthy at:
She'll get you squared away! We've got 55 people registered as of 8/11/17!

What have you done today to make YOUR dream come true?

We're 12 Days into August. Have you embarked on 
The Singing Librarian Book's
Christian Fiction Summer Reading Safari?
Read! Review! Win books! That's it! :) Multi-author giveaways. Aug 1-31.
Seekers Myra Johnson, Mary Connealy, Pam Hillman, and OTHERS!
Debby Giusti and Ruth Logan Herne will be attending
the Second Annual Christian Fiction Readers Retreat
in Cincinnati, Ohio today...a day filled
with readers and writers and lots of books!

Myra Johnson's A Rose So Fair, Flowers of Eden book 3,
is just 99 cents through Tuesday!
Reduced price for the paperback edition, too!

Thanks for the link love!

HUGE CONGRATS to the Linda Howard Award of Excellence finalists. All three finalists in the inspy category are Seekerville Villagers!! A shout out to Barbara Ellin Fox, Laura Conner Kestner and Stephanie Sullivan.

Is There Anything Better Than Bookbub? (Passive Voice)

What to Look for in “Out of Print” Termination Clauses (Writers in the Storm)

Take That, AP Style! Court of Law Rules The Oxford Comma Necessary (The Write Life)

Creative Commons (free) Image Libraries (

Is That Photo Copyrighted? (Novel Rocket)

World's Highest-Paid Authors 2017 (Forbes)

Tips to Develop Your Own Writing Mission Statement (The Write Conversation)

Querying for Memoir (Janet Reid)

The Phoenix Rattler Contest is Open (CWOW)

Stop Dissing Romance Novels Already (Washington Post)


  1. Huge congratulations to Barbara, Laura and Stephanie!!

  2. Happy Romance Month!! Amore is in the air. Congratulations to the Linda Howard finalists. I know all three of you!!! That makes me smile.

    Myra's book is on sale! WOOT!!!

    Boy does Pam's giveaway look amazing.

    And prayers for those at CFRR!! Have fun ladies.

    I pray everyone has a great weekend. It's bound to be a quiet one with everyone gone to Ohio!

    1. I was just thinking the same thing, Tina. It'll be quiet around here for a couple of days.

    2. And I'm not even at CFRR and I'm in Ohio! lol

  3. Good morning everyone. Have a great day in Ohio if you make it there. I'll be up in the northern part of the state enjoying a visit with my world traveling son. His pictures are worth seeing and can be an inspiration for writing.

    Congrats to all the winners, both for prizes and finalizing.

  4. Congratulations to Laura, Barbara and Stephanie!
    I love Myra's newspaper ad!

    1. Thanks, Jill! I should actually thank Tina for her meme inspirations! πŸ˜‰

    2. Myra, every time I see that cover, I think it must be the most beautiful I've seen. Your heroine is gorgeous.

    3. Aw, thanks, Missy! I knew when I found the image that SHE was the one!

  5. Great weekend!! Thank you so much for Ruthy's story. I can't wait to read it!! Off to write the day away!!

  6. Congrats to Laura, Barbara and Stephanie! Way to go, ladies! Congrats to all of the winners this week.

    Happy weekend! Thanks for all of the great links!

  7. Always fun to see our winners and all the news from the Seekers! Congrats to contest finalists Laura, Barbara and Stephanie!

    Ruthy and Debby, have a blast at CFRR!


  8. Good Saturday morning. Thanks for another great WE. Congratulations to all of the prize winners and the finalists and I hope that Debbie and Ruthy have a great time in Cincinnati.
    I'm always ready to enjoy a good book with romance and would love to win one! Hooe everyone enjoys the rest of Romance Appreciation Month!

    1. Hooray for Romance Appreciation Month, right? You have a good weekend also, Connie.

  9. Always a good WE, which is a lifeline for me between Thursday and Monday. I followed one of the links, the one on the Oxford Comma, which has more to do with my nonfiction writing than this but has been bugging me for years.
    Congratulations to the contest winners! Laura, you are having a good year, way to go.
    Looking forward to tomorrow at the Ranch. I may be a late arrival, I have trouble getting to a computer on Sundays, but I will be there, Ruthy, keep the porch light on.
    I'm off in a half hour to celebrate my youngest daughter's birthday. We always give her an Experience. This August we are taking a train to the top of Mount Washington, the highest peak in New Hampshire and one of the highest in the Northeast. This is going to be An Amazing Day.
    Kathy Bailey

    1. I took that train ride. It is really fun and usually windy at the top. Have fun and see you at the ranch.

    2. Kathy, have a wonderful time!!

  10. Congrats to: Barbara, Laura and Stephanie!!
    I would love to be entered for a romance book!
    Happy Weekend to all!!

  11. Wow, how exciting that the inspy finalists in the Linda Howard Award of Excellence. Way to go Laura, Barbara and Stephanie. Woo hooo!!!!

    Congrats to the winners here in Seekerville also. Yay. More books to read.

    And what great offers from Myra, Pam and Ruthy. I can hardly wait for the retreat.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  12. Good morning, Seekervillagers! What great news for Barbara, Laura, & Stephanie! Congratulations, ladies!

    Don't you know Ruthy & Debby are having a blast at CFRR? Say hi to everyone for us, please!

    I'm disappointed because our new fridge was supposed to be delivered today and now they're saying next Thursday. So nothing to distract me from the usual Saturday bill paying and chores. 😞

    On the bright side, our daughter's 17th piece of luggage was FINALLY delivered earlier this week, and EVERYTHING that was supposed to be in there WAS! Plus a pretty red Delta Airlines blanket that somehow found its way inside. They are getting happily settled in their new home overseas and meeting lots of nice people. And they have internet--double YAY!!!

    1. Such great news on the luggage, Myra!! Maybe when you FINALLY get your fridge, you'll find a pretty Delta blanket inside! haha

    2. That would be kind of a miracle, Missy!

      I'd still like to know where all their luggage traveled before it finally got to its destination.

  13. Shout Out for Myra!

    I got my first Myra newsletter, a beautiful example of artistic layout and design, and Myra did just what I said I liked to see in Newsletters! She announced a big discount on her new book "A Rose So Fair" before telling the rest of the world! I had it downloaded before I finished reading the rest of the newsletter!

    This is a real just 99 represents the biggest discount from the print price that I believe I've ever seen on a new release!

    BTW: Love the topic of Thursday's guest post: Cindy Regnier will step out of her comfort zone to present, "Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable." Oh, yes, I do fear falling asleep in my 'happy place'.

    I've heard it all: 'Feel the burn', 'fight the fatigue until you get your 'second wind', 'suffer until your endorphins kick in and you experience a runner's high'...'get outside the box' seems to be the same in all serious endeavors...but it also seems to take great effort to do! Looking forward for this post to give me a push.

    Enjoy a productive weekend!


    1. Yay, Vince! Thank you for downloading my book! Hope you enjoy!

      Glad you liked the newsletter, too. I've been very pleased with the MailerLite interface. Makes designing and layout pretty simple.

  14. Congratulations to all the winners and authors!

    Looking forward to the virtual retreat!

    May God bless all of Seekerville!

  15. Something I forgot to add to the Seeker sightings this weekend--Jill Weatherholt invited me to be her guest next Tuesday! Stop in and say hello!

    Inspy Romance

    1. I follow that blog Myra! I'll be looking for your post on Tuesday :-)

  16. Congratulations to Laura, Barbara and Stephanie!

    Happy Weekend!

  17. Great WE and special shout out to my writing sister Laura!!

  18. Congratulations Laura, Barbara, and Stephanie!

    I hope everyone at the readers retreat in Cincinatti had a great time. I would love to attend one of these some time.

    I am curious as to how many seekers and villagers are in the path of the total solar eclipse. I live right in the path. They are expecting such an influx of people that we are being warned to stay home and stock up on food and gas. It will be interesting to see what all unfolds. Then it will be interesting to see how many books come out with a solar eclipse as part of the plot line.

    Hope you all have a great weekend.

    1. We've been told (in Kansas City, Missouri) to look for it but no one has told us to stock up, so maybe we're on the fringe. Or then again I'm pretty sure Missouri is not a destination vacation location either.
      It sounds like you have the makings of a story were you are. You could take pictures of the crowds and make notes about the characters you meet. It might be interesting.

    2. I am in the path of the eclipse. Actually we are being told we don't need to worry about stocking up for three days. I think most visitors will be eating at restaurants. It will be interesting to see, though.

    3. I live in the Smoky mountains so that may be why all the preparation.

    4. I live on the Oregon Coast and we're suppose to be in the perfect spot for the eclipse. Already dreading the crowd of people who are flocking here to watch. My husband works at a motel and they have been full for a long time with many more calling to book a room and there is none anywhere! Crazy!!

  19. Love the slow day at comment is not the last one! lol

    Congrats to all the winners. Myra your cover is awesome, and I look at it most every day sitting on my shelf. Yay for winners!

    Back from vacation and digging in with the start of Ruthy's virtual convention tomorrow. It will be a much needed push!

    You can never have enough romance, or romance books...please enter my name! Thanks!



  20. Checking in for the weekend. It has been a busy Saturday for me but Sunday looks very quiet. We even went to church tonight. Maybe I will get some writing done tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

  21. So wishing I could be attending the CFRR!! But I get to hang out with you lovely ladies instead :-)

    Congrats winners, and Barbara, Laura and Stephanie!! I didn't know there was such a thing as Romance Appreciation month, wouldn't that be an all year 'round thing? ;-) It's the best part of all the books I read!

    Happy WE everyone, toss my name in the pot thanks!

  22. CFRR was wonderful! Best reader/writer event ever!!! Go good to see some Villagers there!

    Congrats to this week's winners!

  23. The Seekerville family is so unique and encouraging. Thank you for being such a great group. I feel like when I finally go to a conference or retreat, I'll already have friends there. And until I do go, I'm totally enthused about the virtual retreat.

    Seekerville is my indulgence with the second cup of coffee (maybe the third) each morning and it looks like interesting posts next week. I've totally gone thru the cosmetics stage, I hope to always be budding, and in my life being uncomfortable is usually when God is at work on me. I'm looking forward to next week. Blessings to Seekervillagers.

    1. Barbara, I hope we'll get to meet at a conference! But until then, we'll enjoy hanging out here with a good cup of coffee. :)

  24. Congratulations to all the winners and finalists! Thank you for the kind words!

    Thanks for the letting us know the latest info on new books and contests!

    Off to read the links - happy writing and reading everyone!

  25. LAURA, BARBARA, & STEPH -- SUPER CONGRATS for being Linda Howard Award of Excellence finalists -- that's a great contest, my friends, so I wish each of you the very best!!

    I absolutely LOVE Romance Awareness Month and especially that cool article, Stop Dissing Romance Novels Already! YES, YES, YES!! Romance (love is what just about every human being on earth is looking for, so why the put-down???

    I am also in the path of the solar eclipse (Lake of the Ozarks), so hubs and I and good friends are going to watch it while picnicking on the lake, so hopefully we won't be surrounded by boats doing the same thing ... :)


    1. Julie, how fun! I'm not in the path of the eclipse, but (as long as it's not cloudy) I should still be able to see it. My mom says we're in the top 80%, whatever that means.

      I'm actually a little nervous about the eclipse since the last time a full solar eclipse passed from coast to coast over North America was 1918. And that was the year of the Spanish Influenza killed 675,000 Americans- not to mention 50-100 million people worldwide (I had to write a paper about it for college)... so yeah. That's definitely not a good sign. And there are a whole lot of other "coincidences", like how Kansas, which is where they believed the influenza originated, was in the path of the eclipse, and in 1914 (just months after Ferdinand was shot and World War I began) a solar eclipse was seen over Europe ... and I'm getting carried away with my macabre interests.

  26. Hey, everyone, happy weekend. Congratulations to all the winners. I know it's late, but it's been a busy two days.